Babies love music! one of the first things they learn to identify the sound, so singing lullabies affects them. It is also why it seems like they are nodding along to a song when you are playing it around them. Music isn’t just entertaining; it is capable of boosting your little one’s mood.

Musical toys are special playthings which are capable of helping your little ones develop their sense of sound. While they don’t guarantee that your child will become the next Mozart, they are designed to help your kids pick up an art form or develop a talent.

In this article, you will find top musical toys that you can get for your baby. Along with top musical toys in India, you will also find a buyer’s guide to help you identify the best musical Toys. At the end of the article, you can find a few FAQ’s to solve any doubt you might have.

1. WISHKEY Set of 7 Plastic Musical Toys

With seven items representing seven different types of musical instruments, this dynamic set of music set is enough to help your babies form a band of their own. It is designed specifically to boost your infant’s amusement. It can also indulge them in experiencing and performing all types of grips, which will help them develop their cognitive skills.

In terms of safety, this set of 7 musical toys is one of the best. None of the instruments have sharp edges, which can be harmful to your kids, and they are all designed to be held by little hands. The toys’ realistic design ensures that your little ones will be able to identify those instruments in real life. In this regard, it serves an educational purpose.

The color is meant to toggle your little one’s interest. The contrasting patterns, coupled with the rattler’s different sounds, are guaranteed to give your babies a good time. It can develop their social skills and creativity when they play with other babies their age. Some of the instruments also come with animal drawings that stimulate your little one’s sensory experience.

2. Pikipo Kitty Face Rattle Toy

This rattle toy also doubles as a stuffed toy for your baby to hold and cuddle even while sleeping. The toy comes in bright colors and a cute kitty face that kids can easily relate to.

When your baby shakes the toy, it makes a soothing rattle sound, and when it is squeezed, it will produce a squeaking sound for your little one’s entertainment. These sounds can help with the stimulation and development of your toddler’s auditory senses in a way that spells “Fun.”

Pikipo is made in India and is extremely safe for your babies. It is made with fabric and plush fillings, which do not contain the harmful chemicals found in plastic and silicone materials. There are no sharp edges, and the only injury your baby is in danger of getting from this toy is too much fun.

Another impressive thing about this toy is that it is designed for small hands. Pikipo is only 16cm tall, which is just 1cm taller than a small plastic ruler. It is lightweight and perfect for helping your child develop his/her hand to eye coordination. This toy is not only loved by babies but also by pets. If you have a dog, he just might enjoy cuddling it too.

3. Spanking Flash Drum

Nothing says music like this toy with numerous sounds for your child to enjoy. It is designed like a drum complete with sticks but does not require much strength from your little one.

Simply touching the surface will produce a 3D light as well as a drumming sound or song. In total, this toy has nine dulcet songs, three gameplay modes, five colors of light, and nine drum sounds. In five tries, your little one cannot replay a single song.

In terms of development, this toy can help your children improve their hand to eye coordination and intelligence. By waiting for each song or sound to finish, your baby’s patience will be stimulated. Playing groups can also improve teamwork as well as social skills.

Another benefit of this toy is creativity. While no guarantee playing with this toy will make your children into a musical guru, it can boost their creativity through audio and video stimulation. It is made of rounded edges for your child’s safety.

4. And-Also Flash Musical Drum

If you want a toy that can produce a large array of songs for your baby’s enjoyment, you may want to consider this product. Not only will it keep your baby’s company, but it will also help with the development of his/her visual and auditory faculties.

The flashing colors are designed to take your little ones’ interests. Overall, this product is made from food-grade plastic, which will not affect your baby’s health. Although you may want to keep the battery section closed as it is very harmful.

The drum comes with a button to control the volume so you can protect your toddler’s eardrums as well as your own alone time while your little one plays. Although the light cannot be controlled, the brightness has been designed to fit both daylight and nighttime bath.

While this musical toy comes with drumsticks to produce sound, they are unnecessary as the sounds can be produced with bare hands. When your child touches the drum surface, this toy produces nine dulcet songs, three gameplay modes, five colors of light, and nine drum sounds.

5. Woodykraft Wooden Xylophone

This xylophone combines aesthetics with practicality to create a miniature version of a musical instrument for your baby. It is one of the musical toys on this list, which helps your child learn while uniquely developing his creativity. The vibrant colors are also perfect. Not only will your toddlers love them, but they will also help him learn how to identify colors.

When it comes to safety, the Woodykraft does not take a back seat. The xylophone does not have chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, and lead, which can be harmful to your kids in it.

Furthermore, the wood is smooth, and the keys are well attached so that they will not easily break by a little throwing around. The wood’s smoothness means that no jagged pieces will be hurting your baby’s skin while playing.

The xylophone does not just work alone. It comes with two wooden mallets to create beautiful sounds. The xylophone keys have the basic musical notes, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, and, Do. This means that there is no limit to the number of combinations and sounds that your baby can make with this toy.

6. SUPER TOY Baby Farm Animal Piano

The greatest feature of this product is that it combines the things found in great baby toys into this one item. It is small enough to be held by small hands and can create rhythmic sounds, which can be soothing at the right volume.

The bottom button has eight keys, which stands for Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, and Do. These keys are accompanied by stickers of animals such as dogs, lamb, and chicken. This means that your children will be learning not only; they’ll also be learning how to identify animals.

Through the colorful nature of the toy, children can also develop their recognition ability. The toy has five modes. The first mode is designed to teach your little ones about animals. It will ask them about a particular animal, and they will have to press them on the corresponding button.

The second mode will help them learn the name of the animals in Chinese, and the third will play different songs for different animals.

7. Smart Picks Drum Keyboard

This toy comes with a keyboard and two tiny drums for your kid’s enjoyment. It has a table design for easy accessibility and different modes for novelty. The drums are wired to light up rhythmically while your child is playing, and the keyboard can either help your child identify animal sounds or enjoy Western musical notes.

The colors on the toy are vibrant. They are designed to appeal to your child’s senses and help with color identification. The plaything comes with a handle for easy mobility by your little ones and a switch when it is not in use.

When it comes to child development, the Smart Picks Drum Keyboard is capable of improving your child’s imagination as well as musical interest. The materials used in its construction are BPA and lead-free.

They also have zero sharp edges, and the LED light is soft enough for your toddler’s eyes both in the dark and during day time. As for volume control, the toy comes with a single butting for reducing and increasing the sound.

8. Toyshine Dancing Duck

The Toyshine Dancing Duck is a very cute toy with original dancing steps that can be mimicked by your little dancers. It comes in a bright yellow color, but some parts of its body, such as the head, lights up when a song is playing. On a smooth surface, the toy can walk, and your toddler can easily chase it. The songs are melodic, and there’s a matching sequence between the sounds and the blinking lights.

When your child crawls after the duck, the action exercises his/her large muscle groups, which helps with the development of gross motor skills. The duck can also help your little ones to improve their auditory and visual senses while giving a real boost to their mental faculties. This means they are educative, and the sounds are interactive enough to help with the cultivation of your little one’s cognitive abilities.

With this toy, there’s no reason to be concerned about safety. The plastic used in its construction is durable and will not break easily if your little one drops it. It also has no toxic chemicals and is safe for your kids to put in their mouths. The most spectacular thing about the duck is that it can help kids through every stage of their development.

9. Toyshine Dancing Dog

The Toyshine Dancing Dog has the same features as the Toyshine Dancing Duck with a little variation. It’s a dog which plays music. It can turn your living room into a small party for your kids with its flashing light from what looks like a disco ball on the dog’s nose.

The lights are vibrant and capable of helping your child learn more colors, and the toy is only a 6 inches toy. This means that your baby can easily pick it up for a more interactive play.

When your child is done with the early developing stages and does not want to play with the toy anymore, you can always incorporate the dog into a part of your decoration by placing it on the shelf. Playing the song during family gatherings, especially Christmas, can add to the cheerful atmosphere.

The dog is made of durable plastic, which is not likely to break easily simply because it has been thrown around a bit. It is also odorless as well as BPA free. It is guaranteed to give your kids loads of fun while they have imaginative plays.

10. Zest 4 Toyz 360 Degree Rotating Musical Dancing Girl

Nothing says party like the Zest 4 Toyz 360 Degree Rotating Musical Dancing Girl with its beautiful songs and vibrant colors. The design is unique, and the rotating balls are vibrant. It is meant to make your babies crawl after as it moves away. This movement can help them develop their large muscles and contribute to the development of their cognitive skills.

The Dancing girl is made of lightweight materials that can be easily held by your baby. The sound is loud but not too loud, and the light from the balls can be controlled to an extent. The toy does not have any sharp parts which can injure your baby, and the chunky design makes it perfect for gripping.

Buyer’s Guide

Although it may seem like buying a musical toy for your baby should be an easy thing to do, it is not. The sheer number of toys on the market is enough to make you feel overwhelmed. You may have to pay attention to a few features that are likely to elude if you don’t know them.

You may have to ask yourself the questions; “How do I choose which musical toy is right for my child? How do I know which one will engage his/her interest? How do I know which one will be more beneficial?”

Below are some ways to identify toys in which musical toys will challenge, nurture, and help your children improve their physical, thinking, social and language skills.

Things You Need to Pay Attention to When Choosing Musical Toys for Your Babies

Special features are what manufacturers use to distinguish their products from that of other products. Some toys may be made of chewable silicones, which can double as teethers, while others are made of wood. What you need to ask yourself is if your little ones will enjoy playing with it. If they will, the last thing you need to do is to ensure they check out on the list of general features below.


The age range of musical toys is usually around 0 – 6 months, 6 -12 months, and 12 – 24 months. You may need to consider your child’s temperament and behavior while ensuring that your baby can easily hold the toy.

Paying attention to the musical toy’s age requirement will also enlighten you about other special features such as teething.


As babies, one of the most developed parts of your little ones’ senses is sight. They are a little lacking in motor skills, and they mostly rely on their eyes to learn new things and understand the world.

That is why they tend to appreciate brighter colors with simple designs more than they do dull ones. If your baby is still using a crib, a colorful musical toy can add spice and entertainment when you hang it where it cannot be reached.


No matter how smart your baby maybe, they will still try to fit in whatever toy you buy into their mouths. This can be quite dangerous. That is why at the barest minimum, you may want to ensure that the toys you buy are age-appropriate. The next is to read the warning labels and heed the instructions that can prevent accidents.

These instructions may be about choking, which is the highest risk babies stand when they are playing with toys. Therefore, any musical toy you want to buy should not have pieces small enough for your babies to put into their mouths. Recently, small parts of toys have gravitated from traditional towards modern parts such as button magnets.


These days, toys are made with several materials that can be harmful to your babies. Some contain chemicals, and the most popular are phthalates, which are used to make plastic softer. It is also likely to affect your baby’s hormonal imbalance. It has also been identified as a catalyst for asthma, as well as other behavioral issues.

If phthalates aren’t listed in the materials, being marked “#3” may sign that the toy contains some harmful chemicals. While phthalates are banned in some countries such as the United States, it is not in other countries. The only way to avoid buying a potentially harmful plaything form your child may be to avoid toys with no labels.


Musical toys can also double as educational toys. If they come with preloaded songs such as nursery rhymes, your child can learn them from an early age, and if they come with numbers or alphabets, they can help him/her develop both vocabularies as mathematical skills. They can also boost your little one’s sensory development and cognitive skills.

Another thing musical toys can do is stimulate your toddler’s neural pathway to aid the development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking. The patterns and rhythm can help your child’s brain become faster and more efficient transmitting the information. Hence, the kinds of musical toys you should be considering for your children are those with rhythmic sounds. After all, children love music, not noise.


Babies like throwing their toys around. It is not a bad thing. It is a trait we fondly call “the ultimate test.” It is why many parents and manufacturers take the issue of durability very seriously. It can cost a fortune if you have to keep buying new toys every other week because the old ones just won’t stay in one piece.

The material of the toy can inform you about its durability. Silicone is more likely to last longer than plastic, and toys with fewer parts are less likely to be broken into pieces.

Sound Control

This goes hand in hand with good sound. While your baby may not care about a grating sound, you may. It may also be distracting while you work and can become even more annoying than your baby crying in the middle of the night. About sound control, this will enable you to reduce the volume of the musical toy if it’s too loud for comfort.


The ability to keep your child’s interest for a long period is a very important feature in buying musical toys. It won’t serve any purpose if you buy a subpar plaything that you have to pack away because your toddler refused to touch it again after playing with it for a while.

Since you know your child the most, the final question you should be asking yourself after ensuring that the toy has adequate features is if your baby will like it. Consideration of special features comes under this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are musical toys good for babies?

Yes, they are. They can help children improve their creativity when they form sounds by themselves. Musical toys can also help children develop their muscles as well as their auditory senses. When they teach your children nursery rhymes or teach them to recognize common animal sounds, they serve educational purposes.

2. When should babies start playing with toys?

Babies can start playing with toys from one month old, though not for holding. Only their hearing and sight senses are developed at this stage, and they will like musical and colorful toys provided you hold it a few distances from their faces.

At three months, they can fully play with toys by grasping it. At this stage, they are just developing their abilities to grip. They will be exploring their toys at six months by putting it in their mouths and throwing them around.

3. What toys can help a child’s development?

At 3 – 6 months, your babies are at their early development stage, and toys can help with this growth depending on which ones you buy.

To improve hand coordination and help your little ones build their motor skills, balls are the best choice to explore, while shape sorting toys are attributed to problem-solving. Mechanical toys with buttons teach cause and effect while role-playing toys help with emotional development.

4. What toys should a 2-year-old play with?

Most two-year-olds are toddlers, and at this age, they are very curious and interested in learning new things. They are also aware of their surroundings and the danger around them to play with complex toys. If you are buying playthings for your little ones, you can go for wood puzzles; building blocks are colorful crayons.

5. What to get a kid who loves music?

If your kid shows any sign that he/she loves music from a young age, you can get him/her any of the toys listed in the product review section of this article. As they grow older, you can buy them animal-themed earphones and tiny music players to store their favorite songs.


Adults are not the only ones who enjoy music children do too. Buying musical toys for your little ones can serve as a source of entertainment for them. You never know, with the right toy, you may be able to teach them about the alphabets and numbers as well.

A kid making a massive structure of blocks; imagine that. Such a beautiful scene to behold. A Stacking toy set is one of the favorite play-time toys for many kids. Stacking toys allow your kids to learn many skills like balancing, strategizing, and much more right from the early stage.

Stacking toys are making young civil engineers and allow the kid to be creative in their way. Do you want your train child for the same? We have made it easy for you, as this article lists some of the top stacking toys available in the market online. Choose one for your child and see their imagination grow.

1. FunSkool Giggles Stacking Cubes

FunSkool Giggles Stacking Cubes is a colorful nesting stacking toy. It comprises eight colorful cubes with varying sizes. Kids playing with this are expected to arrange the cubes in a hierarchy while they sort the sizes. The number and size of cubes given to kids depend on kids’ age and prior usage. It is recommended for kids that are 12 months and above. Starters can handle the big cubes, which promise a firm grip.

These toy bags, more than just that, alphabets are inscribed on the base of each cube. This add-on helps parents and teachers introduce alphabets to kids while they play with them. The colorful cubes help kids recognize and identify colors. The colorful cubes are useful objects in teaching shapes relative to other available objects.

The cubes are made of plastic materials that offer long-lasting usage. The use of this toy aids kids’ observation, logical reasoning, and handling.

2. Little’s Junior Ring

Little’s Junior Ring is a Ring Stacking Toy. The rings are of different colors and diameters. At the upper end of its pole is a smiling face, kids would love to mimic. Sizes and colors can be taught in schools and at home with this amazing toy. Kids can have endless fun with this toy outside of stacking it up; the rings can be thrown or rolled around. It is suitable for use at school; two or more children can play it.

The heterogeneous sizes of rings make handling easy for all ages. No fear of kids choking, the rings’ design ensures that. This stacking toy comes in a portable pack, which saves space and also builds kids’ strength while they carry it. Contained in the pack are six rings and a pole, all made of non-toxic plastic materials to ensure kids’ safety. Toddlers aged six months can use it.

3. Fisher-Price Original Baby’s First Blocks

This stacking toy is built for early learning. Fisher-Price understands that every second contributes to a child’s development; this toy makes it count more. Its contents are piloted towards educating kids during playtime. This pack contains blocks of varying shapes and colors. The shapes included are circle, triangle, and square. The blocks are 12 in number, offering multilevel difficulties, which are functions of kids’ age.

One of its prominent content is a yellow canister, designed for sorting shapes. Besides this, the canister can be used to store other toys and keep kids’ playroom tidy. The blocks’ size allows kids to have a good grip while playing with it.

With Baby’s First Blocks, kids can learn colors, numbering, shapes, and sorting during their leisure time with or without adults’ supervision. Fine motor skills, logical evaluation, and problem-solving skills are a few of the many benefits of exploration.

4. Grizzly Wooden Geometry Matching Blocks

Is your kid having difficulty understanding basic mathematics? This toy will help. This geometry stacking Toy is an early educational tool. As the name implies, the toy pieces are made of wood that screams durability and poses no harm. Contained in this toy pack are 3-set geometry shape-sorter. The blocks are designed for good grip, to build handling in children.

The blocks come in different colors and shapes. Playing this game revolves around identification and calculation. The multi-colored blocks are designed to teach shapes, colors, fractions, and basic arithmetic. Therefore, it is a toy with varying levels of challenges. Depending majorly on kids’ education, difficulties can be administered to kids.

This is one of the best gifts to get your kids or a friend’s kid. Its active usage promises to develop useful core skills like observation, hand-eye coordination, and logical evaluation in kids.

5. Multicolor Stack Cups for Baby

This Stacking and nesting toy contains multi-colored cups that come in different sizes. Cups offer good handling for kids, which will help kids in handling other objects. The multi-color cups help kids recognize color. The cup contained can be used to teach colors to kids relative to other available objects.

In ensuring kids are kept healthy, the cups are made of non-toxic plastic materials and designed to avoid choking hazards.

It is recommended for kids above six months of age. The difficulty level a kid is exposed to will depend on his/her handling and experience outside the age restriction. Nesting is easier than stacking, so kids can start with that while they learn sorting. This toy set contains an instruction guide to educate potential buyers about using and maintaining the toy.

Playing with this toy enhances kids’ problem-solving skills, sense of touch, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills.

6. Anindita Toys Wooden Stacking Towers

This Ring Stacking Toy is made up of 10 brightly colored rings. The rings are stacked around the pole, with the largest circle at the base and the smallest at the top. The colorful rings are made of wood. Its wooden material is aimed at a long and lasting usage.

The woods’ colorful coating is non-toxic, and the rings are big (can’t be choked on), safe for kids. With that number of rings, difficulty levels can be increased to complete a challenge, thereby offering endless fun.

Regardless of age or educational achievements, it can be played. Kids above six months of age can develop grappling skills and a sense of touch by playing with the smaller rings they can wrap their palms around. Older kids can improve their problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and color concept with this educational toy.

7. FunBlast Rainbow Stacking Animals Cups

FunBlast Rainbow Stacking Animals Cups is an all-inclusive toy, comprising colors, alphabets, and numbers. It is a stacking and nesting Toy. Contained in the toy pack are 11 brightly colored cups that will attract toddlers. The most attractive part is the cute rabbit topper, one that would keep kids busy.

Printed on the cups are letters and numbers; learning alphabets and letters don’t get simpler. The cups can be piled up or nested according to numbers or letters, which will help kids do better at school. The colorful cups with different sizes are useful in learning about colors, sizes, and probably adjectives (big, bigger, biggest).

Its stackable cups make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Get this for your kids and watch their cognitive reasoning, problem-solving skills, and confidence increase. Are you considering your kids’ health? The cups are made of non-toxic plastic materials.

8. Meraki Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tower

After rainfall, kids look out for rainbow(s) in the sky. With Meraki Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tower, you can bring the rainbow closer to your kids. There are ten pieces of colorful square rings in this toy pack. With this, kids can unconsciously learn colors during their playtime.

This toy is similar to a sorting puzzle, helping kids observe differences and sort colors and sizes. This increases kids’ observation and attention to detail. Younger kids can develop a sense of touch while playing with this top-notch toy.

Concerning children’s health, the colored wooden squares are furnished with non-toxic water-based paint. Also, the rings are big enough to avoid choking. So, kids are safe with this toy.

Younger kids that can’t solve this puzzle can develop handling skills; the smaller rings offer a good grip for little palms. Meraki Wooden Rainbow Stacking Tower should be your next gift to your kid.

9. Fair Build Up Beakers

Are your kids above three years old? They will enjoy playing with this beautiful toy set. It contains 12 pieces of small plastic cups. The bowls come in different colors and sizes. Fair Build Up Beakers is a stacking and nesting Toy. Cups can be placed on each other or in themselves.

The colorful cups help kids learn color concepts, making it a suitable toy for both school and home. With its varying sizes, sorting and adjectives can be taught to toddlers. This educational toy is child-safe; the cups have no sharp edges, and the plastic materials are non-toxic. Besides, to avoid choking hazards, the cups’ design meets such needs.

With supervision, family time can be embraced. This educational toy helps toddlers develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity, and space maximization.

10. DAFAL Stacking Multi-Color Cups

Bright colors have proven to be attractive to kids. This toy contains 13 multi-colored stacking cups of varying sizes. This toy is designed to educate toddlers and maximize kids’ playtime. Aside from its colorful cups, there is a smiling rabbit topper, which will keep kids engaged and enhance their communication as they discuss with their new rabbit toy.

Color concepts can be taught to kids with brightly colored cups. At every successful stacking or nesting, the kids experience a feeling of accomplishment, which boosts their self-confidence and prepares them for more difficult situations or games. With its non-toxic plastic and round-edged cups, your kids’ safety is guaranteed. Also, some family time can be spent on this toy.

Buyers Guide

There are a variety of toys we played with while growing up. Toys are either used to keep us busy or teach us something. Coordination is one of the many core skills that need to be developed in a child. Stacking Toys does that job easily.

You are either here to learn about stacking toys or digging to know the best stacking toys. Regardless of your intention, you are in the right place.

Are stacking toys of the same form? No, stacking toys comes in different forms. Below are the major forms.


Like in building or construction, the blocks are shaped so that an accurately fitted mass of blocks gives a relatable structure. Structures like a tower, castle, and train can be formed. In some Block Stacking Toys, the blocks may have pictures, numbers, letters inscribed or printed on its sides.

Good Block Stacking Toys help kids develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Besides these, it can teach kids letters, numbers, and objects to children based on what is represented on the blocks.

The sizes and numbers of blocks vary with the age or experience of kid(s) meant to be administered.

Ring Stacking Toys

This type of stacking toy includes one or more poles and rings of either the same size or different sizes. For rings toys that contain similar-sized rings, its arrangements are less difficult. Those with different sizes of rings are usually arranged in either an ascending or descending order (it’s all about choice). This helps kids to differentiate sizes, learn shapes, and build hand-eye coordination.

This type of stocking toy is common in schools. It will make a good toy for beginners in the world of stacking toys. Its difficulty can be altered by making changes to the number and sizes of rings used during play.

Geometric Stackers

These are otherwise known as Stacking Shapes. These spice up the classic stacking rings. The objects to be stacked are either of different sizes or shapes, but regardless of their differences, they are “stackable.” Its varied shapes and sizes are a useful tool in teaching shapes, sizes, and sometimes sorting. Besides these, Geometric Stackers are colorful; it comes in handy when teaching colors.

Kids with some experiences with Ring Stacking should have a go at Geometric Stackers. It proves more difficulty and endless fun.

Do you want to enhance your kid’s sporting prowess? Geometric Stackers offers hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, excellent skills required in sports. There are other benefits, which are improved logical reasoning, problem-solving skill, and space maximization.

Nesting Toys

Nesting Toys requires stacking objects into other objects; it might be similar objects or different objects; they entail the same method. The objects are shaped to conform to themselves if rightly placed. It entails puzzle though, sorting puzzle; helps kids learn sorting sizes – big, small, smaller, etc.

This aids development of hand-eye coordination, cognitive reasoning, and logical evaluation in children. Most Nesting Toys come in variants of colors; teaching colors to children is easier with such. More objects and longer poles can be added for endless fun on the successful completion of a particular stacking. Nesting Toys are suitable for indoor use, as its arrangement helps save space.

The above are the major types of Stacking Toys, all with benefits attached to their usage. Recently, there are modifications and advancements in the Stacking Toys’ industry. Toy manufacturers have learned to merge features of disparate types of Stacking Toys into one Stacking Toy.

This helps buyers get more value for every penny spent. More elaborately, a Stacking Toy can have both Nesting and Block Stacking Toys or Ring and Nesting Stacking features and functionality.

Below are the options of gifts you can get a little cousin or friend. Get any of these for your little loved ones and watch the broad smile you put on their face.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should a child start stacking blocks?

Stacking blocks have no age limit, 1,2,3 years; anyone can do it. They really can’t fix things (blocks inclusive) for toddlers, so they start with knocking down blocks, which they enjoy so much more. The wrecking of the stacked blocks doesn’t mean you should stop teaching them how to build. After a kid might have outgrown the joy of knocking down blocks, he/she is ready.

Ready to be exposed to doing it right. Starting from 6-month old, kids can hold a few things; blocks that fit their tiny hands are a nice choice. A one-year-old kid can handle two pieces of blocks. No disappointment if he/she doesn’t fit it into each other. Learning is a process; watch them hold, flicker, drop, pick, and sometimes throw the blocks. This improves their finger strength and handling skills.

2. Are wood stacking toys better than plastic stacking toys?

For this question, the factors worthy of consideration are:

3. How old is the prospective user?

For kids below two years of age, plastic stacking toys are recommended. Why? Plastic stacking toys are light-weight colorful toys. Its color is a great invitation to the world of mini engineering. The plastic stacking rings offer a nifty grip for fragile fingers and cause less harm in case it finds itself in toddlers’ mouths. Wooden stacking blocks will offer a more realistic plot for older kids.

4. How durable is it?

We both know wooden stacking toys are more durable relative to plastic stacking toys without much deliberation.

5.What do toddlers learn from stacking blocks?

Toddlers start to learn a lot from stacking blocks if it is played right, which is the parent’s or teacher’s responsibility. Holding blocks develops finger and hand skills in toddlers, which helps strengthen their limbs and eye-hand coordination. Motor neurons and problem-solving skills are enhanced when kids actively play stacking games.

Besides these, kids creativity and thought process is unconsciously improved; fitting blocks takes a lot of mental undo and redo.

6.Is stacking blocks a fine motor skill?

Picking, holding, turning, fitting, and dropping blocks is a fine motor skill. A skill indispensable in our daily activities. We dispose of trash, pick, throw, and catch objects. Stacking blocks help kids in their sport of choice.

7.How many blocks can a 3-year-old child stack?

At 3, children are supposed to have gotten hold of the blocks (placements, dismantling, and building). At such an age, kids should handle eight blocks well, having more fun building bridges and castles. If at this age, the kids’ understanding is increased, of course, you don’t want the building to be boring; you can increase the size and numbers of blocks. More difficulty, more fun.


Motor skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and improved thought process are a few benefits to enjoy when playing stacking games. It enhances these skills in adults and makes it easier to develop in kids. In truth, stacking games will make a good addition to kids’ toy sets.

Stacking toys has experienced usage in preschools and homes. With stacking toys, you can start easily and help your kid make the best use of his/her playtime while you also have some family time at home. We didn’t build this world, but with stacking toys, kids can create theirs.

A child’s brain can adapt to many different skills when taught right. Many parents try to inculcate either a sport or a musical instrument skill at a very young age. If you, too, are thinking of getting a musical instrument for your kid, then an electronic keyboard is the perfect way to start.

Shopping for the right keyboard for your child might be difficult. To help you out a bit, we have reviewed the top 10 musical keyboards based on its quality and performance for you to choose from. With this easy to understand guide, you will become an expert at buying the right musical keyboard and will end up finding the best musical keyboard in India for your kids.

1. Casio SA-46 32 Mini Keys Keyboard

With Casio SA-46, learning is fun and easier with 50 rhythms and 100 tones. Playing an instrument for too long might be boring. That’s why Casio SA-46 comes with ten lifelike instruments, including a guitar, violin, and flute. Who doesn’t love those?. 

Want to keep your eyes on your kid even when you study? This portable keyboard features a 3.5mm jack for the connection of headphones. It can be powered with 6AA batteries.

Casio keyboards are known for a 3-year warranty, which applies to this too. Aside from this, SA-46 is made with high-quality materials for durability. Casio SA-46 is one of the best keyboards kids with its 32 Mini Keys structured for little fingers and its portable design. This Mini Keyboard is only available in two colors, green and grey base (perfect color for kids).

2. Yamaha Remie PSS-E30 Mini Keyboard

Children’s musical keyboard just got better with the invention of the Yamaha Remmie PSS-E30. This India-manufactured keyboard comes with a 3-year warranty. Yeah, its durability speaks for itself. 

Yahama Remmie PSS-E30 is packed with 37 keys built for kids’ fingers. Playing chords is basic and melodic; this musical keyboard features a smart chord function. Switching instruments is fun as it possesses 47 built-in instruments.

Yamaha keyboard Remmie PSS-E30 is one of the best musical keyboards with its sound effect functionality. This is worth more than its price as it contains 74 sound effects. Yeah, a studio at your fingertip (of course, your kids’ too). With its 28 accompaniment styles and 30 embedded songs, the user experience is excellent. Your kid can enjoy his rhythm alone, with the headphone jack feature.

Want to save on batteries? This musical keyboard has a USB power adaptor port.

3. ESS EMM 37 Key Keyboard Toy

This musical keyboard ranks amongst the best musical keyboards for kids with its exquisite features and functions.

Embrace the talent in your child with this compact music studio. It has a recording function accompanied by a microphone. Watch your kid learn piano and also train his/her voice with this all-in-one mini keyboard.

Its DC power option helps parents avoid costs on batteries. Worry less about electric shocks, the power adaptor cord is highly insulated, and of course, the keyboard casing is made of quality thermoplastic. 

ESS EMM gives you a 3-year warranty on this product, is there a better way to say “it is durable”? No.

4. Popsugar THPI6614AB Mini Musical Keyboard

Bright colors are attractive to kids, agreed? The reason PopSugar mini-musical keyboard is pop blue. Popsugar is known for manufacturing toys and games with EN71 certification. This means its materials are not hazardous to you or your kid’s health.

It is as simple as a toy, with no sophisticated keys and knobs except its adjustable volume knob. The volume knob allows you to avoid or at least reduce noise pollution. This portable musical keyboard features only 24 keys. 

Popsugar – THPI6614AB ranks as one of the best musical keyboards due to its mobility; it is powered with batteries, making it suitable for outdoor use.

5. JIADA 37 Key Keyboard Toy

With its 37 keys, it is a compact, light keyboard suitable for kids. Its availability in different colors allows you to order your kids’ favorite color.

Allow your kids to unleash their artistic potentials with jiada piano keyboard. The ‘record and play’ feature gives your child more than a chance to record and listen to musical rhymes. You can also perform karaoke; this keyboard features an AUX-IN port and a microphone.

This tiny beast comes with built-in tunes, eight tones, eight rhythms, and four percussions, a music studio at your kids’ fingertip.

With the tempo control button, your kid can define the tempo of built-in songs or recorded songs. The volume button is nice for parental control. Yeah, I mean parental control of noise pollution.

6. Casio SA-77 44 Mini-Keys Keyboard

Aside from the 44 mini-sized keys sized for kids’ hands, the nice arrangement of additional functional buttons is of great attraction. These buttons let kids explore the world of lifelike instruments. Besides, there are five onboard percussion pads to play with.

For real, this keyboard isn’t designed for boredom. There are 100 tones and 50 rhythms for kids to practice. Kids can also perform karaoke and practice with the ten sonically pleasing built-in songs. 

Casio SA-77 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It can be used outdoors with 6AA batteries and indoor with an adapter (it is free). 

Unlike the Casio SA-46, this portable musical keyboard has an LCD Display feature, a function aimed at making learning fun and easy. 

7. The Flyer’s Bay Keyboard Toy

With its ‘record and play’ feature, kids can perform songs and rhymes (with a no-cost microphone). That’s amazing. Other add-ons include the volume and tempo control buttons.

The 37 keys embedded in this portable keyboard are accompanied by simple buttons to explore the eight tones, four onboard percussion, and eight rhythms that will engage kids. With these awesome features, your kid will stay glued to it.

It is ranked amongst the best musical keyboards for kids for its advanced and multiple power options. Although it has a DC power option, kids can practice and play outdoors; it can be powered with 6AA batteries. This keyboard has a USB port for mobile Android chargers and USB cords. You can, therefore, power it with your personal computer or power bank.

8. Munchkin Land Multi-Function Kids Keyboard

Looking for an educational musical keyboard for a kid? This is one of the best musical keyboards you will ever find. Munchkin Land Mini Keyboard is available in different colors, a privilege to order your kid’s favorite color.

Like most mobile phones, this keyboard runs on a durable Li-ion rechargeable battery. At full charge, the battery can last up to10 hours. 

It comes in handy as an alternative speaker; with the aux-in jack feature, you can connect your phone to the keyboard and play clips. Kids can sing with the microphone while they play the keys.

If your kid is below age 3, Munchkin Land Kids Keyboard is not recommended. Why is it one of the best musical keyboards? Its feature and functions are designed to aid children’s senses.

9. Casio SA-47A Electronic Keyboard

Surprised to see a lot of Casio keyboards? This selection is in no way sentimental; I am obliged to bring you the best musical keyboards. 

Although the design is quite similar to the other mentioned Casios, there are notable differences, the number of keys.

Want your child to be the next Ed Sheeran? A wonderful start will be with a Casio SA-46. This keyboard comes with ten lovely built-in songs to engage and entertain your kid. It comes with 5 onboard percussion pads and varieties of instruments; kids can switch between.

Scared of electric shock problems? Want a keyboard for outdoor use? This portable musical keyboard can only be powered with 6AA batteries; therefore, it is mobile.

With 100 tones and 50 rhythms, it promises to keep your kid engaged while you do chores or relax. Want to embrace zero disturbance? Just plug in a headphone in the 3.5mm jack.

10. Zest toyz 37 Key Keyboard

Last on this list is a powerful musical keyboard for kids. Zest 4 Toyz is popular for producing entertaining toys, and this mini keyboard reaffirms that fact. With 37 keys decorously placed for fragile hands, it still has a compact design. It can be used on center tables, desk, even on kids’ laps.

Want the best for your kid? Zest Toyz Piano Keyboard features multiple amazing power options. It can be powered with a power bank or your PC using a USB cable. Although 6AA batteries work well with it, its DC power option will save you a lot of money.

It will surely keep your kid busy while you do your work. Eight tones, eight rhythms, and four percussion pads are enough to engage kids for a few hours. Besides these, it has a ‘record and plays’ feature, volume, and multi-level tempo control. Lucky for you, it comes in different colors.

Buyer’s Guide

Want to engage your kid? Musical keyboards are not only fancy but educational. Although it might be seen as a toy from most adults’ perspective, it is a beautiful way to groom kids’ talents. Other forms of toys are indeed necessary, but musical keyboards do a lot for kids; excitement, hand-eye coordination, and sense organ enhancement.

There are different types of portable musical keyboards aside from the numerous adult-sized musical keyboards. Recently, most mini keyboards have little or no dissimilarities, but looking out for these features will be helpful.


Weighting is the resistance keys give to the fingers. As you try your hands on keyboards, you will notice how well keys respond when pushed; it is called “action.” There are weighted, semi-weighted, and synth (non-weighted) keyboards. 

Weighted keys give the maximum resistance to force. Semi-weighted keys are the same, too, just with less resistance. Synth keys have no or little resistance while pressing. Keyboards with weighted keys are recommended for children; apart from the fact that it builds strength in kids’ fingers, it gives an “acoustic piano” feel, allowing kids to dictate each key’s pitch. 

Number of keys

A piano can have up to 88 keys (that’s the highest so far); that’s an obvious reason for its magnanimous size. As for musical keyboards, it has a reduced number of keys, usually 61-70 keys dictating its size. 

The synthesizers and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controllers are not advisable for kids but beginners at large. Synthesizers’ keys can be as low as 25, thereby offering portability. 

Touch sensitivity

Touch sensitivity, as it implies, means the tenderness of the keys. How fast or slow you can hit a pitch. Touch sensitivity collaborates the weights of keys to give different effects on different keyboards, depending on how you hit the keys. 

Recording or storage capacity

Like adults, kids love to create their music too. Recording their favorite rhymes and songs and listening to themselves. Therefore, keyboards with sampler and recording options are good for kids.

Recording features don’t just fit without other features like computer connectivity, MIDI compatibility, and input-output option. The MIDI compatibility allows the transfer of signal to and from different interfaces within a keyboard or with computers. 

Although there are many keyboards in a music store, getting the best for kids and beginners comes with a price. The price is knowing the best type of keyboards for beginners or kids. Take a look at the best type of musical keyboards for kids.

Arranger keyboard

Do you want an orchestra, even in your bedroom? The arranger keyboard has the answer. With its auto-accompaniment, kids will be motivated to learn and play. Also, it is just right for music composition.

It is more of an automated band; with a few buttons, the keyboard can add songs that match the music’s tempo and rhythm. 

Although it meets the professional industry standard, kids can find the built-in program burdensome, but it makes learning fun with time.


Giving its wide range of instruments and sound effects, this is commonest amongst beginners. Despite these laudable features, it is portable.

With an amp output option and multiple sound effects, it is suitable for recording.

Digital piano

As it implies, a digital piano is supposed to replicate a piano, the sound, feel, and range. It is best for kids who will most likely grow to become an artist. It is best for practice rather than making music; it has weighted keys and few sound effects. 

It is best for a convenient transition into playing the piano with its piano-like features (weighted keys and piano sound). It might not be as portable as other types, but it is ideal for beginners.

Controller keyboard

Unlike the arranger keyboard, it lacks auto-accompaniment. With its MIDI compatibility and computer connectivity, it is best for composition. This keyboard’s function is fully unlocked when connected to a computer; on its own, it is more or less useless.

With modern modifications made to keyboards, there are imaginary differences between keyboards, combining features that match your purpose for buying gives you the best buy. I decided to save you the stress of surfing the online marketplace. Here are the best keyboards for kids. Surprise your child with one of these and watch the magical smile on his/her face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which musical keyboard is best for beginners?

There are a lot of brands selling amazing keyboards, mentioning one will be difficult. For beginners, there are qualities to look out for when buying your first musical keyboard. Your budget, size, onboard songs, connectivity to devices are a few among the factors to look out for. The built-in learning feature is of paramount importance, especially for self-coaches. 

Want to save on speakers and microphones? Connectivity should be considered. Keyboards with USB and AUX-IN ports are great for starters.

Onboard songs and tones come in handy when you are practicing alone. It is a nice feature to invest your money in.

For mobility sake, a portable keyboard is recommended. Besides saving space in your room, carrying portable keyboards for outdoor lessons is less stressful. 

Which Yamaha keyboard is best for beginners?

For beginners with cravings for Yamaha, the Yamaha PSR-E series is an amazing gadget built for starters. Yamaha PSR-E series is designed for beginners with an educational feature. Yamaha Educational Suite (YES) is a built-in feature with the PSR-E series and some other models. 

This feature enables beginners to learn with 100 onboard songs in nine simple steps. Other onboard features include notes, timing, tuning, and accompaniments. Besides this, it is portable. 

If your budget allows it, you can go for digital keyboards. Digital keyboards offer a great modification to the acoustic piano with 88 –note weighted keyboard but still portable. The P-series are compact digital keyboards that will save you some money and space. Yamaha P-series is suitable for both live performance and practice, so it is just for you to envisage.

What age should you start keyboard lessons?

Generally, it is recommended that children within the age range 4-6 are mentally ready to step foot into music’s waters. On the other hand, Keyboard lessons have proven to enhance children’s acumen and, at large, their performance in school.

 Therefore, starting keyboard lessons at an early age contributes to kids’ music success and enhances their senses. The use of a keyboard is one of the best ways to enhance hand-eye coordination. Once your kids’ finger neurons start individual functions, a keyboard lesson is advised—also, no maximum age restriction.

Although there are various keyboards, keyboards with light-weight keys are advised for kids’ hands. The light-weight keys only need little pressure to produce the sounds of equal decibel.

Can a 3-year old learn piano?

Of course, yes. Age 3 is the minimum requirement for the usage of most toys. For persons as young as a 3-year old, mini keyboards are better options for a piano. Besides saving money and space, the piano’s size is considered dangerous to kids’ lives. A keyboard toy is not only a great addition to kids’ toy sets but a helpful one.

Asides the hand-eye coordination, it helps improve sense organs; the ear, as they listen to songs and rhythms, the sight is also enhanced with some led lights and display.


A musical keyboard is an awesome step in starting or enjoying music. There is no age barrier in harnessing the wealth of music; you can start any time even. A musical keyboard will be a great start for your music journey. 

The instrumental add-ons most musical keyboard features gives you a taste of other instruments even with the alternating white and black keys at your fingertip. The keyboard is an instrument worth investing your money and time.

Children are multi-talented. Right from childhood, they show signs of having more imagination than adults, and one way to promote this imagination to full-blown creativity is with building blocks.

Building blocks are toys for kids. They come in different materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. They can be used to build several things from cars to ships by fitting them together, and they allow children to physically construct the objects of their imagination.

Not only do they boost creativity, but they also help kids improve their cognitive skills, hand combination, and intellectual capacity. They can also aid individual and group play among kids of different ages.

1. Adichai Pipe Puzzle Building Set

Designed to have 56 pieces, this wonderful set is a favorite among toddlers with its unique pipe shape, which fits perfectly well into one another. The blocks are also in various colors and sizes, and there are no limits to the things your little ones can construct with them.

One of the most important features of this product is that it has no sharp edges or small parts, which can be dangerous to kids. Perhaps that’s because the manufacturer’s official age range is three months to 6 years. It can also encourage interaction and imagination in children from a young age while improving spatial thinking.

With its numerous and vibrant colors, these building blocks are capable of keeping your kid’s company for a long time.

2. FunBlast Car Shaped Blocks

Fun meets practical in these attractive block pieces for kids with 34 plastic blocks and 16 wheels. This product’s basic objective is that it can be used to create any form of vehicle or other constructions such as elephants without stress.

This product has different uses for kids of different age groups. At age 2, it helps children develop fine motor skills by training their muscles and developing their hand to eye coordination while at age 4, its benefits are more science-oriented. Around this age, building and knocking down construction tiles will teach your little ones basic Math skills such as simple arithmetic and the concept of gravity and balancing in Physics.

The blocks come in a packet with a handle that can be used to carry them from one place to another, especially for storage after use. The packet can also be used to transport them while traveling.

How you encourage your little ones to use these blocks also matter. For example, open-ended plays to create better avenues for social interaction than directed plays. With open-ended plays, children have to negotiate and agree to solve certain problems themselves, which can aid their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

3. Syga Toy Building Bricks

The main focus of this product is safety. The building blocks are created from a lead-free material for your little one’s safety. The edges are also rounded, and the building blocks can be used together with other popular brands for improved play.

The blocks are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. With a carrying bag, they can be played within schools, at home, or even in doctor waiting rooms to relieve your little ones of the anxiety involved in seeing his/her pediatrician.

With over 260 pieces, there is no limit to what children can build with these blocks. They can either make toy robots or brick alphabets. Either way, they will be gaining some important skills.

The bricks are also very durable. They can last for a very long time, and when your little one gets tired of them, they can easily by mixing them in with Lego bricks or other bricks of the same size as them.

When it comes to education, this toy can improve social skills and hand to eye coordination. When your little ones move the light bricks around, they build their muscles in return.

4. KITIKITTZ® Assembly Smart City Toys

Suppose you are looking for building blocks with unconventional but very educational designs for your babies to play with. In that case, the Kitikittz assembly smart city toys are the best option for you. The materials are environment-friendly and made of non-toxic materials, while each building block is designed so that it won’t injure your little one’s hand during play.

The blocks stick-shaped, and they come in multiple colors and shapes, which can be used to construct any number of structures, including those in their minds. These numerous colors can also help improve your children’s language skills by identifying the roles of colors and shapes play in everyday life.

With these blocks, you can easily join your little ones in their construction. What’s more? They are great for relieving stress both for you and your little ones. In the end, you’ll come out smiling.

The mental benefits of these blocks for your little ones include developing their observation, concentration, patience, and the ability to think logically.

5. FunBlast 72 Pieces House Building Blocks

This is the second Fun last product on this list and with a very good reason. The manufacturers are good at creating age-appropriate toys that can improve children’s imaginations while ensuring that they remain artistic and smart. The toys are not just impressive; they are made with your child’s development in mind.

The FunBlast 72 Pieces House Building Blocks is designed specifically for kids to create house designs. They can also be used to create robots and flowers. With colorful construction tiles, your little ones can improve their motor skills and finger strength while playing.

That’s not all. These blocks are good for brain development. They can help your children improve their math skills while teaching them the rudiments of balance, gravity, and geometry. Indirectly, they learn about fractions and improve their spatial knowledge.

When it comes to social and emotional growth, these building blocks will take your little ones to the next level by helping them develop new friendships when they share their blocks and play with friends.

6. FRATELLI® Mega Home Building Block

The Fratelli Mega Home Building Block is a close contender with the FunBlast house blocks with the same 72 pieces and a similar design. The plastic is durable and safe for children to use, and the pieces are designed to fit with one another easily. The windows are detachable. They come in colors that can add vibrancy to your child’s constructions.

When it comes to safety, Fratelli’s building blocks have rounded edges to prevent scratches, and the plastic is made from non-nontoxic materials. The plastic is also durable, and it can withstand whatever amount of throwing around your little one will subject it too.

While the manufacturer advises buyers to purchase two sets to ensure a wider array of constructions, it is not compulsory. The original 72 pieces are enough to help your child develop. They can help improve your child’s imaginative and creative skills while teaching him/her how to recognize shapes and colors.

7. Toyzone Giant Kids Building Blocks

These building blocks are for all ages. Kids enjoy them, and adults can’t wait to play with them. They come in four vibrant colors designed to arrest your little ones’ interests, and they can be easily manipulated to build things such as houses, cars, and so on. The pieces are also easy to detach from kids once building time is over.

The pieces have rounded edges for safety purposes, and the plastic is BPA free and made from non-toxic materials. This means that while they are not ideal chew toys, they will not harm your little ones in any way. The blocks are also too big to be mistakenly swallowed by a toddler.

These mega blocks come with a manual for you to see the things your little ones can build with it, and if you are interested, you can join in the play and help map out the construction.

A fascinating feature of this product is that it comes with a zippered bag for carrying the block pieces around. So, this product is capable of being used both inside and outside the house.

8. Metro Toy’s Mega Building Blocks

These building blocks are specifically designed to keep your kids busy and give them real-life experience while playing with a fun toy. They are meaningful, engaging, and will help children grow in ways that will benefit them in the future. They are also safe to use by kids with rounded edges, durable, non-toxic materials.

These mega building blocks are bigger than average building blocks and are designed for older kids interested in puzzle blocks.

They come in a zippered bag that can store and transport them from one place to another. This means that they can be easily used outside for interactive play among children. With this feature comes the benefit of boosting your child’s social skills. They can help him, or her develops a teamwork spirit and the ability to solve problems.

These building blocks will also protect your children’s imagination and creative thinking in the physical sense.

9. Techhark® DIY Plastic Building and Construction Toys

These building blocks are created with your child’s safety in mind. The materials used in its development are non-toxic. They can be washed with warm water and soap or baby wipe to eliminate whatever germ has accumulated on it during previous use.

The blocks in this product are 210. They have straw shapes. They are designed to be attached without the stress of going back to the beginning due to some loose straws. They also do not fall off easily. This means that your little ones can enjoy their invention for a couple of hours or days until they choose to dismantle them.

The straws are very beautiful and colorful. These are two combinations that are designed to attract babies. The product is also designed to have rounded edges without burrs, which can hurt the hand.

When it comes to child development, these straws are designed to help boost children’s psychological development at an early age. These blocks can help them develop their intelligence as well as language skills.

10. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

The Mega Bloks Big Building Bag comes with 80 colorful blocks for your little ones to bring their imaginations to life. With the blocks’ aid, they can create tall towers or more complex things such as funny, made-up characters.

They are designed for comfortability. Even if your child has small hands, he/she will still be able to hold the block pieces because they are not too big. They are also not heavy at all. Even a toddler can move them from one part of the room to the other without any stress.

The storage bag they come in also makes them very easy to store when they are not in use. It can also be used to move them outside the house for more interactive play with your little ones.

The best feature of all is that it is capable of helping your children develop their brains. With toys like the straw blocks, intellectual pursuits such as critical thinking and reasoning will be a walk in the park.

Things to Look Out for When Buying Toy Blocks

As great as toy blocks are for your kids, they can be a little tricky to buy. Below is a list of things you should look out for when buying toy blocks.

Age Range

There are several options for building blocks for children of all ages to pick from. Even toddlers and babies who stand a risk of choking from small parts have block types specifically for them. If you have a toddler, nesting cups are a good place to start. These building blocks are capable of being stacked on top of one another.

Another good choice for toddlers is stuffed fabrics, which are very easy to grasp because of their softness and lightness. Keep in mind that at this age, children are not interested in building something. What you are looking for is something they can easily carry around to develop their muscles. You should also ensure that the building blocks you buy can be easily stacked without too much thinking. Building blocks that are designed to improve active thinking should come when they are older.


Generally, building blocks end up in a lot of places, including your little one’s mouth. Hence, one of the things you should consider when buying one is whether it can go through a little bit of drool and chewing without needing a replacement.

Some building blocks are made of cardboard-like materials, which can turn into smaller pieces and constitute a choking hazard with constant chewing.

You should also ensure that the building blocks you want to buy are strong enough to withstand constant throwing around and a lot of maltreatment from their little users.


We can’t say this enough. Safety is the most important thing to consider when you want to buy any kind of toy for your little ones. It is why you should always check the age range for the toys as well as its durability.

Age range ensures that the toy you are buying is perfect for your child. That it will not be abandoned because it is too cumbersome or swallowed because the pieces are too small.

Durability relates to how well the materials are made. It can make the difference between a long-lasting toy and one that has to be replaced within a few months. It can also inform you that the blocks are probably not meant for kids.

Child Development

As we have already mentioned, building blocks can help your little ones develop some necessary skills such as math skills, vocabulary, hand to eye coordination, and creativity.

Child development is very important in your choice of building blocks. Any toy you are buying should not only be fun to play with. It should also be beneficial to your little ones in the long run.

A bonus is that by bringing their imagination to life, you can also discover which areas they are more interested in and what other toys you can buy to improve that interest.

Types of Toy Blocks for Kids

Toy blocks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They also have different materials and are designed to be able to build different things. On the surface, they may look alike, but knowing the difference is very important when making a purchase.

Wooden Blocks

These blocks are more interesting than the usual plastic toys. They bring something new to the table and offer endless possibilities for social exploration and educational development.

When it comes to durability, wooden blocks last longer than many types of toys. One bonus is that they also biodegrade faster. Since they are natural and traditional, they never go out of style. In the oldest case scenario, they can be described as antique. These blocks are a must-have for every child to start playing.

Soft Climbing Blocks

These are big blocks designed specifically with a non-slip bottom to keep toddlers safe and secure when they are playing. Unlike other toy blocks, climbing blocks offer an avenue for toddlers to have more fun and develop their motor skills.

They can be used both indoor and outdoor to promote safe physical activities such as climbing and crawling. With these toys, your little one is exposed to a large number of benefits.

Playing with the blocks can help children build their confidence while exploring their creativity. Let’s just say, with these toys, nothing fun has been safer.

Magnetic Blocks

Building blocks are indeed fun, but some of them can be cumbersome to play with. That’s the problem many parents face when they want to buy building blocks for their babies. With magnetic blocks, this problem is more than half solved.

Magnetic blocks are traditional building blocks with the additional element of magnetism. Like other toy blocks, they come in several colors and shapes, which can be used as educational instruments for children. With these blocks, your little ones are going to enjoy arranging these construction tiles into wonderful designs.

When your little ones can’t go outside, these toys will also serve as sources of entertainment. The most wonderful thing about these toys is that they are the right size for kids and are perfectly safe for your babies.

Stacking Blocks

There’s nothing children love more than stacking objects. Parents love it too! It gives their little ones something to do while they are busy with other things. The exercise is a representation of the development going on within a child’s brain. Little by little, they are discovering how things go together while having fun.

Even though stacking blocks are a little old fashioned, they are the perfect instruments for helping your little ones learn and develop new skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do building blocks help a child’s development?

Playing with blocks is an open-ended activity with numerous possibilities for kids. As they grow older, so does their power to create new things with their building blocks’ aid. This is why it is a much-coveted tool among parents and educators.

Furthermore, kids of all ages like playing with building blocks. The only thing that changes as they grow is how they play with them. For example, babies just love moving them around and banging them on the floor, while toddlers like to build basic structures such as towers with them.

Through this play, babies can develop their sensory organs as they feel the blocks’ texture and try to identify the unique sounds around them. For toddlers, The benefit of building simple structures is even more pronounced. Playing with blocks can develop their imaginative skills as well as their thought process.

2. How many blocks should my 18-month-old stack?

Stacking blocks can be used to measure the development of fine motor coordination in children. According to a PediNeurological Exam, at 15 months old, a child should be able to stack two blocks while at 18 months old, a child should be able to go as high as four, although 3 is not a bad number.

3.What are the benefits of building blocks?

Building blocks can help your little ones to develop their language skills, mathematical skills, and spatial intelligence. It can also give them basic knowledge of physics, such as gravity, and develop their motion coordination.

Kids who play with blocks tend to do better when it comes to problem-solving. This is probably because they have had to navigate through a lot of problems when it comes to bringing their imaginations to life.

Block play also helps children to develop their social skills. When they play with other kids, they interact, and little by little, they develop something called social intelligence.

4. What toys can help a child’s development?

The world is moving from toys that only spur kids to win toys that are more likely to improve their skills. These skills include language, cognitive, social, emotional, and motor skills.

Language skills are developed when you play with your kids and explain the game’s nuances to them. It builds their vocabulary and enables them to communicate better. Games that improve language skills are nursery rhyme books for toddlers and farm set or picture books for preschoolers.

Cognitive development occurs when your kids focus on and draw things from their memories to solve a particular problem presented in the game. For toddlers, blocks or large piece puzzles are the perfect games to improve cognitive development, while for preschoolers, Legos and puzzles are two of the best games.

Social and emotional skills are things your kids will need later in life, and the best games to develop are with dolls, play phones, doctor’s kit, or cash register.

Motor skills can be developed with any game that allows your child to put his/her muscle to work. For example, building blocks or painting.

5. At what age should a child stack blocks?

Six months even though they will be doing more of watching at this age, they will only manage as much as moving a single block around. However, between 12 months to 15 months, your baby should understand the idea of stacking better, and he/she should be in the right development stage to start stacking.


There are many educational games for kids, but not many are as beneficial as building blocks. These toys will encourage your kids to play alone while you work around the house, and they can also be an avenue for them to play together with other kids.

What are you waiting for? Your child is ready to start having fun and building some much-needed skills today.

People spend a tidy sum of time playing games just to get some experience point or virtual currencies. Time is money and therefore should be spent and managed well. With an educational game, kids can learn while they enjoy their leisure time. 

Do you want to enhance your kids’ brilliance and better their learning process? Fun educational games offer these and even more. Kids don’t just get good grades and excel at school; it results from both parents’ and teachers’ collaborative efforts. Play your part and spice up kids’ education with fun educational games.

1. Math Games for Clever Kids

Have you been looking for brain-busting math games? Here it is, Math Games for Clever Kids is a book filled with a galaxy of mathematical problems to be solved. Arithmetic, timetable, and word problems are a few of the games to beef up kids’ playtime. 

Learning arithmetic and mathematics will be easier for kids when their brains engage with this game. Their grey matter becomes more active and strengthened.

With pictorial puzzles and shape-based teaser, kids learn to pay attention to details and their cognitive reasoning is improved. Also, they are provided with blank sheets for possible calculations.

Gareth Moore is known for developing educational games and this is one of those that proves his experience and mission. It is designed for all ages, but younger kids will do well with some guides.

2. Einstein Box

Yes, a box with pieces to unlock Einstein’s potential in children. It is designed for early learning, basically for ages 4-6. There is a whole lot to be unveiled in this box, designed for kids’ mental development.

The box contains puzzles, memory games, sticker books, and painting sets. The sticker book is made with the intent for durability; every page of the book is laminated, for easy cleaning and resistance to liquids and scratch.

Problem-solving skills are developed while playing with puzzles. The puzzle is designed with varying difficulties for easy learning and introduction to challenges. It is a 25-pieces puzzle centered around an animal habitat. This not only teaches kids about the animal world but its high-quality pieces aid eye-hand coordination.

Its painting sets help parents teach colors to kids and improve their creativity. Best for kids, the color set is non-toxic and child safe.

3. Dots and Mazes

As it implies, it is an educational game that involves connecting dots and escaping mazes. So preferably, it is a puzzle.  It enriches logical reasoning, communication skills, creativity, and handwriting.

Contained in this game are 6 double-sided activity mats, giving kids a total of 12 activities to try their hands on. One skilly billy pen for tracing dots and probably drawing new things. A duster cloth for erasing completed or failed activities making the mats reusable and the activities infinite.

A skilly billy certificate of achievement; to be presented by parents or teachers to kids that have completed the activities. It is a source of great joy to kids, an incentive to complete the activities, and an inspiration to sustain the learning process.

4. Mapology India with State Capitals

Learning about Indian states and their capitals have become easier. This is an educational game packed with activities to help children travel around India from the comfort of their homes. This learning toy is just one puzzle with 24 pieces, capital’ stickers, and 34 flags. 

This is a floor jigsaw puzzle with pieces made of foam material; it offers easy grip and durability. The pieces are cut out in shapes of the different states, which are supposed to be fit accurately to form India.

This educational game is designed to teach kids important information about different states. Besides this, the 34 flags that denote capital are sticky and are meant to be assigned to the states.

 This game can be played by all ages; administering tasks to kids will be a function of kids’ knowledge and experience. Kids can start with a few states.

5. Skillmatics Brain Game

Skillmatics educational game is keen on developing useful skills in children through toys. Brain Game is one of the many toys manufactured for this purpose. Brain games have a myriad of activities to keep kids busy and learn while they do so. 

It consists of a pen, a duster cloth, and a certificate of achievement. There are six reusable double-sided mats. There are nineteen activities available to kids. On the attempt or completion of each activity, it can be erased with the duster cloth. 

It is an educational game built around dots and mazes. Children attempt activities by connecting dots and mazes. Strategizing, creative thinking, and self-independence are skills developed by playing this educational game.

This game is recommended for kids above 5 years old. This game can be played by two or more players, which makes it a great toy for both schools and homes.

6. SYGA Wooden Mathematics Learning Toy

This is for children struggling with mathematics. Packed in this game are colorful stickers representing numbers and signs. With a wooden board, the stickers can be chosen according to questions intended. 

This educational game is a great innovation towards economizing the education cost. The stickers allow kids to get actively involved in the learning process. Stickers replace markers and chalks that contain chemicals harmful to kids’ health.

The wooden material of the board exhibits durability and offers great handling to users. There is no age restriction to its usage; mathematics can be introduced to kids through the various signs and numbers. 

Also, the different colors on the stickers help children identify colors and enhance their sight. With the right usage, kids will surely improve or grow to love mathematics.

7. Guess in 10

Do you want your child to learn about animals? Look no farther. Guess in 10 is an educational game developed around animal planets. With pictures of animals printed on the box, kids are left attracted to this game. 

This educational game has puzzles with each puzzle provided by hints. The provided hints are questions related to the characteristics, habitat, and nature of the unknown animal. 

Guess in 10 allows kids to ask 10 questions about the hidden animal, and every answer brings them a step closer to the animal’s true identity.

Contained in the box are 52 different animals with 6 clue cards. The clue cards are the player’s lifeline; they are meant to be used wisely to get the right answer. With Guess in 10, kids’ knowledge about the animal planet is assured. Also, it can be played with the family.

8. Creative Educational Aids Think and Match

Think and match offers activities that ensure brain usage. This educational game is composed of colorful cards and its target audience is early learners. 

Kids enjoy this game by matching objects to corresponding outlined shapes. Objects to be matched include vegetables, fruits, and animals. The art cards are laminated with the parents’ best interest at heart. This helps protect the cards against scratch and liquids, thereby providing lastingness. 

Children can be introduced to colors, types of fruits, types of animals, and other knowledge with this great educational game.

Provided for users are 8 laminated cards, 14 task sheets, 2 answer sheets, and an activity guide that aids parents’ understanding of the game. Kids are bound to develop logical reasoning, creativity, concentration, and coordination. 

9. Space Explorers

Within the walls of your home, children can learn a lot about the earth with Space Explorers. Like some other Skillmatics games, included in this space pack are six double-sided activity mats, one duster cloth, two skilly billy pens, and 1 skilly billy achievement certificate.

This educational game offers 20 engaging activities that can be repeated. The duster cloth can be used to erase attempted activities that return the activity mats to their initial state, ready to be reused. 

As kids repeat activities, they discover new ways to engage and succeed. Constellations, spaceships, astronauts, gravity, planets, asteroids, and other heavenly bodies are subjects to be learned while playing this educational game.

Parental guidance is needed for preschool kids to play this game but kids within age 6 and above can engage these activities with no supervision.

10. Board EduGames Zoozone Adventurers

You might be wondering why this came last. Well, it is different. It is a tactics-based board game. This board game is a miniature world map where players navigate and purchase different animal cards to build sustainable food chains.

Like other board games, it is played by two or more individuals. The goal of each player is to build the best food chain. The food chain with the highest number of stars wins. 

The knowledge of the plants and animals that inhabit the various regions is required in constructing a complete food chain. Everything around this board game screams science,  distribution of plants and animals, ecosystems, and geographical limitations. 

This educational game gives children a head start into the world of board games and builds resilience, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Buyer’s Guide

Education is now a constant part of our lives, starting with informal education, followed by formal. Growing up, education might seem a tad difficult given the approach we were fed with.

Make education easy for your kid with fun educational games. Toy manufacturers are keen on making learning fun and simple. 

There is a peck of educational games to be found in stores, but getting the best might be tasking. A good start is to know the types of educational games and what suits your kids’ age range and educational level.

Toddler’s educational game

Kids are first influenced by what they see, feel, and hear. A good toy for toddlers will be musical and colourful toys with singing tones. Kids can murmur rhythms and dance. This helps strengthen their bones and enhance communication senses.

Teaching languages to kids can be easier with bilingual toys. A toy that sings or talks in a preferred language will be of high educational benefit. Games with big pieces are recommended to avoid choking and give kids a good grip on the pieces.

Preschool educational games

Lessons in school or at home can be complemented with games that revolve around numbers or alphabets. With the development of better senses, kids will identify colours, sing rhymes, and effectively learn languages with sound-making toys.

Kids within this age range can handle bigger toys like binoculars, books, or magnetic cards, learn with videos and make cut-outs. 

Puzzles will be an awesome addition to kids’ toy set at this stage. It won’t only help build problem-solving acumen but also concentration.

Grade school educational games

Children at this age would have successfully learned alphabets, numbers, and colours. Computer games can be introduced to kids at this stage. Mavis Beacon is such a perfect game; helping kids type, and read simultaneously.

Educational quizzes, spelling bees are also recommended to boost verbal and quantitative reasoning.

With adult supervision, children can harness the benefits of the internet, finding answers, and interacting. A computer is a great gadget for kids. 

Puzzles centred around maps, nature, and space can be easily fathomed and solved. It gives children an insight into sciences, improves problem-solving skills while they pass the time with it. 

Parents learned to shape their kid’s ambition by administering some particular toys. Do you want your child to be an astronaut? Paste pictures of space, solar system, and bodies on the wall and watch your interest bloom. We all know that, right? If you never knew, well, you just did.

Educational games can be tailored to your desire (what you hope to develop in your kid). What skills or abilities do you want to develop or enhance your kid? Cognitive skill, social interaction, or hand-eye coordination? It is within the scope of educational games. To highlight a few, below are some purpose-centered educational games.

Scientific educational games

If you want your child to develop a flare for science-related subjects, this makes it easier. Periodic table blocks, science-related quiz cards, and the microscope will do justice to this. While kids play this type of fun educational game, they develop an interest in this field.

Of course, there are non-scientific games too. Depending on what subject you want, there are educational games related to technology and building. Toys with tractors and miniature building tools build engineering interest in kids.

Without overriding kids’ natural desire, you can observe what type of games they are predisposed to or easily solve the most. Getting educational games tailored to their taste will keep them happy and also broaden their scope of interest.

Problem-solving educational games

Problem-solving skills are an important survival tool that needs to be developed. You can develop this important skill in kids during their playtime. How? Introduce games that enhance such skills. An example of such a game is a puzzle.

Don’t worry about your kid’s age? There are puzzles for different ages, ages 1-3 can do some sorting under parents’ supervision. Ages 4-5 can get their hands on harder puzzles, fitting blocks and shapes together. Jigsaw puzzles are great for kids with multiple levels of difficulty. 

Educational games for reading

Alphabets are the foundation of reading. These types of games are common in schools. Kids with previous knowledge of alphabets can proceed to learn words; two-letter words are a good start to reading effectively. This form of educational game has no age restriction; it is administered based on intelligence. 

Above are the street maps to harnessing the potentials in educational games. There are tons of educational games in stores, but below are the picks for the best educational games.


What are some fun educational games?

Fun educational games enhance learning in a fun and exciting way. Aside from teachers imparting knowledge in school, fun educational games help children learn at home.

No doubt, kids love to play, if not with other kids, then with toys. Education is no longer restricted to educational institutions. It has found its way into every nook and cranny of our life through devices and objects.

How can I make learning fun?

Learning is usually thought to be difficult and boring, but educational games debunked such rumors. Learning can be made fun with the usage of fun educational games. For instance, a kid will enjoy learning mathematics by playing number-related puzzles and quantitative tasks. 

Learning becomes fun when it is spiced with games and anticipation; this helps us develop an interest in such activity and unconsciously learn about the subject. You can spice up your learning with fun educational games. 

Are educational games good?

Educational games have proven to be good. It has been incorporated into classrooms and educational institutions. Kids learn colors better with colorful toys and painting games. Besides keeping them busy, kids unconsciously learn about the subject. 

Educational games improve intelligence, creativity, and versatility. Buying educational games eases learning processes and equally kills boredom.

Acumen to be built or enhanced depends on our choice of an educational game. Generally, it boosts brain efficacy. Creative thinking, logical reasoning, time management are values embedded in educational games. 

What are good 4-year-old games?

Although there are age restrictions to games, it is not exclusive. Once a child finds fun in playing a game, given that it is not hazardous, it should be administered to such a child. Intelligence is an important factor; understanding the purpose to play with is a ticket to playing a game. 

Most games especially those with small pieces are considered harmful to children under 3 years of age. There are a handful of games available to 4-year-old kids, some of them are mathematical puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, space explorer, and games that include drawing.

At age 4, there are arrays of knowledge to be imbibed; colors, alphabets, numbers, and animals are supposed to be learned at this age.

How do educational games help students learn?

With educational games, students learn better. Learning under pressure is inefficient; under the right circumstance, with little or no supervision, learning is easier for kids. 

Every minute spent playing educational games is not wasted. It builds time management skills in students. It enhances concentration and mindfulness which is essential for successful assimilation and reflection. 

All of these are imbibed inadvertently while students enjoy their time playing “educational” games.


Games are known for passing time and probably relieve stress, but it is way more than that. There are varieties of games to choose from and educational games prove to be most beneficial. It keeps children busy, enhances intelligence, concentration, and mental independence. With fun educational games, learning seems not to exceed “ABC” because it becomes that simple. With educational games, learning is made possible beyond school’ gates and walls; parents and guardians can actively participate in educating their kids. The purchase of educational games is a good investment in building your kids for excellence.

Problem-solving is a skill that is very essential and is taught right from the start in schools. Pushing through our daily activities requires making decisions, actualizing it, and bearing its consequence. “I will figure it out” isn’t just a simple sentence; it entails mental exercise. Several games and activities exercise our brains. Among these are board games and puzzles.

Sometimes, we get puzzled, straightening things out not only keeps us at peace but also builds us for more challenging circumstances and events. It all starts from childhood when we successfully execute simple tasks. Do not forget the countless number of times we fail. Here we have listed a complete guide, where you can find online puzzle games for kids, buyers guide and a few FAQ’s at the end.

1. Vibgyor Vibes Wood Jigsaw Puzzles

This is a pack of wooden jigsaw puzzles. Six different puzzles are made available to kids. These puzzles come in a design targeted at kids; colorful pictures, animated animals, and few pieces.

The puzzle blocks are designed for toddlers’ hands. It’s easy to grip, and fully fitting blocks make it easier for children to play with this.

Vibgyor vibes wood jigsaw puzzles fulfill the requirement for solvers’ engagement and also designed for educational purposes. With Vibgyor vibes, children can learn about colors and the amazing animal world.

Depending on your kid’s puzzle experience, the nine puzzle pieces grant varying levels of difficulty; choose the number of pieces that suit your kid’s age or experience. Its wooden material offers durability and safety for kids. Unlike plastic puzzle pieces, it can’t be bitten or chewed by kids.

2. Frank Solar System Puzzle

Want to raise an astronaut? This is the right toy to get a young astronaut. Well, everyone should know about the solar system. It is a miniature universe for our exploration. Also, it will be an awesome addition to a classroom.

Although puzzles are not supposed to be simple, the pieces can be easily assembled with perfectly carved pieces. With 108 puzzle pieces, its relevance will beat the test of time. With each successful puzzle assembly, more pieces can be added. 

With that much puzzle pieces, you can also try your hands on them and enjoy some parent-child time. The puzzles are packed into a portable box, suitable for children. Useful information about the solar system is printed on the box. 

Frank Solar System Puzzle is designed for kids age six and above. Kids with a good knowledge of the solar system will know better with this type of puzzle.

3. Pola Puzzles Jungle Party

It is originally made for kids aged five and above, but even adults will enjoy playing jungle party. Kids are meant to restore the shape of a beautiful jungle scattered into jigsaw pieces. 

Besides aiding color recognition, it is useful for educating kids about wild animals. Want to play the storyteller? You can tell fables about the animal kingdom while you help kids solve the task at hand.

With a 37 cm by 24 cm size, it can be played on floors, tables, and desks at schools. Do you want a durable puzzle? The colored pieces are made with premium hardboard materials. 

With a defined picture to be formed, it engages kids’ imagination. A clever way to do that is by letting kids craft stories from the puzzles they solve. Problem-solving, concentration, resilience, and creativity are few of the skills kids can generate from playing Pola Puzzles Jungle Party.

4. Ratna’s 4 in 1 Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is beautiful and attractive. The colorful pictures will keep kids stuck to the pieces. 

For easy assemblage, Ratna’s added a pictorial guide to solving puzzles on the box. With this, kids can assemble on their own without adults’ intervention.

It weighs only 400 grams so that kids can carry the puzzle pack themselves. Only 35 jigsaw pieces are made available for the unraveling of the four puzzles. With Ratna’s jigsaw puzzle, you can help kids unleash the potentials in them. Hand-eye coordination, resilience, and observation are skills that can be developed with this puzzle pack.

Playing with this toy not only improves concentration, but it also builds self-confidence. Every puzzle solved puts a big smile on kids’ faces and gives them a feeling of accomplishment. 

Parents and teachers can teach colors and tell fables with the pictorial guide or solved puzzle.

5. FunBlast Mini Puzzle

Like other puzzles, FunBlast Mini Puzzle is fun to play along with amazing features like an interlocked mat formed after solving the puzzle. 

This puzzle set is a simple way to teach alphabets and numbers to children at home and at school. The alphabet pieces range from A-Z while the number of pieces contains numbers 0-9. Although kids in school will need little help in solving this puzzle, it can be slowly taught to younger kids at home. 

This puzzle contains 36 colorful pieces (a style of introducing colors to kids). With interlocking mats, blocks can be constructed, a mat can be made, and the puzzle can be arranged. Pieces measure 4×4 inches and 1 cm in thickness. With this, kids can pick, turn, and fit comfortably. This puzzle is recommended for kids age three and above.

6. Webby India Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Have you wanted to travel around India? A good start will be with this amazing information packed puzzle. This puzzle is best enjoyed on the floor or a large table. It features 60 pieces of different sizes and shapes. With pieces of specific shapes and a detailed pictorial guide, it is easy to assemble. 

Added to this puzzle is flashcards. The facts about each state in India are contained in these flashcards. Therefore, as you fit a state into the map, you can get an insight into what it looks like. It makes an amazing toy for kids.

It is an educational toy and serves to teach shapes, colors, and geographical poles to children depending on their level of education and exposure. Its use is limited to children; adults’ geographical knowledge of India can be widened with this puzzle.

7. Frank Vegetable Puzzle

Frank Vegetable Puzzle is an easier way for kids to learn about vegetables. Carrot, eggplant, and tomato are vegetables included, well represented with a maximum of 6 pieces. It is an elementary puzzle recommended for three-year-old kids. With or without help, kids can solve this puzzle by fixing vegetables into its look-alike shape. 

With this puzzle, colors and shapes can be taught to kids. Playing with Frank Vegetable Puzzle enhances accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and determination in kids. Parents or teachers can aid learning by teaching kids the vegetable names. 

Frank Vegetable Puzzle is a brilliant option when you want to get a gift for your child or a little cousin’s birthday.

8. Number Fun 123 Puzzle

Creative Educational Aids is popular for manufacturing educational toys for children. Teachers and Parents can now teach 123 to kids with little or no stress. Kids can learn numbers and count objects with pieces in this puzzle.

This Number Fun 123 Puzzle comes in a portable bag for easy handling. It contains 40 attractive puzzle pieces. Besides teaching numbers to children, its colored pieces can be used to teach colors. In solving this puzzle, kids don’t have to assemble; all they need to do is identify numbers, count objects, and make numerical matches. 

Objects to be counted include balloons and kites. So at the successful completion of this puzzle, children would be able to identify and probably spell objects. Visual enhancement, observation, number and object recognition, concentration, and precision are offered by Number Fun 123 Puzzle. All thanks to Creative Educational Aids.

9. Play Panda Magnetic Puzzle Squares

Kids are up for so much fun with this magnetic puzzle. The observation of magnetic attraction is enough fun for kids, but there is much more. With 400 magnetic squares, kids can become a mini creator; fruits, vegetables, animals, buildings, and other imaginary items can be built with the available magnetic squares.

This puzzle set has a booklet containing 200 items to be constructed by kids. The real fun is unleashed when kids start building their world with these magnetic squares. The box has a pouch for the safe storage of magnetic squares and a display stand (more like a drawing board for creating patterns with squares.

With 400 magnetic squares’ availability, its use is not limited to a child; a group of kids can play with it. While picking and moving squares enhance children’s sight and motor neurons, colors, and object names can be taught to children.

10. Funskool India Map Puzzle’s

This is a floor sized jigsaw puzzle that lay’s out Indian states. It contains 104 unique puzzle pieces. If a piece doesn’t fit, it doesn’t belong there (pretty easy to assemble). 

This puzzle brings India to children’s fingertips. With parents, guardians, or teachers, kids can be vast about India’s general knowledge. 

It is only recommended for kids above five years. Under the right supervision, younger kids can learn about India in bits. It allows children to see beyond their immediate environment and learn about other states. 

Some kids might develop an interest in traveling and geography. Of course, its use is not restricted to kids; adults can try their hands on relaxation and educational purposes. This type of puzzle increases creativity, imagination, knowledge, and eyesight. Also, it is a great family game; individuals can take turns to fit pieces correctly.

Buyer’s Guide

For a design to be called a puzzle, it must satisfy two criteria; it must entertain the solver, and a defined solution must be available. Solving puzzles might take time, but it’s entertaining, that’s why we never give up on it. 

Puzzles have existed for as long as humans exist. Riddles are one of the earliest forms, exhibited in the bible and some other heretical books. The colorful jigsaw puzzles were first carved from wood in 1767. The most recently developed puzzle was developed in 1974, Rubik’s cube.

Let’s take a quick detour through the beautiful sphere of puzzles. You might have been familiar with a few types of puzzles, but knowing more doesn’t hurt. Been hearing and seeing puzzles and want to try your brain on one? These are the common types of puzzles among the ocean of puzzles available online. 

Logic Puzzles

Grids characterize a logic puzzle; it is usually designed for solvers to find answers relative to given clues (letters or numbers). The little information provided on the board is enough to unlock the mysteries surrounding the puzzle. 

Examples of logic puzzles, among others, include Nonogram, Calcudoku, Sudoku, and grid logic puzzle. Sudoku comes in different forms; Word Sudoku, Twin Sudoku, and Jigsaw Sudoku.

Word Sudoku are those that include letters, allowing words to be formed. Jigsaw Sudoku is similar to a jigsaw puzzle design, just squares interweaving and overlapping. The twin Sudoku is guided by the standard Sudoku rules but only two regular grids sharing a 3×3 box. 

Word Puzzles

Boggle and crossword puzzles are popular examples of word puzzles. Except when the definition of words is included, the selection of words to fill grids is not stereotyped. Many three-letter words can fit into a grid with a vowel alphabet “e.” 

In a crossword puzzle, grids are arranged horizontally and vertically, mostly overlapping. Empty squares are to be filled to leave no grid blank. Squares are filled with letters in consideration of given letters (which are clues). Words formed must be correct and share letter(s) with other generated words.

Sometimes, solving word puzzles require knowledge of particular domains. Solving word puzzles broadens one’s vocabulary and word register. Word search is one of the most challenging word puzzles attempted.


Some people don’t classify riddles amidst puzzles. It is understandable, though, because it is only represented in speech, but it is an abstract puzzle. Riddles are one of the most brain tasking problems to deal with. It is even more common outside educational facilities; parents keep their kids busy with brain cracking riddles.

Mechanical Puzzles

This is probably the most typical type of puzzle besides word puzzles. Solving this type of puzzle means arranging random items to fit into a defined shape or pattern. You can’t solve a mechanical puzzle at a streak; it takes multiple failed trials. Jigsaw puzzles are particularly common in preschool and homes. 

The colorful saw-shaped parts are attractive to kids. Adults also play jigsaw, with smaller pieces and larger patterns, it gets harder. Rubik’s cube is another example of a mechanical puzzle, which deals with patterns.

The puzzle is solved by aligning the same color on the side of each cube. Mechanical puzzles can be wooden, plastic, or metallic, involving disassembling, assembling, or locking patterns. 

Mathematical Puzzles

It is sometimes referred to as quantitative reasoning. Solving puzzles is just about finding numeric answers. Sequences, patterns, and multiples are some of the problems to deal with. 

Unlike mathematical questions, it requires no use of a calculator, just the application of simple arithmetic. 

It sure varies based on educational levels and age. More recently, mathematical puzzles are being incorporated into students’ mathematics textbooks as ‘word problems.’ Such an irony, right?

Trivia Puzzles

Trivia puzzles aren’t trivial; it is an intellectually advanced word puzzle. Puzzles are solved with the right answers to the questions asked. Trivia puzzles circumvent around topics, so it is better to select topics or subjects you have good knowledge about. Newbies in a particular subject, learn better by solving relevant trivia puzzles. 

Cryptic Puzzles

Cryptic Puzzles are a different form of puzzles. Although it is not dissimilar to Crossword and Trivia Puzzles, it takes a more exciting form. It is usually common in newspapers and magazines. If you are familiar with this, you know the grids come in different forms; blocked grids, barred grids, and thematic. 

Thematic is just a freestyle arrangement of varying blocks (usually rectangle and square).

All ages can solve puzzles; it has multi-level difficulties. Want to develop the right skills in your kids and yourself while getting value for your time and sometimes money? Solve puzzles. You can solve puzzles on your mobile phone or personal computer, but it won’t do much for kids.


What age should a child do puzzles?

Science has proven that children have more of a blank brain. What they see, hear, and touch forms the basis of their first set of memories. There are packs of endless puzzles for kids. The level of difficulty exposed to kids depends both on their age and experience. 

Do you think your child is too young for puzzles? There are puzzles for even two years old and below kids that are baby puzzle games. Jumbo knob pieces are recommended for kids in this age range. Jigsaw puzzles with animal pictures, letters, and numbers will serve a great educational background. 

Kids should be first exposed to simple levels of puzzles. Appreciate their successes and encourage them. At every completion of a puzzle, add more pieces to increase its difficulty. Their previous experience will be engaged in solving new challenges. Can your child sit up already? If yes, the next time you visit the mall, get that kid a puzzle set.

Should a 2-year old know color?

Yes. Immediately a child is born, its sight might not be fully operational, but the eyes’ light receptors are activated. Kids are more attracted to bright colored objects, so baby products come in bright colors. Kids learn to speak by picking up sounds from their immediate surroundings. Once a child can utter words, irrespective of age, he/she can know colors. Often, kids utter their first syllable before they clock 2.

Their knowledge of colors can be enhanced with colorful toys and, most especially, puzzles. Learning colors can start with sorting puzzles. You can help your child to sort similar colors into bowls while resounding the name of the color.

How many puzzle pieces can a 5-year old do?

If a 5-year old has experience solving puzzles, such a kid should be turning and fitting 60 pieces into a whole. Rather than age, the experience should be the yardstick for exposing kids to higher challenges. Just do well to feed them puzzles that excite their age range. Colorful patterns and simple word puzzle games are suitable for a 5-year old kid. 

More puzzle pieces, more complex illustrations, and smaller pieces are good ways to increase difficulty. 

Is doing puzzles good for your brain?

Puzzles have proven to enhance a lot of brain functions. Visual and spatial reasoning skills can be developed in kids or improved in adults by solving jigsaw or crossword puzzles. Attention to detail is unconsciously learned.

Kids can develop hand-eye coordination playing puzzles that fit their age range, especially Jumbo Knob pieces and Jigsaw puzzle games. This coordination aids their writing when they eventually start schooling. Since most non-abstract puzzles require the use of both hands, both hemispheres of the brain are used.

Mood enhancement, memory strengthening, resilience are other good puzzles offer to our brain. Try not to miss out on these goodies; start solving puzzles if you have not done so. Alzheimer patients battle brain damage by solving puzzles.


Puzzles are an inextricable part of human existence. Apart from the puzzles we deliberately solve, survival is a puzzle itself. Our reactions and actions to circumstances is a product of our experiences and maybe literacy. Invest in gadgets that build and enhance the necessary skills for a better living. Kids are not left out of this wonderful survival backpack; puzzles are awesome toys to invest in.

Puzzles offer more than meet the eyes. The more you solve puzzles, the more resilience, and problem-solving understanding are built. Pack your survival kit and explore the world of puzzles. You won’t be disappointed.

Isn’t it amazing to see your baby grow and learn new things as he or she grows? At around age 3, your baby’s vastly improved creativity and language skills leave you awe-struck.

The ideal toys for 3-year-olds are designed to boost language and communication skills in them, such as pronouncing names and speaking 3-4 words sentences with clarity.  

These toys improve movement and physical skills, like climbing, running, pedaling, etc. They promote thinking and mental skills, such as recognizing and playing with shapes, colors, numbers, puzzles, etc.

Some of these toys help babies improve social and emotional skills, including imitating adults and friends, ready for potty training, and showing various feelings.

We have reviewed the Top 10 toys for 3-year-old babies and compiled a Buyer’s guide and FAQs for assisting you in purchasing a toy that would create unforgettable childhood memories.

1. Einstein Box for 3-Year-Old Baby

Einstein Box for a 3-year-old baby is crafted for stimulating logic and reasoning skills in babies. It teaches good behavioral habits, promotes smart thinking skills, and develops an interest in babies’ books.   

This box contains two books and three activities meant for boosting thinking skills and promoting socio-economic skills among 3-year old babies. It develops a love for reading in babies.

It features two premium books, including “Tiggy House,” which is a wipe-clean book that teaches about doing things by self, and “Ria grows a plant,” which is a sticker book about the growth of plants.

It provides three entertaining activities, such as “Big house puzzle,” My plant,” and “Fork painting set.”

The “Big house puzzle” is a set of 18 high-quality puzzle pieces that boost babies’ logic and reasoning skills. It includes number writing and logic activities.

The “My Plant” teaches about how to grow plants through an activity kit. It teaches about plant science and measurement. It comprises real photos and scientific facts. It provides super entertainment with 50 plus stickers.

The fork painting set features a palette, colors, stencils, forks, and workbooks that will inspire Picasso in your babies. It is a non-toxic toy that is prepared from child-safe materials.

This Einstein box for 3-year old babies is an excellent educational kit that provides wide-ranging learning and developmental activities for babies. It boosts logic building, creativity, and artistic skills in babies.

2. Frank Vegetables Puzzle For 3-Year-Old Kids

Frank Vegetables Puzzle for a 3-year-old baby is a set of three puzzles designed to teach your babies about three different vegetables in a creative manner.

This toy puzzle uses a “play and learns” technique for engaging your babies in an entertaining activity, promotes motor-skills and hand-eye coordination.

The puzzle pieces are cut out in the shape of vegetables that need to be fixed in their respective frames. The frame highlights the bold outlines that direct the babies for solving each puzzle successfully.

Every puzzle frame measures approx 12.5 x 12.5 cm. This compact puzzle is easily portable for anywhere playing. 

This puzzle set enhances concentration, visual skills, logical thinking, and patience level in babies while keeping them entertained.

This vegetable puzzle set is suitable for introducing the concept of vegetables in 3-year-old babies. It is a set of simple and colorful puzzle pieces that are convenient for babies to play.

3. R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids

R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for 3-year-old babies features pioneering design and provides intelligent turning for safe and entertaining rides.

It highlights an attractive design with fluorescent colors. It is an easy-to-learn runner scooter for babies who can start riding without learning how to balance. 

Its scientific and safe design allows the babies to control the turning and maintain balance comfortably by physical inclination.

It is a safety certified scooter that conforms to En 71 Safety certification standards for ensuring safe riding for babies. It can easily withstand the weight up to 75 kgs. It’s robust and strong built allows even parents to ride it.

It features high-quality and sturdy PU wheels that provide a smooth ride and make it suitable for indoor riding. It has two big front wheels and a small rear LED wheel that glows brightly, even in the daylight. The faster the ride, the better the wheels’ glow.

It comes with ABEC 7 bearings that ensure a faster and smoother riding experience. It has a wide and sturdy deck that provides ample space for your babies to stand and ride comfortably. 

This runner scooter does not require any kickstand, and it is suitable for babies with all skills.

This runner scooter does not require any training, and your baby can simply hop on to begin scooting. Its compact design is easy to fold and store. Its stylish design has an extra-wide brake and non-slip handlebar for enhanced safety for kids.

4. Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Fun With Words Puzzle

Fun with words is an ideal educational kit by Creative Educational Aids Pvt Ltd, designed to promote language skills in babies by encouraging letter recognition, improving spelling, and letter sounds.

It comprises a 24 pages activity book, an activity guide, and 30 word-building puzzles.

These are three-piece self-correcting puzzles that encourage babies to build 3-letter words using pictures of objects related to a child’s nearby surroundings.

It promotes letter recognition, vocabulary building, and spelling learning in babies when they sort and assemble the correct pieces for completing the picture.

The activity book and suggestions in the activity guide enable the babies to learn many new words and practice their correct spelling. Thus, it enhances observation, visual-discrimination skills, and concentration in babies.

It provides a wide range of activities for developing language skills in babies such as spelling words that match with the pictures, recognizing letters of the alphabet, recognizing letter sounds, and joining letters for making words.

5. Prime Deals Rechargeable Racing Car

The rechargeable racing car by Prime deals is a stylish and attractive Audi car operated by remote control.

It highlights sporty and classic looks along with best in class paint quality that is loved by the babies. It features working headlights and rear lights for providing a more realistic feel.

It comes with convenient and smooth controls that make it easy for the babies to operate. It features high-quality, robust, and durable ABS plastics for withstanding rough handling by kids.

It is powered by 3 x 1.2V rechargeable NiCAD batteries. It comes with a charger for recharging the batteries. 

This car features detailed design, including interior rims, exterior rims, and a spring suspension system for preventing shock. It provides accuracy and stability during driving.

It can be moved in all directions, including left, right, forward, and backward, with great ease using a remote control. When a baby drives this car using a remote control, he/she exercises good coordination between hand, eye, and brain. 

It improves the child’s responsiveness and teaches him to exercise control and maintain balance. Playing with this car improves the spatial imagination skills in babies.

This car features grooved and tough tires that are prepared from high-quality PVC material. These tires are designed for providing a good grip on the surface for smoother rides. 

The presence of rubber tires allows the babies to drive on uneven road surfaces with perfect ease and superb grip. 

It has a fully-functional powerful radio control system with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote device for controlling the car from a distance.

It is an ideal toy that promotes driving skills and sharpens the presence of mind in babies while keeping them engaged for hours of fun-filled moments.

6. Frank – 10203 in Water Puzzle

Frank’s water puzzle is a set of 3 puzzles that are designed to teach your babies about the different animals that live underwater and near water.

This puzzle set is designed on the principle of “play and learn technique” that provide fun-filled activities for babies while enhancing their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

It includes three puzzle pieces, including 4, 5, and 6 pieces, which introduce Frog, Tortoise, and Fish to your babies.

The puzzle pieces are cut out in animal shapes that can be fixed in their respective frames. The frame highlights bold outlines for directing babies to complete the puzzle successfully. 

Each puzzle piece is compact and measures 12.5 x 12.5 cms. It is a portable game that can be easily carried anywhere for keeping your babies engaged in creative, fun-filled moments.

This water puzzle set is a great toy for improving logical thinking, visual skills, fine motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination in babies. It is prepared from high-quality materials and printed using non-toxic inks.

7. Sartham, Building Block Toy for Kids

Sartham building block toys are multi-colored blocks for kids that feature 20 pieces. It is a made in India product designed to broaden your baby imagination, develop logical skills, and use intelligence in creative ways.

It is a set of safe building blocks that feature smooth texture, no sharp edges, and non-toxic plastics.

It comes with an activity guide book for assisting the kids in assembling different structures. It boosts self-esteem and confidence in kids when they build the models successfully.

The blocks are assembled using the lock-system fixing technique that teaches your baby the art of building creative houses of varying shapes and sizes.

The concept of building blocks teaches your baby about geometry and mathematics. It enhances problem-solving skills from a young age. 

Focusing on these games helps develop cognitive skills such as planning, prioritization, exploration, and calculation.

These theme-based building blocks provide valuable learning experiences through a multi-sensory and interactive approach for participating in an entertaining series of pretend and play games.

It allows the kids to explore their imagination. It is an educational toy that develops various babies’ skills, such as visual and spatial perception, fine-motor skills, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination.

8. FunBlast Unbreakable Pull Back Vehicles

The unbreakable pull back vehicles by Funblast are a set of 7 vehicle toys that comprise forward-backward and pull-push functions.

These toys feature appealing bright colors and superior sturdy design. They are safe as they are prepared from non-toxic and unbreakable materials. They have smooth finishing without any sharp edges. 

These toys feature extra grip and high-quality tires for smooth crawling with friction power wheel movement backed by a push and go function. The crawling toys encourage movement and physical activity in babies.

These toys are prepared from ABS plastic material for enhanced durability and safety for babies. It is an ideal gift for your babies that captures their attention with funny shapes and bright colors.

The shapes of the push-pull car are inspired by real-life vehicles. These toys are also suitable for imaginative play. These are small-sized vehicle toys that can be easy to store and carry anywhere.

The vehicle toys are unbreakable and feature exceptionally cute designs that assist your babies in color & shape recognition. It encourages motor skills, objects recognition, hand & eye coordination, creativity & imagination in babies.

9. Vibgyor Vibes Wood Jigsaw Puzzles for Children

The jigsaw puzzles by Vibgyor are a set of 6 wooden jigsaw puzzles that comprise 9 pieces each. It provides entertaining play to engage your baby for long hours.

The babies need to arrange the 9 cubes accurately for completing the picture. The set comprises 6 colorful pictures for your child to solve. 

The wooden pieces feature bright colors and attractive graphics that attract babies and provide learning with entertainment.

It features small-sized cubes that are easy to hold and arrange for your babies. These wooden pieces are designed for complete interlocking.

The cute and colorful pieces are safe for babies as they have smooth edges. The background image helps the babies in completing the puzzle successfully.

Playing with these puzzles develops fine motor skills in babies as they need to pick up the cubes, grasp them, sort them, and fit them into correct positions. 

It helps the babies to think and develop strategies for completing the puzzle. It encourages problem-solving and reasoning skills in babies. It also encourages cooperative play and develops social skills when played in a group.

The babies learn to recognize colors, shapes, and animals. The babies love to play with these stimulating and brain-boosting puzzles.

10. Toykraft: Mickey Mouse & Friends – Sand Art Kit

The Mickey Mouse & Friends kit by Toykraft is an entertaining art and craft kit for babies. Playing with this kit helps the babies in developing social, physical, and intellectual skills.

This kit allows the babies to create three sand pictures of hugely popular Disney characters, including Mickey, Donald & Goofy, with colored sand on the pre-gummed templates included in this art and craft kit. 

It enables the babies to match the sand’s colors on the given design for finishing the pictures. It gives a sense of accomplishment to kids when they show their craftwork to their family and friends.

The package comprises three pre-gummed templates of Mickey, Donald & Goofy. It includes finely mesh sand in assorted colors and a spatula to firmly fix the sand on the gummed regions.

The sand art & craft activity helps develop fine motor skills, concentration, patience, and creativity in babies.

It is an ideal gift idea for both boys and girls. The completed picture looks amazing, and even it can be framed and displayed.

This sand art kit brings forth the creative abilities and channelizes babies’ energy levels in constructive ways.

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a perfect toy for your 3-year old baby requires you to consider many factors. Read our elaborative buyer’s guide that would help you to steer through the effortless and pleasurable buying journey.


What are the best toys for 3-year-olds?

The best toys for 3-year-old babies are as follows.

How do I keep my 3-year-old entertained?

The best way to keep your 3-year-old entertained is to engage him/her in interesting and engaging playing activities. 

Some of the common everyday activities of a 3-year-old include playing with puzzles, playing dough games with dry spaghetti, reading out the stories from books, playing with doctor’s sets, visiting parks, and looking at family albums, etc.   

What games do 3-year-olds play?

The games for 3-year-olds are designed to promote logic & reasoning skills, language & communication skills, movement & physical skills, and social & emotional skills. 

Some of the common board games played by 3-year-olds include Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Don’t Break the Ice, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Elefun, The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel, Cootie, HiHo, etc. 

How do I get my three years old to clean up toys?

You can turn a cleaning activity into an interesting game so that your baby gets enthusiastic about pursuing it willingly. 

Set up a challenge between you and the baby and see who can finish the cleaning first or try singing a song while cleaning to make it look like a joyful activity. 


At three years of age, your baby begins to show impressive progress in playing activities, building up stories, learning new words quickly, and building relationships. 

A proper toy would help him embrace the changes and acquire skills in sync with the age-associated developmental milestones.

Our choice for the top toys for 3-year-old babies includes Einstein Box for 3-year-old Baby, Frank Vegetables Puzzle For 3-year-old Kids, and R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids.

As your baby completes one year, he/she gets more excited to explore the world around. Those twinkling eyes speak volumes of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new skills and try hands at everything that comes across.

Your babies need such toys that stimulate their sensory and fine motor skills development at this tender age. These toys should help your cutie-pies to reach the age-associated milestones comfortably.

You would be spoiled for choices with so many toys of various brands vying for your attention.

Breathe easy, as we have researched and recommended Top 10 toys for 1-year-old baby along with Buyer’s guide and FAQs; so that you make the perfect buying decision.

1. Pikipo Stuffed Soft Ball with Rattle Sound

Pikipo is a popular Indian Toys brand that was established in 2018. It provides superiorly crafted toys for entertainment and sensory development in little wonders.

The stuffed softball by Pikipo features a rattling sound that instantly grabs the attention of your cutie-pies. It comes stuffed with a soft plush filling that makes it an ideal cuddling and hugging companion.

Whenever your child shakes the ball, the rattle inside the ball creates rattling sounds for your baby’s entertainment. These rattling sounds stimulate and develop the auditory development in your kids while keeping him/her entertained.

This ball measures 20 cm in diameter and weighs 320 grams. It is recommended for babies aged six months and above.

It features charming, bright colors that enhance gross motor skills and stimulate visual development in babies. It introduces your child to various colors.

This safe and non-toxic ball is certified by NABL authorized lab. It is a machine washable ball that provides for easy cleaning for your babies.

It is designed to be a safe toy for your babies as it does not contain any sharp or uneven edges. Moreover, it does not pose any choking hazard. It is a lightweight and plush toy suitable for your little one to touch, hold, and play.

2. Einstein Box For 1-Year-Old Baby

The Einstein Box for a one-year-old is designed for awakening the genius in every child. It offers exceptional learning opportunities through its beautiful books and fun activities. It assists in stimulating thinking skills and teaches good habits in babies.

The box set comprises five awesome educational toys and books, including puzzles, art & craft game, memory game, and books for animals and family members.

The puzzle is a set of 8 pieces that helps your babies to learn about animals. The art & craft game is a shape foam game that is designed for developing motor skills. 

The books are tear-resistant and teach your babies about different animals and loving families. 

It serves as an ideal gift for a 1-year-old baby girl and boy. It features an attractive design and offers hours of screen-free entertainment. It is a safe game that is designed by parents.

The memory game and puzzle pieces are prepared from high-quality extra-thick cardboard that features a wipe-clean surface and rounded edges. The books comprise thick laminated pages, and the colors used in the painting are child-safe and non-toxic.

All the box activities are meant for developing logic, creativity, language skills, brain development, and good manners. 

The memory game includes animal masks that boost imaginative skills and serve as an ideal game for role plays and storytelling activities.

3. Little’s Junior Ring

The Little junior’s ring toy is designed for naturally developing the concepts of shapes, sizes, and colors in babies. It helps the babies in identifying different colors and sizes while playing the fun-filled stacking-in-order game.

As your child uses his/her fingers to arrange the multi-colored disc, he/she develops his/her finger skills. It is an informative play tool that keeps the babies hooked on to it with its attractive designs and vibrant colors.

It comprises six multi-colored plastic rings that are easy to hold and stack. This stacking game is suitable for both girls and boys of 6 months and above. 

It is a safe toy made from non-toxic materials and does not include any sharp sides or edges.

This game stimulates motor skills and reasoning skills in babies. It leads to all-round development and assists in polishing finger skills in babies.

It is a perfect toy for 1-year babies for boosting imagination, creativity, and brain development while having a fun-filled play.

4. Kiddale Educational Musical Telephone Toy

The Kiddale projection learning book is an excellent mushroom double-sided learning book for babies that allow them to learn, play, and listen to music. 

It comes packed with numerous functions, including a lullaby, stories with animals, sounds, shapes, and colors. It promotes brain development in babies for efficient learning and reading.

It comes with a crib mounting facility that allows you to fix the book to the crib and put on the music and projection for a soothing sleeping bedtime routine. This learning book features many interesting stories, including shapes, sounds, colors, and animals.

It features dual HD projections in turn. It offers a cute animal slideshow on the ceiling or walls with its mushroom type projector.

It features a back strap that allows you to hang the book on a chair, pram or any other suitable place that seems comfortable for your baby to play.

It provides various options for your child to operate the book, such as page flip, mode switch, lullaby, projector, strap, and play button.

It is a safe toy that is prepared from BPA-free and non-toxic ABS plastic. It has been tested in conformity to the European and American standards of safety.

This projection learning book provides numerous developmental benefits for babies, such as reading concepts, fine motor skills, language skills, and academics sensory curiosity.

5. FunBlast Dancing Robot with Music

The Funblast electro dancing robot is an exceptionally attractive dancing toy for babies that provide great entertainment with its dance moves, 3 D flashing lights, and music.

This musical dancing robot produces an awesome flashing lightning effect and performs 360 degrees rotation. It lifts its legs and hands in the air while dancing and keeps your babies engaged for hours. 

It promotes listening skills, social interaction, communication skills, motor skills, and observation skills in kids. It also improves physical movements in babies, such as clapping and dancing.

It stimulates the technical interest in your little geniuses towards light, sound, and action. The kids love to play with this interacting toy. It is an excellent gift idea for babies for various occasions such as birthdays, New year, Christmas, Diwali, etc. 

The height of this robot measures 6 inches, and 3 AA batteries power it. It comes with a convenient ON/OFF switch behind the head. It features rotating lights on the head and flash lamps on the face. It turns both its arms.

It is a sturdy, durable, and safe toy as it is made from non-toxic ABS plastics. The cute and stylish dancing robot promotes brain development in infants, triggers visual stimulation, and develops perfect hand-eye coordination. 

It also develops an interest in babies towards dancing as they imitate robots’ movements and dance along with it.

6. Fisher-Price Baby Activity

Fisher-Price is a reputed toy brand that provides a wide range of products for babies and children. The baby activity preschool infant chain from Fisher-Price is a high-quality and multi-colored toy ideal for both girls and boys. 

This infant chain toy helps in teaching basic counting to your babies through fun-filled activities. It develops effective hand-eye coordination among babies and teaches them to identify and learn about different colors.

It is designed to promote the babies’ grasping abilities and motor skills as they attach the links to form a chain. 

In addition to forming chains with links, it allows your child to use his/her creativity to form different patterns with pieces such as rings and other shapes.

It is a lightweight toy that can be conveniently packed and carried for anywhere and anytime fun-filled playing. 

It is a safe toy that is recommended for babies of 6 months and above. It is prepared from high quality and non-toxic plastic. It does not feature any sharp edges.

The multi-color chain activity keeps your babies engaged and entertained for hours. It promotes learning through discovery as babies identify shapes. It stimulates visual development with bright colors and exciting shapes.

7. Spanking Flash Drum

Spanking Flash drum is an excellent toy for kids that stimulates curiosity through its bright lights and variety of sounds. It enhances intelligence development and promotes hand-eye coordination in babies.

It is a safe toy that is prepared from ABS plastics. It features a round design that protects your babies’ hands. It is recommended for babies of 6 months and above.

It is a multi-functional baby toy that is packed with early educational content. It comes with five colors of lights, three gameplay modes, nine dulcet songs, and nine different drum sounds for providing a variety of entertaining options for babies.

It is an ideal musical toy for babies as it boosts imagination, creativity, and intelligence. It stimulates thinking and enhances reaction ability in babies. It promotes a sense of rhythm and provides superb entertainment value.

3 AA batteries power it. Your babies can tap this music drum to listen numbers from 1 to 5 and colors from blue, orange, red, yellow, and green. It also produces various interesting sound effects on tapping the drum.

It helps your child to develop an interest in music. The interactive drum keeps the babies engaged with 3D lights and sounds. 

It offers a wide range of developmental benefits such as musical skills, co-ordination skills, audio-stimulation, and visual stimulation.

Buyer’s Guide


The toys designed for babies should stimulate sensory and gross motor skills in them. It should be ergonomically designed so that your baby can easily grasp and hold it for engaging in hours of fun-filled moments.

A perfectly designed toy ensures your child’s safety. It should not have any pointed ends or sharp corners. It should feature a lightweight design for comfortable lifting by the kids.   


The size of a toy should be appropriate for the babies. It should be big enough so that your baby won’t accidentally swallow it.  

Your baby should be able to lift and hold it in his hands comfortably. It should provide easy handling during play to capture the baby’s attention and maintain interest for long periods.

Appealing looks  

The toys for your babies should display appealing looks in multi-color design and attention-grabbing graphics. Babies get easily charmed by the toy’s aesthetics. If you get impressed by a toy’s appearance, your babies would surely love it.

The toys for babies are designed to evoke visual stimulation in them. The bright colored toys keep your babies interested for hours. They promote visual development related to the optic nerve in babies. 

The contrasting toys in light and dark or black and white capture your babies’ attention better and keep them delighted.

Entertainment Quotient      

Your babies love toys that have excellent entertainment quotients. The babies get entertained by the toys’ various attributes, including shapes, sound, movement, and colors. 

Babies at such a tender age are quite sensitive to sounds. You should pick a toy that produces interesting sounds for grabbing their attention. It stimulates auditory development and introduces them to the musical world. 

Ensure that a toy is not too loud or high on colors to turn off your child’s interest. Babies get easily engaged in creative play and productive activities with entertaining toys. You should select a toy that delivers great entertainment value for your babies.

Some toys with great entertainment quotient for babies of such age include rattles, jingles, and toys with musical rhythms or melodious songs.


Before you pick a toy for your child, check the label to ensure it is age-appropriate for your child. It is an important factor to consider as the toys are crafted with different features as per the babies’ age.

Ideally, you should look for a toy that serves your child for a few years through his/her growing stage. Your babies develop bonding with these toys over time, and they can extract maximum benefits out of it.

Motor skills development 

During the earlier years of your babies’ growth, there is rapid and progressive gross and fine motor skills development. 

You should pick a toy that helps your child develop motor skills such as sitting in a comfortable position, standing by holding on to furniture, cruising along, or walking forward. 

Moreover, a toy for babies should also promote fine motor skills related to hand and finger development. Your baby should learn to grasp things using his thumb and fingers, put toys in the box and take them out, imitate scribing, etc.

You should prefer toys with levers and pulleys, musical shakers, blocks, etc. These toys fine-tune your babies’ motor skills and promote balance, coordination, and grasping activities.

Language Skills

You may promote language skills in your babies even when they are in earlier stages of their development. 

You should look out for toys that help your babies produce sounds that mimic speech, make exclamatory gestures, say common words like “mama” or “papa,” try to repeat words you say, etc.

The ideal toys for promoting language skills include graphical or musical toys that introduce words to your babies.

Learning and Thinking Tool

The babies learn a lot of things when they are occupied with the toys. They learn to identify the shape, color, sounds, and numbers while playing with the toys engagingly. 

You should pick a toy that helps your baby learn to identify the different patterns and things through immersive learning activities. 

An ideal toy acts as an excellent learning and thinking tool for your little wonder of joy. It helps your baby copy gestures, explore things by throwing or shaking them, looking for hidden objects, etc.

As imitation plays a major part at this age, these toys introduce your babies to songs using gestures and fun-filled games.


You should ensure to purchase a toy with enhanced durability so that it serves your baby for at least a few years during his/her growing period.

As babies use the toys roughly, throw them around, or bang them against wall or floor; while playing with them, these toys need to be durable enough to withstand such abuse or wear and tear. 

Ensure that the toys for your babies are prepared from good quality material that possesses good durability.


You should ensure that the toys of your babies provide the utmost safety for them. They should be prepared from premium quality materials and feature robust safety designs. An ideal baby toy is prepared from safe, BPA-free, and non-toxic materials. 

While picking a toy, ensure that it does not contain any pointed edges, loose components, cheap colors, low-grade plastics, or dangerous chemicals that may pose health risks for your baby. 

Ensure to go through the safety instructions included with the toy to confirm it does not have any health hazards. Also, check if the toy is safe enough for your baby to play alone or requires adult supervision.

Easy to clean and use

Maintaining perfect hygiene and cleanliness around your babies is a must for ensuring their perfect health. As babies of such age lick the toys and try to bite them, you must ensure that they always play with clean toys.

You must give a thought about easy and quick cleaning of toys before purchasing them. Go for easy to clean and dry toys to make them available for use again by your babies. If you don’t have much time to wash the toys yourself, you may select machine washable toys.

A baby loves playing with those toys that are convenient to hold and lift. If a toy is too complicated or heavy for him to comfortably play with it, he may lose interest soon. 

Choose a toy for your baby that is easy to use so that he/she can extract maximum benefits out of it.


What is a good gift for a 1-year-old?

The best gift toys for 1-year-old babies are as follows:

How do I keep my 1-year-old entertained?

You can give toys to your 1-year-old baby suitable for his /her age and provide good educational and entertainment values.

How many words should a 1-year-old say?

By the time your baby had his first birthday, he/she may start speaking a few words. The baby may speak one to three simple and incomplete words. 

The babies between 10-14 months start imitating easy names or words like “ma-ma” or “da-da.” They may not say it clearly; however, you will know what they want to convey.

How do you ensure a toy I buy is safe?

You need to consider various factors to ensure the safety of toys for your babies. Always check if a particular toy is age-appropriate for your child. 

Ensure that the toy does not have any sharp, pointed edges or corners as it may harm your babies’ soft and sensitive skin.

Check the label to see that the toy is made from BPA-free and non-toxic materials. Avoid toys made from cheap plastics, artificial paints, or colors.


Investing in proper educational and entertaining toys promotes all-round growth and development in your babies while keeping them entertained.

The good toys serve your babies for years and allow them to extract the maximum advantages out of them. With the right kinds of toys, you can put your baby on track for fun-filled learning.

We recommend Pikipo Stuffed Soft Ball with Rattle Sound, Einstein Box For 1-Year-Old Baby, and Little’s Junior Ring as the best toys for your 1-year-old sweethearts.

Your baby had his/her 2nd birthday. Now it’s time to present him an age-appropriate toy that optimally fulfills his educational and entertainment needs. 

At this juncture, your child needs a toy that promotes his movement, such as walking with smoother heel-to-toe movement, kicking a ball, standing on tiptoes, etc. 

An ideal toy for a 2-year-old helps him coordinate his palm, fingers, and wrist movements for scribing or building structure with blocks. 

It should help him speak longer sentences together for effective language skills and imitate others for better social/emotional skills. It should promote learning and thinking skills, such as sorting shapes, sizes, colors, and numbers. 

Go through our Top 10 toys for 2-year-old babies along with Buyer’s guide and FAQs for buying a toy that would become your baby’s best buddy.

1. Einstein Box for 2-Year-Old Baby

The Einstein Box for a 2-year-old baby is designed for all-round improvement in babies, including teaching good habits, improving thinking skills, and developing interest in books.

This box comes with two books and three activities that promote socio-economic skills and develops a love for reading among 2-year-old babies.

It features two high-quality books, including “Tiggy goes to the doctor,” which is a wipe-clean book that teaches about healthy eating habits and “Sid’s holiday,” a sticker book teaches about vehicles.

It provides three engaging and interesting activities such as Vehicle puzzle, Farm match, and finger painting.

The vehicle puzzle is a set of high-quality puzzle pieces that boost the cognitive thinking skills in babies. The Farm match is an excellent memory and correspondence game. 

The finger painting set comes with a palette, colors, brush, and workbook for enhancing creativity and drawing skills. It is a safe toy for babies as it is prepared from non-toxic materials and uses child-safe colors.

This Einstein box for 2-year old babies encourages good behavior or habit in kids. It stimulates creative thinking, logic building, and imagination skills in babies.

2. Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks

Fisher-Price baby’s first blocks feature 12 colorful blocks that provide interesting and engaging activities for babies such as sorting, dropping, and stacking. It comes with a colorful bucket and blocks that provide hours of fun-filled playing activities.

It promotes great hand-eye coordination and motor skills in babies as they stuff the bucket with blocks and empty it to be refilled again.

It comes with a shape-sorting lid that allows the babies to sort, match, and stack five different block shapes. It has a spacious bucket that can easily accommodate all the 12 blocks. This bucket can be easily carried around using a carry handle.  

It enhances the problem-solving and critical thinking skills in babies as they exercise their brains to discover the right block to fit into the right shape. It improves the hand and finger dexterity as babies grasp and hold the shapes for stacking.

3. Funskool Giggles Stacking Drums

The funskool giggles stacking drums are designed for developing the creativity and coordination amongst the babies. It allows your babies to engage in multiple interesting activities and learn while playing with them.

It comes with a set of 8 colorful drums of different sizes. It helps the babies in identifying the colors and building their color association skills. 

It features the animal shapes based on the stacking drum set that helps the babies learn about different animals. 

This stacking drum set is prepared from high-quality plastic that provides enhanced durability for withstanding babies’ rough usage. It is also safe for the babies as it does not contain any sharp edges and is prepared from high-grade child-safe plastic.

This drum set is ideal for babies to develop their creativity, observation skills, and acquire multiple skills while having fun. It is a lightweight drum set that is easy to carry around.

The stacking drum set improves the hand-eye coordination and motor skills in the babies as they need to stack the drums in the correct order as per their sizes. Apart from motor skills development, it also offers long periods of mental engagement and fun.

4. LuvLap Starlight Baby Ride

Luvlap 18325 starlight is a battery operated ride on car for babies. It is certified as per the safety standards of European Standard EN 71. It measures 56 x 29.4 x 29 cm and weighs 3.51 kilograms.

It features an ergonomically designed rotatable car steering and a horn, three musical tunes, and lights for entertaining your baby and keeping him engaged in active play.

It comes with a spacious seat and a safety backrest that ensures your baby does not fall off while speeding on this car. It provides a comfortable seating position during driving.

It features a parent push handle that allows parents to control the car for those babies who need support while driving.

It features a spacious under-seat storage space that can be used by the babies to keep their small toys and other stuff. It features a windshield and safety guard for added safety.

It comprises four big and wide wheels for enhanced safety and comfort for the child. It is suitable for babies of 12 to 36 months and weighing up to 25 kgs.

This ride on car is designed for promoting the gross motor skills in babies while having great fun.

5. LEGO 10913 Brick Box

Lego 10913 Brick Box is an impressive colorful assortment of Lego Duplo bricks that provide amazing developmental benefits and boost babies’ immense creativity.

It is a versatile play-set for babies, and it is designed to trigger various imaginative and inspirational ideas in babies while they play with it. It opens up the world of endless possibilities for them to explore their creativity. 

It comprises 65 colorful bricks, Duplo people figures, and common pieces for stimulating babies’ thinking abilities. It does not require any batteries.

It provides endless imaginative play with various bricks and pieces for creating various objects such as flowers, roofs, windows, cars with wheels, bread, etc. It is a great toy for teaching numbers to your babies with its 1-2-3 number-learning bricks.

Lego Brick Box is a superb toy that provides numerous developmental benefits such as fine motor skills, visual-spatial awareness, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

6. Galaxy Hi-Tech® Activity Cube

Galaxy Hi-tech activity cube is a 6 in 1 educational activity toy that comprises interactive games for babies on all sides such as the telephone side with different keys, shape sorting side, key side with mirror, shape sorting side, abacus side, and lock. 

All the six sides of this cube toy provide different fun learning activities for keeping babies engaged in hours of learning and fun-filled playing activities.

It encourages your babies to identify colors, numbers, shapes, and cell phones. It also promotes problem- solving skills and fine motor skills.

It features attractive colors and designs that instantly grab the attention of babies to engage them in various activities. It is a lightweight, compact, portable, and handy learning cube convenient to carry and operate by babies.

It is a great gift idea for babies. It comes packed in a pretty box. It helps in developing good bonding between parents and babies. 

It is a safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic cube that is 3rd party tested in the US and conforms to CPSIA standards. It is free from harmful materials such as BPA, latex, phthalates, formamide, and lead. 

It provides great entertainment and learning for kids with a wide range of activities such as turning the key to open the box, moving beads around, role-playing with the phone, sorting ten different shapes through the holes, and playing the musical piano.

7. Orapple Puzzle Toys Safari Cube Puzzle for Kids

Orapple Safari cube puzzle toys for babies are safety certified with EN71 and BIS 1493. The colors and chemical composition are examined and tested for ensuring the utmost safety for kids.

This puzzle toy is based on the Montessori technique that encourages collaborative play, self-directed activity, and hand-on learning in babies.

It allows the babies to develop puzzle-solving ability by arranging six different wooden cube picture puzzle pieces. 

It features a Safari cube puzzle that helps the babies to recognize different animals on the cube, including lion, elephant, tiger, giraffe, rabbit, and turtle.

It boosts the logical skills in babies as they arrange pieces to complete the puzzle.

It provides multiple skills development, including hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, logical skills, shape & color recognition skills, motor skills development, and cognitive skills development.

8. ButterflyFields Magnetic Shapes Toys Puzzles for Kids 2 Years

The magnetic shapes toy puzzles by ButterflyFields are educational, innovative, and meaningful toys for babies that provide endless playing possibilities with geometric shapes.

It features exercise sheets for arranging geometric shapes that are kept on a magnetic board.

These magnetic shape puzzles are prepared from soft foam with embedded magnets and eye-catching colorful stickers.

These colorful pieces are lightweight and feature soft edges so that they stay safe for your young ones. These pieces inspire your baby to think creatively and develop a scientific approach.

It is an ideal birthday gift for babies that effectively engage your child for hours and reduce their screen time.

It comprises 23 geometric magnetic shapes, including five trapeziums, 1 star, two squares, two circles, two ovals, two rectangles, two semi-circles, and seven triangles. 

The magnetic shape puzzles stimulate the babies’ creativity and imagination to explore and learn. It promotes soft skills, boosts self-confidence, and develops an understanding of constructive mechanisms in babies.

9. Orapple Wooden 3 in 1 Stacking Tower Toy for Baby

Orapple wooden stacking tower toy is designed for multiple skills development in babies. It is a 3 in 1 stacking toy that helps the babies in number recognition, color recognition, and block building activities.

It is a safety certified product that conforms to EN71 and BIS 1493 standards. The materials used in the manufacturing of these toys are examined and tested for providing high levels of safety for kids.

This stacking toy is based on the Montessori technique that includes self-directed activity, collaborative play, and hands-on learning.

This toy helps babies in developing problem-solving skills as they arrange different shapes in a proper sequence on one another.

It comes with a shape sorter that features colorful rings for teaching your child about colors and helps in recognizing them. 

It helps develop cognitive skills in babies as they sense different physical objects of varying shapes and sizes by touching them while playing.

It provides multiple skills development, including problem-solving skills, logical skills, shape & color recognition skills, and cognitive skills development.

Buyer’s Guide

You need to consider a lot of factors before you buy a perfect toy for your 2-year old babies. Go through our comprehensive buyer’s guide that would enrich your knowledge and assist you in hassle-free buying.


What are the best toys for 2-year-olds?

The best toys for 2-year-old babies are as follows:

What skills should a 2-year old have?

A 2-year old baby should have the following cognitive, movement, language, and social skills.

  • Ability to finds the missing objects 
  • Effective sorting of shapes and ability to recognize and identify colors
  • Pronounce longer and completes sentences 
  • Imitate adults, older children, or other babies
  • Begin to enact and play easy make-believe games
  • Play block-building games and build towers with four or more blocks
  • Walk properly without staggering; move up and down the stairs with support
  • Ability to throw the ball overhand; stand on tiptoes
  • Follow simple directions and repeat words heard during the conversation

Is TV bad for a 2-year-old?

You should avoid TV for a 2-year-old as it may cause lasting harmful consequences on various attributes of children’s development, such as short-term memory, language development, and reading skills. 

Watching TV may also lead to sleep-related problems and attention deficit in babies.


As a parent, you would be excited as ever to give the best toys possible to your babies. However, you need to choose a toy that helps him/her to achieve the prescribed developmental milestones.

It is important to select a proper toy because a too-complex or too-simple toy would make your babies lose interest in them.

Our choice for the top toys for 2-year-old babies includes Einstein Box for 2-Year-Old Baby, Fisher-Price Baby’s First Blocks, and Funskool Giggles Stacking Drums.

The immersive joy of caressing your baby’s soft hair is among the unmatched pleasures of parenthood.

Like every other baby care product, a baby shampoo assumes great significance for keeping proper care and nourishing your baby’s hair. These shampoos are designed for gentle hair washing for babies during the shower.

This article helps you pick the best baby shampoo for your little bundle of joy through reviews of Top 10 baby shampoos, Buyer’s guide, and FAQs about baby shampoos.

1. Himalaya Baby Shampoo (400 ml)

Himalaya Baby Shampoo is enriched with pure and gentle ingredients for providing effective nourishment for your baby’s hair. It is a mild formulation that does not irritate your baby’s eyes, and thus it is “No-tear” shampoo.

This shampoo comes packed with the goodness of Chickpea. This ingredient is a good natural source of proteins. It exerts anti-dandruff action, nourishes the baby’s scalp, and leaves your baby’s hair smooth and healthy.

Its protein-rich formula comprises marine plant extracts and wheat protein that ensures strong and healthy hair. It is packed with herbal power. The presence of paddy softens and nourishes the baby’s hair.

It features Hibiscus that moisturizes the baby’s hair and assists in hair conditioning. It comprises Khus grass that exerts good antifungal and anti-bacterial properties for protecting the baby’s tender scalp. 

It is recommended for babies in the age group of 0-3 years and contains 400 gram worth of shampoo. It is a safe shampoo that is free from parabens, SLS/SLES & synthetic colors. It feels mild on your baby’s scalp.

The gentle formulation of Himalaya baby shampoo helps in gentle and effective cleansing of the baby’s hair. It helps in easy management of the baby’s hair and leaves it looking smooth.

It provides an ideal pH balance for shiny hair luster. It leaves behind a mild scent. It is very easy to apply in your baby’s hair.

2. Mamaearth Gentle Cleansing Baby Shampoo

Mamaearth Gentle cleansing baby shampoo boasts of being Asia’s 1st made safe certified brand free of toxins and other harmful chemicals.

The dimensions of the product measure 15 x 6 x 4 cm and 243 grams making it portable. It is suitable for babies in the age group of 0-5 years. 

This shampoo is a dermatologically tested and is hypoallergenic for the sensitive skin of babies. It is a tear-free shampoo that is gentle and effective on your baby’s scalp and hair. Its 5.6 pH level is ideally formulated for baby’s soft skin.

It is completely free from Silicones and Parabens that cause hormonal disturbances in the body. It comes packed with the coconut and Jojoba oil that provides Bioactives for healthy hair.

This shampoo serves as a natural cleanser that cleans hair. Its coconut-based cleansing action moisturizes and nourishes the sensitive and delicate scalp of babies.

It contains aloe-vera extracts that provide anti-oxidants, moisturizes the scalp skin, prevents bacteria, and exert robust healing properties.

The presence of coconut oil ensures good moisture retention. It prevents skin dryness and avoids skin inflammation and irritation. The jojoba oil in the shampoo soothes dry scalp, prevents hair breakage, and exert non-allergenic properties.

Mamaearth baby shampoo nourishes the scalp, prevents dandruff, and improves scalp condition as it is enriched with the herbal power of calendula extract & jojoba oil.

3. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo For New Born, 500ml

Johnson baby shampoo is formulated to be a tear-free shampoo that is as gentle to the newborn’s eyes as pure water. It is a safe shampoo that passes stringent 5-level safety assurance processes.

This shampoo does not contain any harmful chemicals, and it’s every ingredient. It is extremely safe to use. It provides 100% gentle care as it does not contain parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates, and dye. 

It is suitable for newborn babies. It is available in a pack of 500 ml bottles. It comes with a pump for easy shampooing.

It gently cleanses the hair, and its mildness is clinically proven. It is a clinically proven hypoallergenic shampoo that does not cause any allergic reactions to the sensitive baby’s scalp.

It has a pH-balanced formulation that takes care of the baby’s delicate skin. Doctors recommend it as an effective shampoo with no tears formula. This shampoo is free of soap, and it allows effortless rinsing. 

Its strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial formula prevent skin infections and allergic reactions. 

Johnson baby shampoo allows you to gently clean the hair and scalp. It leaves the baby’s hair smooth and healthy. It does not cause any harmful effects on the protective layer.

4. Sebamed Children’s Shampoo (50ml)

Sebamed Children’s shampoo is a made in Germany product that comprises extra mild active surfactants that provide gentle cleansing of baby’s soft hair. 

It is packed with the goodness of chamomile that is a sugar-based mild cleanser. This herbal chamomile extract soothes the skin and removes the irritation. It is free from irritants to provide a safe experience.

It is suitable for 7-month babies and above. It is available in the pack of 50 ml, 150 ml, and 500 ml bottles.

This shampoo is 100% soap and alkali-free that does not irritate the baby’s sensitive scalp and hair. It features a pleasing botanical fragrance that leaves your baby’s hair smelling great and looking shiny.

It has a balanced pH of 5.5 that does not cause any irritant reactions. Its no-tears formula does not contain formaldehyde and thus feels gentle for the baby’s delicate eyes.

The ideal 5.5 pH formula hydrates the skin and strengthens the scalp for faster and healthier hair growth.

Sebamed children shampoo is ideal for improving the symptoms of cradle cap, seborrheic dermatitis, and dandruff in babies.

5. The Moms Co. Tear-Free Natural Baby Shampoo

The Moms Co natural baby shampoo combines the goodness of powerful cleansers and natural oils. It is a tear-free baby shampoo that comprises coconut-based cleansers and oils for gently cleansing the baby’s hair and scalp.

It is suitable for babies and kids alike. It is available in the pack of 200 ml and 400 ml bottles. The coconut-based cleansers feel ultra-mild on hair, strengthen, and nourish the hair. It is a clinically tested hypoallergenic shampoo that feels mild and gentle for the sensitive baby’s skin. 

It is an Australia-certified toxin-free shampoo devoid of harmful chemicals including sulfates, parabens, silicones, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, and DEA/TEA, phenoxyethanol, PEGs, etc. 

It is packed with USDA-certified organic oils, including organic argan oil, organic moringa oil, and pro-vitamin B5. This blend supports healthy hair growth, moisturizes the scalp, strengthens hair, conditions hair, and nourishes baby’s hair.

This gentle cleansing shampoo contains organic moringa seed oil enriched with antioxidants and provides natural supplements for strengthening hair and scalp. The presence of pro-vitamin B5 improves hair elasticity and retains hair moisture.

6. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Wash, 230 ml

Cetaphil baby gentle wash and shampoo are designed for all in one head-to-toe gentle cleansing. It soothes and moisturizes the skin and hair of babies. It promotes the healthy growth of skin and scalp. It is suitable for 1-month babies and above. It is available in the pack of a 230 ml bottle.

This made in Germany shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients such as chamomile, wheat protein, and glycerin. 

It is an ideal blend of glycerin and panthenol (vitamin B5) that provides the effective hydration and moisturization of skin and hair. 

It is a safe shampoo that does not contain any harmful chemicals, including parabens, animal ingredients, mineral oils, alcohol, and soap. It can be used on the baby right from day 1.

It is a tear-free, allergy-tested, and dermatologically tested shampoo that is recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists. Its hypoallergenic and non-sensitizing formula is gentle enough for daily use on a baby’s delicate skin.

It is a pH-balanced gentle formulation designed for daily use on head-to-toe for gently cleansing hair and scalp. It prevents irritation in the eyes and drying of the scalp.

7. Chicco Baby Moments No-tears Shampoo

Chicco is a global multinational brand with over 60 years of experience in manufacturing and selling baby products, including baby toiletries, toys, nursing, etc.

Chicco no-tears shampoo is designed for deeply cleansing and nourishing the baby’s hair and scalp. It provides enhanced safety and gentleness on the baby’s skin, and mild formula prevents eye irritation.

It is suitable for newborn babies. It is available in the pack of 100 ml and 200 ml bottles. It is a dermatologically tested product.

It is packed with the pot marigold’s softness that keeps the scalp hydrated by retaining the moisture levels. It is enriched with glycerin that maintains moisture levels in the scalp and deeply nourishes the baby’s hair.

It has an isolacrymal neutral pH that feels gentle on the eyes and prevents eye irritations. It contains ingredients of vegetarian origin, and it is free from harmful substances such as parabens, dyes, alcohol, SLS, SLES, & artificial colors.

It provides effective hair conditioning that makes the hair soft and smooth. It keeps tangle-free baby hair. It is designed to suit all types of sensitive skin.

8. Dabur Baby Shampoo

Dabur boasts of 135+ years of Ayurvedic legacy, and its mild baby shampoo is prepared from natural baby-friendly ingredients.

It is available in the pack of 200 ml and 500 ml bottles. It has a special pH (5.5-6.5) balanced formula that matches baby soft and sensitive skin.

It is a dermatologically tested product free from artificial colors, soap, and harmful chemicals such as paraben and phthalates. It is a hypoallergenic shampoo that prevents allergic reactions and skin irritations.

It comes with a goodness of Hibiscus that stimulates healthier and faster hair growth in babies. It contains gooseberry that nourishes hair roots. The presence of aloe-vera ensures the effective nourishment of baby hair and keeps them healthy.

It is a tear-free formulation that uses baby loving ayurvedic herbs and provides a mild surfactant system for gentle cleaning of the baby’s sensitive scalp and tender hair.

9. Pigeon Baby Conditioning Shampoo (500 ml)

Pigeon baby conditioning shampoo is a mild shampoo with a skin-friendly pH balance. It is a scientifically designed sulfate-free gentle formula that nourishes and strengthens the baby’s delicate hair.

The dimensions of the product measure 10.2 x 5.3 x 19.8 cm and 570 grams. It is available in the pack of 100 ml, 200 ml, and 500 ml bottles. It is suitable for newborn babies. It is a hypoallergenic shampoo that is suitable for all hair types.

This dermatologically tested shampoo features mild fragrance, and it is free from harmful substances such as paraben, sulfate, and artificial colors.

It combines the goodness of olive, rosehip, and chamomile that removes the cradle cap, keeps the healthy scalp, and nourishes the dry hair.  

It is packed with natural plant extracts, including chamomile extracts that soothe the skin. It effectively alleviates the allergies symptoms in babies.

It features rosehip oil that moisturizes and nourishes dry hair. It prevents the occurrence of dandruff. The olive oil keeps the baby’s scalp clean and healthy. 

It is a natural and effective solution for removing cradle caps in babies. Its skin-friendly pH makes it ideal for preventing skin irritations.

Buyer’s Guide

Cleaning efficiency

The shampoos for the babies are formulated for gentle hair washing. The high-quality baby shampoo does efficient hair cleaning by removing oil and dirt from the baby’s scalp and hair.

It also conditions the baby’s hair to leave them looking smooth and shiny.

Choose a baby shampoo with good cleaning efficiency. Ensure that your chosen baby shampoo does not have harsh chemicals for cleaning the hair as it would damage the hair.

Treats cradle cap

If your baby’s scalp is very dry and highlights yellow-colored scales, it indicates a cradle cap. You need to go for a baby shampoo that effectively treats the cradle cap in such a case.

Cures eczema

In case your baby has extremely dry skin, or if your baby is suffering from eczema, you must go for a baby shampoo that treats eczema. These eczema curing shampoos provide effective moisturization, reduces irritation, and takes care of scalp dryness.


The baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. To take its effective care, you must use a shampoo that is hypoallergenic. Such shampoos do not contain any allergens that might irritate your baby’s soft scalp and cause any allergic irritations.


You might be tempted to use a good smelling shampoo for your baby hair. However, some babies are sensitive and allergic to the smell produced by chemicals or gels used in the preparation of baby shampoo.

It is recommended to use a baby shampoo that does not contain any fragrance. In case you want your baby hair to smell good, you should choose a baby shampoo that produces minimal or light aroma.


Checking the ingredients of baby shampoo is the most important consideration while purchasing a baby shampoo. 

A good baby shampoo comprises healthy, nourishing, and hydrating ingredients that offer good cleaning efficiency and result in healthy and smooth hair.

The ideal ingredients of a baby shampoo do not contain any harmful chemicals that may damage your baby’s hair. You should lookout for the following properties in the ingredients of your baby shampoo.


The tear-free ingredients in the shampoo do not cause tears or irritation if it accidentally gets in your baby’s eyes while washing his/her hair.

Some tear-free ingredients that are used in the preparation of baby shampoo include sulfates (SLS, SLES), sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES).Some parents trust more natural and organic products than the shampoos with tear-free chemicals as they do not cause any adverse health effects that are associated with synthetic chemicals.Paraben-free

The parabens are the artificial preservatives that bear a resemblance to the female hormone estrogen in its properties. 

You should check the ingredients of baby shampoo to ensure it is parabens-free 

and safe to use for babies.


The DEA is the modified version of the coconut oil, and it is used for thickening and producing foam in products. You should ensure to avoid baby shampoos with DEA for ensuring complete safety for your baby’s health.


Organic shampoos are prepared from natural ingredients. They are the safest baby shampoos as they do not cause any harmful irritation or allergic reactions for your baby’s sensitive skin.

You can rely on the organic shampoos to ensure maximum safety for your baby’s hair.


There is a wide range of baby shampoos available in the market. These baby shampoos differ in their ingredients, benefits, and costs. The shampoos with more features and ingredients are more expensive than other variants.

You would like to purchase the best shampoo for your baby hair. Therefore you should look out for a baby shampoo that provides maximum advantages and is readily available within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best baby shampoo?

The best baby shampoos for babies in India are as follows:

Which baby shampoo is safest?

The organic baby shampoos are considered as the safest as they are prepared from herbal and natural ingredients. They do not cause any harmful effects on your baby’s sensitive skin. They keep your baby free from irritation or allergic reactions.

Is baby shampoo good for hair growth?

The baby shampoos are formulated to be gentle on your baby’s scalp. They are free from harsh chemicals and contain safe ingredients for your baby. These baby shampoos prevent drying of baby skin and provide nourishment to the scalp.

Is Baby Shampoo better than regular shampoo?

If you have sensitive skin and you are looking for a shampoo that feels gentle and easy on your hair and scalp, you should go for baby shampoo.

However, if you like an effective treatment for hair damage and want a shampoo with higher cleaning efficiency and enriched with good fragrance, you should go for regular shampoo.


A high-quality shampoo provides essential nutrients and proteins to the scalp. It leaves your baby’s hair smooth, shiny, and healthy. It also assists in maintaining a proper hair texture and style by promoting faster and healthier hair growth.

With our buyer’s guide and reviews of best baby shampoos, you can enjoy an effortless buying experience while shopping for the best baby shampoo for your cutie-pies.