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People in the past have been sued by the Recording Industry Association, for unauthorized downloads. But recently some of the companies, for e.g., Pepsi and a few others have been offering legal and free downloadable TV Commercials on the websites for limited durations.

Another company that has joined the bandwagon on offering free ads or commercials is Apple. The ad offered by Apple for free downloading was the sassy ad, which was to be seen by Super Bowl’s 88 million viewers on Feb 1. And these two examples are just a small sneak preview into the hot trend that is to follow soon.

Of course, the companies that offer these free advertising commercials don’t do it for nothing. They have benefits out of the activity too. Pepsi hopes that this promotion will endear its drinks among the younger teens who show more affinity for bottled water, energy drinks and the Internet.

From a marketing perspective this concept is very interesting because it can become a huge cultural phenomenon. This is a concept which will catch and because most customer relate to the Ad tunes and other aspects of the Ad and might want to download them, thereby creating loyalty and creating prospective customers for the actual product. And besides it also results in encouraging users to buy the tunes available after the limited availability of the free ad.

Needless to say it takes care of the issue of illegal downloading of TV Commercials.  Author editor Sakina K. Data 2004. copyright

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