Stress seems to be a predominant ingredient of human existence. No matter how old a person is, one is forever chasing goals. Sad, but true, even kindergarten kids are under pressure to excel in their class. They are burdened with more to learn. And as a child grows academically competition increases, which causes even more stress. Amongst adolescents there is a need to work and study at the same time in order to get that plum job after university. Adults are busy making a living. And in this rat race called life, one just forgets themselves.

Hobby is any leisure activity that diverts an individual from their daily strenuous like. Or it also plays the role of keeping the unoccupied, occupied with something to do. As, in the latter case an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Indulging in a hobby actually does away with the boredom that sets in due to the monotonous life one gets used to. Certain hobbies also help release pent-up frustrations.

One can indulge in varied hobbies depending on one’s interests. There are some who enjoy collecting objects such as coins, stamps, baseball cards, etc. There are certain leisure activities that relax a person completely such as listening to music, reading a book and writing a diary. Some people like to visit a club so as to socialize, go dancing, talking on the phone, etc. For the energetic there are sports and games such as tennis, table-tennis, gold, badminton, cricket, etc.

Whatever the hobby maybe, it should be an activity that de-stresses and not add onto stress. There are many who make a living out of their hobbies. For instance, homemakers who enjoy cooking, have either started cooking classes at home or then catering services. There are others who make artifacts like artificial flowers, candles, wall-hangings, etc., and either teach how to make them or sell their own products.

If earning a living and forging ahead in this competitive world is a necessity, then maintaining a healthy mind and body is far more essential. Picking up a hobby and spending some time each week keeps the mind and body fit for all battles and struggles like offers. ~ authored Karishma Bajaj.

List of interesting hobbies