Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Causes, symptoms, treatment of blocked fallopian tubes

The fallopian tubes are the channels between the uterus and the ovaries. Sometimes these tubes are to found to be blocked or at least one is blocked or there is scarring or other damage to the tube. This damage can lead to infertility. Around 20 to 25% of infertility is caused due to these factors.

Tubal infertility can be caused due to pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID). As an infection begins the body gets ready to attack. White blood cells and other fluids fill the tubes to fight the infection. If the body resistance is good it wins but in the bargain the fragile walls of the tube get scarred.

Due to this, the end of the tube towards the ovaries can get partially or completely blocked and scarred tissues form on the outside of the tube. These circumstances can affect the functions of the ovaries and the fallopian tube and can lead to infertility. However if a PID is treated in the initial stages and controlled these damages will not occur.

Pelvic infections can also take place due to sexually transmitted infections like chlamydeous or gonorrhoea. Termination of pregnancy, miscarriage or difficulty at birth, intrauterine contraceptive methods could also contribute to PID. However the actual main cause of the infection is never known.

Thus if the fallopian tubes are not functioning right, they will not be able to carry the eggs from the ovary to the uterus. This malfunction will lead to more complications. The obvious damage being infertility.

But there are several other disorders blocked fallopian tubes can cause. So if you have any inclination of some fault in your tubes do not take it lightly. Show it to a specialist. It could save you a big deal.

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