About Us

You’re on a journey to become a better parent and we’re with you.

We understand parenting is not just building a biological relationship with your kids but also an interactive process to promote the physical, mental, social, emotional and intellectual growth of your kid.

Parenthood is a joyful journey and a difficult process at the same time. Your everyday parenting habits can affect the future of your child, which is why you work hard to become a better parent and keep your child healthy and happy. No matter your journey, we’re here to support, guide and inspire you.

Welcome to IndianChild.com

At indianchild.com we share information about everything that you need to be a better parent, from pregnancy tips to gift ideas for your teenager, we have you covered everything about parenting and child development.

Our content primarily focuses on Indian parents and kids. For example, we publish multiple listicle’s that covers product line, scientific topics, and child development ideas. While covering the things that matter the most to Indian parents, we also dive deep in some one-off topics based on our personal experiences like travel experiences and favorite parenting hacks.

Meet Our Team

Our expert team consists of wannabe parents, doctors and the seasoned parents of twins.

We identify the problems that Indian parents face and provide you the best possible solutions. We do so by analyzing vast amounts of data, consulting experts and adding some personal experiences to our content.

Jitendra Jain


Jitendra Jain is the founder of indianchild.com and is a big believer in homeschooling for Indian kids. Though he is not actively writing the blogs here, he is actively managing the portfolio of websites like reviews.in. His parenting journey began in 2018 and every day is a new learning experience for him.

Swati Jain

Proud Mom of twins & Co-founder 

Swati is a multitasking mother of twins and despite her hectic schedule finds time to review and write amazing content about baby products.  You will always find her working either creating impartial content for Indianchild.com and fulfilling motherly duties.


Megha Kothari

Content and Design

Megha leads the content strategy and oversees an amazing team of writers, editors, and designers, all having one goal in mind – to create brilliant content that helps people make the right purchase investment. When she is not working, you can find her enjoying making delicious food and planning her next travel.

Dr. Sachin Bille

Medical Content Strategist & Search Analyst

Sachin is a medical content strategist and search analyst at indianchild.com and has a keen interest to inform people about useful and effective medical gadgets. Apart from managing the medical content, a team of SEO’s and actively writing reviews at IndianChild.com, he finds the time to play, teach and educate his two kids.