Friendship angel poems :

When I have no one to turn to
And I am feeling kind of low,
When there is no one to talk to
And nowhere I want to go,
I search deep within myself
It is the love inside my heart
That lets me know my Angels are there
Even though we are miles apart.

A smile then appears upon my face
And the sun begins to shine.
I hear a voice, so soft and sweet
Saying, ‘Everything will be just fine’
It may seem that I am alone
But I am never by myself at all.
Whenever I need my Angels near
All I have to do is call.

An Angel’s love is always true
On that you can depend.
They will always stand behind you
And will always be your friend.
Through darkest hours and brightest days
Our Angel’s see us through
They smile when we are happy, and will cry when we are blue..

Thanks for being my Angel my friend
I will be there for you until the end.

My Guardian Angel Poems

ANGELS – guardian angel poems

Angels are all around us, most of us know this.
Some are too cynical or busy to notice.
Some think they just have wings and fly.
but others don’t even question why.
They look like you and me. They all have a purpose.
They are only here to guide us and serve us.
How many times have we said,”That was close!”
and went on to feel depressed and morose?
We never even thought of how lucky we are
to have these angels provide us with care.
So next time you see the beggar on the street
remember to greet him and be real sweet
For it just might be a test from God
to see how loving you’ll be to this sot.
So get in your car or catch the bus
But please don’t forget whose watching over us.
Thank them and cherish them and give them the praise
and you will be blessed the rest of your days

  • Cindy Mock


Guardian Angel My Favorite Friend!
I look to you from morning until daylight end!
From the heavens I call on you
To Watch over me and a the little ones!
With each day I feel your presence.
I know you are right beside me.
I know when I feel lost, you guide!
I know when I feel lonely, you hope!
I know you give me strength to do my deeds!
It is in you Dear Angel That I believe!
So when you are going to sleep each night,
Remember to Thank Your Guardian Angel
for guiding you to Heavens Light!

  • Sharon Carson

My Special Angel

She’s always watching over me,
I feel her presence near,
She’s always here to listen,
And guide me through my fears.
She’s a very special angel,
One God choose just for me,
She was once my Mom here on earth,
But that wasn’t long to be.
God called her home one night,
My fear and rage did see the,
If He were a loving God,
Why take my Mom from me.
But in time I saw the plan,
He unveiled for me to see,
He had taken my Mom away,
But He gave her back to me.
There was only one thing different,
About this wondrous thing,
She just traded her faded house-dress,
For a halo and snow white wings.

  • Shoney Winstead


As I lay in bed at night. I question the
Universe with all my heart and might.
Somewhere between deep and dreaming.
A sweet sound of an angel came in streaming.
Dear Child. Who am I? You often do ask.
I am the voice of all souls present and past.
I am the spirit who saunters in the breeze.
I am the sun that shines brightly with little effort and ease.
I am you, I am me. I am us. I am we�.
I am the woman you see in the mirror.
I am the man you yearn to be nearer.
I am the voice of the wind, soft and shrilling.
I am the sweet sounding music of water trickling.
I am the embrace of our Earth Mother.
I am the love of our Heavenly Father.
I am you, I am me. I am us. I am we�.
During the gentle rain, I am the water that nourishes every living thing.
Even in the coldest of hearts. I am the fire that burns�.
Never still from dusk to dark.
Dear child of ours, theirs and mine.
Don’t be shy to ask. When? how? or why?
Some questions will go unanswered even as hard as you try.
And some answers forever unquestioned with every breathe and sigh.
You are always the teacher and forever the student.
Never ever be afraid to ask and comment…
I am you, I am me. I am us. I am we.
As the eagle saunters through the sky, he never asks where or why.
When dreams seem further than the stars above…
Fill your heart with songs of laughter and love.
Forever and ever since time begans All that is and is that am,
It’s every bit a part of our wonderous God’s plan.
Nadia Ghazzawieh

When things go wrong
and life turns rough
and no one is thinking of me,
I close my eyes, open my heart
You’re the angel that I see.


I am an Angel
sent from God.
To spread his
words of love,
this is my job.
So hear me now
one and all, for
Jesus has begun
to make his call!
By Lorronachelle


THE Angels are here,
I heard my Dad say.
There are three on the roof
Their not leaving today.
There is one very tall one
And one to each side,
Could they possibly be my guides?
Go and get my glasses so I can see.
I think the angels Are here for me.
Though IM afraid,I will go even though
I know You will be missing me so.
I need a white balloon that I can ride.
To fly with the angels Across the sky.
Remember I Love You, And it was all not in vain.
My name has been written And gone is my pain.
by Allison Morgan


How is it that I never saw your wings
when you were here with me?
When you closed your eyes and soared
to the Heavens I could hear the
faint flutter of you wings as you left.
Your body no longer on this side
your spirit here eternally I see your halo shine.
I close my eyes and see the multicolored wings
surround me in my saddest moments and my happiest times.
Mother my angel God has given you your assignment
always my mother forever my angel.
You fly into my dreams and when I am asleep
I feel your wings brush against my face wiping away
the tears I shed since I can no longer hold
you in my arms but in my heart.
You earned those wings dear mother
and you will always be me angel eternal.
by Michele


Where are you my angel
I need you desperately
I need your help and guidance
I am in terrible despair.
Where are you my angel
I`m calling out to you
Dear angel,show me what to do.
Where are you my angel
Life seems to pass me by
I`m crying out for help
Please show me the way.
Where are you my angel
I know you`re hovering near,
Just give me a little shove
I know that you can hear.
Where are you my angel
I`m asking, show me the way
Let me in your wisdom share.

copyright-  2001 Helyn Kent


As I was dreaming one night,
I saw Angels dressed in white.
Flying slowly through the air,
The Angels were saying a prayer.
Bless this one dear Lord,
One day she will get her reward.
She will receive her Angel wings,
And join us as we sing.
She will be a strong one you see,
With her wings she will be free.
To find the one who needs her most,
This new Angel will stay very close.
To help and guide them through,
Could this Angel be for you.
by Libby Garrett


I once, long ago, saw an angel in my sky.
An angel that my life has now been touched by.
She caught my eye with loving stare.
I looked into hers, such a beautiful glare.
She enters my path when danger is near,
To show me a new route away from all fear.
With her wings of white and her halo of blue.
Im not alone with her, she watches over you too.
She is the our angel guardian, angel of the city.
For eyes too blind to see, i do so pity.
She’s come from the sky, yet she never touches the ground.
She can sing to your heart without making a sound.
The angel delivers our messages of prayer to the king.
His love and grace back to you, is what she will bring.
And by the way, for what it’s worth,
You can be sure she has been with us all since birth.
My little message to my fellow mankind.
Keep her by your side, don’t ever leave her behind.
by Sedric Clark


An angel walks beside me,
I feel him everyday,
he helps me through lives ups and downs,
and whatever comes my way.
He guides me down the road of life,
and lights the darkest roads,
he picks me up and carries me,
when I can not bear the load.
He helps to ease the pain I feel,
he mends my spirit, too,
he holds my hand, and shelters me,
and gives me courage and strength, too.
He speaks to me with words of love,
and he listens to my pleas,
he was sent here from the lord above,
to guide and comfort me.
I know he’s always watching,
though his form I can not see,
its a peace I feel deep in my heart,
that leads me to believe.
An angel walks beside me,
I feel blessed everyday,
that the presence of this angel,
will never go away.
Tonya Moneck


An Angel of the Lord does walk,
The mission chose by Him,
Walking towards the one God chose,
Whose life has now turned grim.
Weits all so true,
An Angel of the Lord does walk,
Fulfilling ordained commission,
Are you the one know not how,
nor know us when,
Nor what, but only why,
God desires for us to know,
He hears our mournful cry.
Some behold angelic sights,
And marvel at God’s hand,
Some receive the unexplained,
Deliverance He’s planned.
Just know when least expected that,
You may behold one day,
An Angel of the Lord, that’s come,
To keep ill fate at bay.
It matters not, if none believe,
Nor what, one says to you,
For when your eyes behold God’s Help,
You’ll know whose now in need?
God honors true contrition.
Stan “Rocky” Rogers

Guardian Angels
Guardian angels are a gift from God,
A treasure of immeasurable worth.
Sent to guard and protect His children
While they are still on Earth!


I have a friendly angel that lives here with me,
She’s about as friendly as an angel can be.
She watches o’er my footsteps and guides me down the path,
That is best for me to go, to avoid God’s wrath!
She loves to be warm and cozy and comfortable it seems,
She even likes to watch TV and be part of my dreams.
She’s sometimes loud and noisey in the middle of the night,
Strange sounds we hear, we can’t explain, when she comes ’round at night.
She protects this household from unseen dangers I know,
She’s always there to help me out, when ‘er I’m feeling low.
She goes with me in my car, on trips wherever I go,
I always take her with me, she’s there, this I know!
Now some of you may think I’m really out in the cold!
Others may say, she sure sounds mighty bold!
But, consider it from my point of view, if you take the time,
Wouldn’t you rather have an Angel, than think you’re losing your

  • DeAnna Carter

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