Educational business is about passion and a constant desire to learn something new. While there are so many opportunities in the field of education, opening a play school in India comes with a few challenges.

If you are desirous of opening a playschool, make sure you do your homework well. The first things are about legal requirements to open a play school in India. Also, do check with your financial consultant to understand taxation and other litigations with respect to Indian tax. This is the prima facie work needed before you start the process of how to go about a preschool.

Space is very important. It is highly imperative to check the neighborhood well. There would be existing competition or new ones will crop up with time, hence it is good to find out what is being offered around your area. It is not really wise to begin with marketing as a solid framework is essential. If you have your own space it is wonderful. Or else, seek a rental premises and workout a cost. The ambience also includes furniture, structure, safety and also the major elements like play area, toys, gym equipment meant for kids. This is an investment but has high value and helps you create a good image. Playschools are about sensitivity, in the sense; it deals and contributes to the future and personality of a child. Hence, the groundwork has to be perfect. Promises must be kept when you enroll students.

If you are thinking of starting a preschool from home, you must have a very formal approach. Home must not mean any casual procedures. Right from the register, receipt books to the enrty-exit log book, everything must be formal. It is vital to have all plans and additional staff to maintain security. While recruiting helpers, a prior check up on their background and if need be police approval would be good.

This creates a very good impression as well as works well in giving you the peace of mind by having reliable staff. All kinds of basic furniture must be appealing as well as safe for the toddlers. Any after class activity that you wish to do in such a home run preschool must have a similar formal tone.

The preschool business in India is a very viable project. If you want to know more on lesson plans, curriculum for the classes, field trip planning as well as special events, you may call us.

Quality and ethics must the backbone for anything you do in the playschool. Recruiting qualified staff who love teaching kids is of foremost importance. We also conduct training for teachers which will be useful for new recruits in your school. Playschool is a fabulous business opportunity which when done with quality in mind will yield best and long term results.

THEO KIDS are the leading preschool consultants in India who offer a wide range of services world wide from imparting preschool marketing ideas and also providing a syllabus. They can customize the setting up process for preschool so that the launch of your playschool is done without any hiccups.

Parenting article by Kamakshi Gupte.

The present world seems to be degenerating. Children a losing their innocence earlier than it was in previous generations. They are aware of all that is happening around them. Topics like sex, drugs, etc. that were a hush hush till years ago, is openly spoken about amongst twelve year olds. Crime amongst the youngsters seems commonplace. Why is all this happening?

The answer is simple. Today, parents have no time. After giving birth they feel that their responsibility begins and ends with earning money and paying the fees, buying essentials for their children. It is it actually the parents fault because they also have a pertinent question. How do we survive if we both don’t work? But, at the same time, do not forget that money cannot buy values and virtues that need to be inculcated in children.

Apart from values and virtues such as love, generosity, selflessness, respecting elders, trust and honesty, there are a number of other qualities that need to be taught to them. These include tolerance, acceptance, patience, politeness, sharing, awareness, etc. Also a child must be aware of their cultural background and heritage. Moral Science and Scripture study should be a part of their upbringing. They must learn to understand and speak their own mother tongue before any other language.

Apart from learning their own cultural background they must also be taught about other cultures which will bring about within them religious tolerance and acceptance. Even food habits are what begin at home. They must be taught to respect each morsel given to them, as after al your hard work has gone into feeding them. They must respect the value of money.

As a parents you are responsible for molding a citizen of tomorrow. So even respect towards society and one’s country is taught at home and not else where. A child’s life begins at home and ends at home each day, and so what he becomes depends on what his parents make him.

Category authored by Karishma Bajaj. Copyright

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Teaching your child love

Teaching a child generosity

Teaching to respect elders

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Footwear is an important constituent of fashion world. They are the new fashion statements. Worldwide, there is a huge demand for footwear designers that can use efficient craftsmanship in designing wonderful footwear. Designing and making of shoes is not a simple process and that’s why demand for trained professionals with apt technical know-how is on constant rise. India, true to its rising reputation in international market, has managed to attract global footwear giants. These companies deal with production and export of footwear made from jute, leather, rubber, plastic and canvas. To handle such large operations and complicated techniques, industry requires skilled manpower.

There are three basic departments of footwear industry; design, manufacturing and marketing. As the name suggests, designing department is concerned with creating new patterns and designs keeping in mind customers needs and changing fashion trends. Those willing to make a career in this field, must have creative bent of mind and should be able to maintain the balance between utility and fashion. One can opt for degree courses in footwear design or can pursue diploma and certificate courses in this field.

Footwear design courses in India are available at undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and certificate levels. One must complete higher secondary for undergraduate diploma or certificate courses in footwear design whereas graduation is the minimum eligibility for a postgraduate diploma in footwear design. One can also pursue B.Tech and M.Tech programme in footwear design and technology career.

Additionally, there are footwear design certificate courses made available by reputed institutions:-
• Certificate in design & product development
• Certificate in basic design & pattern engineering
• Stitching supervisor certification
• Clicking operator certification
• Certification in leather products and footwear design
• Certification in fashion/accessory design
Some of the reputed institutions offering various courses in footwear design and technology are:-
• Footwear Design & Development Institute (Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India), A-10A, Sector 24, NOIDA-201301
• The Central Footwear Training Institute, Site- C, Industrial Area, Sikandara, Agra (U.P)- 282007
• entral Footwear Training Institute, 65/1, GST Road, Guindy, Chennai (Tamil Nadu)- 600032
• Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur, UP
• National Institute of Fashion Technology, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Taramani, Chennai-600113
• Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology, Muzaffarpur-842003
• Central Leather Research Institute, Adyar, Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
• Priyadarshini Engineering College, Anna Salai, Konamedu, Vaniyambadi
• AVI School of Fashion & Shoe Technology, Chandigarh
• Bharath Institute of Science & Technology, Selaiyur P.O., Chennai-600073
• College of Leather Technology, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Calcutta
• Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Regional Engineering College, P.O.REC, Jalandhar

After completing the certificate and diploma courses in footwear design and technology, eligible candidates can find wonderful job opportunities in various departments in production and product development, marketing, planning, material sourcing, shop floor supervision, quality control, designing, finishing, purchase, cutting & stitching and merchandising. Footwear designers are responsible for developing innovative products and maintaining fashion trends. Most of the international buying houses, designing firms, export houses and other large footwear giants constantly seek talented footwear designer and technologists.

Panchatantra is an extremely popular collection of short stories from the historical land of India. Written by a sage known as Vishnu Sharma around 200 B.C., Panchatantra comprises of five volumes.

They are,
The Loss of Friends
The Winning of Friends
Crows and Owls
Loss of Gains
Considered Action

The five volumes contain a number of stories that serve as a guidance regarding different facets of life and living. Vishnu Sharma created these stories while being asked by the King to impart important moral values to his three sons. Panchatantra is made of two words, Panch (five) and Tantra (Principles). The important principles of life have been combined in form of interesting stories.

These stories are great source of education, values and lessons for children. The actual texts were in Sanskrit but to make them more readable to the common people different scholars have tried to represent these fables in simple forms. All the stories have been accompanied by some moral lessons.

The Gold Giving Serpent
Long time ago there was a Brahmin named Haridatta. He was a very hard working person yet very poor. One fine day, while resting in the shadow of the tree after the tiring working hours, he saw an anthill in his field that housed a big snake. Assuming that the serpent must be the guardian deity of the field and he had never paid respect to it, he brought some milk and offered it to the serpent. He also asked for forgiveness from the snake for not offering anything before prior to that day.

Next day, he found a gold coin in the milk bowl. Soon enough, this became a regular practice. Brahmin used to offer milk to the snake and found a gold coin every time in the bowl. During one of those days, Brahmin had to go to the town so he instructed his son to take care of the serpent by feeding him the milk. Next day, when son found the gold coin in the bowl he assumed this anthill must be full of gold coins. So why not kill the serpent and take out all the gold coins? His greed made him come up with a plan next day.

Next day, he came up with a stick along with milk. When the serpent came out for milk, Brahmin’s son attacked him with the stick. The snake managed to escape the blow and attacked boy who died instantly. Two days later when the Brahmin returned he came to know about his son’s death. He figured out the entire incident and yet tried serving the milk to the serpent.

The snake came out of the anthill and said, ‘Brahmin you have not come here for offering milk alone. You forgot your son’s grief and have come here for the fulfilment of your greed. This is the end of our friendship. Never come to me again.’

The moral of the story is that excess of the greed is always harmful.
The Musical Donkey
This one is another interesting story that tells moral lesson of ‘think before you act’. Once upon a time, there was a thin donkey by the name of Udhata who used to work with a washer man. Donkey used to carry loads of bundled clothes to the river bank every day. He was made to toil real hard. After such heavy work load, donkey needed to be fed well but he was not satisfied with the food offered by washer man. So, Udhata wandered around in the nearby fields and eat crops sneakily. During one of those nights, he met a jackal and both of them became friends.
Now, it became a routine affair for both friends to stealthily wander in nearby fields and eat cucumbers to their full. Soon, the donkey started to appear fat and healthy. One night, after eating cucumbers the donkey felt extremely happy and satisfied. He expressed a desire to his friend jackal about how he wanted to sing a song. The jackal, being the smarter one cautioned him against any such expression. He warned Udhata about guards sleeping in the fields. But donkey had none of jackal’s arguments.

Jackal tried real hard to persuade him about the consequences but donkey was in no mood to listen to him. Jackal knowing the dire consequences jumped over to the other side of the fence and decided to wait. Donkey started to sing or bray for that matter. On hearing his irritating voice, a guard woke up and came rushing to the donkey in sheer anger.

Guard beat the donkey black and blue and he was left on ground in poor condition. After some time, Udhata managed to drag himself out of the ground where he found jackal waiting for him. Jackal repeated his earlier statements about the lurking dangers and then donkey realised his mistake.

What is Panchatantra  ?

Legal assistants or Paralegals is one of the fastest-growing careers across the world. They provide wonderful support services to government agencies, legal firms and corporate entities. Paralegals perform a range of tasks in challenging legal environment. Considering the large number of lawsuits taking place in different verticals of the business and society; now is perhaps the best time for pursuing a career in law field. They have proved to be a boon for firms who cannot afford the services of a lawyer. Legal assistants are skilled at providing terrific service to the lawyers. Most of the lawyers delegate many of their tasks to legal assistants. That way, most of the tasks performed by paralegals are very much similar to the roles played by lawyers. However, they cannot perform certain tasks like giving legal advice, setting legal fees or presenting cases in court. These are the tasks strictly performed by lawyers.

Some of the important duties performed by paralegals includes, helping lawyers prepare for corporate meetings, closings, trials and hearings. They ensure that all the relevant information have been assembled and considered. It is their job to classify and categorize appropriate laws, legal articles and judicial decisions specific to the particular cases. Paralegals also prepare thoroughly written reports for attorneys. Some of the other responsibilities of legal assistants are preparing legal arguments, draft pleadings and motions to be filed with the court etc. Their assistance to the lawyers during the trials cannot be overemphasized. Often termed in casual language as ‘Man Fridays’ of attorneys, legal assistants truly play a major role in legal system.

Paralegals can choose to specialize in particular fields, such as labor law, litigation, environmental issues, family law, health care, real estate and intellectual property rights. Many paralegals also work as contract employees offering their services to attorneys for particular cases. To become a legal assistant in USA, one needs to get the certificate through the American Alliance of Paralegals, National Association of Legal Assistants, or other qualified association. Better still, many paralegals get an associate degree in law or criminal justice or higher. One can also join a community college paralegal program. Legal assistant programs are offered by more than 1000 colleges, universities and law schools spread across different states of America. The chances of employment certainly increase if one has done the paralegal program approved by American Bar Association (ABA). Many training programs offer job placement services after the course completion.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment rates for legal assistants are going to increase by 22%. Law firms, commercial legal departments and government organizations always seek services of qualified paralegals. They also manage to get handsome salary. With experience, potential earnings increase even more. This is definitely a challenging but growing career field. Law and Criminal Justice program graduates should make the most of opportunities available to them.

Some of the top colleges offering legal courses in India are:-
National Law School Of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore.
University College Bangalore,
Government College Mumbai,
ILS Law College,
Symbiosis college, Pune and
Faculty of Law of Delhi University.

BPO refers to Business process outsourcing which is actually the practice of using a third party on a contract basis to carry out particular, specific processes on a company’s behalf. Outsourcing has come as a great relief to many organizations because it allows them to focus on their primary purpose. By outsourcing ‘works’ to third party, they manage to save cost and expenditure. It is common practice among the large multinationals. The biggest beneficiaries of BPO phenomenon are developing countries like India that has good English speaking population. It is a win-win situation for both the contractor and the contracted. BPO industry is of usually two types; front office and back office outsourcing. In last one decade, if there is one sector that has lured most of the youngsters then it is BPO sector.

Many young professionals have chosen BPO as their career. If we talk specifically about BPO industry in India then the growth rate is absolutely phenomenal. It is contributing heavily to India’s GDP from the export earnings. Almost 3 million people are employed with BPOs spread across the country. There are enormous job opportunities in BPO sector. Most of the BPO companies do not demand highly qualified professionals. Initially, BPO service was just restricted to voice services but now, we have customer relationship management services, legal transcription, industry specific services, human resources, content development, finance, animation, accounting, learning and procurement, insurance, and multimedia etc. BPO industry is the fastest growing industry in many parts of the world, especially in Asia and Latin America.

Different BPO companies require different skill sets. For instance, if someone is in insurance then he needs to possess specific knowledge of the industry, products and skills. Many BPO companies are expanding globally and that offers wonderful opportunities to BPO professionals. There is ample opportunity for growth and entrepreneurship in this field. The roles for youngsters are not just restricted to call centre executives. Even highly qualified professionals like MBA, CA, ICWA, M.Tech etc are joining domain specific back office processes. One can also join as a trainer, advisor, and consultant to the management. Those seeking to join entry level jobs can apply in customer support services, data entry services, telemarketing services, form processing services, insurance services, technical support services, employee IT help-desk services, data conversion services and scanning OCR with editing & indexing services. The concept that BPO is just a job and not a career is clearly a myth. With the kind of growth witnessed by BPO companies, one can build a long term career in this emerging field.

In a positive development, now some of the reputed BPO services have collaborated with colleges and universities to offer courses in BPO. Quite often, successful candidates are provided jobs once the course gets over. BPO companies offer good working environment. However, workers should be ready for odd work hours. Apart from tempting wages, professionals are also offered excellent benefits. BPO companies provide transport facilities. Youngsters, old people and women are offered equal opportunity in this sector.

Indian history is replete with great patriotic songs. One such song is “Saare Jahan Se Achchha”. Along with “Vande Maataram” and “Jana Gana Mana”, “Sare Jahan Se Achchha” has become most famous Indian patriotic song. It must be one of the most enduring patriotic poems of the Urdu language. The song was written by Urdu Poet Muhammad Iqbal. Originally written for children, the poem was first published in the weekly journal Ittehad. The date was 16 August 1904 and soon enough it became a nationwide phenomenon. The song was an ode to Hindustan. During that time, Hindustan comprised of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

“Saare Jahan Se Achchha” was a wonderful depiction of the grand beauty of India and also expressed anguish against the oppressive regime of British. Interestingly, this song is also known as Tarana-e-Hindi.

The complete song goes like this:-

Sare jahan se accha hindostan hamara
Hum bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitan hamara

Ghurbat men hon agar ham, rahta hai dil vatan men
Samjho vahin hamen bhi, dil hain jahan hamara

Parbat voh sab se uncha, hamsaya asman ka
Voh santari hamara, voh pasban hamara

Godi men khelti hain is ki hazaron nadiya
Gulshan hai jin ke dam se, rashk-e-janan hamara

Aye ab, raud, ganga, voh din hen yad tujhko
Utara tere kinare, jab karvan hamara

Maz’hab nahin sikhata apas men bayr rakhna
Hindi hai ham, vatan hai hindostan hamara

Yunan-o-misr-o-roma, sab mit gaye jahan se
Ab tak magar hai baqi, nam-o-nishan hamara

Kuch bat hai keh hasti, mitati nahin hamari
Sadiyon raha hai dushman, daur-e-zaman hamara

Iqbal ko’i meharam, apna nahin jahan men
M’alum kya kisi ko, dard-e-nihan hamara

Poet Iqbal was primarily a lecturer at the Government College, Lahore. He was a great visionary and idealist who always dreamed of sustained and harmonious existence of composite Hindu-Muslim culture. The song has transformed thousands of Indians into great patriots and freedom fighters. The song is as good as National Anthem and it is believed to be a favorite of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He sang it several times during his stay in prison. Saare Jahan Se Achchha still holds relevance and will continue to do so in coming times.

Microbiology is basically an important branch of biology. It studies growth, characteristics and various other aspects related to the life cycle of microbes such as viruses, protozoan, bacteria, algae and fungi. The main focus of this field is study of microorganisms and their relationship with other creatures. Microbiologists are highly trained professionals that examine different specimens and their consequence on the life of human beings. These scientists not only study the characteristics and growth of a variety of microscopic organisms but also their impacts on humanity. Microbiology is a very promising field that has great influence on our society and human beings in general.

A microbiologist scrutinizes biological medicine, proteins and cellular tissues. He/she is trained in identifying and observing different chemical reactions and responses. His role further extends to studying samples of soil, air and water and carrying out numerous experiments and come out with new research methods. They spend most of their working time in research laboratories and in understanding the life processes of microscopic organisms. Development of new biofuels, agricultural products, new medications and vaccines wouldn’t have been possible without the crucial contribution of microbiologists. As this is a very vast field, microbiologists specialize in different fields of this discipline. For instance, if one prefers understanding epidemics, food poisoning then other one can specialize in addressing pollution issues and studying one type of microorganism. The job demands use of a variety of complex equipment such as spectrometers, electronic sterilizers, cell sorters, and electron microscopes for experiments.

One must have a bachelor’s degree to enter into this field however, most of the microbiologists have a master or doctorate degree. The classes have intensive classroom instruction and laboratory work. Most popular options include the Master of Science in Molecular Genetics or Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology. One can specialize in any of the several subjects available under this discipline. Microbiology is an evolving field where new studies and findings is a common thing. One must keep himself abreast of latest happenings in this industry.

Microbiology is an emerging career choice in India. Many youths are taking this career seriously. Several institutions all over India are offering this course at under graduate as well as at post graduate levels. One must pass 10+2 in science stream to seek admission in an undergraduate program while for postgraduate programs, the candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology/Life science.

Some of the reputed institutes imparting knowledge in microbiology in India are:-
Birsa Institute of Technology, Jharkhand,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S.), New Delhi,
Christian Medical College, Tamil Nadu,
Andhra University-College of Science and Technology, Andhra Pradesh,
Banaras Hindu University: Faculty of Science, (Uttar Pradesh),
C.M.S. College of Science and Commerce, (Tamil Nadu),
Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya, (Madhya Pradesh)
Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata
Hindustan Academy of Education Research and Training, Greater Noida

There are several specializations available in the field of microbiology. Professionals can work as bacteriologists, medical microbiologists, environmental microbiologists, protozoologists, food microbiologists, biochemist, industrial microbiologists, mycologists, biotechnologist, geneticists, biomedical scientist, virologists, cell biologists, aeromicrobiology and immunologists. A trained microbiologist can find good job opportunities in laboratories, health care organizations, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies.

Southern Dynasties in India : The sultans’ failure to hold securely the Deccan and South India resulted in the rise of competing southern dynasties: the Muslim Bahmani Sultanate (1347-1527) and the Hindu Vijayanagar Empire (1336-1565). Zafar Khan, a former provincial governor under the Tughluqs, revolted against his Turkic overlord and proclaimed himself sultan, taking the title Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah in 1347. The Bahmani Sultanate, located in the northern Deccan, lasted for almost two centuries, until it fragmented into five smaller states in 1527. The Bahmani Sultanate adopted the patterns established by the Delhi overlords in tax collection and administration, but its downfall was caused in large measure by the competition and hatred between deccani (domiciled Muslim immigrants and local converts) and paradesi (foreigners or officials in temporary service). The Bahmani Sultanate initiated a process of cultural synthesis visible in Hyderabad, where cultural flowering is still expressed in vigorous schools of deccani architecture and painting.

Southern Dynasties in India :

Founded in 1336, the empire of Vijayanagar (named for its capital Vijayanagar, “City of Victory,” in present-day Karnataka) expanded rapidly toward Madurai in the south and Goa in the west and exerted intermittent control over the east coast and the extreme southwest. Vijayanagar rulers closely followed Chola precedents, especially in collecting agricultural and trade revenues, in giving encouragement to commercial guilds, and in honoring temples with lavish endowments. Added revenue needed for waging war against the Bahmani sultans was raised by introducing a set of taxes on commercial enterprises, professions, and industries. Political rivalry between the Bahmani and the Vijayanagar rulers involved control over the Krishna-Tunghabadhra river basin, which shifted hands depending on whose military was superior at any given time. The Vijayanagar rulers’ capacity for gaining victory over their enemies was contingent on ensuring a constant supply of horses–initially through Arab traders but later through the Portuguese–and maintaining internal roads and communication networks. Merchant guilds enjoyed a wide sphere of operation and were able to offset the power of landlords and Brahmans in court politics. Commerce and shipping eventually passed largely into the hands of foreigners, and special facilities and tax concessions were provided for them by the ruler. Arabs and Portuguese competed for influence and control of west coast ports, and, in 1510, Goa passed into Portuguese possession.

The city of Vijayanagar itself contained numerous temples with rich ornamentation, especially the gateways, and a cluster of shrines for the deities. Most prominent among the temples was the one dedicated to Virupaksha, a manifestation of Shiva, the patron-deity of the Vijayanagar rulers. Temples continued to be the nuclei of diverse cultural and intellectual activities, but these activities were based more on tradition than on contemporary political realities. (However, the first Vijayanagar ruler–Harihara I–was a Hindu who converted to Islam and then reconverted to Hinduism for political expediency.) The temples sponsored no intellectual exchange with Islamic theologians because Muslims were generally assigned to an “impure” status and were thus excluded from entering temples. When the five rulers of what was once the Bahmani Sultanate combined their forces and attacked Vijayanagar in 1565, the empire crumbled at the Battle of Talikot.

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Family quotes.

Acting is just a way of making a living; the family is life.
–Denzel Washington

Poverty, race, ethnicity and immigration status are not in themselves determinative of student achievement. Demography is not destiny. The amount of melanin in a student’s skin, the home country of her antecedents, the amount of money in the family bank account, are not the inexorable determinants of academic success. The evidence introduced at trial demonstrates that these negative life experiences can be overcome by public schools with sufficient resources well deployed. It is the clear policy of the state, as formulated by the Regents and S.E.D. [State Education Department], that all children can attain the substantive knowledge and master the skills expected of high school graduates. The court finds that the city’s at-risk children are capable of seizing the opportunity for a sound basic education if they are given sufficient resources.
–Justice Leland DeGrasse Supreme Court of the State of New York

The family you come from isn’t as important as the family you’re going to have.
–Ring Lardner

You would think that those who are always talking about family values would want to create an environment of permanent relationships for people of the same sex. But they’re not advocating family values. They’re advocating their values.
–Willie Brown Mayor, San Francisco

If you don’t know [your family’s] history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.
–Michael Chrichton

Govern a family as you would cook a small fish – very gently.
–Chinese Proverb

Where can a person be better than in the bosom of their family?
–Marmontel Gretry

Okay, conservatives have changed my mind. Allowing gay marriage, I have been persuaded, will destroy the family, weaken Western civilization, turn America into Sodom and Gomorrah, increase the trade deficit with Japan, endanger the family farm and promote tooth decay. The impeccable logic of conservative opponents is simply too powerful to deny.
–Stephen Chapman, Chicago Tribune columnist

I was a disgrace to the family, of course. They weren’t very happy. It was a long struggle. But now they see that repression is not good: A person will do what he or she wants to do, eventually.
–Ang Lee nominated for the Oscar for best director, as quoted by CNN

We must never feel that it is okay to say that a sucker fish is of more value under law than a farm family.
–Gordon Smith Oregon Senator, protesting the federal government’s decision to cut off an irrigation project that is the primary source of water for 250,000 acres of mostly family-owned farmland in the Klamath River Basin in California and Oregon.

The principle of using interactivity as a creativity-builder is not restricted to computer games. Once we become fully conscious of this principle, we can find ways to become more interactive everywhere. We can make conversations with our family and friends more interactive than they once were. The more thoughtful our questions get to be, the more interactive the conversations
–Steve Chandler 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

I can get up in the morning and look myself in the mirror and my family can look at me too and that’s all that matters.
–Lance Armstrong

Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts.
–Wayne H

To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.

My family is really boring. They have a coffee table book called ‘Pictures We Took Just to Use Up the Rest of the Film.’
–Penelope Lombard

A healthy family is sacred territory.

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.
–Jane Howard (1935-1996) US journalist, writer

One loyal friend is better than ten thousand family members.

Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.
–Jim Rohn

Bringing up a family should be an adventure, not an anxious discipline in which everybody is constantly graded for performance.
–Milton R. Saperstein

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