Best Cloth Diapers for Babies

NowHow can you take care of your baby’s bottom and the world’s environmental problems all at the same time?  Yes, you guessed it. Reusable cloth baby diapers! These days we seem to be moving back to traditional means of taking care of the human body as the consumerist method has managed to pollute all the … Read more

10 Baby Bathing Products of 2020

Parents have to be very careful when giving their newborn baby or infants a bath. They are usually very slippery when wet, and you will need to support them with both hands when washing them. You need to take extra care, even when applying a bath wash, to avoid accidents while bathing them. There are … Read more

Top 7 Baby Exersaucers

Does your baby crawl all about the floor and still not get enough exercise to entertain himself/herself? A baby exersaucer might be the perfect answer to all your woes! This wonderful little invention allows your baby to get all the lower body motor skill development that is needed without getting into too much trouble.  We … Read more

Best Lift the Flap Books

You can enjoy quality time with your little one by reading them bedtime stories, but it gets even better when you lift the flap of a book to reveal beautiful pictures. Lift the flap books are a great learning tool for kids and will help them develop their speech. These books are usually very interactive … Read more

Best Sound Books for Kids

Do you have trouble getting your child engaged in reading activities?  Your child might not be used to it because reading doesn’t have the usual bells and whistles (literally!) that his/her previous activities did.  Sound books for kids change the dynamic of reading for children because there is interesting audio embedded into the story so … Read more

Top 10 Baby Lotions

Is there anything sadder than to touch your precious baby’s skin and find that it’s chapped or dry?  Thankfully there is a myriad of lovely concoctions to help moisturize and protect your baby’s skin. Some lotions are designed for prolonged moisturizing, while others are focused on conserving moisture within the skin and providing protection against … Read more

Best Toy Guns For Kids

Every child grows up with toys. There are so many different types and designs of toys that flood the market every time. It all depends on what kids fancy. Toy guns are a favorite amongst kids, especially if you have boys. You will see them in different roles like the popular cowboys, or star wars … Read more

Best Baby Food of 2020

What do babies eat?” might be the first question that comes to your mind when your little bundle of joy is of age to start eating other things than milk. Choosing the best baby food can be a bit frightening and confusing; it requires a lot of decision-making, and you reading everything that you can … Read more

Top Learning Toys for Babies

As a conscientious parent, isn’t it one of your hardest tasks to figure out what educational materials your child should be exposed to when raising him/her?  Educational toys are an excellent way to help your child develop skill-sets ranging from hand-eye coordination to cognitive skills. A child’s brain/physiology naturally focuses on developing certain sets of … Read more

Best Baby Ear and Nose Cleaning Products

When your baby’s nose is stuffed, it causes discomfort, and usually, babies will cry. It is always safe to regularly clean the nose and ears of a new born baby. It would be dangerous not to clean the nasal passage or ear canal. If the baby’s nose is blocked, it will disrupt their breathing, and … Read more