During the period of pregnancy, women have to face the situation of sleepless nights. Due to the growing size of the baby, the belly size increases, which can cause pain in the legs, back, and muscles. Most of the women have to face the acid reflux issue that is very discomforting for taking a good sleep. The mother loves to find a kind of nesting effect on her bedding. The maternity pillows help pregnant women to rest and sit with comfort during the day time also.

The pregnancy pillows not only support during pregnancy but sometimes help the nursing mothers for feeding and taking care of the baby.  You can select a product according to the need of your body, and it’s a matter of personal choice to decide about shape and size. During this time of healing and transformation, you can rely on soft accessories for bedding comfort.


10 Best Pregnancy Pillows

1. Angel Mommy Premium Pregnancy Pillow

Angel Mommy is the most famous brand in India to provide premium quality products for mothers and babies. This company is well known for providing high-quality services.

Angel mommy premium pregnancy pillow is available in the standard size of 30’x48’ inches. It is a U-shaped pillow approved by doctors, specially prepared with two contoured legs design.  It is a fluffy and light-weighted pillow with zero pressure quality.  This pillow returns in its original shape when not in use.  This u-shaped pillow is designed to keep the shoulder neck and head at the same level that can be aligned into a proper joint position.

This pillow helps you to use your left side as mostly recommended by the doctor during this time.  While using this pillow, you don’t need to roll over your body onto the back or tummy. During Post-pregnancy, it can be easily used as a baby feeding pillow.  This pillow supports protecting your baby in bed. This is a comfortable setting for reading watching TV and relaxing.  The latest sign is made according to the health standard of a nursing mother.  This product is recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers due to its premium quality material.




2. Mom’s Moon Upgrade Model U Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Mom`s Moon on-line services aim at providing quality products for pregnant women. They have a wide range available for kids’ accessories and maternity needs.

Mom`s Moon upgrade U shaped full body pillow is with longer side to give you comfort and control according to the shape of the body.  It helps to relieve the neck and lower back pains.  It has a special design for the improvement of blood circulation and to relieve the pregnancy swelling and muscle cramping.  Pillow is good with soft cotton that is extremely relaxing when you sleep over it.  It has a 7.8 inch high filling with standard height and least resistance to pressure for comfort level.  The cotton filling helps you to maintain your body temperature during sleep.  The maternity pillow provides a cushion to the pregnant mothers during reading, watching TV, playing games, sleeping.

It provides a kind of cradle to your baby by reducing turning and tossing.  It increases the quality of sleep by keeping the shoulder, back, hips, and muscles in an elevated position. This helps to improve the blood circulation.  It is supportive of a restless pregnant mother looking for some relief from pregnancy swelling and other issues. Mom`s moon pillows his overall cotton covering, which is a breathable material and safe for all types of skins.  This cover is easy to remove, and you can wash it repeatedly whenever required.  The smooth double zipper is available to remove the cover for cleaning purposes.  It has good quality stitching that made this covering durable for the pillow. This product has a separate inner and outer zipper, which you can use according to your requirements.




3. Chicco Total Body Pillow Glacier

Chicco Company in India has made its reputation for producing quality items for baby-related accessories.

Chicco’s total body pillow glacier is supportive during pregnancy.  This product is approved by a psychotherapist to provide the full support system according to the needs of a pregnant mother.  It can provide a support system for the gaps for head to toe.  This full-size pillow is made of three pieces that you can adjust, making a Perfect Combination.

The full size of the pillow is for complete configuration than for the head and abdomen and the coordination of legs and abdomen.  This pillow is made of soft cotton, filling easy to machine wash.  This product is specially designed to provide support to the growing tummy of a mommy. This pillow has thin round sides to make it comfortable for holding. This shape if the pillow is most suitable for the mother growing in size with every single day.




4. Momsyard Full Body C Shape Maternity/Pregnancy Pillow

Momsyard is famous for providing maternity items for expecting mothers. They deal with baby-related items at reasonable prices.

Momsyard Full Body C shaped pillow helps to get better sleep by reducing the back pain associated with pregnancy.  You can have a comfortable, relaxing time with Momsyard C shaped pillow. It can provide a support system for the back, hips, knees, and neck.  This body pillow is very helpful for the pregnant mother who has difficulty in taking the proper sleep.  It helps a pregnant mother to lie on both sides as she feels comfortable with.  It is interesting to know that after being a mother, you can use this pillow for feeding and nursing the baby.  It is made of adjustable polyfill material, which is not required tossing and turning all night.

This material makes it an ideal choice as a full body pillow.  It is made of hygienically approved material, so you shouldn’t hesitate to take this product.  The pillow has included a wide zipper that is easily removable for a machine wash.  This product is free from all of the harmful chemicals and hazardous materials.  So this is the safest choice you can make for yourself and your baby.




5. MomToBe C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with 100% Cotton Stretch Detachable Cover

“Mom to be” have a wide range of skin and maternal care items, they provide high-quality products for toddlers and nursing mothers.

Mom to be a pregnancy is ideal for the mothers who prefer to take a low raise pillow.  This pillow is ideal to use for the bodyweight in the range of 50 to 60 kgs.  This pillow is full of 1.5 kg of fiber filling with an extra-large size of about 2.5 kg filling.  This is a light weighted pillow so easily movable wherever you want to carry it around.  This is a c shaped eternity pillow that supports you to enjoy a better sleep during restless nights.  It provides all-around support and comfort for pregnant women.  This product is safe for pregnancy with ultra-soft, non-reflexive microfiber made pillow.  It has a detachable zipper that allows you to wash it frequently.

This pillow releases pressure on your shoulder and back muscle to provide in even support for your whole body.  It can provide great support for Maternity pains during and after childbirth. It possesses all the qualities according to international quality standards.  You can spread your arms extra wide to get body support during reading, lounging, and post-pregnancy period.  It has a multipurpose design so equally usable for breastfeeding.  After the pregnancy, it will not be a useless item for your bedroom.




6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Maternity Pillow, Medium, Deep Teal

Solimo maternity pillows are made of quality material to provide comfort to the pregnant ladies. It is filled with silicon zed polyester material for softness and comfort. It is a C-shaped pillow that provides support for backache and muscular strain. It can act as a prop for different sleeping positions. It has an easily washable pillow cover of 80 GSM. This product can retain its shape after use. The inside material has weights of 1.5 kg; it is fillings of polyester fiber. It is a non-toxic BPA free product, so it’s the best choice for maternity use. It has a defined shape that can help you during different daily sitting positions. It has a deep teal with a medium size of 130×94 cm. This exciting pillow is a very good addition to your lounging accessories. It will not be useless after childbirth. You can use it for the long term.




7. Cloth Fusion Full Body Pregnancy Pillow-U Shaped Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women

Cloth fusion deals with maternity products to facilitate expecting mothers. It has a variety of products available for mom and babies.

Cloth Fusion full body pregnancy pillow is super soft to get relax sleep during hard days of pregnancy.  The unique design of this u shaped pillow is huge long enough to support all sizes of your body.  This pillowcase effectively for pregnancy support, can work as a relief to provide comfort with Acid Reflux, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and fibromyalgia.  It can work for the support of straining muscles and back pain.  This maternity pillow creates an easy position for sleeping, nursing, watching TV. It can provide 360-degree total support for the painless and relaxing sleep.  The cover is made of pure cotton, and inside filling is of polyester.

Durable and long-lasting material makes it the best product for nursing mothers.  The pillowcase is machine washable, not available with the zipper to make the removal easy.  This comforting pillow is a great help for restless mother facing many body changes during the pregnancy.  It can reduce the tossing and turn during a night of sound sleep.




8. PREGNANCY TIME Cotton Ultra Soft Fabric Pregnancy/Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy time is a famous set-up to provide a wide range of nursing products. They sell products at reasonable rates to entertain customers around the country.

PREGNANCY Time cotton pillow is U shaped comforting pillow for total body support.  It can align all the body parts like neck, shoulders, and hips to give you a comfortable position.  This will help to regulate the body temperature in enhancing the blood circulation for deep and comfortable sleep.  Just throw it in the washing machine and use the dryer for it.  It will not lose its structure and shape after frequent washing.  It has a hundred percent pure organic pillowcase with premium quality synthetic fabric.  It is odorless and free of any harmful chemical composition.

These qualities make this product the safest choice for a mother to be.  It has used extended polymer, which is the standardized material that allows air to flow through the pillow freely.  This pillow is not only useful during pregnancy, but it is also the biggest supporter of a nursing mother during the process of breastfeeding. After the process of the child, the healing body of the mother can get comfort from this big pillow. It will be a great support for the mother to relieve back and muscle pains.




9. PETITUDE Stylish-Multifunctional U Shape Pillow/Pregnancy Pillow

PETITUDE is reputed for giving premium quality products for nursing mothers. It is the famous on-line panel to facilitate for baby products.

PETITUDE Stylish U shaped pillow is designed to caress the natural body features. It keeps the back cushioned during the nursing period. It is supportive of the neck to provide support for the body muscles. The upper and lower body can be elevated by the support of the pillow. Put off the cover to wash the pillow.

It has an additional quality to support the lumbar spine of pregnant women.  It’s vital to have increasing rest time during pregnancy which requires the help of soft bedding feels with U shaped huge pillows. This product can cradle the mother with a nesting effect to get better sleep. This design is approved by doctors so highly reliable for the mothers to use during the healing time after pregnancy.




10. Baby’s Future Cotton Ultra Soft Fabric Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Baby Future brand is providing high-quality services all around the country. You would love the quality products provided by the brand.

Baby soft Ultra Fabric pillow provides you that rest which you need during this time of childbirth. It helps to regulate body temperature and maintain blood circulation. This U shaped comforting pillow is 100% organic product which is odorless and provides relief from dust mites. This pillow is available in a light color to give a cool effect to stimulate the senses of the mother.

This super-soft pillow gives the cozy and comfy feeling to a nursing mother, after childbirth this pillow still can be your best lounge friend. It can help you to support the baby during the process of breastfeeding.  This soft cozy pillow helps the new mother to find comfort after the process of childbirth. The body has to do the effort for getting the recovery from a long term process. So the maternity pillow helps during this time of challenge.




Buyers Guide


A pillow made of durable material is suitable for pregnant women. Make sure about the quality of the fabric used in covering. A piece of soft and smooth fabric provides real comfort to the restless pregnant lady. Pregnancy is not a short term process. It has a long duration. This period makes comfortable sleep sometimes very challenging for expecting mothers. A pillow can comfort a restless mom to be with softness and support. A strong fabric must be used to cover the cotton filling to make it a useful product for pregnant ladies.


The pillow should be made of washable material; it has to be used for a longer period, so it will get dirty after some time. Easy to wash fabric and material helps to clean it thoroughly. It’s important to keep the pillow in neat condition because it has to come into contact with the whole body. A neat pillow keeps your senses fresh and relaxes. Pillow with zippers makes it easy to clean it according to your requirements.


The full body pregnancy pillow is available in many shapes. Mostly C, U, and wedge shape pillows are famous among pregnant mothers. These pillows are mostly of the full-body size to fully support pregnant women. Pregnant women have to face several physical challenges during pregnancy.  A full-size pillow can provide them with comfort to lean and rest.


The pillow should be made of soft material to give comfort to pregnant women. The pillow stuffing should be of cotton or polyester depends on the choice. As some people like the softness of cotton, while others choose polyester made pillows.  Cotton and polyester made material are the supporter of getting relaxing sleep for the whole night.


Pregnancy pillows are available in different styles and shapes. You can choose one according to your comfort.  A full body size pillow can give good coverage for the whole body. A pregnant woman has to face muscular strains, heartburns, and sleepless nights. The pillow supports the mother for being comfortable at night. It helps expecting mothers to enjoy better sleep during the tough time of carrying the baby.


1. Do pregnancy pillows really help?

You might be feeling stressed during pregnancy that can make your body stiff. This all happens due to hormonal changes and physical challenges of pregnancy. At this stage, relaxing sleep with a cushioning pillow can be really helpful for a mom-to-be. These pregnancy pillows help to get comfortable sitting during the day time. While reading, watching TV, or just for having a nap, you can take the support of the pillow.

2. How much do I need to spend on a maternity pillow? 

If you feel that your pregnancy pillow is helpful and can be used in the future for nursing your baby, it is worth paying. You must need a pillow during pregnancy after that period; this pillow will be useless for you. It is better to select a maternity pillow that can be used afterward to take help during babysitting.

3. How can I sleep with a maternity pillow?

A pregnancy pillow can be placed between your knees, behind the back and under the abdominal area to reduce pressure and get a comfortable sleep.

4. Which shape is best for the pregnancy pillow? 

The U and C shape is mostly available for the full-size coverage. The wedge style pillow can stimulate the acid refluxes from the stomach. It is suitable for sitting, reading, and watching TV in a relaxed way. The C shape is suitable for thin body structure, while a U shape can give full support from both sides.

5. Which material is best for the pregnancy pillow?

The outer material is mostly of cotton and velvet to give a soft feeling to the restless body. The inside filling is of cotton or polyester material that takes its shape instantly without losing its shape.  The extended polyester material is hygienically safe for maternity use. You can choose by considering the option of using it afterward for nursing your baby.


Pregnancy is a crucial time during the life of a mother. It has so many precious memories, and movements spend in the company of an upcoming family member. A mother feels immense pleasure during the process of being a mom while have to face many physical challenges at the same time.  The mother needs nourishing care and support to face the body changes. At this stage, a comfortable bed with supporting accessories is a must to give a relaxing time to an expecting mother. The soft full-size pillow helps a pregnant lady to rest with ease. These pillows provide full coverage to spend sleepless time with some comfort.  Pregnancy pillows help to calm the pregnant women during the time of turmoil. We hope this article will be very helpful to you.

Motherhood is the most joyful feeling for any woman, but it has some pains with it as well.  We all feel happy looking at the Smiling babies, but there is a lot of pain. The mother has to bear pains during the whole process.

Breastfeeding is the safest food of feeding to the infant and creates a strong bond with the mother product whole life.  These movements give the sweetest memory to a mother. You can make these moments more special while getting rid of sore and cracked nipples pain.

We need to create awareness about the use of nipple creams.  Most of the breastfeeding mothers consider them as made of harmful chemicals, so they try to avoid it.  It’s essential to let the mothers know about the creams available with organic ingredients that are still safe for them.

Soft and tender nipples can make the breastfeeding process comfortable for the growing up child.  It is an immense pleasure for a mother to see her child growing happily and gaining good health. It can be possible through enough quantity of breast milk, while sore and cracked nipples can disturb the flow of milk.

To avoid any nasty situation, you need to take care of your breast well as a responsible mother. In this way, you can ensure the good health and happiness of your cute little one.


8 Best Nipple Cream

1. Mother Sparsh Nipple Butter Cream

Mother Sparsh brand has a variety of baby products prepared with high-quality standards. They have a natural made skincare range for babies and nursing mothers.

Mother Sparsh Nipple Butter Cream has all the goodness of organic ingredients such as Shea butter, Turmeric, Virgin coconut oil.  The Natural ingredients make this cream safe for the nursing mother and baby. This cream heals and cures the dry tip of nipples so they can better feed an infant baby. It is free form parabens, petroleum, and other preservative chemicals. Mother Sparsh nipple cream is the best ointment for the painful nipples as it is fragrance-free. It is made of organic composition, and this product will not be harmful if ingested by the baby.

The cream has a non-greasy texture with non-stick properties so convenient to use with nursing bras. This organic product is useful during the painful process of breastfeeding. Natural ingredients of this nipple butter nourish the sensitive skin of the breast. It heals the nipple cracks with great care. Shea butter and turmeric makes an excellent combination to reduce dryness and scars.




2. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream

Lansinoh is a famous Indian store dealing in skincare maternity products; they are producing high-quality maternity items for nursing mothers.

Lanisnoh HPA Nipple Cream is a product prepared according to international health standards. This brand is famous among the women of the US and the Uk.

The Lanisnoh HPA Nipple cream is made of 100% natural ingredients. It is BPA and BPS free cream, so the safest choice for nursing mothers. This cream doesn’t contain any preservatives or medical grade lanolin. This product is medically tested and trusted by mothers all around the globe for its quality. Mothers prefer this cream for its natural ability to heal sore nipples. It can soothe the itching nipples by its moisturizing composition. It has no taste, color, and smell that irritates the senses of the baby during breastfeeding. It is the harmless nipple cream for a nursing mother going through many physical changes.




3. Himalaya Nipple Care Butter, White

Himalaya is the top Indian pharmaceutical company to produce natural organic products. They have a variety of health and personal care products available with pure natural ingredients.

Himalaya Nipple Care Cream is an ideal product for expecting and pregnant mothers. The main ingredient is Kokum butter that has the natural healing quality for skin scars and bruises. It has emollient properties for deep moisturizing of the skin. The virgin coconut oil is an expert for the skincare regiment due to antiseptic and antibacterial features. It has vitamin E that is the best element considered for the healing of broken skin.

This cream is not only suitable for nursing mothers but can help to reduce skin ulcerations. It is the best balm for cracked lips and chapped elbows. Apply a small quantity of cream on the affected area to work in the best way for healing. Himalaya natural balm is useful for the healing of nipples during the nursing period. Vitamin-E naturally promotes skincare to reduce the chances of dryness and cracks.




4. Ardo Gold Cream – Lanolin Soothing Nipple Cream

Ardo is a swiss company that develops premium quality products according to the medical sector. Ardo breastfeeding accessories are manufactured in Switzerland with the highest quality standards. Swiss embodies a concept of quality that includes technical support with reliability.

Ardo Gold cream is a medical-grade Lanolin based cream; it keeps the skin soft and smooth to maintain the natural moisture. It helps to cure the dry, cracked, and sensitive lips. This natural ingredients based product is safe, so don`t need to remove it before feeding. Ardo Gold cream is without additives and hypoallergenic agents. This odorless and tasteless cream doesn’t create irritating feelings for babies during a feed.

A lot of women have to go through painful conditions due to soreness and nipple sensitivity. It happens due to the fat loss process during breastfeeding. Lanolin matches to heal the skin-fat burning and replenish the natural moisture. Just take the pea-size amount of Ardo Gold Cream to rub it between thumb and finger. Gentle application on the nipple-areola after every breastfeed will create a safety layer for the protection of skin. It is not vital to wash nipples before feeding as Ardo gold doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. Ardo cream is according to the health standards of the WHO international code. It can provide a solution for breastfeeding difficulties to offer a natural treatment for nursing mothers.




5. B-URBAN NC Cream For Cracked Or Sore Nipples

B-URBAN brand is an online store that is an expert at skincare products for women. They are experts at preparing premium quality products for maternity and women health care.

B-URBAN Cream Nipple cream is best for breastfeeding mothers. It helps to comfort the cracked and sore nipples due to frequent feeding. It consists of Organic Almond Oil, Organic Olive Oil that gives this cream natural ability of healing dry skin areas. The Organic shea butter rejuvenates the cracks of soring nipples. Organic Jojoba Oil comforts the skin by moisturizing the different areas of skin. B-URBAN cream is a natural Sulphate and Paraben based product to secure the nursing mother from harmful effects of chemical-based products.




6. Mamaearth Nipple Butter

Mamaearth company deals with mother and baby skincare products. These are made of organic ingredients. They have a wide range of natural-organic ingredients based products that are purely blended with care. This brand is providing 100% effective products that ensure the highest quality.

Mamaearth Natural Nipple Butter is organic calendula rich and Lanolin free product.  This buttercream can naturally heal the Solar and cracked nipples.  This cream is safe for both baby and mama; it can also be used to repair the cheeks of babies. After each feeding, you can apply to the dry patches, and its natural composition makes it a product to use on the face of babies.  The nipple butter is made of medically approved clinically tested ingredients.

It is dermatologically reviewed and powered by natural elements. It is made of purest coconut oil and Shea butter as the perfect blending to take care of the nursing moms. Mamaearth cream doesn`t contain any of the harmful chemicals as sulfates, parabens, dyes, and synthetic perfumes.




7. The Moms Co. Natural Nipple Butter Cream

The Moms Co. provides skin, body, and face and hair regimens with high-quality products. They deal with baby care items that are approved by health standards. Most of the products are tested and trusted by the doctors that make this brand suitable for mom and baby.

The Moms co. Natural Butter is a safe and toxin-free breastfeeding cream. It is lanolin-free and free of fragrance made of Kokum butter and Calendula oil that cures the sore nipples. The natural butter is a safe choice, so you never need to worry about removing it before feeding. This Kokum Butter and coconut enriched cream to increase the flexibility of skin by reducing dryness. This Nipple Butter has Rich qualities of Vitamin-E to give a protective shield for the skin. Calendula oil is a plant-based element that reduces pain and relieves swelling due to soreness. Wheat germ promotes healthy skin and keeps problems away from it. Due to Anti-inflammatory power, the vitamin-E heal the damage and broken heals, lips, and elbows.

Clean your breast thoroughly with a soft cloth. Take a small amount of butter and apply softly on the nipple. It’s not vital to remove the cream before feeding. To get the best result and healing cracks, use it at least once in a day. If required, you can increase the use.




8. Gaia Skin Naturals Pure Pregnancy Nipple Balm

Gaia Skin Care brand is dealing with products related to skin and hair care of babies. They are providing a wide range of maternity items at affordable prices around the country.

Gaia Natural Pure Pregnancy balm is for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers.  This nipple balm is made of pure natural organic oils like avocado and sunflower. It’s not necessary to rinse off this balm from the nipple before feeding. It’s best to apply this balm after every feed to avoid cracking on the nipples. Gaia skin Natural balm is Lanolin and petrochemical free. This cream nourishes by protecting the breast from the effects of baby feeding. The beeswax is the special ingredient that gives this balm a waxy feeling to apply smoothly.




Buying Guide


The first question hosting comes into the Mother’s mind if this nipple cream is safe for my baby?  What will happen if your baby will ingest this cream?  Here you need to make sure that the nipple cream is made of all-natural ingredients.  The ingredients should be safe enough for your baby.  The ingredients of cream should be free of pesticides and preservatives.

The best nipple cream will not have a warning sign to remove it before breastfeeding. Organic ingredients based on nipple balms are safe to use during nursing. These ingredients are approved medically, so the most reliable choice for breastfeeding mothers.

Ingredients to Avoid  

It is better to avoid cream with Harsh Chemicals like Petroleum, Parabens, and Triethanolamine.  These ingredients can irritate the skin.  Avoid nipple creams with alcoholic composition.  The dry effect of alcohol can cause cracking on your skin.

Creams with preservatives are not safe to use as they may contain harmful chemicals to affect the baby`s health. Before making a purchase, make sure you are taking a health-friendly cream for your breast. You can`t take it for granted as this matter is equally related to the well being of your child.

Numbing Effect

Some of the nipple creams have the numbering, in fact, to your body. It is not safe to use such a product.  Before buying the cream, ensure that it is not a steroid. The steroid can cause a numbing effect on the body, and it can also affect the mouth of your baby.

It’s better to avoid the steroid cream for the breast application. These steroid creams can work instantly to remove the scars on nipples, but they have harmful effects afterward.  Numbness is a sign that there is something wrong with the product you are applying to a sensitive body part.


Nipple creams are sometimes very thick, and some are too sticky. Some creams are thin and oily. Before buying the nipple cream, check the consistency. A smooth and easy application of the cream will not cause discomfort. Avoid rubbing the cream on a nipple, instead apply small quantity gently on the nipple.


Strong fragrances are unsafe for the baby in it should not be in contact with the mouth.  You should always prefer an unscented cream for nipples.  Some types of smell can be irritating for your skin.  The effect of fragrance can prevent the baby from taking the feed. The best cream for nipples should be color and odorless for the safety of the infant.


An inexpensive brand of nipple screen can give you value for your money.  Most expensive cream organic materials provide the best safety for you and your baby. Don`t spend a massive amount on just a single nipple cream. Try to find natural based cream with a reasonable price that is affordable for you.


For the nipple cream, you need to check the label; it should not have the warning of removal before breastfeeding.  If you have purchased the dream and you see that it has the advice on the label, you need to replace it. These creams may contain harmful ingredients that can be unsafe for the health of the baby. The labels are helpful for the customers to understand more about the qualities of a product, so read it thoroughly before purchasing one.


1. What do nipple creams do?

Nipple creams are used for the dry, cracked, and itchy nipples.  This condition will get worse; it will lead to the bleeding nipple during breastfeeding.  Within the time of one or two weeks, your nipples will adjust to the breastfeeding practice. Mostly at the start of the breastfeeding process you need to apply some ointment

2. Can nipple creams harm my child?

It depends on the product you are going to choose for your little one.  Here you need to be extra careful when selecting a product; you have to consider the safety of your baby must be your top priority.

There are many products available in the market that are recommended by the doctor and safe to use.  While purchasing a cream, you need to do the ingredients that can be dangerous for your baby. A lead-baed or petroleum-based product is not the right choice for your baby.

Some ingredients can cause allergic reactions to the baby.  You will get to know about the result after the use of the product as you get to know about any kind of allergic reaction you are supposed to discontinue the use of green immediately.

3. Can I pump with the nipple cream on?

If you are facing the problem of cracked nipples, that is a good idea to apply the nipple cream before you start the process of pumping.  At this stage, you have to make sure about the ingredients of the cream that they are not harmful during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding nipple creams are to support the mothers that just have started the feeding.

4. How do I use nipple cream?

It’s better to use the nipple cream immediately after the baby finishes the feeding.  It can help you to reduce the soreness of the nipples and prepare them for the next feed.  If you dream a lost you not to buy before feeding, then you don’t need to worry about that.  If you are very conscious about the cleaning of your breast before feeding, then just use little water to clean your chest.  You can use a clean wet cloth for this purpose is well.

After the application of the cream, you just have to dab it a little bit.  You don’t have to apply the cream on your whole breast. It’s vital to know that the application of too much quantity of cream can make your nipple slippery so that it would be a problem during the feeding. This quantity of cream can cause a problematic situation for the baby so better to avoid too much amount of cream.

5. How often should I use nipple cream?

You are required to use the cream until your nipple gets smooth and healed.  After every feed, apply a little quantity of the cream on the nipple so it can moisturize your skin for the next feed.  If you feel that your nipples are healed now, and they don’t need the application of the cream, you can stop using it.

6. Can I use nipple creams when pregnant?

Yes, there are many creams available in the market prepared specially for pregnant women.  They can keep the skin moisturized at making your breast for the upcoming feeding process after childbirth.   After the time of pregnancy, you will start feeding the baby. At this time, the moisturized nipple will work smoothly during feeding, while the cracky and dry skin can be bothersome for an infant baby.


You must need a nipple cream if you prefer breastfeeding all the time instead of bottle feed.   In this condition, if you have to face the problem of cracked nipples, you can take a few days to break for recovery.  There is no other way better than breastfeeding to create a strong bond with your little one.  Breastfeeding is the most precious gift a mother can give to the newborn baby.  It’s also true that the breathing process is not easy for the mothers most of the time. The sore and cracky nipples can spoil this perfect mummy and baby time.

It’s better to choose a cream with organic ingredients so the mother can feel comfortable about the safety of the baby. The cream based on natural ingredients can be the safest product for the mother.  The best nipple creams are odorless, smell, and colorless. These qualities of cream will not let the baby refuse to the mother feed. Mother feed is the greatest blessing for an infant, so we need to make efforts to make this process easy for the baby. If the nipples are smooth, then this feeding process will be a source of great pleasure for both mother and baby.

A large number of women around the world are wearing the wrong size of bra. The estimate is around 80% in the whole world. This percentage is higher for nursing mothers. You need to understand the requirement of the body during different stages of feeding. We are here to guide you about the products available in the market.  At every trimester of pregnancy and different feeding periods, you need to select the best fitting nursing bra.

There are many physical changes in the body of the pregnant ladies and when after birth the mother starts feeding the breast structure changes for 6 weeks to 3 years. During these phases of life, women need to understand the requirements of the body for that she has to select the best undergarments for her self-care. A supportive bra can be very helpful for a nursing mother during her breastfeeding period.

10 Best Nursing Bra

1. Inner Sense Organic Cotton Antimicrobial Soft Nursing Bra

Inner sense Organic material base undergarments are odorless and skin-friendly. The quality fabric used in these products is sweat resistant to keep you refreshing all day long.

Inner Sense Cotton Organic bra is the antibacterial, antifungal, and odorless product.  It has the quality to observe and operates sweat better than other synthetic fabrics; even the Cotton fabric doesn’t have this quality.  It can give you a fresh feeling throughout the day.  This inner sense nursing bra is seamless with wire-free cups and removable pads.  You can wear it under any kind of clothes, it protects your sensitive skin and you will feel super soft after wearing it. This is the product you need for the support of your sore breast.


2. Two Dots Padded Seamless Breast Feeding Maternity Nursing Bra

Two Dots is an online store in India providing all kinds of undergarments for women. Two dots are providing maternity and nursing items for women at affordable prices.

Two dots Padded Seamless bra has easy drop cups for providing you with comfortable feeding experience. It has adjustable straps and firm hooks to modify the width of a bra. It has no compression with a deep neck design. This triangle-cup provides a side force to hold the breast in upside direction. This shape gives the full coverage to breast and keeps it firmly on the place. Two Dot sleep bra is it easy to earn snap with one hand.  It can offer elasticity in the band that can hold everything properly without pressing your breast. The breathable material makes it sweat resistant. It’s easy to snap on and off instantly. This bra comes with pads to take care of proper adjustment.


3. Triumph International Women’s Nursing Bra

Triumph is an international brand for women`s undergarments. They provide premium quality products with the name of If. They have a wide range of versatile bras and panties available in stores and on-line.

Triumph International women nursing bra is machine washable. It is non-wired so highly suitable for nursing mothers. It has light soft pads to provide comfort and ease. The soft cups can give you full coverage of breast. Front buckles are helpful for easy feeding. You can machine wash this product at 60’C temperature. Avoid bleaching and tumble dry and not to keep it under the sharp sunlight. Better to use a mild detergent and not to iron this.

It is made of 27% polyester, 15% Elastane and 55% Polyamide. You need to follow the care instructions properly to keep it in the best condition for long term use. This expert brand can provide you with a high-quality nursing bra. They have experts to design and plan according to maternity needs. This super-soft bra is amazing to use during the breastfeeding period.


4. CEE 18 Women’s Full Cup Cotton Hosiery Feeding Bra

CEE 18 Women store is an online store in India that provides maternity clothing and undergarments. They have specially designed Kurtis and gowns for nursing mothers. They deal with various kinds of body shapers and trousers.

CEE 18 Women`s Full Cup Cotton bra can be used with one hand excess.  It has adjustable shoulder straps and hooks for easy closure.  For nursing mothers, it has easy drop cups for making breastfeeding convenient.  Feeding bra is available with 100% pure cotton material.  It’s his non-padded and a wire-free product.  The package available with three feeding bras, if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother it is recommended to pick 1 size larger than your normal size.  The width of the bra is adjustable so you can snap it off and on quickly.

It is made of skin-friendly breathable material. This bra is suitable during the healing process of the body for getting its shape back. This cotton material bra suits well for your baby feeding needs as it will not create any harmful effects for your skin. Make sure about your size after childbirth you can`t use your pregnancy garments for feeding time.  This bra has a wide strap to give you a size adjustment option according to your back.


5. Motherly Padded Breastfeeding Maternity Nursing Bras for Women Crease Style

Motherly is the famous brand of India dealing in baby and maternity accessories. They have a variety of baby products available at reasonable prices.

Motherly Padded Breastfeeding Nursing bras provide maximum adjustment for utmost comfort and ease. It has a U-shaped design to provide wide coverage and release pressure from shoulders. The sideband is in 4-inch length to conceal the armpit. It has high elasticity with easy access to cups. It can adjust with the changing shape of the breast that is the best quality of a nursing bra at the first stage. Its material is 10% spandex and 90% fiber which makes is sweat resistant for nursing mothers. This flexible material is super soft to give you comfort and relaxation. High-quality elastic can safe your shoulder from stretch marks. This high-quality fabric allows your skin to breathe properly that can control bad odors. It is a trendy bra with a comfortable style that supports the nursing mothers for keeping pads at the right place. It can fulfill the nursing needs of mothers.


6. SONA Women’s Feeding Bra Full Cup

SONA garments shops in India can provide you with high-quality undergarments. They have shops and on-line services that can help you to find the best nursing bras for the maternity period.

SONA Women`s Feeding Bra can give you 3/4 coverage. It has a U-shaped back coverage for extra support. It has a unique style for added comfort. This style gives the full bust coverage for heavy breasts. It is made of fabric that is more absorbent than synthetic and cotton fabrics. The SONA Nursing bra is without pads and has a seamless style to fit for maternity requirements. It is suitable to wear different types of clothes. It made breastfeeding convenient for wearing different styles of clothes. It has wire-free cups to support the maternity needs of a mother.  The soft material of this nursing bra keeps you fresh all day as it can resist sweat very well. This bra has a U-shaped cup style that can go well with different style clothing.  It gives full coverage to your breast that you may feel supported for painful conditions of boobs. This soft material gives you a feel of comfort and softness for the whole day.


7. Irotica Padded Breastfeeding Maternity Nursing Bra for Women

Irotica ha exceptional quality and designs. Their products are available in Lingerie, Sports, Nursing and Beachwear. Their products are made of fine fabric with a super soft texture.

Irotica Padded Breastfeeding Nursing Bra is ideal for mother and baby. This product is very comfortable for maternity use. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It has removable cup pads with a seamless style. The stretchable elastic band ensures that you spend a comfortable day with your newborn. This style can keep the flow of milk smooth avoiding any blockages. This design is perfect for fluctuating breast size it has flexible material which makes it suitable for many different sizes.

For the women with large bust sizes, this flexible bra is to fulfill all maternity needs. The wider shoulder strap can support to keep cups firmly on the place. It’s so simple to pull aside for feeding requirements. The v-neck style is with a low cut in stretchy fabric. The crossover design can help during breastfeeding. It is a supportive product that is easy to wear during night time.

8. Enamor Women’s Non-Wired Nursing Bra

Enamor is an on-line premium quality lingerie shop deals with trendy bras, panties, nightmare, and sportswear.

Enamor Women`s Non-Wired Nursing Bra is a stylish nursing bra for maternity use. It is a hand wash product, follow the care instruction properly. It is a non-wired bra made of soft material. It made breastfeeding comfortable for the baby.  Suitable to wear under T-shirts and it can provide full coverage for the bust. It is made of cotton and anti Microbial finish. This quality material makes this bra rashes and infections free.


9. Mee Mee Women’s Full Cup Maternity Nursing Feeding Bra

Mee Mee on-line store deals in babies’ accessories. They have a wide range of nursing items available for maternity use or during pregnancy.

Mee Mee Women`s Full Cup Maternity nursing feeding bra is 100% cotton made product. It is made of flexible wires so suitable during the 2nd or 3rd stage of breastfeeding. It can be machine washable so easy to clean. It is available in a light pink cute shade that gives you comforting feelings.

The flexible wires give you support for your breast to get the shape back. It’s better to remove wired bra before sleep because the wires are not safe during night time. At the 3rd stage, this bra can be helpful to you for providing support to your breast by giving good coverage.


10. Coxeer Nursing Bra Wireless Front Closure

Coxeer brand in India is selling different types of accessories and items. They deal with home decorations, men, women and children related items.

Coxeer Wireless Breastfeeding Maternity Bra can maintain the real shape of your breast with a front closure. It is available in 3 different sizes you can select one that fits well for you. This bra is nylon made so have a soft feeling. This bra is amazing for pregnancy and nursing.  The front opening style gives you ease for closure.

The flexible material is skin-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. The wider straps give a nice finishing to the bra for extra support of breast. This style is useful for women with heavy busts as it can cover the underarm area with wide coverage. You have the option of size available for making the best choice.


Buying Guide


During the feeding process, a mother has to go through painful processes. The size of the breast will fluctuate during a different time of day. The nipple will feel sensitive for it’s a new practice for the breast. During the nursing period, a seamless or stretchy bra supports the changing breast size. A flexible material of bra helps to adjust the fluctuation in the size of the breast. A nursing mother can better go for a supportive bra.


The closures of your nursing bra must have the quality of locking it firmly. If the closures can`t work properly they will keep you bothering all day. It will be disturbing for a breastfeeding mother to control the closure all the time. When you are buying the bra it’s vital to check the system of closures.


The adjustable of bra is important for comfortable wearing. When you are in the breastfeeding period your breast might change shape accordingly. In starting, days of breastfeeding the breast will get painful and give a lump feeling in touch. At this time nipple will be very sensitive due to the start of feeding so avoid any kind of wired bra. You will have pinching waves of pain at the start of feeding so the best option is to take a soft fabric for your undergarment. The adjustability of a bra depends on the stretch of elastic. A wide strap can release the pressure from the breast by supporting the shoulder.

Color and Style

At the nursing stage of your life, you need to prefer comfort in clothing rather than fashion. After this phase, you will be able to use many fashionable stylish bras but during this time you need to select a comfortable style. The selection of color is the personal choice of a mother. It’s better to select light colors they give a soothing effect to your body. During the healing process, you will feel comfortable with the light tone of colors.


To know the proper size of your bra you can measure your cup size. It’s an important factor to know that during the feeding your breast will get enlarged so you must need the large size of bra. During the first 4 weeks of breastfeeding, you have to wear a seamless bra that works perfectly for this time.

After one month, you can choose a flexible wired bra that fits according to your breast. If you get any weird feeling about your breast don`t ignore it. If the breast is getting red, you are feeling hotness and lumps it can be the sign of blocked milk ducts. Do consider these signs for a change in the size of bra.


You must know the quality of the product you are going to choose. During the first month of feeding, you have more chances to get Mastitis due to blockage. Here it is most important to note that the stuff of your bra should be able to handle the fluctuations of the breast. A very tight and restrictive material can cause a serious problem of blockage and horrible situation of Mastitis. Secure your health by taking the bra with flexible stuff for breastfeeding period.


It’s vital to keep your bra neat and clean. While picking the bra notice that is durable enough to bear the wear and tear of frequent washing. Important to wash your garment daily as during the nursing process it will have spills of milk on it. Another problem is that the feeding mothers get more sweat then the normal women so definitely your bra will get smelly too early.

For washing see instructions if machine wash is allowed or not. Most of the products lose their shape and texture due to machine wash while it is not allowed for them. If you want your bra to work perfectly for you, follow the buying instructions for it.


1. How a Nursing bra does works?

A nursing bra can be very supportive of your breast for maternity use. The most commonly used type is a seamless bra it has to drop down cups to help the mother for the feeding process. These are to provide you with a full-coverage system from all sides they are made of flexible silky fabric while premium quality elastics to support the body.

2. Can I wear a regular bra while breastfeeding?

It’s better to select seamless, camisole style bras during the nursing period. If you chose a regular bra it might look more stylish and trendy but not according to your feeding requirements. The normal bra will not have a drop-down cup to facilitate mothers for feeding. Its material or laces can be bothersome for the feeding process so it’s better to pick nursing supported bra.

3. How often should I be measured?

It should be considered that at the initial level your breast size will fluctuate all day during feeds. It will get settled after a month, after that your breast size will be stable as the milk will be in a flow. Now you can take measurements that will help you to select the best undergarment for you. A bra that can work well during pregnancy will not be suitable after birth. Now you have to make a better choice so you can get comfortable with your wearing.

4. What is the difference between a maternity non-wired bra and maternity nursing wired bra?

The doctors divide the breastfeeding process into 4 different stages. During the first stage of feeding the seamless or camisole bra works perfectly.  After the first stage, you can take a flexible wired bra during the nursing period. The non-wired bra is made of flexible fabric so suitable for the initial stage. After 2 weeks almost your breast gets into proper shape so the flexible wires can support your chest.

5. Should I choose a fashionable bra for nursing?

At this stage of the maternity period, women need comfort and relaxation. A wired fashionable bra can`t be a good choice for this time. The trend and style need to fit with the requirement of nursing mothers. A full wired padded bra can be bothersome for the training period of the baby for feeding. The wires can stop the smooth flow of milk to create discomfort for a mother. You can select from a variety of nursing bras available in the market for your ease.


When you are at the stage of Nursing, wearing a properly fitted bra is important than ever.  You want to feel comfortable and need to be supported well. Many good nursing brands are available to give you support and comfort with the use of cotton lined cups, superior elastic, supportive lower cups.  The best brand always ensures that you are not worried about your bra and can focus on breastfeeding.  If you have decided to buy a bra you can go to a maternity or departmental store there should be always stuff to help you out. The option of online shopping is always available for you.

You need to select a product from the expert nursing brand so this can be supportive of your nursing requirements.  If you are not sure about your choices you can research the options available in the market. Before making a choice you must know about your size and preferences. If you are well informed you can make the best choice for yourself.

Every mother understands how delicate and precious her little baby is. So, we know you must have been looking here and there, searching for the best products to take care of the various needs of your beautiful baby. Babies are too fragile for just anything to be used on them, so our desired goal with this article is to walk you through a product that’ll transform the way nursing mothers bathe their babies. This will make bathing fussless, more fun and strengthen the bond between mother and child. As we all know, a happy mom goes with a happy baby.

Baby bath sponges are one of those select products that have been made just for your baby’s comfort and well-being. The extra softness of your baby’s skin makes it important for you to get her the best quality sponge to keep her skin beautiful, soft and clean. The fuzzy nature of her hair also means extra care should be taken and not just any bath sponge should be used. The baby sponge will also make bathing more enjoyable and secure. The regular bath sponge is inadequate for bathing babies and it would have harsh effects on their lovely skin.

7 Best Bath Sponges for Babies

1. BornBabyKid

This is a very good product for the cleanliness and safety of your child. Its design makes it very suitable and attractive to infants. It combines both softness and a large surface area to bring your baby maximum comfort while bathing. Also, the materials used in producing this product are mild and harmless, so you don’t have to be bothered about your baby getting any form of irritation or allergic reaction.

It’s shape and size make it multipurpose and it can be used for much more than bathing. It is made to the highest level of safety, it will keep your baby’s skin beautiful and free of disease-causing germs.


2. Mothercare

This baby bath sponge is designed to cater to your baby’s bathing needs at any time the need arises. It has a simple and smooth look that gives it some style. It is made of polyurethane which makes it a safe and highly comfortable bath sponge. Its material is also durable, so you can rest assured that it will serve you for a long time. It is portable and this means it can be used and carried around with ease, whether you’re indoor or away from home camping. It comes in a pack of two.


This product is mainly concerned with the well-being of your baby’s young and tender skin. This sponge will protect her skin from the various chemicals used in making soaps and gels that can be harmful. This bath sponge is designed in such a way that it serves a protective layer between your baby and whatever soap or gel you’re using, keeping the harmful chemicals on one side of the sponge while only the lather formed gets to your baby’s skin. This feature also makes it very easy to handle, so you won’t have to worry about your soap slipping out of your hands. This already sounds like a great product, we all agree but there’s more.

This sponge will enrich your baby’s skin as it makes thick and rich foam regardless of the quantity of the soap or shower gel you use to bathe your baby. This also helps you manage both your time and your bathing soap as it foams easily without any fuss. It is lightweight, portable, long-lasting and flexible.


This bath sponge comes in a lovely cartoon design which along with its other features makes it an ideal sponge for both infants and young children. It comes with a cute “I love you” print. This is to say that it won’t just keep your baby’s skin clean, it will also make bathing time more enjoyable for both you and your little angel.

A bath sponge made from 100% natural material, you won’t have to be bothered about the harmful chemicals associated with plastic and other artificial products. It comes with an anti-drop belt to enhance handling and hanging, this makes it a more hygienic choice as there’s less chance of exposure to bacteria which can make your baby sick. It will remove dead skin and rejuvenate your baby’s skin. It is very soft and highly absorbent. It is also economical.



This sponge has a unique and attractive design. It will be particularly attractive to younger kids. The surface of the sponge is very soft while it’s firm handle makes it easy to handle. It will form rich lather easily as it is highly absorbent. Asides bathing your baby, the design of this sponge makes it useful for other things like kitchen cleaning. Its anti-drop belt makes it easier to hold and hang, making it hygienic and stress-free. It is made from a natural material, so it is environmentally friendly. This sponge is great for exfoliating your baby’s skin, hence renewing its natural softness and radiance. It sells for a pocket-friendly price.


This is a stylish and attractive bath sponge. While it’s colorful look makes it a wonderful choice for your little one, you can also get it as a gift for anyone of your family and friends expecting or nursing a baby. Its softness ensures that it’ll rub gently on your baby’s skin keeping it free of abrasions and irritations. The microfiber material used has the properties to give you a perfect wash along with a jolly bath. It is very suitable for your baby’s tender skin. It meets the right safety standards.



This is a dual-sided sponge meaning that it has two usable sides, each side with its unique texture. On one side, it is soft and spongy which makes it more suitable for scrubbing areas that require more care. On the other side, is a dimpled surface that is perfect for washing thicker areas and also removing dead skin.

Its dual-side will make it a very versatile buy as you would have the value of two sponges in one. It will be saving you some money too. It is made of high-quality materials that are both highly comfortable and durable.

Buyers Guide

There are a few things you should know and look out for before deciding on what exact product to buy. You should take note that the features of each product give it a unique user experience. To find what you want, first, you must know what you want.

Ease of use

This is simply how easy it is to use a product. It majorly depends on the material and design of the bath sponge. From the product’s details and customer reviews, you can get the right information on what to expect from each product. The right bath sponge should be easy to hold, so it doesn’t slip when in use. it should also hold water well and foam easily to save time and resources. Finally, a good bath sponge must be easy to wash. It must also dry up as quickly as possible, we know you wouldn’t want to bathe your baby with an unhygienic material.


Babies don’t just have soft skin, they love anything that feels cozy and they never respond well to discomfort. That said, a good bath sponge should match the softness of your baby’s skin and hair. Her skin will toughen up as she grows but in the early stages, it is advisable to use very gentle and specially made products to keep her skin radiant and free of breakage. Make your baby’s bath more comfortable and see her respond happily to a soft bath sponge making bath time a happy time.


If you’re looking to get the perfect sponge for your baby, size shouldn’t be overlooked. Baby bath sponges come in different shapes and sizes which can make them more suitable for a certain purpose or age limit than the other. A smaller bath sponge will offer more portability while a larger bath sponge will offer better body support and security. It is advisable that you get a product from both worlds as they offer quite different user experiences.


The materials used in the production of the product are the most important factor to be considered. The materials used must be hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic materials are less likely to cause allergic reactions. While most companies tag their products as hypoallergenic, it is advisable that you read about the makeup of the product to be certain of what you’ll be getting your precious baby. The material also tells how comfortable the sponge will be.

A good bath sponge for your baby should be lightweight, super comfortable and safe. Other importance of the materials used includes washability and durability. You should get a sponge that’ll be resistant to wear and tear. It should be easily cleanable too, for better hygiene.


You should settle for a product that’ll satisfy your needs and also speak of your style. You could decide to go for either a stylish or modest design depending on your taste. The sex of your baby should also be thought of before going for any design. The design of a sponge also tells how versatile it can be.

For example, some bath sponges come with an anti-drop belt which makes you grip it better and also lets you hang it after use. Such a product will dry up faster while staying germ-free. Later on, we’ll be showing you some products with the most eye-catching designs.


Babies love bright colors and we believe everyone loves to see their babies in and around beautiful colors as it brings out the heavenly shine in them. You won’t want to have your baby in a dull, unattractive color. Baby bath sponges come in so many radiant colors that you could choose from.

You might want to consider getting a color that blends well with the rest of your baby’s things. Also, the color of a product can carry information about it. For example, a pink-colored sponge was most likely made for the girl child.

Benefits of Using a Bath Sponge for Your Baby

At first glance, a bath sponge may seem quite unnecessary and extravagant but once you purchase one, you discover that there’s so much value in getting one or even two for your lovely baby. The numerous five star online reviews from customers further back up our view of bath sponges. The benefits of using a bath sponge range from ergonomics based on health-based benefits.

Blood circulation

The use of a baby bath sponge will help circulate blood better around your baby’s body. It does this by stimulating the blood vessels as you gently scrub your baby’s skin. Bath sponges reduce the chances of your baby getting acrocyanosis, a condition that is common in babies. The friction between the bath sponge and your baby’s skin creates warmth which helps the flow of blood in the blood vessels.


The softness of bath sponges makes them ideal for your baby as her delicate skin is much new to the outside world. The regular sponges aren’t suitable for babies and can cause irritations and damages to her skin. Also, babies are well-known comfort lovers and if you want them to enjoy baths, it must be as comfortable as possible. This allows you to bond lovingly with your baby.

Effective cleanliness

You must marvel at the thinness of your baby’s skin but this thinness leaves her more open to dirt and germs. As her immune system is not as strong as yours, it becomes very important to keep your baby hygienic at all times. A bath sponge will make it easier to clean your baby as they’re designed to make bathing as easy, comfortable and secure as possible. A bath sponge will let you effectively clean sensitive areas of your baby’s body, areas that would be uneasy to wash with regular sponges.


The nature of your baby’s skin means they won’t exfoliate like yours. Bath sponges are designed to properly remove dead skin from your baby, leaving her with beautiful and smooth skin. There’s no better way to exfoliate your baby than this as they give maximum gentleness.

Easy to use

Bathing a baby can get strenuous as a lot of care and attention is needed. Bath sponges are made to make your baby’s baths easier and more comfortable with added security. They are also easy and simple to use. The bath sponges are also easy to maintain.

Good for your baby’s skin

A baby sponge will let your baby keep the richness and tenderness of her skin. They’ll prevent breakage and abrasion while keeping her skin and scalp clean and beautiful. The use of a baby sponge through infancy will guarantee that she grows up radiant and glowing.

How should I sponge bathe my newborn?

After getting all the needed supplies, it’s time to get your baby comfortable. You should ensure that the room is at a temperature favorable to your baby before removing her clothes. The best place to start the bath is the head and this should be done without soap to prevent foam from getting into her eyes or ears. Be very gentle about it and also avoid water getting to her ears. Then, you can go on to wash less sensitive parts such as her scalp, neck, hands, and legs with a little soap. You should pay attention to the areas behind her ears, below her chin and between her fingers and toes.

The areas surrounding the umbilical stump should be kept dry and in case of dirt on the stump, you should clean it with as little water as possible. If your baby’s a freshly circumcised boy, you should clean the area with just water till it heals. When this is done, you can now rinse the soap off and then wrap your baby in a towel, the head should be wrapped too, to give her more warmth.

Get her into a clean diaper and a fresh set of clothes. For safety when bathing, you should ensure that you’re firmly holding her. You should never leave her to herself for any reason. Finally, you should make bathing as enjoyable as possible as it’s a good time for binding.


1. What should I look out for when buying my baby a bath sponge?

There are a few essentials things you should look out when buying a bath sponge. They include softness, size, material, ease of use, design, and color. The right combination of these factors will leave you with a very satisfying product. We will advise that you take your time to validate the claims made by the production company before buying any bath sponge.

2. What sort of bath sponges are bad for my baby?

The regular sponges used by adults are not suitable for babies as they’re not designed to cater for their delicate skin. Bathing your baby with your personal sponge can cause breakage and abrasion on her skin. Also, bath sponges made with materials that trigger allergies are bad for babies. The right bath sponge for your baby will be extra soft, hygienic and free of toxic materials.

3. When can I use a bath sponge for my baby?

During the first few weeks after the arrival of your baby, very gentle and extra careful sponge baths can be done. Full body sponge baths should only be done after the umbilical cord must have fallen and the navel and circumcision are properly healed. This is to ensure that they heal quickly and also  don’t get any infection

4.How often should I sponge bathe my baby?

The advice from experts is that you reduce the frequency of your baby’s baths to 2 or 3 times a week. This is to protect her delicate skin as frequent baths can cause her skin to dry. Besides, your baby isn’t ready for the playground just yet and so, she should be staying clean for long.

5. How often should I bathe my baby?

You should keep baths at a minimum but if your baby loves bathing a lot and has trouble sleeping without having a bath, you can bathe her once a day with clean water alone.

During childhood, kids start building their cognitive development which is the ability to think, explore and prospect. During this period, the brain starts developing and enables the children to understand and develop skills, find the problem-solving strategies and seek knowledge from them. Mostly, kids develop these skills from the toys they play at home or school. However, there are few toys as productive and worthwhile as a Lego set.

Lego set not only provides entertainment, but it’s also a great source of knowledge and learning. It is popular and most likable among kids because it helps them to learn various skills. Kids who use Lego set, develop a great sense of learning, develop aptitude and efficiency, and learn to be determined and purposeful. It helps to nourish young minds and promote creativity through its unique and colorful designs. Lego set are manufactured using high-quality products and they can be used for a very long period without any damage.

Ego sets provide hours of fun and imaginative play. If you are a youngster who enjoys creative playing and building, then Lego sets should be your top-most choice as it ensures to provide endless fun and entertainment. We have invested time in research and found the most reliable and educational Lego sets for kids. Let’s discuss each product one by one

10 Best Lego Sets for Kids

1. Lego Helicopter Building Blocks

LEGO has been one of the most famous and best-selling brands of toys for kids in the market. It is known for its premium quality and impressive design. It is not only for entertainment but it has also a great purpose of providing knowledge and creative imagination for kids. One of their hottest and popular products is LGEO helicopter adventure building blocks set which include a perfectly designed helicopter with an appealing green, yellow and black colors, large engines, adjustable gears, and high-quality spinning rotor. Helicopter measures over 7cm high, 19cm long and 12cm wide. The complete set of Lego helicopter building blocks has a total of 114 pieces. The product has been manufactured using strong and resilient plastic. It is really easy to build and the set includes a guide book.  The main advantage of this product is that it can be used for a long time without any damage. It is a great source of entertainment, creativity, constructive organizational skills, teamwork and patience for kids.

2. Lego Taj Mahal Building Blocks Set

LEGO’S representation of the real-world architectural beauty, the TAJ MAHAL, which is a redesigned model 2008 edition, features four exterior sides of the building with beautifully designed windows according to Indian traditional architecture. It also includes a main central mound, four auxiliary domes and four minarets of TAJ MAHAL which adds to the beauty and uniqueness of its structure. All of them are adorned by elegant details, elevated platforms with sloped arches and ornamental decorations to the exquisite tilework across the floor.

This Taj Mahal inspired Lego building blocks is the epitome of grace and portrayal of Indian tradition. It is one of the largest Lego’s models ever made with the measurement of 43cm height, 51cm width, and 51cm depth. Distinctive pieces of this set consist of six-blue base plates, white-colored bricks with bow, and lots of transparent elements, ‘Erling’ bricks and ‘jumper’ plates. The complete set includes over 5923 Lego pieces. This product will be very helpful for kids to improve creativity, imaginative thinking, teamwork and the learning ability of children.

3. Lego 3 in 1 Drone Explorer Building Blocks

Lego drone explorer building blocks are designed with fascinating and realistic details featuring twin rotors, posable cameras, opening cockpit, and landing gear. It also sports an orange, white and black color patterns along with red navigation control lights. The framework of Lego drone explorer also includes a drone’s lifting claw to carry the thing from one destination to the other. The complete set of this product has a total of 109 pieces.

The product includes high-quality blocks with no risk of damage or mishap. The most important benefit of the product lies in the fact that you can build either of three sets or something of your own using your creative mind and imaginative ability. The color coordination fits right in the arctic theme as aerial support. The magnificent concept and detailing of Lego 3 in 1 drone explorer building blocks will surely grab the attention of imaginative and adventurous young minds.

4. Lego Race Car Building Blocks

LEGO Technic Bash Racer Car Building Blocks has been designed incredibly with amazing details featuring an efficient and strong motor, a consistent front bumper, a massive rear bumper, long black rims with powerful tires and an engine pop-out function. It is deliberately painted with a vibrant red, a black and grey color scheme which is aesthetically pleasing and adds to the beauty of its design. The product also includes cool racing stickers to indulge in the wild and bumpy racing motor car adventure vibes.

The complete set consists of a total of 139 pieces and Product Dimensions are 262 x 72 x 141 cm. the building blocks are made of non-toxic material and easy to use as the guide book is provided with the product which includes step-by-step instructions along with pictures for better understanding. Lego race car building blocks ensure high-end manufacturing quality with top-notch performance. The idea and designing of this product are very appealing for kids to enhance their creative ability, learning, efficacy, and constructive organizational skills.

5. Lego Bricks on a Roll Building Blocks

This classic Lego building blocks package promotes open-ended creativity and imaginative thinking. The product comes with a guiding manual that provides every instruction needed to build the blocks by seeking help from the pictures given in the manual. You can build some mind-blowing characters, vehicles, building and much more using the building blocks. This product has a total of 442 pieces and Product Dimensions are 26.2 x 14.3 x 22.2 cm.

The package features a wide variety of Lego wheels, a mix of vivid and vibrant Lego bricks and some distinctive pieces. The magnificent design and detailing is very impressive and suitable for kids. Lego building blocks are known for their excellent manufacturing quality and long-lasting performance. There is no risk of destruction, toxicity or any mishap while using this product.

6. Lego Duplo Fun Creation Blocks

Lego Duplo fun creations building blocks are very popular in the market due to its unique designing and attractive color scheme pattern. It features a significant collection of colorful bricks in varying shapes and sizes. The package includes jet engines, traffic pole, flowers, and a boat element. It consists of 70 pieces in total and provides endless building options like animal models, food creations, little vehicles, etc.

This amazing product is really easy to use by following the instructions provided in the manual guide and very much likable among the kids due to its colorful design. It promotes creativity, fine motor skills, organizing skills and learning ability of young minds to flourish. Lego Duplo fun creations building blocks are made using very powerful and non-toxic materials so that there is no chance of any harm or damage.

7. Lego Friends Building Blocks

?tag=indianchild-21Lego Friends Olivia’s mission vehicle building blocks specially designed for girls and it consists of Olivia a mini-doll frame, a constructible Zobo figure, and Vega a cat figure. This package features a lorry-style automobile with a roof-top control panel, a special hidden compartment, a removable roof with enough space for a mini-doll figure and a park scene with a tree. Secondary pieces include a city park map, a ladder, and a cookie.

It is designed very beautifully with pleasing colors like pink, blue and white pattern. The product has a total of 223 pieces and the product dimension is 262 x 61 x 191 cm. Lego friend’s building blocks are very much in demand as it is a great source of entertainment, knowledge, and creativity. It helps in the development of organizing skills and promotes teamwork among children.

8. Lego Ninjago Building Blocks

This Lego building blocks set is inspired by the ninja theme and it features three ninja mini frames which are named as Nya (as samurai x), Kruncha and Nuckal. This package consists of the intro of a miniature cab, two prototype gunmen, bendable arms and legs, big toy katana and double katana. The Lego ninja toy also includes a sword and bone ax. The Lego ninja set includes modern interpretations of famous styles from past seasons to imagine classic conflicts from ninja go spinjitzu TV show. This manga inspired lego set is very much liked by the kids who are interested in ninja fighting games and cartoons.

It helps them to recreate an atmosphere of imaginative thinking and creative skills. The product is also very impressive in terms of designs and vibrant colors which brings out a great outcome. It has a total of 154 pieces provided by the guide book to follow the instructions and build the blocks of your imagination. Lego Ninjago building blocks are known for its best manufacturing quality and excellent performance.

9. Lego Deep Sea Creators Blocks

The LEGO Creations edition of deep-sea creations building blocks 3 in 1 provides three different opportunities to build your favorite deep-sea animals and interesting valuable things found in the sea. This set includes a shark, a crab, and a mysterious treasure box. Your kids can also use their creative ideas to rebuild these creatures into some other animals like squid or any other fish. The Lego deep sea creations blocks set features a deadly shark with a large open mouth and its sharp teeth, movable fins and body joints.

The shark’s appealing blue and white color scheme is cool and gives you real seawater feels. The set includes a total of 230 puzzle pieces and guide books which will help you in building your favorite deep-sea animals. This is the best-selling and most demanding building block set in the market due to creative design and cool color patterns that attract the kids and provides endless fun and entertainment.

10. Lego Desert Racer Block

The Lego city desert rally racer building blocks are designed to feel the wild desert racing cars vibe. This cool and exotic package features a heavy desert motor car with a removable roof, a large front frame of the car and a portable gear system. It also features a driver figure and some animal figures found in the desert-like scorpions. Desert rally racer measurements are 6cm height, 12cm length and 6cm width. The set consists of a total of 75 puzzle pieces and a manual guide with step-by-step instructions and pictures to build your favorite desert car easily with a style and creativity.

The color scheme of Lego desert rally racer building blocks is inspired by the exotic deserted areas of the city which compliments the design of the set. This package is highly manufactured using premium quality materials and there is no chance of any damage or harm.



While looking for a toy set for your kid, you should opt for a reliable and safe brand. LEGO is one of the leading and most popular brands in the market for puzzles, bricks, and toys. LEGO is best known for its marvelous designing ideas and cool color schemes which attract the kids. The products of this brand are manufactured using high-quality, non-toxic and resilient plastic which is powerful and damage-free. It is durable, very easy to use and it is a great source of knowledge and entertainment. You can get any of the above-mentioned products for your kids.

Entertainment Value

Look for a toy set for your kid with great entertainment value, so choose wisely because there are very few brands in the market that are promising with their performance and ensures to provide the purpose of its manufacture that is fun and entertainment. Luckily, LEGO is one of these brands. LEGO is very famous for its creative and fascinating design ideas with a vibrant and appealing color pattern which adds to the beauty of the product.

The packaging of LEGO products is very impressive and damage-free. These products help the kids to use their creativity and build anything from blocks according to their imaginative thinking which keeps them entertained for hours and hours.


If you are looking for a toy set at a certain price limit, you should choose the product very wisely. Make sure to select a product with less number of puzzles or blocks and less complex design. The simpler the product, the more reasonable will be its price. LEGO is a popular and best-selling brand in the market due to its incredible design, perfect packaging, high-end manufacturing, and powerful performance.

All of these qualities in a product makes it worth buying. LEGO promises to provide your kids with learning and entertainment which is a great deal and very few brands in the world offer this type of deal. So, the price of the LEGO set is reasonable and all the qualities of LEGO products are worth the price.


When you go to a market to buy a toy set, you should always keep in mind that the package should contain the complete number of accessories as written on the box. Make sure that the manual guide is present inside the package because it contains all the instructions and guidelines. If there is an accessory or even a secondary element is missing, refrain from buying it. Always ask the shopkeeper to check the package from inside before adding it to your bill.

Educational Value

One of the most important points to keep in mind while buying a toy set is that it should be a great source of knowledge and learning for your kid. It must be designed in such a way that it provides both fun and learning at the same time. The concept of building blocks and puzzles of the LEGO set ensures that the kid develops fine motor skills, patience, constructive organizational ability, and teamwork. It should be a great source of cognitive development and self-esteem for children.

Social Development

The idea and concept behind the designing of any toy set must be that the kids should learn discipline and improve behavioral aspects at the same time when playing and having fun. This concept enables your kid to develop the ability to interact, work in a team with manners and discipline, learn how to organize things with creativity and patience. These qualities will help your kid in the long run to be a better person in society.


1. Is LEGO set only suitable for kids of certain age limits? My child is older than the mentioned age limit, so can he play with it?

Ans. Every product of the LEGO set is for a certain age limit. LEGO has mentioned these age limits on the packaging of the product. The reason behind restricting the products to certain age limits is that the product might contain very small and sharp elements that are dangerous for underage children. These products may result in a choke or any other serious condition in case of attempting to ingest. But if your child’s age is according to or older that mentioned age, he/she can play with it.

2. What is the purpose of buying a LEGO set?

Ans. The LEGO set is very productive and likable among children. The exceptional designing and appealing color scheme of Lego sets attract the children. The concept of manufacturing the LEGO set is that the children are provided fun, entertainment, creative thinking, learning, and organizational skills at the same time. It is a great source of knowledge and development. These qualities make the LEGO set worth buying and you should give it a chance to improve your child’s development and creative skills.

3. Is it true that the LEGO set is beneficial for developing a child’s learning skills?

Ans. There are only a few brands in the world that ensure to provide fun and knowledge at the same time and LEGO is one of them. The concept and designing of LEGO set to enable the children to develop fine motor skills, patience and teamwork, organizing ability, learning new things, creativity and imaginative thinking.

4. Is LEGO set dangerous for children?

Ans. Every product of the LEGO set is for a certain age limit. LEGO has mentioned these age limits on the packaging of the product. The reason behind restricting the products to certain age limits is that the product might contain very small and sharp elements that are dangerous for underage children. If your child’s age is according to the mentioned age limit then it is safe for him/her.


Childhood is a very precious time of life. It has so many precious memories of growing, playing with friends, having fun and learning. The children develop their self-esteem during childhood. Most of it is developed from the toys they play with. They develop fine motor skills, aptitude, organizational skills, and teamwork by playing with their toys and sharing them with their friends.

Lego set enables them to provide endless fun and entertainment as well as improve their learning skills. We have mentioned the most reliable Lego sets for your kids. You can pick any of them according to your requirements. If you have any questions regarding our list of products, just let us know, we will be more than happy to assist you.

These days, kids find it more interesting to play on their phones than engage in physical activities with their age mates. As a result, their physical development is dwindling, and they lack basic social skills as well as fundamental creativity they can acquire by engaging their imaginations in made up games with their friends.

Play tents are one of the numerous ways your kids can play around with their imagination. A play tent can be set up for your kids inside or outside, and it can help them develop their cognitive skills, have a place to play with their friends, or spend time alone.

10 Best Play Tents for Kids

1. Home cute

Created with light steel and polyester, this play tent can be easily moved from one part of the house to the other pretty easily, and it can also be set up within minutes.

This play tent also comes in vibrant colors that are meant to complement the design of your children’s room or playroom. It comes with a flooring that is also made of polyester for your children’s comfort and can be set up in any space without the fear of your children’s clothes getting dirty.

The play tent also has a window and a door for cross ventilation and can be easily folded for storage.

If you are looking for a play tent that your kids can use both indoor and outdoor, then this particular tent is for you.



We have talked about creative tents and how kids tend to love them so much because of their colorful natures and abilities to instill creativity in them, but we haven’t had an example of it, till now.

This Frozen themed tent is a perfect example of creative tents that is both beautiful and functional. It comes with all the necessary features that a play tent is supposed to have and even more. It puts a lot of emphasis on safety to the extent that its poles are on the inside of the tent, so the tent does not collapse by simply knocking it over.

Apart from these things, the play tent can easily be folded away for storage or carriage, and it can be set up both inside and outside the house. The material of the tent is flame and water-resistant, and it can be set up in a few minutes.

3. Sassimo

This hut type play tent comes with a vibrant color that perfect for both boys and girls. It can be used to complement the design of your kid’s room or playroom and can be easily moved around from room to room whenever you want your kids to play where you can keep your eyes on them.

It comes steel pipes for support, and its non-weaver material makes it perfect for use both inside and outside the house. Its door and windows are bigger than that of most play tents, and the height of the tent is around 52 inches, which is higher than the height of an average kid. Because of this height, the tent is also perfect for tall kids and can be used by your kids for a considerably long time.

Lastly, the tent is extremely easy to set up and can be easily folded for storage when not in use.

4. Skediz

This creative play tent is definitely one of the most beautiful play tents on this list. Why? It designed to look like a castle with a pink color that’s sure to be a hit for both toddlers and other kids. It has the impression of a smaller house and with a big door and windows for ventilation. It can serve as your kid’s personal space as well as a place where they can play around with their friends.

Furthermore, this product can be set up both inside and outside your house, and even though it has no base, the remaining parts of the tent are created to be both water and flameproof.

Lastly, it can be easily arranged and set up though arrangements should be with adult supervision.


5. iToys inc.

Who doesn’t like the popular Japanese anime, Doraemon?  It is fun, educating, colorful, and a true hit among kids, so it is not a surprise that one of the creative play tents to make it to this list is a Doraemon themed tent.

Just like every other tent, this tent is created with durable materials that are extremely easy to assemble and very light to carry around in a bag.

This play tent is useful for indoor plays and outdoor events where you want your kids and probably their friends to play alone without disturbing the adults. It is good for your kid’s imagination and can also serve as your kid’s personal space.


6. Disney

This Mickey Mouse themed play tent is also another perfect example of a creative tent to make it to this list. It is designed specifically with your kid’s likes and comfortability in mind. It comes with flooring, and its nonwoven material makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The bright and vivid color of the tent is guaranteed to fuel your kid’s imagination, and the tent can be used for a number of things, including camping. The door is of the tent is very easy to handle even by toddlers. It is made of the same fabric as the rest of the tent and can be easily shifted aside with little to no strength whatsoever.


7. Playhood

If you are looking for a tent that’s specifically created with your children in mind, then this tent is the perfect product for you.

Unlike the other play tents on this list, this tent places more emphasis on helping your children with their social, mental, and emotional development. It is created with the intention of helping children develop important life skills such as communication skills.

Furthermore, this tent is created with light material, and its parts are extremely easy to assemble. Also, the tent is foldable and can be easily moved from one room to another without any stress whatsoever.


8. Barbie

This cottage-like creative tent is designed by the popular cartoon and plastic toys enterprise Barbie for the personal enjoyment and development of your kids.

The play tent makes use of thick nonwoven cloth to ensure that your kids remain comfortable at all times and a curtain to give your kids the illusion of a real cottage.

The tent can be used conveniently by any kid below 8 years old and it can be used as their personal space or a convenient place for them to learn.

The tent can be easily assembled without any stress whatsoever and it can be easily folded too for storage or carriage.


9. Toyshine

Apart from the simple fact that this product is a pop-up tent which is so easy to set up, this tent is also made with 100% polyester which makes it extremely durable and relatively easy to wash.

This tent can be used both inside and outside the house and ,its vibrant colors makes it a perfect addition to any home decor.

The play tent is designed in such a way that you can always play together with your kid in the play tent.

The play tent comes with four wooden stakes to ensure the safety of your children and the window is created in such a way that your kids will have enough breeze while playing inside the tent.

The tent can take up to three kids at once.

10. NHR

If you want a play tent that will allow you to keep your eyes on your kids at all times, then look no further than this castle-themed play tent.

This tent is created with breathable materials that can be folded back to allow your kids to have access to as much breeze as possible. It can be used inside the house or outside the house and it is created in such a way that it can be folded for storage or carriage.

The tent comes in other vibrant colors such as pink and yellow and it can be used by your kids as their PlayStation. You can even take it along with you for other outdoor events such as camps and picnics.

Selecting the Best Play Tent for Your Kids

No two play tents are the same. They come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. In order to know which play tent will best suit your kids, you have to take in the key features of a play tent and apply it to the things you want your kids to use it for and the benefits of a play tent in general. Below are a number of things you need to watch out for when it comes to buying a play tent for your kids.


The size of a tent can determine how much fun your kids are going to have in it and how long they can use it. For example, small tents are only reasonable when you want the tent to be used by one or two toddlers. When it comes to three or more kids, they become unreasonable.

Furthermore, a small tent makes it impossible for your kids to invite friends over or customize the tent as their personal space by moving books and blankets inside.

With a big tent, though, your kids can always have more fun, and you don’t have to think of changing to a bigger one anytime soon. In the purest sense ever, a big tent will grow with your kids.


Materials are vital when it comes to buying play tents, and the material you are buying must suit the location where you want to set the play tent up.

Your kids will most likely be using the play tent inside and outside the house, so you have to make sure that they are waterproof and will not easily get soaked when your kids are playing with water or by a tiny drizzle.

Tents that are made with polyester are the best choices if you’re looking for tents that can be easily washed, and unless you want to set up the tent in the house, or anywhere else, your kids won’t get too dirty, you should always opt for a tent with flooring.


As a general rule, play tents don’t come arranged from the factory. When you buy a play tent, it comes in a box with an instruction manual on how to set it up, and some setup instructions are more complicated than others. So, when you are buying a play tent for your kids, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself.

The first of them is, ‘Is this play tent easy to set up?’. After this comes other questions like, ‘How do I set up this okay tent?’ and ‘Where can I set up this play tent?’.


When it comes to creativity, one of the things that constantly change when it comes to playing tents is the exterior design of the tent. Some exterior designs are plain but colorful while others are themed and have pictures of famous cartoon characters like Elsa and Anna from Frozen or the Avengers.

Another thing that differs from tent to tent is the general design and intended use of a tent. Some tents are meant to be used as ball pits where your kids can play have had more fun while others have tunnels they can play hide and seek in. Whatever the case is, kids, love creative tents. They are so fun to play in and so pretty to look at.


Since you’ll be moving around the play tent a lot and will most likely pack it up when it is not in use, weight is one of the things you have to consider when you are getting a play tent.

A good play tent should be sturdy but not too heavy to move around, especially when it has been dismantled. If it is made of a material that can not be wiped down, it should not be too stressful to wash by hand or in the washing machine.


Play tents are not meant to be used for a few months and packed off to one dusty corner of your storeroom. They are meant to go through constant use and grow with your kids. So, one of the features you need to watch out for when buying a play tent is durability.

You must ensure that the play tent you are buying is made of a material that does not wear and tear easily.

Doors and Windows

The importance of good ventilation anywhere cannot be overemphasized. So to avoid the chances of suffocation, getting a play tent with doors and windows is the best choice for your kids.

Also, kids can easily look out the windows to enjoy the view outside the tent.

Benefits of Buying Play Tents for Your Kids

There are a lot of benefits to gain from buying a play tent for your children. They can use it as their personal space when they need some alone time, and they can also play or read in it when they get older. Whatever the case, buying a play tent for your kids is never a waste.


Let’s face it; childhood is the most important development stage of a human being. It is at this point that we learn most of the things that serve as the most fundamental foundation of the things we do throughout our lifetimes, and a play tent serves as an added advantage when it comes to learning these things.

A play tent is a comfortable place where kids can exercise their imaginations, come up with new ideas, and engage in creative plays all on their own, at their own pace and in their own times. It also creates a peaceful setting where kids can read from books and creative adventures all on their own.

To some kids, the play tent can be a castle; to others, it can be a library. The point is, it can help them their ability to use their imagination effectively, which can, in turn, help them develop their narrative and speech skills.

Solo Play

As adults, we understand the concept of being alone and enjoying our own space in solitude very well, but sometimes, we tend to not be as understanding when it comes to kids. We just want to spend the whole day with them in silence or listening to them talk about their days.

But sometimes, kids just want to be alone. They want to indulge their imaginations, play by themselves, roll in a ball pit, or read a storybook.

In a play tent, kids can meaningfully engage their time alone without playing with anybody else but themselves.

Physical Development

Children move around a lot when they are playing in tents; they walk, crawl, and roll about, and these activities have been discovered to contribute to their physical developments.

It has also been discovered that a play tent helps children to develop hand coordination and other important physical elements they will need as adults.

You can also put board games and puzzles in the play tent for your kids to play with whenever they feel like.

Safe Place

A play tent can serve as a place for your kids to feel comfortable after getting scolded for doing one thing or the other. It can be their personal space, where they can feel comfortable and at ease.

Social Development

Play tents, especially big ones, are designed in such a way that your kids can easily invite their friends over, and this single act is the first step towards developing social skills.

When kids play with one another, they learn to develop important communication skills as well as learn the importance of following the rules they set for themselves during the course of the gameplay. They also interact with their age mates and learn to have confidence in themselves.


1. Are play tents easy to set up?

Yes. Play tents are very easy to set up. All you need to do is read the manual and you are good to go. For pop up tents, you don’t even need a manual. You can always instruct your kids on how to set up the play tent for times when they want to play in it and you are not around.

2. Do play tents take a lot of space?

No, they don’t. Although there are small and big-play tents, play tents generally don’t take a lot of space. They can be placed in the corner of a room when in use and can be easily folded for storage when they are not in use.

3. Can you use play tents outside?

Most of the play tents on this list are designed for both indoor and outdoor use so yes, you can use these play tents outside. But just in case you are buying any tent that’s not on this list, some tents are made specifically for indoor or outdoor use. Tents that are made specifically for indoor use are always smaller to fit into the room space and give your kids space to run while tents that are made specifically for outdoor are usually bigger.

4. What type of tent is the best for my kid?

All and none. For you to safely determine the best type of tent for your kids, you have to consider a number of things such as the age of your kid, the size of your kid, how many kids will be using the play tents at once and so on. All of these things will help you clearly decide what type of tent is best for your kid.

5. At what age can my child start using a play tent?

The earliest age is 3 months old when your babies are still crawling but the safest age is 3 years old when your baby can safely play on their own without as much adult supervision as they would need when they are 3 months old.


So, now that we are at the end of the article, we hope you have learned a few things about how to buy the perfect play tent for your kids. If by any chance you are still confused about which one to go for, here are our Top 3 recommendations – Home cute tent, Ahra tent and Sasimo tent.

If there is one thing almost every new parent forgets when buying baby care products, it is the hairbrush, and the reason why they forget is simple. Most babies are born with little to no hair on their heads. When they do have hair, it is usually very soft and looks like it can be combed with any ordinary comb. So, between no hair and soft hair, most babies have to make do with their mother’s old brushes or combs.

While there is nothing wrong with using your old brushes to brush your baby’s hair, these brushes may have hard bristles, and hard bristles may cause your baby’s pain, and nobody really wants to make a baby cry like that unnecessarily.

To ensure that your baby’s scalp stays unhurt from skin problems like cradle cap and using the wrong hairbrush, this article will talk about how to get the best hairbrush for your babies, the importance of hairbrushes for your babies and the best hair brushes you can find for your babies on Amazon.

9 Best Hair Brushes for Babies in India

1. Fisher-Price

Made with natural materials, this cute hair brush set is one of the safest materials you will ever find on the market for your babies. It is created with a plastic that is BPA free so your babies stand no chance of developing any health issue as a result of using it.

It comes in two sets. One is the comb that’s also specifically created to ensure the comfort of your baby and the second is a brush. Together, these two can be used to stimulate your baby’s scalp and ensure that there is ample blood flow there. It can be used to prevent or reduce cradle caps and it can be used to help your baby relax.

Furthermore, you can use the comb for styling your baby’s hair better and constant use of this product can help your baby grow hair on their heads faster.

This hair brush is designed specifically for brushing thick and full hair. It can be used in the bathroom because it is made of plastic and it can be easily cleaned after use.

The handle is long and sturdy enough to fit into the hand of an adult and the colour is specifically chosen to fit in with your other baby care products.

The brush is not too big, it can be easily packed in your baby’s box or bag when you are travelling and it doesn’t take much space at all.

It will help to stimulate and soothe your baby’s scalp and the bristles are designed in such a way that they will not easily remove.

2. Vega

This hair brush is designed specifically for brushing thick and full hair. It can be used in the bathroom because it is made of plastic and it can be easily cleaned after use.

The handle is long and sturdy enough to fit into the hand of an adult and the colour is specifically chosen to fit in with your other baby care products.

The brush is not too big, it can be easily packed in your baby’s box or bag when you are travelling and it doesn’t take much space at all.

It will help to stimulate and soothe your baby’s scalp and the bristles are designed in such a way that they will not easily remove.

3. Baybee

If you are looking for a hair brush and comb set that will stay with you for a very long time, then look no further than this product with its highly durable plastic and bristles.

Before we go on, this product is created by a company that’s known for creating safe baby care products so every material used in creating this brush set is the safest material you will ever find on the market.

That said, this product comes in a wide range of colours and each colour is designed to be vibrant and perfect for any kid.

Furthermore, the materials are durable and can be used by your baby for a long time until he/she is around 7 years old.

When it comes to the beneficial features of this product, this hair brush and comb can both be used to style your baby’s hair, massage the scalp and relax your baby.

4. LuvLap

This is also another hair brush and comb set created specifically for your baby’s comfort and enjoyment.

The handles of the comb and brush are created to fit into your palm perfectly with an anti slip material that will ensure that you don’t have to twist the muscle of your wrist to groom your baby. The material used in creating the brush and comb is BPA free, so your babies are safe from any harm whatsoever that may befall them by virtue of using the hair brush.

Also, the bristles are soft and can be used to gently massage your baby’s scalp while the comb comes with rounded edges to ensure that your baby does not suffer any scratches while you are styling the hair.

5. Mee Mee

This particular hair brush comes with a lot of choices for you to select from ranging from colour to the texture of the bristles.

Generally, this product comes in three colours, blue, pink and orange while its bristles and design comes in four sizes.

The first is premium. The premium hair brush has bristles that are clustered together and can be used to gently detangle wet hair.

The second is regular and it is designed in such a way that its head is narrower than the premium brush while the bristles are as thick and full.

The third is soft bristled and it can be used to gently brush out baby’s hair without scratching them.

The fourth is soft grip and it is perfect for parents who don’t want to stress their wrists at all while they are combing their baby’s hair.

All in all, this brush is made with food grade plastic so it is perfectly safe for your babies.

6. Chicco

Chicco is another hair brush set with a comb for styling your baby’s hair. It is specially created with an ergonomic handle to fit into your palm for a girl grip while you are brushing your baby’s hair.

The bristles are soft and the comb has rounded tips to ensure that you don’t scratch your babies’ heads while brushing or combing their hair.

Furthermore, the bristles are thin and suitable for brushing and styling damp hair. The brush and comb is perfect for using in the bathroom as it is made of plastic and will never breed fungus or bacteria.

Since the bristles are made from a natural origin, they do not get hard when dipped inside water. Rather, they retain their natural texture.

7. Rozia

Although we have talked about wooden hair brushes and how they are inappropriate for using in the bathroom or damp places because of their tendencies to breed mold and sometimes bacteria, this particular hair brush is a little different.

It is one of the safest hair brushes you can find for your babies. Why, you may ask? The handle of this hair brush is made of wood which is BPA free and the bristle is made of goat hair which is hypoallergenic to ensure that your babies don’t react to the bush while you are brushing their hair or scalp.

Since the bristle is made of goat hair, it is naturally soft and will leave no scratches on your baby’s head.

8. BeeBaby

This is another brush set with a comb that’s considerately designed to fit your baby’s needs.

If you are looking for a hair brush to massage your baby’s scalp and help with the blood flow or get rid of cradle cap, then look no further than this extra soft hair brush for grooming your kids.

Furthermore, this hair brush comes in a fun interactive colour that will surely fit in with the rest of your baby care product and it is not too big to be used anywhere else in the house or packed when travelling.


This unique brush and comb set combs with a comb that us carefully designed with rounded edges to easily detangle your baby’s hair whether the hair is wet or dry. The brush comes with very soft bristles that will not in any way irritate your baby’s scalp or cause any form of injury or scratches. The plastic is nontoxic and BPA free so your babies are in safe hands and the handle is ergonomic and perfect for your hand.

Buying Guide

Buying the perfect hairbrush for your baby can be hard. There are certain things you need to look out for, like the hardness of the bristles to the grip of the handle. Without the knowledge of these things, your baby may end up with a really bad hairbrush. Luckily for you, this section of the article discusses all the things you need to look out for when buying a baby’s hairbrush.


As usual, price is an important factor when it comes to buying anything. More often than not, we try to avoid buying products that are expensive to cut costs and maximize the family’s finances, but the truth is, the price of a product sometimes determines the quality of that product.

Of course, we are not saying that every expensive product is made of quality materials, or every cheap product lacks quality. Indeed, there are some cheap products that are more durable than expensive products, but when it comes to the hairbrush, what you pay for is what you get.


Since hair brushes can easily affect the health of your babies because they come in direct contact with their skins, you have to be particularly careful about the materials used in making them.

When you are buying a hair brush, you have to avoid materials that breed mold or fungus and look for materials that dry easily. This means that a hairbrush made of plastic or wooden material is your best bet at getting a good hair brush for your baby.

When it comes to the distinction between a wooden hair brush and a plastic hair brush, a plastic hair brush is less suitable for constant use in the bathroom or bath tub since it doesn’t get dried as quickly as plastic brushes and can easily breed bacteria.

Furthermore, wooden hair brushes are not as easy to clean as plastic hair brushes. Thus, if you have a chance to pick between a plastic hair brush and a wooden hair brush, a plastic hair brush is the best.

Type of Bristle

Baby hair brushes are one of the simplest and straight forward designs of baby care products. They usually have two parts, the handle where you can grip it and the head where the bristles for brushing your baby’s hair are.

Depending on the manufacturer, or price, bristles can be soft or hard. Soft bristles are usually made of animal fur or synthetic materials and they are perfect for brushing fine hair. When the bristles are clustered together and full, they are perfect for combing  wet hair and when they are scattered and thin, they are perfect for combing dry thick hair.

Hard bristles are usually used for massaging scalps that are in need of more care. They can be made of materials like silicone or plastic.


No matter what, the last thing you want to ever do is to use dirty products on your babies because it is not healthy and it can cause some serious health issues for them. Thus, one of the things parents look out for when buying baby care products is the ability of that product to be easily cleaned.

While some hair brushes cannot be easily cleaned, others are designed in such a way that cleaning them will take less than five minutes. So, if you don’t want to have to brush your baby’s hair with something that is dirty, grimy and disgusting, the best you can do is to ensure that the hair brush you are buying can be easily cleaned.


While it is important to buy a pretty hair brush for your babies that can fit into their baby care product set, it is more important to ensure that the hair brush in question is capable of performing the function of a hair brush perfectly.

Let’s face it, the truth is for a long time after you buy a hair brush, your babies aren’t going to be brushing their hair by themselves. So, the best thing you can do is to buy them a hair brush that you can easily hold in your hands.

If you buy a hair brush that is pretty but with a tiny handle, the chances are that you will not use it a lot as you will be straining your wrist muscles with every use.


Allergies are normal. You may not know it yet since your babies have just been born and you haven’t spent much time with them but they may be allergic to certain things.

The most common allergies that babies have is animal hair so if you want to buy a hair brush for your baby and you don’t know what your baby is allergic to, you should try to avoid brushes made with animal hair and go for brushes that are specifically labelled hypoallergenic.

If your baby is not allergic to animal hair though, animal hair makes the best bristle for a baby’s hair brush.


Hair brushes are made with the intention to serve a particular purpose. So, depending on your baby’s needs, the type of hair brush you need to buy may differ from one person to another.

For example, if your baby has thick full hair, the kind of hair brush your baby will need will be one with a softer bristle. If you need a brush that can massage and stimulate your baby’s scalp, you will be needing a brush with firm bristles.


The first thing you have to ensure when buying any baby care product is how safe the product will be for your baby. You have to ask yourself, is it going to constitute a choking hazard? Will my child be allergic to the materials used? And can it cause more harm than good to my baby?

When you ask yourself these questions, you are one more step closer to getting your baby a really good baby care product.

When it comes to hair brushes, you have to ensure that the tip of the hair is even and incapable of scratching your baby’s scalp as their scalps are tender and really easy to scratch. You also have to ensure that the bristles will not break easily so as not to constitute a choking hazard.


Why do baby hair brushes come with tiny handles even though the manufacturers know that they’ll never be used by the babies? The answer is to ensure that the brushes look really cute but you don’t need a cute hair brush. What you need is a practical hair brush that you can hold without straining your wrist so you should always go for hair brushes with ergonomic handles.

Benefits of Using a Hair Brush

With all of the things you need to look out for when buying a hair brush for your baby, you may be thinking, why do I need to get a hair brush at all? The answer is simple and the following points are the reasons why you need to get a hair brush for your baby.

Scalp Stimulation

When you brush your baby’s hair with a brush, the movement and bristles help in stimulating their scalps even if the bristle is a soft one and this can help with the blood flow in the head and help prevent cradle cap and promote hair growth.

Hair Styling

It’s near impossible for you to style your baby’s hair without the use of a comb on a brush. Of course, since a baby’s hair is smooth and looks malleable, you may be tempted to use your hand but without proper brushing, the hair will not stay in the style and will look scattered a little too soon.

Cradle Cap Treatment

If there is anything new babies are notorious for, it is developing flaky skin on their scalps. Although this condition is not harmful to them and ends up clearing by itself in the long run, one of the ways to ensure that it does not happen at all or happen again is to regularly brush your baby’s hair to improve blood flow and also to remove existing flakes.

Comforting and Relaxing

There is something comforting about the back and forth stroke of the hair brush. So, if your baby finds it difficult to settle down to sleep, brushing his hair may help in lulling him to sleep. With your baby asleep, there is also the chance of you getting as much sleep as you need.

Stimulating the Baby’s Nervous System

Hair brushes are designed in such a way that they are capable of being used to massage your baby’s scalp and massaging your baby’s scalp is capable of stimulating your baby’s nervous system. This will help your baby to relax more and develop a very healthy brain.


As cute as bed hair looks, there is nothing bad about ensuring that your baby looks even cuter by brushing his hair and helping him look well arranged and groomed for the day.


1. What kind of brush can I use to brush my baby’s hair?

The kind of hair brush you can use to brush your baby’s hair depends on your baby’s needs. For example, if your baby has soft scalp, then you will most likely be needinnd a brush with soft bristles and if your baby has allergies, you will be needing brushes with silicone bristles that can be easily cleaned and taken care of. In all, you are in the best position to determine which brush to use for your baby’s hair.

2. Why does my baby need a hair brush?

To stimulate the scalp, aid blood flow and the development of a healthy brain. Also to help with hair growth. Other reasons why your baby needs a hair brush is discussed in full under the ‘Reasons why your baby needs a hair brush’ section of this article.

3. What is the best material for a baby’s brush?

Again, this comes down to the material that can be used comfortably by your baby to achieve a particular goal. There are materials used in creating hair brushes. These materials can be goat hair, silicone, plastic or wood to mention a few.

4. Can baby brushes be used for toddlers?

Of course. There are some brushes that are designed to stay with your babies till they are around 7 years old. As long as they can grip the handle of the hair brush and the bristles are durable enough, then they can use it for as long as they want.

5. When and how can I wash a baby brush?

Anytime you want. Ideally you should remove hair from your baby’s hair brush after use so it doesn’t pile up and become disgusting. You can also use baby soap to wash your baby’s hair brush.


Now that we have come to the end of this article, we hope that with the help of the few pointers and products included in this article, your hairbrush buying journey will be an easy one.

If you just had a baby the question that comes in our mind is what next? One of the must-dos is to make sure that your baby is fed well throughout the day. As you must have been told by your doctor, the first phase of feeding your baby involves breast milk. You’ll need a storage solution to make sure the milk doesn’t go to waste at any point.

One thing that we always recommend is keeping breast milk in small batches for one simple reason – health. Of course, another reason for that is to avoid wastage. That said, what are the things to consider when buying a new breast milk bag? We are going to have a look at this and introduce you to some of the best breast milk storage bags in the market. Let’s go!

10 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

1. Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

Maintain the sweet taste of your breast milk by storing it in Lansinoh breast milk storage bags. These bags are proven to provide secure storage for that precious milk and make it available whenever your baby wants it. You can either store them in the fridge if you are planning to use the milk after a few days. They also allow you to store the content at room temperature and use it within eight hours.

If you are a first-time mom, then the calibrations on these bags will come in handy. You can measure from 30 ml to 180 ml depending on the amount you want to store. The bags are pre-sterilized and employ the double-zipper locking mechanism. In addition to this, you’ll also like the wide neck which makes it easier to fill and pour out the content.


2. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags (25 pieces)

Medela breast milk storage bags are double-walled and are fitted with double zippers. As such, you can be sure of a set of leak-proof bags in which you can safely store your milk without worrying about any spillages. As earlier stated, spillage is one of the worst things that could happen to your breast milk considering how much work you’ve put in to pump it.

The bags are not only pre-sealed but also pre-sterilized to ensure a high level of hygiene. They also have a large area where you can label them once filled with milk. Plastics can be dangerous when it comes to chemical deposits, but with this BPA-free material, you don’t have to worry about such issues.


3. Dr. Brown’s Breast Milk Storage Bags (25 pieces)

If the first two brands did not interest you, then maybe this one will. Dr. Brown’s company prides itself on high-quality breastfeeding accessories. Among the breast milk storage options provided by this manufacturer is this set of storage bags. They all come with a calibrated surface to help you measure the exact volume that you wish to save for future use. It comes in two sets with each set having 25 bags for your convenience.


4. MEDca Breast Milk Storage Bags (100 pieces)

Do you want a set of self-standing bags? Well, MEDca has got you covered with a pack of 100 pieces of such breast milk storage bags. If you are always on the move and have to leave your child back at home, then this is ideal for you. You can store enough milk in your freezer and the best part is that you won’t require too much space in the freezer since the bags are small and compact.

The pungent odor that you may experience in most plastic bags is non-existent in MEDca breast milk storage bags. Each of them is pre-sterilized hence preserving the quality and freshness of your milk. In addition, they are quite easy to carry around and using them could never be any simpler. Defrosting does not need too much effort as all you need to do is run warm tap water over the bag and you are good to go.


5. Mommy’s Precious 250 ml Breast Milk Storage Bags (110 pieces)

Do you need more bags for storage? Well, there is no need to spend more when you can get an extra 10% of bags when you buy  Mommy’s Precious breast milk storage bags. This is not a limited offer but something that has been going on ever since this brand got into the market. What we like most about them is the fact that it is designed by parents who have also been through this phase hence making them ideal for any mother.

The locking mechanism is one thing that I always consider when buying new breast milk bags and I bet you do too. This particular brand features a double zip lock mechanism which is effective in preventing any leakages. Oh! And they are BPA-free which is quite friendly for your baby in all aspects. Once frozen, the bags flatten to save space for storing more milk.


6. Ameda Store N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags (20 pieces)

If you want to pump your breast milk directly into a storage bag, then these breast milk storage bags are the best for you. This brand offers a convenient solution for your storage tasks. The package comes with an adapter which makes it compatible with just about any pump. After pumping the breast milk into one of the bags, you can seal it and store it in the freezer.

Another feature that makes it one of the best especially for first-time moms is its design that ensures that you can pour out the milk without spilling. The construction material is also leakage-free, which is a great addition to your breast milk storage system.

7. Trumom Breast Milk Storage Bags (30 pieces)

Trumom is another brand of breast milk storage bags that you and your kid might enjoy. These bags help you store breast milk safely in a freezer or refrigerator for future use. The construction material is leak-proof which ensures that your milk remains intact throughout the storage period. Of course, safety is a priority when it comes to babies and it is evident in the fact that these bags are designed from BPA-free materials.


8. NOYMI BPA-Free Breast Milk Storage Bags

The market has many brands of breast milk storage bags but not many of them beat the quality of NOYMI. These hygienically pre-sealed bags are designed from durable and BPA-free material. As such, you can be sure that your milk will remain safe throughout the storage period. In addition, they employ the double zipper locking mechanism to reinforce the safety of the milk. You might also like the fact that these bags are self -standing and will not take up too much space in your freezer. Enjoy the convenience and qualities of thirty bags contained in the package each measuring 220 ml.

9. Pigeon Breast Milk Bag Combo (10 pieces)

Are you low on budget? Don’t let that stop you from giving your baby a memorable childhood when you can get a pack of cheap yet effective breast milk storage bags. I am talking about the Pigeon Breast Milk Bag Combo designed especially for you and your baby. The secure seal and leak-proof material make these bags a convenient option. In addition, they are all BPA-free, which is an important factor in most of the bags today. In case it is your first time, you’ll have a set of instructions to guide you through the process.

10. Philips Avent Clear Breast Milk Storage Bags

Philips Avent is one company that has made a name in almost all baby products. Its reputation is strengthened even further by these breast milk bags designed by parents for parents. The package comes with fifty bags each of which measures about 6 ounces. This is enough for you to store your breast milk and leave for your day’s job. They are somewhat expensive but we promise the qualities are worth the investment.

Buyers Guide

So, before we tell you which brands are ideal for this particular purpose, here is a list of things we considered while compiling the breast bags. We recommend that you go through these factors and make sure to keep them in mind the next time you go shopping.


Like any other baby product, you must prioritize the safety of your baby when deciding on the best breast milk bag. Remember this is your baby’s daily meal and must be kept safe from any contamination. For one, these bags have to be pre-sterilized to get rid of any germs. Another thing that you ought to find out about them is whether they contain any chemicals.

Of course, most breast milk bags are made from plastic materials and that makes them easy targets for toxic chemicals. The most common culprit, in this case, is BPA or Bisphenol-A which is used by some manufacturers to make their products more transparent and durable. However, this chemical may be a hormone disruptor if taken in by the child. Therefore, as a parent, you must keep these safety measures in mind before purchasing a bag.

Ease of use

How easy is it to use the bag? It might not seem like a big deal but it definitely is especially if you are a first-time mother. There are many things to consider in this case and one of them is the bag’s compatibility with your breast pump. Other bags come with adapters that can be used to link them with different pumps.

The shape of the bag is another feature that plays a huge role in conveniently storing milk. Can it stand on its own or does it need support? This will determine how easy you can store breast milk bags. Some shapes also make it easier to transfer milk from the bag to a storage bottle without too much hassle.


The best size for a storage bag is a subjective feature as it all depends on how much milk you want to store. If you want to store enough milk for several hours, then you might need bigger bags. However, if you are planning to feed your baby with all the milk immediately, then smaller ones are your best bet.

Inasmuch as this is your own decision, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind. Storing large amounts of milk at once may be dangerous to the health of your baby as you might be tempted to use expired content. In addition, there are high chances of you wasting the milk since your baby may not drink all of it.


It goes without saying that a breast milk bag must be resistant to any leakage. Spillage is one of the worst things that could happen to your hard-earned milk and you must do all you can to prevent such occurrences. One way of making sure that you don’t fall victim to leakages is to read the comments about the bag’s seal and how well it works.

We recommend double-zipper bags since the two zippers ensure that the bag is completely sealed. In fact, when one of the zippers is faulty, the other one takes charge. Another locking mechanism you can consider is the screw cap method where the bag is fitted with a removable cap.


How much are you willing to part with? This is another important factor that you must consider as it determines which brand of bag you can afford. Don’t try to scratch where your hand cannot reach but also remember that your baby’s health is at stake here. Therefore, make sure to purchase a product that you can trust regardless of the price.

There is a belief that all expensive products are worth the investment but that is not always true. Some expensive bags may not serve you the way you expect and that can be frustrating considering the amount of cash you’ve put in. On the other hand, some cheap bags provide you with the same features found in high-end products. So you need to make a wise decision with all these things considered.

Safety Tips

Ensure you use chemical-free bags to store the milk

As earlier stated, most breast milk storage bags are made of plastic. Of course, that is one of the factors that make them affordable to any parent. However, plastic materials come with their issues and that can be a cause for alarm when a baby’s health is at stake. Look out for toxic chemicals when buying plastic breast milk storage bags.

Bisphenol-A is the most common form of chemical compound found in most of these products. Manufacturers use BPA to harden their products and make them even more durable. Phthalates is another to keep an eye on as it is also common in plastic items. This chemical compound is even worse as it can cause infertility, allergic reactions, or growth disorders.

Store breast milk in small batches

Storing milk in large bags has an advantage for those parents who are ever on the go. However, that is a risky affair as it may have a negative impact on the health of the baby. As such, we recommend that you store your breast milk in small batches. This will help you keep track of the stored content and also make sure that the baby is always drinking fresh milk. It also reduces wastage of breast milk which may come about due to expiration or contamination.

Do not store the breast milk for a long time

Storing breast milk for more than 24 hours at room temperature gives bacteria enough time to grow and multiply in your baby’s daily food. Even when stored in the freezer, never store the content for too long. This is another reason why you should store the milk in small batches. Also, make sure that the milk stored is fresh and not the leftovers. Whenever breast milk comes into contact with your baby’s mouth, it becomes contaminated leading to more bacterial multiplication.


1. Which type of container should I use to store breast milk?

Breast milk should be stored in clean pre-sterilized storage bags or bottles. These containers must have reliable locking mechanisms like screw caps or double zippers. You can also employ hard plastic cups that come with tight caps but this is for the short-term.

Make sure all the storage containers are labeled with the exact time the milk was pumped so that you can keep track of their freshness. In addition, we recommended looking for bags or bottles that can allow you to stack them together for easier storage.

2. Can I mix fresh and already stored breast milk?

The short answer to this question is “No!” Never mix fresh breast milk with the already stored milk. It goes without saying that the already stored content might already have developed bacteria and these microorganisms multiply very fast. Therefore, once you mix the two, then the fresh breast milk will no longer be fresh. Of course, you’ll be tempted to store it for a longer period thinking it’s good but that puts your child’s health at risk.

3. How long can I store breast milk?

The amount of time you can store breast milk is largely dependent on the method you use to preserve it. If you don’t have an advanced mechanism to keep your milk fresh, then make sure to use it within eight hours. However, if you have a refrigerator, that should give you a space of about five days or so provided it is set at around 3.9 degrees centigrade. You can even store for long days if you have a freezer that can maintain temperatures or below zero degrees.

4. Why has my milk changed color?

When frozen, breast milk may tend to look differently from fresh milk. That, however, should not worry you as it is normal especially for early breast milk. Swirl the milk whenever you want to feed your baby and you are good to go. Thawed milk is characterized by a soapy taste but that should not be a problem for your baby. However, if it proves to be an issue, you can heat the milk before feeding them.

5. How do I know if breast milk is bad?

Every mom tries their best to avoid giving the baby spoiled milk. To make sure that this never happens, you should first pay attention to the storage dates and any weird smell that comes out of the content. If the milk has been in the freezer for at least three days, you should start checking on it.

That doesn’t mean the milk cannot last long under these conditions but it’s wise to be proactive. Contaminants can sometimes make their way into the milk and hence reduce its lifespan. Spoiled milk smells differently from fresh breast milk and distinguishing the two should be one of your skills.


Parenting is an enjoyable adventure for most mothers, but it calls for patience and awareness. Breastfeeding, for one, is something that every mother has to learn, and it is not all about letting your baby suck the milk. Sometimes you need to store this milk for convenience, and that’s where breast milk storage bags come in. Make sure you store the milk properly to avoid any health-threatening issues. For instance, make sure the storage bags are chemical-free and have no leakages. If you consider all the factors mentioned in this article, your life as a parent will be as smooth as possible.

Accidents are one of the most common children killers in the world today. It is hard to watch your baby all the time, especially when they are mobile and thus difficult to protect them from daily hazards. Some safety products have been proven to prevent not only severe injuries but also save lives.

It is worth investing your money in making your home the safest place for your baby. Fireguards, smoke and alarm detectors, and safety tap covers are some of the products you might require.

When looking for baby safety equipment, you’ll need to consider the specific hazards in your home as well as the nature of your kid. Different homes have different needs.

10 Best Baby Safety Equipment

1. Tony Stark Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guards

First on the list is this corner proofing guard by Tony Stark that provides maximum protection from sharp corners and edges. The corner guards come with double-sided 2m tapes that provide the most reliable hold against little hands that may want to take it off.

Impact on sharp edges can pierce your baby’s skin and cause bleeding. The heavy impact can also cause internal injuries. The product’s design increases the contact surface in case of an effect, while the foamy nature of its material absorbs the impact keeping your baby safe.

The flexible C shape foam door stopper protects your baby’s fingers from getting pinched should the door close. The pack contains products made from safe materials that are toxic-free and eco-friendly. They also bring no harm to furniture should you want to pull it down.

The products stick to any type of surface, wood, or glass and also require no tools to install. They are convenient, hassle-free, and easy to use, meet child safety regulatory standards, and fit all standard tables of various sizes and shapes.

2. PARADOX(LABEL)Baby Safety Electric Plug Cover Guards

If looking for a safe, secure, and quick way to protect your baby from accidental electrocution, you might as well try these cover guards from PARADOX. These good round outlet plugs will keep your baby away from safety hazards.

The cover guards are made from durable ABS plastic and thus long-lasting. They are spring-loaded and prevent your kid from poking anything inside. They also fit perfectly and tightly that your little one can’t remove at all.

The package comes with 20 pieces, enough to help you cover a large area. They come with a manual that you need to follow strictly if you want to achieve the best results. The guards also come at an affordable price and are easy to install.

3. Baybee Auto Close Wooden Safety Baby Gate

This safety gate from Baybee is designed with a one-touch release easy to slide handle safety lock. It also has a secure spring-loaded latch that helps keep the gate safely closed at all times when not in use. It is easy to install and takes less than 20 minutes to complete the process.

With this gate, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to close it at all. It shuts itself automatically due to gravity. If you open less than 90 degrees, it will close by itself. Its steel design is durable and convenient.

This gate provides superior safety to kids and is very difficult for them to open. It conforms to EN1930:2011 + EN71 certified. It is portable, convenient, sturdy, and beautiful. It is suitable as a safety gate, a barrier, or a room divider as well.


4. Dharohar Baby Proofing Safety Cabinet Locks

Fourth on the list is these multi-purpose baby proofing safety locks from Dharohar. They will help you secure your baby by sealing cabinets, store drawers, refrigerators, trash cans, toilets seats, among others. Unlocking the latches is difficult for kids but easy for adults.

The locks come in a new, improved design with the strap fixed more securely in place to avoid accidental openings. The firm, adjustable, and flexible strap of premium quality comes perfectly designed to work on most surfaces and around corners as well.

The locks are easy to remove without leaving stains or residue thanks to the 3M adhesive foam tape. The tape guarantees that the latches won’t damage your furniture. The locks are reusable, and all you need to do is replace the used adhesive with new 3M tape.

These locks can also be used as a pet-proofing product and earthquake lock. They come with an instructions manual that makes them quite easy to install. With them, you won’t have to drill holes or use screws and tools to install. They are non-toxic and thus safe to use.


5. BabySafehouse 8 Pcs Finger Pinch Door Guard

These Finger Pinch Door Guards from BabySafehouse protect your baby’s fingers from getting pinched when opening or closing a door. They come in a colorful cartoon design that gives babies a lot of fun. They are easy to install and protect your baby from injuries that can be caused by door bangs due to wind or air.

The safe guards fit all door sizes and are made of foam. For better support, ensure that you use two per door. Using two also helps to avoid breakage of the pieces due to heavy slamming. Place the door guards at a height above your baby’s and not in their reach for greater safety.

To close the door completely, remove the protector and hang it on the doorknob for later use. Always check on your baby to ensure that she doesn’t chew on the items as these are not teethers.

The finger protector guards are soft and don’t scuff or scratch the door. They are also strong and flexible enough to withstand pressure, and along with being functional, they blend with the décor of your baby’s room.


6. Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet

This safety helmet from Liltoes will help keep your baby safe in case of head collisions when playing, walking, or crawling. It is size adjustable with a head circumference of 43cm to 56cm. It is also made to be light and comfortable to ensure that it doesn’t cause discomfort to your kid.

The helmet is also crafted using sturdy material and enclosed with a thick lining. Special fillings make it shock absorbent. It also comes with a vent to keep your baby cool. Its Velcro strap and adjustable buckle make it both sturdy and secure.

The package comes with a pair of safety knee pads that feature a snug fit. The pads have a contouring foam that adapts the shape of the knee effortlessly. With it, your kid gets adequate protection against bruises and scrapes.

The helmet is lightweight with perfect shock-absorbing capacity. It also has proper air ventilation to avoid sweat. On the other hand, the pads have soft yet snug plastic cuffs that ensure a comfortable fit.


7. UNIHIN Baby Anti Lost Wrist Link

Children anti-lost wrist link helps to keep toddlers close to you. It also gives them independence during outdoor or indoor activities. With such a link, you don’t have to worry even if your kid wandered off.

The link is easy to use and only requires you to connect your wrist band to your kid’s. Its harness elastic band can have reached 2 meters. You can adjust the wrist according to your needs.

The connecting rope of this wrist link is made of steel and wrapped with plastic and thus very difficult to cut. The wrist strap uses premium material that reduces wear rate and hence long-lasting. It is also non-toxic, odorless, soft, and comfortable and will, therefore, not stimulate your baby’s skin.

The wrist link is great for shopping, traveling, and other outdoor activities. It gives you peace of mind and frees your baby as well.


8. KitschKitsch Baby Safety Locks Latches

If looking for baby safety locks that come in a simple design, try these locks from KitschKitsch.The package comes with 8pcs with prefixed 3M tapes. It works best for pair of doors like smaller package units and kitchen doors.

The latches are made from nylon material and will, therefore, not break with ease. It won’t damage your furniture, and it’s also easy to install. All you need to do is simply unpeel the backing and press the 3M adhesive to a clean, dry surface. The locks, however, only work on flat surfaces.

The locks come in an eco-friendly recyclable box which you can use for a crafts project or store Knick-knacks.


9. YOHOOLYO Security Camera

Are you in search of a security camera that can help you monitor your kid? This camera from YOHOOLYO might be what you need. It can provide clear and exquisite images with true color even at night. The IP camera gives you a panoramic monitoring view now that it can rotate horizontally at 340 degrees and vertically at 120 degrees.

You can also remote control the direction of the camera directly on your phone by sliding up and down, right and left. The wireless camera supports motion detection as well, and in case of a slight movement, it sends you motion via an app.

The camera comes with a built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to chat with your nanny or family member on your phone. It provides clear night vision allowing you to keep a close eye on your baby or home in the night.

Its 8 digital zoom allows you to enlarge images without distortion. It is easy to install and comes with a wall mount. You can also choose to place it on a table near your baby.


10. Move on Kids Safety 2 Wheeler Seat Belt

This two-wheeler seat belt will help you ride with your kid safely and comfortably at all times. It has wide shoulder straps and strong buckles to hold your child securely in place. It also has a breathable mesh and a cushioned filling construction that adds to the wearer’s comfort.

The belt has expandable straps that can be adjusted according to your child’s height and build. Your little one can use it as a riding pillion or in front of the rider. It suits kids in the age range of 2 to 10 years. It is convenient to use and can be stored with ease in the small compartment of your two-wheeler.

Buyers Guide

The following are the things you need to look out for going for your baby’s safety equipment.


Before purchasing any equipment, check whether it meets the safety standards. You don’t want to put your baby in danger while you are thought that you are keeping them safe.  Check out for sharp edges that could injure your baby.

Ensure that the gate slats aren’t too wide

When choosing baby gates, check to ensure that all slats aren’t more than 6cms apart. Also, ensure that you can fit the stair frames leaving no spaces that can trap your baby’s fingers. The safety gates should also be high enough to prevent your baby from climbing over

Check the condition of the equipment

Ensure that the equipment in question is in perfect condition before you pay for it. Damaged parts can lead to or cause accidents.

Get locking devices that are difficult to open

Ascertain that a kid can’t easily open locking devices. They should, however, be easy for adults to open. This way, your baby can never access the items that are already locked in.

Ensure that you get the right car seat

Check to ascertain that the car seat you want to purchase fits the model of your car. You don’t want to spend your money on the seat only to find that you can’t use it in your car. It would be a very big loss.

Get equipment made from non-toxic materials

If the equipment will come into contact with your baby’s skin, ensure that it isn’t made with harmful materials like phthalates and BPA.

Check for water resistance

The equipment should be waterproof, easy to clean, and install. Remember that your baby can get quick access to some of the equipment and thus the need to keep them clean at all times.

 Reasonable price

Price should correspond to your budget. It’s better to buy equipment at a higher price than get a substandard one.


Always purchase equipment that your baby can use for a prolonged period and at a much older age. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a product that he can use for a few months down the line only.

Some of the safety equipment that you must get

Smoke and Gas Leak Alarms

Most smoke and gas leak detectors come at affordable prices and will notify you in case of fire and gas leak in your home. Ensure that you fit smoke detectors on every floor at your house. Carefully follow the installation process and ensure that you test for the batteries’ effectiveness every week.

If possible, buy alarms with long-lasting batteries (10 yrs.) or those fitted to run off your main electricity supply.

When it comes to gas leak detectors, fit them every place with a flame-burning appliance. Carbon monoxide is poisonous, and the biggest problem is that you can’t smell it, see it, touch it or taste it. With gas leak detectors in place, you get the assurance of your family’s safety.

Fire Guards

Now that you have a baby in the house, you need to ensure that all fires and heaters are well guarded, especially open fires. Always ensure that they are securely attached to the wall and that they are sturdy enough not to move should your baby fall on them.

For heaters that come fitted with a built-in guard, add a surrounding guard for extra protection.

Window locks/Safety Latches

If your child can move around already, then they are old enough to open a cabinet, cupboard, or a door. Latches are an easy and inexpensive way of protecting them from disasters. Window locks prevent windows from getting opened wider than 6.5cm.

Once you fit the locks, ensure that you know where the keys are to avoid inconveniences.

Glass Safety Film

Glass safety film prevents glass from shattering into pieces if broken. It, however, doesn’t mean that your kid is safe to play near glass. Broken glass can cause grave injuries and, therefore, the need to discourage your child from playing near it all costs.

Door Slam Protectors

Kids are always curious about the door. They want to open it if closed and close it if open. The worst of can happen to your baby if an open door slams on their fingers. Door slamming can also lock your baby in or out of a room, leaving them with no supervision.

Door slam protectors clip over the edge of doors preventing the door from slamming on the little fingers of your kid.

Corner Protectors

Just like the name suggests, corner protectors cover sharp furniture corners that can hurt your little one. They help prevent bumped heads.

Cord Shorteners

Do you have an electric cord lying on the floor in your home? This could be quite dangerous for your kid. Your baby may trip on them or chew them as well. Cord shorteners help keep the chords away from your baby and also keep the house tidy.

Cooker Guard

Cooker guards stop your kid from getting hold of hot pots and pans. If you don’t have a cooker guard, always ensure that your pots and pans handles face towards the back of your stove and not the front. This way, your baby won’t be easily tempted to hold them.

Cupboard, Drawer, Oven and Fridge Latches

These come in handy when you know that there’s something dangerous such as knives or cleaning products that your baby can get access to. They are mostly easy for adults to open but difficult for kids.

If possible, place all dangerous items in a locked cupboard that is high and out of your child’s reach.

Bath Thermometer

Without a bath thermometer, it might be quite difficult to tell whether your baby’s bathwater is of the right temperature. Remember that the temperature that might feel okay to you might be harsh on your baby’s delicate skin.

Bath thermometers change color to let you know whether your baby’s bathwater is hot or not. Some even look like toys, and your little one might enjoy playing with them too.

Safety Tap Covers

Safety tap covers fit over taps to prevent your kid’s little fingers from playing with water. It also protects them from head bumps.

Toilet-Lid Lock

With an open toilet, your baby can not only dip their hands in but also fall in. Open toilets pose a high risk to your little one. Toilet-lid locks lock the toilet securely, keeping your baby safe by preventing them from opening the lid.

Slip Resistant Bath Mats

These mats stick to the bottom of your bath and help prevent slipping. They provide a grippy surface for your baby’s bathtub to sit on.

Safety Gate

Safety gates protect kids from falling down the stairs or entering rooms that they shouldn’t enter on their own. Before getting one, check to ensure that it fits where it’s intended. Some even come with extension kits to help you move them to a wider gap if so intended.

Some safety gates come with pressure gauges so that one can’t tell whether they are safely fitted. Always check to ensure that the gate conforms to the BSEN 1930 safety standards. Once installed, ensure that you always close it after you go through it.

If you have gaps between balcony railings or stair banisters that are more than 6.5cm wide, ensure that they are covered with boards or safety netting. You don’t want your little one to squeeze their body through.

Permanent Gate

Permanent gates are for places that you need to permanently guarded such as the top of stairs. The frame is permanently mounted on the door frame or between two walls. Such gates have a toddler-proof gate at the side or in the center where you can open in either direction using one hand.

Rail net

Balconies, railings, and banisters pose a danger to your crawling kid as little bodies can squeeze through. You, therefore, need to attach a rail net to all openings on balconies and railings to keep your baby from squeezing through.

Pool Cover

If you live with your baby in a house with an indoor or outdoor pool, ensure that you get a pool cover. Some countries have even enforced pool covers due to the risk of drowning. It prevents kids from walking or crawling into the pool.

Baby Cam

With a baby cam, you can always tell when your baby is in distress. You can put it in your baby’s room to monitor him as he plays or sleeps on his bed.

Electrical Outlet Covers

Kids are known to copy what they see adults doing. If your baby sees you plugging something in, she’ll want to do it too. She can plug metal objects into the socket and get electrocuted, something that you don’t want to happen.

Get a sliding faceplate covers and keep your baby safe by covering the outlets. Avoid using push-in cups as these can either be too easy or too difficult to remove. When small, push-in covers pose choking hazards.

Car Seat

If you own a car, you need to get a car seat for our baby. It’s both for your baby’s comfort and safety. Car seats are known to reduce death in accidents by 54%. Always get your little one to strap securely when you get them in the car. This way, you’ll always drive with the confidence that your little one is comfortable throughout the journey.

The Importance of Baby Safety Equipment

Even though safety equipment can’t replace the need to supervise your child, it can create a safer environment for him. It makes protecting your kid easier.

The following are some of the advantages of using baby safety equipment at home.

Safety gates and barriers prevent babies from climbing stairs and climbing down them. They prevent kids from going into rooms where it is dangerous for them to be, like in the kitchen.

Five-point harnesses stop kids from falling out of high places like high chairs and pushchairs.

Window locks and safety latches stop windows from opening too wide, preventing your kid from climbing out.

Impact-absorbing surfaces protect your kid from being seriously hurt should they fall from play equipment.

Corner protectors help to protect babies from hurting themselves on sharp furniture.

Smoke alarms double the chances of getting your family out alive in case a fire starts at night.

Fire guards protect your kid from falling into or touching hot surfaces.

Thermostatic mixing valves help lower the temperature of the water that comes through your hot tap. It ensures that the water is never too hot to burn your child.

Safety glass film helps to toughen and stop it from splintering should it break, thus keeping your baby safe from harm.

Safety locks or latches stop little fingers from getting into medicine cabinets and chemicals. You can also store lighters and matches safely.

Child care and booster seats reduce the number of kids hurt in car accidents. You need to get the correct seat for your child’s height and weight to keep him safe.

Cycle helmets reduce the number of kid’s head injuries by up to 85%. Ensure that your kid uses it every time they go cycling.

Tips for Baby Safety at Home

The following tips will help keep your baby safe from harm 

To prevent hurting your baby with hot water in the bathroom, reduce the temperature of hot water tap at the bath, shower, or basin to 50 degrees Celsius. You can also choose to mix a thermostatic mixing or tempering valve.

Install door barriers across bathroom and kitchen doors.

Always store medicines and all cleaning products in lockable cupboards that out of your kid’s reach.

Choose age-appropriate toys that come with no small parts to protect your baby from choking hazards.

You should also check your baby’s toys for any small loose parts that can choke your baby.

Keep cups of hot coffee, tea, milk, and water out of reach of children.

Stay with your kid all the time while in the bath

To avoid severe scald burns, avoid drinking hot water when holding your baby.

To protect your baby from drowning, always keep the doors to your laundry and bathroom securely closed. Also, empty the bath immediately after use.

Never leave your baby unattended while in the car.

Make sure that your kid travels in a child restraint at all times while in the vehicle.

Keep baby play areas away from the kitchen

Remove all tripping hazards such as toys, rugs, and electrical cords from the floor.

Never leave your baby unsupervised on a dressing table.

Use a sensor light for all stairs and steps.

Ensure that slides, swings, and climbing equipment have soft fall materials underneath.

Be mindful of all household items that can pose a choking hazard to your kid.

Never leave standing water in a tub or bucket.

Avoid leaving your kid and animals(pets)unattended together.

Always use the back burners on your stove for cooking.

Place house plants out of your baby’s reach as some are poisonous and can harm your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age can you baby proof?

Ideally, you should get started before your due date. This is because some of the recommended baby proofing techniques might take a lot of time. Once your baby starts to crawl, do a second baby proofing sweep jus to ensure that your house is safe for a baby on the move.

2. How do I keep my home safe and for infants?

To keep your infant safe, control access to unsafe areas with safety gates, door locks, and knob covers. Put lock or latches on every accessible cabinet and drawer that contains perilous items.

You also need to keep trash cans in accessible cupboards or use cans that come with child-resistant covers: cover or block access to floor heaters and radiators.

3. Are curtains safe for babies?

Curtains and blinds are safe for kids. It’s the cords and chains that accompany the curtains that you need to worry about. As your kid explores, he can get excited or lose balance, something that can cause accidental strangulation. This can be dangerous, especially if the cord goes through his neck.

To protect your kid, look out for looped or loose cords and then tie them out of reach. Also, rearrange the furniture to eliminate the climbing path.

4. At what age should I stop using baby gates?

Consumer Reports state that safety gates are mostly intended for kids aged between 6 months to 2 years. If your child’s chin reaches the top of the safety gate, it might be time to remove it. Ensure that your baby can walk up and down the stairs on their own safely.

5. How do I make baby stairs safe?

To make your baby stairs safe, you need to teach your child always to use safety railings; you also need to ensure that the stairways are always well lit and that the stairs are carpeted. If the staircase doesn’t have handrails, install them. Also, keep stairs free of toys and clutter.

6. When can you stop baby proofing?

When to stop depends on the level of maturity of your baby. Most of the safety gates and locks go away around the age of 2 and 3. You can also stop baby proofing your home when you start trusting your baby enough to leave using something unsupervised.

7. Why is it important to childproof my home?

Childproofing will help you make your home safer, and it’s also an ongoing process. It also prevents your baby from hurting themselves and keeps them from dangerous items like knives and working tools. Supervising your baby is the best way to prevent injuries.

8. How do I know the best safety equipment for my baby?

First, you need to make a list of how your day will be and what you intend to do together with your baby. Think about the products you’ll need for your crawling toddler. Once you determine what you’ll need, consider the features that the products offer to ascertain the ones you’ll require at the time and those that you can do without.


Baby safety equipment help protect your kids from injuries and accidents. They enable you to have peace of mind when both indoors and outdoors with your baby. Take advantage of some of the products listed in the guide and help keep your baby safe at all times. A safe baby is a happy and healthy baby too!

Little babies are restless and keep on trying to experience new things however they are not very strong. They fall very often and get injuries and when it comes to head injuries, it can be dangerous. Are you worried about the protection and safety of your kids and looking for the best option to make them secure? Now you do not need to worry because there is something special to protect your little one which is called a baby safety helmet. These helmets will provide your baby with all the protection that you want for him. We always support parents and provide useful information for their babies. We have spent hours on research and found best baby safety helmets. We have discussed them in detail and provide honest reviews to help you get the best product and protect your baby from accidents. Let’s discuss these amazing helmets one by one.

10 Best Baby Safety Helmets

1. Dear joy Baby Safety Helmet

Dear Joy is an incredible company that makes helmets for kids that are not only safe but comfortable for them as well. This spectacular product reduces any damage to the baby’s head in case they hit their head. Children from 9 months to 36 months (i.e., 3 years) are recommended to use this wonderful product.  This helmet is easily adjustable with a head circumference of 43cm to 56 cm. Dear Joy baby helmet is made up of very soft material which does not hurt the skin of babies. It is very light in weight. The weight of this helmet is 65 grams only.

This product has fantastic shock-absorbing quality.  Proper air ventilation is there in this helmet in order to avoid sweat.  Fine quality material is used in the production of this helmet. For the facing and lining, 100% cotton is used and for the filling special IXPE foam is used to maximize shock-absorbing capability. This helmet is available in different colors. Dear Joy Baby Safety Helmet is available in Blue, Orange, Turquoise and Uri Green color.

2. Safe head BABY Soft Helmet for Babies

The Safe head has won multiple awards for headgears. They make products that are perfect for little souls.  Their aim is to provide their customers with innovative, high-quality, attractively designed baby head products that are safe to use.

Weight of the headgear from Safe head is less than 100 g which keeps the baby comfortable and no pressure is built up in the head and neck muscles. It has 30 vents for airflow. A breathable lining cotton material is used which is ideal for retaining body heat. For outer lining, the material used is Nylon, spandex and high density closed cell foam. There is ample visibility for the child as it does not block the sight. This soft helmet is expandable and adjustable and can be fitted on different head sizes. Heads with circumference 40 to 52 cm can easily fit this helmet.  It is recommended for babies with ages 7 months to 2 years. These helmets have secure soft band V chin strap for a perfect fit. With these helmets, your baby will get maximum protection as there is strategic padding placement. Safe head baby helmets are specifically designed for babies learning to walk.


3. Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet With Embroidery

Liltoes is a great company that has been manufacturing products like safety helmet, safety knee pad, Cloth diaper, Cloth nappies, cloth diapers, disposable cloth diapers for babies for a number of years. Their products are 100% reliable as high-quality raw material is used in the manufacture of their products.

The materials used in the manufacture of this product are safe for kids.  For the face and lining, 100% cotton material is used. For the fillings in the helmet special IXPE is used as it maximizes the shock and has the capability to absorb. It is the best product and it can easily avoid or reduce the damage to your baby’s head if it hits or collides with wall, corners or ground while he is walking, playing or crawling. This product is adjustable to head with a circumference of 43 cm to 56 cm. Kids with the age of eight to sixty months can easily wear this helmet. This amazing product is very soft and it has a good shock-absorbing capability. To avoid sweat it has proper air ventilation. The helmet has ultra-lightweight of 65 grams. A number of different colors and designs are available for this product. The colors available are orange and blue while the designs present are Apple and Star.


4. Keep Care Baby Safety Helmet

Keep Care products ensure the safety of your child when they are learning to walk or crawl. Their safety helmets are produced in order to keep the babies from getting seriously injured.

Keep Care Baby Safety Helmet is another product that is amazing for kids who are learning to crawl, walk and play.  This very product is applicable for wearing to kids from eight months baby to 60 months old kid. This particular helmet product is designed by experts in a way that ensures the safety and protection of your children.

High-quality material is used in the manufacturing of this very helmet. It is designed by keeping in mind the fact that the skin of children is fragile. This product is insulated with cotton which is breathable.  At the same time, special IXPE foam is used which protect the kids from injuries. The cotton material and 3D Air Mesh Fabric is used which guarantee ventilation for no sweat formula. Babies can easily use Keep Care Helmet because of its lightweight and air ventilation. This product is available in multiple colors as well. Keep care helmet is 100% eco-friendly.

5. SYGA Toddler & Baby Child Helmet

Syga products are manufactured and designed to give protection to the babies while they are learning to crawl and walk. This helmet especially has an adjustable design pattern. It fits the head of the baby with a circumference approximately 17.5 inches- 22.5 inches. Kids with the age of about 6 months to 5 years can easily wear this helmet..

This helmet is light in weight and un-breathable. Syga toddler and baby child helmet is a great product that is made up of baby bumper fill-in material. The material used in the helmet is extremely durable. High density and the elastic sponge are used in this helmet which is light in weight.  This helmet is designed specifically to make the baby feel comfortable while they are wearing it. Cotton material is used as the bumpers outer material which is perfect for absorbing sweat. This product is much more breathable than other products available in the market. The bumper provides you with anti-knock, anti-friction. It also reduces shock and injuries.

The helmet has a cushioning effect. Another great advantage of this bumper is that it is easily washable and can be clean without using detergents. The material used in the bumper is 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Variety of different colors and designs are available for this baby helmet which provides you an opportunity to pick up the best helmet according to your choice. The colors and designs that you can choose for this particular item are Beer Yellow, Blue Berry, Brown Beer, Grey Crown, Multiple Apples, Peach Piggy, Pink Crown, and Yellow Kitty.

6. Kiddale Baby Head Protector

Kiddale products are specially made to provide babies with head protection. Their products are incredible as they protect kids from injuries.

This wonderful baby Helmet protects the baby from head injuries. It comes with an infant headrest pillow. It can provide every type of protection to your kid. The weight of the item is 322 g.  The reviews of this particular item show that this helmet is famous among parents. This item is of good quality and it is lightweight. The high quality material makes it durable. No hard and harmful metrical is used in its construction. On top of that, this item can be purchased at a really affordable price.


7. Tiny tots Baby Safety Helmet

Tiny tots present its customers with some really amazing baby safety helmets which are available in attractive and cool designs. High-quality products are their topmost priority.

Tiny tots baby Safety helmet is made up of cotton outer and soft foam in the inner side The cotton material used in this product is 100% pure cotton.  It is extremely soft, light in weight and sweat absorbent. This helmet has an ideal breath-ability. It is completely free from cheap products which are harmful for babies.  It can be easily adjusted to any head size. It is designed in a way that it protects the baby from bumps on the forehead, back and side of the head. The protective cap is designed to provide your baby with a cushion in order to reduce the chances of injury. This spectacular product is available in three different colors which are red and blue. Buyers have given good reviews regarding the purchase and usage of this product.

8. DaKos Baby Toddlers Head Protector

Dakos products are not only reliable but comfortable as well for babies. They do not compromise the quality of the products as their products are designed for toddlers.

This head protector for the babies is designed with straps specifically for the toddlers keeping in view their physique. It makes them feel comfortable as they are not very tight. The head ring does not make the baby uncomfortable as it does not touch their head. It increases the chance of protecting the baby’s head whenever he falls down.  This product is suitable for babies with ages 4 months to 15 months. This particular item with cute design is available in Yellow and White, Red and White and blue. The total weight of this product is 222 g.


9. TIB Baby Head Protector

TIB products not only look cute when they are worn by babies but they are extremely comfortable as well. Kids not only love the products but they easily move around in these head protectors. They keep their products fashionable and trendy as well.

This Baby toddler head protector comes with pad neck pillow wings and protection belt.  The material used in this helmet is cotton blended which is soft, flexible and at the same time breathable.  This product is light in weight and it has no tightening effect on the baby’s head as compared with the ones having traditional styles.  This specific baby protector has an ergonomic design and it is easy for the baby to adapt to it. With its cute and fashionable design, it is easier for the baby to keep the sitting posture and feel comfortable. The soft pads that are present on this head protector keep the baby’s cheeks from getting hurt. Basic measurement of this product is 11.42 x5 .51×1.38 Inch/ 29 x 14 x 3.5Cm (LxWxH).  While on the other hand, the strap measures 11.81 x .98 Inch/ 30 x 2.5Cm (Strap LxW).


10. ZIZLY Baby Safety Head Protection Cute Angel Baby Helmet

Zizly is one of the top-rated companies that have been manufacturing baby safety head protection helmets for many years. They have hundreds of products in their stock. Zizly has some well-designed baby head protectors that are learning to crawl. Their products keep the baby’s head and shoulder safe from injuries.

The material used in the manufacturing of this helmet is baby skin cotton fabric.  The fibre is soft and comfortable. It has a unique bee design. It has a buffer function, dual protection. The shoulder protection is for the baby who is learning to crawl. This Angel Baby Helmet avoids and reduces the head injury whenever his head collides.  The spectacular features of this helmet are that it has an adjustable strap as it adjusts to the baby’s body and length of the shoulder. Baby feels comfortable and it also ensures freedom of movement. The head protection pad is made up of very beautifully and kids love it.  The actual size of the product you will purchase is 15 cm x 30 cm. The weight of this head protector is 130 grams which is easy to carry for kids. This helmet is suitable for babies having age from 4 to 36 months. The children look really cute in this great safety head protector.  Another advantage of purchasing this product is its affordability.

Buying Guide


It is important for you to check beforehand that the product you are buying has any safety certifications or not.  After all, it is the question of the safety of your kids. Look for the product which covers the head from all sides to ensure the safety feature.


Size is the most important thing to consider while going for shopping for your baby’s helmet. The helmet should properly fit your child’s head otherwise it will be of no use. In order to measure your baby’s head use a soft tape rule before buying one.


Once you have bought the correct size of the helmet for your baby then you need to make sure that it should be adjusted easily. The adjustable system will help you in providing security to your baby. With the adjustable mode, it should easily be fitted to the head of your kid.  A helmet with good adjustability can save your kid from injuries. A helmet which does not fit accurately according to the size of your child’s head is useless.


The child’s body absorbs much heat while running, crawling, playing, etc. And it observed that the head expels much of the heat. So, when you are buying a baby helmet then you should get one that prevents the baby from overheating and which ensures airflow. The comfort of your child should be your topmost priority so make sure that you go for a product that provides your baby with plenty of air ventilation.


The helmet when you are purchasing for your child should be comfortable enough.  Make sure that the helmet does not get too tight or cover his eyes. It should be light in weight. The baby helmet should be made up of soft stuff which does not hurt the head.  If the babies are comfortable while they are learning to crawl and walk their learning experience will become fruitful.

Flat Back

A good helmet is one which has a flat back.  This is an essential feature that will ensure that it fits your child’s head perfectly. With a flat back child will not get any head injuries. Flat Back head protectors keep the babies secure.


As a parent, you should check thoroughly that it sits properly on your child’s head and it should be a few distances from your child’s eyebrows. The ears of your child should also not be affected by the helmet. Before purchasing the product makes sure that straps go around the lobes of their ears. Be careful that it does not block the breathing of your kid.


1. How to use a toddler helmet?

Specific steps should be taken that ensure that the kid is not injured while he/ she is crawling, walking and playing. Make sure that it fits perfectly on your kids head. Also, keep an eye on the fact that the kids take off their helmets once they are done playing.  Parents should also ensure that their kids develop the habit of using the helmet whenever they are playing.

2. When should you replace the Kid’s Helmet with the new one?

There are certain things that help you that it is the perfect time to change your kid’s helmet. Firstly, check that the product you are buying has a sticker from CPSC, ASTM or Snell. Absence of the sticker should be a clear indication that you should replace it immediately. Secondly, if the helmet gets its first crash then it should be changed. Thirdly, the time duration that is mentioned on the product by the maker is also an indication for its replacement time.

3. Why should a child use a toddler helmet while biking?

The answer to this simple question is to ensure their protection. When the baby is riding a bike the first thing that lands and hits the floor is their head. This can sometimes cause severe head injuries. That’s why it is necessary for the toddler to use a helmet while they are riding a bike.

4. What are the pads for?

Pads are very useful to ensure the comfort of your kid. These pads help in adjusting and fitting just on the head of your kids.

5. How do I check the fit?

In order to know whether the helmets fit your child or not all you have to do is strap the available fitting around your baby’s ears. The distance between the helmets and your baby’s eyebrow will ensure and measure that the helmet is not too tight for them. It will also make them breathe properly.


We have done our job and compiled the list of baby safety helmets. Parents should take a look at them and read carefully before buying the product. Prominent features of each product present in detail. We also have a buying guide for you in case you are confused as to what things you need to consider before buying the ideal helmet for your kids. It is also another fact that people have many questions in their minds when they are looking for a helmet. For this purpose, we have created our frequently asked question just to clear the perceptions of the buyers. If you have any other question you can easily reach us out. We are more than happy to help you out.

We hope that this article gave you information that you were searching for. Using the information in the article make a right decision and decide which one is the best safety helmet for your toddler.