As a first-time mom or maybe you are expecting your second child you might be confused when it comes to choosing baby products. For that reason, we have committed ourselves to ensure that your experience as a mom is smooth and fruitful. Today, we present to you a list of the best baby feeding bottles in the market.

If you go for window shopping, you will be surprised by the number of brands selling the same item out there. There are some bottles made of plastic or silicone, while others are products of stainless steel. Which is the best feeding bottle to use for your child? We will come back to this question, but first, let us have a look at some of the factors to consider while buying a new baby feeding bottle.

Top 10 Best Baby Feeding Bottle

1. The Little Lookers

The Little Lookers feeding bottle is made of glass with an attractive warmer designed from silicone material. It also has an ultra-soft nipple that makes it easy for the child to get used to it. There are two sizes of this particular brand – the 240ml bottle is suitable for those who are always on the move while the 120ml one is for domestic use.

Why do we like this baby feeding bottle? First, the design material – which is glass – is a lot better and safer than plastic. The combination of glass and silicone makes it impact-resistant, which ensures it improves durability. In addition to these features, you will also definitely enjoy the significance of the leak-proof cap.


2. Cici & Lele Feeding Bottle

Considering its price and features, this is one of the most economical products in its line. Cici & Lele baby feeding bottle is made with stainless steel, which reduces its maintenance cost. As our first product on this list, the Cici & Lele brands are available in two sizes. You can either purchase 160ml or 300ml, depending on your needs.

One of the reasons why we like this product is because of its ergonomics. It comes with an attractive design and also one that can be easily handled by your baby. Because of its material, you can use it to carry cold, warm, or even hot liquid. It is also lightweight, which makes it convenient for your backpack or any other carrier bag.


3. Philips Avent Feeding Bottle

Do you want a bottle that resembles a breast? Well, Philips Avent feeding bottle doesn’t look like your typical breast, but the soft nipple will make it difficult for the baby to differentiate. It is quite easy to latch and gives you the option of combining bottle feeding and breastfeeding. Philips Avent is made of durable and chemical-free polypropylene.

Apart from this unique feature, what else made us include this feeding bottle on the list? Well, the advanced anti-colic system is another reason. The twin valves ensure that the kid feeds with much-needed comfort. If you are not a huge fan of washing, then it will please you to know that this bottle is quite easy to clean. Disassembling and reassembling all the parts does not require any special skills.

4. Luvlap Hippo Sipper

It is always important to find a lightweight bottle that can be held by your baby with ease. What else can meet those standards other than Luvlap Hippo sipper? The 225-ml green bottle is small and easy-to-handle with two short handles on opposite sides. These handles can also be detached in case you want to clean the bottle.

The silicone nipple is also gentle on your baby’s teeth, and we guarantee that they’ll enjoy their milk. It also has a safety valve that opens up under very little pressure. As such, it is quite easy for your baby to suck the milk without too much hustle.


5. Honey Boo Thermo-Steel Feeding Bottle

This Honey Boo baby feeding is a perfect combination of style and operation. Apart from its attractive appearance, the bottle has a lot of appealing features. Do you find it stressful always to warm the milk? Well, here is your solution. The design of this feeding bottle ensures that no heat escapes when sealed.

Apart from the fact that it is a product of stainless steel, we also like this bottle because of its ability to provide uninterrupted feeding. As such, your baby can suck continuously without taking a break to grasp air. Maintaining the Honey Boo feeding bottle is also quite comfortable with no technical skills required.

6. Embassy 304 Stainless Steel Bottle

If you are on the lookout for a chemical-free bottle to feed your child, then here is one of the best options. It is made from stainless steel, which gives it a shiny and attractive appearance. However, that’s not all! The material is also antibacterial, which means it does not allow for the development of bacteria or similar organisms.

The nipple is made from a medical-grade silicone to ensure that your baby is ever safe. In fact, it is among the most health-friendly baby feeding bottles out there. The extra lid makes it ideal for traveling as it prevents any spills.

7. Beebaby Comfort Polypropylene

This 60ml bottle from Beebaby is probably the smallest in this list. Nonetheless, its features make it competitive in the market. Apart from acting as a storage container for breast milk, you can also use it for feeding purposes. It is made from a polypropylene material that is BPA-free and durable enough even to feed your next baby.

What we like the most about this bottle is its ergonomics look. It is small in size and also has a comfortable grip. As such, your baby will not struggle in finding the right position. The peristaltic nipple allows the infant to make the natural movement of the tongue.

8. Medela Feeding Bottle

Regardless of your baby’s sex, you can get them this fantastic bottle from Medela. If you are on a tight budget, then this might be your best bet. To make it better, the t comes with a pair of Madela feeding bottles. The calibrated sides of the bottle give you an easy time to track the feeding process of your baby.

9. Cutieco 250 ml Baby Bottle

Another bottle worth considering is the Cutieco baby feeding bottle, which also comes in a set of two products. As the name suggests, the bottle has a cute-looking design that may please the eyes of your baby. However, that is not the main reason why we decided to include it on this list.

One important feature is that it can store up to 250 ml of content. Therefore, make your wise judgment before investing in this fantastic feeding bottle. The fact that they are glass bottles makes them free from any possible chemical-related hazards that are common in plastic containers. It is also worth mentioning that cleaning this bottle is quite easy for any parent.

10. Mee Mee Milk-Safe Baby Bottle

Sometimes you might need a feeding bottle, but the budget just doesn’t allow. Well, struggle no more! This bottle from Mee Mee is ideal for low-budget buyers and contains all the essential features required. In fact, for its price, it combines some of the features you’d only find in a more advanced product.

First, it is a product of high-quality glass, which makes it medically safe for use by babies. It is also durable enough to serve you throughout the infancy period of your new member of the family. The Indian Medical Academy has certified the bottle, and that means it meets international safety laws.


Baby Feeding Bottle Buying Guide

To ensure that you purchase a feeding bottle that will serve your baby well, there are some factors you need to keep in mind. Remember, every brand manufactures their product differently, but all of them are geared towards the same purpose. As such, make sure you put your child’s safety first before your financial needs. Here are some of the things to consider.


It might seem rather obvious, but it is something that most mothers fail to understand. The material with which the feeding bottle is made can be very crucial, especially when it comes to your baby’s health. According to health experts, plastic bottles may contain harmful chemicals that might prove vital to your infant’s well-being.

However, if you prefer plastic over silicone and steel, then make sure you choose the ones with recycle symbols 2 and 5. Such materials are usually opaque in color. Also, do not microwave these bottles because that will make things worse. With all that said, we recommend stainless steel, glass, or silicone bottle. But we must warn you that the prices in this category can be quite discouraging.


The second factor to keep in mind is the volume of milk your new bottle can hold. If you are planning to travel, for instance, you will need a bigger bottle. This way, you can store enough breast milk to sustain your baby throughout that period. However, there is a safety precaution on how long you can save this milk – read on to find out more.


These bottles come in various shapes, and each one of them has its advantages. The standard one is the most basic, usually narrow and straight. You can find them in plastic, glass, stainless steel, or silicone. However, using these bottles may lead to gassiness in some babies.

Another one is a breast-shaped baby feeding bottle with a wide neck. This might be more comfortable for your baby than the rest. Although bottle shapes may seem like a simple factor, it has a lot of impact on how the child enjoys their food. Some are designed to minimize air bubbles, and that makes them ideal for gassy babies.

Type of nipple

Nipples come in different shapes, flows, and materials. The most common construction materials for nipples include latex and silicone. However, if your baby is allergic, then you shouldn’t use nipples made of latex. Nipple shape, on the other hand, maybe orthodontic, angled, or vented. Nipple flow, or sizes, which may be marked with numbers or letters is an indication of how fast the milk will flow out.


Finally, make sure you consider how much you are willing to spend. A baby feeding bottle is quite important and comes at an affordable price. Make your wise and educated decision to avoid investing too much on something that is not worth the sacrifices. There are some cheap baby bottles that will offer you the same features as those high-end ones.

Safety tips

At their age, babies are very fragile and can be reactive to any food or environment that’s new to them. As such, you should always take precautions to ensure that their well-being is safeguarded at all costs. In this excerpt, we are going to take a brief look at some of the tips you should keep in mind when feeding your baby using a baby bottle.

Always check the temperature of the content

The first very important point to note is the temperature of the milk. It should not be too hot, but at the same time, not freezing cold. We recommend warm milk because, at this point, the baby’s body is still learning to regulate its temperature. As such, if you feed them with cold stuff, it may lead to a stomach upset, and the baby will also feel chilled.

Never use the microwave to heat breast milk

Another factor to consider is how you warm the breast milk. The best way to do so is to fill a small container with hot water then place your bottle of milk in it. This way, the content will slowly warm up, and the heat will be distributed evenly. The main reason why we do not recommend using a microwave is the uneven distribution of heat, which can have severe repercussions on the health of your baby.

Discard any unconsumed milk within one or two hours

One hour might seem like a short period, but that’s all it takes for bacteria to build up. Remember that we are talking about left-over milk in this case and not fresh milk. Fresh milk can be stored for longer hours without worrying about any bacterial infection.

However, it is quite different when dealing with left-over milk. The bacteria from the mouth of your baby enters the milk during the feeding process. As such, there is a high probability that such milk may not last long before being unsuitable for consumption. Although there are cases where mothers have stored left-over milk for over 12 hours, it is better to be on the safer side than risk the health of your child.

Clean the nipples and bottles after every feed

Maybe you are wondering if you need to sterilize the nipples of your baby’s bottle after feeding them. Well, the answer is no! Although it is important to maintain high hygiene standards, especially when dealing with babies, you do not necessarily need to go through the sterilization process now and then.

Once in a while, sterilize the feeding items in a rolling boil for five minutes. By doing so, you will be killing any microorganisms that you might have built up around the nipples. After every feed, wash these items using hot soapy water. Proper cleaning is necessary because it can easily transmit bacteria and lead to health complications.

If placed in the refrigerator, ensure you use the milk within 24 hours after preparation

As stated earlier, there is a world of difference between fresh and left-over milk. The latter may not survive a few hours because of bacteria. You can, however, store fresh milk in a refrigerator and use it the next day. However, to avoid feeding your child with spoilt milk, be sure to use the stored content within 24 hours. Yes, the milk can go for days, but remember you are dealing with the ever-fragile immunity of a baby.


1. What is the best method of cleaning a baby bottle?

This question covers one of the most essential parts of babycare that some parents fail to consider. You can feed your child with the best diet, but if the items used are not well-cleaned, it might mean trouble. The best method of cleaning a feeding bottle is by handwashing it. If you are not a fan of washing utensils, then you might want to start today. Also, while cleaning, ensure you use hot soapy water so that all germs can be killed effectively.

2. How do I heat up the bottle’s content before I feed it to my baby?

You can feed your baby with cold milk, but that might negatively affect them. Since their bodies are not yet used to the external environment, they might feel cold. As such, it is recommended that you warm the breast milk before any feed.

There are several ways to do that, but not all of them are effective. The best of all is to immerse the feeding bottle in warm water and leave it for a few minutes. Using the microwave might be the simplest, but it doesn’t heat the content as evenly as you’d like.

3. What is the best way and time to introduce the baby bottle?

Regarding time, there are varied opinions on when your baby is ready for a feeding bottle. Most experts in this field suggest that one must wait for at least a month or so. After this time, breastfeeding will have been well established, and the baby can quickly suck the milk. If you are expected to return to work, introduce your baby to bottle-feeding a fortnight before the return date. As such, both of you will have enough time to adjust your habits.

Note that sucking from a feeding bottle is quite different from breastfeeding. Both have varying techniques on how the baby should move their tongue and mouth. If you are planning to start bottle-feeding, offer your baby a bottle at least once every day. Let them get used to the nipple before moving to the next step. Also, someone else should be the one feeding them the first bottle to get rid of confusion. They might wonder why they are not getting the breast if you do it yourself.

4. How do I know which is the best bottle for my baby?

Since the baby has not developed their preference yet, it might be quite difficult to know which bottle or nipple best fits them. Therefore, it will all depend on your judgment, and if they don’t enjoy the first one, do not hesitate to buy another bottle. What we would recommend a container with a breast-like design to make it easy for you and your young one. Also, the nipple size should be considered as your baby’s mouth is still small.

5. How long can I save the breast milk in the bottle before dumping it?

Well, this depends on whether it is left-over or fresh milk. If your baby has already drunk the milk, do not leave it for more than two hours before using it again. Failure to do so will lead to bacterial build-up in the milk, and that can be unhealthy. Fresh milk, on the other hand, can stay up to 24 hours if stored well.


Many brands of baby feeding bottles are available in the market for you to choose. However, not every one of them is suitable for your baby. As such, you will need to consider the material used to design the bottle, its size, and also shape. Sometimes you might need to do a trial and error until you know which brand your baby likes the most.

Are you conscious of the safety of your baby and looking for the best baby soap in India? You are in the right place. Baby’s skin is thin and it lost natural oils fast so ordinary soap can cause rashes or other skin conditions.

It is essential to find the right baby soap for your little angel. We spent hours on research and find the best baby soaps in India which are free from chemicals and harmful ingredients. Let’s discuss the top quality baby soaps:

Top 10 Best Baby Bathing Soap

1. Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby Bathing Soap

The product is prepared with natural ingredients and 100% free from allergic ingredients. All of the ingredients of the baby soap are perfect for itchy, eczema-prone and dry skin. The main ingredient of the soap is coconut which provides gentle cleansing. The product is prepared by keeping in mind the sensitive skin of babies having a ph level of 5.5 which protects the skin from drying.

The most important quality of the product is its tear-free formula, which gives your baby a calm bathing experience. Got milk is another ingredient that keeps the skin hydrated and healthy for a long time. The baby soap is tested and certified by dermatologists. It is an ideal baby soap to keep your baby’s skin hydrated in winters.


2. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar

As the name suggests, it is the best moisturizer soap. The skin of babies is 30% thinner than adults hence, it lost moisture faster. This product is specially designed by keeping in mind the delegate skin of babies. Organic ingredients are used in its preparation; hence the baby soap can be categorized as en eco-friendly product. Natural and pure ingredients keep skin hydrated and soft. No chemical or preservatives are used in its preparation so you can use it with confidence without worrying about rashes or other skin conditions.

The product is perfect for all skin types of babies as it is tested by dermatologists. It has no preservatives, colors, and ingredients which can cause skin allergies. Its PH neutral quality makes it suitable for newborn babies. Moreover, it can be used on a daily basis and ideal for babies of all ages. Instructions are also provided with the dove baby rich moisture bar. It’s better to use a washcloth on the baby’s skin. The product has a list of happy customers and the reviews say that the baby Dove bar can be your first preference.


3. Tedibar Bathing Bar

The product is made of natural ingredients and suitable for all types of skin. Moreover, the ingredients used in it have anti-inflammatory properties and perfect for rashes and red skin. Tedibar keeps the skin moist and gives a feeling of softness. The product is completely free from artificial ingredients and protects your skin from irritation and allergies. It is perfect for babies having age 0 to 3 years. Instructions are provided with the product.


4. Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap

The baby soap is prepared with natural ingredients such as almond oil and olive oil. These oils are rich in vitamins and keep skin healthy and glowing. Natural ingredients of the product keep the skin hydrated and soft. Natural oils provide protect your baby’s skin in winters.

The Himalaya gentle baby soap is completely free from animal products and synthetic color so it protects your baby’s skin from rashes and allergies. It produces mil lather which is not dangerous for little kids. It also has a pleasant mild smell which keeps your baby fresh. The product is ideal for daily use. If you are vegan, this product is ideal for you. User reviews of Himalaya Gentle baby soap say that it is perfect for newborn babies.


5. Johnson’s Baby Soap

Johnson’s is a company which is known as the baby product company. They prepare baby products by keeping in mind the sensitivity of babies. All products of the company pass through a safety process because they do not compromise on the quality. Their products are perfect for the skin of the baby’s clean, smooth, and healthy.

This Johnson’s baby soap is prepared by taking 1/4th body lotion, which is rich in vitamins and provides your baby with gentle cleaning. Natural ingredients are used in its preparation, which preserves the natural softness of your baby’s skin. As no preservatives or chemicals are used in it, your baby can never experience rashes or skin allergies. The most important feature of the products is, dermatologists test it. You can buy the product if you are conscious of the safety of your little kid. The baby soap gives lather, which cleans the skin gently. The product has a list of happy customers. The Johnson’s baby soap is prepared to keep the grip strong, which prevents it from slipping out of hand.


6. Santoor Baby Soap

The baby soap is prepared with natural, mild, and pure ingredients. Milk cream is one of its main ingredients which keeps the skin moist in winters and give it a natural glow. Pure almond oil is used it which has no side effects and suitable for all skin types of babies.

Saffron is another ingredient that is rich in vitamins and calcium and keeps the skin healthy. It is free from chemicals and preservatives, which make it a perfect soap to use on delegate skin of babies. It gives your baby a feeling of freshness and keeps the foul baby smell away. It is suitable for newborn babies.


7. Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baby Soap

The baby soap is prepared by keeping in mind the sensitive skin of infants and babies. It is suitable for winters as well as summers. Natural ingredients of bioderma baby soap protect skin from drying. Shea butter and glycerine are used in the soap, which keeps the skin moist and hydrated for a long time. Moreover, shea butter makes the skin smooth and soft and prevents it from getting rashes.

The product is completely suitable for all skin types. It provides gentle cleaning and removes dirt without removing essential oils from the skin. No preservatives are used in it so it can be your choice if you are looking for allergy-friendly products. The product has a large list of happy customers. According to reviews of mothers, this product is ideal for newborn babies.


8. Elegant Baby Soap

The soap is a perfect choice for babies as it is prepared with natural ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, and Alovera. These ingredients protect your baby’s skin from different skin conditions. Olive oil is a perfect remedy to remove rashes from the baby’s skin. Usage of the baby soap can save your baby from getting rashes under legs. Alovera is another magical ingredient that keeps the skin hydrated, moist, and healthy.

Moreover, Alovera gives a natural glow to the skin. Shea butter protects the skin in extreme weather. Vitamin E is also used in its preparation to keep the delegate skin of your baby healthy. The product is suitable for all skin types. It gives light fragrance, which keeps the bad smell away from your little angel. If your baby has sensitive skin and suffering from rashes, try this magical baby soap and enjoy his smile.


9. Mee Mee Nourishing Baby Soap with Almond & Milk Extracts

The baby soap is prepared with natural ingredients, and it is completely free from harmful preservatives. Milk extracts, aloe vera, and almond oil are used in its preparation. Milk is the best cleanser that not only cleans the delegate skin of babies but also keeps it moist for a long time. Alovera protects the skin from different skin conditions and keeps the bacteria away; it also maintains the natural elasticity of the skin. Almond oil is helpful in keeping the skin healthy and glowing.

The product has passed through different safety tests and fulfills international hygienic standards, which make it the first choice of Indian mothers. The baby soap has a mild fragrance, which gives a feeling of freshness and keeps the foul baby smell away. The amazing baby product is suitable for newborn babies as well as young children.

10. Omved MRUDU Almond Milk and Saffron Ayurvedic Baby Soap

This is a 100% vegan product that is prepared with natural and pure ingredients. Almond milk is used in its preparation, which is rich in vitamin A, B2, and D. It is also rich in calcium, which is essential for skin. Almond milk keeps the skin healthy and soft. Saffron is another ingredient that improves the complexion and skin tone of your baby’s skin.

Pure vegetable oil is used in the preparation of baby soap, which produces creamy lather, and your baby will definitely enjoy the creamy lotion during bathing. Pure olive oil is used, which maintains the internal moisture of the skin and prevents your baby’s skin from drying in winters. No animal products and preservatives are used in its preparation, so the product is perfect for vegan mothers. It also prevents your baby’s skin from getting rashes.


How to choose the best baby soap in India?

Ingredients Safe for your baby

Ingredients analysis is an essential step while buying a baby product. One wrong baby product can cause different skin conditions, so checking ingredients while buying baby soap is very important. The baby products should be suitable for the sensitive skin of children.  Most of the baby soaps are prepared with oils, and we have discussed the most common oils which are completely safe for the baby’s skin. Let’s discuss the essential oils which leave no harmful effects on the baby’s health:

Olive Oil: It is the best moisturizer and keeps the skin hydrated. It gives proper nourishment to the skin. Moreover, it improves the tone of the skin and keeps it glowing and healthy. Olive oil has no side effects.

Coconut Oil: It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  Coconut oil is allergy-friendly and perfect for soothing roughness. If soap goes into the baby’s eyes accidentally, it will not be dangerous.

Almond milk: The ingredient is rich in vitamins and calcium, which keeps the skin healthy. It improves complexion and tone and makes the skin glowing.

Cocoa butter: It is rich in vitamins which gives a soothing effect to the skin. Cocoa butter is extracted from the cocoa bean. It also contains antioxidants and perfect for the delicate areas of babies.

Shea Butter: It is rich in nutrients and perfect for rashes. Shea butter is completely non-toxic and safe for newborn babies. It also gives brightness and natural glow to the skin.

Honey: Newborn babies have soft and sensitive skin, and they need extra care while taking a bath. If you use baby soap containing honey, it will protect him from getting rashes as the honey has soothing properties. Honey heals the skin and kills bacteria. So buy baby soap which contains honey.

Tear Free: The baby soap should be prepared with tear-free formula. Tear-free soap gives your baby an opportunity to take bath with a smile. So, before you buy baby soap check its label if “tear-free formula” is mentioned, it is perfect otherwise ignore the product.

Allergy-Friendly Ingredients

Knowing your baby’s skin is another important factor before buying baby soap. If your baby has dry skin or he suffers from some kind of skin conditions, you should look for products which are prepared with coconut oil, almond oil, and shear butter, etc. All of the above-mentioned ingredients are allergy-friendly.

Dermatologically Tested

This term can be seen on most of the high-quality baby soap. Dermatologically tested products are tested to ensure that the products are free side effects. We recommend you always look for the baby soap labels that say “the product is tested dermatologically”.

Don’t buy extra lather soaps

Baby soaps that produce extra lather contain chemicals which can be dangerous four your baby’s skin. Look for a baby soap that is free from chemicals that’s why we always recommend natural and pure ingredients.

Scent/ Perfume

Most of the babies don’t like the fragrance of soap, and they start crying. Some of the soaps are prepared with an aroma, which contains chemicals so. It is very important to give your baby bath with fragrance-free soap.  When you buy baby soap, prefer fragrance free products.


Many skin care products contain alcohol to dry the products quickly on skin but if it is used in baby soap, it can remove all the essential oils form your baby’s skin. Cetearyl alcohol is the most commonly used ingredient which can cause rashes on skin. Cetostearyl alcohol is another ingredient which can damage sensitive skin of your baby. So always look for the alcohol-free baby soap.


It is recommended not to compromise on price when looking for baby products. There is always a difference between less expensive and more expensive baby soap. When the price goes up, high quality and pure ingredients are used in the products. If you are looking for low price baby soaps, there are several options available for you. To get the best products, you can check above mentioned list of baby soaps which are available in India. You can get the products from Amazon by staying at home.

Eco-Friendly Products

Whenever you decide to buy a product, always look for eco-friendly products. Vegan products are considered as the best eco-friendly products. The use of animal products should be stopped and we as a shopper can take part in promoting eco-friendly products.

Baby Soap Ingredients which you should avoid

Triclocarban and Triclosan

Most of the antibacterial soaps contain these ingredients. If your baby accidentally inhales these ingredients, he can suffer from liver problems. The American Medical Association recommends not using these anti-bacterial resistant ingredients.

TEA (Triethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine), and DEA (Diethanolamine)

These chemicals are used in much baby soap preparation, and they can cause liver damage and cancer. So these ingredients should be avoided.

Parabens and Phthalates

These ingredients are used to preserve many skincare products and cosmetics. These ingredients are toxic, and the European Union has banned these them since 2003.


SLS (Sodium Lauryl sulfate) is used for making lather and bubbles in soap, but it can cause irritation around the eyes and rashes on the skin. So look for the SLS free baby soap when you go for shopping.

Retinyl Palmitate

This ingredient is composed of retinol and palmitic acid and causes cellular level changes. It is also considered as a reproductive toxicant, so it should be avoided.

DMDM Hydantoin

This is another ingredient that is used in soap manufacturing. The ingredient can cause chronic fatigue, headaches, ear pain, loss of sleep, dizziness, and chest pain.

Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol

Polyethylene Glycol removes the protective oil from the skin and causes hair and skin dryness in children. Following are other ingredients which are not safe for your baby:

  •         Petrochemicals
  •         Phenoxyethanol
  •         Sodium Lactate
  •         Sodium Benzoate
  •         Tocopheryl acetate
  •         Potassium sorbate
  •         Quaternium-15
  •         Cocamidopropyl betaine

Frequently asked questions

1. What information should I consider while checking product label?

It is always recommended to check product label while buying baby soap because babies have very sensitive skin. Chemicals in baby soap can cause irritation or rashes on your baby’s skin. Find the products with labels saying free of alcohols, dyes, chemicals, and preservatives to keep your baby’s skin safe from irritation or allergies. If your baby’s skin is too sensitive or he/she suffers from some kind of allergies then look for the labels that say “hypoallergenic”.

2. Should I get solid or liquid soap?

Solid or liquid form of soap is not as important as the quality of the product is important. Buy a soap that suits on your baby’s skin and keep it clean, hydrated and healthy.

3. What does mean clinically proven mild?

It means the products have passed through skin safety tests. Baby’s skin need extra care so look for the products which are clinically tested. The products are tested to minimize following conditions:

  •         Irritation
  •         Skin allergic reactions
  •         To minimize sun exposure irritation
  •         Rashes on skin

4. What is correct pH Balance for newborn babies?

PH scale is used to measure the alkalinity and acidity of a product. If a product has PH value is between 1 to 6, it is considered as acidic but the points between 8 to 14 means the product is alkaline. The middle or 7 values is considered as PH neutral. A newborn baby’s natural skin is PH neutral but after few weeks of his birth, it becomes acidic. If your baby’s skin is getting dry it means the soap you are using on your baby’s skin does not have correct PH balance.

5. Why should I use baby soap on my baby’s skin?

Babies get dirty by crawling here and there. It is essential to keep them clean and away from bacteria. Using ordinary soap every time on your baby’s skin can cause rashes or dryness. Baby soaps are prepared by keeping in mind the sensitivity of skin of babies. So use a right baby soap to let your baby enjoy good health.

6. Should I buy anti-bacterial soap for my baby?

It is true antibacterial products can destroy bacteria but the baby soap having antibacterial products are not good for sensitive skin of babies. Such products have chemical or alcoholic ingredients which can make your baby’s skin dry. Try to keep your baby clean instead of buying antibacterial products.


Baby products are directly related to the health of your baby. Before you buy a bathing product for your baby, don’t forget to check its ingredients. If you are not sure about the right product, you can go through our product list and get one that suits you best, our buying guide will also help you in this regard. We have discussed best baby products in India; you can pick any of them according to your requirements and budget. All of the above-mentioned products are tested by dermatologists. So what are you waiting for? Pick the right product from above-mentioned list and make your baby’s bathing experience memorable.

Kids have a lot of free time during the holidays and after classes. As such, they can quickly get bored and find themselves engaged in activities that do not add much value to their growth. It is quite satisfying when you see your children trying to learn new skills. Various activity books have been developed for such improvements and to ensure that your child is ready for school and life as well.

If you do a simple google search, you will come across different brands of activity books. However, not all of them are ideal for your kid. Some are too complex, while others do not add more value to your kid’s life. In this article, we will guide you towards the best and latest activity books in the market.

10 Best Activity Book Sets

1. 1001 Activities Book

Do you have a pre-school toddler? This activity book set might be ideal for them. It comes with a  lot of entertaining yet educational activities. Some of the skills developed while using this set include reading, problem-solving, motor skills, and language.

The authors of this book understand that kids are easily attracted by images. As such, they included a lot of colorful pictures that can easily grab their attention. Each section has a simple explanation of whatever the kid is supposed to do. In addition, the quality of the printout and the thickness of the pages are spot-on.

2. Wonder House Set of 8 Coloring Books

Engage your kid in coloring activities with this set of eight books. This set is designed to develop your child’s creative mind. As they explore and learn about the world, they will grow to become imaginative artists with the help of colors. The complex and simple designs have been blended together to ensure that your kid does not get bored quite easily.

Some of the reasons why we love this set include paper quality and content. The simple and easy-to-follow instructions make them the best choice for this age group. Another advantage is its affordable price, which means you can easily purchase it without falling into financial troubles.

3. Activity Pack for Kindergarten Kids

If you have a kid in kindergarten, you will need an activity book that best suits their age. Books in this particular pack have been designed to help kindergarten kids through their development. This set of four quality books has many different and engaging activities. You can join your kid in some sections or leave them alone as the instructions are quite easy to understand.

Some of the main skills nurtured by activities in these books include handwriting, drawing, coloring, and pencil shaving. Their imagination will also improve with time while learning how to reuse or recycle waste materials. Apart from the engaging content, we also love the quality of its pages.

4. Melissa & Dough Deluxe Sticker Book

Sometimes it is quite difficult to find the right activity book for your kid because you are still not sure what they love most. However, almost every kid loves playing with stickers every now and then. Therefore, there is a very good chance that if you get them this activity book set, they will enjoy their free time like never before.

Melissa & Dough Deluxe activity book is very common among young kids, and it comes with over 100 stickers. There are also ten backgrounds to give your kid different exciting options. Improvement of motor, narrative, and expression skills are some of the benefits of this activity book set.

5. Workbook Combo Activity Book Set

This workbook by N N Innovation has been written and published for children between the age of two and five years. Therefore, if you have a child within this age bracket, do not hesitate to purchase this workbook combo. It is a set of four books, each of which has an activity regarding numbers, shapes, reading, and writing.

The content in this activity book set is very crucial for a child who is just starting school. Your child should never be bored when you are busy. Yes, you can let them watch TV for a few hours, but too much screen-time is not suitable for their development.


6. Gikso Combo of Art and Craft

Do you have a child between the age of four and nine years and looking for an ideal activity book to buy them? Well, we have great news; Gikso offers you a perfect gift for your kid. Art and craft are among the most taught skills for children below ten years. Gikso Combo activity book set comes with a variety of activities that will surely keep your child busy during holidays and after school.

7. Solimo Board Books

What does your kid love most? Whether it is counting, reading, painting, or graphics, this set has it all. Let your little one have some fun with these fantastic books designed with interactive pictures of vehicles, fruits, vegetables, and animals. Even better, you can get it at a very affordable price on Amazon. Buy one today and invest in your child’s development!


8. Genius Kids Worksheets

Finally, we have another fantastic activity book set from FlipClass. This set of eight workbooks teaches just about anything from mathematics, language, science, and games. It is like a library of what kids usually learn in schools. Therefore, it will not only improve your child’s skills but also their performance in class.

Some of the things included are scientific facts, writing activities, and pronunciation exercises. Let your child learn new skills in a fun way. The price might be somewhat high, but take it from us, it is worth the sacrifice.

9. Nurture Activity Books

Nurture your kid’s skills by gifting them this amazing set from Target Publications. If your kid is aged between five and ten years, then these activity books are ideal for their development. After years of observations, it has been concluded that a kid involved in various learning activities at an early age goes on to become very creative. As such, we can say that activity-based learning is quite significant to the development of any child.

This activity book set comes with a total of 78 activities that will keep your kid busy for a long time. Let them observe nature by following the simple instructions included in the first section of this set. The second section, also called “Nurture’s Activity Book – B,” takes your kid through a series of activities and comes with the materials necessary for such projects.

10. Jolly Phonics Activity Books

This set of six activity books by Jolly Kids is another learning material you might want to give your child. It comes with a series of interesting and easy-to-read stories meant to teach your kid on the basics of vowels. Each story is enjoyable for any preschooler and gives them a glimpse of what they will get once they join the school. It is ideal for children between the ages of three and seven years old.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing an activity book for your kid, you must consider some essential factors. Failure to do so may lead to investment in an unworthy material. Some books may be ideal for younger children but will not be of any help to the older ones. Check out some of the things you must put in mind before embarking on your shopping adventure.

The Purpose

Why do you want your kid to have an activity book? It is essential to ask yourself this question to ensure that you are investing for the right reasons. Your child has many skills that can be developed, but not all of that can be done with only one activity book. For instance, if you want your child to learn painting, there are resources designed for that. As such, make sure you understand the child’s needs first.

Now that you have narrowed down to the skills you want to nurture in your kid, it is time to look for the best materials. You must be careful to make sure that you select an activity book that is not only relevant to your needs but also offers quality content. The most important book is one that is simple to understand but still trains the brain.


As stated earlier, an ideal book for those aged below two years may not have the expected impact on a five-year-old. Therefore, knowing which book is relevant for which age-group is very crucial. Do not buy a book that your kid will find it hard to understand the instructions. Always prioritize the benefits gained by your child over any other factor. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your money.


The quality of the printouts must be spot on; otherwise, the book might lose its meaning. Some graphics require precise lines for children to understand what is going on. Also, the papers should be thick enough to prevent your kid from tearing them up. It also ensures that the paint does not flow to the next page, making it difficult to use subsequent pages.


Finally, it all comes down to the balance in your bank account. Do not buy something expensive, then sacrifice some critical things. Always be wise in your dealings to ensure that you do not overspend on one thing when there is a cheaper option that will do the same job. The market is full of authors willing to sell their work at very affordable prices.

Types of Activity Book Sets

There are hundreds of activity book sets currently in the market. They are designed to equip your child with specific skills that will later help them in school. Are you wondering which activity book is ideal for your kid? We have compiled a list of some common types of activity books you can grab at your favorite store today.


A cookbook is an activity book aimed at developing the kitchen-related skills of a child. They come with many recipes that are easy to understand and implement. The most important part is that these books are quite engaging and fun, a vital addition to a kid’s life. But once you purchase these books, be ready for a messy kitchen.

Art and Craft Books

Does your child love arts and graphics? Why not get them a drawing book to develop their skills as they enjoy what they are passionate about. Art and craft activity books have a series of activities involving painting and drawing. Your kid’s confidence is boosted once they learn that they can do something impressive on their own.

Also, in these activity books, children get to join the dots and form different shapes, people, or plants. It is not only fun but also a learning adventure.

Magnetic Activity Book

If you are interested in improving your kid’s concentration, then this might be the perfect gift for them. These books tell stories and, at the same time, engage the kids in a fun activity. For example, one may be prompted to dress up characters and give them various outfits.

Magnetic activity books have very many entertaining activities. However, if you want your kid to have more fun, ensure you carry out one of the sections with them.

Sticker Books

This category of activity books is probably one of the most common among many children. Stickers are exciting, and most kids love them. These books are very good at sharpening your child’s motor skills as they work towards ensuring that they place the stickers in the required positions.

Coloring Books

Coloring books are similar to the art and crafts category. The only difference is the fact that there are no drawing activities. The kids are required to color a given animal, shape, plant, or person. These fun-filled activity books will leave your child waiting for more.

Spy Books

A very popular book in this category is the “Where is Waldo” book. Basically, the book asks the child to find a specific part of a story. These activity books are great when you want your kids to remain indoors. They are geared towards developing one’s observation skills and build teamwork among children.

Safety Tips

Like any other book, you will have to take care of your kid’s activity book sets if you wish to have them use it for a longer time. A well-kept book may even be useful to other children – assuming the content will still be relevant. Here are some tips on how to maintain an activity book and also ensure the safety of your kid.

Never leave your kid unsupervised

Kids are very curious and will always try something out innocently. Therefore, never assume that since they are engrossed in a book, they will be there the whole time you are away. At some point, they may get bored and turn to your stuff like electronics. As a rule of thumb, never leave your kid unattended because an activity book is only a learning material and not a supervisor.

Put Away any Risky Objects

Some activity books will require your child to use several things within the room. For instance, in the kitchen, they will need some of your items for their project. Therefore, to ensure that they do not injure themselves in the process, it is highly recommended that you clear the table before allowing them in your kitchen. Some objects like knives may be too risky for a young kid – you can help them in case such objects are required.

FAQs about kids Activity books

1. What makes an activity book set an effective learning material?

Activity book sets have been designed to engage children in whatever activities they like most. For instance, if your child loves drawing, an art and craft activity book set will give them an opportunity to showcase their skills. In other words, it uses some common activities to improve a child’s reading and language skills.

Another reason why it is quite effective is the fact that it improves several skills at a go. An activity book set for cooking will develop kitchen skills, concentration, comprehension, and is also a source of entertainment.

2. Which set of activity books is ideal for my child?

Each category of activity books comes with specific objectives. Nonetheless, they usually end up teaching your kid some general skills to help them in life. Another reason why you would consider buying an activity book is to keep your child entertained.

Once you have all these requirements in mind, make sure you also choose an activity book that is relevant to your kid’s age group. An ideal book is one that you will not need to be around every now and then to teach how it is supposed to be used. Although we recommend an easy-to-read activity book, ensure that it adds value to the child.

3. At what age is my kid ready to use an activity book set?

If you visit your favorite store, you will find an activity book for just about every age-group. The difference between a book for a two-year-old and that of a five-year-old is the complexity of the instructions. It is recommended that you buy your kid an activity book as early as possible. This way, they will be able to nurture whatever skills they have at an early age.

4. How do I avoid purchasing an activity book that is not helpful to my child?

Sometimes parents buy activity books for the sake of it or maybe because they saw it with their friend’s child. Doing so may not be beneficial since you are not focusing on the weaknesses and strengths of your kid. To avoid such cases, always go through the features of the book before buying it. Also, ensure that you learn your kid’s needs.


There are a lot of fantastic activity books currently on the market. It is up to you to decide which ones fit the needs of your child perfectly. As a rule of thumb, always consider the age-group and comprehension level of your kid. A book meant for a child above the age of five will not be of any constructive use for someone below that range.

We picked the books on this list as some of our favorites because of the diverse activities they contain. In addition, some of them come at a very affordable price and are ideal for any parent. If you are willing to use more cash, do not hesitate to do so because you will get value for your money.

Never let boredom be part of your child’s problems when there is an easy solution. Although some activity books might be expensive, there is something for everyone. In this review, you can rest assured that each book will help your kid learn new skills while having fun. All you need to do is choose wisely, and you will soon see the fruits regardless of your child’s learning speed.

The decision to buy the right powder is not as easy as you might think, especially if that power is for a newborn. Parents with young babies have to consider different factors to protect and promote the health of their young ones. Besides, there have been some controversies on products that may contain carcinogenic chemicals.

As such, many parents prefer selecting products that have been manufactured using the most natural products. In this guide, we have considered these worries and done thorough research to provide you with tips to consider when purchasing baby powders in India.

Top 10 Best Baby Powder in India

1. Himalaya baby powder




Himalaya is one of the best and affordable baby powders. The fragrance is so mild, which helps in preventing an allergic reaction. The best feature of the product is enriched natural oils such as almond and olive oil, which act as healing agents in inhibiting infections. The almond oil is rich in vitamin A which boosts bone development and fight skin infection. The powder also contains khus, which acts as an antiperspirant to help to control sweat and bad odor. It can be used as a moisturizer to prevent skin dryness in babies.

It also has the ability to make rashes disappear in a few days. The product is also hypo-allergic and is suitable for babies with susceptible skin. You will also appreciate how it leaves your baby’s skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh all day. The price is amazingly affordable, considering it is clinically approved for most types of skin, including itchy skin, dermatitis, and excessive sweating. Try the product to achieve healthy and appealing skin.

2. Sebamed Baby Powder



Sebamed powder makes you appreciate the value of your money due to its high quality. It is soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. One of the good things about this powder is that it has fewer chemicals and contains olive oil, which helps in reducing dryness and skin irritation. The effect of applying the powder can be seen from the baby’s smile and how it leaves the skin looking and feeling fresh. Besides, it has a mild and soothing fragrance that does not cause harm to babies with allergies. I would highly recommend this product because it performs its purpose of preventing rashes and does not cause damage to the baby’s health.

3. Mama Earth Dusting Powder



Mama Earth dusting powder is one of the few talc-free baby powders that are made with natural ingredients, including arrowroots and oats starch. It has fewer toxins and is fit for babies which are at high risk of skin irritation. It is made by parents who are dedicated to research and provide safe products that are clinically tested and approved for babies. The powder absorbs excess sweat, and this helps in preventing rashes, especially when wearing a diaper.

It is enriched with lavender oil, which acts as a moisturizer and helps the baby to feel fresh all day. Mama earth dusting powder has an amazing aroma that calms the baby. The ingredients are rich in anti-microbial properties that soothe the skin of babies with delicate skin. This product is the answer for new mothers who are looking for a safe and therapeutic powder to achieve a relaxing feeling which preventing rashes in newborn babies. The zinc oxide helps in minimizing rashes because it forms a protective layer and keeps the skin smooth and dry.

4. Forest Essential Dasapushpadi Baby Body Powder



Forest essential is one of the softest baby powders and contains kokum butter, which makes it easier to be applied to the baby’s skin. The powder has no added chemicals and is enriched with natural ingredients such as organic corn starch, which helps in making the baby’s skin soft and dry.

Forest essential is suitable for babies with sensitive skin because it has no toxins that may cause irritation. It has a long-lasting fragrance that smells like lemons and helps in soothing babies. Many parents who use the product appreciate the quality and affirm it is worth the price. It helps in reducing rashes within a short time and keeps the baby’s skin smooth and dry.

5. Softsens Baby Powder



Softsens powder makes you appreciate the value of your money due to its high quality. It is very soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. One of the good things about this powder is that it has fewer chemicals and contains natural ingredients such as olive oil, which helps in reducing dryness and skin irritation.

The effect of applying the powder can be seen from the baby’s smile and how it leaves the skin looking and feeling fresh. Besides, it has a mild and soothing fragrance that does not cause harm to babies with allergies. I would highly recommend this product because it performs its purpose of preventing rashes and does not cause damage to the baby’s health. Try the product to achieve healthy and appealing skin for your baby throughout the day.

6. Biotique Disney Mickey Baby Powder



Biotique Disney Mickey Baby Powder is made by science experts who value different cultures by manufacturing self-care products with quality ingredients to express their value for natural beauty. The powder is the most suitable product for preventing rashes from babies with sensitive skin. It contains pure basil and red sandalwood, which helps in maintaining dry and soft skin and prevents excessive sweating.

The basil also acts as an antibacterial by providing healing as well as protects the baby’s skin from infections. Another benefit of the product is that it protects the baby from harmful UV radiation when applied before exposure to sunlight. The powder can also be reapplied for a more refreshing and glowing skin because it is affordable, and the container is suitable for traveling. Also, remember to clean or wipe your baby before applying the powder for more freshness. Sprinkle and spread the cooling powder on the baby to achieve a smooth and healthy skin.

7. Mee Mee baby powder



Mee Mee’s baby powder is gentle on the baby’s skin and does not cause irritation. The powder contains contents that are clinically tested and can be used on newborn babies as well as a year old. It helps the baby to feel fresh, especially after a diaper change or a bath. Gentle application of the product helps the baby to feel comfortable and sleep longer even during harsh temperatures, especially around the summer, because it minimizes sweating and rashes.

The best feature about this product is that it does not leave adverse side effects after use, unlike some products which cause redness on the baby’s skin. Amazon sells this product at an affordable price with guaranteed right quantity and quality after delivery to your doorstep. Be sure to check out their website for other products that are also affordable and suitable for the baby’s skin

8. BeyBee Talc-Free Natural Dusting Baby Powder



Bey Bee dusting baby powder is talc-free and is clinically approved for use on sensitive skin. The powder is enriched with natural ingredients such a lavender oil and corn starch, which keep the baby’s skin soft. It is also suitable for babies with dry skin because it moisturized and refreshes the skin after a diaper change. Other elements in the powder include olive oi, khus, and almond oil, which protect the baby from skin conditions such as dermatitis. The therapeutic ingredients also help in preventing infections.

Bey Bee is also essential in preventing rashes because it contains antiperspirant, which helps in regulating sweating. The powder works better when applied on damp skin after a bath as it leaves your baby’s skin feeling soft and fresh due to the mild fragrance. All you have to do is sprinkle some powder on your hands and dab on the baby’s skin firm and in a circular motion. Always avoid contact of the powder with the baby’s face to avoid eye irritation

9. Mother Sparsh baby powder



Mother Sparsh is one of the best talc-free baby powders. It contains organic products such as arrowroots powder, which help in absorbing excess sweat from the baby. The best feature of the product is that it acts as a healing agent in inhibiting skin infections.  The product is also hypo-allergic and is suitable for babies with sensitive skin. The price is amazingly affordable, considering it is clinically approved for most types of skin, including itchy skin.

The lavender oil and corn starch in the powder help in protecting the skin from dermatitis and other skin infections. It also has the ability to make rashes and skin redness disappear in a few days. The corn starch also soothes your baby by absorbing excess moisture from sweating, especially during high temperatures. You will also appreciate how it leaves your baby’s skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh all day.

10. Chicco Talcum Powder



Chicco baby powder is worth every coin spent to purchase. The fragrance is mild, and the texture is soft for use on delicate skin. You can comfortably use the product on babies with allergy problems because it is clinically tested to prevent skin irritation. It contains rice starch, which allows the skin to breathe naturally without blocking the pores. This feature enables the baby to feel fresh and makes the skin softer.

The powder does not contain harmful toxins such as dyes and parabens, which can cause an allergic reaction on the baby’s delicate skin. As such, this product is suitable for a newborn with rashes. The powder absorbs the excess moisture and leaves the skin fresh and velvety for an extended period. Remember to keep the powder away from the baby’s nose and eyes to avoid complications.

How to Choose Best Baby Powder – Buying Guide

Read the details on the container

Before buying baby powder, it is important first to check the container carefully and read the content indicated. The product should not contain dyes or chemicals such as parabens and phthalates, which may irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.

The product should also be hypo-allergic to reduce the chances of causing adverse side effects on the skin. Also, conduct your research on the contents that you may doubt. Access to the internet has made research possible, and you can also contact the manufacturing company to confirm or eliminate specific fears. Besides, the pediatric can also give you some insights on chemicals that should be avoided depending on the baby’s condition.

Mild fragrance

Choose a product that has a mild fragrance to avoid causing breathing problems in your baby. The product should be able to perform its purpose of reducing friction and promoting freshness on the baby’s skin. A mild fragrance can help in making the baby more cheerful and comfortable.

Nevertheless, a strong scent could mean that more chemicals have been used during the production process. On the contrary, a sweet scent from elements such as essential oils can help in soothing the baby, especially when sleeping.

Check the buyers’ reviews

When buying your baby powder from online stores, it can be hard to assess certain factors such as the quality of the product or possibly negative effects. Hence sections such as the review posts can help you get more information about the impacts of the powder on babies.

It is more possible to get accurate information from parents who have already used the products on their babies. You will also realize that different parents have contrasting views about similar products. Therefore, use this information to make the right decision depending on your baby’s condition.

Consider the type of your baby’s skin

Both negative and positive feedbacks will be available about a specific product. Besides, the chances are that some of the listed effects are caused by a difference in the type of baby’s skin. Remember that babies have delicate skin as compared to adults.

Therefore, consider or consult on the type of your baby’s skin to avoid allergic reactions or irritation. For example, some products contain natural essential oils that can help to moisturize dry skin and make it soft. Also, some may contain anti-microbial ingredients such as basil that can help in providing healing and reducing itching in babies.

FAQ’s about Best Baby Powder

What causes diaper rash, and how can baby powder help?

Diaper rash is common in babies and can occur at least once in children below three years of age. The rashes can even develop as early as the first week after birth. The condition develops when moisture is trapped in a wet diaper.

Baby powder helps in absorbing excess moisture to prevent a dump skin that is likely to lead to rashes. A guarding should shake the bottle and pour some powder before rubbing on the wiped and dry skin after a bath. Additionally, some powders contain organic products that act as anti-microbial to prevent infections.

When can I use baby powder?

Baby powder can be used when necessary, especially after changing the diaper or after taking a bath. It can also be used on babies who are as young as a few days old as long as it is clinically tested. You can also consult with the pediatrician to ensure that the ingredients in the product you chose do not cause an allergic reaction to the baby.

Also, avoid using the product near the eyes or nose of the infant to avoid health complications. You can lay your baby on her tammy and apply some powder to your hands to dab on the baby’s back in a circular motion. Also, consider the design of the lid to avoid powering excess product on your baby.

Does talcum powder increase the risk of cancer?

Talcum powder is produced from talc, which is a natural mineral mainly composed of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. This component helps in reducing friction when applied as a powder to the skin and is also perfect in absorbing sweat. There have been diverse controversies on whether talc can cause cancer.

However, current laboratory researchers affirm that only talc that contains asbestos can cause lung cancer when inhaled. Besides, other types of cancers, such as ovarian cancer, may occur when the product is used by women on their genitals. On the other hand, asbestos-free talc products have not been fully excluded from causing cancer. As such, the America Council Association advises that people should regulate the use of these products until further research is conducted. Parents are also encouraged to gather more information from healthcare providers before implementing home remedies to treat conditions such as diaper rashes.


To sum up, shopping for the best baby powder requires a keen assessment of the product to ensure that the ingredients used for manufacture are safe for the baby. Chose the right product to avoid side effects and promote freshness while preventing skin infections in babies.  Some products are clinically tested and are suitable for a specific type of skin.

Therefore, remember to first identify your baby’s needs before choosing a long term powder. Also, for babies with sensitive skin, confirm with the doctor before using harsh powders, especially those that contain many chemicals. Another point to consider is the fragrance of the product. Strong scents can cause breathing problems while a mild and sweet fragrance can relax the baby and keep odor at bay.


List of Best Baby Powders in India

Best Baby Powder Brands in India USP
 1. Himalaya baby powder Overall best baby powder
 2. Sebamed Baby Powder Gentle & soothing baby powder
 3. Mama Earth Dusting Powder Natural, Talc-free baby powders
 4. Forest Essential Dasapushpadi Baby Body Powder Chemical free baby powder for sensitive skin
 5. Softsens Baby Powder Mild powder with soothing fragrance
 6. Biotique Disney Mickey Baby Powder Baby powder to prevent excessive sweating
7. Mee Mee baby powder Best powder for newborn babies