A Short Guide to Choosing the Best Breast Pump

Breast Pumps are extremely useful if you’re thinking of getting back to work after eight weeks or so of breastfeeding your bundle of joy. Still, you might just want some time alone after a very tiring but happy period of your life. It’s understandable, and there are a thousand other reasons why you need a breast pump.

10 Best Breast Pump

1. SnapNap Manual Breast Pump

It is from SanNap, a company that offers personal care products for women founded by two women whose mission is to “constantly innovate and improve personal hygiene needs of women & babies”. The breast pump is FDA approved as the materials are non-toxic, BPA free, and odorless.

It is designed so that it will imitate a baby’s natural feeding style and prevent any leaking. It is a manual pump, but quite ergonomic and silent. One of the most important pros is that it is very portable and you can carry it with you without any problem, while the pumping power is firm but really comfortable for most women. Another important fact is that you can clear it very easily, with no extra hassle. It is easy to assemble it after cleaning, and ISO certified. Another strong point is the Dual-use.


2. NOYMI Electric Breast Feeding Pump

This breast pump comes from Noymi, a maternal and child product company that also acts as a proxy for other brands, such as Burabi or Cmbear. This specific breast pump is made from FPDA approved materials, contains food-grade silicone, and is BPA free.

It has three modes (stimulate, massage and expression) and nine suction levels. It comes with a built-in 1100mAh battery; we’d say that’s quite good in terms of power and portability.

You can charge it via the USB cable that is provided with the pump, and a lot of information is displayed on the large LED screen.

It is also a quiet breast pump, but it can express about 50-70 ml milk in just 5 minutes. On a moderate daily basis, the battery can last for about two days. Cleaning it after usage is no problem as most moms find it very practical. Moreover, it is dishwasher-safe.

3. Chicco Manual Breast Pump

Chicco is a quite famous company founded in the 1960s by an Italian father who named it after his little son, Enrico – Chicco. So, from the start, this brand speaks for itself. The manual breast pump comes with a Diaphragm technology, which makes it gentle and effective. It’s very ergonomic to use and is fitted with a Step Up Feeding Bottle.

Moreover, it comes with extra soft silicone cups and 2 Phase technology. It is a good product in its price range, with optimum suction frequency. One major pro is that it comes with a storage container and offers maximum comfort for long-term usage.

4. LuvLap Electric Breast Pump

LuvLap is a company known for commercializing nursing and feeding essentials, baby care and hygiene products, and all sorts of baby toys and teethers. They have quite a good reputation in the field.

This breast pump offers a three-phase operation: massage, stimulation, and expression with nine levels of intensity per each mode. One important feature is the smart memory which remembers your last-used settings so the second time you use it, you do not waste time to set it to your preferences again.

If the situation asks for it, you can use this breast pump as a manual pump as well. It also comes with a dual power option: electric or on battery. It’s got an in-built battery, which can take 3 hours of continuous usage.

Its ergonomic design prevents the back-flow of milk into the suction tube, and it also comes with an extra container for milk, a feeding teat, and a cap. One of its major pros is that it’s comfortable and makes for painless milk expressing process.

It is also very easy to carry around, a good fit for working moms. The containers are of good quality. One major advantage is that you can use this breast pump with other milk bottles, like the Philips Avent Bottle.

5. Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Philips is a world-renowned electronics company that is also in the business of providing quality baby care products. This exact breast pump excels at a unique design and comfortable pumping position. It’s got soft massage cushions with a warm feel.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it very portable. Another pro is the compatibility it has with other Philips Avent feeding products.

It is easy to operate, very good for moms for whom feeding is difficult and needs to express milk daily. There is no pain in using it, and its efficiency also makes it good for working moms. An all-in-all comfortable product!


6. Trumom AdvanceElectric Breast Milk Feeding Pump

Trumom is a company offering “breastfeeding products and accessories that enhances the breastfeeding experience of mothers and their well-being,” as it is stipulated on their website.

What stands out from the beginning at this electric breast pump is the fact that it’s got a 5-stage automatic massage stimulation mode and nine stages for expressing the milk. Moreover, before it starts expressing the milk, it will stimulate at five different intensities for 9 minutes.

It’s built screams good quality from the first glance, and it’s portable very, too. Moreover, it comes with a digital display for setting the automatic modes. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can work for 2 hours before charging it with any standard USB cable. One major pro is that it is also heat resistant and offers anti-backflow protection.

The product has a six months guarantee and comes with a PPSU GOLD 180 ML bottle. Moreover, one of the most important pros is that its milk bottle is made of medical-grade BPA free materials.

7. Babymoon Breast Pump

This breast pump provides half and full strokes to perfectly imitate a baby’s initial, respectively, frequent suction motion. This is why it offers a painless and leak-free experience.

One major pro is that you can boil it in hot water to sterilize it without any damage. This makes it very easy to clean, and as a bonus, you’ve got a vacuum packaging for better protection against bacteria.

It is very portable and made of FDA approved and BPA free materials. It contains baby safe food-grade silicone, and it gives you the overall feeling of a good quality built. Overall it is a very good product in its price range.


8. MEDITIVE Electric Breast Milk Pump

Designed for the baby’s safety, this breast pump is made of BPA free food-grade material and is FDA certified. You can charge it with any USB adaptor and can even use it with a power bank. This makes it very portable, and you can take it with you on vacation.

It offers both massage and suction, with nine adjustable levels for the latter. One strong pro is that you can use it in the same room with your sleeping baby because it makes almost no noise. Nevertheless, the low noise levels do not prevent it from offering an overall good suction power. The seller also provides an extra set of valves for you.

9. LuvLap Manual Breast Feeding Pump

As we were saying above, LuvLap is a well-established company which makes products specially designed for your child’s utmost comfort and safety. From baby strollers to cutlery, they offer over 180 products spanning across various categories.

This pump is generally gentle and effective. It offers support and comfort due to its silicone massage cushion designed for you. You can adjust the product on three levels of suction.

Made from 100% food-grade ingredients, this LuvLap Manual Breast Feeding Pump also comes with an ergonomic handle for better grip and comfort. This is where we arrive at one of its major pros: its ease of use.

It’s also very portable due to its design, and it’s good for working moms or moms who are constantly traveling and taking their baby with them. It is quite pocket-friendly, too. Take into account that it comes with two milk bottles so that you can store milk in one and also use the other one.

Although it is very pocket-friendly, this breast pump has a very good build and design; it looks much better than it costs. One of the most important pros is that all its parts are BPA free. As a bonus, it comes with a baby bacterial remover, which is good to remove any signs of pesticide residues from fruits, vegetables, or other feeding bottles. What is also very important is that it’s very gentle on the skin, so no worries!

10. MotherLike Majestic Electric Breast Milk Feeding Pump

This Electric Breast Pump is made of BPA free materials and edible food-grade silicone. So, as far as building is considered, it is a very safe product for your baby. It comes with two modes, massage mode and smart mode. The first one will bring you a comforting massage to provide for a better lactation, while the other is called “smart” because it mimics a baby’s sucking pattern to express milk efficiently. The first mode comes with six gears of intensity, while the smart mode has 12.

The breast pump is quiet. It functions at less than 52 dB. You can express about 100-120 ml of milk in 10 minutes without any pain.

Check out this short buying guide to decide your specific needs

We’re sure you’ve got your reasons, and now you’re looking for the best breast pump out there. There are countless of them, and you have no idea what to choose? Then let’s go together through the main points to consider when shopping for Best Breast Pump.

Speed and efficacy

If you’re going to stay away from your child several hours a day, then you’d need an electrical breast pump that does the job quickly and with great efficiency. You might even consider a double breast pump.


Breast Pump prices can go high up, so you need to set a budget limit before you start shopping for them if you’re willing to spend several hundred rupees or even more than a thousand on a breast pump, very well, but set that expectation from the start.


A breast pump should also be adjustable to your needs. Some women might be more sensitive to suction than others. Some breast pumps offer more vacuum power than others, so you need to keep this in mind when shopping for the best breast pump out there. You must buy a breast pump and start getting used to it in advance before you start to rely on it.

For example, a baby would suck at about 40- 60 cycles per minute; that is one pull per second. Most breast pumps operate at lower levels of 30-50 cycles per minute, but there could be breast pumps with less than that. Take into consideration that more cycles per minute means more milk supply stimulation and also think about your comfort when using a breast pump. There are some calculations there that you need to make.


Another important fact is the mobility of the breast pump. Depending on your needs and plans, you might want a small breast pump to carry it with you on vacation, on trips, or even a breast pump that allows you to multitask while it’s doing its job.

For this exact reason, there are tons of different breast pumps, from the large ones which you can also find in the hospitals, to the “normal-looking” automatic ones. It also depends on your needs and whether you have enough time to wash it properly after every use or you don’t, so you need to look for a product that is very easy to clean.

There are also some other alternatives, like really small and portable breast pumps to take with you, may they be electrical or manual; there are always some kinds of “hands-free” breast pumps that will allow a certain level of multitasking around the house.

If you’re not sure about what you really need and have never used a breast pump before, you might consider using one from a hospital so you can accommodate to it and see what you need. It might help you make the right decision when shopping for the best breast pump.

What are the main types of breast pumps out there?

Manual or electric pumps? 

When choosing a breast pump, there are two main categories you’ve got to decide on first: manual or electric? Which one to choose? Well, things are quite simple. If you don’t pump your breast milk daily and know you won’t stay separated from your baby for longer periods, then a manual pump is just enough.

However, if you plan to resume your work after having your baby and know you’re going to be away from your bundle of joy almost all day, every day, then an electric pump is more efficient, will save you time and effort. Nevertheless, you’ve got to keep in mind that electric pumps might not be as portable as the manual ones. So, yes, there are pros and cons to each part.

BPA-free materials 

You should also look for breast pumps that are made of BPA-free and DEHP-free materials and also consider the various levels of suction power they offer. It’s good to have a breast pump with more levels and modes so that you’ll have more chances of making the whole process comfortable and efficient for you. No mother and breastfeeding process is the same, so an adjustable breast pump is a luxury you deserve.

Ease of use or good design?

Also, there are breast pumps that look good when it comes to design, but you should also take into account the ease of use, the ease to assemble and to clean. Also, is it comfortable?

If you’ve made the decision to buy an electric pump, you should also think about the battery life it offers and the recharging cycles. Can you charge it using a USB cable? How many hours can you use it before charges? Always take into consideration all these aspects. All these being said, let’s now discuss ten specific breast pumps out there.


1. What is the right time to start pumping my breast milk?

Some moms start pumping their breast milk soon after the baby is born; it’s useful to store the milk in the fridge for when you return from work etc. However, specialists recommend waiting for a little before you introduce a bottle to your baby. How much? Until the baby gets used to breastfeeding, otherwise, he might confuse the breast with the bottle and eventually choose it because the milk comes more easily through it.

2. Will breast pumping be painful?

Breast pumping shouldn’t be painful. If you experience pain, then something is not right: the pump suction might be set too high, too-small, or too-large nipple tunnels. If nothing’s wrong with the pump and the adjustments, then you need to see about any trace of nipple trauma or bacterial infection on the nipples. It’s really important to look into the matter. Breast pumping should not hurt.

3. Is the breast-pumped milk safe for my child? 

Since your breast milk is the best nutrient your baby can get, it almost makes no difference, whether it is breast-pumped or fed naturally. Pumping is a good way to provide your baby with your breast milk even when you’re away running errands or working.

4. How long can I keep the breast-pumped milk?

This depends on the way you store it. For example, freshly-expressed milk can be held at room temperature for about 6 hours. You can store it in an insulated cooler using ice packs for about a day. In the refrigerator, you can even store it for five days, but also make sure it sits in the back of the refrigerator and in clean conditions. You can also store it in a deep freeze for six months. That’s about it.

5. How does a breast pump work?

A breast pump imitates the breastfeeding process of a baby by mimicking his natural suckling pattern.

6. When is the right time to pump breast milk?

This depends on the feeding schedule and habits you have previously created for your baby.  There is no right or wrong time during the day or night when you can express milk. It’s important to be flexible, but also create a solid schedule that will offer you stability and efficiency.

7. How do I clean my breast pump?

The most effective way of cleaning the milk bottles and breast pumps is to immerse them in hot water and then soap and rinse them thoroughly and let them air dry on a clean surface. There are some breast pumps you can wash in a dishwasher or others you can sanitize in boiling water. As you can see, there are many possibilities, but it’s good to inquire about the ease of use and cleaning of a breast pump before deciding on buying it.


As you can see, there are dozens of options when shopping for the best breast pump. It is important to set your expectations at first and then look for those products that will fulfill your needs and also come at a good price. Try not to make compromises when it comes to your comfort and your baby’s safety and well-being. Choosing products made of BPA-free materials and FDA certified is always a good idea, but also take into consideration the other important aspects such as ease of use, comfort, portability, and features.