Activity Books Set

Kids have a lot of free time during the holidays and after classes. As such, they can quickly get bored and find themselves engaged in activities that do not add much value to their growth. It is quite satisfying when you see your children trying to learn new skills. Various activity books have been developed for such improvements and to ensure that your child is ready for school and life as well.

If you do a simple google search, you will come across different brands of activity books. However, not all of them are ideal for your kid. Some are too complex, while others do not add more value to your kid’s life. In this article, we will guide you towards the best and latest activity books in the market.

10 Best Activity Book Sets

1. 1001 Activities Book

Do you have a pre-school toddler? This activity book set might be ideal for them. It comes with a  lot of entertaining yet educational activities. Some of the skills developed while using this set include reading, problem-solving, motor skills, and language.

The authors of this book understand that kids are easily attracted by images. As such, they included a lot of colorful pictures that can easily grab their attention. Each section has a simple explanation of whatever the kid is supposed to do. In addition, the quality of the printout and the thickness of the pages are spot-on.

2. Wonder House Set of 8 Coloring Books

Engage your kid in coloring activities with this set of eight books. This set is designed to develop your child’s creative mind. As they explore and learn about the world, they will grow to become imaginative artists with the help of colors. The complex and simple designs have been blended together to ensure that your kid does not get bored quite easily.

Some of the reasons why we love this set include paper quality and content. The simple and easy-to-follow instructions make them the best choice for this age group. Another advantage is its affordable price, which means you can easily purchase it without falling into financial troubles.

3. Activity Pack for Kindergarten Kids

If you have a kid in kindergarten, you will need an activity book that best suits their age. Books in this particular pack have been designed to help kindergarten kids through their development. This set of four quality books has many different and engaging activities. You can join your kid in some sections or leave them alone as the instructions are quite easy to understand.

Some of the main skills nurtured by activities in these books include handwriting, drawing, coloring, and pencil shaving. Their imagination will also improve with time while learning how to reuse or recycle waste materials. Apart from the engaging content, we also love the quality of its pages.

4. Melissa & Dough Deluxe Sticker Book

Sometimes it is quite difficult to find the right activity book for your kid because you are still not sure what they love most. However, almost every kid loves playing with stickers every now and then. Therefore, there is a very good chance that if you get them this activity book set, they will enjoy their free time like never before.

Melissa & Dough Deluxe activity book is very common among young kids, and it comes with over 100 stickers. There are also ten backgrounds to give your kid different exciting options. Improvement of motor, narrative, and expression skills are some of the benefits of this activity book set.

5. Workbook Combo Activity Book Set

This workbook by N N Innovation has been written and published for children between the age of two and five years. Therefore, if you have a child within this age bracket, do not hesitate to purchase this workbook combo. It is a set of four books, each of which has an activity regarding numbers, shapes, reading, and writing.

The content in this activity book set is very crucial for a child who is just starting school. Your child should never be bored when you are busy. Yes, you can let them watch TV for a few hours, but too much screen-time is not suitable for their development.


6. Gikso Combo of Art and Craft

Do you have a child between the age of four and nine years and looking for an ideal activity book to buy them? Well, we have great news; Gikso offers you a perfect gift for your kid. Art and craft are among the most taught skills for children below ten years. Gikso Combo activity book set comes with a variety of activities that will surely keep your child busy during holidays and after school.

7. Solimo Board Books

What does your kid love most? Whether it is counting, reading, painting, or graphics, this set has it all. Let your little one have some fun with these fantastic books designed with interactive pictures of vehicles, fruits, vegetables, and animals. Even better, you can get it at a very affordable price on Amazon. Buy one today and invest in your child’s development!


8. Genius Kids Worksheets

Finally, we have another fantastic activity book set from FlipClass. This set of eight workbooks teaches just about anything from mathematics, language, science, and games. It is like a library of what kids usually learn in schools. Therefore, it will not only improve your child’s skills but also their performance in class.

Some of the things included are scientific facts, writing activities, and pronunciation exercises. Let your child learn new skills in a fun way. The price might be somewhat high, but take it from us, it is worth the sacrifice.

9. Nurture Activity Books

Nurture your kid’s skills by gifting them this amazing set from Target Publications. If your kid is aged between five and ten years, then these activity books are ideal for their development. After years of observations, it has been concluded that a kid involved in various learning activities at an early age goes on to become very creative. As such, we can say that activity-based learning is quite significant to the development of any child.

This activity book set comes with a total of 78 activities that will keep your kid busy for a long time. Let them observe nature by following the simple instructions included in the first section of this set. The second section, also called “Nurture’s Activity Book – B,” takes your kid through a series of activities and comes with the materials necessary for such projects.

10. Jolly Phonics Activity Books

This set of six activity books by Jolly Kids is another learning material you might want to give your child. It comes with a series of interesting and easy-to-read stories meant to teach your kid on the basics of vowels. Each story is enjoyable for any preschooler and gives them a glimpse of what they will get once they join the school. It is ideal for children between the ages of three and seven years old.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing an activity book for your kid, you must consider some essential factors. Failure to do so may lead to investment in an unworthy material. Some books may be ideal for younger children but will not be of any help to the older ones. Check out some of the things you must put in mind before embarking on your shopping adventure.

The Purpose

Why do you want your kid to have an activity book? It is essential to ask yourself this question to ensure that you are investing for the right reasons. Your child has many skills that can be developed, but not all of that can be done with only one activity book. For instance, if you want your child to learn painting, there are resources designed for that. As such, make sure you understand the child’s needs first.

Now that you have narrowed down to the skills you want to nurture in your kid, it is time to look for the best materials. You must be careful to make sure that you select an activity book that is not only relevant to your needs but also offers quality content. The most important book is one that is simple to understand but still trains the brain.


As stated earlier, an ideal book for those aged below two years may not have the expected impact on a five-year-old. Therefore, knowing which book is relevant for which age-group is very crucial. Do not buy a book that your kid will find it hard to understand the instructions. Always prioritize the benefits gained by your child over any other factor. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your money.


The quality of the printouts must be spot on; otherwise, the book might lose its meaning. Some graphics require precise lines for children to understand what is going on. Also, the papers should be thick enough to prevent your kid from tearing them up. It also ensures that the paint does not flow to the next page, making it difficult to use subsequent pages.


Finally, it all comes down to the balance in your bank account. Do not buy something expensive, then sacrifice some critical things. Always be wise in your dealings to ensure that you do not overspend on one thing when there is a cheaper option that will do the same job. The market is full of authors willing to sell their work at very affordable prices.

Types of Activity Book Sets

There are hundreds of activity book sets currently in the market. They are designed to equip your child with specific skills that will later help them in school. Are you wondering which activity book is ideal for your kid? We have compiled a list of some common types of activity books you can grab at your favorite store today.


A cookbook is an activity book aimed at developing the kitchen-related skills of a child. They come with many recipes that are easy to understand and implement. The most important part is that these books are quite engaging and fun, a vital addition to a kid’s life. But once you purchase these books, be ready for a messy kitchen.

Art and Craft Books

Does your child love arts and graphics? Why not get them a drawing book to develop their skills as they enjoy what they are passionate about. Art and craft activity books have a series of activities involving painting and drawing. Your kid’s confidence is boosted once they learn that they can do something impressive on their own.

Also, in these activity books, children get to join the dots and form different shapes, people, or plants. It is not only fun but also a learning adventure.

Magnetic Activity Book

If you are interested in improving your kid’s concentration, then this might be the perfect gift for them. These books tell stories and, at the same time, engage the kids in a fun activity. For example, one may be prompted to dress up characters and give them various outfits.

Magnetic activity books have very many entertaining activities. However, if you want your kid to have more fun, ensure you carry out one of the sections with them.

Sticker Books

This category of activity books is probably one of the most common among many children. Stickers are exciting, and most kids love them. These books are very good at sharpening your child’s motor skills as they work towards ensuring that they place the stickers in the required positions.

Coloring Books

Coloring books are similar to the art and crafts category. The only difference is the fact that there are no drawing activities. The kids are required to color a given animal, shape, plant, or person. These fun-filled activity books will leave your child waiting for more.

Spy Books

A very popular book in this category is the “Where is Waldo” book. Basically, the book asks the child to find a specific part of a story. These activity books are great when you want your kids to remain indoors. They are geared towards developing one’s observation skills and build teamwork among children.

Safety Tips

Like any other book, you will have to take care of your kid’s activity book sets if you wish to have them use it for a longer time. A well-kept book may even be useful to other children – assuming the content will still be relevant. Here are some tips on how to maintain an activity book and also ensure the safety of your kid.

Never leave your kid unsupervised

Kids are very curious and will always try something out innocently. Therefore, never assume that since they are engrossed in a book, they will be there the whole time you are away. At some point, they may get bored and turn to your stuff like electronics. As a rule of thumb, never leave your kid unattended because an activity book is only a learning material and not a supervisor.

Put Away any Risky Objects

Some activity books will require your child to use several things within the room. For instance, in the kitchen, they will need some of your items for their project. Therefore, to ensure that they do not injure themselves in the process, it is highly recommended that you clear the table before allowing them in your kitchen. Some objects like knives may be too risky for a young kid – you can help them in case such objects are required.

FAQs about kids Activity books

1. What makes an activity book set an effective learning material?

Activity book sets have been designed to engage children in whatever activities they like most. For instance, if your child loves drawing, an art and craft activity book set will give them an opportunity to showcase their skills. In other words, it uses some common activities to improve a child’s reading and language skills.

Another reason why it is quite effective is the fact that it improves several skills at a go. An activity book set for cooking will develop kitchen skills, concentration, comprehension, and is also a source of entertainment.

2. Which set of activity books is ideal for my child?

Each category of activity books comes with specific objectives. Nonetheless, they usually end up teaching your kid some general skills to help them in life. Another reason why you would consider buying an activity book is to keep your child entertained.

Once you have all these requirements in mind, make sure you also choose an activity book that is relevant to your kid’s age group. An ideal book is one that you will not need to be around every now and then to teach how it is supposed to be used. Although we recommend an easy-to-read activity book, ensure that it adds value to the child.

3. At what age is my kid ready to use an activity book set?

If you visit your favorite store, you will find an activity book for just about every age-group. The difference between a book for a two-year-old and that of a five-year-old is the complexity of the instructions. It is recommended that you buy your kid an activity book as early as possible. This way, they will be able to nurture whatever skills they have at an early age.

4. How do I avoid purchasing an activity book that is not helpful to my child?

Sometimes parents buy activity books for the sake of it or maybe because they saw it with their friend’s child. Doing so may not be beneficial since you are not focusing on the weaknesses and strengths of your kid. To avoid such cases, always go through the features of the book before buying it. Also, ensure that you learn your kid’s needs.


There are a lot of fantastic activity books currently on the market. It is up to you to decide which ones fit the needs of your child perfectly. As a rule of thumb, always consider the age-group and comprehension level of your kid. A book meant for a child above the age of five will not be of any constructive use for someone below that range.

We picked the books on this list as some of our favorites because of the diverse activities they contain. In addition, some of them come at a very affordable price and are ideal for any parent. If you are willing to use more cash, do not hesitate to do so because you will get value for your money.

Never let boredom be part of your child’s problems when there is an easy solution. Although some activity books might be expensive, there is something for everyone. In this review, you can rest assured that each book will help your kid learn new skills while having fun. All you need to do is choose wisely, and you will soon see the fruits regardless of your child’s learning speed.