Best Activity Tables for kids Review

Are you looking to buy an activity table for your little one? If you notice your kid loves to draw or play around with things, you can grow their creative imagination with the help of an activity table. Babies are still very young to read books and play with complicated toys, but with activity tables, they can keep themselves busy while at the same time having fun.

There are a lot of activity tables in the market today, and it can be a bit confusing when deciding which one to buy. Activity tables for babies usually comprise of several tots that are aimed at developing their creative and thinking ability. We have compiled some of the best activity tables you can buy for your toddler in this guide.

Top Activity Tables For Babies

1. Techhark Multi-Functional Activity Table

This Techhark multifunctional activity table comes with a lot of features. Your little one will be able to find a lot of toys to play with. The buttons are colorful, and there are lots of switches, dial, wheels, keys, and many things on the table that will keep your baby very busy for a long time. This activity table is for babies between 1 to 3 years old. It has an on and off switch. The design is very colorful and vibrant. It will catch your baby’s attention.

The Techhark activity table is also very strong and will last long. It is made with quality materials and is safe for your baby. It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. This activity table comes with a lot of toys that will engage your baby’s imagination and creativity. It comes with a train, piano, and lots of music that will help develop their senses.  It will help them develop by improving them mentally and physically. They can also learn to stand firmly and walk better while at the same time enjoy having fun playing.

2. Toyshine Kids Creative Clay Dough Activity Play Table

Toyshine activity table is one gift you should buy for your baby. It comes with over 30 play accessories that will aid their creative ability. With the Toyshine activity table, you will be allowing your little one to explore their imagination and experiment with things.

You can watch your baby use their hands and their eyes as they work to create different models. The dough will give them hours of fun, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them busy. Your little one will also enjoy drawing and painting as well.

The clay dough can be molded to any form of shape, and you will be surprised at what your little one can create with this toy. The Toyshine activity table is made with environmentally friendly Mylar flour color clay, and it is nontoxic. It is also flexible and won’t make any mess around.

3. Baybee Infunbebe Learning Multi Games Activity Table

The Baybee activity table is for your six months old baby who is just in their early stage of learning. Your baby can enjoy beating the drum and watching the bright lights that show. The legs of this activity table can be detached and reassembled.

The toy also comes with seven vibrant colors, and the toys on the table easily light up and play classic melodies.  This toy is perfect for babies between 6months to 12 months old. You can also tie the activity table to their bed so your baby can play with it. The table is very light, and your little one will be able to carry it.

It also comes with colorful cartoon animals and an interactive ball run table. The baby toy can be used by your kid while sitting on the floor, and they can stand up to play when you attach the legs of the table.

4. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table Activity

The Leapfrog activity table introduces your little one to colors, shapes, and numbers. The toy has a lot of songs that babies can listen to. It also has a piano and a drum. The songs included are top-rated children’s tunes like Old MacDonald” and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

The Leapfrog activity table is recommended for babies between the ages of 6 months to 3 years.  There is so much your little one can do on this activity table. When they beat the drums, the table lights up to the rhythm.

The activity table allows them to use their hands and their eyes in a coordinated manner. They will quickly become familiar with colors and shapes on the table. The activity table also improves their motor skills and teaches your baby how to express themselves as well as their creativity. They can also learn to walk and move around with the help of the activity table.

5. Toys Bhoomi 29 Pieces Multi-Functional Kitchenware Table Activity

Children love to explore and have an exciting imagination. With the right tools, they will be able to grow their creative ability. This is why toys like the Toys Bhoomi activity table help. This activity table gives your little one an adventure into the world of restaurants.

It is common to find little children play with toy kettles and feeding their little toys. You can also have them play the cooking games on this toy. Toys Bhoomi comes with 29 pieces of kitchenware accessories that your baby can play with. All the toys are made with safe plastic and are quality.

Your baby can do a role play by serving food and tea. They can organize a tea party with a kitchen tea table set. The Toys Bhoomi activity table comes with a cutlery set for four people. It has played, spoons, knives, forks, drinks, a bowl, and other kitchenware. You can watch your kid start a Christmas party or birthday party with this toy. It will develop their motor skills, and they will learn how to interact more.

6. GoAppuGo Musical Learning Kids Activity Table

GoAppuGo Musical Learning Activity Table is a fun toy for little children. It is recommended for babies between 1 to 3 years old. This activity table comes with up to 10 different activities to keep your little one engaged for long hours. It has a piano which comes in various modes and makes lots of interesting sounds.

It also has fascinating lights to amuse your little one. The activity table comes with a steering wheel, which is accompanied by a horn to mimic a vehicle. It also has games that involve sorting out colorful shapes. The flipbook with pages is another interesting feature you will find in this toy.

There is also a feature that allows your baby to activates storytelling. They can move the frog with beads over a labyrinth and ride their car around the table following the rhythm of the monkey’s melody. This activity table is very interesting and will help your little one quickly learn how to interact. They will also learn to develop great motor skills.

7. Janvitha Multi-Functional Activity Table with Train

This multifunctional activity table comes with a toy train and music that will be pleasant to listen to. The Janvitha toy is perfect for little babies between the ages of 1 to 3 years old.

There are so many things your baby will be able to do on this activity table. Apart from the moving train, it also comes with a piano and other exciting toys.

This toy is for both boys and girls. It will help develop your little one by teaching them how to interact and to express themselves better. It also helps them develop good motor skills as they engage in the many activities of the toy. One of the major benefits of this activity table is that your baby can play with it along with their friend.

8. Hapsters 6 in 1 Fun Convertible Learning Activity Play Game Musical Table

Hapsters 6 in 1 activity table is a high-quality learning toy for your baby. It comes with enough features that will keep your baby engaged. The Hapsters activity table is designed with holes that look like a flower where your little one will need to lift a figure that comes in the shape of the holes and push it inside it. With this simple step, your baby will be learning how to identify shapes, colors, and also learn to solve puzzles. When your baby puts the right shape in the flower hole, immediately, the flower lights up and makes a sound.

The figures to be sorted and the pedestals on the table are numbered one to five. Also, on the surface of the table, there are other objects that your baby can move back and forth. When they do this, the rotary gears will make an interesting sound. The pyramid of 5 bright molds is another game your little one will find interesting because when they throw balls inside the pyramid, they can watch it till. The Hapsters activity table uses batteries, and it does not contain any harmful substance that will affect your baby.

Guide To Buying Lift the Flap Books For Kids


Some activity tables are designed for kids older than your baby, and if you buy them, you may end up not using it. Before you buy any activity table for your baby, you should start with a floor toy, and it would be preferable to get a 2 in 1 activity table to save money. With a 2 in 1 activity center, you can choose to remove the legs of the table or install the legs to make it a stand up activity table.


Another important thing to look out for inactivity tables is the number of features on the table. Activity tables come with a lot of toys like pianos, Bella, trains, whistles, etc. The tables are very colorful, and there is usually a lot going on at the surface to keep your baby engaged. The more the toys, the better it is so far your baby understands how to play with the toys.

If the activity table has many toys to amuse and engage your baby, it would improve their motor skills, their imagination, and improve their senses.


When buying any baby toy, quality is a must because your little one will not always be gentle with their toys. You can don’t have to spend a fortune on an expensive activity table before you can find a quality one. Many quality brands offer quality activity tables at budget-friendly prices. You can find the best one that fits your budget through reviews like the one provided in this article.

You should not get carried away with the beautiful design by sacrificing quality because there are a lot of counterfeit products in the market today. If the activity table is not a quality one and your baby puts their weight one it, it might end up causing injury.

Types of Activity Tables For Kids

There are different types of activity tables, and we will discuss each one in detail.


This particular type of activity table is in the form of a contraption that allows your kid to sit down while playing. The exersaucer has a platform right below the seat, which so that your kid can either sit down or bounce around. On the tray of this activity table, you will find toys scattered all around it in a perfect circle.

Baby Standing Activity Table

This activity table does not come with a seat. Your kid will be standing beside it to play with the toys on it. Most times, the standing activity table comes with buttons and switches to make movement easy.

The benefit of this toy is that it helps your toddler to learn how to stand and walk. They will be able to find support holding the table, and with the motivation of being around the table, they gradually improve their first steps.

Baby Activity Centers

The activity centers offer a variety of things for toddlers. They can sit, stand, bounce, and play around with the activity center. It usually comes with so many detachable toys that they can play with on the table. The purpose of the activity center is to improve your baby’s motor skills and also their creativity.

Benefits of Activity Tables

If you buy the right type of activity table for your baby, it can be rewarding. The toy helps your little one develop quickly and improve them as they grow. The activity table gives your baby more than one way to play.

Motor Skills

Activity tables will help your kid develop exceptional motor abilities. They will quickly learn how to walk well and stay balanced while standing. It is also known to help improve their cognitive functions as well as improving speech.

Your little one will learn quickly how to move things around, and they will learn how to stay focused. Activity tables allow your kids to work with their hands. They will be able to move their muscles freely and other parts of their body.

Cognitive Skills

They will be able to explore their creative ability and solve problems. Your kid will easily learn to identify shapes, colors, letters, and even numbers. They will be able to develop a good IQ even at such an early age.

Having an activity table at home for your kid is a convenient way to train them to use their thinking capabilities as they grow. Toy manufacturers continue to include exciting features to help growing children. The activity tables are recommended for use at a very early age, preferably when your child is up to nine months old, and they can continue to use it as they grow older.

Instead of limiting your kid to one toy, it is more fun having them play with the many toys included in the activity table.


Activity tables will keep your little one distracted, so you can get around to complete your tasks for the day. Kids can get bored when they keep playing with a particular tot for a long time, especially if the toy just has one or two features. The activity tables give your kids a variety of options so they can be engaged for a long time.

Activity tables can be very engaging for both parents and the baby. It will strengthen the bond between parents and their kids. You will find a lot of toys on the 360-degree table which your little one can keep playing with. They will be so engrossed in what they have in front of them; they won’t have time to disturb.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are activity tables good for babies?

When we are involved in so many activities, it improves our mind and that that is why it is important to give your little one an opportunity to learn even at an early age. Activity tables give your baby a fun learning experience. It develops them both mentally and physically. They will be able to learn a lot before they are enrolled at school. It is usually recommended for parents to start their kids with activity tables as a pre-preparatory step in their learning process. Children will learn more when they are fully engaged and working with their hands. The colors and sound opens up their imagination and teaches them to identify things easily.

2. When can my baby use the activity table?

Activity tables are usually made for kids around six months old to 3 years old. When you buy activity tables, you need to consider the age factor. There are different types for different age groups. If you buy a toy meant for an older kid, your toddler may not be able to handle the difficulty level. It is usually advisable to check reviews like this, to know which activity table is perfect for your baby. It is better to start the learning process early with your little baby with activity tables. It will improve their walking and standing position, especially when they lean on the activity table.

3. Do infants need toys and activity tables?

Babies need toys and also activity tables. This is because, at this age, they are just beginning to learn. The activity table will help develop their visual and auditory senses. It would help them identify numbers, colors, shapes, and so much more.

4. What is the best activity table for babies?

We have compiled the top brands you will find today in the market. These activity tables have been used by most parents and are recommended for babies. They are quality and are safe for kids. The top on our list is the Techhark Multifunctional Activity Table, which offers your baby a fun experience while they learn.


Activity tables are one of the best toys you can get your little one today. They are in their growing process, and these toys will be able to improve their ability to interact and their speech. It is good that you allow your baby to explore their imagination and use their hands to create things. You can get any of the activity tables mentioned in this review that falls within your child’s age group. You don’t need to spend so much money to buy the best activity table for your baby. You should use cheaper products that are made with high-quality materials. The most important thing is that your kid has a lot of fun and learns from all the activities.

If you have a toddler, you can buy any of the top activity tables listed in this review today.