Top 8 Antiskid Baby Bathtubs 

Bathing babies could be quite tricky, especially when they are still very tender and can’t sit by themselves.

For slightly older babies, they may require more space to play freely in the bathtub, but many risks are involved, including slips and falls.

Such incidents could lead to fatalities. Also, when supervision is not available, younger babies could easily get drowned in bathtubs. These are what the antiskid bath tubs are used to prevent.

Antiskid bathtubs are carefully designed to help mothers and caretakers bathe babies and toddlers comfortably with no risk to the baby while ensuring that the baby is always happy during bath time.

The article here has a list of 8 best antiskid bathtubs for your little ones and a buying guide to help you choose the right tub for your baby.

The article also has a few FAQs if you have any concerns regarding the use of the antiskid bathtub.

1. Sunbaby Anti Slip Bathtub

Made from BPA free plastic, this bathtub ensures that your baby’s safety is of utmost priority. It is carefully designed to ensure that the baby’s bath time is fun, and also provides support for your little ones.

It comes with a well-rounded ergonomic shape, and has a slip resistant armrest on which your baby’s arms can rest comfortably.

The ergonomic design of this bath tub ensures that your baby is protected from all harms and injuries comfortably.

Additionally, there is a detachable slide on which the baby can sit comfortably. As the baby grows, the slide can be removed to give the little one more play room during bath time.

It is also spacious enough to allow baby to play freely with water, leaving the baby joyful and happy during such times.

This bath tub can be used for babies even up to a year old without any worries about space and comfort. Being lightweight, it is easily carried and moved to a choice location. It requires little storage space.

The tub comes with a drainer that makes it easy and convenient for you to drain out the used water comfortably. This avoids unnecessary heavy liftings, and also prevents stains from remaining in the bathtub.


Easily cleaned due to the drainer present in it

Contains no harmful chemicals

It comes with a soap case that easily holds baby’s soap while bathing

There is a detachable slide that allows for more room as the baby grows bigger


It is large and may need some considerable storage space

2. Luvlap Anti Slip Baby Bathtub

Built to last, this plastic baby tub is made from high quality plastic that has zero toxicity level ensuring that your baby is safe from harmful chemicals.

It has soft curved edges that guarantee the safety and protection of your baby. It features an anti-slip base ensuring that your baby stays in a position without slipping and getting hurt in the process of bathing.

It also comes with an open drain plug that allows you to drain out the used water conveniently. The additional feature is an in-moulded soap case that prevents the soap from slipping into the water while bathing your little one.

Ergonomically designed for baby’s comfort, the bathtub is spacious, and gives your little one enough play room while bathing. It is lightweight, can be easily cleaned, and can be used for 6 months to a year old baby.


  • It is lightweight and can be easily cleaned
  • Comes with a drain plug making it easy to remove used water
  • Has enough space to keep the baby comfortable and happy
  • It is quite durable


  • It has no reclining baby seat

3. Mee Mee Antiskid Baby Bather

This bather is made from high-quality material that has zero toxicity ensuring the safety of your baby while bathing.

It comes with an easily detachable pillow and seat covers. These can be machine washed, leaving you with less cleaning chores while preventing residue build-up.

A simple and compact design, the bather is easy to fold, store, and clean. You can carry the tub with you wherever it may be needed.

The frames of this bather are made of extremely durable metal to provide excellent support. It also has a seat base made of thick plastic and soft mesh to ensure your baby’s comfort.

To ensure your baby sits comfortably, the edges of the seat are well cushioned. It also has a strong antiskid base that ensures the stability of your baby while bathing.

For head support, there is a pillow available to hold your little one’s head in place while bathing.


  • Easily washable pieces
  • Highly durable
  • Very comfortable for baby
  • Foldable and easy to store


  • No belt available
  • May be small for older babies

4. Toyboy Foldable Baby Bathtub

The anti-slip base provides a high level of safety while bathing your baby. It ensures that your baby does not slip or slide while having the bath. The edges of this tub are also softly curved to avoid hurting the little infant.

For easy water drainage after bathing, there is a drain plug at the base of this bathtub. This will prevent you from having to lift the tub after the baby’s bath, ensuring your own safety.

There is also a soap case that is used to keep baby’s soap and prevent it from slipping while bathing.

This tub is also ergonomically designed to guarantee your baby’s comfort and safety. It is spacious enough to allow your baby to enjoy bathing while playing with water.

It is free of harmful chemicals, and so would cause no harm to the baby from any chemical contacts.


  • Very spacious for baby’s comfort
  • Drain plug available for convenient water drainage
  • Made from toxic free plastic, so very safe for child food
  • Soap case to hold soap conveniently is also available while bathing


  • May require some storage space
  • Has no sliding seat for baby

5. FWQPRA Plastic Baby Tub

This baby bath tub is made from high-grade quality plastic to keep your baby free from possibly harmful chemicals.

It is uniquely designed with a water level indicator allowing you know just when to stop pouring in the water. It also has a simple drain plug that aids easy water drainage after the baby’s bath.

Coming with clear instructions on how to install and use it, the tub is stain proof and comes with a sliding seat to hold the baby comfortably in place while bathing.

The seat is detachable to allow for space as the baby grows older and bigger. It is lightweight and suitable for babies 4 months and above.


  • Drain plug for easy water drainage
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and secure
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Completely stain resistant


  • May not be suitable for younger babies
  • Requires storage space

6. My Giraffe Baby Bathtub

This plastic bathtub comes in a slanted position to help hold newborn babies in a comfortable position while bathing. It is quite spacious and provides play space for your little one while bathing.

The bathtub is made from high-grade quality plastic material that is free from harmful chemicals so would cause no harm to your baby while bathing. It is also very durable, lightweight, and easily cleaned.

The tub is suitable for newborn babies and works well for babies upto the age of 24 months. It has a weight carrying capacity of 12kg.


  • Free from harmful chemicals and so is safe for the baby
  • It is lightweight and very durable
  • Spacious and comfortable for the baby
  • Plastic is of extremely good quality


  • Has no drain plug, so lifting may be required to discard used water

7. Rareeram Portable Anti-Slip Bathtub

This plastic bath tub is safely designed to give your baby maximum support while bathing, and also ensure that the baby is comfortable at bath time.

The edges are well rounded ensuring that the baby is not hurt during the bathing time. The tub has a cool and attractive design that lures your little one into bathing without any struggles or apathy.

It also has a built-in drain plug that allows for quick removal of water after a bath. It is suitable for babies 6 months and above. It is lightweight and easy to clean.


  • Drain plug for easy removal of water
  • Attractive design that lures baby to bath
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • No sharp edges present


  • Requires storage space
  • May not be very spacious

8. Infantso Foldable Baby Bathtub

This baby bath tub is made from high quality silicone material that is non-toxic and odourless, ensuring the safety of your baby at bath time.

It also has antiskid base that keeps your baby safe from tripping while bathing. The tub is ergonomically designed to cater to baby’s comfort and safety with well rounded edges.

Uniquely designed, this bath tub is foldable and can be easily and conveniently stored when not in use. This makes it easy and convenient for you to travel with it when the need arises.

The tub is suitable for babies in the 2 months to 2 years age bracket. It is also very spacious, providing enough playroom for your baby.


  • Lightweight and foldable, can easily be stored in small spaces
  • Poses no threat to baby, thanks to the quality of the material used
  • Suitable even for grown-up babies
  • Highly portable


  • No drain plugs available

Buying Guide

When buying a bathtub for your little one, there are several factors to consider and we look at some of them below.

BPA Free

All bathtubs used for your baby must be free from BPA, which is a chemical that poses some health threats to infants.

So, when buying a bathtub for your little angel, ensure there is not a single trace of BPA to be found in it.

Safety of the Tub

Baby’s bathtubs should have safety features like well-rounded edges to cradle the baby’s head and keep him or her safe during the bath time.

It should also have good support for your baby’s head and shoulders to ensure there is no strain on the tender muscles and joints.

Room for Growth

The bathtub you get for your baby should be one that can accommodate the baby’s growth for a certain period. Most last for only six months, while others may last longer.

To save cost, and having to replace at each growth phase, it is necessary to go for the one that can be used over time, even as the baby grows.


It is important that the bathtub used for bathing your little one is portable. This will help make the bathing time easy and convenient.

A portable bathtub will make it easy for both you and the baby to choose a comfortable bathing spot.

Ease of Cleaning

Different materials are used in producing the bathtubs for your baby. Some are plastic, some foam, and some fabric. Whatever you go for, ensure that it is one you can easily clean.

Plastic is often easier to clean and dries quickly, so maybe a preferred option. If you go for foam or fabric bathtub, ensure you go for the one that is resistant to mildew.


Many baby bathtubs require some storage space. So, you must consider the space you have before deciding on the bathtub for your baby.

If you have very limited space, it may be advisable to go for a foldable bath tub that takes little or no space. Where space is not an issue, plastic bathtubs may be more suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really need a bath tub for my baby? 

Though babies can easily and conveniently be bathed in the kitchen or bathroom sink, it is much better and safer to use a bathtub.

This is because the bathtub will provide the baby with all the necessary comfort and safety needed to have a comfortable bath.

It will also ensure that the baby is safe from possible injuries that may be occurring from the sharp edges of wash basin sinks.

2. How long do I need to use a bath tub for my baby?

There is no hard and fast rule concerning when you can stop using a bathtub for your baby. If your bathtub is big enough to accommodate your older baby, then you can continue to use it.

Most babies outgrow their bathtubs at 6 months when they begin to sit by themselves. At this stage, if your baby bath tub does not cater to older babies, it is very okay to use an adult bath tub.

However, you have to pay keen attention and be careful about bathing your baby in an adult bath tub.

3. Are there different types of baby bath tubs available in the markets?

Yes, there are many different types of baby bath tubs available in the market. The two major types are the sink inserts and the basin tubs.

Sink inserts are those smaller tubs that easily fit into your kitchen or bathroom sink, and allow you to bathe your baby while standing comfortably avoiding the need for bending.

This may be especially suited to mothers just recovering from the pangs of childbirth, and who may find bending a little discomforting.

Basin tubs are stand-alone tubs that can easily sit on their own anywhere. They do not need the support of the kitchen or bathroom sink, and readily provide your baby with enough play room while bathing.

Unlike the sink insert, these tubs require you to bend while bathing your baby, and may pose some difficulties when drains are not available to remove used water after bathing.

4. When can I start using the basin bath tub for my baby?

Though there is no prescribed age or time to move babies from sink insert tubs to basin bath tubs. When the baby is comfortable enough to sit alone, the baby can be moved from the sink inserts to the basin tubs.

This provides the baby with more room and comfort, and allows the baby to have an even more enjoyable bath time.

5. Do I need to disinfect my baby’s bath tub?

Yes, there is a need to disinfect your baby’s bath tub now and then. Bath tubs should be disinfected before the first use, and subsequently on a weekly basis.

This helps to avoid accumulation of germs and build up of bacteria in the bathtub

6. How do I disinfect my baby’s bath tub?

The bathtub can be disinfected using hot water and liquid dish soap or baby disinfectant. If soap residues are present in the bathtub, a paste of baking soda can be used to scrub out the residues.

Further, you can scrape out with a paper towel to leave it all fresh and clean for the baby’s next bath.


Depending on what your needs may be, there is a wide range of antiskid baby bath tubs to pick from. We have looked closely at some of the best in the market.

Any of the options discussed in this guide will be of great benefit to you and would last you long without any need for replacements.

However, the most recommended options for antiskid baby bathtubs for your little ones include Sunbaby Anti Slip Bathtub, Luvlap Anti Slip Baby Bathtub, and Mee Mee Antiskid Baby Bather.