Best Baby Bath Toys in India

When it comes to your baby’s bath time, there is no limit to the number of things that can go right on wrong. Depending on your baby and the kind of products you have prepared to give your baby comfort, bath time can quickly become the best time of the day or the worst.

In order to ensure that you and your baby always have wonderful experiences during bath time, you have to ensure that you have soothing items like a good sponge, hairbrush and bath toy.

Ordinarily, babies have very good imaginations and they can always make do with the littlest item but making an effort to improve how much fun they are having is never a bad thing. Remember, a happy baby is a happy parent.

However, buying a bath toy is not something you can just do. There are certain things you have to know. For example, what type of bath toy you want to buy. Whether it’s a ball or a rubber duckie.

This article talks about the numerous intricacies of getting a bath toy for your baby from the types of bath toys that are available on the market to the benefits these bath toys will have on your babies.

Top Baby Bath Toys in India

Best Baby Bath Toys in India

1. Ramakada

This product gives a new definition to animal bath toys with its 14 pieces set meant to titillate your baby in the bath tub.

Instead of buying just one bath toy, your baby gets to have 14 different animal bath toys of different species to play with.

When it comes to safety, the animals are made of very soft rubber which does not contain any toxic material whatsoever. The animals also come in different colours and are all designed in such a way that they squeak when they are squeezed.

These animals can also be easily picked up by your baby and easily dried after bath time because of the materials used to make them.




2. Wishkey

This 14 pieces set animal bath toy is another good example of animal bath toys. It is created with vinyl for durability and it comes in a variety of vibrant colours to catch your baby’s attention. The animals each have an inbuilt whistle which cannot be easily removed no matter how much your baby squeezes the animals. Whenever the animals are squeezed, they produce whistling sounds and squirt water through the mouth.

Out of the 14 pieces of animals contained in this product, 9 of them are water creatures and the remaining 5 are fun animals your babies can relate with.

This means that you can use the bath toys to teach your babies about animals and to also recognize them.




3. Creative Kids

Teach your babies about colours with this vibrant animal bath toy for babies. Each of the animals in this bath toy set comes in basic everyday colour that can be easily learnt by your babies.

The animals are also made of soft non toxic and BPA free rubber that does not sink or get soaked in water. They are also small enough to be held by your babies but not too small to be swallowed. They don’t take up much space in the tub and they don’t contain any small pieces that can break off and be swallowed by your baby.




4. Tinny Time

If you are looking for a safe and durable toy for your baby, then look no further than this 12 pieces set animal bath toy with its BPA free rubber material. Not only is this bath toy BPA free, it is also phthalate, nitrosamine and toxic free. What this means is that even if your baby decides to chew on the animals, nothing is going to happen healthwise.

Furthermore, the animal toys squirt water when they are squeezed and this can serve as a way of distracting your baby from the discomfort of the running water or temperature during bath time.




5. Ubbi

If you are looking for bath toys for older babies, then this colourful bath toy is the right choice for you. Created with BPA and phthalate free plastic, the Ubbi bath toy set is the one of the safest toy sets you will ever find online. What more? Its pieces can be easily removed and interchanged to create a more colourful effect.

The design of the toys support pouring, mixing and matching in the bathtub. They can also be easily washed in the dishwasher or dried immediately after use to prevent mold or any other harmful bacteria from growing on them




6. Funblast

Experience the joy of bath time with your baby with this innovative doll bath toy set for your baby to simulate bath time. This bath toy comes with one bathtub, a small baby doll and five animal bath toys for your baby to interact with. While you are bathing your baby, he/she can also mimic you by bathing the baby doll.

Each of the toys in this set is made of non toxic rubber and the pieces are not too small to be swallowed by your baby.




How to Choose the Best Baby Bath Toys


When it comes to buying the best bath toy for your baby, you can decide to buy any type as long as your baby likes it. You don’t have to think too hard or too long, you can randomly pick anyone whether it’s a ball toy, a squeaky toy, or an alphabet toy, it doesn’t matter. What matters however is that whatever type of bath toy you are buying has to go in line with a specific purpose you have in mind for your bath time with your baby.

Since you will be bathing your baby a lot and the bath toys are going to be staying with your baby for a very long time, you may want to pick a bath toy that will help your baby grow.

Each type of bath toy has a specific benefit for your baby’s growth. For instance, a ball toy will help with the development of your baby’s hand to eye coordination, the alphabet toys will help your baby develop some cognitive skills and the squeaky toys will create some sort of sound stimulation which your baby will enjoy while also helping with the development of your baby’s motion skills.


This is an important feature to look out for in a bath toy. If a bath toy is not safe for your baby, then there is no point in considering it as a viable option to begin with.

The sole purpose of a bath toy is to be played with by your baby during bath time. During this time, your baby will most likely put the bath toy inside his mouth and the only way you can protect your baby’s health when this happens is to have endured beforehand that your baby’s bath toy is both BPA and phthalate free.

BPA and phthalate are both chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic. These chemicals are very dangerous to anyone who ingests them and in some cases, they can cause liver damage.


You have to ensure that the bath toy you are buying is baby safe. This means that it has to be made of durable and non toxic materials. It must not contain BPA, phthalate or PVC which is a chemical for softening plastic. It must not also contain tiny pieces that can be swallowed by your baby.

The material used in creating your baby’s bath toy will determine whether or not the bath toy is safe to use by your baby. If the material is not durable, prone to breakage or toxic, the bath toy may end up causing more harm than good.

Easy to Dry

A bath toy as the name presupposes is a toy that is used during bath time. This means that it will spend most of its lifetime in the bath tub with your baby during bath time. Because of this, you have to ensure that whatever toy you are buying for your baby is easy to dry.

If the toy you buy for your baby is not easy to dry, there is the chance that mold and other bacteria that grow in damp areas may start to grow on it. To prevent such an occurrence, the best thing to do is to ensure that whatever bath toy you eventually choose to buy will be made of a material that does not retain water or can be dried easily.

Age Requirement

Bath toys come in different types and sizes. In order to ensure the safety of your babies, most bath toys come with the minimum age requirement of the person that can use it.

If the bath toy is not meant for your baby’s age bracket, then it is possible that it will be difficult to use. For example, if your baby is younger than the age requirement of the bath toy, then the toy may be difficult to hold and play with while if your baby is older, the bath toy may be small enough to be swallowed.

Motor Skills

When you are buying a bath toy for your baby, you have to take into consideration how that bath toy may help your baby develop some motor skills.

Fine motor skills and gross motor skills are the two types of motor skills a bath toy can enhance and help develop in a baby.

Fine motor skills have to do with the development of your baby’s hand to eye coordination. Bath toys are capable of making your baby use his or her hands and fingers while playing in the bath tub and this movement is the best way for your baby to develop fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills has to do with the development of your baby’s muscles. When your baby picks up or drops a toy, the muscles of the arms are flexed and he or she can learn to crawl or walk faster.


Babies are generally drawn to bright colours. Babies are less likely to play with toys that have very dull colours. By buying brightly coloured bath toys for your baby, you are ensuring that your baby will be very attracted to it.

Also, colour serves as a means of identification and buying toys with different colours for your baby may serve as a mode of teaching your baby to identify different colours.

Types of Baby Bath Toys

In the world today, there are a lot of platforms where you can easily buy your baby a bath toy. All you have to know is which type of bath toy you want to buy and you will be presented with alot of products to choose from. This section of the article talks about the types of bath toys you can buy for your babies and how those toys can make their bath time better.

Ball Toys

These bath tub toys are usually weightless and can be made of plastic, silicone or any other material that is waterproof. It floats in the bathtub and your baby can play with. Some bathtub balls are made to light up in the water while some have plastic surprise in them that rattles whenever your baby shakes it. You can always play with your baby in the bath or allow the baby to play alone.

Ball toys are really fun. They serve as something to play with for your baby and they can also help your baby develop some hand eye coordination by playing with it.

Rubber Duckies

Rubber duckies are the most popular of all bath toys. Not only are they perfect for babies, they can also be used by adults.

They come in vibrant yellow colours and are always made of soft nontoxic rubber. They are weightless, do not sink in water and are designed to make a tiny squeak whenever your baby squeezes it.

They come in different sizes but they are not small enough to be swallowed by a baby. They also don’t have any part that can serve as a potential choking hazard for your baby.

When it comes to bath toys, a rubber ducky is the one you can’t go wrong with.

Squeeze Toys

Squeeze toys are bath toys which are designed to make a squeak sound whenever they are squeezed. They can be in any form like ducks, fish, pandas, and frogs etc. They are usually made of lightweight rubber and are designed to float around in the bathtub. They can be easily held by your baby and squeezed during bath time.

Babies find the sound made by squeeze toys both fascinating and distracting. With one or two squeeze toys in the bathtub, your babies will totally forget that they are uncomfortable or don’t want to take their baths.

Floating letters

Who says learning has to take place at a particular time or place? With this bath toy, your baby can easily teach your baby to identify the alphabets and numbers from a very small age. You can even teach your baby to spell short words by randomly putting together the floating words next to him in the bathtub.

Floating letters are made from foam which is one of the reasons why they are able to float and they come in very vibrant and child-friendly colors that are guaranteed to distract your babies even if they can’t read yet.

Boat toys

This type of bath toy is created with beautiful vibrant colours to look like a boat. It is made with plastic which floats in the bathtub. During bath time, your baby can play with the boat by moving it around or scooping water onto the deck. This way, your baby can develop a good hand, eye coordination which will really be beneficial to him in the future.

Benefits of Buying a Bath Toy

At this point in the article, you are probably asking yourself, why does my baby need a bath toy to begin with? Below are a number of reasons why your baby needs a bath toy.

Fun time in the bath

Bath time can be monotonous when all you are doing is scrubbing down your baby with a sponge. With the help of a bath toy, a little bit of fun can be introduced to your baby’s bath time.

Your baby can play with the toys alone or with you and be fascinated with the fact that the toys can’t be sunk.


Bath time can be a challenge for you if your baby is not very comfortable with water. Babies are usually fascinated with the colourful and unsinkable nature of bath toys. With them around, you can focus on cleaning your baby up with no stress. Bath toys come in different shapes and sizes to distract your baby during bath time.


Not only do bath toys serve as a way of distracting your baby during bath time, they also serve as a way of enabling your babies to learn some basic stuff. For instance, an alphabet bath toy is capable of helping your baby learn the alphabets from a very young age.

Ample Bonding Time

With these toys, you can play along with your baby during baths and create a traditional time for bonding that will last for a long time even after your baby is older. You can interact and teach new things that will serve as a knowledge bank for your baby during these times.


1. When can my baby start using a bath toy?

Around four months when your baby can sit alone without support. Your baby can also start using bath toys earlier but ensure that the bath toy you are buying is suitable for your baby’s age.

2. Does my baby need a bath toy?

Yes, your baby needs a bath toy. With a bath toy, bath time with your baby becomes more of fun and interaction than just a boring process. Who knows? Your baby may even become fond of bath times.

3. What type of bath toy is best for my baby?

The best bath toy for your baby is the one that your baby likes the most. In order to be sure of which type of bath toy your baby prefers, you may buy more than one bath toy at a time. If you are not certain and don’t want to go through the stress, you can buy a rubber ducky for your baby. You can’t go wrong with a rubber ducky.

4. Must I bath my baby in a bath tub?

No. You don’t need to bath your baby in a bath tub unless the baby is around 4 months old and can sit alone without support. Without this, you can always bath your baby with a sponge on your laps.

5. What should my baby’s bath toy be made of?

Materials that are free from BPA, phthalate, and PVC. Also, your baby’s toy shouldn’t contain any sharp object that may prove harmful to your baby whatsoever.


The best time to interact with your baby is during bath time. With the use of bath toys, every moment with your baby will be nothing but fun. Your baby may even start looking forward to it. Select the perfect one from our list mentioned in the article.