Best Baby Booster Seats Review

Does your back ache from trying to feed your baby while he/she is seated so low on the chair?  The only thing you can do at this point is to get a baby booster seat! These seats are designed to facilitate feeding your baby while keeping your tyke at eye-level at the dining table.  This way, you can keep an eye on the most precious thing in the world to you even as you get a bite to eat!

In this article, we’ve tried to review some of the most high quality, fast-moving, and popular products for you to choose from.  Try to choose one that doubles (or triples!) as a piece of furniture to get more bang for your buck. Good luck with choosing the best possible booster seat for your baby!

Top 10 Baby Booster Seats

1. Kiddale Baby Plastic Booster Seat High Chair

This lovely white and green booster seat by Kiddale has a lot of features that will make your baby love being in it.  It has been recommended for use by children from ages six months to 3 years old. A three-point harness is used to ensure that your child is safe when he/she is at that elevated level.  One of the unique features this booster seat has is a musical toy tray that goes on top of the feeding tray. It can be removed so that the feeding tray can be used.

The musical toy tray uses three AAA batteries to function and has unique animal sounds and animal sounds on separate keys.  The feeding tray itself can be removed so that the booster seat functions solely as a chair. The seat can also be placed and secured on a standard chair so that it serves the function of a high chair.  The booster seat disassembles into a portable unit that is lightweight and easy to carry.


2. R for Rabbit Candy Crush Super Cute Booster Seat

This cute booster seat is cleverly designed to look like a panda.  All its attachments are compact and fit the panda theme. The manufacture of the booster seat has been done to EN 14988 standards, which assures us that it is safe to use with infants.  The shape of the seat enables children of a wide age range of 6 months to 5 years to use it without any issue. There is a 3-point harness system present in the booster seat so that you are able to securely place the baby on it without fear of him/her falling off.


The clever panda-themed part that generally serves as additional back support can be put over the chair to be used as a feeding tray for your child.  Two handy spaces on the tray allow you to place easy-to-reach toys for your child as he/she is secured onto the booster seat. The seat can also be clamped onto any dining chair for use as a high chair.  When not used as a high chair or for feeding, the tray can be moved to the back, and it can be used as a mini-chair for your child to play on.


3. Chicco Booster Seat Mode Fancy Chicken

This is one of the most cheerily designed booster chairs in this category.  It is chicken-themed with the backrest forming the chicken’s head. It has a system that allows it to be adjusted to three heights for easier access to your baby.  This booster seat has been recommended for use with children aged six months to 3 years. The tray can also be adjusted to three positions to facilitate its use with ever-growing children.  The tray can also be removed to make cleaning easier or so that your baby can play on it without restriction.

The booster seat has been designed so that it can be easily disassembled for quick transport.  It also comes with a carry strap to free up your hands to carry some of the other things your baby might need.  The chair can be fitted on to the dining room chair to be used as a high chair. If you are looking for a booster seat that will give you a giggle when using it as well, this is the product for you.


4. URBAN KINGS Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

This booster seat has a very elegant looking white and reddish-brown design by Urban Kings.  It looks to be safely useable for children aged six months to 3 years, as are many of the other booster seats in this category.  A 3-point harness keeps your active baby secured to the booster seat as you feed him/her. A unique feature of this product is that it comes with four attachable legs that fix onto the seat to convert it to a chair.  The fabric cover of the seat comes off it so that you can machine wash it.

The booster seat has also been designed with wide duck-feet to ensure that it never tips off with your precious baby strapped onto it.  It too quickly disassembles and folds down so that you can transport it easily to where you need to take the baby. As in other booster seats, this can be fitted onto a dining chair so that it acts as a high chair.  If you are looking for a mid-range product that has a lot of extra features to help with your baby, this might be it!

5. Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Booster Chair

The simple but brightly colored design of this cute little booster seat will surely make it a favorite with your baby.  The seat could possibly be used for children from ages six months to 3 years, depending on how heavy the child is. The bottom of the seat has a device that you can use to adjust the height of the seat.  The tray also has three settings to allow the seat to grow with the child. As your child grows bigger, you can extend the tray further, giving your baby more room to move around in the chair.

The simple design with detachable parts allows for easy cleaning and storage.  The 3-point harness can be used to keep your child secure within the booster seat when placed in elevated positions.  The seat can also be attached to a dining room table to function as a high chair. The lightweight material used makes this booster seat easy to transport after disassembling it.  The removable tray has indentations that allow you to place cups and other containers without them spilling over.


6. Fisher-Price Clean N Go Booster

This elegantly designed booster seat has been manufactured by the world-renowned Fisher-Price company.  It can easily be used by children that are with an age range of 6 months to 3 years. The detachable tray in front is adjustable to fit the size and height of your baby.  The handy 3-point restraint that comes with the product allows you to securely place your baby into the chair without any fear of him/her falling off.

This booster seat has a capacity of 22kg and has a fast finger wipes dispenser.  It can be folded into a very elegant carry position and transported using the carry strap it comes with.  You can also strap it onto a dining room chair to use it as a high chair or place it on the floor and remove its tray to use as a mini-chair for your cute little tyke.  It also comes with non-skid feet so that it doesn’t move around when placed on a surface.


7. Baybee Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

This booster seat has been designed to allow your precious baby to join you at the family dinner table.  With a cute little design on its backrest, the booster seat comes with a 3-point harness to secure your toddler onto the seat.  Baybee has manufactured this product to high EN 71 certification standards to ensure that your baby is completely safe in the seat.  The detachable feeding tray can be adjusted to three heights and is manufactured to be washed in your dishwasher with the rest of your plates.

This booster seat also comes with the ability to be attached to any dining chair to function as a high chair, allowing your baby to be present at the dinner table at eye-level.  The backrest of this seat has been given extra padding to ensure that your baby is as comfortable as possible. If you are looking for a multi-function booster seat that won’t break the bank, this would be a great choice!


8. Trugoods Baby Booster Seat/Swing

This budget booster seat comes with a lot of frills that most of the more expensive ones don’t have.  It comes in a friendly blue and green bear design that is sure to attract the eye of your baby. The seat uses a safety belt to ensure that your baby is secure within the booster seat when placed in elevated positions.  It also has a detachable tray that is easy to disassemble and wash. The seat can be easily attached to a dining chair to serve as a high chair.

A lovely feature of this cute booster chair has is the ability to be used as a swing.  The strings to hang the chair are also included with the package. If you are in a hurry, you can also use this chair as a booster seat for your car as well, allowing you to transport your precious tyke wherever you want to go safely.  All these features come at a fraction of the price of the other booster seats in this category.

9. LBLA Portable Baby Seat for Feeding

A very cutely designed booster seat by LBLA, this product comes in an aqua blue color scheme.  This seat has been recommended for use by children within the age range of 6 months to 3 years and under 23 kg.  The detachable tray can be adjusted to three heights and distances to help the product grow with your baby. The booster seat has a stand that folds out of the seat to provide a handy chair to place your baby in.  The three-point safety harness the chair comes with is sure to keep your baby safe even in elevated positions.

This booster seat can be attached to a dining room chair to function as a high chair for your child.  The only maintenance needed is the periodic wiping of the chair with a damp cloth and mild soap, and then toweled dry.  It has the most compact and easy-to-carry shape when folded for transport, which you can do with either its handle or the included carry strap.  We assess this as one of the best-designed booster seats in its category.

10. Mee Mee Foldable Booster Seat with Feeding Tray

This booster seat by Mee Mee has been designed to resemble a duck with its beak-like tray, flat elongated feet, and orange and white coloring.  The tray can be adjusted to three sizes and heights to ensure that the product is able to grow with your child. The whole product is produced with BPA free material that ensures that it is safe to use with children.  The baby can be secured on the booster seat with a strap to make sure that he/she doesn’t slip out.

This booster seat can be placed on a dining chair to act as a high chair for your child, allowing him/her to join your family at the dining table at eye-level.  There is also a cup-holder on the tray that can hold your baby’s drink without any spillage. If you are looking for a high-quality mid-range product without too many unnecessary frills, this might be the product for you!


Buying Guide


One of the things you are going to be doing with this booster seat the most is washing it!  So make sure your new booster seat is made from a material that can be easily washed or wiped off.

High quality plastic coverings will do the trick unless, of course, your whole booster seat is made of plastic!  Look for a design that is attractive to the child, but one that doesn’t have too many frills, nooks, and crannies that can’t be cleaned easily.

High Chair

Booster seats can either be attached to a standard pantry chair to act as a high chair or fit onto an attachment that makes it act as a high chair.

Some booster seats function solely as high chairs. Basically, the booster seat elevates your child so that he/she is now at eye level. This makes it easy for you to feed your tyke as well as keep an eye on him/her while you are getting a bite to eat yourself.


Many modern booster seats also have the added functionality of being used as a swing.  It comes with the ropes/strings you can use to hang from any elevated attachment.

This feature allows you to have the baby entertained while you are doing other chores.  The swinging motion is sure to calm and soothe your baby as he/she relaxes while being securely fastened.

Car Seat

In addition to all the other functions, booster seats are able to pull off, some can also perform the duties of a car seat for your baby.  It is a clever move by some manufacturers that enable parents to save a bit of money.

However, if you are going for this option, make sure that there is sufficient padding on the harness or constraint that will keep your baby from moving forward.  Using a booster seat that uses the tray as a restraint is not an option.


Your all-purpose booster seat will come in handy outside of your home as well.  If you are forced to frequently move about with your baby, having a booster seat that neatly folds up for transport would be quite a boon.

Choose one that is light and compact so that you don’t have to carry around a bulky chair in addition to your precious bundle! Some seats even come with a strap-on to help carry it on your shoulder.


Some booster seats that perform as high chairs have wheels on them.  This makes it very convenient if you are moving about inside your house and you’d like to have an easy method of transporting both your baby as well as his/her chair.

If this feature is important to you, get one with wheels that are big enough to go over the minor random barriers that might be present on the flooring of your home. The wheels should also be lockable so that the seat doesn’t move about after you’ve moved it to the location you want it to be at.


While it’s essential to make sure that the booster seat is washable, it’s more important than your baby is comfortable using the booster seat.  Make sure that the seat has enough padding for your baby to be comfortable sitting on it for a prolonged period of time.


Let’s be honest; you’ve probably spent a lot of money, making sure that the furniture in your living room matches the walls and the same goes for the furniture in your kitchen.  Your baby booster seat is going to be a semi-permanent fixture in several of your rooms, so make sure that its color scheme matches its surroundings.

Last but not least, make sure that it has colors and designs that your baby likes.  After all, it’s that little tyke that is going to be a semi-permanent resident on that new booster seat!

Foot Grips

If you are looking at buying a booster seat with a stand to function as a high chair, take a look at what kind of feet it has.  If you have tile floors and you buy one that doesn’t have grips, it will slide around the floor, damaging it.

Get one that has rubber grips to help keep the chair steady for your baby and prevent scratches on your flooring.

Types of Baby Booster Seats

Baby Booster Seats with Trays

This category is generally friendly to your wallet and comes with the ability to fix the booster seat onto a seat.  Some booster seats have a harness to keep the child steady in the seat, but generally, this function is carried out by the tray in front of the booster seat.

Baby Booster Seats with Swings

As booster seats are generally multi-purpose, these types of booster seats come with harnesses to hang the seats to serve as swings.  The tethering is generally done to metal or plastic rings that are on the booster seats. You can also fix this type of booster seat onto a chair just as in the previous category.  They might have separate harnesses or rely on the trays in front to keep the baby secure within the seat.

Baby Booster Seats/High Chairs with Tables

These booster seats are stand-alone and don’t need to be fixed onto seats to serve as high chairs.  This type of booster seat is designed in a way that you are able to remove the top half to serve as a chair for the baby while the bottom half serves as a table.  You can also remove the tray from the front of the seat to serve purely as a chair in many of these booster seats.

Baby Booster Seats/High Chairs with Wheels

These booster seats are great for moms and dads that have chores around the house to do and would like to easily transport their babies in secure chairs to the places they need to be in.  They might also be designed to be disassembled into chairs and tables, just as in the previous category. All of these booster seats come with trays to facilitate feeding your baby.

Safety Tips


Just as in other pieces of furniture that come in contact with your baby, booster seats need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they are hygienic places of rest for your child.

Your baby will most likely lick, suck and otherwise try to ingest parts of his/her booster seat! Making sure yesterday’s dry porridge isn’t sticking to a side of the booster seat will go a long way in keeping your baby healthy.

Proper Harnessing

Your baby is full of energy, and he/she will try to get out of any place that you think you’ve secured the baby in.  This also goes for when the baby is kept on a high chair. Make sure that the baby is securely tethered to the high chair before taking your eyes away from him/her.

It is also an excellent eye to keep an eye on the baby to make sure that he doesn’t try to slide from under the tray.

Child Placement

While it’s nice to have your baby at eye-level for feeding, it can be a health risk to keep him/her at that height for a prolonged period of time.  If there is a separate harness to ensure that he can’t slip or climb down, it is fine, but generally, babies don’t like to be harnessed in this position for too long.

Moving the booster seat onto the ground ensures that your baby can’t hurt himself from a fall and is safer in the long run.

Wheel Locks

If you have chosen a booster seat that allows for it to be wheeled around the house, make sure that you lock and secure the wheels after you move the booster seat to its new position.

If you don’t, there is the possibility that your child can get it rolling again, and that poses a crash risk. A rut on the flooring might even cause it to fall on its side if it gains enough momentum.


1. Are booster seats suitable for 9-month babies?

Yes, almost all booster seats would be suitable for a 9-month baby.  The general age-range for the use of booster seats is from about 8-months to 3 years.

2. Are the tethers provided with booster seats?

Generally, the strings/ropes are provided with booster seats that also double as swings.  They are generally attached to the rings on the seats that are made from either metal or plastic.

3. Do the booster seat trays have lids/covers?

While there might be a booster seat with this kind of functionality, almost none of the fast-moving ones do.  The trays are only meant to be used to keep containers of food or drink and are not a place for the storage of consumables for any duration of time.

4. Do booster seats come fully assembled?

There is some assembly required for almost all types of booster seats that are mail ordered.  However, the assembly required is simple and generally does not even need tools. Some booster seats can be assembled and disassembled regularly based on use as they convert from high chairs to tables and chairs.

5. How much do the booster seats weigh?

There is a wide variation in the weights of booster seats.  Some of the simple plastic ones that are meant to be attached to chairs are quite light and can weigh under 2kg.  Ones that assemble into high chairs and have steady frames for wheeling the baby around might come to as much as 30kg.


A booster seat is an invaluable piece of furniture when it comes to keeping your child secure in a convenient position for feeding.  The additional roles a booster seat can play allow it to keep the baby secure and entertained while you are doing your chores. The type of booster seat you buy should depend on the amount of space you have at your house and how you intend to use it with your baby.

We hope that you got a few additional points on what to look for in a booster seat when reviewing our buying guide.  Also, make a note of the safety tips that are provided to ensure that your child is safe and happy while using his/her booster seat.  Good luck, and we hope your life gets just a little bit easier through the use of a baby booster seat!