Best Baby Boy Shoes in India

Once your baby takes their first steps, it’s time for you to get them a pair of real shoes. Shoes protect your little one’s feet outdoors and anywhere else that proves to be hazardous such as slippery surfaces. They also help keep your baby warm and comfortable.

By shopping at the right time and choosing the right shoes for your baby, you’ll help them start running in no time. Getting the best pair for your kid may not be such an easy task since there’s a lot that you need to put into consideration. You need to know their foot size, flexibility, among other things.

This guide comes just at the right time; to save you from all the trouble. Listed below are some of the best shoes for your baby boy that you’ll find in the Indian Market today. You’ll also get to know the different styles of baby boy shoes and even the reasons as to why you should get your baby a good pair of shoes.

10 Best Baby Boy Shoes in India

1. Katz Baby Boys Casual Running and Walking Shoes

First on the list is this pair of running/walking pair from Katz, a famous brand for baby shoes. It is not only a comfortable pair but also one that is entirely in line with your demand for the latest fashion trend on baby boys’ shoes.

The shoes are made from good quality fabric and have an extremely durable sole. The pair is also good looking and not bulky at all. Your baby should be able to walk with ease in them. It also has a durable non-slip sole. The pair will also not get off your baby’s feet with ease now that it comes with a hook and loop closure.

Allow the pair to air and deodorize regularly. Also, use shoe bags to prevent stains or mildew. To keep the pair clean, use a clean cloth to wipe off dirt or dust. Avoid using shoe polish or shiner at all costs.

2. NEOBABY Casual Shoes Combo for Kids

If looking for a pair of high-quality, affordable pair of baby boy shoes, consider this combo from NEOBABY. It contains two lace-up pairs and one slip-on. They are made from a resin material and thus comfortable and long-lasting at the same time.

The shoes are warm and come with a cozy lining that keeps your baby’s feet hugged and comfortable all day long. They are fashionable and charming and perfect for various outfits. Your kid can not only wear them when accompanying you to a friend’s party but also when taking casual walks.

The pairs come with flexible and anti-slip soles that make them perfect for daily wear as well. They will suit your baby if within the age range of 1.5 years to 4.3 years. If your baby’s feet are a little fat and wide, ensure that you select a larger size.

To clean the shoes, use a brush to wipe out any dirt. You can also use a piece of soft cloth to wipe the dust. Avoid using chemicals to clean the shoes.

3. CHIU Unisex Baby Booties

These booties from CHIU might probably make the best pair for your baby’s casual wear. It is soft and comfortable enough to protect your little one’s tiny feet. Its interior and exterior are made from cotton and, therefore, easy on your baby’s smooth skin.

The shoes help in keeping the soft muscles, tendons, and bones of your baby’s feet warm and safe at the same time. The pair has a thick inner sponge for better comfort and a durable PVC sole. It is also designed with a soft strap to help your baby’s feet to fit comfortably.

To get the right fit of the pair, check your little one’s foot length. Also, ensure that you get a ½ cm more than your baby’s fit size. The shoes fit both boys and girls aged between 6 to 8 months.

4. Mickey Baby Boy’s Booties

These booties from Mickey will most probably suit your baby’s casual lifestyle and make him look neat and smart with every little step. They have a slip-on closure that makes it easy for your baby to wear and remove when required.

The pair is made from cotton material that helps keep your baby warm throughout the day. It is beautifully colored and thus quite appealing to babies. Your baby boy will likely want to wear the pair every day.

These shoes are reasonably priced, high-quality, fit right, and also easy to clean. Use a clean cloth to remove dirt and dust.

5. INSTABUYZ Unisex Baby Shoes

These shoes from INSTABUYZ come in an eye-catching design to enhance your baby’s outfit. Should you decide to go for the pair, your little one will not only look cuter but also classier. It comes with a lace-up closure and thus the best for those fussy ones who like taking their shoes off after a short time of wearing.

The pair is highly processed for the comfort of your toddlers crawling feet. It comes with anti-skid soles for the caution against marble flooring. Its outer and inner materials are both made from cotton and thus soft on your baby’s delicate feet.

The shoe’s sole material is of EVA and, therefore, very durable. The pair helps keep your baby’s feet protected in all seasons and also provides a snug and secure fit. The Velcro strap makes it easy to wear without restricting his movement.

The shoes come in a variety of colors giving a chance to select one that suits your baby best. The adorable colors add extra cuteness to shoes. Since the shoes’ materials don’t have any harmful effects on kids’ sensitive skin, he can wear them all day long.

6. FemmeStopper Baby Shoes

This lovely pair of elegant shoes from FemmeStopper will not only provide your baby with all the comfort they need when walking but also compliment their outfits. They come in an attractive design and have a lace-up closure.

The shoes have a cushioning footbed that helps keep your baby’s feet protected at any season. They also have a thick sponge for better comfort and an anti-skid sole that makes them great on any flooring.

The pair is made from durable knitted cotton fabric that ensures the comfort of your baby’s feet. It is best for all casual occasions and fits kids aged between the age of 6 to 13 months. It is easy to wear and will make a great addition to your baby boy’s footwear collection.

7. LED Light Baby Shoes

If looking for a pair that your baby will always be yearning to wear each day, try this LED pair. The light will attract him into having them on his feet all the time. The pair is very comfortable to wear as it made from non-irritating materials.

The shoes are also wearable in all types of clothing and to any kind of occasion. Whether in small parties, ceremonies or weddings, your little one will look good in them. The Velcro closure system makes the pair easy to wear and can be worn by the baby himself with ease as it’s free from the lacing system.

In terms of quality, the pair is a long-lasting product.

8. SMARTOTS Casual Shoes for Kids

Our list would be incomplete without a pair from SMARTOTS, one of the leading brands for kids’ footwear collection. It is made from resin and has resin soles that ensure that your baby’s feet stay comfortable all day long and that he enjoys optimal grip.

The shoes are designed to offer comfort without compromising on style. The pair comes in beautiful colors and are also easy to wear thanks to the slip-on closure.

The pair fits kids aged between the age of 1.5 to 4.5 years. For a perfect fit, ensure that you order one size extra.

9. Max Baby Boys First Walking Shoes

If you are looking for the latest baby shoe fashion in India, you might as well try a pair from the label. This pair for baby boys is no exception as your baby will not only look great in them but also enjoy all the comfort they bring along.

The pair has an outer canvas material and is breathable enough to provide your baby’s tiny feet with enough air circulation. The hook and loop closure makes this pair easy to wear. The shoes have enough room for growth and thus perfect for your growing baby.

10. Dazzle Baby Boy Whistle Musical Shoes

Last on the list comes this slip-on pair from Dazzle that is made from a high-quality fabric material that makes it durable. It has a baby-friendly rubber sole, and a cushioning fabric inside that offers your baby all the comfort he deserves.

The music from these musical booties sound sweet and inspires kids to walk. The pair is suitable for every season, has a medium width, and comes at a reasonable price. They are also designed with a soft strap that helps your baby’s feet to fit perfectly.

Buying Guide

The following are the things you need to put into consideration before you purchase shoes for your baby.

The right fit

Ensure that you get the right fit of your baby’s shoe since they can’t tell if it’s pinching or too loose. Check them carefully and, if possible, go shopping with your baby. Let them fit the shoe while standing with her weight on both feet.

For the length test, check if you can press your thumb in between the end of the shoe and your baby’s biggest toe. See whether you can grasp a tiny bit of the material at the shoe’s widest point between your fingers. If you can grasp too much of it, it means that the shoe is too wide. If none, then the shoe is narrow.

Check the heel by slipping your pinkie between your child’s heel and the should fit snugly.


Even when barefoot, kids always have a hard time with their first steps. Heavy shoes make the situation a lot more challenging. You, therefore, need to get a lightweight and breathable pair for them.


Ensure that the shoes you get for your baby are flexible as stiff ones can cause foot deformity. You’ll be in a position to tell that your baby’s shoe is flexible if you can feel your baby’s feet right through the leather.

Choose Laces or Velcro

Velcro fasteners make it easier for you to get your baby’s shoes on and off. You also won’t have to worry about tying the laces from time to time throughout the day. If you chose to go for laces, ensure that they are long enough and then tie into double knots. This way, they won’t become undone often.

Non-skid soles and padding

For walking shoes, soles designed to grip the ground help by giving your baby more traction when walking as they provide adequate traction. Padding on the heels, sides, and soles of baby shoes ensures that your baby is comfortable at all times.

The right materials

Avoid going for shoes made from cheap materials if you want your baby’s feet to breathe. The shoes should have a breathable lining, be made from the softest high-quality leather, which molds to their feet contours.

Without breathable materials, his feet will sweat and won’t dry out properly, something that can lead to foot health issues like athlete’s foot. Avoid shoes made from stiff leather. Stiff will hinder the development of your baby’s feet.

Support and structure

Children naturally develop an arch as their feet muscles strengthen. What this means that they don’t require arch support. The support that their feet need is through ankle and heel support. An enclosed heel in a kid’s shoe should be firm enough so that when squeezed together, the sides shouldn’t meet.

Kids’ feet are more rounded and wider, and so their shoes. Choose a style with a rounded and wider front to allow your baby’s toes space and ensure that their feet aren’t cramped.


Your baby’s comfort comes first and not the appearance of their shoes. Choose a pair, not because of its appearance but the comfort it’ll offer your baby. The texture of the shoes should be soft to avoid hurting your baby’s feet.

Water-resistant material

With water-resistant shoes, your little one’s feet will always be warm and comfortable. Water-resistant shoes will protect your child from bad weather, especially rainfall. They also prevent stench odors and protect feet from diseases or illnesses connected to wet conditions.

Easy to clean shoes

Purchase shoes that can easily be washed and maintained. The material making the shoes should not only be easy to clean but also one that dries up fast.

Room for growth

The shoes you get for your baby should always be ½ size bigger. Remember that kids are continually growing and will outgrow the shoe within months. If you get the exact size, it only means that you’ll only have a few months of rest before you go for another shoe shopping spree.

Reasonable price

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash for your baby’s first pair of shoes. These don’t have to last forever, and what is more, your little one will outgrow after three months or so. A reasonably priced pair will suit your baby just as well as a costly one.

Styles of Baby Boy Shoes

The following are some shoe styles for a baby boy that you may choose from

  1. Moccasins
  2. Boots
  3. Walking sneakers
  4. Slip-on shoes

Reasons Why Your Baby Needs to Wear Shoes

As aforementioned, as soon as your baby states their first steps, you need to get them their first pair of walking shoes. Reason? Baby shoes are important. Even though walking barefoot is also highly recommended for kids, there are places they can walk barefooted and situations that can’t allow them to walk shoe-less.

Take, for instance, where you want to go for a walk with your little one outdoors, will you let them walk barefooted? How sure are you that there aren’t foreign items on the ground that can hurt their feet? You don’t want to take a risk when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your baby.

The following are the reasons why you should get your baby a pair of good shoes.

Shoes keep kid’s feet warm and comfortable

Once you get your baby a comfortable pair of shoes, you won’t have to worry about them suffering from cold when walking on grass in the morning. Just ensure that you get a water-resistant pair, and you won’t have to worry because of the morning dew or if they step on water.

One of the easiest ways for your baby’s body to suffer from cold-related problems is getting their feet exposed to cold. Get your baby a pair of comfortable and warm shoes and save them from the distress.

Shoes protect your baby’s feet from sharp objects

Shoes will keep your baby safe from sharp objects like broken pieces of glass, sharp stones, nails, and other foreign objects. Ensure that you get your kid a pair that is specifically made for outdoor as these will help protect your little one from getting hurt.

Some shoes help correct deformities

Once you start doubting that your baby’s feet have problems, visit a doctor for a checkup as they could have a deformity. The good thing is there are shoes meant to address the problem, and your doctor will advise you on the pairs to go for.

Provide support and balance for your kid

Shoes help kids with body balance as they move around. Ensure that you get shoes with padding on the heels and with the best soles features for the support.

Enable kids to learn walking with shoes at an early age

Some kids take a long time before they can learn to walk comfortably when wearing a pair of shoes. To avoid this from happening, train your little one to walk on shoes as soon as you see them take their first step. The earlier they learn, the better. Get them a lightweight and comfortable pair to help them learn fast and with ease.

Compliment outfits

Shoes are fashionable and add style to compliment an outfit. With a good pair of shoes, your little one will look not only smart but also neat. Get a pair to add to their footwear collection and compliment their dresses as well.

Warning Signs to Check Out For

Babies have delicate feet. Even though you may make them wear shoes as soon as they start walking, you need to be in the lookout for the following signs as they indicate some problems.

  1. If your baby shows some signs of deformed toes where one toe curls under another one.
  2. If your baby’s feet appear inwards or outwards
  3. If your baby’s nails show any sign of discoloration or inflammation.
  4. If your baby gets lumps or redness on the ankles, toes, or any other part of the foot.

Should you see any of these signs, be sure to consult a doctor for a checkup. Even if you want your little one to learn how to walk on shoes and at a young age, you don’t want to overlook any sign that indicates that their health could be in danger.

Tips for Parents

  • Keep your baby’s toenails trimmed straight across. Curving them could encourage ingrown nails.
  • Don’t force your baby to walk as they will walk when ready.
  • While in a safe environment or indoors, allow your baby to walk barefoot as it helps their feet to develop and strengthen.
  • Ensure that your baby exercises their feet by encouraging them to kick and stretch.
  • Always clean and polish your baby’s shoes, this way, they’ll look better and also last longer.
  • Get them socks that are made from natural materials that allow your baby’s skin to breathe. Avoid stretch socks.
  • Avoid handing down shoes from one kid to another.
  • Your baby’s feet should be washed and dried well, especially around the toes every day.
  • Limit the wearing of trainers.


1. When should I get my kid fitted with the first pair of shoes?

Avoid putting on shoes on your baby, who has only learned to stand. They will only make it difficult for him to balance. Your baby won’t need shoes until he can walk on his own and unaided for most of the day and is ready to step outside.

2. What happens when my baby’s shoes get fitted?

Most good baby shoe retailers know that buying baby’s first shoe is an important task for parents and their kids. An experienced shoe fitter can tell the most appropriate shoe for your baby by merely looking at their foot.

After checking the length, girth, and width of your little one’s foot, the fitter guides his toes into the chosen shoe, after which he fastens them securely. Your kid needs to stand so that the fitter can feel around to ensure that it fits comfortably.

Your baby should then start walking around to see that the shoes are non-slipping and comfortable as well.

3. Why is shoe fitting important?

Shoe fitters are as important as other experts when it comes to the development of your baby. Since it’ll take approximately 18 years for your kid’s feet to fully develop, you’ll have to take your baby for shoe fitting from time to time. As they grow, their feet grow too outgrowing their shoes.

Throughout your baby’s formative years, ill-fitting shoes can affect your baby’s health in different ways, such as adverse effects on the alignment of his soft bones. Both feet have to be assessed before fitting the shoes since no foot of an individual matches the other.

If one foot is a little larger, the shoes will be fitted to the bigger foot.

4. Which shoes are suitable or my toddler?

Avoid purchasing “off the shelf” shoes for your baby before shoe fitting. Go for shapes that look like the natural shape of your baby’s foot. For a toddler, this shoe should be wide at the toe and narrow at the heel.

The inside should be wide to avoid any pressure on the big toe. The shoes also need to fit snugly on the heel. You also need to purchase shoes made from natural materials as these allow your kid’s feet to breathe. These shoes also mold your kid’s feet and offer them safe and gentle protection.

Also, select a pair with effective fasteners, lightweight, flexible, and with non-slip soles.

5. How often should I have my kid’s shoe fit checked?

Kids’ feet grow fast, and you, therefore, need to have your baby’s shoe fit checked every 6 to 8 weeks(toddlers). For older kids, check after 3 to 4 months.


Seeing your baby walk is one incredible experience. It is even much better when they learn to walk comfortably in a pair of beautiful shoes. It’s an experience every parent longs to go through with their baby. By getting them a pair of high-quality shoes, you’ll help your little one to take their first steps with ease and comfort and well. Select a pair from the list and help protect your baby’s delicate feet.