Best Baby Ear and Nose Cleaning Products

When your baby’s nose is stuffed, it causes discomfort, and usually, babies will cry. It is always safe to regularly clean the nose and ears of a new born baby. It would be dangerous not to clean the nasal passage or ear canal.

If the baby’s nose is blocked, it will disrupt their breathing, and they will find it difficult to sleep well. You should clean your baby’s nose regularly to avoid the dangers of a stuffy nose.

The ear wax is essential for keeping the dust away, but too much ear wax will irritate the baby and may cause further problems if not cleaned from time to time.

We have prepared this buying guide, especially to help new parents who need to know the basics of caring for their newborn baby’s nose and ears.

Top 10 Baby Ears and Nose Care Products

1. Chicco Cotton Buds

Chicco cotton buds are the top on this list. It is one product that will effectively clean your baby’s ears. You can use them to clean your baby’s ears every day, and it can even clean the ear canal. The cotton swabs by Chicco are designed to protect your baby’s eardrum. The cotton buds are double-ended and will let you use only a few sticks to clean your baby’s ear. The design is flexible and can also be used by adults.


Pure Cotton Material

The Chicco cotton buds are made with pure cotton. It does not cause any irritation.


It is soft and very hygienic to use every day for your baby. It does not cause any pain or discomfort.

Soft and Gentle

The cotton bud has very soft swabs that can be used to clean the ear canal gently.

Why We Love It

We recommend that you buy the Chicco cotton buds if you are looking for a quality product that will clean your baby’s ears. It is 100% safe and does not cause any irritation. You can use it every day and also use it to clean other areas of your baby’s body.


2. Pigeon Baby Tweezers

Pigeon baby products have been in the market for over 50 fifty years and continue to make innovative products to ensure the care of babies. If you are looking to buy nose tweezers for your baby, why not get the baby tweezers from Pigeon.

It is safe and removes the mucus in your baby’s nose quickly. The tweezers can be sterilized in boiling water. The Pigeon tweezers are very easy to use, and you can remove secretions effectively in your baby’s nostrils.


Safe Design

The Pigeon tweezers are designed with round tips that can safely remove mucus in the nose.


It is a quality product and very safe for your baby. It is BPA free and is not made from any toxic materials.

Cleans Nose

It cleans your baby’s nose and will be able to pickup up dirt in the tiny nostrils of your baby

Why We Love It

Pigeon baby tweezers are recommended by a lot of medical experts for cleaning the nose. When you use these tweezers, your baby will be able to sleep comfortably at night with a clear nose.


3. Nasobuddy Aspirator

Nasobuddy nasal aspirator is one product that has been recommended by doctors. It is used to treat baby’s that have caught a cold. This aspirator has a tube that is usually placed against the baby’s nose and not inside. Mothers will then attach their own suction to extract the mucus from the baby’s nose. The aspirator has a disposable filter that prevents the mucus from transferring to the mother. Nasobuddy aspirator is safe for your baby and is BPA free.


Replaceable Filters

The Nasobuddy aspirator is designed with six hygienic replacement filters to keep your baby’s nose clean.

Non Toxic Substances

It does not contain phthalate and is BPA free. It is comfortable, and you don’t need to place the tube inside the nose of the baby.


The nasal aspirator is safe and easy to use.

Why We Love It

Doctors in India have recommended the use of Nasobuddy Aspirators. The device will easily draw out the mucus from the baby’s nose and will do it safely. There is no risk when using this aspirator, and it is very useful in cleaning your baby’s nose.


4. RubyBaby Baby Ear Cleaner

Ruby baby ear cleaner comes with tweezers that will easily extract ear wax. It is powered up with batteries to work effectively. The tweezers have a switch button that you can turn left to start using immediately. Another exciting feature of this ear cleaner is its flashlight earpick that allows you to clean your baby’s ears even in the dark.  It is safe and easy to use.



Ruby baby ear cleaner comes with a flashlight that provides light so you can easily clean your baby’s ears without causing pain or discomfort.

Quality Design

It is made with quality materials and designed to last long.

Cleans Wax

The tweezers in this ear cleaner will clean ear wax that is huge.


It can be used as a flashlight when you are in a dark place.

Why We Love It

This ear cleaner is very safe for your baby. The flashlight protects your baby from getting hurt while you gently clean the ear. Ruby baby is very useful in removing excess wax from your baby’s ear.

5. Little Remedies Saline Spray

When you notice babies itching their nose, or having a runny nose, you should immediately grab the Little Remedies Saline Spray to provide relief to them. A blocked nose will affect the breathing of your baby, and with just a few drops of this solution, your baby will be fine in no time. It is very affordable and effective.


Clears Nose

The saline spray helps to clean the nasal passages and remove the mucus blocking your baby’s nose.

No Harmful Chemicals

It does not contain any harmful chemicals like phthalates, parabens, or alcohol.


It moisturizes the nose to prevent it from getting too dry or peel.

Why We Love It

Little Remedies Saline Spray is a relief for the dry nose and allows your baby to breathe easily. It clears the nostrils of the mucus and keeps the sinus free of congestion. The nose drops are specially made for infants and can even be used by adults.

6. Pigeon Nose Cleaner

Pigeon nose cleaner is one of our recommended products. You can use it comfortably while holding your baby. The nose pump allows you to clean your baby’s nose without causing any irritation. It is safe and comfortable on your baby’s skin. The product is designed in a way that won’t hurt your baby while you clean his or her nose. The soft nozzle will remove all the mucus in your baby’s nose easily and safely.


Soft Rubber Pump

Pigeon Nose Cleaner is designed with a soft nozzle and a rubber pump that is very safe for nose cleaning.

Easy Cleaning

The nose cleaner is very easy to clean after it has been used.

Controllable Suction

It has a  suction that can be easily controlled when cleaning mucus in your baby’s nose.


The pigeon nose cleaner also has a soft tip that prevents any damage to your baby’s mucus membrane.

Why We Love It

The Pigeon nose cleaner is a very good product. It can clean all the mucus in your baby’s nose when you follow its unique application. The suction of the nose cleaner can easily be controlled, and it is very safe for your baby.


7. LuvLap Baby Aspirator

LuvLap baby aspirators is a gentle product for babies and will suck out the mucus blocking your baby’s make. It is BPA free, phthalate-free, and also free of other toxic chemicals. You no longer have to worry about your little one not sleeping well or eating well because of their clogged nose. LuvLap baby aspirators are specially made to bring relief for little babies and infants. It is made with a soft silicone tip and a rubber pump that clears the stuffy nose.


Easy Fitting

LuvLap baby aspirator is designed with a silicon tip that can fit into the narrow nostrils of your baby.


It is safe for babies that are 3months old and older. The aspirator does not cause any irritation.

Quick Relief

The rubber pump of the LuvLap baby aspirator clears your baby’s stuffy nose quickly.

Why We Love It

With the LuvLap baby aspirator, there won’t be any more sleepless nights because it will provide quick relief to your baby’s stuffy nose. The nose aspirator is recommended by pediatricians and is 100% safe for babies.

8. Density Collection Kid Baby Safe LED Flashlight Earpick

When there is excess wax in the ear, babies will be uncomfortable. The Density LED Flashlight Earpick will give you enough light to see inside your baby’s ear. You can easily reach in to remove the wax that is causing the pains. The earpick tool is very light and can easily reach into the ears without causing any discomfort for your baby.

Another thing about this the Density earpick is that it’s plastic material is safe and will last long. It is packed in a storage case to protect it, and the material can be cleaned appropriately easily.



The ear pick is designed with a flashlight to allow you to see into your baby’s ear canal.


It does not rust because it is made with quality plastic material.

Easily Cleaned

The ear pick can easily be cleaned and sterilized after use.

Why We Love It

The Density LED Flashlight Ear Pick is very safe and will allow you to clean your baby’s ears well. You can look inside their ears to see the excess wax that is disturbing your baby.


9. Xlear Kids Natural Saline Nasal Spray

Xlear Saline Nasal Spray is an effective nose moisturizer and nose cleaner. It is made from xylitol, which is a sweet crystalline carbohydrate. The benefits of this nasal spray are not only limited to the nose. It improves your baby’s respiratory system and oral health. The Xlear nasal spray keeps the nose moist to prevent dryness that can damage your baby’s nose.


Clears Nostrils

The Xlear nasal spray cleans and aids your baby’s breathing.


It also moisturizes and soothes the nasal passages to keep them moist.

Protects Babies

It also protects your baby from developing respiratory infections and ear infections like Otitis Media.

Why We Love It

The Xlear nasal spray is one of the best in the market and is specially designed for babies. It provides your baby with fast relief from the cold and also used to treat allergy. Whenever your baby has a blocked nose, a few drops of this solution will clear the nasal passages.

10. Safe O Kid Silicon Aspirator

Safe O Kid Aspirator is specially designed to clean your baby’s nose safely. It sucks out the mucus from the nose that is preventing the baby from breathing normally. You simply have to just squeeze lightly, and the device will work. It does not cause any irritation or discomfort when you use it for babies. This nasal aspirator is very easy to use, and the device is very powerful in sucking out mucus from the nose.


Easy to Use

Safe O Kid aspirator will clean the baby’s nose safely and is very easy to use.

Silicon Material

The nasal aspirator is made of silicon material for comfortable use.

Powerful Cleaner

The device is powerful and can remove all the mucus in the nose.


It is BPA free and very effective.

Why We Love It

The Safe O Kids nose aspirator will clean all the mucus stored up in your baby’s nose. It will give immediate relief when you use it. The aspirator is very easy to operate, all you need to do is squeeze, and the mucus will come out.


Buying Guide For Buying Baby Nose and Ear Care Products


Here are essential items you must include in your nose care cart for your baby.

Nose  Tweezers

Tweezers are used to clean the baby’s nostrils and can easily fit into their tiny nostrils. They usually come in plastic and have a rounded tip that protects your baby while you clean. You should sterilize them after use in hot water to kill bacteria and germs.

Nasal Moisturizers

When you notice your baby has a dry nose all the time, you should get a nasal moisturizer to protect the skin in the nose from peeling. The moisturizer keeps the nose moist and prevents irritation.

Nasal Aspirators

Nasal aspirators are used to clean babies’ noses easily and safely. The device sucks the mucus from the nose and allows your baby to breathe comfortably. Most nose aspirators are designed for babies, and they are usually made in a way to protect your baby from harm when you use it.


Cotton Buds

It is very safe to use cotton buds to get rid of ear wax. It is medically advised that you clean your baby’s ears regularly for them to stay clean and to avoid ear infections. You should buy cotton buds that are safe for babies.

Baby Ear Syringes

You can use this method to remove ear wax if you don’t want to use cotton buds. Ear syringes will drain out water trapped in the baby’s ear and also ear wax in the canal. It is best to consult your doctor before using any of these products.

Wash Clothes

Another item you may need to add to your list is a washcloth. You can remove wax from the outer area of the baby’s ear using a wet washcloth. When you do this, don’t let your fingers get into your baby’s ear.

Saline Drops

The saline drops are usually administered in a prescribed measurement to remove ear wax. You will need to tilt to the side, your baby’s head then applies the right amount.

How to Take Care of Your Newborn Baby’s Ears and Nose

The ear and nose are very sensitive parts of the body. Babies can not do anything by themselves and will need to be adequately cleaned.  We will provide you with a simple guide on how to care for your baby’s nose and ear.

Ear Cleaning

Normally, the ear cleans itself, and all you may just need to do is to wipe the areas around your baby’s ears with cotton buds. It is advisable not to go deep into the inner canal of the ear to avoid damaging the ear.

You only need to remove ear war when you notice it is causing pain, affecting your baby’s hearing and as prescribed by the pediatrician.

Apart from cotton buds, ear drops are also used to clean the ear. It is, however, only used to remove ear wax from the canal. Ear drops are the most effective when removing wax, but you will need to be careful when administering it. It is better to use it when your baby is calm, and if the ear drops don’t remove the wax, you should get your doctor to it.

Nose Cleaning

The secretions inside the nose of babies are usually dry, and they are easily removed when bathing them. If a baby’s nose is stuffed, you can clean the nose by getting the baby to sneeze, and if this doesn’t work, you can try other methods.

You can either use a nasal cleaner or saline nasal spray to clear up the nose. If these methods don’t work, then you have to contact your doctor to get your baby’s nose cleaned.

Safety Tips For Cleaning Nose and Ear Of Babies

Buy nasal aspirators that are meant for babies only, especially one that fits into their tiny nostrils.

Don’t forcefully apply a nasal aspirator because it can cause your baby’s nose to bleed.

You should not suction a baby’s nose more than two times in one day.

Don’t use saline nose drops for over three days in a row to prevent dryness in the nose.

Avoid using cotton buds in the eardrum, and don’t try to remove wax from the ear canal.

Your fingers should not be in your baby’s ears when trying to get out wax.

Keep all ear and nose care products sterilized after you use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best nasal aspirator for a baby?

The best nasal aspirators for babies are Nasobuddy Aspirator and LuvLap Baby Aspirator

2. How often should you suction a baby’s nose?

You can do this three times a day and not more to prevent any irritation. You should gently squeeze the bulb and not apply too much pressure, so you don’t hurt your baby.

3. What should I do if my baby struggles when I am using the nose aspirators and cotton buds?

Babies will cry and try to wiggle out of your arms when you try to clean their nose. You don’t need to stop, but instead, you have to be careful while you clean your baby’s nose. If the struggle is too much, you may need to wait until your baby is asleep to clean the nose.  This also applies when you are cleaning your baby’s ears.

4. What should I do if my baby has a lot of earwax?

If you notice that your baby is discharging a lot of wax, it would be best to visit a doctor. Babies are very sensitive, and when you notice anything unusual, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.


We have carefully selected the products reviewed in this guide because they are 100% safe for use. Your baby would be unable to sleep well if they have a stuffy nose, and it would affect them generally. They would feel uncomfortable and refuse to eat until you resolve the primary cause of their pain. When you notice your baby pulling or itching their ears, you should know that the ear needs cleaning. Clean your baby’s ears and nose regularly with these selected products to keep them clean and healthy.

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