Top 7 Baby Exersaucers

Does your baby crawl all about the floor and still not get enough exercise to entertain himself/herself? A baby exersaucer might be the perfect answer to all your woes! This wonderful little invention allows your baby to get all the lower body motor skill development that is needed without getting into too much trouble.

 We have compiled and reviewed a list of the most fast-moving, high quality, and highly rated exersaucers so that it’s a little easier for you to make a choice. We hope that you can use the buying guide and product descriptions to find the perfect baby exersaucer for your little tyke.

7 Best Baby Exersaucers

1. Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Polar Playground

This excellent baby exersaucer by Evenflo has a blue color scheme and will keep your baby entertained for hours on end.  It has been designed with over 13 activities to ensure that babies that are just learning how to be upright are entertained while exercising those large motor muscles.

The toys that are attached to the exersaucer and also the ones that hang will encourage the child to stretch his/her arms and exercise upper body muscles as well.  There is a tray mirror that is designed to develop a sense of self in the baby. Other toys include a bear, a penguin, twisty toys, and spring toys.

There is a three-level push-button system to adjust the height of the baby exersaucer to help the product grow with your child.  The toys can be removed from the exersaucer quickly for transport or cleaning. The pad in the saucer is removable and machine washable for thorough cleaning.

The product is less than 7kg in weight and has a stable base that is 10% lighter than its predecessor.  The toys are also extra-large compared to its predecessor in order for the child to engage with them more.  We recommend this great product for all parents looking for high-quality motor skills development aid for their child.

2. EvenFlo Exersaucer – Fast Fold and Go D for Dino

This colorful dino-themed baby exersaucer by EvenFlo is vividly multicolored to keep your child engaged.  The product has an arch over the baby with multiple hanging toys to ensure that your baby’s upper torso is worked as well as his/her leg motor skills.

The product is recommended for children that are just starting to walk.  Core leg strength, spine, and neck development is encouraged by the activities available with this exersaucer.  There is a well-designed bag that is included in which this product neatly fits into, allowing for easy transportation.

There are three levels in the product to which you can adjust the exersaucer in order to help the product grow with your child.  In addition, there is a toy bar of lights and sounds on the product that allows for the child to understand the concept of cause and effect.

The toys can be removed for easy packing, and the pad in the saucer can be removed for machine washing.  The product has a total weight of under 7kg. There are over 20 activities in this exersaucer that are designed to continually motivate your child into using his/her motor skills and cognition.

We have no hesitation in recommending this product to young parents that are looking to give their children educational entertainment while doing their chores.

3. Evenflo Exersaucer – Fast Fold Plus Go Bounce-A-Saurus

This moderately priced baby exersaucer by Evenflo has many of the bells and whistles that higher priced models do.  Instead of relying on an arch on the product, it has a few structures coming up from the area surrounding the saucer from which several toys hang.  These toys will encourage the child to reach and develop several extra muscle groups.

The leg propulsion needed for the bouncing movement will focus on the core leg muscle development that exersaucers are designed for.  There are several other interesting and other-worldly toys in this not-quite-dinosaur-themed product that will keep your tyke entertained for hours on end.

As in other high-quality baby exersaucers, this product has three levels to which you can adjust its height, allowing the product to grow with your baby.  The 360-degree seat allows your child to keep turning around to face the other entertaining aspects of his/her environment.

Like most other exersaucers by EvenFlo, this product is also designed to be under 7kg, to enable portability.  An additional feature of this interesting exersaucer is that it has been specifically designed to take up less space, which makes it better suited for cramped apartments.

We would recommend this product to parents that are looking to provide all the features that are needed in a high-quality exersaucer for their child without breaking the bank.

4. Skip Hop Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center

This innovative product by Skip Hop has many advanced features that you could hope for in a baby exersaucer but comes with a price to match!  The product has been designed for babies that are just starting to push themselves upright with over 25 developmental activities that are built-in.

One of the best features of this product is an innovative tray with a small light-up piano of its own that your baby’s feet rest on.  This tray can be adjusted to help the exersaucer grow with your baby. This product can be used as an exersaucer/activity center, a standalone activity center, or a small table for your baby to use.

The toys on the activity center on top will engage your baby and help develop different muscle groups of his/her upper body.  The exersaucer’s bouncing functionality and the activities it has for the baby’s legs will greatly improve core leg muscle development and coordination.

A window on the activity center allows your baby to view his/her legs that are playing the foot piano, allowing for the development of hand-eye coordination.  The product has been designed to be under 7kg to facilitate portability.

There is also a peek-a-boo owl that pops out, a spring cloud, colorful beads, swaying trees, a spinner, a suction bee snack bowl, and numerous other toys to keep your baby engrossed for hours on end.  This is a high-end baby exersaucer that is designed for 360-degree development of your baby and can be recommended without reservation.

5. Baby Bucket Jumperoo With Music And Light

This is the first of the ring stand baby exersaucer in this category, and it is manufactured by Baby Bucket.  As is common with good quality exersaucers, there are hanging toys that the baby can reach for to develop different upper body muscle groups.  It has been designed with over ten animal friends for your baby to play with, including a bird, a frog, and a fish. There are musical notes that play and lights that light up when your baby jumps on the exersaucer.  This gives the baby positive reinforcement audio-visually to encourage core leg motor skill development through jumping.

The structure of the baby exersaucer provides for the adjustment of the saucer’s height, allowing the product to grow with your child.  It has been produced with portability in mind and will fold so that you are able to carry it to a different room in your house.

At 11.3kg, it is a little heavier than some of the other exersaucers available but makes up for it by being more stable and giving more room for the baby to move around in.  The saucer swivels and activates sounds and lights to allow the baby to turn around as much as he/she wants in the exersaucer.

There is a tiger that plays hide-and-seek with the baby, lizard spinner for rattling sounds, moving monkey, bead bat, spinning sun, and other fun activities on the product.  The soft pad of the saucer can be removed and is machine washable. This is a fantastic exersaucer at a moderate price for parents with active babies.

6. Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

This aesthetically designed baby exersaucer with an ocean theme by Baby Einstein will fit well into any of your home’s rooms but comes with a hefty price tag.  The product has been designed for babies that are just starting to stand upright and will continue being useful as your baby becomes a toddler.

There are multiple hanging toys to encourage reaching and the development of different upper body muscle groups.  There are four adjustment levels for a height that will ensure that the product will continue to grow with your child as he becomes older.  The product also has an additional feature that allows your child to learn numbers and colors in three different languages (English, Spanish, and French).

There is a removable turtle station with lights, sounds, and language discovery.  There is also a spinner ball, an octopus paddle, a starfish with a self-discovery mirror, flashcards with real-life imagery, and numerous other toys to keep your child enthralled for hours and hours.

The product is made from highly durable lightweight materials that allow it to weigh a minuscule 3.15kg, making it one of the most portable baby exersaucers in the market.  Baby Einstein has really outdone themselves with this product, and it is recommended for all takers that can afford it.

7. Infantino Sit, Spin & Stand Entertainer 360 Seat & Activity Table

This high-quality baby exersaucer by Infantino has a beautiful multi-colored color scheme that is sure to keep your baby entertained.  It has a total of 6 engaging toys with lighted up buttons and musical effects and has been designed for children aged four months to 5 years.

It is a versatile product that has been designed to turn into an activity table for your child after he/she is finished using it as an exersaucer.  There are three height positions that the exersaucer can be adjusted to, which allows the product to grow with your child. An additional feature is the bottom tray that your baby’s feet can rest on hygienically while using the product.

The child can spin 360 degrees while sitting in the exersaucer to investigate his/her surroundings.  The toys and stand to fold into the product for a package that is just 6.5” thick and weighs just under 5kg for easy transportation and storage.

There are three rolling animal pals to keep your baby engaged as he/she is using the exersaucer.  This encourages the use of muscle groups in the upper body of the child. The leg-based propulsion required for bouncing on the exersaucer allows for the development of core leg muscles.  This is a fantastic product for parents looking for the holistic development of their children.

Buying Guide


Some exersaucers have springs to allow your baby to jump up and down while in the baby exersaucer. Make sure that the springs are durable so that the elasticity of the exersaucer doesn’t start to vary too often. The covers of the springs should also be solid to ensure that no sensitive body part of your precious tyke gets caught up in them.

Additionally, see whether the tensile strength of the springs isn’t too low to ensure that your baby needs to exert enough pressure to propel himself/herself upwards. If the spring(s) is/are too weak, then the smallest effort will send the baby flying upwards, which won’t do much for developing his/her motor skills or leg muscles.


Since your baby will be spending a lot of time in his/her baby exersaucer while his/her leg muscles are being developed, it’s a good idea to make sure that the exersaucer seat is comfortable. An uncomfortable seat where either the cushioning or cloth cuts into your baby’s soft body parts will prevent your baby from enjoying the exercise.

Also, the baby might refuse to spend too much time in the exersaucer, which defeats the purpose of you purchasing one. Even if the baby seems okay with a bit of chaffing and still enjoys the exersaucer, there might be unwanted bruises and damaged skin after use. Choose a baby exersaucer that distributes as much pressure as possible on your baby’s bottom and inner thighs to ensure the best results.

Toy Add-Ons

If you are getting a baby exersaucer, the chances are that it will come with either fixed or detachable toys to keep your baby entertained. This way, your baby’s cognition, as well as his/her muscles, are exercised. And let’s be honest, the longer your baby stays entertained, the more you will be able to get other chores done! Just make sure that the toys that come with the baby exersaucer won’t hurt your baby while he/she is bouncing around. Go for one that has more curved and soft toys that won’t poke into your baby even if he/she loses balance.


Generally, the cloth/cushion parts of the baby exersaucers can be washed. The same goes for the plastic/metal parts that are propping up the bouncy seat. Make sure that both sections of the exersaucer can be washed properly to prevent the creation of an unclean environment for your baby. Babies make a mess at times, and all the furniture/machines they use need to be cleaned regularly for him/her to have prolonged good health.


A baby exersaucer will quickly become obsolete if it can’t grow with your child. Many of them have three levels that you can adjust the machine to, and that should be enough as long as the total extendable distance is sufficient.

It is also important to ensure that the size of the ‘saucer’ is big enough to accommodate your child as he/she grows. Exersaucers with round stands sometimes use elastic material instead of springs that are connected to the saucer.

Make sure that the elastic material is durable as well as adjustable. Generally, exersaucers with elastic material have a mechanism that allows for greater adjustability than ones that depend on springs.

 Arm/Leg Activities

Some exersaucers are designed to develop leg muscles while keeping the attention of the baby on the toys available in the activity center for hands. However, some baby exersaucers have ‘activities’ for the legs as well. These are generally used while sitting fully on the saucer.

The legs are then free to hit keys that sometimes make additional musical notes to keep the baby’s arms and legs fully occupied! While this does keep the baby entertained, it does take time away from motor development, so you have to choose what would be better for your baby.

Types of Baby Exersaucers

Round Base Exersaucer

These types of exersaucers don’t have springs on the legs of the product. Instead, the round base has three or four stands that come up from its round base. The ‘saucer’ that the baby is placed on is then hung from springs that extend downwards from these stands.

These types of exersaucers depend on the extension of the springs rather than the compression to provide the variability of support given to the baby. Some exersaucers in this category also depend on elastic material rather than springs for this suspension.

The elastic material is safer as there is a chance that your baby might mistakenly hurt himself/herself with the springs as they are much more accessible in this type of exersaucer.

Exersaucers with Legs

These exersaucers generally have a solid plastic covering to the product. They also don’t allow as much circular movement within the exersaucer as the round based exersaucers. The springs used to depend on compression to provide suspension for the baby’s movement. The product also generally has three levels of adjustment as the baby grows. The overall product design for this type of exersaucer is more stable than for ones with round bases.

Baby Exersaucer – Safety Tips


Most parents will have to get to assembling and disassembling their exersaucers while traveling. It’s essential to check that all the parts are fitted perfectly before placing your baby in the exersaucer.

This is especially true for exersaucers with less of a robust frame such as ones with round bases. If the stands are not fitted into the round base correctly, there is a good chance that the whole structure will tilt over with your baby in it!


As the materials needed for baby exersaucers need to be sturdy, some of them have specific directions on how to clean them. If the cloth materials are machine washable, ensure that you follow the directions so that the materials don’t become prematurely decayed.

The same goes for the hard plastic and metal parts of the exersaucers; the appropriate cleaning techniques should be used. The springs are generally made of metal and should be kept away from moisture to ensure the longevity of the baby exersaucer.

Stable Surfaces

The surface that the exersaucer is placed on should be a flat, stable surface so that the exersaucer doesn’t have any chance of being tipped over due to your baby’s antics. Rugs and carpets are great for placing stand-alone exersaucers because they have enough friction to prevent your baby from traveling all around the floor due to the bouncing movement.

Straps and Springs

This point is more focused on the exersaucers with round bases and elastic suspension. Make sure that the straps and spring(s) on the exersaucer are not worn out or mis-attached. If your straps are worn too thin, or some critter gets its teeth on it, there is a propensity for the strap to snap while your baby is using the exersaucer. Make sure the straps are secure to ensure that your baby doesn’t have a fall while using the exersaucer.


1. Are the toys in the activity centers detachable?

Most of the baby exersaucers are designed to ensure that the toys can be detached, as this is an important feature when cleaning the product thoroughly. However, some activity centers have been produced with some toys permanently attached to the surface. Make sure that all the toys are detachable before buying the product if this feature is essential for you.

2. Can a 6-month old baby use a baby exersaucer?

The recommended age for the use of an exersaucer starts at about four months old. However, the size of your baby and its development in motor skills need to be assessed before starting the use of a baby exersaucer. You have to wait until your baby’s legs are developed enough for this type of activity. You can always try it out and then postpone it for a few weeks until he/she is ready to try again if it doesn’t work out the first time.

3. What weights are supported by baby exersaucers?

Generally, exersaucers will support baby weights of up to about 11 kg (24 pounds). The exersaucers with individual legs and spring suspension are better suited for more weight than the ones with round bases and elastic suspension.

While the ones with the elastic suspension give the child more mobility, elastic is generally worn out much quicker than springs. If you intend to use your exersaucer for a prolonged period with your baby, then get one with springs.

4. What is better, an entertainment center exersaucer or a simpler one?

Some customer reviews indicate that if the child is extra loud, a simpler exersaucer might be better for the parents’ sanity! Some entertainment centers have a lot of noisy toys in them, and these sounds, in addition to the bouncing exersaucer, can create quite a few extra decibels. If your child tends to get over-stimulated, then a simpler exersaucer might be the better choice for you.

5. Can baby exersaucers be disassembled easily for portability?

This would generally depend on the type of exersaucer. Some are designed to be disassembled for transport, and you can take them wherever you take your baby. Others are a little harder to transport since they are bulkier. In any case, baby exersaucers can be easily moved around the house as they are not that heavy (generally under 10kg). You might want to look for one that denotes explicitly easy disassembly if you are planning on taking it along with you outside of your home.


Baby exersaucers are an essential part of your baby’s development. The use of an exersaucer has proven to speed up the development of a baby’s leg muscles, balance, and motor skills. How extravagant you want your baby exersaucer to be would have to depend on your baby’s attitude and preferences. The specific type of baby exersaucer would have to rely on the space constraints you have in your home.

 We hope that our buying guide, safety tips, and FAQs section have provided you with a general understanding of what to look for and what to be wary of when purchasing a baby exersaucer. We think that no matter which one you go for, your child is bound to be enthralled with the new type of physical activity an exersaucer offers. Good luck with making your decision on the perfect exersaucer for your baby, and we hope you and your baby will have hours and hours of fun using it!