Best Baby Feeding Chairs in India

A baby feeding chair comes in handy when it comes to feeding your baby. Once your kid learns how to sit upright and eat solid food, you’ll need to get a high chair for them. It will not only provide them with comfort as they take dinner with family but also teach them to be independent.

Quality feeding/high chairs for kids are designed to be safe and functional. They also need to be convenient when it comes to cleaning and storage. Instead of trying regular chairs or the ground when feeding your baby, a high chair will make things a lot easier for you.

If confused on the best feeding chair to go for, you don’t have to worry anymore as we’ve shortlisted 10 of the best high chairs you can get for your baby. You’ll also get to know different types of high chairs, why you need to get one for your baby, and some safety tips to observe when using a high chair.

Top 10 Baby Feeding Chairs in India

1. R for Rabbit Cherry Berry 4 in 1 Highchair

We begin the list with this highchair from R for Rabbit that has passed through the most stringent safety certification to ensure the safety of your baby. It comes with a 5-point harness to help you secure your baby as he dines.

It comes with arc design to remove sharp edges and avoid the risks of scratching your kid. It also brings the most suitable posture angle enabling your child to sit comfortably and train for good dining habits.

The anti-tipping and non-slippery design of this highchair allow it to stay stable in all conditions. It is easy to use and clean and also provides your little one with all the comfort they need when taking their meals.

It can support a maximum weight of 20kg and suits kids of up to 7 years old.

2. LBLA Portable Baby Seat for Feeding

This baby feeding chair from LBLA is not only lightweight but also comes in a foldable design. It is wide and comfortable enough to accommodate kids aged between 6 to 36 months and ensure their safety at the same time.

The chair is height adjustable to 4 positions to fit the height of your child. It comes with child restraints to securely hold your baby in position when feeding. You also need to always attach the seat to an adult’s chair for stability.

It also comes with a removable, dishwasher safe tray where you can place your baby’s food when feeding him. To keep the tray clean, you can also choose to wipe it with a damp cloth periodically and then towel dry. A snap-on lid also helps to keep the tray clean.

The chair is made from Native PP material that makes it safe for the baby’s use and durable as well. This chair is, however, only useful to kids who can sit up unassisted and with a weight that doesn’t exceed 50lbs.

3. Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

This chair is en71 certified for safety and makes a convenient and comfortable solution for him, at home, or when traveling. It comes with two-level adjustments meaning that it can later be used as a toddler seat for your baby.

This 2 in 1 premium quality highchair comes with a 3 safety harness to boost your baby’s safety when feeding. It comes with an adjustable feeding tray that you can adjust to 3 heights as per your baby’s comfort.

The chair comes in an ultra-compact design, is lightweight and foldable thus easy to travel with. It also has a removable, machine-washable pad and comes with a built-in cup holder.

4. URBAN KINGS Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

If looking for a frustration-free highchair for your baby, you might try this seat from URBAN KINGS. It is not only lightweight but also comes with a foldable frame that pops open and folds down with ease for travel.

The chair has a hiccapops restraint system that keeps your child secure at all times. The buckles are easy to release with one hand. It is also ergonomically designed to keep even the fussiest and wiggly kids in place and cozy.

It comes with a wide, stable base and a removable tip. The duck feet help to distribute the weight of your baby evenly and increase stability on uneven surfaces like grass as well. It has a BPA-free tray that is dishwasher safe and convenient.

5. Luvlap Foldable Wooden Chair with a Multipurpose Tray

If the wood is your style, this wooden highchair from Luvlap will suit you best. It is not only sturdy but also well furnished. It also comes with a rotatable food tray that makes it easy for you to feed your baby.

This chair is suitable for kids who can sit without assistance, aged between the age of 6 months to 3 years. It comes with a 3-safety harness to keep your baby secure and comfortably seated. It is also 3 positions adjustable and has a foldable footrest.

6. Kiddale Baby Plastic Booster Seat

This chair from Kiddale serves as a feeding chair and a toy chair as well. It has a musical toy tray that will keep your child occupied as you prepare his meal. The tray is also colorful and can be removed with ease to make a perfect dining table.

The highchair can also be placed on an existing chair to raise your baby higher if required. It comes with secure straps for the safety of your kid and can only be used until the age of 3. It is easy to carry anywhere and occupies less space.

You can also easily attach the chair to a dining table, enabling him to sit together with the family for dinner. It also comes with a gaming console that your little one can play games with to pass the time.

7. Kurtzy Kids Foldable High Chair

Made from aluminum, this foldable highchair from Kurtzy supports weight from 1kg to 50kg. It features a removable metal tray that is extremely convenient, especially when you want your baby to sit with you at the dining table.

It comes with an adjustable tray for safety, can be folded with one hand for easy storage and transport. It is also easy to assemble since you won’t require additional accessories. All you need to do is simply lock the buttons on the legs.

The chair has a footrest for comfort, is brightly colored to attract your baby’s attention, and with a very soft cushion. It is recommended for kids aged between 6 to 72 months.

8. Joie Mimzy Snacker HighChair

This chair comes in a streamlined design and with full-sized features for safety and comfort. It stands when folded for easy storage and thus the best if you have limited kitchen or dining space at your home. Its removable tray adjusts to 3 depths and can accommodate kids of all sizes and shapes.

The high chair has a soft touch 5-point harness system and shoulder straps that protect your little one from injuries related to sliding out and falling. It is also colorful and softly cushioned for comfort.

9. SYGA High Chair for Baby Kids

This high chair from SYGA is made of PP plastic and therefore safe and reassuring for your baby. It has a metal frame for stability and also well-cushioned for the comfort of your little one. It comes with a removable dishwasher- safe tray and has 3 adjustable positions.

The 3 in 1 chair can be used as a normal chair, a high chair, and a tie-up a chair. It can be converted with ease to meet your baby’s different needs. The chair can hold a maximum weight of 20 kg. You only need to pay for one chair to get 3 useful furniture for your baby.

This chair is easy to clean as it is stain resistant, has an easy to remove cushion and can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It is durable and comes in the right size for your baby.

10. NHR 6 to 18 Months Baby Chair

Last on the list is this multipurpose 5 in 1 baby feeding chair from NHR. It serves as a feeding chair/highchair, car seat, baby swing, and a bath seat. It comes with 3-level table adjustments to suit all the needs of your baby.

The chair has heavy-duty ropes with super locks that make it easy for your baby to swing. It also has a 4-point harness for the safety of your little one and a removable tray with a front bottle holder. It also comes in an ultra-compact design for easy storage and portability.

Buying Guide

The following are some of the things you need to consider before purchasing a baby feeding chair for your baby.


Consider the space you have. Can the highchair you want to buy fit in? Will it take a lot of space? If you have a smaller kitchen, you’ll need to get a more streamlined model. A portable high chair, one that you can attach to the table or a booster that attaches to your dining table, will do.

Easy to clean

You’ll need to get an easy to clean high chair since, at some point, your baby will learn to feed herself. There will be splatters, spills, and crumbs as well. A high chair with removable materials that can be wiped with ease will make cleaning easy.


You need a highchair that you can around your home with ease. Some traditional models are too bulky and thus not easy to move. They also tend to take a lot of space in the kitchen or dining. A portable high chair makes feeding your baby when traveling with them easily too.

Personal style

Although personal taste and style may not be your primary focus. You may be drawn to a particular model only because it suits your style. You can choose to get a highchair simply because it matches the rest of your home’s furniture and décor.


If your baby is uncomfortable, they might lose interest in taking their meal. Look for a chair that is well shaped with soft padding and help your baby to stay comfortable when eating. You may also consider getting one with a footrest. As your baby gets older, they’ll get more comfortable by propping up their feet rather than letting them dangle.


Since you’ll be using the highchair whenever feeding your baby, ensure that you get one that can withstand the heavy usage. You also don’t want to spend your money on a product that gets damaged a few months down the line.

Belt type

All highchairs should have a safety harness. These help to keep your baby securely buckled in. Strapping in your baby perfectly is the best way to prevent injuries.

The seat

If it’s difficult enough to feed your baby on a comfortable seat, you can imagine how it would be in an uncomfortable one. When looking for a high chair, be sure to select one with a padded seat as it’ll be much easier on your baby’s behind than a plastic one.

One thing you need to remember, however, is that even though padded seats are a lot more comfortable than the plastic or wooden ones, they are much difficult to clean.

If your baby’s high chair has a padded seat, always run your hand over it to feel for seams that may scratch or stick into your kid.


You need to put into consideration the safety of your baby before you purchase a highchair for them. Ensure that it is safety certified, vetted, and approved JPMA (Juvenile Manufacturers Association) and that it meets rigorous safety standards.

It should have safety features like a 5-point harness, a crotch post, and excellent stability. It should also have nothing that can pinch or catch on your kid’s little fingers or toes. The chair should also have high armrests that prevent kids from sliding to the side.

Crotch post

A crotch post is a vital piece of safety equipment that your baby’s high chair need not lack. It prevents them from slipping out of the chair, something that can lead to their head getting caught between the tray and the chair.

The crotch post attaches to the seat, tray, or both. Your baby should always stick his legs on either side to prevent him from sliding out via the holes.

Age of your baby

Different highchairs come designed to carry the weight of kids of a specific age. Always check the recommended age and pick one that suits your baby’s age to prevent falls and injuries.

Convenient to store

Get a chair that occupies the minimum space and serves its purpose. Foldable highchairs make a great choice as you can fold and store them away with ease.

One that grows with the baby

Get a highchair that your baby can use right from infancy to older years. The good news is that most highchairs nowadays grow with the baby as they are convertible from an infant seat to a toddler booster and a chair at last.


A high chair sits your baby approximately 3 feet off the ground. You can imagine what a monster of a fall it would be if she was to fall from it. You, therefore, need to ensure that it is stable enough not to topple over.

To get a stable high chair, consider the amount of area touching the ground. Some chairs use the whole base for support, while others use 4 feet. Go for a high chair with a broader base of support, as these are difficult to push over.

Even though a heavy high chair will be hard to push around, the extra weight makes it more stable. A foldable or adjustable high chair might be less stable than any set height model. Always test the high chair for stability before you pay for it.


Some highchairs come at very high prices and others at very affordable prices. It, therefore, means that you’ll get one that matches your budget. You also need to remember that just because a product comes with a high price tag doesn’t mean that its quality is topnotch. All you need to do is go through the features to get the best.

Types of High Chairs

The type of high chair you get for your baby will depend on personal needs and taste. The following are the different types of baby feeding chairs.

Traditional High Chairs

Traditional high chairs are big and comfortable at the same time. They can be made from metal, wood, or plastic or a combination of those (metal, wood, and plastic). Most come with a removable food tray and a basket underneath for storage. While some may lack cushions, others come with big padded cushions for your baby’s comfort.

These highchairs do take a lot of space as they don’t fold. They are designed to be set and simply left in any designated place in your home and thus only suitable if you have a decent-sized kitchen or dining room. They have large footprints that make them feel stable although they take up a lot of room.

Unlike most modern high chairs, traditional high chairs come with no bells or whistles.

Single Stem Highchairs

These chairs stand on one leg instead of four. They are pretty effective and tend to be a real style statement. They have exceptional functional features like the pneumatic lift that helps to adjust the height to multiple positions. They also boast of a 360-degree rotation that makes baby feeding easier.

Single stem highchairs have a reasonably big footprint that makes them occupy a lot of room. They also don’t come at a low price and don’t fold away.

Folding Highchairs

Do you have a small home with limited space? If so, a folding highchair is a chair you should get for your baby. They come in different designs, but most look like the traditional ones but usually lighter. They are easy to carry around and store and can double as a compact and travel option.

Contemporary Highchairs

Most of these highchairs come in the latest design and technologies. They also have a lot of safety features, smooth features, and most are harness free. Unlike traditional highchairs, these chairs come without plastic cushion. They are, therefore, easy to clean due to fewer nooks and crannies. You also won’t have to remove any padding to get the chair thoroughly cleaned.

Travel Highchairs

Travel highchairs are ideal for parents on the move. They are mostly constructed from heavy-duty canvas that stretches over a metal frame. If traveling somewhere that isn’t children-friendly, you need to think about how you’ll feed your child. A high travel chair is one perfect solution.

Legs of these chairs stick out wider than those of regular chairs. The wider the base, the sturdier, and stable the chair gets regardless of how unstable the surface is. They fold and unfold with ease and are also weather resistant.

The highchairs also have safety features that include a safety harness and sometimes a tray.


Boosters are suitable for kids aged 12 months and above. They are easy to carry and can thus very useful in restaurants or a relatives’ house. You only need to sit the booster on top of your sit, attach it and then strap your baby in.

Clamp-on Seats

Just like the name suggests, the seats clamp onto the table, making it easier for your little one to dine together with your family. Since they fold small enough, it is easy to carry them around with you, especially when traveling with your baby.

Clamp-on seats usually accommodate kids within the age of 2 to 3 years and are rigorously tested for safety. The clamps are well padded and will, therefore, less likely to damage your table.

Seat Harness/fabric high chairs

Seat harnesses are fabrics that wrap around your baby and a chair’s back. You can use them instead of travel highchairs or boosters as it’s much easier to carry them around. When not in use, the harness just folds up into a carry bag or a small pouch.

Most fabric high chairs are made from polyester that is easy to clean. They don’t have trays meaning that you’ll most likely have to wash them after every meal. These high chairs only hold and secure your baby to a seat but don’t raise his position.

Seat harnesses are compact as they don’t have frames or heavy materials like metal. Although flexible, they might not fit in some seats like benches.

Twin Highchairs

Twin highchairs are large and come with seats for two infants. They are space consuming and bulky and, therefore, uncommon even in households with twins.

Importance of Baby Feeding Chairs/High Chairs

The following are some of the reasons why you need to get a high chair for your kid

Teach kids to be independent

Having a highchair helps kids to learn how to be independent when feeding themselves. Kids usually copy what adults do, meaning that as you take your meals, your little angel will try to emulate whatever it is that you do.

Leaving them to feed themselves teaches them to be self-reliant and aware of what they are eating. It also helps children to improve their motor skills. Kids also get to learn new things like food texture, color, taste, and even the names of fruits and vegetables.

High chairs are easy to sanitize

If you are not a first-time parent, then you know how messy and frustrating feeding a baby can become. When they do it on their own, It’s much worse. Feeding them on a highchair makes cleaning easier as the mess gets contained on one chair and not the whole dining table.

Most high chairs come with detachable trays and thus easy to clean. They also come with removable seat covers, some of which are even washing-machine friendly.

Improves your kid’s behavior when eating out

Eating out with your baby on restaurants and fast-food joints can be quite stressful. If she is used to feeding herself in a highchair, it makes things less complicated as she knows how to behave during mealtime. She is less likely to throw tantrums and disrupt other people.

Makes feeding babies easier

You can spoon-feed your baby when standing or sitting since the chair gets to match your height. Highchairs are also stable, and no matter how restless your baby is, it’s quite difficult for them to topple it down. They also come with detachable trays where parents can place food on.

Encourages kids to be socially involved

Having your baby on the dining table encourages him to engage with friends and other family members socially. It not only makes him socially aware but also instills good eating habits.


Often, kids know when they need to eat more and when full. The quality is often lost when you push them to finish their meal. When feeding on their own, kids develop self-regulation. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to let them be independent and feed themselves.

Safety Tips to Remember

A safe highchair makes it easier for kids to take their meals and for you to supervise them too. Here are the safety tips to observe if your baby is already using a highchair.

  • Ensure that the high chair is certified and that it meets all the recommended safety standards. Look for a sticker on it from JPMA.
  • Avoid placing the high chair near the wall or the table as your kid can use the surface to push off or tip the chair over.
  • Ensure that the high chair comes with a footrest that you can adjust with ease to support your baby’s feet.
  • Look for a chair with a wide well-balanced footprint. This way, you’ll ensure that even when your baby gets bigger, he won’t be able to tip the chair over.
  • The legs of the highchair you go for should be sturdy but not too wide. Chair legs that splay out wide become a tripping hazard.
  • Always follow the weight and height guidelines. Following the guidelines ensures your baby’s safety.
  • Ensure that your baby is always buckled up. The high chair should have at the minimum a T-style strap that holds your baby securely in place. Kids like to explore, and this can be dangerous.
  • If your baby’s highchair comes with wheels or casters, ensure that they lock.
  • At no time should you leave your baby unattended in the highchair?
  • Be on the lookout when folding or unfolding your chair. Your baby should be at a safe distance since you don’t want their fingers to get caught on the hinges or locks.
  • When using a portable chair, ensure that the table can support the weight of your baby and that of the chair before attaching it.
  •  Check out for rough edges, troublesome hinges, and hardware as well as missing pieces. You need to ensure that you have all the necessary parts.
  • Always set the correct recline level before you start feeding your baby.
  • Never allow an older kid to sit in the highchair. These chairs can only bear the weight of kids up to the age of 3. The weight of an older kid can damage or loosen the joints of the chair, making it fall and injure your baby.


1. What is a high chair?

A high chair is simply a self-supporting chair that is raised to a height of not less than 15 inches off the floor. It helps in feeding kids who are not older than 3 years. There are available in different types and come with or without a tray.

2. Are high chairs safe?

High chairs are safe. If used properly, injuries can be avoided by proper use of safety restraints every time your little one is seated on it. For instance, you should avoid placing a high chair on a raised, slippery, or uneven surface.

3. Do I need a high chair?

If you have a baby, then yes, you need one. We recommend that you get it because it is convenient, helps contain the mess in one place, and most importantly, it provides your baby a safe and comfortable spot when feeding.

4. When do I need a high chair?

When your little angel starts to sit up on his own and to eat solid food, it’s time you got one. This is usually around the age of 6 months. Your baby’s neck and head should also be stable without propping it up with pillows.

Your kid’s shoulders should also be straight without you having to prop them to stay upright. Their arms should be able to move about with ease and on their own.

5. How do I clean my baby’s high chair?

Nowadays, most high chairs are machine washable and thus quite easy to clean them. All you need to do is ensure that the water gets to at least 160 degrees.

If not machine washable, scrub it with warm water and dishwashing soap after which you rinse thoroughly and then dry. Get all the gunk out of your chair’s crevices using dental floss and a wet wipe. You can also use a cotton swab that you dip in mouthwash containing alcohol.

Disinfect the high chair after every few days by wiping it with hydrogen peroxide that helps kill germs.

6. How long does do I need a high chair?

It all depends on the durability of the chair and its weight holding capacity. By the age of 2 to 3 years, some kids can no longer stand a high chair. They may not like to be strapped every time they have to take a meal. They would rather sit on independently like everyone else in the family on the dining table.

If your kid has also learned how to unbuckle from the high chair and climb up, these are signs that he no longer requires the high chair.

7. Can I install accessories to the high chair?

Yes. You can add a set of accessories if you so wish. Some accessories can help by making the chair even more comfortable for your baby’s use. Some brands also offer design tweaks to add accessories to the chair.


If looking for the best way to develop good feeding habits to your little one at an early age, you need to invest in a good quality high chair. Also, follow all the safety measures listed above to keep your baby safe from injuries that can result from nasty falls. With the list, we believe that you’ll be able to get a high chair that best suits your baby. Happy Shopping!