Best Baby Feeding Essentials

One of the first most essential moments in your baby’s life is the six months milestone when he starts experimenting with food and gets ready to discover the whole spectrum of tastes and foods.

Although for the baby, it might be an entertaining period, for both parents, it might be stressful. All of a sudden, you might feel the whole pressure of the universe on your shoulders, and a lot of questions will storm you.

What food to give? What is the right quantity? How to deal with possible allergies or constipation issues? How to make sure you respect the utmost hygiene? There are a lot of questions. Let’s find the answer to them here!

Best Baby Feeding Essentials

1. Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

There’s not much more one can say about the manufacturer called Phillips; it’s made a name for himself. Nevertheless, there is something we could say about this electric steam sterilizer. One important pro is that it is made of BPA free materials.

It fits both wide and narrowed-neck bottles and does not consume too much power either. One essential and useful feature is that it shuts off automatically after its 6-minute cycle is done.

The sterilization is made with natural steam, and it kills off 99.9% of the harmful bacteria on the bottles. You can sterilize up to 5 160ml bottles at once, so it might come inconvenient if you have twins as well.

This Philips 3-in-1 sterilizer is modular. It comes with two baskets and a base module, and you can use it in 3 different sizes, depending on what you need to sterilize and your kitchen space. For example, you can only use its base module to clean soothers and teats. If you also need to sterilize breast pumps, forks, or baby spoons, then you can add the small basket. For a full load of 6 bottles and accessories, you also need to add its big basket.

This sterilizer can keep sterile for up to 24 hours. This means all its sterilized contents, like baby bottles, breast pumps, teats, etc. remain sterile for up to 24 hours if you do not open the lid. So, you can put them all in, run a full cycle, and see about your business. You can take them out in the evening, and they’ll still be bacteria-free.

Another talented pro is that you don’t need to have Phillips advent bottles for this sterilizer to work. You can use any bottle you have or want. It is also easy to clean. One simple tip is to use vinegar for that. It is essential to clean it almost every week to prevent limescale from building on the heating plate.

Overall, it is a very easy to use product which comes in a compact design with the good-quality build.

2. Baby Cherry Bib 21st Century Waterproof Silicone Bib

This silicone bib will last longer than, say, ten usual cloth bibs. Add the money you save on water and laundry for all those cotton bibs. Moreover, it comes in packs of two, so it’s good value for money and safety, too.

Cotton bibs absorb all sorts of fluids and foods, which, in time, can develop bacteria that can get in touch with your baby and even cause infections or stomachaches. These silicone bibs remove that problem, too.

An interesting detail is that it’s got a clever design which will prevent mess and save you some precious cleaning time. The pocket it forms at the base is big enough to collect any food that might otherwise fall on your baby’s clothes.

“But it’s made from silicone,” you might argue. Well, it is true, but it is food-grade silicone that is safe for your baby because it does not contain any toxic chemical fillers; and it is FDA approved.  Moreover, it is effortless to clean and quite comfortable for kids above 3-4 months old. You don’t have to worry about hurting your baby since the silicone is very soft, flexible, and lightweight.

Another major pro is that it’s got a lot of buttons for closure, and it is pretty adjustable according to your baby’s needs. Overall, it’s a good and efficient product.

3. Skudgear BPA Free Baby Food Serve Bowl and Container with Lid + 2 spoons

This bowl comes with a vacuum suction feature, which makes it stick to the surface and stay in one place, on the table, further avoiding any kind of food spilling on the floor. Thus, one major feature of this product is that it reduces any spilling of the food.

It also comes with two heat-sensitive spoons, which can sense if the food temperature is too high for the baby and would turn white in about 8 seconds to warn you about that.

The nice overall design is also a plus. It makes it hard for babies to spill the food outside of the ball, and it is also easy to use by toddlers who can learn to eat by themselves. All in all, it’s good for weaning, and the babies will have some fun while eating while avoiding all the mess of that.

The bowl in itself is quite light, and that might also prove to be an advantage. It is also made of BPA free materials, which means no harmful chemicals or dyes can mix in the baby food.

Moreover, the bowl is stain-resistant and naturally antimicrobial. The spoons are quite flexible, so your baby won’t hurt himself if he wants to bite on them. What is more, they are also BPA free. Safety first, right?

4. Philips Avent Classic Soft Spout Cup, 200ml

This Philip Avent Soft Spout Cup is compatible with the other Philips Avent bottles, so if you have some, it will be a plus. Nevertheless, you can only use it as a standalone Silicone Cup for your baby. It is made from soft silicone, which means your baby won’t get hurt while trying to drink from it. However, it is durable and can be used both indoors or outdoors.

One major pro is that you can wash it in the dishwasher with no problem, and the whole design screams “steady grip.” This means your baby can drink from it very easily and even chew on it; it is chew resistant, no problem.

As you might think, it is effortless to use and also very easy to assemble after washing. It is also drip-proof, meaning water won’t spill off on the baby’s clothes.

The material is pretty solid, and the whole design makes it very easy for the babies to sip on it.

5. BEEBABY Comfort Polypropylene Standard Neck Feeding Bottle

This feeding bottle is available in two sizes, 120 ml and 240 ml. Although it is named “feeding bottle,” it can very well be used for water.

A critical aspect of this product is that it is made of BPA-free polypropylene. Nevertheless, it has a very durable build. For that reason, it can be used outdoors as well. Although it is quite solid, it is also lightweight and has got a nice ergonomic shape.

It comes equipped with a silicone teat, which is biting and tear-free. Moreover, it will stimulate your baby’s natural tongue movement.

One common flaw with feeding bottles is the unwanted air intake, but not with this bottle. It’s got air-intake protection and offers a rather smooth flow of the milk/water. It is rather easy to clean and assembly, and at its lightweight and compact build, it is also a good travel companion.

6. Fisher-Price Baby Polypropylene Food Mash and Serve Bowl Set

Fisher-Price has been making “things for babies” for almost 90 years now. It all started in 1930 when the founder, Herm Fisher, wanted to build better toys for babies. Now, the company offers all sorts of products for babies, from toys to baby gear.

This specific food mash and serve bowl set has a quite smart design that enables you to quickly and easily smash cooked or steamed vegetables and fruits in it. One important feature is its non-slip outer bottom.

It is perfect for smashing ripe bananas, apples, squash, and even carrots or avocados for a healthy, homemade baby meal. The bowl is made of BPA free materials, and it is phthalate-free. This means you can even use it in the microwave because it’s got no toxic residues.

Its smart design makes it even easy to clean and sterilize, and it is also very travel-friendly. The grip handle has more on the non-slip side of things, so that also helps for ease of use. What is more, it can be washed in the dishwasher as well.

7. BabyGo Waterproof Babies Apron with Bib

BabyGo is a German manufacturer of baby products. It was founded in 2002, and its mission is to deliver products that are mainly focused on the safety of the child while also keeping the high-quality of it all.

This set of 6 bibs here comes in 3 different styles. The material is quite soft, and you’ll have to admit that the design is quite cute for a baby. One important feature is that the bib is quite absorbent, so it will keep all the spills and dribbles away from your children’s clothes. They are very lightweight, and you can carry them around in your hand purse even when you’re traveling.

The backside of these bibs is covered with plastic, which makes it impossible for liquids to get through. This makes it waterproof. Moreover, it is very easy to use; you just put it around the baby’s neck and secure it with the little button at the back.

If you need to, you can even rub your baby’s face with these bibs; that’s how soft they are. The material is durable, and the color does not wear off too easily. Moreover, the bibs are odor-proof and stain-proof.  So, overall, a nice-to-touch product on the surface and waterproof plastic linen on the back.

8. LBLA 3-in-1 Baby Feeding Portable High Chair

This chair has a quite intelligent design which, first and foremost, makes washing easy. And that’s an important aspect with baby feeding chairs. Another important feature is its versatility. You can turn it from a booster or toddler seat into a highchair for sitting at the dinner table. In short, it’s got three different adjustable heights.

One important detail is the harness designed to keep your baby safe for times when you have to leave him alone for a few minutes. You might not love what you’ll come back to in terms of food being thrown everywhere, but at least you know he’s safe in the harness and cannot hurt himself trying to get out of the chair.

You can move the chair around the house pretty easily due to its 360-degree wheels.  It boasts a full-size tray with an important detail: a cup holder. So, yes, there’s quite a lot of room for meals. One important feature of the tray is that it’s got a 4-block adjustment.

Overall, the chair was designed to compel your baby to keep a correct sitting position all throughout the meal. Although the materials are very sturdy, the chair can be folded and opened very easily,

9. Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food Nibbler with Extra Mesh

This is a recipient for fruits equipped with a teething toy that will help relieve your baby’s gum’s pain and stimulate mouth muscle development. The nibbler has a smart filter which will not let big bits of fruit to pass through and thus prevent choking.

In terms of safety, this food nibbler is made of 100% BPA free materials. It’s got a safety lock that keeps food safe from spilling out, and a cap to avoid harmful bacteria or dust gets in contact with the mesh.

It is a good baby feeding utensil that will give your baby the amount of fruit and vitamins he needs while he is also “working out” his mouth muscles and massaging his gums, which might be sore from teething.

All in all, it is a very useful product which makes eating fruits a much hassle-free and fun activity for the baby. One important pro is that it comes with two feeder sizes. The smaller one is perfect for a five-month-old baby. Moreover, it can also prove useful in preventing your baby from sucking his finger. Once he tastes the fruits and sees that there is a different taste almost every day, he will most probably give up his bad habit and go for the yummy-fruity nibbler.

10. Mee Mee Baby Food Maker and Processor

As you might already know, Mee Mee is quite a popular baby care and parenting brand launched in 2006, which offers quite a large variety of products from feeding to toys, travel, or maternity.

This food maker and processor has got an overall smart design that offers stability and firmness during the food-making process. One important aspect of this product is that it is made from high-quality non-toxic material. This makes it quite safe and overall hygienic. Due to its ergonomic and smart design, it is very easy to squeeze juices, grate vegetables, or mash baby food with it. It is also travel-friendly and quite efficient at preparing mashed foods on the go when time is of the essence.

One important aspect is that it is quite tiny, and you can find storage space for it; you can even stack other utensils one over another to save space. It is also easy to clean.

11. Kiddale 5 in 1 Smart Digital Baby Food Processor

This food processor will help you prepare the baby’s food, from blending to steaming it for babies or toddlers. It is very good for making a puree in just 15 minutes. One nice feature of this food processor is that it’s got the touch control screen. You can say it’s, basically, baby food from one touch.

One important characteristic of this food processor is that all the parts that come in contact with the baby food are made from food-grade material. Moreover, it comes with a safety switch to prevent a possible kitchen mess, and it also has an auto shut off function. What is, even more, is it’s anti-dry protection system, which will detect if the water tank is empty and automatically start the protection program, which will shut the device down.

Another major pro of this device is that it comes with a function that allows you to adjust the food consistency the way you see your baby likes it. What is more, is that the device in itself is quite on the light side of things, and you can even carry it with you when you’re traveling.

All in all, it is a time-saver for moms. You can see about your business around the house while the food processor Is making the purees. You can just put it on steam and see about your work. It will bleep when done.

12. Mee Mee Multi Storage Food Container

This multi-storage food container is made from BPA-free food-grade materials that comply with the international standards for safety and hygiene. You can store up to 3 different meals in it and microwave them if necessary. The containers are microwave friendly.

Each container has a capacity of 80 ml. From this point of view, it is a very versatile container with a detachable funnel and a lightweight, compact, and anti-leak design, which makes it ideal for traveling, too.

The many colors are not only for the sake of appealing to your baby, but they are also useful for differentiating between the baby foods when you carry a variety of them with you. Thanks to its rather simple and compact design, the multi-storage food container is easy to clean and sterilize.

In full, it’s got a sturdy build that will last and could be a real time-saver for when you need to travel with your baby.

13. DaKos Baby Bottle Drying Rack

This is a large baby bottle drying rack with a total of 10 holders; 4 of them are long for bigger bottles, and six are short for cups and other baby feeding essentials. The rack is made of BPA-free, antibacterial materials. It comes with an open design so that the water can evaporate much easier, and the baby bottles dry in no time.  If you keep the rack on a dry and flat surface, you won’t need to worry about any contamination of the bottles and baby accessories.

The drying rack is quite easy to clean; you can just wash it in warm water, using soap.  You can also wash it in the dishwasher, whatever you choose. Assembling it after cleaning is not hard at all. The material is good quality, not weak, but not too strong either. It is also very flexible and quite unbreakable. It is spacious enough to dry your baby’s bottles and caps, so space is not a problem either.

Baby Feeding Essentials buying guide

Starting solids can be exciting and a little frightening, especially if you are new parents. There is going to be a trial-and-error trip which will also ask for dozens of baby feeding essentials. The first thing you can do is make a list of everything you think you need.

Check that list with your pediatrician and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. To make it easier for you, here is a list of the essential utensils you need.

Hygiene of the baby feeding essentials comes first

First things first, you need to think of hygiene.  Baby feeding essentials need to be cleaned and also thoroughly sterilized to make sure no harmful bacteria will get in your baby’s food.

You can either sterilize everything from bottles to spoons by boiling them in water, or you can purchase a sterilizer, which will make everything more comfortable and safer.

Baby bottles, bowls, cups and spoons

The first baby feeding essentials that you might have thought of are bowls and spoons. You are right. You need a lot of these because your baby might break some, throw them away on the floor, you know, things might get messy from time to time. One important aspect is to make sure that all of these are made from non-toxic, safe materials.

Then there are the feeding bottles -another outstanding baby food essential. You probably have some of those for milk, but you also need to know that after starting solids, your baby also needs to drink water. So, make sure you buy them some baby cups, which will make it easier for them to hold them in their tiny hands and learn to drink water from them.

Mashers and food processors

Although there are so many pureed formulas and solutions on the market for baby foods, it won’t be bad to also have a food masher at home. The mixer grinder might make the food too liquid, and thus it could lose some of its texture, and the baby can grow quite lazy, thinking he won’t need to chew on anything. So, starting to mash food manually with a food masher will still keep some of the food’s texture, which will make the child learn to chew better.

Nevertheless, a steamer and a blender would also come in handy around the house for preparing delicious and rich-in-vitamins baby foods. Another solution to baby feeding essentials is a food processor that contains all the tools needed to make baby food, from mashers, cups, spoons to juicers, or grater.


When your baby starts eating solids, it will look quite dirty at the beginning. So, you also need to consider buying a few bibs. Waterproof bibs could be an excellent choice. Also, you shouldn’t shy away from high-quality silicone bibs because they might keep everything healthier. You see, cotton bibs are usually very absorbent and can get quite infectious from all the fluids and drools they take in. This is why food-grade silicone bibs could prove healthier and cleaner in the long-term.

Don’t forget about the baby chair and baby food storage

Now that you have almost all the utensils needed for feeding your baby, the question is: where do you feed him? A baby feeding chair is also a perfect and smart solution. Not a must-have, but it will save you a lot of troubles, mess and also teach your baby to sit at a table while eating.

You could decide on an adjustable food chair, which also enables you to fit it on the dinner table so your baby could join you at dinner when his table manners are good enough.

Last but not least, you should also consider baby food storage. Again, you should go for food-grade materials, BPA-free, high-quality materials that are also easy to clean and sterilize. Choose cups and storage containers which are rather small in size, but colorful so you can store different foods in them and can differentiate between them.

Frequently Asked Questions about baby feeding essentials

1. What tools and utensils do you need when you start with solids?

The first most important baby feeding essentials you need when starting solids are safe baby spoons, food storage containers, baby bottles and cups, bibs, trays, baby feeding chair, bowls, and food masher and, last but not least, blenders.

2. Can I use silicone spoons for my baby?

Silicone has proved to be more durable than plastic, and it is also more environmental-friendly. It also reacts better to heat than plastics, and if burned, it does not become as harmful as plastics, which are likely to release dangerous toxins in such situations.

3. When can my baby start drinking water?

Babies need water when they start on solids, so around 4-6 months of age. Earlier, the baby gets everything he needs from the mother’s milk or milk formula. After introducing solid food, he’ll also need water.

4. When shall I let my baby use a spoon?

You will see that after introducing your baby to solids, he will start to pick up the spoon himself and try to mimic your movement when giving him food. Although, in the beginning, he might not look like he wants to feed himself, you should observe him and allow him to hold the spoon. It might be messy at the beginning, but around 12 months of age, he might be able to feed himself fully. So, don’t worry too much about that!

5. What do I do when my baby starts hiccupping?

Hiccups do not normally harm the baby. Although there are uncomfortable for you, they do not cause the same level of distress in babies. Actually, it is fine to let your baby stop hiccupping himself. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on his hiccups. If they’re too frequent, they might be a sign of reflux, meaning extra air gets in his stomach. In this case, refer to the pediatrician.


Buying the best baby feeding essentials is quite a handful and might seem quite overwhelming at the beginning. Nevertheless, you can do it with a little systematic approach and also a little bit of excitement for what lies ahead for your baby. In the end, you will always remember these times, and you will cherish them more as your baby gets older. You will see it!