Best Baby Feeding Pillows

As a new mother, there are a lot of things to do, a lot of things to buy and a lot of small hacks to learn. In the process you might make mistakes, after all, you’re only human and the stress of having a child is not small. You want to make your baby happy but you don’t know-how. You want to have fun with your baby but the stress is just too much and you keep wondering how can I reduce this stress and remain a great mother?

Well, we might not have the answer to that but we know a sure way to lessen one of the stress factors and our answer is baby feeding pillows.

Baby feeding pillows are the perfect props for your baby’s neck whenever you want to feed him. They can help keep your milk flowing and save you from back pain every time you need to feed your baby.

9 Best Baby Feeding Pillows


As we have already emphasized over and over again, the best baby feeding pillow is the simplest one that can support your baby’s weight and neck while providing the utmost level of comfort for you and your baby. That is what you get with Abracadabra.

This particular baby feeding pillow comes in a C Shape that will perfectly hug your body from the front and provide a platform for you to prop up your baby and that’s not all. This pillow is designed to stay with you through every stage of your baby’s nursing period from age 0 to when he is about a year old.

When your baby is 2 months, you can use this pillow to teach him how to sit up on his own and when he is around 6 months old, you can use the pillow as a support for tummy time.

Furthermore, this pillow comes with a case that can be easily removed and washed for the added comfort of yourself and your baby.


From a brand whose sole purpose is to create products that are convenient and comfortable for moms and moms to be, this innovative baby pills is certainly one of the best products to ever make it to this list. Why?

This pillow is designed with both a C Shape to hug a mother tightly and a strap to hold the pillow in place. Not only that, but also, this pillow is soft and firm with a pliant surface to provide ample support for your baby.

Furthermore, both the C section of the pillow and the straps are designed to be adjustable for you and your baby’s added comfort.

Lastly, the fabric of the pillow is cotton and can be easily washed any time.


The highlight of this product is its soft and breathable pillow protector that is gender-neutral and perfect for any other baby feeding pillow design. This pillow protector is made of 100% cotton which can absorb sweat easily and can be easily washed in the washing machine. The pillow protector also comes with two different patterns on two different sides for you to switch up the colors whenever you are getting bored with looking at the same color over and over again.

Although the highlight of this product is its pillow protector, this baby feeding pillow is by no means lesser in quality than other baby feeding pillows when it comes to firmness, size, material, and shape.

When it comes to shape, this baby feeding pillow comes with a C shape for the comfort of the mother and a buckle at the back to hold it in place.


This baby feeding pillow is a little different from the others on this list in design. Even though it’s C shaped, it has an extra design at the back to serve as a backrest for the mother whenever she’s feeding her baby.

When it comes to other features, the pillow is soft and firm enough for the baby to the law on top without any unnecessary space between the mother and the baby. The baby feeding pillow also has a one-handed Velcro strap that can be released or fastened silently whenever the baby is asleep.


This baby feeding pillow comes with a design that’s meant to promote five distinct uses.

The first of these uses is that it can be used to prop your baby up during breastfeeding.

The second is that you can use it to help him learn how to sit whenever he starts sitting up or rolling around.

The third and fourth is that you can use it for the baby’s tummy time or use it to burp him whenever he is done eating.

The fifth function of this product is the most unique one. It is created with the use of a hypoallergenic fabric to ensure that your baby does not develop any allergies to the pillow. It is a baby strap where you can easily bottle feed the baby when he is about 9 months old.


This product is another baby feeding pillow that can be adjusted to any height you want for your baby. It can be used for any position whatsoever including upright feeding for babies with acid reflux and the footballer position. It is portable and can be easily folded up for traveling or placed in the store when it is no longer needed. It doesn’t take too much space but is the best baby feeding pillow for latching.

Lastly, like every other baby feeding pillow, this baby feeding pillow is the best to help you and your baby through his various developmental stages.


This baby feeding pillow is definitely the best for your baby when you have started bottle feeding him around nine months old. It comes with various instruments to help your baby bottle feed himself while you are busy with other things.

This baby feeding pillow is designed in such a way that only provides for head and neck support for your baby while he is bottle feeding himself. The head and neck support is soft and firm and the mesh bottle holder is fastened really tightly to ensure that the bottle won’t shift out of the holder to hit him on the face.

The Besties baby feeding pillow is also portable. Its design is minimal and as a result, can be easily moved around especially when you are traveling.

However, note that it is not advisable to let your baby use this pillow without supervision.


The Mom Store excels the most when it comes to maximizing the core characteristics of a baby pillow which is sure to make them the favorite of all mothers. The pillow cover is 100% cotton so it can be easily washed in the machine while the inside is made of polyester that can be easily washed too. When it comes to Style, the Mom Store’s baby feeding pillows take the first position with their soft colors and beautiful patterns.

Like most products in this list, this product also has a C shape but is distinct from all the other products because it comes with separate head support. With this extra head and neck support, your baby can be gently propped up for latching during feeding.


If you are looking for a baby feeding pillow you can easily toss in the washing machine and set to a gentle cycle, then look no further than this product.

With its 100% cotton pillow cover and its 100% polyester core, this pillow is the perfect dream of every mother when it comes to washing.

Just like the Mom Store baby feeding pillow, this pillow also comes with an extra head support to prop the baby up and a style and design that is extremely easy on the eyes.


When you are getting a baby feeding pillow for your baby, there are certain things you need to put into consideration such as the size or shape of the pillow because these things make the difference between a good pillow and a bad pillow. Below are a number of those things you should watch out for in order to get the best experience out of your baby feeding pillow.


The size of baby feeding pillows varies because people and babies vary in height and size and as a result, they have different requirements. What you need to do is to find the size that perfectly fits you and your baby.

If the length of your torso is short, then you should go for a small baby feeding pillow and if the length of your torso is long, then you should go for a high one. No matter what you choose to do, you should keep in mind that the sole purpose of a baby feeding pillow is to help your baby latch onto your nipples comfortably.


A baby feeding pillow is not the same thing as an average pillow that is round in shape or a throw pillow that is mostly decorative. Rather, it is supposed to be soft and able to support your baby throughout the breast and bottle feeding period. So, if you want to buy a baby feeding pillow, the best thing to do is to buy one with a soft material.


When babies get hungry, they do so spontaneously. So, it is really difficult to designate a spot in the house for feeding your baby. What this means is that one of the qualities of a good baby feeding pillow is that it is portable and can be moved around the house. It must not be too heavy or have a cumbersome design that makes it difficult to shift. It must be form-fitting and in some cases, easy to pack for travel. If a baby feeding pillow is not portable, then you should definitely not buy it.


Sometimes, feeding can be a messy business especially when the baby suddenly unlatches or spits out what’s in his mouth. As a result of this, you need a daily washing of cleaning routine for your baby feeding pillows. So, when faced with the option to buy a baby feeding pillow, you should always opt for the one that can be easily washed.

Some baby feeding pillows you can buy are those made with materials that can be easily wiped down while orders are made from materials that can be easily tossed into the washing machine.


Baby feeding pillows come in different shapes and sizes. The most common ones have a C shape and will hug your body from the front so that you don’t need a belt or strap to make it stay. Others are square-shaped or rectangular, and they usually need a belt or strap for them to be balanced enough for your baby and lift his head up enough to reach your breast.

Perfect Fit

Another important characteristic that a good baby feeding pillow must have is that it must be a perfect fit for your baby. One of the many functions of a baby feeding pillow is that it must support your baby’s neck and be comfortable for your baby. To achieve this goal, a baby feeding pillow can neither be too soft nor hard. Your baby must not sink too much into it every time you place him on it, rather it must be the perfect fit for you and him. Your baby’s neck must be well supported and the pillow must be capable of helping him with latching.

Furthermore, mothers come in different waist sizes so in order for you to ensure that you have a comfortable feeding experience, you need to get a baby feeding pillow that is perfect for your waist size. Anything short of this means that the baby feeding pillow is bad and you should not buy it.

Style and Colour

Some mothers care a lot about the style and color of their baby feeding pillows and we don’t blame them at all. Some mothers spend a lot of time before and after birth coordinating the color and patterns of their nursery. So, getting a baby feeding pillow with a color or design that fits perfectly within the already laid out outline of their nursery may mean the difference between enjoying their time there or not. So if you already have a design for your nursery, make sure you buy a baby feeding pillow with a style and color that adds to the beauty of the place.


Whether you’re getting it as a gift for a new mother, or for personal use, buying a baby feeding pillow is never a waste. Why?

Getting the perfect position when feeding a baby may be difficult for you to achieve or maintain as it may be stressful for your back and hands.

However, with a baby feeding pillow, the stress is not only lessened but also transferred to the pillow. Another added benefit of a baby feeding pillow is that it is more comfortable for your baby than your hands can ever be.

So below, are the various benefits of using a baby feeding pillow to feed your baby:

Reduces Back Pain

Using a nursing pillow will lessen the burden on your neck, back, and shoulder.

During the first few months after giving birth to your baby, you will be sitting, carrying and feeding him around 8 to 10 times daily and this can be really stressful. During these periods, the burden is on your shoulders and backs to help you balance the baby and lift him to your breast. However, with a nursing pillow, the burden on your neck will be greatly reduced and both you and your baby will be able to enjoy a comfortable feeding exercise during the whole breastfeeding process.

Improved Baby Position

As we’ve already mentioned, it is extremely difficult for a new mother to achieve that perfect position a baby should be in when the baby is getting fed and even more difficult to maintain that position. With a baby feeding pillow however the position of your baby.

With a baby feeding pillow however, you don’t need to worry about getting the perfect position or maintaining that position since the pillow is designed with the perfect height your baby needs to reach your breast. Furthermore, a baby feeding pillow is originally designed to help you train your baby how to sit up comfortably when he’s about 4 to 6 months.


A baby feeding pillow is not just perfect for achieving that perfect position for your baby whenever you want to feed him. It can be used for other purposes too and at the top of that list is training your baby how to sit up.

Baby feeding pillows come in different sizes and shapes but if there is one thing they all have in common, it’s the fact that they are soft and mold easily into the form of whoever is using it.

Another way a baby feeding pillow can be used is as back support during the last trimester of your pregnancy to reduce back pain. Also, if you are just recovering from a C Section, a baby feeding pillow is the perfect choice for you as it covers the area of the surgery and gives it time to heal.

Can Be Used By Dads for Bottle Feeding

Baby feeding pillows are not meant to be used only when a child is being breastfed. They can be used for bottle feeding too and since a baby feeding pillow is so easy to use, it can be used by anyone including dads when they want to help out around the house.


1. In what ways can you use a baby feeding pillow?

In whatever way you think will be convenient for you and your baby. Baby feeding pillows are designed to help you feed your baby conveniently in any position that is natural to you. So, you can place the baby feeding pillow along your arms, in your laps or beside you while you lay on your side and the baby feeding pillow will provide the remaining support that you and your baby need to make you comfortable.

2. What are the benefits of using a baby feeding pillow?

The benefits differ greatly depending on the type of baby feeding pillow you are using and its designs. However, there are some baby benefits that all baby feeding pillows have in common in spite of their shapes, sizes or firmness. The first benefit is that all baby feeding pillows are designed to put your baby in a manageable position that is both comfortable for you and your baby. The second is that you can use it to bottle feed your baby and the third is that you can use it to train your baby how to sit up and provide support for his tummy time.

3. How do I clean my baby feeding pillow?

This differs. Some baby feeding pillows have covers that are created with materials that you can wipe down so that spillages will not stick to it while others are made of fabrics such as cotton, that can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

4. Can my baby sleep on a baby feeding pillow?

The answer to this is no as leaving your baby to sleep on a baby feeding pillow may hinder his blood flow or result in him rolling off because the pillow has a narrow surface. Of course, your baby can fall asleep on it while you are feeding him but you should move him from the pillow to his crib as soon as possible after.

5. When do I need a baby feeding pillow?

The moment you have your baby until he is capable of eating by himself and no longer needs to be breastfed or bottle-fed anymore. Babies need to start feeding in order to sustain themselves from the moment they are born and it is the duty of a mother to ensure this. That is why you need a baby feeding pillow.

6. Can I bring a baby feeding pillow on the plane?

Yes, you can though you might want to opt for a portable one like a neck pillow for your baby as the seats are narrow and a bigger baby feeding pillow may be difficult to handle.


Getting the perfect baby feeding pillow for your baby can be tricky at times but with the aid of this article, you are definitely on your way to getting one. Happy shopping!