Best Baby Food Steamers in India

Every mother wants the very best for her precious baby. Mothers around the world spend a lot of time deciding how to best bath, feed, cloth, and do other things for their babies. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to best prepare your baby’s food.

The question of how to best prepare your little one’s food arises at the point of weaning when you leave the safety and nourishment of breastfeeding to introduce her to the world of proteins, fruits, vegetables, and so on.  At this point, the best thing you can find in the world is food steamer.

Steaming is a much better method for preparing your child’s food than boiling as it keeps the nutrients, flavor, and texture of the food while doing all these in an enclosed and hygienic environment. During the process of boiling food, the taste and, more importantly, the nutrients of the food are lost in the water through leaching, leaving your child with a meal lacking in its goodness and richness.

There’s no such problem with food steamers; the food is separated from water in the process of food steaming. Food steamers work by boiling water into steam and then using the steam for cooking the food till it’s ready for your baby’s consumption. Leaving the taste, nutrients, and crispness of the food intact. Also, with steamers, fat and oil are unnecessary for cooking, making it a more healthy method.

7 Best Baby Food Steamers in India

1. Luvlap

This is a 2-in-1 device that combines the functions of both a steamer and a blender. This double functionality of this cooking device makes it suitable for all kinds of baby food preparations. It can be used to efficiently process fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and so on. It is also perfect for making different types of nutritious and tasty purees for your baby’s delight. It mainly contains a top lid, a blending jar, a steaming basket, and the main unit.

As an electrical device, it is very easy to use. There are clear markings and indicators where necessary for better measurements and notifications. It’s steaming jar and basket are also transparent so that you can easily monitor your cooking without opening the lid. It is a safe product, as it is made of bpa free plastic material.




2. Kiddale

This device was designed to make the preparation of your baby’s food as simple and fast as possible. Raw food items like vegetables, fish, fruits, etc can be processed into baby food in just fifteen minutes. It makes perfect purees for your little one.

The entire operation of the device can be done from a single knob, you can easily switch from steaming to mixing by a simple turn of the knob. This saves you the energy and time you expend chilling and blending your baby’s food.

It comes with an additional feature to regulate the quantity of water in the tank. To ensure that there’s enough water at all times, the temperature of the device rises when the water level low, switching off the device. It is made to high safety standards, every compartment meant to carry food is made of food-grade materials.




3. Phillips Avent

What makes this device really amazing is its compactness. Unlike other food processors that offer both steaming and blending features, this device has a simple design that lets it take up just a little space. A single compartment is used for both steaming and blending.

After steaming your desired food items, all you’ve to do is to flip it over and press a switch for it to start blending. This leaves you with very few parts to clean, it’s that easy and hygienic.

It is very easy to fill with water. It also offers high steaming and blending performance to give you very fine purees and properly cooked food. You can choose the thickness and texture of blending according to your baby’s needs. It is made of bpa materials.




4. Legit

This is a powerful device with a high level of functionality. It offers much more value than your regular steamer/blender. Now you can easily defrost, reheat, blend or steam food items with just a single press of a button in less than 25 minutes. This is a very smart food processor that comes with preset cooking timers for different categories of food. All you’ll have to do is to put in your food items, select whatever category they fall in and relax till the timer notifies you that the food is ready.

The specially designed blade and control button make chopping of fruits, vegetables, and nuts very easy and fast, leaving you with delicious and nutritious purees. Its one-handed controls and wide opening water reservoir make it even easier to use. It is incredibly compact and portable considering it’s functions.

The parts of this device are both dishwashers safe and BPA free. In addition to all these wonderful features, the package comes with a measuring cup, cooking basket, mixing cover, spatula extra, blade seal and nutrition feeder.




5. Beaba

This device is a multifunctional food maker that will enable you steam, blend, reheat and defrost your baby’s food. It gives you your wants and needs in a single device. It has an efficient steaming system that allows your food items to retain their nutrients, tastes and fine textures.

The food maker has a timer that shuts it down once the food is cooked. This device has a manual cyclone effect blade that allows proper and controlled mixing depending on your baby’s taste be it smooth, pureed or chunked. It is suitable for making a large amount of food. It is easily washable and made of food-grade materials.




6. Cuisinart

A simple, compact yet powerful baby food maker, this product is guaranteed to be a good buy for any parent looking to make her baby’s food from the comfort of her home. It can function as a food steamer, food chopper or a bottle warmer.

All of these features are offered by a single bowl. The size of this bowl means that there’ll be leftovers that will require storage. It comes with a steam blade and bowl seal that both ensure proper and even distribution of steam for a well-cooked result. The bowl seal also prevents spilling. Its powerful motor also ensures better steaming alongside more efficient steaming. It is a user-friendly device as it comes with dial control and LED indicators.




7. Baby Brezza

This baby food maker steps out of the tradition of plastic bowls in it’s unique, sturdy and large glass bowl. Steaming, blending and mixing can be comfortably done in this 4 cup capacity glass bowl without worrying about spilling or transferring. Operation is started by the press of a single button, first, the food items are steamed then the blending starts immediately after. All in ten minutes.

This particular baby food maker is popular for its wonderful purees. It is safe to use for your baby as glass doesn’t pose chemical threats like plastic.

It is easy to use and clean. The glass bowl is dishwasher safe while it’s steam tank can be opened completely at the point of washing. Also, it’s water tank is removable, easy to clean and easy to fill. The device has 3 cook settings; steam and blend, blend only and steam only.




What to Look Out For in a Baby Food Steamer

Now that you have an idea of just what a food steamer is, the next step for us is to work you through the things you should take notes of before placing an order for your baby food steamer. A good food steamer must have the features below if you’re to get the best user experience.


The maker of a product tells you how much you can trust such a product. How long a particular brand has been in the market, how well its products do in the market, how many awards has this brand won in recent years are good pointers to the quality of a product.

The longer a brand has been in the market, the more you can trust it’s products and also, it’s longevity means you can easily access information such as reviews on it easily.

Another good reason for buying from a reputable brand is the fulfillment of the warranty, many customers online have zero luck in returning unsatisfactory purchases. It’ll be safer to buy from a company with the ability to backup it’s a warranty.


The design of your baby’s food steamer should be classy and modern, it should be something your friends and family should drool over. Your beautiful baby deserves the most beautiful things in life. The design becomes even more important if you’re getting it as a gift for someone, to show you have the best intentions.

A baby food steamer should also be designed in a way that makes it more secure for storage and handling. The quality of the lid and handle are important.

Product Capacity

How much room a food steamer has on the inside is as important as how well it looks on the outside. The proper food steamer must be spacious enough to hold food while leaving room for the steam to circulate evenly, to ensure that no part of the food is left uncooked while also avoiding spills.

Also, it should have a number of different compartments to let you steam your different types of foods separately and at the same time.


A baby food steamer can only be as good as the materials it is made of. The materials used in making a steamer tell just what to expect from it as different materials have different properties.

For example, an aluminum or stainless steel food steamer is more durable but its lack of transparency means you won’t be able to monitor your cooking without opening the steamer at intervals leading to heat loss or possible contamination. A glass material will let you monitor you cooking better but is more breakable. The plastic steamers combine visibility and durability and are mostly found in electric steamers.

Bamboo steamers are the older steamers but are just as efficient. The microwave steamers come in microwave-safe materials like glass, ceramic, plastic etc. For your baby’s health it is important that the steamer’s materials are eco friendly and bpa free to avoid various health risks.

Extra Features

The extra features available in some baby food steamers – especially electric steamers- gives you more control over your cooking while reducing the stress you go through. With the best baby food steamers, all you’ll have to do is rinse your baby’s food, put it into the desired compartment, fill the water container with enough water, set a timer and then walk up to another task or take a nap! It’s that simple and easy.

Some food steamers will even switch to a “warm mode” once the set time is complete, this is to ensure your baby’s meal is ready to go the minute you walk in. Other added features may include a display and a water control system to alert you when the reservoir is low on water or switch off when the water is depleted.

Ease of Use

Baby food steamer should be user friendly. We’ll advise that you go for a product whose controls are easy to grasp, so you don’t get even more stressed. A product with a digital display is preferable over the one that uses dials as the steam generated will eventually make the dial fade, making reading difficult.

To offer more usability, some products offer separate controls for each compartment, giving you more control. Some food steamers also come with touchpads to make controls even smarter.


The dimensions of a food steamer shouldn’t be overlooked as it tells just how much you can do with it. Before deciding on what size of food steamer to get, an important question you should ask yourself is how much cooking do you wish to use it for. The bigger the size of a steamer, the less time you’ll have to spend cooking as you can steam more food at the same time.

You should note that a large food steamer will be less portable than a more compact one. So, if you travel a lot, you might want to look at a smaller sized steamer.


Cleaning good food steamer should be simple and straightforward. To ensure that your steamer is free of dirt and disease-causing germs, you should be able to clean the food and water compartments after use. A baby food steamer can either be hand washed or dishwasher washed. For a steamer to be dishwasher washable it has to be dishwasher safe.

Benefits of Baby Food Steamers

There are a lot of considerable values to be gained from leaving behind the inadequate boiling system for the food steamer. As a caring mom, baby food steamers will provide you with the much needed control over your child’s diet, so you wouldn’t have to worry so much about what goes into your baby’s mouth.


Baby food steamers provide an alternative way for making the most delicious and healthy purees for your little one. You won’t have to completely mash the fruits and vegetables as in a blender or juicer. Instead, all you’ve to do is steam the fruits and vegetables until a smooth cream is created. This is a great benefit since you’ll have the full choice of choosing the freshest fruits and vegetables for your baby’s consumption.

Food Maintenance

The use of a baby food steamer enables you to manage and maintain food supplies better. Food steaming is also much more economical than buying already finished foods. With food steamers, you’ll have full control of the economics of feeding your baby. You can store up food supplies till they’re needed or you can grow them yourself which is even better.

Nutrient preservation

Another benefit of using a baby food steamer is that it preserves all the important vitamins and minerals that need to be present in your baby’s meals to ensure proper growth and a strong immune system. In boiling food, important nutrients like vitamin B1, vitamin C, and mineral salts are lost as a result of leaching. There’s no chance of leaching with food steamers as only steam is used in preparing meals.

Healthy Food Preparation at Home

Homemade foods are healthier and safer for your baby than commercial baby foods. Commercial baby foods contain sweeteners and preservatives that are of little or no nutritional and may even pose health risks for your baby. What’s more? You can supervise the entire process of making your baby’s food all by yourself. You get to create a healthy diet for your baby as you decide what should and what shouldn’t be in her meals.

Also, you get to pick the freshest and best quality ingredients for food making. The best baby food steamers are designed to enable you to prepare meals in an enclosed, hygienic manner. With the use of timers, you won’t have to periodically open your cooking, limiting exposure to contaminants.

Faster Food Preparation

If you’re someone who usually has a lot to do, baby food steamers can help you free up some of the time you spend in the kitchen daily. A good baby food steamer will have your baby’s food ready in about fifteen minutes.

The different compartments found in a food steamer are there to help you do much more in less time. The multiple compartments let you simultaneously cook food items that can’t be ideally cooked together due to their different textures, flavors and so on.

For example, a food steamer with triple tiers will allow you to steam rice in one, fruits in the other and meat in the final one, all at the same time. Steamers even have separate timers for each compartment.

Homemade Baby Food

Homemade foods are the widely recommended foods for your baby. If done well, homemade foods are more nutritious, tastier, fresher and safer than commercial baby foods.

Baby food steamers let your baby enjoy the very best of your cooking, strengthening the bond between mother and child. You’ll finally be able to feed your baby without worrying about what’s in the food as the entire preparation has been carefully by you. You know exactly what’s in your baby’s and in what quantity.


1.  Can I clean my steamer in the dishwasher?

Whether or not you can clean your food steamer in a dishwasher depends on if it is made of dishwasher safe materials.

2. How do I clean my steamer?

First, you should empty the steamer. Then, you soak it for a short while to soften hardened remnants. After soaking, you can now wash and then finally leave it to dry.

3. What steamer is the best for baby food?

Phillips Avents Combined Steamer and Blender. A product of a household name, Philips, it gives you all you can ask from a baby food steamer in a portable device. It also has a 2-year warranty you can trust.

4. How much water do you need to steam baby food?

As little as possible so the food items don’t lose their nutrients.

5. Does a steamer/blender work as well as a sterilizer/steamer?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a food maker. A blender will completely crush your baby’s food into liquid while a sterilizer will get rid of all microorganisms present in your baby’s food. Some products actually combine both features to serve you better.


Baby food steamers are changing the lives of both nursing mothers and babies worldwide. You’ll have no regrets joining this train. We have listed you with Top Baby steamers that you can choose from the list.