Top 10 Best Baby Grooming Products

As an expectant mother, part of the fun of waiting for a newborn is shopping for everything that you’ll need. This may not be the case for first-time moms who might not have the slightest idea of what to buy first. You, therefore, need to research before your baby arrives to be adequately prepared.

Baby grooming entails a lot, from washcloths to burping clothes, super tiny socks to bathtubs, and nail clippers. Being ready for your baby also means stocking a few baby care products as well. What about a few basic medical supplies? You don’t want to experience those midnight drugstore runs once your baby gets sick.

To help you get the best baby grooming products, we’ve compiled a list of ten best products from the best brands in India. All you need to do is select one or a couple that suits you best.

Best Baby Grooming Products

1. Luvlap Baby Scissors and Nail Clipper Set

Our list begins with this baby nail grooming set from Luvlap. It comes with a pair of nail scissors, clippers, tweezers and a nail file. The scissors and clippers have rounded tips and curved edges to ensure the safety of your baby.

These products have fine blades for painless nail cutting. They are anti-slip and ergonomically designed to help trim your baby’s nails with ease. The set’s tweezers and scissors come with a protective cover that shields them from dust.

These products are easy to use and clean, come at an affordable price, and safe to use on your baby’s nail. The metal ends are made of high-quality stainless steel and thus long-lasting. All the products in the set are ideal for babies of 0 months old and above.




2. Mee Mee Baby Care Set

This grooming set from Mee Mee contains baby products that will help keep your baby’s hair neat, mouth, and tongue clean, nails perfectly trimmed, and his nose clean as well. It might turn out to be the perfect grooming kit you have been looking for.

The set comes with a hairbrush and a comb, bulb syringe, nail clipper, and a gum cleaning finger brush. The gum cleaner will clean your baby’s nose and ensure that no food or milk deposits are left behind.

The nail clipper has stainless steel blades for durability and has smooth edges with a slight sharpness to help trim your baby’s nails perfectly and safely. The easy to grip hairbrush comes with soft bristles to help untangle your little one’s hair without pulling at it or, worse still, damaging the hair strands.

The medical-grade soft silicone bulb syringe is flexible and perfectly sized to fit your baby’s nostrils without causing discomfort. All the products are easy to use and compact for easy traveling.




3. UNIH Premium New Born Baby Safety Care Set

Baby medical healthcare kit is a must-have when it comes to baby care and grooming. This kit from UNIH has got your back. It comes with a baby nose cleaner that will help you clear your newborn’s sensitive nasal passage and help him breathe well.

The kit also brings along a medicine dispenser that will help you dispense the right quantity of medicine in both spoons and milliliters. It will make things quite easy for you.

The nasal pump is made of safe and reusable hospital grade material. It is BPA free, lead-free, and phthalates free to ensure 100% safety to your little angel. It is powerful enough to clear all the mucus, booger, and snort out and with ease.

The products are easy to clean, easy to carry along, and of superb quality.




4. Fisher-Price Ultra Care Oral Hygiene Combo for Babies

This oral care combo from Fisher-Price will help you keep your baby’s mouth clean at all times. The toothbrush has tender bristles that will perfectly clean your little one’s tongue, gum, and teeth at the same time.

It has an anti-slide grip that makes it easy for your baby to hold. It also has a safety shield that prevents choking. The shield also helps kids to develop brushing skills independently. The brush contains a super-soft elastomer rubber head that helps soothe your baby’s tender teeth and sensitive gums too.

The tongue cleaner helps clean bacteria that may be present in your baby’s tongue and milk coating as well. The toothbrush is easy to hold thanks to its long and comfortable grip handle. Its soft bristles are made from 100% non-toxic materials and thus safe for your baby’s use.

This combo comes with brushes for three stages and thus offers perfect value for your money. The products are also long-lasting and effective in their use.




5. KOOCHI KOO Premium Quality 8 Pcs Grooming Kit

Fifth on the list is this kit from KOOCHI KOO that comes with nail, mouth, ear, and hair grooming products. It includes an ear pick, clipper, scissors, nail file, comb, tweezers, hairbrush, and a finger toothbrush.

All tools come in mini design and thus perfect for your baby. You don’t have to worry about the possibility of your baby getting hurt. They are made of high-quality and safe materials that are free of latex, lead, phthalates, and BPA.

The nail clipper, scissors, tweezers, and ear pick come with a protector that prevents dust for the safety of your baby. These tools are portable and would make a perfect gift for a newborn baby. The hairbrush and comb are specially designed for babies and toddlers and thus come with soft bristles.

The nail clipper handle rotates for 360 degrees for added control while the nail clipper comes with a rounded tip for the safety of your kid. The nail scissors have tiny rounded tips as well that won’t nip your baby’s nails. The balanced handle nips of the scissors feel comfortable.

The ear pick is beautifully designed and has a strong LED light with two different tips for wax removal. It makes it easy to see, easy to remove the wax, and is also easy to clean.




6. Babyily Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

Are you always nervous when trimming your baby’s nails with a pair of nail scissors or clippers? Try this electric trimmer from Babyily and have every reason to be at ease. It is designed to safely and quickly help you trim and file your baby’s little toe and fingernails. Actually, it can be used by adults as well.

This trimmer is super soft and won’t damage your baby’s cuticles and soft nail beds too. It is made of high-quality and safe ABS material. It is made with a one-button design and is battery operated. You, however, need to buy 2AA batteries as they don’t come with the package.

The nail trimmer has two modes and six different heads (3 for kids and 3 for adults). It has LED light in front to help you trim your baby as your baby sleeps. It is super soft, reduces the ear of baby nail trimming, skin-friendly for babies, and adult-friendly as well.




7. Havells BC1001 Rechargeable Baby Hair Clipper

Do you find it difficult to trim your baby’s hair with a pair of scissors? Well, here comes an electric clipper from Havells that will help you cut your little one’s hair safely and with ease. It has ceramic blades that ensure extra safety for your baby’s sensitive skin.

You can use it with or without a cord and only produces low humming noise and vibration that helps keep your baby calm all through. It comes with a styling comb to style your kid’s hair and give direction to the hair as you trim.

The clipper is rechargeable and runs for 45 minutes after a full charge. With IPX technology, you get to clean the clipper’s detachable head with a lot of ease. It also comes with a powder puff to help give a final touch to your baby’s haircut.

This clipper also comes with a complimentary apron that helps keep your baby’s clothes free of the trimmed hair. It is easy to use and super safe, has a long-lasting battery, and also comes with a 2 years guarantee.




8. Manan Shopee Baby Grooming Kit

This grooming kit from Manan consists of a comb brush set, nail clipper, baby finger brush, a powder puff container, and mittens. The hairbrush has soft nylon bristles for your kid’s gentle scalp. With ball-like tips on the comb, your baby’s safety is also assured since they will never from scratches as you comb their hair.

The nail cutter helps you to cut your baby’s finger and toenails with ease. The finger brush, on the other hand, helps to keep your child’s mouth clean by removing residuals of milk and bacterial coating. It is silicone made and thus safe for your baby’s use.

This kit also comes with 3 pairs of baby mittens that help keep your little one’s hands covered. With the pairs, your baby can never scratch their skin in case of long nails or get into contact with dirt and water. The powder puff container helps you to store and carry around baby powder with ease.




9. GOCART with G LOGO Newborn Baby Nail Scissors

If looking for the perfect affordable baby shower gift for your loved one, this pair of safety baby nail scissors will suit you best. It comes in a cute, practical design, and it’s very safe for a newborn. The pair comes with a short and easy holding base that makes it easy to use.

These scissors are specifically designed for your baby’s tiny fingers and toes. They also give a better visual when clipping to avoid accidents. Made from quality stainless steel material, the pair will last long and has dust safety cups to prevent pollution.

These baby nail scissors have ergonomic handles for adults, cut nails without hurting your baby, are made from high-quality materials, and are also easy to handle.




10. Baybee Comb and Brush Set

Last in the list is this comb and brush set from Babybee. The brush has soft bristles and thus helps your baby to relax. It soothes them your little one making him enjoy an indulgent spa treatment. The comb has ball-like teeth essential for detangling your baby’s entangled hair.

The products have long handles that allow easy and safe grip. They also come in a perfect size to fit any baby bag when traveling, come in attractive colors to kids, and are very soft on baby’s scalp.

The products are made from high-quality plastic-free of toxins and, therefore, very safe and durable. They have a premium quality finish and thus a great value to your money.




Buyers Guide


It is essential to consider the age of your baby before purchasing any grooming product. You don’t want to end up with ones for a 3-year-old when what you require is for a newborn. Avoid wasting your hard-earned money on products you might end up not using.


Check the size of the product you want to purchase to ensure that it befits your baby. For instance, you don’t want to buy a toothbrush that is too big for your baby. When going for nail clippers or scissors, ensure that you get the right size for your newborn. Large and sharp adult clippers are dangerous to use on your kid.


How reliable is the product you want to purchase? For instance, will the digital thermometer you want to get give you accurate readings? Will the brush and comb help disentangle your baby’s hair? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you pay for any grooming product.

Ease of use

Always go for products that you can use with ease. At all costs, avoid those products that you have no idea how to use. You don’t want to use your baby as an experiment, as this can turn out to be quite dangerous.

Easy to clean

Every product you use in your baby should always be clean. It, therefore, means that the items you decide to purchase should be easy for you to clean. Products like nasal aspirators and water bottles should always remain clean to protect your baby from disease-causing germs. You should be able to clean them with ease.


Always strive to get products that last for a long time. You don’t want to keep on going for shopping sprees from time to time. By getting durable products, you’ll also be saving yourself money that you can use on other important things.


The safety of your baby comes first. That’s why you need to ensure that every product you purchase is safe for your baby’s use. Babies have delicate skin, and every product applied to it must be selected with the utmost care. Bath soap, shampoo, moisturizes, and powders should have no fragrances. If possible, get recommendations from a doctor.


If possible, go for products that you can carry with ease when traveling with your baby. Most baby grooming kits come with a case, and that makes things easy when on the go.

Baby Grooming Essentials

The following are products that you need to get if looking forward to getting your baby perfectly groomed.

Cotton balls

For the first one or two weeks, all you’ll need to get your baby clean is cotton. A cotton ball dipped in clean plain water will do the job. Remember that at this time, their skin is still very tender. Cotton will also work great at cleaning your little one’s beautiful eyes.

Baby wipes

After using the cotton balls for a few weeks, your baby graduates to diaper wipes. Ensure that you get the hypoallergenic ones, free of alcohol and fragrances. Wipes are great for cleaning up spit up on clothes and diaper spills. They are perfect for handwashing.

Baby oil

Bay helps to remove the stubborn cradle from your baby’s head. When applied on a cotton ball, baby oil can also help to wipe away sticky poop from your newborn’s skin. You, however, need to use it sparingly to avoid covering up your baby.

If out of choices on the best baby oil to purchase, consult your baby’s doctor.

Baby bath liquid or soap

Get the soap with the shortest list of ingredients. Check the labels to ensure that you get one that is free of additives and fragrances, if possible. You can also ask a pediatrician for recommendations.

Baby nail clippers or scissors

Long nails are dangerous to your baby. They can not only store disease germs but also hurt him, something that would make you suffer from guilt. To avoid this, get the right sized scissors or clippers to help you trim his nails.

The pair in question should have a rounded tip and not too sharp as an adult’s. It should also have ergonomic handles to help you carry out the process with ease. The clipper, on the other hand, should come with a magnifier to make it easier for you to see what you are doing.

Baby comb/Baby brush

To keep your baby’s hair neat, you’ll need a brush and a comb. Brushing your little one’s hair also helps in keeping their scalp healthy and clean. Brushing also helps the baby’s hair to grow and, thus, an essential activity.

Always use a comb to detangle your baby’s wet hair. Do it gently to avoid hurting him.

Soft-bristled baby brush

After every feeding, you should wipe your newborn’s gums with a clean washcloth. This way, your little one will always have a clean mouth. After 6 months, you can use a silicone finger brush to remove any milk residuals and any bacterial coating.

Once you see the first tooth pop through, introduce a soft-bristled toothbrush. Always use it along with a non-fluoride toothpaste and plain water to keep your baby’s mouth clean after meals.

Baby nasal aspirator/Bulb syringe               

Everyone needs their nose clean. It helps with the breathing process. Just like how bad you feel with a blocked nose. The same happens to your baby. Since they can’t clean their nose on their own, you’ll have to do it.

Get a nasal aspirator or a bulb syringe to make the process easier. To succeed, you just need to squeeze the bulb first, insert the tip into your baby’s nostril, and then release it to collect mucus.

With a clean nose, your baby can feed, sleep, and breathe peacefully.


When your baby’s hair gets long, it needs some trimming, that’s why you’ll have to get a pair of scissors. Trimming the hair not only keeps them neat but also helps to keep hair out of their eyes. It also helps to get rid of any split ends.

Baby bathtub

Newborns are not squirmy but also slippery when wet. To ensure that your baby gets a safe bath, invest in a quality bathtub. The tub should follow a newborn’s contours and offer support to the newborn. It should also prevent the baby from sliding into the water.

The best baby bathtub should have a non-skid bottom and smooth round edges that doesn’t change its shape when filled with water. It should also be easy to wash and have quick drainage as well. If possible, it should also have a mildew foam pad as well.

To avoid getting a new bathtub a few months down the line, get one that is large enough to last your baby for up to 5 months. Also, consider getting a portable one.

Baby Shampoo

When it comes to baby shampoo, get a tear-free one. Remember that infants don’t always close their eyes during bath. You, therefore, don’t want them to suffer from irritated eyes.

Bath towel

You need to get your baby a bath towel to wrap him up after a bath. It will help to keep him warm and dry.


You will need plenty of washcloths with you when your baby arrives. You’ll need them almost every time to groom your baby. You’ll need a washcloth when cleaning his mouth, ears, nose, and even when washing him. Ensure that you always have clean washcloths within your reach.

Digital thermometer

Most digital thermometers come at an affordable price, are accurate, and also fast. A thermometer will help check on your baby’s temperature at any given time. Any brand can do; all you need to ascertain is whether it’s accurate and functional.

Importance of Baby Grooming

The following are some of the advantages of baby grooming

Keeps the baby clean and comfortable

A well-groomed baby is a clean baby. Everyone likes clean babies, right? Just like how nasty you feel when dirty, the same thing happens to your baby. She will most probably suffer from itchy skin or rashes. Help keep your baby comfortable and peaceful at all times. Fail to do so, and you’ll always complain that your baby is a fussy one.

Keeps your baby safe

With long fingernails, your little one can end up scratching her beautiful face. Long nails are also home for germs, which can bring diseases to your baby.

Helps to remove cradle cap

Washing and brushing your little one’s hair will not only make him clean and neat but also help disentangle his fuzzy hair. Washing his hair also helps to get rid of the cradle cap that eve though not painful, looks really bad on his head.

Enables him to breathe with ease

With a nose full of crust and congestion, your baby may have difficulties in breathing. Clearing the crust with a bulb syringe helps to get rid of this congestion. He can then breathe comfortably.

Helps kids to relax

Giving your little on a bath helps them relax. Most kids even tend to sleep immediately after taking a shower. Make it a routine to wash your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I bathe my baby?

Bathing your little one for 2 to 3 times a week is enough. However, if your baby likes a bath, washing him once every day will do him no harm. Avoid bathing him several times in a day, as this may leave his skin dry.

2. Can I apply lotion to a newborn?

During the newborn stage, most babies do not need additional lotion. Some, however, have dry skin that even splits around the ankles and hands. If this happens to your kid, you can apply fragrance-free lotion to moisturize their skin and prevent it from breaking. The lotion should also be dye-free.

3. How do I get rid of my baby’s cradle cap?

Gently brushing your baby’s hair can help remove some flakes of his head. Be careful not to scrape or pick the flakes. Get a soft-bristled brush, and a comb made just for cradle crap to remove it from your baby’s scalp.

4. Is it wise to apply oil on my baby’s head?

Baby oil and other mineral oils are an excellent way to treat some scalp problems like cradle cap. Scalp irritation is similar to dandruff, and baby oil can help ease it.

Massage baby oil into your baby’s scalp and help loosen or remove any dry skin. Baby oil can also help get rid of dandruff in adults as well.

5. Should I wash my baby’s face every day?

Even though you don’t have to bathe your baby every day, ensure that you clean her face, neck, and bottom daily. Wash their face gently with a wet washcloth. Wipe her eyes clean as well and get rid of any dry secretions from her nose as well.

6. When should I start buying baby stuff?

After you visit the doctor for the first prenatal appointment, you should start getting stuff for your soon to arrive baby. If you have great fear about the possibility of a miscarriage, wait until you feel comfortable enough, after which you can start getting your baby items.


Getting baby grooming stuff is an activity every mother should never miss. It’s not only fun but a fulfilling experience. It makes you feel like you have the baby already. It also makes one hopeful enough to wait for their little angel.

Having gone through the guide, we hope that you’ve come across products you would want to get for your baby or a friend’s baby shower. Go ahead and pick what suits you best. Cheers!