Top 10 Baby Lotions

Is there anything sadder than to touch your precious baby’s skin and find that it’s chapped or dry?  Thankfully there is a myriad of lovely concoctions to help moisturize and protect your baby’s skin. Some lotions are designed for prolonged moisturizing, while others are focused on conserving moisture within the skin and providing protection against the environment.

We have gone through all the fast-acting, popular and high-quality lotions there are for kids so that it’s easier for you to make a choice.  Good luck with choosing a lotion that will keep your baby’s skin as healthy and well-nourished as a newborn’s. You can go through or FAQ section to get some answers to any questions you might have.

10 Best Baby Lotions

1. Sebamed Baby Lotion

This baby lotion is made in Germany to the highest quality standards but comes with a price tag to match!  The formula has been tweaked to have a 5.5 pH balance, which is perfect for the skin. The lotion also has 7% lipids that are there to revitalize the skin, which also has lipid content.

Added lecithin plus sorbitol ensures that your baby’s skin will have long-lasting hydration.  This baby lotion also contains emollients that will smoothen and soften the skin. The texture of the lotion has been formulated to ensure that there is no unsightly oily residue left after it is applied to your baby’s skin.

There is a pleasant botanical fragrance that remains on your child’s skin after application.  This formula has been proven to increase your baby’s skin hydration by 16% within a 3-week period. The manufacturers assure us that the baby lotion is free of parabens and propylene glycol that causes irritation and burning sensations on sensitive skin.

If you are looking for a top-quality product and you can spare the cash, this would be a fantastic choice for your child’s moisturizing needs.

2. The Moms Co Natural Baby Lotion

This special baby lotion has been made by the trusted The Moms Co brand using natural ingredients.  It has been specially formulated to suit the 20% of babies that have very dry and sensitive skin that needs special care.

The organic oils used by the manufacturers have been USDA approved.  The ingredients have been carefully chosen to be safe for your baby from its first day in this world.  This baby lotion has also gone through extensive clinical testing to ensure that it is mild and gentle for a baby’s skin.

The manufacturers assure us that this baby lotion has been made without the use of mineral oils and that it doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients.  It first replenishes the skin with jojoba oil that has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. It then hydrates and protects your baby’s skin with organic rice bran oil, which is packed with vitamins and tocotrienols.

It also uses organic shea butter and cocoa butter for deep moisturizing that lasts longer.  Finally, the organic apricot oil and avocado oil in the formula then go to work to provide antioxidants and nourish and soften the dry skin.  If you are pedantic about only organic and natural products being used on your baby, this is the best product for you!

3. Himalaya Baby Care Soothing Calamine Baby Lotion

This baby lotion is a part of Himalaya’s range of herbal baby care products.  The special calamine formulation has been designed to protect the baby’s skin from itching and rashes due to allergic reactions, insect bites, chickenpox, and prickly heat.

The key ingredients in this herbal lotion are calamine, nutgrass, aloe vera, and mustard.  All you have to do is apply this lotion to any irritated or patchy skin on your baby and sit back while the formula heals your precious bundle’s skin.

The product comes in 40ml, 100ml, and 200ml sizes to suit your baby’s needs.  The natural ingredients in this formula have been proven to calm and soothe skin within a short time after application.  Dry and itchy skin is also eradicated due to the lotion’s moisturizing properties.

Any inflammation that is present on the skin is also reduced due to the special formula of this lotion.  The manufacturers assure us that this natural lotion is free from parabens, phthalates, and mineral oils that have been proven to irritate and damage the sensitive skin of babies.  This product is a great choice for parents who are looking for a herbal solution for their child’s damaged skin.

4. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturising Lotion for Delicate Skin

This high-quality baby lotion is produced by Aveeno and has the seal of approval by pediatricians of the US.  This lotion has been designed to be used daily on your child’s skin. It has been carefully blended with natural colloidal oatmeal rich emollients to soothe your baby’s delicate dry skin.

The non-greasy texture of the lotion leaves your baby’s skin oil-free after application. It is also long-lasting, with up to 24 hours of active moisturizing and protection after application.  The drying alcohol in the formula will ensure that your baby’s precious pores aren’t clogged up during the application process.

This carefully formulated lotion is hypoallergenic, which means that it won’t elicit allergic reactions when it’s applied to your child’s skin.  The manufacturers assure us that it is also free of parabens, phthalates, fragrances, and steroids that would irritate your child’s skin and have damaging hormonal effects.

Daily application of this lotion will leave your baby’s skin healthy, soft, and smooth.  Pediatricians have recommended the Aveeno brand. If you are looking for a long-lasting and effective moisturizing lotion, this might be the best option for you.

5. Chicco Baby Moments, Body Lotion

This effective baby lotion by Chicco comes in a 500 ml bottle that will be long-lasting at a very affordable price.  This product is aimed at making sure that your baby’s skin is properly moisturized while remaining smooth and soft.

It relies on sweet almond milk for its softening and nourishing properties.  It also comes with illipe butter, glycerine, and vitamins to keep your baby’s skin smooth and healthy.  The formula has gone through rigorous clinical testing to ensure that it’s safe for use with sensitive skin.

It also has a texture that allows it to be absorbed quickly onto your baby’s skin without leaving an oily residue.

The product has been manufactured without the use of parabens, SLS, SLES, dyes, or alcohol, making it a safe choice to use with your baby.  It is also hypoallergenic, which means that it will soothe your baby’s skin and not allow for any allergic reactions.

The lotion should be applied evenly to your baby’s skin after he/she is given a bath to give long-lasting moisturizing.  This lotion is a great option for budget-conscious parents to keep their baby moisturized and protected throughout the day.

6. Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Baby Face Cream

This great product by Mamaearth has a lot of high-quality ingredients in its formula but doesn’t come at a budget price.  This lotion has been specially formulated for application on the face of the baby or where there is especially sensitive, delicate, dry, and itchy skin.

There is a double dose of oats in the formula to ensure that dry, itchy, and irritated skin is relieved, as it locks in moisture after application.  Milk protein and sunflower seed oil in the lotion hydrates the skin and helps lock in moisture as well. Murumuru butter helps soothe sensitive skin and acts as an additional barrier for moisture escaping.  Shea butter in the lotion acts as an anti-inflammatory and conditions, tones and heals the skin.

The product has been manufactured without the use of mineral oil, petroleum, SLS, parabens, synthetic perfumes, toxic materials, or artificial preservatives, making it a safe choice for your precious child.  It is also Asia’s first MadeSafe certified brand for lotions. Since it’s a 100% natural toxin-free product, any parents that are very enthusiastic about organic products should be happy to use this product on their child.

7. Pigeon Baby Moisturizing Lotion

This baby lotion by Pigeon is one of the more budget-friendly lotions available in this category.  It has been formulated to provide skin pH-friendly moisturizing for your precious bundle of joy. It has a deeply moisturizing formula that nurtures, comforts, and moisturizes your baby’s tender skin.

The ingredients are a blend of almond oil, olive oil, rosehip, and chamomile, which are enriched with vitamins A and E.  Oat lipids in the formula helps trap moisture within the skin and regulates ceramides after the lotion is applied.

Chamomile extract is a natural soothing agent that will soothe your baby’s skin and muscles and aid him/her to sleep.  Rosehip oil is a natural moisturizer that will protect your baby’s skin from damage while soothing redness and irritation.  Olive oil in the lotion is a natural emollient and is rich in antioxidants and will help improve your baby’s skin tone.

This product is also hypoallergenic, which means that your baby’s skin will not respond with allergic reactions after the lotion is applied.  This is a fantastic product that we recommend for any parent that is looking for an affordable moisturizing solution for their child.

8. Mee Mee Baby Lotion With Fruit Extracts

This baby lotion by Mee Mee is rated highly by its customers and comes at an affordable price.  It has been recommended for use as a natural moisturizer that can be used on newborn babies. It has been formulated to suit sensitive skin so as not to elicit and irritate reactions from the skin.

Camomile extracts in the lotion gently moisturize your baby’s skin for a prolonged period of time.  Additional nourishment is provided by fruit extracts in the lotion. Clinical testing has been done to ensure that this formula is safe for use by children with sensitive skin.

The lotion has been manufactured without the use of parabens and is safe for use by children. It is also hypoallergenic, which means that your child’s skin will not have allergic reactions to this lotion. This natural moisturizer is absorbed easily into the skin of the baby.

The non-greasy texture ensures that there will be no unsightly oily residue on your child’s skin after application.  This product is a great choice for parents on a budget looking for a great moisturizing lotion for their child.

9. Lotus Herbals Baby+ Tender Touch Baby Body Lotion

This herbal baby lotion has been concocted with the health of your baby in mind and comes with an average price tag.  It has been designed to moisturize and protect your baby’s skin. The non-greasy formula doesn’t leave any oily residue when applied to your baby’s skin.

The ingredients for this special lotion have been handpicked from rare plants, herbs, and flowers.  Calendula provides your baby’s skin with refreshment and hydration while soothing it. The Shea butter in the formula helps protect your baby’s skin while keeping it smooth and healthy.

The baby lotion has been manufactured without the use of preservatives, sulfates/alcohol, PEGs/phthalates, synthetic materials, mineral oils, or petroleum.  The product is said to be 99.3% natural by the manufacturers with a pH of 5.5, which is perfect for the skin of babies.

It is so safe to use with children that it is recommended by pediatricians.  It has also undergone extensive clinical testing to ensure that it is safe for use with, especially sensitive areas.  This is a great option for parents that are looking for an herbal baby lotion at an affordable price.

10. Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

This well-formulated baby lotion by Cetaphil comes affordably priced to keep your baby’s skin moist and fresh.  It has been enriched with natural ingredients such as shea butter. Glycerine has been added to the formula to ensure long-lasting moisturizing power.

The manufacturers assure us that it is also safe for use with babies that are newly born. The formula has been tested to ensure that it doesn’t cause allergic reactions and is hypoallergenic.  Extensive dermatological testing has been done to ensure that it is extremely safe to use with the sensitive skin of babies.

The baby lotion has been manufactured without the use of mineral oils.  It is recommended for use on babies by dermatologists and pediatricians.  As this product has been made in Germany, we can be assured that it has been manufactured to the highest quality standards.

It also comes in a pretty large 400ml bottle that will last you quite awhile with your baby.  It is recommended that the lotion is applied to your baby’s skin on a daily basis for maximum effect.  This product can be recommended for parents that are looking to purchase an effective baby lotion to keep their baby protected and moisturized.

Buying Guide


One of the most important things to consider when you are looking for a lotion for your child is to make sure that there aren’t any chemicals or ingredients in the lotion that might cause allergic reactions on your child’s skin.

This is especially true if your baby’s skin is sensitive or has gone through a phase where it got dry or damaged.  Look for the ‘hypoallergenic’ label on the bottle or tube, which is there to denote that it has a formula that won’t create any allergic reactions on your child’s skin.

pH Level

The pH level of a substance determines whether it’s acidic or a base.  The neutral value for pH is 7.0 on a scale of 0 to 14, where 0 is the maximum acidity, and 14 is the maximum base.  Researchers have determined that the best pH level for anything that goes on your skin is 5.5, which means that it would be slightly acidic.  The right pH level on your baby’s lotion will ensure that it remains healthy and performing well.

Protection Against UV Rays/Harsh Sunlight

Some lotions can protect your baby’s skin against the sunlight while playing a moisturizing/moisture conserving role as well.  Instead of having to rely on several types of lotions, it is much better if your baby’s moisturizing lotion has this added function. Make sure to apply the lotion before you take your child outside to prevent sunburn, irritated skin, dryness, and damaged skin.

Dry/Oily Skin

The skin types of babies vary.  Make sure that the lotion you buy for your baby suits your baby’s skin type.  Some skin types have a propensity to be dry and need extra moisturizing. Some skin types are oily and don’t need too much-added moisture, though other protective and healing elements of lotion would be useful.  Too much oiliness causes acne and other skin issues, while dry skin provides for damaged skin that easily breaks.


When you look at different lotion prices, make sure you calculate how much of it is included in the price.  Some lotions come in packages as low as 50ml, while others give you up to 500ml of lotion! So if you are on a budget, there’s a good possibility that the lotion that comes in the larger quantities will give you more bang for the buck.

However, some lotions have much more of the active ingredients and will not have to be applied so generously.  To determine what the best value for money is, you might need to review some consumer feedback in addition to product reviews.

Clinical Testing

Some of the higher quality lotions have been clinically tested.  This assures the user that there have been no adverse side-effects from the lotion. The products we have reviewed are safe for use, but in general, it’s a good idea to go for products that have gone through clinical testing.  It shows that more resources have been put into research and development to achieve a higher quality product.

Parabens, Phthalates or Dyes

There are certain chemicals that lotions should be free of as they might create complications on your baby’s skin.

Parabens, Phthalates, Dyes disrupt hormonal function, so make sure that any lotion you buy explicitly states that it is free of parabens, phthalates, and dyes to ensure that your baby stays healthy and happy.

Vitamins and Minerals

Your baby’s skin can absorb vitamins through the skin.  The best creams can provide the vitamins D, E and K. The most popular vitamin to be included in your child’s skincare lotion would be vitamin E. Lotions also might have minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.  Try to get a lotion that has as many vitamins and minerals as possible to ensure glowing, healthy skin as well as to aid your child’s development.

Types of Baby Lotions

1. 24-Hour Moisturizing

These types of lotions are focused on providing your baby with skin protection and moisture conservation for 24 hours. It is best applied after a bath so that your baby has protection for a whole day. After your baby’s bath, the skin is moist and doesn’t need additional moisture to stay that way.

These lotions cover up and protect the skin so that the moisture is retained in the skin.  They are also generally designed to provide slow, moisturizing throughout the day.

2. Herbal

These types of lotions are focused on ensuring that the lotion only uses pure ingredients that are available in nature.  Usually, there are a few additives to act as active ingredients, but the high herbal percentage is generally denoted on the packaging.

Herbal lotions are quite mild, and they don’t generally produce adverse allergic reactions on the skin.  If you are very conscious of consuming only natural ingredients, this type of lotion might be what’s best for your baby.

3. Vitamin & Mineral Enriched

These types of lotions help with the absorption of needed vitamins and minerals for your child.  This helps with skin growth and sustenance, as well as the general development of your baby. These kinds of lotions are great for busy parents that want to ensure that their children have an added channel for getting the vitamins and minerals that are needed.

Baby Lotions – Safety Tips

Application Time

The best time to apply lotion is right as soon as your baby has taken a bath.  This ensures that the maximum amount of moisture is preserved on your baby’s skin.  That means that your baby’s skin will remain fresh and moist for a longer period without needed external lotion applications.


If you touch any sensitive areas of your baby’s body such as his/her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, or private areas and there is an adverse reaction, then you might need to flush it out with water.  If the irritation persists, then you should call a licensed medical practitioner.

If, by some chance, your baby ingests some of the lotions, you should immediately take your baby to a medical center to be taken care of.

Application procedure

Generally, it is accepted that lotion is best absorbed while being applied in a circular motion with light pressure onto your baby’s skin.  This ensures that the skin isn’t irritated while the lotion is applied. This system also allows the lotion to last for longer on the skin.  Lotion should be applied to all areas of your baby’s skin equally so that no part of your baby’s skin dries out.


Most lotions are best kept under 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) in temperature and out of sunlight.  This is to ensure that the lotion has long-lasting effectiveness for a prolonged period. The delicate balance of natural and/or synthetic chemicals inside the container can catalyze or congeal and lose its effectiveness in higher temperatures or if exposed to sunlight.


1. From what age can lotions be applied to a baby?

Most baby lotions can be applied to babies from the day they are born.  It is a good idea to go for lotions that have milder formulations when using with newborns. Herbal lotions with natural ingredients are also a good bet if designed for newborns as they are generally milder.

Generally, the packaging of the lotions explicitly states from what age it’s safe for use with babies.  Try to go for a lotion that has been clinically tested to ensure safe use with sensitive skin.

2. Can baby lotions lighten the skin complexion of babies?

Baby lotions are not designed to alter the pigmentation of babies.  They are designed to capture and preserve moisture within your baby’s skin and then moisturize.  They might also serve additional functions such as replenishing vitamins and minerals.

Altering skin pigmentation is risky and might cause negative effects in your child’s skin, including increased sensitivity.  We do not recommend the use of pigmentation altering products on your baby’s skin.

3. Can baby lotions protect babies from harmful UV light and sunlight?

Baby lotions are generally not designed to act as sunscreens, but if they have zinc oxide as an active ingredient, then there will be some secondary protection from the sun for your baby.  Please make sure that you read the instructions carefully to ensure that you can use the lotion to protect your baby’s skin from the sun so that your baby’s skin stays healthy and damage-free.

4. In what climates should baby lotion be applied?

Generally, the baby lotion is needed to preserve moisture within your baby’s skin after bathing.  During the summer, your baby will naturally perspire, which allows your baby’s skin to get naturally moisturized.  During the winter, your baby’s cooling system (sweat) isn’t active, which allows for his/her skin to get drier. Lotion should be applied more liberally in the winter and colder climates than in the summer or warmer climates.

5.Is it safe to apply baby lotion to the baby’s face?

Almost all baby lotions are safe to apply to your baby’s face.  However, you might have to choose milder lotions if your baby’s skin is extra sensitive.  You should check to ensure that there aren’t any adverse reactions on your baby’s skin after each application and periodically after that when using a new cream on your baby’s skin.  If you are looking to apply lotion to a newborn’s face, make sure that the lotion has been prepared for use with extra sensitive skin.


Most baby lotions in the market are designed to last as long as possible to make sure your baby’s skin remains moist after a bath.  Colder climates require a more frequent application to ensure that your baby’s skin doesn’t get damaged due to dry skin.

When buying a baby lotion, it’s important to keep in mind that your baby’s skin needs to be moisturized every day, so the type of lotion should be suitable for your budget as well.  Don’t go for an extremely expensive lotion with herbal ingredients and extra vitamins and minerals if you are going to run out of money for the various other items your baby will surely need!

We hope that our buying guide will help you choose the exact lotion that is appropriate for your baby’s skin as well as your budget.  Please take note of the safety tips to ensure that your child remains healthy and happy during and after the moisturizing process. Good luck with your purchase, and we hope that your choice of baby lotion will help your baby continuously have healthy glowing skin!