Best Baby Rocking Chair

No matter how much you love your baby and want to hold him in your arms but after some time you will get tired. You will definitely have to do multiple tasks, and it will not be possible for you to carry the baby in your arms. For this purpose, you must be looking for a baby rocking chair. A baby rocking chair is the easiest way to keep your baby safe from falling.

In order to make your life easier, we have found the best baby rocking chairs which are readily available in India. Let’s see the best bay rocking chair for your little angel

Top 10 Best Baby Rocking Chair

1. Pihu Enterprises Baby Rocking Chair

The baby rocking chair is made up of high-quality plastic, but it looks like a wooden chair. It is completely safe for kids as no toxic material is used in its manufacturing. The Pihu Baby rocking chair can be cleaned easily. You can separate its parts while washing, and it can be assembled again. It is prepared by keeping mind the balance issue of little angels. You do not need to worry about falling off your kid.

It not only protects your baby from falling but also gives him an opportunity to enjoy by holding the front handle of the chair. The front handle keeps your baby secure. It comes in multiple eye-catching colors, and your baby will definitely love sitting on the awesome rocking chair. This baby rocking chair is suitable for kids having age between 2 to 5 years only.

2. Shiv Toys 2 in 1 Baby Rocking Horse

The horse-shaped rocker is 100 % made in Indian. The rocker is suitable for kids having age between 1 to 3 years. It is made up of fine quality material and completely safe for your kid. The baby toy is perfect for the exercise of arms and legs of your kid. It gives your little kid with an opportunity to learn how to sit by supporting him from the back. It’s lightweight, and portable quality makes it perfect for rolling on the floor. Your little angle can easily observe his surroundings while enjoying comfy back support.

The overall design is very attractive. This horse shape rocking rocker has an eye-catching combination of yellow and red color. The beautiful design is not negligible; you can give as a present to any baby girl or a baby boy. According to user reviews, the product is durable and worth buying. Most of the buyers say it safe for kids.

3. Baybee Baby Baby Teddy Boo Rocking Chair

The baby rocker has a soft seat for infants and little kids. The comfy seat can keep your baby for a long time. It can be used for babies of 0 to 4 years age and having a maximum weight of 18 Kg. The rocking chair is easy to clean; its seat is machine washable, which gives you an opportunity to keep your baby in a hygienic rocker. Soothing music, vibration, and gentle bounce makes your baby smile and let him enjoy his own company.

The portable rocker is a perfect choice for little kids or infants. It can be adjusted in different positions according to the height requirements of your little kid. The front side of the rocking chair has a toy bar that has two built-in cute toys; it also gives you the opportunity to hang toys of your own choice. The toy bar is removable to make naptime free from distractions.  You can take your baby anywhere while sitting in the chair. The multi-purpose chair can be used for a long time; as your baby grows, you can adjust its angle.

The bright colors of toys attract baby, and he can play with his hands and feet so the chair will give your child an opportunity to exercise in the right way. It is designed to provide your complete baby security while you are busy with your own tasks. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor such as a garden, but keeping an eye on your kid is essential. Its frame is made up of durable material and can be used for a long time.

4. Arkmiido Compact Foldable Baby Rocker Chair

The baby rocker is designed in such a way that he can enjoy swing by his own movement. The red rocker has a beautiful and latest design with a small and comfy pillow. On its front side, it has a toy bar with built-in toys that attract your baby to move his hands. It has a wheel, but it can also be used as a cart by removing the wheel.

You can easily clean it by removing toys and small pillows. It comes with the seat belts of adjustable length; hence the rocking chair provides complete safety to your little kid. You can easily carry it while traveling. It is foldable, and you can store it in your car as well. According to user reviews, it is the durable and first choice of Indian mothers due to its multi-functionality.

5. Toyshine Infant to Toddler Rocker Chair

As the name says, the rocking chair is suitable for infants as well as toddlers. It comes in a blue color. You can adjust its height when your baby grows. It comes with calming vibrations, which keeps your baby happy. The front side of the rocking chair is decorated with toys which attract the baby and force him to move his hands and feet. It is suitable for babies of age group o to 4 years, and it can easily handle weight up to 18 Kg. It has two buttons for toys.

The size of the rocking chair is 50*64*50 CM, and its approximate weight is 2900 grams. It is completely secure and comfortable. The rocking motion and calming vibrations allow your baby to enjoy his company and let you focus on your own tasks. By sitting in the chair with gentle movement and eye-catching toys, your baby can learn hand and feet coordination. The bright colors of toys improve his visual sense.

6. Baby Bucket Newborn to Toddler Rocker Cum Reclining Chair

The aerodynamical shape of the rocking chair makes it comfortable for babies age between 0 to 3 years. It can handle 18 Kg weight. It has a comfy and soft seat for your baby. You can adjust its height and position as your baby grows. It fulfills European safety standards, which means it perfect for newborn babies. It has soothing vibrations that can help your baby getting sleep in no time. The front side of the rocker has a toy bar, which makes your baby’s playtime perfect. Two built-in toys are attached; you can also hang more toys according to your preference. The product is made up of fine material. Moreover, it has a list of happy customers that say this rocking chair is awesome and worth buying.

7. Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker

The rocking chair is made up of fine material that is durable and long-lasting. It has a soft baby seat, which keeps your baby calm. The baby seat is wide enough for resting, playing, and feeding. It is equally suitable for infants as well as a toddler. The calming vibrating feature of the rocking chair entertains your baby. The vibrating feature requires a battery. It has a toy bar which has multicolor toys. You can easily remove the toy bar for cleaning purposes. No harmful material is used in its manufacturing. According to user reviews, this rocking chair is durable and long-lasting.

8. LuvLap 3 in 1 Rocker Napper with Musical Vibrations

The baby rocking chair is made up of good quality cotton polyester. It has a mattress and a soft seat pad. It is designed very intelligently for napping, feeding, and playing. You can switch to any position according to the height requirements and age of your baby.  The music feature with adjustable volume produces a calming effect for your baby. You can adjust 3 level vibrations; you can increase vibration when you want your baby to go to sleep. Its weight capacity is 18 kg. The design and contrasting colors are very attractive. It comes in an appealing box; you can send it to the newborn babies as a gift.

It has a very attractive toy bar, which can increase your baby’s visual sense and produce coordination between eyes, legs, and arms. It is has passed security tests and completely secure for new-born babies. You can remove its seat for cleaning purposes. The mosquito net is the unique feature that protects your baby from malaria.

9. Webby Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker

The rocking chair is designed for babies having age 0 to 4 years. It can easily handle the weight of 18 kg.  The product is made up of high-quality plastic material. It has a soft seat prepared with non-toxic material. The position and size of the rocking chair can be adjusted according to the age requirement of your baby. Its seat can be folded while traveling. It comes with a calming vibrations feature. It has a weight of 399 grams, which makes it possible to carry it in your car while traveling.

It has a toy bar close to the baby seat. Your baby can easily play with the toys. The toy bar can be separated for cleaning and napping purposes. You can hang custom toys as well. The rocking chair has pleasant music options. Hanging toys can engage your baby for a long time, and you will be able to perform your tasks without any disturbance. It requires a battery for vibrations and music.

10. R for Rabbit Rock Rocker Chair for Baby with Music

The rocking chair is EN71 safety certified, so it can be your first preference if you are conscious about the safety of your newborn baby. It is made up of comfy fabric, which is completely free from toxic materials. The innovative and comfortable design can make your baby’s playing and sleeping time perfect.

Two cute toys are attached to make your baby happy. The soothing music stimulates his hearing sense. Its frame can be extended as your baby grows, which means it is equally suitable for infants as well as grown-up kids. It is light in weight hence; you can easily carry it while traveling. You can use it for indoor and outdoor purposes. It has a list of happy mothers in India who say that the product is very useful in making their work easier and keeping babies secure.

How to choose best baby rocking chair?  (Buying Guide)

 Locking Mechanism

Good locking mechanism is essential to keep your baby secure. So don’t forget to check this feature while buying a rocking chair for your little angel. Make sure your baby will not fall off the seat by slipping.

Make sure Frame has no sharp edge

Sharp edges can be dangerous for you little kid. To ensure the safety of your child, check frame and all corners of the rocking chair. Try to find a chair made up of high-quality plastic.

Comfortable Seat

Look for a rocking chair with comfortable and soft seat. Make sure seat is surrounded from all sides with soft fabric. It will not only protect him from falling but also make his sleeping and playing time enjoyable. The baby chair should be made up of non-toxic material.

Ease to Clean

It is very important to keep your baby in a hygienic environment. Overflowing of diaper is very common in infants so look for a baby seat which can be removed while washing. A waterproof seat cover is very helpful in keeping your baby clean and dry.


Invest your money intelligently and look for a durable product which can be used for long time. We have listed the most durable products; you can pick any of them to save your money. To ensure the durability of the product, you can check reviews of buyers.

Innovative and Comfortable Design 

Look for a design which is appealing to eyes as well as comfortable. Thick and comfortable cushions can provide your baby with comfy feelings. Don’t forget to check the weight limit of a rocking chair; it should be able to handle the weight of your little kid.


Always look for a rocking chair with can be upgraded as your baby grows. It can save your money; you no need to buy a different chair after one or two years of your baby born. The rocking chair should be convertible into a stationary chair.

Exciting and Innovative features of baby rocking chairs

  • Soothing vibrations

Seat vibrations are a wonderful feature to keep your baby comfortable and stimulate his hearing sense. You just have to spend some extra money to buy the comfort of your little kid.

  • Music

Soothing music option is another innovative feature which allows your baby to enjoy the moment. Music can help him in sleeping early.

  • Lights

Lights are one the exciting features of kid’s rocking chair. Some baby rockers produce colorful patterns to entertain little kids. You can look for a rocker with lights option that can be turned off if your baby feels uncomfortable.

  • Safety Straps

If you are going to buy a rocking chair that can bounce, swing and jump, choose a product that comes with safety straps. You should be able to affix safety straps to your baby’s legs and stomach.

  •  Warranty Details and Pricing

Before buying a product, make sure it lies in your budget range. You can buy baby rocker from brands that offer warranty, make sure warranty time period starts the day you purchase product. It is recommended not to compromise on the quality of a baby product because it is directly concerned with your baby’s safety.


Look for a baby rocking chair which is portable. It will allow you to carry it easily while traveling. It should also be light in weight to make your traveling experience wonderful.

What are the advantages of using a baby rocking chair?

It can calms a crying baby

Babies feel secure with rocking motion. Soothing motion establishes blood circulation and babies enjoy motion of a rocking chair. It makes running process easier for babies and they learn quickly legs and hands coordination.

Security and safety

Babies cry when they are not in the lap of mother but rocking chair does not let them feel lonely. They feel secure and safe. You cannot leave your baby alone on bed because of his safety concerns but the rocking chair secure them and protect them from falling.


Babies do not know how to maintain balance but a rocking chair help them learning slowly and steadily. Rocking motion stimulates their sensation and they become more attentive and alert.

Rhythm Introduction

Rocking motion is the best way of development of sense of rhythm.

Stimulates visual sensation

Rocking chair enables your baby to observe the environment in a better way than lying on the bed. He observes everything and learns fast.

The rocking chair provides Relaxation

Sometimes babies are not well and they experience difficult time in getting sleep but the motion of rocking chair will make them more comfortable and relax, that’s how they go to sleep quickly. If your baby has mood swings, rocking chair can help him making smile.

You can focus on your tasks

A rocking chair is the best solution if you have to do your home tasks with your kids. You can place your baby in the rocking chair and can easily do your work such as cooking, cleaning and helping your elder children ready when they have to go to school.

Motor skills development

Most of the baby rocking chairs come with toy bars. Kids try to play with the toys and they move their hands and feet which stimulates their motor skills. They move back and forth which fulfills the exercise need of kids.  You can improve your child’s nervous system in his initial age with hanging toys.

Tips and Tricks for using baby Rocking Chair?

  • Lock the baby rocking chair carefully before allowing him to sit in it.
  • Keep rocking chair away from electronic devices, switchboards, and other dangerous stuff. Babies are innocent and they try to touch everything.
  • Don’t leave your baby alone and keep your elder children away from the rocking chair. It is because some rocking chair cannot handle the weight of grown-up kids.
  • Always place the baby chair on a smooth surface and away from sharp edges and pets.
  • Always notice the weight and growth of your baby if he has gained weight which exceeds the weight limit of the chair, change it immediately.
  • Say goodbye to rockers when your baby starts climbing or rolling.
  • Some floors are more slippery such as wood floors or some tiles so if you have this kind of floor, make sure the rocking chair has a mat to provide resistance against slipping. If you cannot find such a rocker, you can also add a piece of mat under the rocker to ensure the safety of your sweetheart.
  • Always follow the guidelines provided with the rocking chair when you purchase it the first time. It can save your kids from various accidents.


We have listed the best baby rocking chairs that are available in India and recommended by many Indian mothers. We have provided you with detailed baby product descriptions. Our reviews will help you in buying the best baby rocking chair. We support parents in buying the best baby products; our buying guide will definitely help you in making the right decision.  You can choose any of the above-mentioned baby rocking chairs with confidence.