Best Baby Sippy Cups in India

Babies go through a transition period of shifting from breastfeeding to straw cups. The best Sippy cup makes this change easy and comfortable for your child. Babies feel super excited for sipping anything independently from cups, and all this process can be hassle-free if you pick the right cup for your baby. Best quality Sippy cups help and support a mother for the training of baby for his little feeds. There is a variety of Sippy cups available in the market with different designs and accessories.

For your baby, you can choose the best sip cup according to the age. A Sippy cup is a vital part of the babies feeding training period. Always choose the best product for your child. Parents start looking for a Sippy cup when the baby is about to step out of the bottle feed. Its proper use can save your carpets, sofas, and beds from spoiling. Sippy cup is essential to maintain the baby`s hygiene.

Top 10 Best Baby Sippy Cups

1. Pigeon Magmag Training Straw Cup

Baby feels immense pleasure in drinking with a Sippy cup by his efforts. The Pigeon Magmag Training cup is leak-proof and easy to use. It is available with interchangeable lids, which makes sipping amazing for the baby. It has a super soft silicone straw that makes sipping easy for babies. This straw can bend easily, so it’s easy for baby to sip. Its wide handles make it comfortable for the baby to grip it properly with his little fingers. The straw top hole comes with a cross to make it spill-free. Pigeon Training cups are heat resistant.

The cup is made of heat resistant material to its quite easy to sterilize it while boiling on high temperatures. The comfort of the baby should be kept in mind while choosing anything for him. The lid of Pigeon Magmag cup is leak-proof, so babies moving or throwing it will not spoil the surroundings. It is so important to understand the requirements of your baby’s feeding process.  A properly feed baby can feel satisfied, and it will give him a happy feeling.

2. Luvlap Hippo Sippy Cup

Sippy cup help your child to take liquids independently instead of using feeding bottles. Luvlap Hippo Sipper is an excellent product to train your baby for sipping. They have a soft silicone spout, which is very gentle to the baby’s teeth; it is helpful for the oral health of the baby.  It has touched to flow valves. They can open instantly with the small pressure inserted on them; this feature of Luvlap Hippo Sipper makes it very simple and easy to use for drinking purposes.  It is interesting to know that valves close instantly as the pressure released from it; this is to avoid leakage from the cup.

Luvlap Sippers are available with a detachable handle; these handles are effortless to grip. Luvlap Sippers are made of high-quality food-grade plastic that is non-toxic and totally BPA free.  This Sipper is easy to wash using a dishwasher, and as it is heat resistant, so you can sterilize it by boiling. Its soft spout provides a pleasurable experience to the senses of the baby.  All the above traits ensure that this product is a healthy and safe choice for your cute little one.

3. NAUGHTY KIDZ Premium Sipper

NAUGHTY KIDZ premium sipper justifies International standards of safety and hygiene as it is with EN 14350.  This product is suitable for infants; you can use it after the age of one month. The NAUGHTY KIDZ Sipper is safe to use as it is made of non-toxic materials.  It can be the best voice for your baby as totally BPA free and not using polypropylene plastic.  The spout is made of durable silicone, which is bite resistant. This feature made this product distinguished from other sippers available in the market. It has handles on both sides, which prevents spelling and creating a mess in the surroundings. It is a small size cup with low capacity so suitable for younger babies.

Your baby feels easy to use it through both side handles. It’s simple to open the lid by twisting it. All parts are easily washable, and it is not completely heat resistant, so wash it with warm water. NAUGHTY KIDZ Sipper is a handy choice for the transition of baby from breastfeeding to the cup. These cute little sippers are available in two exciting colours. Pick one for your lovely baby and enjoy his growing period without spreading the mess around.

4. THE LITTLE LOOKERS® Premium Quality Cups

The LITTLE LOOKERS premium quality cups are available in BPA free transparent hard plastic material. LITTLE LOOKERS has a capacity of 200 ml liquid in it.  It is most suitable for the kids about two years of age, who can handle the cup independently. It has nicely shaped handles which make it easy to hold with full grip. LOOKERS are spill ad leak proof so suitable to use during fun time activities of kids.

They have a beautiful Yellow colour with an exciting cartoon character picture. Its premium quality and adorable look make it a superb choice for your jolly jumpy kid. The material used in processing is according to health standards. You can consider LITTLE LOOKERS as a fantastic pick for your kid’s mealtimes. It is made of transparent materials reflecting the colour of the liquid that makes it attractive for the eyes of your baby.  It has a fantastic texture and chic look that is appealing to young kids. Cute little looker is available in a premium quality material which is a safe and healthy choice for the baby.

5. Arkmiido Baby Feeding Cup

Arkamido cups are made of very durable material and free of BPA. It is non-toxic and safe to use for toddlers.  The FDA certification about phthalates free material makes it environment-friendly. The triton material gives it high-level transparency. It has detachable handles available on both sides. The easy to use straw makes it comfortable for your baby. A straw cleaning brush is a helping tool for cleaning purposes. The soft spout made of high-grade quality is heat resistant. This silicone material is bite resistant, flexible, and provides good gum exercise for your baby.

It has not extra valves with edges and corners so very safe that there will not be any chance of hurting. It is highly suggested if you have a naughty active child who use to throw and bump things. They look charming and precious, and the gravity ball design can fit into the different styles with the movement of kid.

6. Chicco Transition Cup

Chicco Transition cup is suitable to use for babies above 4months of age, but it is highly recommended for the kids of 2years and above. It is available in a vibrant blue colour, which makes it an excellent choice. It activates the flow of sip smoothly, which can save the baby from spilling liquid and have a fulfilling drinking experience.  It has a protective cap, which is a vital part of maintaining hygiene. Chicco Transition cups are spill and leak-proof; it makes the sipping process interesting for the baby.  These are hygienic and made of BPA free material, so safe and comfortable for the baby.

It is interesting to know that Chicco transition cups are beneficial for travel and short term trips. You can feel relax outside with this sipper cup as there will be no chance of leakage.  It has a very soft and smooth silicon opening with a nicely done hole, no more hassle of dripping the liquids.  You can just wash it with simple dishwashers and sterilized according to your needs. Chicco’s little cute cups can make a baby boy feel happy and energized by filling his tummy well.

7. Philips Avent Classic Soft Spout Cup for kids

Philip Avent Classic soft cup is compatible with natural sipping bottles. It has a soft silicone made spout, so a little pressure can ease the flow of liquid and make it easy to sip. It is recommended to use a dishwasher for cleaning the parts of cups. It will not be a tough job as it has some simple parts. The soft sipping spout can be used as a teether for sucking and chewing for growing gum practices. It is vital to remember that the Philip Avent Classic cup is not heat resistant, not to use boiling water for cleaning.

Warm water is the best option to clean impurities from the cup. The Spout cup has a capacity of 200ml liquid, which is quite suitable for different age groups. The mother can select the cup by keeping in mind about the development phase of the kid. The bright purple colour makes it attractive both for baby girls and boys.

8. Beebaby Twin Handle Hard Spout Sipper

Beebaby Twin handles hard spout cup is the best choice if you prefer hard material spout for your kid. Sometimes babies can’t control the flow of liquid when sipping with soft spouts, so Beebaby cup gives you the option of the hard spout. It will avoid possible leakage and spilling issues. It is highly recommended as made according to international high-quality hygienic standards. Make it easy for the baby to take feed independently.

The vibrant colour combination can grasp the attention of the baby by making sipping a real fun time. Its two-sided handle supports your baby to have a secure grip on the cup. It is suitable for different age groups. It has a defined smart body that looks stylish and appealing for babies. Beebaby cups are BPA free and thoroughly heat resistant, so don’t hesitate to pick one if you want a fully heat resistant cup.  Beebaby cups will grab the attention of your little one with its bright colours.

9. Kidzvilla® Infant PP Training Gravity Sipper Cup

Kidzvilla Instant PP cups are available with two handles that provide a firm grip on the cup.  It is approved according to the health standards so that you can make these dispatches with a relaxed mind.  It is effortless to carry for outside trips; without any doubt of and leakage, you can keep it in your luggage.  At the start, it might be hard for you to train your baby for handling the cup, but with the practice of some time, it will be quiet easier.  These cups are easy to use. To switch from bottle feed to cup, you need to make some extra efforts.

Kidzvilla Instant cups can help a mother to cross the gap between sipping and drinking directly from the cup. It can contain 200ml liquid inside it, a sufficient amount for one-time feed. We recommend this product for cute young babies who are passing through the infancy period of learning new skills.  You need to put some efforts to shift your baby from bottle feed to cup- feed once it has done, it can become the most pleasurable experience for the baby.  The baby will finally be able to take feed without anyone else help.

10. AVNS INDIA Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Stainless Steel sippy cups are a very healthy choice for your kid around 1-4 years of age. It can be put into boiling water for the sterilization process, while a plastic bottle is not 100% resistant to hot water. These Sippers come with a cleaning brush that makes it so easy to clean the narrow hole of straw. They look heavy, but they are light-weighted, the gross weight is just 75 grams. Stainless steel posses some natural anti-bacterial qualities; on the other hand, plastic bottles require a lot of care and cleaning.

It has three detachable straws. These high-quality food-grade straws can provide your toddler with gum chewing exercise. Stainless Steel is impressive to use for babies as it will not produce any kind of annoying odor even after many time uses. You can keep it stain-free with just little effort towards cleaning it.  It provides a pleasurable experience for your baby without any doubt of breakage and damage. It has impressive, durable quality with multiple features. For a fussy and hyperactive child, if you have some doubts about using plastic bottles, steel cups are the better option available.

Buyers Guide


It is vital to know the importance of hygiene on the excellent health of your baby.  The products in your baby are eating, and feeding must be off good quality.  Cups made up of plastic should be BPA free.  A product with a BPA can be harmful to the oral health system of your baby.  Make sure the product made of medically approved material as the cup has to be in contact with the mouth of the baby. So the straw and the hole should be baby-friendly.  A sweet and supple feed can make your baby feel comfortable and happy.


Look for a good quality durable cup for your baby. Choose the product according to the age of your baby.  If you are going to select a cup for a baby who recently started eating and drinking, it’s best to go for a plastic Sippy cup. Edges shouldn’t b sharp so that it can hurt your baby’s mouth. You shouldn’t compromise on the quality in this regard; select the high food-grade quality plastic for the safety of your baby.


Choose the cup with enough capacity according to the age of your baby. If your baby is a few months older and recently switched from breastfeeding, the small size would work better for him. A cup with little capacity would be the best choice for his holding practice. Try to select a durable, leak-proof cup with enough capacity. Mostly the quantity is mentioned in ml/ounces units on the cup, and it may be helpful for you to decide the best one for your baby.

Easy to use

Switching from breastfeeding to cup is a significant change for the baby.  It’s the stages your baby starts learning to hold new things, give him something easy and exciting. A Sippy cup with beautiful handles can help you to train him for keeping things.  Look for the cups with handles and smooth, so the baby game grips them quickly with his small fingers. The handle should be careful enough not to hurt the fragile skin of your baby while holding.  Holding the cup with his little hands and taking small sips is a fantastic experience for the senses of the baby.

Color and Texture

Select the cup with a smooth texture and colors can be of your choice.  Many attractive colors are available with catchy pictures and cartoon characters.   The option is all yours that you would like to pick for your cute little cupcake.  The Sippy cups are available in a variety of colors and shapes, and it makes it easy for you to select one of your choices.


It is important to check that the product you are going to purchase for your baby should be BPA free. The BPA is the element that can seep into the feed of your baby and cause some serious health concerns.  While choosing a Sippy cup for your baby, ensure it should be made of high-quality material. Generally, BPA is used to harden the plastic, not to take one made of this material. Always give your baby the best quality cups to keep him healthy and safe.


1. Why Sippy cups the best choice for your toddlers?

Sippy cups are best for your baby to learn taking feed with his efforts. Sippy cups are leaked and spill-proof and they have handles so the baby can grip them with little effort.  Choose the cup with simple parts and easy to use accessories.

2. How do I clean the Sippy cup of my baby?

Choose the cup that is heat resistant, to ensure the best conditions for the hygiene of your kid. You can boil them on high temperature for sterilization. Some cups are provided with special brushes to clean the small parts.  These cups are mostly made of plastic so look for one of good quality with easy to wash parts.

3. What type of material is suitable for plastic/steel?

If your baby is a few months old, choose a cup, one with made of high-quality plastic. For travel purposes, you can purchase one made of steel but need to handle it with care. Iron is good to maintain temperature and allow the child to use them in your observation.

4. When should I start using Sippy cups for my baby?

It’s all up to the growth development of your baby, after a few months of birth; commonly, babies are supposed to take water or other liquids. Typically 4, 5 months age group required to use a Sipping cup along with breastfeeds. You can start using the Sippy cup for your baby when you feel the need for it.

5. When do I need to replace the Sippy cup of my baby?

Look at the condition of the cup for this; it depends on the use as well. After 3months, approximately it’s time to change the cup for sure if you feel the cup is looking shabby and losing its texture, you can replace it instantly. The duration depends on you that as how you take care of the cup and maintain its hygienic properties.


You will find this article quite helpful for the selection of the best baby Sippy cup for your baby. We have selected high-quality products made with hygienic materials.  These all products are made of health-friendly materials; this will be more encouraging towards choosing the best one product for your kid.

Hopefully, this discussion will be supportive for you to make the best choice for your little one.  We have discussed some points that need to be noticed while selecting Sippy cups. You may have some questions in your mind; go to the FAQ section to find answers. For any queries and concerns feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you.