Best Baby Stroller for Twins

Are you a mother of twins? Congratulations! It is a dream-come-true for many to be blessed with twins, but it can be somewhat challenging to take care of both babies at the same time. Imagine having to deal with twice the trouble as you would with one child. One of the things you are definitely going to find challenging is getting the right stroller.

First, keep in mind that you will need a double stroller; that means comfort to both kids. In a market full of different brands, you can easily go wrong on this one. In this article, we are going to make your life simpler by choosing the best strollers for twins currently in the market. All you need to do is read through this excerpt and head to Amazon for your shopping.

Top 9 Best Baby Stroller for Twins

1. Graco Stroller Modes Duo

Explore the world with your little ones while enjoying the comfort of this product from a world-renowned manufacturer. You can never go wrong with Graco, and this double stroller is another proof of that. Let one of your kids sit behind the other and start the journey. As earlier recommended, make sure the heavier child takes the back seat.

One of the reasons why we like this stroller is because the seats can be turned into multiple directions. The bench seat gives the big kid an ample place to rest. Also, both seats can hold about 50 pounds each, which is ideal for older children. Are you wondering where you will store your luggage? Well, there is a storage basket large enough to hold your belongings.

2. R for Rabbit Ginny and Johnny

Baby strollers don’t get any better than this product by R for Rabbit. It is one of the few strollers that come at an affordable price but still provides you with all the features you need. This Ginny Johnny is known for its emphasis on safety for your kid. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for first-time mothers.

You can easily fold it for storage or portability reasons, and it will perfectly fit your vehicle’s trunk. The wheels are designed to give your child a comfortable ride along the sidewalks and tough roads. You can recline it to four positions depending on the age of your kid and their flexibility. Try it today, and enjoy the outcome!

3. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

Another baby stroller that might interest you is the Chicco Echo Twin, which comes in attractive red and black colors. If you are looking for the best side-by-side twin stroller, then this one’s for you. It combines maximum comfort for your twins and convenience for parents. Both seats are designed to hold the same weight; therefore, the kids can switch seats without any issues.

One of the reasons why we recommend this stroller is because of the ultra-lightweight frames. This design makes it easy to handle and move around along the streets, especially for mum with muscle complications. The backrest of each seat reclines independently to four positions, hence making it ideal for newborns. Make your parenthood a success with this fantastic product from Chicco!

4. Natraj Twins Pram

Do you like simplicity? We’ve got you! This red stroller by Natraj perfectly fits your needs if you are a mother of twins. It not only makes your kids comfortable but also ensures that your work is as simplified as possible. All you need to do is sit your babies in it, place your belongings in the basket, and you are good to go.

What makes this stroller stand out from the rest is the extendable leg rest. You little geniuses need to stretch their legs, especially if they will be seated for a long time. The twelve wheels (6 by 6) ensure total comfort for your babies, even on a rough road. It also comes with a front safety guard to keep your children in position – this feature can be removed for convenience.

5. Mee Mee Baby Pram

Established in 1994, Mee Mee (or Mee N Moms) is a well-known brand when it comes to childcare. The company is committed to making the life of a mom a lot easier, and this stroller is one evidence of its mission. This double stroller is available for you at a very affordable price, but that doesn’t mean that it has limited features.

First, it can be adjusted to three different seating positions – sleeping, seating, or reclining. If you are planning to carry with you a few clothes, then there is a spacious basket underneath the seats. The front wheels can take a 360-degree rotation, which gives you a comfortable time riding it. The manufacturer, however, recommends that you use this stroller for children older than three months.

6. Joie Aire Stroller

Do you want a more advanced stroller for your two new members of the family? Look no further than this product from Joie. This multicolor stroller (pink and blue) features two comfortable seats. We guarantee you that the babies will surely enjoy their ride, whether while sleeping or wide awake. The aluminum chassis used in its design improves its durability even when used under severe conditions.

The stroller is suitable for newborn Indian babies since the backrest can fully recline, giving them enough room to sleep. Folding is made easier with the automatic fold lock, which ensures that the stroller does not take too much space in your trunk.

7. Soft Twin Stroller

Do you want a smooth parenthood life and happy babies? Try this Soft Twin stroller to help you move around with both kids. For babies of up to six months old, you can easily adjust the seat to a more suitable position. It also has a large canopy that covers both kids effectively, especially when the sun is hot.

The front wheels can turn in a 360-degree motion to enhance the stroller’s mobility. This product also comes with a shockproof mechanism to ensure that the babies remain comfortable even when riding them along the sidewalks. The storage compartment underneath the seats gives you the ability to carry around whatever stuff you like. Make your life simpler with this futuristic double stroller.

8. Dream on Me Twin Stroller

The Dream on Me Twin Stroller is one of the most sophisticated baby products in the market. It comes in a deep gray color that perfectly fits any clothing design you’d like your kids to put on. The stroller is also lightweight, which makes it ideal for anyone who isn’t comfortable with a heavyweight. That, however, does not mean it cannot accommodate heavy children as it can carry up to 50 lbs on each seat.

Are you looking for a stroller to carry your 6-month-old twins? The Dream on Me Twin Stroller is your best bet. The seats can fully recline, but they can only face forward – unlike the tandem brands. In other words, this stroller will exceed your expectations despite going at a very affordable price.

9. Aslavo Spain Double River Black Stroller

Finally, we have the Aslavo Spain Double stroller by Aslavo. It is another side-by-side stroller on the list with an adjustable footrest. Also, the backrest can be set into three different positions depending on the age and flexibility of your baby. Let your kids sleep or sit comfortably on this stroller designed with safety in mind.

The steel frame that holds all the parts together is quite durable even when the product is used under severe conditions. There is also a rain cover that will come in handy when the weather changes abruptly during your walk. There is a mesh basket below the seats to place your milk bottles and other stuff.

Baby Stroller for Twins Buying Guide

To make sure that you choose the right product always remember that no stroller is ideal for every parent or baby. Therefore, do not choose a product because you saw one of your friends pushing it around. The best stroller for you is the one that fits your needs and that of your child. Here are some of the features to consider.


Is your new double stroller convertible to different things? Some of these products are designed in such a way that you can take off the seats and turn them into beach carts. Of course, you will need one that can turn back to its original shape from time to time. Sometimes it is because of your child’s attitude at that particular time or their growth.

Also, such convertible strollers have seats that can be turned to whichever direction you want. You can let your child see your face or explore the world during walks. In fact, with a double stroller, you can turn the two seats to face opposite directions, depending on what the two kids enjoy.

Height and weight

In this particular point, you need to consider the weight and height of both the child and the stroller. Every stroller comes with its height and weight limitations past, which the baby will not be comfortable. Therefore, while choosing one, keep in mind how tall your baby is and if the product can handle their weight.

Another factor to do with weight is how much you, as a parent, are willing to lift or push. Some people have developed back problems and may not be able to deal with heavier strollers. Generally, these products are lightweight, but what makes them heavier is the amount of load you store in them and how you pack that luggage. Some strollers come with an under-cage while others allow you to place your stuff on the handling tray. Therefore, ensure that everything in this section checks out with your needs before purchasing.

Your location

It might not seem like an essential factor, but where you live certainly plays a role in choosing the best stroller. If you hail from or near a city, a sturdy and robust stroller is a must-have to help you move through sidewalks. If you are planning to go jogging with your baby, ensure that you buy a stroller with big tires. This way, your child will be comfortable even when you are moving on a rough road.

If you are located in areas where most walks are done on the grass or sand, you might want to go for durable rubber wheels. One that is collapsible is also ideal because you will need to fold it when boarding a bus. In a suburban area, you might need one that easily fits in the trunk of your vehicle.

Travel Systems

Is your car seat compatible with the new stroller? The best travel systems in the market come with a car seat for your infant. However, not all strollers are compatible with seats from various manufacturers. Therefore, make sure to confirm if the one you are buying is perfect for your vehicle. Secure compatibility will ensure your babies’ safety, and you won’t have to worry about a thing during your adventures.


Finally, do not forget to consider your budget before settling for a baby stroller. Of course, double strollers tend to be more expensive than traditional single ones. That, however, does not mean you should break the bank to achieve your goal. Some cheaper strollers in the market will do the job correctly. In other words, be wise in your selection!

Safety tips

Do not leave your child unattended

This is the first rule for any parents out there, especially the first-timers. Never leave your baby alone while seated in their stroller. The fact that they are twins may even make things worse because they can topple over while trying to play with each other. As such, you are expected to stay close to them every time you carry your kids in the stroller.

Keep the stroller out of the sun

During hot weather, there are high chances that you might end up forgetting the stroller in the sun. Well, that is not right for two reasons; one being the safety of your baby. Imagine leaving a metal or a tough plastic under the sun for hours then trying to sit on them. That is exactly how your baby will hurt when seated on such strollers.

Another reason why you should always keep it out of the sun is to improve durability. Since these strollers are designed to withstand such temperatures, over-exposure will gradually deteriorate the quality. After a few weeks, you might be forced to buy another stroller because some of the parts are no longer effective.

Always engage the brakes

All strollers come with some form of the braking mechanism. This feature comes in handy when both your hands are off the handles, and you are busy with something else. In such scenarios, it is easy to get distracted and forget about the baby for a second. That time is all it takes for any unprecedented accident to happen partly because the stroller was not effectively braked. Therefore, to avoid such incidents, ensure the brakes of the stroller are engaged.

Fasten the toys securely

Of course, your babies need some kind of entertainment even as you move them around in a stroller. Hanging the toys from the bumper bar of the stroller is a common practice by most parents. However, we sometimes forget that if these toys are not set securely, they might fall and injure the babies. It is, therefore, recommended that if you choose to do so, ensure that the toys are securely fastened.

Be careful when folding

Opening and folding strollers is fairly easy and straightforward, but a lack of concentration may lead to accidents. Your baby’s fingers, for instance, may get caught in the hinges, and that can be very painful. As such, always keep your kids away as you fold this product. Also, when opening it, ensure it is locked open before letting your child sit in it.


1. Which stroller is the safest for a newborn?

If you are planning to purchase a stroller for your newborn, then there are some factors to keep in mind. Ensure that the stroller reclines to make the baby comfortable since he or she can’t balance their head or sit up. Some strollers can fully recline while others do not offer enough back and head support for your child, which may lead to fatigue. Do not put your infant in a jogging stroller since most of them aren’t appropriate for babies aged less than six months.

2. What does a “tandem double stroller” mean?

Have you ever heard of a tandem bicycle? It is one where a person can ride in front of the other. Similarly, a tandem double stroller allows you to carry two children – one ahead of the other. Usually, it is recommended that you put the older (or larger in size) child in the back seat.

This arrangement will help balance the stroller while you are pushing since it is quite difficult to move it when the front side is heavier. If you have twins who tend to fight over such things, make sure they understand before they start assigning seats for themselves.

3. Should I purchase a side-by-side or tandem stroller for my twins?

Now that you know what a tandem stroller is, you might be wondering if it is the best option. Well, there is no better stroller than the other when it comes to a side-by-side versus tandem stroller. However, each of them is suited for certain purposes, and it will all depend on your preferences.

A side-by-side stroller is best for running and turns because of its wide design. Also, with this option, the kids can easily switch seats without having any impact on weight distribution. The main disadvantage of a side-by-side stroller is the fact that you cannot convert it into various positions.

However, if that is your wish, then a tandem stroller is your best bet. As such, you can run through crowds without worrying about your kids’ safety. To answer the question, you can get a side-by-side if you are planning to go jogging and a tandem if you will be walking through crowds.

4. Can I travel with a double stroller?

Double strollers are very convenient if you have twins or two kids. However, we cannot deny the fact that they usually take up a lot of space. As such, traveling with them can be somewhat tricky, especially if they cannot fold correctly.

There are options on the market that may make your experience a lot more pleasant. If you are planning to travel, purchase a more compact double stroller that will take less space. For a road trip, for instance, you can fit one of these double strollers in the trunk. That, however, will mean that you will have to reduce the luggage or supplies you’d wish to carry around.

5. How do I make sure that my toddlers are comfortable in a double stroller?

To ensure that your newborn enjoys the ride, you might need to twitch your double stroller slightly. Put some additional padding on the sit or buy a newborn insert, which works in the stroller for extra support. Also, ensure that you strap the baby in before you start moving. Some strollers may point out the age requirement of the baby; be sure to check that out too before making your final decision.


Having twins is one of the best things that could happen to a mother but it comes with its shortcomings. One of the drawbacks is that it is difficult to carry both kids when traveling. However, you can purchase a twin stroller to help you out. We have listed some of the best brands in this article and you can make your final decision by considering some factors. These include the age of the child, the weight of the stroller, and the storage compartment among others.

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