8 Best Baby Weighing Machines

Having a baby is both magical and stressful, magical because you get to see life grow in front of you and stressful because you want to protect it at all costs. It is a bundle of joy gifted to both new and experienced mothers. However, babies come with responsibilities, and you must be ready to take that step. One of the most difficult aspects of your little one is to keep them fit and healthy.

Among the most reliable ways to make sure the health of your baby is at the required level is keeping tabs on their weight. It is one of those things that do not need a clinician around as you can easily do it yourself. Just buy a good weighing machine, and you are good to go! But the challenge here is to find the right weighing scale for your baby.

Like weighing machines in other fields, baby scales also come in varieties. It is upon you to make a choice based on your requirements. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best baby weighing machines in the market. But first, let’s have a look at some of the factors you should consider.

8 Best Baby Weighing Machines

1. MCP Digital Baby Weighing Scale

MCP Digital Baby Weighing Machine is one of the best multifunctional scales currently in the market. It gives accurate weight measurements for your baby anytime and anywhere you want it. You don’t need any technical skills to use this scale since all you need to do is turn the switch on, gently place the baby on it, and you are good to go.

Among the features we loved about the MCP scale is that it has a large display. Also, the light flashes once the readings have been displayed on the screen. As such, you won’t struggle to find the measurement results as they are visible. Also, you can toggle between pounds and kilograms to fit your needs.

Another futuristic feature that you’ll enjoy on this scale is the tare function. The significance of this addition is to ensure accurate readings even if your baby is wrapped up in a blanket or has something in his hands. If you have pets in your home, you can use it to measure their weight but ensure you maintain high hygiene standards.


2. Rossmax WE300 Baby Weighing Machine

Portability is a factor when choosing a baby weighing scale, and this Rossmax product has it all. Carry around your weighing machine without a lot of hassle and use it anywhere that suits you. One of the best facts about it is that it is lightweight and can be easily packed with other stuff. Therefore, if you are planning to go on a vacation with your baby, then this scale best suits your needs.

Another reason why we featured this scale on the list is the complaints we’ve heard from many parents concerning accuracy. Some machines struggle to give the correct readings when the baby makes any movement on them. Luckily, Rossmax has a solution to that, and you’ll get accurate results regardless of the baby’s movements.

Like our first scale on the list, this one also comes with a tare function. As such, the accuracy level of this weighing is top-notch not to mention the extra features like a battery indicator. Whenever your battery runs low, or the maximum weight is exceeded, you’ll get notified. If you forgetful and you leave the machine on after use, it will automatically shut itself off to conserve energy.


3. Dr. Right Digital Baby Weighing Machine

Still not sure which weighing scale is ideal for your newborn? Why not try the Dr. Right Digital Baby Weighing Machine? It is another super cool scale that is precisely made for your new member of the family. Don’t worry about its operation as it is quite simple; turn on, place the child, and read!

This weighing machine is made of durable, high-quality plastic material and in your favorite white color. Dr. Right’s digital weighing scale is among the quickest on this list as you’ll get your results almost immediately. The display has a blue light to make it visible in case the measurements are done in a dark place.

What’s even more impressive about this scale is that it can weigh up to 100 kilograms. Yes, you can use it to weigh yourself even during pregnancy if you are curious about your development. The readings are either displayed in pounds or kilograms, depending on your needs. Enjoy this affordable weighing machine that comes with some of the most breathtaking features.

4. Putex Plastic Analogue Baby Weighing Scale

Are you looking for a sturdy and comfortable scale for your baby? Here is one that you can consider. It comes with a removable pan that can also slide off the primary system. This feature makes it very easy to clean the hidden areas. In case you are wondering what the construction material of this scale is, well, it is designed with a robust high-quality plastic.

Let your kid enjoy this ultramodern shape that has all the beauty that you and your baby can enjoy. It is also filled with powder-coated colors for even better appearance. It has a curved baby pan to ensure that your little one is held in place during the measurement process.

Despite being an analog weighing machine, it does its job to perfection. It has a maximum capacity of about 10 Kg, beyond which you won’t get any measurements. In addition, you can end up destroying the weighing system. Talking of its accuracy, it is ranked among the best, which makes it ideal for babies.

5. Techsun Mart Plastic Electronic Weighing Scale

Another weighing machine worth mentioning is this Techsun Mart electronic scale that is already a fan-favorite in the market. This white device is made of high-quality plastic that is durable enough even when used under severe conditions. Its appearance is also quite beautiful, and it will perfectly blend with your home decor.

Comfort is critical for your baby especially when trying to measure their weight on these tools. The Techsun weighing scale emphasizes on top-quality trays to ensure that your baby enjoys every bit of it. A relaxed baby gives the most accurate results during the process, and this machine has that covered.

Are you wondering about its maximum weight capacity? Well, it can accommodate up to 40 kilograms, which falls under the “average” category. As such, unlike some other scales, you cannot use it to take your weight measurements as the limit does not allow.

6. VMore Plastic Baby Weighing Machine

As the name suggests, Vmore is designed with a plastic yet lasting material. It is among the best currently in the market, and that is what puts it on our exclusive list. What’s impressive is that it is multifunctional and can be used to weigh almost anything whose weight falls within the limit. You can easily convert it from a baby scale to a parcel-weighing machine.

Another essential feature that gives this machine a chance on our list is the fact that it comes with a detachable display. Yes, that’s right! You can detach the display screen, especially if you are dealing with bulky items that may end up preventing you from taking the readings.

The scale is also fitted with a programmable feature that switches the machine on or off. It comes handy if you are quite forgetful and always leave your scale on. Finally, the maximum weight that can be measured is 40 kg, while the minimum is 10 grams.

7. Vepson Electronic Digital Baby Weighing Scale

Keep track of your baby’s growth and nutrition changes with the help of this weighing scale from Vepson. You’ll get the results of the measurements within a few seconds. As such, it will give you accurate readings even if the baby is stubborn and doesn’t want to stay still. The maximum weight that the scale can handle is about 40 kg.

Taking the readings doesn’t get any easier with the blue screen display. The LCD is designed in such a way that it remains visible regardless of the room lighting conditions. In fact, there is a blue backlight that comes in handy when using the machine is a dark room.

8. Beurer Baby Weighing Scale

Finally, on the list is the Beurer baby weighing scale, which comes with a wide range of extra features. For starters, it has a hold function that ensures you get accurate readings even when the baby doesn’t remain still. We cannot, also, fail to mention the large LCD that makes it a lot easier to see the displayed values.

It has a curved surface to enhance comfort for your baby. However, it has a very small range of measurement, which is between 5 grams and 20 kg. You can adjust between pounds, kilograms, and ounces. Don’t worry if you leave your machine running because it has an automatic feature that ensures the scale is switched off if it hasn’t been in use for a few minutes.


Buying Guide


This is one factor that becomes top consideration when purchasing a new baby weighing machine. Some scales do not come with a reliable infant tray, and that can be a problem. For one, you won’t get the most accurate results as the baby will not be seated correctly and comfortably. Accuracy aside, these trays are also crucial to the safety of your infant when measuring them. Ensure that your baby will not slide or fall off the scale during the process.


Whether this is your first baby or not, you’ll want a weighing machine that can be still be used for years to come. Rushing to the store for a new scale every now and then is something that you should try to avoid.

For starters, most brands currently in the market consider the durability of their products. As such, it is possible to find one that will serve for several years, even decades. However, the same market is filled with fake products, and you – as a consumer – are the target. So make sure that the brand you pick is genuine and has proof of durability.


If you want to get the best results from a weighing machine, then you need to consider its functionality. Capacity is one of the main factors that determine the operational side of this tool. Every scale has a maximum amount of weight they can measure at a time.

For instance, some can only deal with 10 Kg, while others may support up to 50 Kg. If you try to measure any extra weight on these scales, you won’t get the required readings or might even end up damaging the device. Therefore, as you look for an ideal weighing scale, consider the range of your baby’s weight.


Of course, you don’t want to have a wrong impression of your baby’s development. Therefore, it is essential to find a weighing machine that gives you the exact values without considerable errors in the readings. One way to make sure the accuracy is maintained is by ensuring that the weight of your baby falls within the range allowed by the manufacturer.

However, that is not the only thing to consider as some scales are poorly designed. So make sure you consider the brand and do your research before investing in any product. Luckily, we have done our research and compiled a list of the best weighing machines currently in the market. Read on to find out more!


Does the display have enough lighting, and is it clear enough? This is one of the questions you should ask yourself before investing in a digital weighing machine. Some of these products come with small display screens, and that might be an issue for some people. There is no right or bad display lighting; you just have to find one with which you are comfortable. But also ensure the digits are perfectly drawn on the screen.

Safety Tips

Scales must be placed on a non-slip floor

We understand you might be in a rush to know the weight of your baby, but don’t let that be a cause for injuries. Floors can be quite slippery, and with a playful baby on the scale, it can mean accidents. Therefore, to avoid this scenario, make sure you place the scale on a non-slip floor. Also, ensure the scale comes with friction rubber stands to resist any movement on the floor.

Cover the scale with table paper

Before weighing, ensure that the scale is covered with a piece of paper – preferably a table paper. The main reason for this is to prevent any spread of infections considering your baby’s immunity is still quite fragile. It is part of maintaining hygiene around your little angel.

The baby must be in a dry diaper

Before starting the measuring process, undress the baby and leave them in a dry diaper only. One reason for this is to make sure the readings are as accurate as possible. A dry diaper also gives the baby a comfortable environment, and they will enjoy the moment. Also, you will be preventing the little king further from infections while not affecting the results.

Do not leave the baby on the weighing machine

Sometimes you may get distracted by other activities around your home. If that happens, do not leave your child on the weighing machine, especially the flat scales. Your curious young one may decide to move around on the scale, and that may lead to injuries. Therefore, if you are forced to attend to other tasks, consider the safety of your child first.


1. Can I use a regular weighing scale in place of baby weighing machines?

A simple answer to this question is “yes.” However, it is recommended that you use a baby-specific scale rather than the standard bathroom weighing scale for better results. The accuracy level of the normal scales may be quite flawed, given the fact that they are not designed to weigh smaller values. A baby weighing scale, on the other hand, is designed for this purpose will give accurate readings.

2. How many kilograms does an average baby weight, and what should be kept in mind while selecting a scale?

The main reason why parents buy a weighing machine is to make sure that their babies are within the “safe” range. Well, there’s a wide range of weight within which a healthy baby can measure. A newborn can weigh anywhere between 2.6 kg and 4.5 kg

However, remember that there is no standard or a slightly “perfect” weight as it depends on very many things. One of them, of course, is your diet and health during pregnancy. Genetics also play a role in determining how much your baby can weigh.

3. Can a weight scale help me monitor my baby’s diet?

Yes, you can do a lot with the readings you get from the weighing scale. One of those things is to monitor your baby’s diet. Immediately after birth, the infant might lose some weight (usually about 10%), which is totally normal at this point.

When you commence the breastfeeding phase, they will start weighing more, and you can continuously monitor this with your weighing scale. In case some readings do not add up, you can console your physician for further tests. These readings can also help you keep track of your baby’s health as weight is usually one of the indicators.

4. How frequently should I take the weight measurements?

You already have a weighing scale in your possession, so you can weigh your baby every day, right? No, that’s not recommended. In fact, there is no significant change in weight after 24 hours. The frequency of taking those measurements is dependent on the age of your baby.

You should start taking the readings two weeks after birth. The first phase is the initial six months, during which you can weigh your baby once a month. Between six months and one year, the readings can be recorded once every two months. A baby aged more than a year should be weighed only once every three months. These are the recommended timelines, but they can be changed in case of factors like health complications.

5. Does an average weight of a baby boy vary from that of a girl?

One thing that you might not be aware of as a first-time mom is that the weight of a boy and a girl may vary. Usually, male babies way a few ounces more than their female counterparts. On average, the difference can be around four or five ounces. As you can see, the weight difference is not too significant.

It is, however, a complicated subject since the weight of a baby is also dependent on the week of birth. If born between the 37th and 40th weeks, an infant will typically weigh anywhere between 5.8 and 8.13 pounds. Therefore, even if they are born on the same day, the weight difference is not necessarily down to gender.


A baby weighing machine plays a vital role in the life of a newborn. Apart from understanding the growth of your baby, you will also be able to monitor their diet. A baby’s weight – though not always – is an indicator of an infant’s health status. However, we recommend that you regularly consult your clinician to have a better knowledge of your baby’s health and growth. In other words, do not substitute the services of a doctor for a weighing scale.