Best Baby Wipes

Babies have fragile and tender skin, and so parents are always looking for secure and safe baby products. Baby products that are free from harmful ingredients and do not damage the sensitive skin are considered the best baby products. Baby wipes are one of the frequently used products by babies. Baby wipes not only clean the skin but also eliminate excess moisture from the skin.

As the baby wipes are used frequently so they must be made up of natural ingredients. No doubt, that the market is flooded with babiy wipe brands, but here we have listed some best quality wipes that provide your baby with great care. Let’s discuss the best baby wipes that are available in India:

Best Baby Wipes

1. Supples Baby Wet Wipes

Supple’s baby wipes contain natural ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe Vera. These natural ingredients provide your baby with great protection against irritation and other skin condition. Aloe Vera keeps skin moist and hydrated and in winters it protects your baby’s skin from drying. They are 100% free from harmful ingredients such as paraben and alcohol and keep your baby away from rashes and allergies.

Pure water formula is used in its preparation, which helps to keep your baby’s skin clean. The thick and soft texture of these wipes is ideal for the sensitive skin of your little angel. It’s thick texture acts as a deep cleanser and removes all the dust and excessive oil from the skin. The product is suitable for all body parts of your baby, including diaper area and face. The amazing baby wipes are ideal for baby’s mealtime and traveling. If you are looking for the best baby wipes prepared with natural ingredients, this product is for you.

Note: It is recommended to use the product softly rather than rubbing on the skin.

2. Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes

These baby wipes are very popular in India and other Asian countries. These baby wipes are rich in vitamin E and Aloe vera. Vitamin E keeps the skin healthy, and Aloe Vera is a perfect cleanser and moisturizer. The anti-bacterial nature of Aloe Vera keeps your baby’s skin away from bacteria and prevents his skin from drying.   Little’s baby wipes gently remove dust from the skin. These wipes are equally suitable for the baby’s face, hand, foot, and diaper area. You can keep the baby wipes in your traveling bag to make the traveling easier for you and your baby.

The natural fragrance of aloe Vera keeps your baby fresh without causing skin conditions, and irritation. These baby wipes are perfect for the sensitive skin of your baby. The soft texture prevents your baby’s skin from getting rashes. It is recommended to keep the baby wipes away from your little kid as the kids always try to bite everything.

3. GLIDER Baby Wet Wipes with Lid

The glider is a well-known company that takes care of babies and provides the best products to keep them protected from bacteria. Their baby products are available in India, and they have many satisfied customers. These baby wipes are one of the best baby products from the company.

It is prepared with a non-irritation formula to keep babies healthy and clean. These baby wipes come with a Flip cover to maintain the moist and freshness. You can pick one wipe and pack it again to store it for many days. Aloe Vera extract is the main ingredient of the grilled baby wet wipes. The ingredient gives a soothing effect and keeps your baby’s skin clean. It also contains some antibacterial properties to keep the skin safe from bacteria. It is made up of non-woven and sun lace material, which gives a soothing effect to delegate the skin of babies. No artificial ingredients and preservatives are used in its preparation.

The dimension of the baby wipes is 15 x 20 cum, which is the standard size of wipes. The amazing baby product prevents your baby’s skin form rashes. These wipes are pocket-friendly and can make your traveling experience great.

4. Mother Sparsh Pure Water and Plant-based baby wipes

All parents try to keep their babies as comfortable and protected as possible, and these baby wipes are prepared by keeping in mind the intentions of parents. This premium baby product is made up of pure water and plant-based soft cloths to provide your little angel with magical results. The fabric of these baby wipes is derived from sugarcane and bamboo pulp to provide deep cleansing and keep your baby away from germs. The soft texture gently cleans the skin and protects it from getting rashes. These baby wipes are free from chemicals and fragrance, which makes them suitable for the sensitive skin of babies. These wipes are completely free from parabens, polyester, petrochemicals, and dyes to keep your baby protected from skin conditions and rashes. You can use these baby wipes to clean the hands, mouth, and diaper area of your little kid.

5. Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes

The wipes have soft texture and grip, which allows you to clean your baby’s skin gently. These pamper’s wipes come with a pleasant and refreshing smell, which is not harmful to the delicate skin of babies. The baby wipes help to maintain the natural PH of your baby’s skin. No harmful ingredients are used in its preparation.

You can use these wipes to clean the diaper area and protect it from germs. These wipes come with a protective cover that maintains the moisture; you can even use it for many days after opening the cover for the first time.

6. Mee Mee Baby Gentle Wet Wipes

The Mee Mee gentle wet wipes are prepared by considering the delicate skin of your little angel. The baby wipes are rich in aloe Vera extracts to provide a soothing and cooling effect. Aloe Vera contains Vitamins, enzymes, and anti-oxidants. Aloe Vera also has anti-inflammatory properties that cure skin rashes. The amazing product is completely free from chemicals and suitable for the sensitive skin of babies.

The wipes are made up of soft, non-woven, and spun lace, which creates a soothing effect. These wipes are suitable for babies having weight 12 to 17 kg. The wipes preserve the natural moist of the skin. It can be used on the entire body of your baby. These wipes come with a cover that preserves it’s moist and makes it suitable for long term use. The compact packing makes it ideal for carrying it in your handbag while traveling.

7. Johnson’s Baby Wipes

Johnson’s is a 120 years old company and always care about the soft skin of babies. They prepare innovative baby products to keep them healthy and protected from germs. They apply the triple baby protection formula to maintain the standards. There are representing their name in more than 173 countries.

Johnson’s baby wipes are one of their best baby products. The baby wipes are prepared with soft fabric. The magical wet wipes provide deep cleansing and maintain the natural softness of babies. The natural ingredients are used in it, which not only keep your baby away from germs but also protect his/ her skin against rashes. The baby wipes contain moisturizing lotion to keep the skin fresh. The product has no side effects, and dermatologist approves it. The Johnson’s baby wipes are passed through 5 level safety assurance processes.

8. LuvLap Baby Moisturising Wipes with Aloe Vera

Babies have delicate and soft skin, which can be damaged easily. So the baby products should contain natural ingredients, and these baby wipes are rich in aloe Vera which keeps the sensitive skin of babies smooth and hydrated. The second ingredient which is worth mentioning is Chamomile, which has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes the skin of babies. Moreover, the product is rich in vitamin E, which keeps the skin healthy.

The most important thing which is worth mentioning is Ph balance, which protects the skin from exposure to alkaline or acidic ph. The neutral Ph makes it perfect for newborn babies. No harmful ingredients such as alcohol and parabens are used in its preparation, so you do not need to worry about the rashes and other skin conditions. It is dermatologically tested and safe for the sensitive skin of babies.

These LuvLap moisturizing baby wipes have a mild natural fragrance that keeps your baby fresh. The wipes come in a cover which preserves its natural moist. These wipes are easy to carry while going out.

9. Huggies Cucumber and Aloe Vera Baby Wipes

The baby wipes prepared with Tripple clean technology to maximize the protection against germs. The baby wipes are thick, soft, and have the more absorbing ability. The wipes protect the skin against rashes and other skin conditions. The Huggies wipe contains natural fiber instead of woven fabric. The ingredients of the Huggies Cucumber and Aloe Vera Baby wipes are worth mentioning. Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial properties and reduces the chances of getting rashes. Aloe Vera also gives a soothing effect to the delicate skin of babies.

The next ingredient is cucumber, which keeps the skin hydrated and moist. The wipes are completely free from parabens, soap, and other chemicals. The wipes are clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists. Wipes give a refreshing mild smell which keeps your baby happy. They can be used on the face, hands, diaper area and other body parts of babies. If you prefer baby products with natural ingredients, these wipes would be ideal for you.

10. Bey bee Hypoallergenic Baby Water Wipes

Bay bee is a well-known brand. BeyBee’s are always concerned with the safety and protection of little angels. These wipes contain aloe Vera gel which provides deep cleansing without hurting the delicate skin of babies. These clean, gentle and soft wipes are very effective to keep the germs away from babies. The wipes are made up of non-woven and soft fabric which absorbs all the dust and excessive oils from the skin.

The wipes are completely free from alcohol and other chemicals. These baby wipes are ideal for face, hands and other body parts of babies. The baby wipes contain pure water which maintains the natural moist of skin. They come in a cover with a lid which keeps them protected from getting dry. The baby wipes are easy to carry; you can place them in the pocket of your bag while traveling. It is recommended not to use these wipes around the eyes and lips. It is better to store in a cool place to keep them fresh and moist.

Don’t flush the wipes, dispose of them in the dustbin. Dermatologically tested is the important point that gives you the confidence to use them on your baby’s skin. The baby wipes are Australian certified and recommended by many dermatologists. The wipes are suitable for kids of all ages. We strongly recommend these amazing wipes for your little one.

How to choose the Best Baby wipes?


Choosing the best quality wipe for your toddler is highly recommended as it is about the hygienic quality of the material. Make sure the wipes you are selecting for your baby is made of medically approved material. You shouldn’t compromise on the quality of ingredients as you know that kids are super sensitive towards the hygiene products. The wipes come into contact with your baby`s eyes and nose so it shouldn’t have harmful ingredients.


Look for a wipe of standard size as it is just for one-time use and the smaller size is convenient for this purpose. The small size of the wipe makes it easy to use for cleaning the baby. So at a time if you need many wipes, the standard size is a good choice. Baby will not feel easy with a very large size wipe so a small can work better for baby’s tiny body parts.


A light fragrant wipe gives a soothing effect to the baby after cleaning. After feeding or eating it`s vital to make the baby feel comfortable by cleaning the face. Choose a non-fragrant or a slightly perfumed wipe so the feeling of comfort can be long-lasting with your baby. Sharp fragrant wipes are not a hygienically good choice. A sharp fragrance can create a respiratory problem for your baby so be mindful while making a choice.


It’s important to choose durable wipes to make your baby feel comfortable. If you are using a wipe and it gets very sticky or torn easily it can be a problem for your little one. The best quality wipe is a bit flexible in material and durable for a different kind of cleaning. A flexible wipe with soft material works well for your cute little one.

Cover and Lid

Always look for baby wipes that come with cover and lid as the cover enables the wipes to maintain their moisture.

Sustainable Products

It is recommended to consider plant-based products as sustainability should be the first preference of all. Always look for brands that provide easy to dispose of baby wipes; this is how you can take part in making your environment clean from pollution.

Texture and Softness

Look for a wipe that can be super soft with your baby`s sensitive skin. The newborn babies need a touch of tenderness while cleaning. So always choose a wipe with a very soft texture so your baby can enjoy being comfy and relax. Try to purchase wipes with a soft texture, avoid rough and dry materials. Take a trail on your skin before using it directly on your baby.


A well-moisturized wipe is very skin-friendly. While purchasing one for your baby doesn’t forget to check the moisture on the wipe. Sometimes wipes look too good but after a few seconds, they lose the moisture and get dried quickly. Take one of the best-moisturized wipes to give you a baby warm touch of love. Long-lasting moisture makes a wipe best choice for babies.


Before buying a pack of baby wipes read the label carefully and make sure natural ingredients are used in it. Don’t take it lightly as the wipes may be used on the sensitive parts of the body, so choose wisely for your cute little cupcake. See the pack for all the information about the materials of the wipe. If your baby is feeling comfortable while using, it’s the best choice for him.


Shopping wisely is a great lifestyle but it is recommended not to compromise on the quality of baby products as babies have sensitive skin. We have listed the best products that are perfect for buyers having a low budget.


1. Do the baby wipes have an expiry date? 

Baby wipes in an unopened cover are safe for 2 years however the opened wipes should not be used after 2 months. Opened wipes can lose their natural moist which can irritate your baby’s skin.

2. Baby wipes are made up of what material?

Most of the baby wipes are made up of polyester, cotton, silk, non-woven and plant-based products. These materials are soft and do not damage the sensitive skin of babies.

3. Why should I prefer baby wipes? 

Keeping your baby clean is the first step to let him/her enjoy good health. Healthy skin of babies has natural PH balance but the PH increases with dirt especially on the diaper area. So the babies have more chances to go through the skin conditions and rashes. Baby wipes clean the skin gently and reduce the chances of infections.

4. Can I reuse the baby wipes? 

No, baby wipes cannot be reused. It is recommended to use a baby wipe for one time only and then dispose it properly in a dustbin instead of flushing it.

5. Do the baby wipes irritate the sensitive skin of babies? 

No, they do not irritate sensitive skin. Baby wipes are designed to clean the skin. All of the above-mentioned baby wipes have a soft texture and they prepared with natural ingredients such as cucumber, vitamin E and aloe Vera to keep the skin hydrated and protected from germs. They maintain the natural Ph of the skin.


We hope this article will be very helpful for you as we have discussed the best baby wipes. All the listed baby wipes are designed by popular baby product brands and they have good features. We have discussed only the products which are made up of natural ingredients and protect the sensitive skin of babies.

Moreover, we have also discussed some important points that should not be ignored while buying wipes for your little angel. If you have some questions, you can read our frequently asked questions section still if you want to ask something you can contact us. We will be very happy to assist you.