Best Backpacks for High School and College students

School is one of the most important institutions in anyone’s life. And school bags are an essential part of a student’s everyday life as they help carry their different school materials with ease. They also help students organize their things neatly and orderly, creating an important value in them.

10 Best Backpacks for High School and College

1. Fur Jaden

Made by fashion giants Fur Jaden, this is a great bag for either school, college or office use. It’s trendy design will speak of your style while it’s also a multipurpose bag made to meet a range of needs. It is very comfortable and balanced as it is lightweight, compact and equally distributes the weight across your shoulders and back. The well-padded straps will make carrying more comfortable and pain-free for your shoulders.

Despite it’s lightweight, this bag is spacious. It comes with two compartments, one to carry a laptop just over 15 inches in length and the other for carrying other accessories and essentials like phones, notes, chargers and so on. This feature makes it a great pick if you love to be organized.

One interesting feature of this bag is a charging dock that lets you charge your phone easily and safely without removing it from your bag. Its polyester fabric ensures it will serve you for a long time as it won’t wear or tear. It is also water-resistant.


2. Genie

This is the ideal multipurpose bag for students. Whether it’s a normal school or college day, excursion or picnic, you’ll find this bag useful. It’s laptop space also means it can be used for office work.

Space can never be a problem, the main compartment has a lot of space for carrying various school supplies like textbooks, notes, project works, and even lunch. This bag won’t only help you carry stuff, but its color will cheer up anyone one’s mood making it perfect fro college use. It is also waterproof and environmentally friendly.


This is a beautiful and stylish bag made for the classy women and girls. It’s  colour, drawstring and chain design makes it catchy and pleasing to the eye. Aside its good looks, this bag is also versatile, durable and secure.

This girl’s bag is quite bigger than your average bag. It has enough space to carry your laptop, school materials, makeup, phones, chargers and all the stuff you like to carry around. It’s two compartments includes a small zippered compartment at the front and a larger main compartment which contains a laptop sleeve.

A product which is very attractive, your search ends here if you’re a guy looking for a gift for that special someone.



This is an ideal bag for for your kids. It was designed to meet the everyday needs of school goers. It allows kids to carry all sorts of items from their school materials to their toys in a comfortable and organized way.

It’s 3 compartments offer a lot of space. The main pocket allows them to arrange their school books neatly without any folding at the edges. The middle compartment can be used to keep gloves, math sets, art materials, and hats. The smallest one is useful for smaller items like pencils, snacks, toys, etc. Also, their are two side pockets for carrying bottles.

It is made of high-quality polyester material that makes it easy to wash, saving you a lot of stress. The playful nature of kids was also considered in its design as it won’t get damaged easily.


5. Wildcraft

This bag was made by one of the leading luggage companies to make your travels more stylish, comfortable and fun. This bag has passed a number of global quality tests to prove it’s quality.

Its many functional compartments make it a good bag for students who require a lot of space to carry their school materials. The two larger compartments will provide enough space for students whether they’re heading to the classroom, camping or an excursion. The front compartment offers more value than the normal school bags as it contains an internal organizer where mobile phones, chargers, books, stationeries, keys and so on can be organized with neatness and safety. There are mesh pockets on both sides for carrying water bottles or even folded cardboards.

It is lightweight. Its back is mesh padded while it also has adjustable shoulder straps to bring comfort and support. It is water-resistant and durable.

6. Skybags

Here is a pocket-friendly yet high-quality bag. It offers great value. It is lightweight and has an ergonomically contoured shaped to bring the carrier as much comfort as possible. It also has padded back straps that come with antisweat fabric.

There are three main compartments in this bag. While the first compartment is small-sized and is meant for the smaller items, the other compartment is very large and is suitable for carrying books and other items that require more space. The main compartment contains a laptop sleeve and a stationary organizer.

The zippers ensure fast and secure fastening. It is made with polyester which is a very durable material. It is wear and tear-resistant, water-resistant. The bar-tacked load points make it more durable.



A bag made of quality nylon material, its design is simple and lovely. It has a smooth and cool look. The design of its zippers gives it more stylishness.

On the inside, it has 2 compartments for organization. The first compartment has little space as it is meant to carry the smaller items like stationery materials while the second compartment has a lot more space to carry the bigger school supplies such as textbooks, notebooks and so on. There is a pocket on both sides for holding bottles.

It is compact and quite durable.


8. American Tourister

A product of one of the best selling luggage brands, you’ll surely get great value from this bag. It is made of double dot polyester material. It is lightweight and compact, making a very comfortable bag for school students. It’s shoulder straps and back are mesh padded to give more support.

There’s enough space on the inside to organize things neatly and orderly to prevent mix-ups and damages. It has 3 spacious compartments with the first one containing an internal organize where you can keep all sorts of accessories. It also has a small zippered pocket in front for carrying smaller items like stationeries while there’s a traditional pocket on both sides for bottles.



Whatever color of this bag you decide on, you’re going to get pure elegance. Its polyurethane fabric gives it a unique and classy look. Its design combines both durability, comfortability and functionality. It is easy to carry around as it has adjustable shoulder straps and also a firm, comfortable top loop.

It boasts very stylish compartments which includes a large main zippered compartment, an inner pocket and a front pocket. So, you can carry your phones, chargers, cosmetics, novels and other stuff in an orderly and secured manner.

The overall design of this bag makes it your perfect outing companion whether you’re heading to the class, spa or a your favorite spots.



A simple, rugged yet stylish bag, this is a classic. This bag is your perfect match if you’re someone who is always on the go. Be it a class, meeting or a short trip, this bag is designed to get you there as it is lightweight compact and Water resistent. It’s back and shoulder straps are well cushioned to bring you support and comfort through your daily journeys.

It has two spacious compartments that contain organizational pockets to help you arrange and secure all your stuff properly. For more safety, the front compartment has two inner zipped document sections to make you never lose any of your valuable documents. It has bottle pockets on both sides.


Things to Look Out for When Buying a School Bag

If you’re to get the best value for your money, there are certain factors you must consider before adding any item to your cart. We’ve made you a list of the most important ones.


We believe it is very important that you get a bag made of a material that is resistant to wear and tear. It also has to be well stitched and must come with high-quality zippers. Students might have to carry heavier materials like textbooks or laptops, and you won’t want a bag that won’t make it at least through the year. The playfulness of students also raises further need for a long-lasting bag as the bag must be able to withstand drags and pullings.

Storage Space

You must consider the workload of your ward before getting a schoolbag. Students look much smarter and are more comfortable having all their school materials in one bag. When they have more items than their bag can carry, it brings them more stress as they’ll have to carry an extra bag or even carry stuff on their hands.

A good school bag should have at least one large compartment to carry longer notes and textbooks without having to fold them. A smaller compartment is also necessary for separating the smaller items like the writing materials. Some bags have more value as they come with laptop sleeves and organizational pockets. Also, you should look out for side pockets if they’ll be carrying bottles or umbrellas.


One of the basic reasons for getting a laptop bag is to reduce stress. A school bag shouldn’t weigh more than 10% of a student’s weight. Any weight more than that can cause pain and discomfort. A good school bag should be lightweight and compact rather than heavily built as it’s still meant to carry items.


The material used in making a bag tells how fine, comfortable, durable and easy to wash it is. Different materials have different properties. For example, some materials can be washed with machines, some can be hand-washed while some can only be wiped with very light materials and a little water. So, you should take note.


The more padded a bag is, the more comfort and support it will provide. A bag should be well padded at the shoulder straps, back and top loop to give proper support to the carrier’s body. A well-padded and sturdy top loop makes a bag more carriable from the top.


Due to unforeseen damages or defects in the products, you should ensure the product comes with a warranty. A warranty lets you return an unsatisfying product over a stated period of time. The fact that most of the purchases today are made online makes it even more important that you get a warranty.

Tech features

Modern bags offer a range of technological capabilities. Such a bag can also be referred to as a smart bag. The features of these bags may include device charging, electronic locks, GPS tracking, electronic scales, Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity, and more. These features may mean increased cost, but the extra value they bring is game-changing.


Schoolbags come in different styles according to the desired target. The styles can be classified based on sex, age, class, or the purpose for which it was designed. The purpose it was designed may be sports or fashion. You should pay attention to this particular factor as we don’t think your 12-year-old boy will want a pink bag with fairies printed on it.


It is important to know how well a bag performs its functions and also how versatile it is before purchasing it. Some bags can serve more than daily school purposes, including school trips, picnics, and even office work for student interns.

Types of School Bags

With respect to their design and functions, school bags can be split into a number of categories to help you narrow down your search. They include:

Laptop backpacks

These are backpacks that are suitable for carrying laptops. They come with a special compartment that has a laptop sleeve that separates and shields your laptop from scratch and dirt. Usually, they are well cushioned to protect your laptop from minor bumps and knocks that may cause damages. These bags also have more space to organize your laptop’s accessories like chargers, USB cords, drives, and so in. Before getting a laptop bag, you should ensure that the size of your laptop matches that of the laptop sleeve. Otherwise, it is useless.

Fashionable Backpacks

These bags are mostly meant for women and girls. They are usually small-sized, cute looking bags. They’re designed to serve more like a fashion accessory rather than the traditional backpack. Mobile phones, cosmetics, and a few books are just about what they carry, they’re not suitable for carrying a lot of items. If what you’re fashionista tired of carrying one handbag or purse around town, here’s an elegant and more comfortable option.

Sporty Backpacks

These are backpacks made for sportsmen and women. They are specially designed to meet your sporting needs. Finding the perfect backpack for your sport can be tricky though as each sport has its specific needs. There’s a wide range of sporty backpacks on the market today, from bags meant for hiking to the ones made for tennis players.

A good sporty backpack must be very durable to withstand everyday use, it must be dust resistant, it must have enough space for your gear, drink and a brown bag lunch. It should also have multiple compartments to separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones.

Small street-wide backpacks

They are made for people who are fond of simplicity. Their small size makes them very portable and they can be carried around easily as you go about your daily activities. Despite their small size, these bags still have enough space to carry the stuff you could need in a day.

Durable Backpacks

These are bags made with the toughest and most resistant materials.  They won’t wear or tear easily which makes them the perfect bag for the extra rough students. They are sturdy, water-resistant and are bar-tacked in certain areas to increase their life span. Getting one of these bags means you won’t be spending your money on another bag anytime soon.

Sling Backpacks

The design of these bags makes them simple, functional and very easy to carry. Instead of the normal double straps, sling backpacks have a single but extra-long strap that can be either worn parallel to or across the body.

While they’re much smaller in size than the traditional backpacks, they also offer multiple compartments, comfort, durability and water resistance. They are a good alternative if you’re looking for something different from the norm. They are fantastic for people who need to move around freely and quickly.


1. Are schoolbags important?

Yes, schoolbags are very important. They ease up the everyday burden of school kids around the world. Kids go through enough stress walking, reading and writing all day, so, they need all the help and support they can get. Schoolbags help them carry their school materials to and from school without getting exhausted.

2. Are school bags professional?

Professionals can find schoolbags very helpful. Most of the modern-day schoolbags contain laptop sleeves and organizational pockets for arranging and securing your various office documents.

3. How much should my school bag weigh?

A school bag including all the books and everything should not weigh more than 10% of your body weight.

4. Can school bags be washed?

Depending on the material, a schoolbag can either be machine washable or hand washed. To ensure that it lasts longer, you can make use of light materials to wipe it clean.

5. How should I wear my school bag?

You should wear both straps at all times, wearing a single strap can cause problems. Also, the straps should be fastened in a way that lets the bag hug your body. If your bag has an extra strap, either a chest or waist, you should use it as it will only bring you more support, balance, and comfort.


Getting your kid the right schoolbag can go a long way in giving them more confidence among their peers. It will also show them how much you love them.