Best Bed Rails for Babies

Are you constantly worried whether your baby’s going to roll right off the edge of the bed when you are getting some baby time on your bed?  Many parents have the same issue when they are trying to have the most spiritual connection they can with their babies but cannot because they are worried about dozing off and finding their babies on the floor!  Thankfully some of the most innovative manufacturers in the world have been on the job.

They have produced a variety of rails that will help you and your child get a good night’s rest without worrying about rolls or falls.  We have reviewed some of the most popular, high quality, and practical rails for beds for both babies and older kids. We hope you can find the perfect bed rails to help you and your child get the most out of your nap-times!

Top 5 Bed Rails for Babies

1. Safe-O-Kid Mesh Extra Large King Bed Rails – Pack of 2

This soft, beautifully designed bed railing will fit right into your room or your child’s room.  Safe-O-Kid ships this product to your home unassembled, but it only takes a few easy steps to get it up and to.  All you will need is a screwdriver to put together the 5 different parts of the product, including the mesh wall. The sturdy materials used for the structure of the railing is rust-free.

The material used for the mesh wall is soft and stretchable, which means that it has been designed to prevent rips or reductions in strength.  The manufacturers say that the material will be able to withstand the full weight of a standing toddler leaning on it.

The length of the bed rail is 6’ and goes the whole length of a side of a bed.  The height of 2.5’ is enough to prevent even a tall toddler from falling over the side of the bed. It has been designed for easy installation using clamps under the mattress, and it will fit all mattresses and bed types.

The mesh material used for the wall of the railing can be washed over and over again without the strength of the material deteriorating.  The horizontal railing on top has padding so that your baby isn’t hurt if he falls onto the rail. This product can be recommended to any parent that wants the long side of the bed covered.

2. Kurtzy Foldable Bed Rail Baby Falling Safety Guard Barrier

This sturdy bed railing comes in a soothing aqua blue color scheme.  It is designed to fit the full length of a standard 6’ bed with clamps that go underneath the bed.  The meshing of the rail has been made from a high-quality nylon and plastic material, and it’s possible to see what’s beyond the meshing when you are inside the bed.  The rail has been designed in such a way that it can be folded down when not in use. The installation is also simple and easy, making it a perfect travel companion for you and your baby.  The rail is almost 57cm high, which means that even a walking baby will not be able to fall over this handy rail.

This unique rail has been designed to fit well into any bedding that it is used with.  However, you will be required to drill a hole into the bed or crib to ensure that the clamps are fixed sturdily onto the bedding, which means that it will not work with steel beds.

This is an advantage over rails that don’t have this feature.  Rails that are not fixed onto the bed have a tendency to fall over when the full weight of a toddler is applied to them.  There is a handy push button to fold the rail downwards so that you can get off the bed or for when you want your child to get off the bed.

The child-lock prevents children from pressing the folding button to make the rail fold downwards.  This bed rail is a great product for use with babies and toddlers and can be recommended without any reservation.

3. Baybee Bed Rail Guard for Baby

This pretty bed railing for babies and toddlers comes in blue with designs of artistically depicted animals on the side.  This rail has been designed to cover most of the side of a queen or king-sized bed with a length of 150 cm. Its height of over 60cm is more than enough to prevent your child from climbing over the rail even when he is well into toddlerhood.

As in most high-quality bed rails, this one can be folded down to allow you to sit on the side of the bed or if you want to get off it.  The manufacturers recommend using three of these rails for the three open sides of your bed (the top safeguarded by your headboard) to create a completely safe environment for your baby.

The mesh material used is high quality and will not rip even if your child punches or kicks the material.  The cationic material has been designed to be firm yet elastic and easy to clean to promote good hygiene.  The rods/clamps of the rail are designed to go underneath the mattress but don’t require any additional drilling or fixing.

This makes it a great travel companion when you are traveling with your child.  The safety belt of this bed rail makes sure that the rail is always firm when fixed onto the bed.  This is a great product at a great price that can be recommended to parents looking to keep their babies safe during nap-time.

4. GTC Bed Rail Bed-Guard for Toddlers

This cute pink bed rail has an extended set of clamps/rods to ensure that it is extremely steady when installing onto a bed.  GTC provides you with an English instruction manual to assemble this bed rail easily into a 5’ long barrier for your child. The assembly of the product requires no tools.  The height of the bed rail is around 44cm, which means that it is only usable by you for your child while he/she is a baby. Your child will be able to easily get over this barrier as he enters toddlerhood.

There is a handy button to press when you want the barrier to folding down for you to get off or for when you want to get your child out of your bed.

The strong steel frame has been made from materials that prevent rust and corrosion for a longer life-span for the product.  The arms that go underneath the mattress can also be screwed into the bed-frame if the mattress used is a light-weight one. Multiple bed rails can be bought to provide a complete barrier for your child from all three of the open sides of your bed.  The manufacturers recommend that you first consider whether this product suits your bed size before making a purchase. This is a great product for parents that are looking for a bed rail at a reasonable price.

5. Vic Kid® Bed Rail Guard for Baby

This ocean theme blue color-schemed bed rail by VIC Kid is well designed for keeping children from falling off the bed.  This product has a very good length of close to 6’, which means that there are no holes in the barrier through which your baby can fall to the ground from that side.  The most innovative feature for this bed rail is the way it comes down for when you want to get out of bed or when you want to take your child out. It doesn’t fold the structure of the rail downwards as the manufacturers say that there is a chance that it might fold this way accidentally.  The cloth mesh comes down from the sides of the poles of the bed rail.

The frame of the product is made from high-quality steel and is built to last the lifetime of the product.  The mesh wall has a nice little pouch where you can put or store something for later for yourself or the child.  You can adjust the mesh wall upwards to suit the height of your mattress to ensure that the wall height isn’t compromised by a fat mattress.

There are two clamps/rods that go underneath the mattress to make sure that this lovely and sturdy bed rail doesn’t tilt over when your toddler’s applying pressure on it.  This product has one of the highest customer ratings and is one of the top products in this category for parents looking for bed rails.

Buying Guide


Make sure that the bed rail you get for your child is strong enough to withstand a roll from your child.  If you get one that is meant for babies and your pre-adolescent child rolls into it, the rail might not even slow your child’s fall to the ground!

Some of the breathable, soft, and netty rails that don’t have much support are meant only to be used with babies that won’t challenge them to a test of strength.  Take a look at the age range a rail is recommended before making the final decision before the purchase.


Rails that come with plastic or metal frames and cloth middles should have the facility to remove the cloth from the structure itself.  It’s not uncommon for a baby to cuddle up against a rail and expel all those cute bodily fluids that they are prone to expel. Not only do the rails need to be easily washable, but they should also dry quickly as well.

If the rails are plastic or steel, then they should be shaped in a manner that facilitates wiping and washing with minimal difficulty.  Bump rails that are for older kids should be machine washable as children are prone to use them as body pillows at times, and they will be exposed to quite a few bodily fluids as well!


The purpose of the rail should be determined before purchase.  Different types of rails are meant for different age groups. If the child is older and only needs a gentle soft reminder that the edge of the bed is close, then a bump rail is more than sufficient.

If you have an active crawler at hand that will be sure to find any hole in the rails to crawl out of, then a large full bed rail will be required.  There are also adjustable rails that allow you to easily put and take your child out of your enclosed area in the bed. Go through the types of rails available before deciding on what kind of bed rail to go for.


For newborn babies and babies that aren’t able to crawl, much shorter rails that are just for the top part of the bed are sufficient.  If you intend to keep your baby for prolonged periods on your bed as your baby grows, you might want to look at bigger ones.

The best kind is the one where you can be 100% sure that your baby’s safety would be the rail that goes right around your bed.  That way, there is absolutely no way your baby can get out or climb out. If you get this type of rail, make sure that at least a part of it is easily detachable, or you will be stuck in there for longer than you should when you want to take a bathroom break!


Some rails come with the ability to adjust the height. This comes in handy if you want to keep your baby in there for a more extended period.  As you will want to feed the baby or take him/her out of it, you will need the rail to have adjustable height; otherwise, you will have to remove a side of the rail each time you want to access your baby.

It will also be handy when you are in bed with the baby.  As you will be providing the barrier from one side, you can lower it so that more air can circulate.  You will also be able to get out of the bed quickly without having to fuss around with the rail.


One of the most critical aspects of certain types of rails is the clamps that enable it to be attached to the bed.  Generally, rails depend on the weight of the mattress and the people on top of it to clamp it underneath the bed.

You have to make sure that your bed has a mattress that is heavy enough to provide a stable weight for these clamps.  The clamps also need to be durable and can withstand numerous bumps into the rail from the inhabitants of the bed it’s used on.


Your rails will need to be folded up and stored on some occasions.  You might also need to fold them up for it to be easier for transport.  If you get rails with clamps, make sure that the clamps can be folded up so that the rail is flat for storage or transport.

If you get bump rails, then make sure that they are foldable.  If the bump rails have a wooden fixture underneath, then storage becomes difficult.  Some bump rails are inflatable, which means that they are probably the easiest rails to transport. All you have to do is let the air out, and they will fit in any backpack.


If you are getting a bump rail, then air-circulation is never a problem.  However, when the air’s hot and humid, air-circulation becomes doubly important when it comes to tall rails that tend to block airflow.  Try to get rails that use breathable material for the insides of the rails to facilitate airflow. Fully covered plastic rails will keep the inside of the bed hot and humid, and your baby will find it difficult to fall asleep.

Types of Bed Rails for Babies/Kids

Bump Rails

Bump rails are soft bumps that can be placed on the side of the bed or on both sides of the bed to remind your child that the edge of the bed is near.  They often provide a safe feeling for children that are just getting ready to sleep on normal beds. Also, if your child tends to flip or move around the bed, this will give your child a subconscious reminder of the dimensions of the bed.  As they are soft and resemble body pillows, children may also use them as extensions of their pillows.

Bed Rail Guards

Some rails in this category are meant to be used with newborns or babies that are not yet very active.  You can place one on one side of the bed while you provide the barrier on the other side.

Some bed rail guards go the length of the bed and can be placed on either side.  These can be used for children that are starting to move around using their own motor skills. The most comprehensive bed rail guards actually go around the whole bed.  They don’t have any openings for your baby to get out at all, and you can rest easy with that knowledge, even with the most active baby.

Adjustable Rail Guards

Some rail guards have been designed with the intention of growing with your baby.  Their heights can be adjusted as needed as your baby grows. This is also a very handy ability to have if you are in bed with your baby yourself.  This can quickly allow you to get out of the bed without having to take the rail off the bed, which can be quite hard if you are on top of the clamps inside the bed!

Lowering it on your side will also enable higher airflow inside the bed as you provide the barrier on one side of it.  If you are using the bed as a pen for your baby, adjustable rail guards allow you to lower the side that the baby is on to quickly take the baby out or feed him/her.

Bed Rails for Babies/Kids – Safety Tips

Adjustable Rail Covering

Make sure that your adjustable rails have some sort of cover for the stands they come with.  If not, your baby might jump up and hurt himself/herself on the steel/plastic frame. If your rails don’t come with covers, you can put towels or other clothing material to cover them from your baby.


Make sure that you have a regular cleaning schedule for your bed rails just as you do for your bedsheets.  Your child will rub up on them and expel all sorts of bodily fluids on them regularly. Your baby will be much healthier once you start keeping his/her environment hygienic.

Check for Rips

This is especially important if you are prone to taking the bed rails off and on regularly.  There is a chance that the cloth part of the rail will rip while washing or while being stored.  Make sure that there aren’t any rips or holes so that your baby is safely kept within the confines of the bed.


One of the most regular reasons for bed rails to be ruined is when an adult forgets that it’s erected and tries to get out of bed!  Be aware that bed rails are not meant to stop an adult human from getting out of bed. If you put your full weight on one chance are you will bend it out of shape or worse, destroy it completely!


1. Do bed rails work with 2” mattresses?

Yes, bed rails have clamps that are generally over a foot long, and they will work well with a 2” mattress.  However, if your toddler is large and leans over the edge where there are no clamps, there is a chance that it will tilt to the side, putting the child off-balance.  It is better to use these products with mattresses that are a little thicker if the child is a toddler.

2. Will bed rails work with 6’ beds?

As the standard size for beds in South Asia is around 6’, bed rails will work perfectly with them.  There are also smaller bed rails that can go on smaller beds. If your baby is less active, then the bed rail you buy doesn’t have to be full length, as your baby is only able to roll to the side.

3. Will bed rails with clamps work with steel beds?

No, bed rails need to have a mattress to weigh down the clamps in order for them to work as barriers for your child.  You can opt for bump rails if you wish, but those rails only work with children that are quite a bit older. You will have to get locks to clip the clamps onto your steel bed if you go for that type of rail.

4. Are there bed rails with adjustable lengths?

We have not come across any bed rails that are adjustable in length.  When you are buying your bed rails, make sure that it is the proper length for your bed.  If the rail is a bit longer, it’s okay, but make sure that the clamps are placed well within the length of the mattress.

5. What is the best bed rail to buy as my son’s friend keeps falling off the bed when he sleeps over?

Since your son’s friend is not always at your house, you should go for a bed rail that can be stored out of your way when he’s not around.  Also, since he doesn’t sound like he’s a toddler, the best option is to go for a bump rail, as that is generally enough to keep older kids within the limits of the bed.  An inflatable bump rail seems like the perfect solution for you.


As your children get older, the safety measures that are taken to keep your children safe while sleeping need to change.  Bed rails are great to ensure that your child stays safe, even as he/she approaches adolescence. Smaller kids will need larger barriers such as guard rails that have clamps under the mattress.  An older child will do fine with a bump rail that lets his/her subconscious mind know that the bed is about to end as he/she moves around on the bed.

Please go through our buying guide to make sure that you know what to look out for when you are making your decision on what bed rail to buy.  Our safety tips and FAQ section will help you keep your bed rails working smoothly without getting damaged. Good luck with your bed rail purchase, and we hope that you and your child get to sleep undisturbed for years to come!