Best Bottle Warmers for Your Baby

If you wonder whether you need a bottle warmer or not, then the answer is a definite ‘yes’ as a bottle warmer is no more a luxury product but a must-have for your baby.

Bottle warmers for babies are becoming increasingly popular amongst parents who like to feed their baby with warm milk from a healthy and safe container. Most importantly, a bottle warmer saves a lot of time during those wee hours of your day when your baby screams for milk.

A bottle warmer comes as a handy and quick tool, helping you deal with the situation better and calming your baby with ease. The bottle warmer quickly safely heats the milk, uniformly heating the milk without any hot spots.

Best suited for breastfed babies with the habit of having warm milk. Here are the top 5 bottle warmers for your baby.

Picking the right bottle warmer might be tricky at times. To make your shopping experience more interesting and worth the money you pay, we have our easy-to-read buying guide to help you purchase the most suitable bottle warmer for your baby.

Also, check the benefits of bottle warmers and go through the FAQs to resolve all the queries you might have for the same.

1. Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

Philips Avent Bottle Warmer SCF355/06 is a new age bottle warmer that comes with two feeding bottles (125 ml X 2). This bottle warmer is easy to combine with breastfeeding.

This super simple bottle warmer for warming milk for babies, claims to warm up the milk quickly and evenly in just 3 minutes. This bottle warmer from Philips is made of BPA-free material that makes it safer for your baby.

The bottle warmer will be able to warm 150 ml/ 5 oz of milk in a go. Hot spots are not formed when the milk is warmed as it keeps circulating milk as it warms. Defrosting milk to liquid is also possible with Philips Avent Bottle Warmer as it features an exclusive feature for the purpose.

This bottle warmer comes with a handy warming reference table that will help you in working out how long the warming needs to be. The simple operational features make it one of the most favourable bottle warmers.

2. Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer

The bottle warmer for babies from Dr. Browns is a user-friendly and reliable product that comes in handy for new parents in two colours (blue and grey caps). The adjustable basket available makes it easier to fit any size of bottle that you have made it compatible.

Operates on a single touch panel for turning and off. The preferred time settings once set are available in its memory until changed the next time.

The audio and visual alert options available in this bottle warmer. The auto shut-off option is also available that automatically turns off the device after 10 minutes ensuring safety.

This bottle warmer from Dr. Browns is made of Polypropylene that ensures safety for your child and keeps the baby away from other hazardous materials.

The refillable water chamber available to warm bottles needn’t be refilled often and can go up to several washes. It would be a worthwhile investment for your baby’s needs.

3. Pigeon Bottle and Food Warmer

Pigeon bottles and food warmer come with three levels of heating modes intended for different purposes. This bottle and food warmer from Pigeon are highly compatible with all types of bottles and milk storage bags.

The multiple levels of warming options provided make this bottle a user-friendly product to all the new parents.

This product includes a night lamp functionality that makes the use of the product easier at night. The bottle and food warmer weigh 660 grams which is an easily portable size.

The sterilization of bottles is also made easy with a pigeon bottle and food warmer. The hygienic way of sterilizing your baby’s bottles keeps your worries about your baby’s hygiene at bay. Ensuring the usage of RO or purified water for sterilization in order to improve the durability of this bottle and food warmer.

4. Baybee 5 in 1 Baby Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer

Baybee 5 in 1 Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer is a highly versatile product available in the market for your baby that not only warms the milk and baby food but also sterilizes the bottles as required.

This bottle warmer has multiple functionalities that include instant defrosting, food heating, bottle sterilization, fast warming, etc. These multiple options available in this bottle warmer make it a very user-friendly product for daily use.

The bottle warmer features an option to retain the temperature of the bottle for 24 hours. The target temperature can be accurately controlled through the LCD display available in the product.

The auto-off feature in this bottle warmer is of great use as it automatically puts off the power supply when noticed that there is no liquid in the device or food item in the bottle warmer.

It is made up of food-grade PP material that is totally safe for your baby. The sterilization and double warming bottles option available in this product make it useful and highly useful and versatile.

The disinfection time can be set up to 30 minutes which makes it highly hygienic to sterilize bottles, pacifiers, baby spoons, and forks, etc.

5. Littles Paradise CuteBaby Instant Bottle Warmer

Littles Paradise CuteBaby Instant Bottle Warmer is a simple electric bottle warmer that comes as a 4-in-1 kit. This bottle warmer weighs just 445 grams that give us the luxury of carrying it easily wherever we go.

This bottle warmer is totally a safe product for your child. It is made of PP material that makes it safer and non-hazardous for your child.

It comes in a small and compact package with no complicated operational features. This makes the product very simple and user-friendly.

The design of this bottle warmer is so simple, that even anyone, with no previous experience in using a bottle warmer, can use it with ease.

The product comes with the heating option, using which around 150 ml of milk from the fridge can be warmed in just 3 to 4 minutes.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are planning to buy a bottle warmer for your baby, then here are a few basic factors that you need to take into consideration.

Keep these simple points in mind will help you buy the right bottle warmer that meets all your baby’s needs.

Product Purpose

When you are purchasing a bottle warmer, keep the purpose of your purchase in mind. For instance, whether you will be using the bottle warmer only for warming up milk or for both warming of milk and baby left.

You might also want to consider whether you will need your bottle warmer to thaw frozen breast milk packets as well.

If you could need your bottle warmer to warm up more than one bottle of milk at a time.

Considering all these possibilities will help you make a wiser decision as you purchase your bottle warmer.

Quick Heating Options

There are multiple options available in bottle warmers and not all the models of bottle warmers have all the options built-in. So, depending on the purpose of your purchase, decide which of the heating options (features) will best suit your requirement.

A few bottle warmers come with only warming options and thawing options. Some others are available with both the options. There are a few that are available to rotatory options that help in the uniform warming of milk.

Warming Duration

Warming duration is vital when it comes to the warming of milk or baby food for babies, as it involves the risk of overheating of milk or food. This might be serious as it needs to be fed to your little one.

The duration settings available in the bottle warmer should be in such a way that it heats up faster and saves time, thus serving the purpose of usage.

There are bottle warmers available with in-built timers as well. Auto cut-off options are also available in a few models of bottle warmers that could be very useful.

The core purpose will be not to overheat the milk, maintaining the recommended serving temperature of 980F.


The basic functionality of the bottle warmer being to warm milk bottles for babies, it should be compatible with all brands and materials of the bottle.

Ensure that the bottle warmer that you shortlist is compatible in size and shape with all the other models of feeding bottles that you are using for your baby.

It should also be compatible to accommodate bottles made of different materials like glass, silicone, and plastic.

Quality/ Safety (Material Used)

The quality of the bottle warmer should indeed be the best in terms of the materials used in the construction of the product. Ensure that the materials used are non-hazardous; BPA and PVC free.

The durability and sturdiness of the product also need to be good as it would be used multiple times a day for warming milk for your baby. Back-to-back warming of milk might also be called for at times, so check whether the bottle warmer that you choose to address the requirement.


Hygiene plays a vital role when it comes to the safety of your baby’s health. So, the maintenance involved to retain the hygiene of the bottle warmer and the bottles warmed using this gadget should be easy.

Less time-consuming and an easy-to-clean bottle warmer will be an ideal choice.

Power Consumption

You might also want to know what kind of power your bottle warmer needs in order to run smoothly. Rechargeable and battery-operated bottle warmers are also available in the market. You can pick the right one for your purpose.


A quick comparison of the product price will help you in purchasing the most affordable and cost-effective bottle warmer. Bottle warmers are available in multiple ranges of price depending on the warming options that they feature.

Keeping all these above-listed points in mind while purchasing a bottle warmer will help you in getting the best value for the money that you invest in a bottle warmer.

Importance of Bottle Warmers

Safe for Your Baby

Bottle warmers are made of safe materials that are non-hazardous to your baby. Using a bottle warmer for warming up the milk or baby food is safer for your child as it doesn’t have the risk of hot spots or overheating.

Handy Tool To Warm Milk

Bottle warmers are comfortable to use and come as a handy tool for busy parents with infants. Mere shifting of the milk bottle from the fridge into the bottle warmer will make your job easier and simpler.

Saves Time

The procedure of using a bottle warmer is very simple and saves a lot of time, unlike the traditional way of warming the milk or the baby food over a double boiler (warming in hot water) which is time-consuming.

Thaws Frozen Milk Packets

Bottle warmers are even available with settings and options to thaw the frozen breast milk packets from the freezer and then warm it up. This reduces the risk of overheating breast milk and ensures the retention of all the vital nutrients.

Thus, thawing of the breast milk needn’t be thawed in the fridge overnight.

Suitable for Breastfed Babies

Bottle warmers are bliss for parents with babies who are breastfed. Best suited for breastfed babies who are used to and prefer warm milk.

Doesn’t Overheat/No Hot Spot Issues

Usage of bottle warmers for warming milk is totally safe as it doesn’t have the risk of overheating. Warming takes place in a uniform and subtle way that just warms up the milk without creating any hot spots unlike in the traditional way of warming or a microwave.

So, no need to waste time cooling the milk down if it is overheated.

Available for Twins Too

Different models of bottle warmers are available in the market with varied and significant options. There are even bottle warmers available for your twins with options to warm up two bottles of milk at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a bottle warmer?

If your baby’s safety and hygiene are your priority, then yes, it is recommended that you have a handy bottle warmer available as it serves multi-purpose.

Investing in a bottle warmer would definitely save you a lot of time and guarantee peace of mind.

Should I go for a solo bottle warmer or a bottle warmer with a sterilizer?

The choice is yours depending on your purpose of purchase. If your need is just to warm milk and baby food, then a solo bottle warmer would serve the purpose.

The sterilization feature will be an additional feature if your interest should also be to sterilize the bottles using the same device.

Is it safe to use a bottle warmer?

Yes, it is safe to go with bottle warmers that are made of BPA-free materials. In fact, warming milk for your baby using a bottle warmer would be safer than the traditional way of warming milk as it doesn’t have the risk of hot spots.

Will I be able to warm any type of bottle?

It would depend on the bottle warmer that you decide to purchase as bottle warmers are available in different sizes to accommodate different sizes of bottles.

Also, bottles made of different materials like glass, silicone, and plastic could also be used in bottle warmers depending on the specific warming options available.

Is there any recurring cost when I purchase a bottle warmer?

Except for the w that you would be using to run the equipment, there is no other recurring cost involved when you use a bottle warmer.

However, a wiser choice of purchase would help in purchasing a more durable product that will be useful for a longer period of time.


A bottle warmer could be a worthwhile investment to meet your baby’s needs. A bottle warmer being a functional product, will be more useful for new parents who are quite busy and have difficulties in managing the new routine.

Bottle warmers are available in multiple ranges in terms of the features they offer. You can pick the best one that suits your requirement depending on your core purpose. This purchase for sure will ease your life as a new parent and give you more time to build and relish memories with your baby.

However, investing in a bottle warmer is always recommended as it will definitely save you a lot of time and relieve you from the trouble of both warming the milk and also pacifying your crying baby at the same time. Moreover, it doesn’t have the risk of hot spots and serving hot milk to your tender bundle of joy.

Some of the best bottle warmers as listed above are Philips Avent Bottle Warmer, Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmerand Pigeon Bottle and Food Warmer.