Best Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk beds for kids come with unique features. Bunk beds come in several styles, colours, designs, and options for you to choose from. These also come with useful options like stair gates, trays, and even slides.

You can decide to have a bunk bed in a room that will accommodate two mattresses rather than having two beds which will take a lot of space. With this, your kids can have more shelves to keep their items like books or toys conveniently.

They can help you save money and space. However, if you are confused about which one to buy, here we have a list of the top 5 bunk beds in India.

You will also find a buying guide to make you choose a perfect bed for your little one and a section on FAQs to help you get answers to all your queries before purchase.

1. Royal Interiors Twin Metal Bunk

This bunk bed for kids can conveniently accommodate a single mattress at the top and a queen-size mattress at the bottom. It comes with a unique frame and strong stairs.

This bunk bed is strong and economical to use. The bunk bed comes with good features, and it is space-saving.

It is made of metal material and also comes with a blue colour glossy finish. It is strong and durable. The bunk bed is easy to install after purchase.

2. Malina Bunk Bed for Kids with Storage

The bunk bed offers a functional workspace that provides a comfortable sleeping area for your kid. It comes with two shelves and three drawers.

This storage space offers ample storage areas for your kid’s toy, clothing items, book, and more. It also comes with a roll-out desk for optimal functionality.

The bunk bed also comes with a built-in ladder for easy access. This bunk bed is made from MDF material, and it is available in colours such as brown, white, and grey.

3. Malina Pine Wood Bunk Bed for Kids

This bunk bed for kids comes in an attractive beige colour. It is made from engineered wood material. This bunk bed can conveniently accommodate three single mattresses.

It comes with a design that your kid will love very much. The style of this bed is pleasant and the stairs are conveniently placed.

It is suitable for all kids and it delivers optimal comfort whenever your kid takes a nap on it. The product can be difficult to assemble. It requires the assistance of a carpenter.

4. Mexican Bunk Bed

This Mexican Bunk Bed comes with an attractive design and it is very comfortable. This bunk bed can accommodate a single bed dimension at the top and a double bed dimension at the bottom.

The bunk bed is of solid wood and it also comes with a premium finish. This bunk bed comes with a pleasant design and is comfortable to use. It is durable, sturdy, non-toxic, convenient, and space-saving.

This product requires a carpenter for assembling.

5. Kidomate Bunk Bed Frame for Kids

This bunk bed comes with a lower double bed and an upper single bed. The bed also comes with a storage unit where your kids can keep items like toys, books, and other valuable items.

This bunk bed is made of pinewood material and it also comes in pink colour. Its frame and ladder reaching the top are strong and sturdy.

The bunk bed is safe for little children to climb up and down. Your kid will love this because it comes with a low height and bed that’s comfortable to use.

Buyer’s Guide

So, let’s take a look at the factors to consider when choosing the best bunk bed for kids.


The material is a factor to consider when choosing the best bunk bed for your kids. Bunk beds are designed with either a metal or wood material.

Each material comes with an advantage and disadvantage, so it is important to be aware of those advantages and disadvantages. This will allow you to decide what is right for you and your kids.


Bunk beds come in different sizes such as the twin over a twin bunk bed, the twin over a full bunk bed, the full over a full bunk bed, and the twin loft. These sizes are great and safe to use.

The twin over twin bunk bed has a twin bed on the top and one twin bed on the bottom. The twin over full bunk bed comes with a twin bed on the top and one full bed on the bottom.

The full-over full bunk bed has a full bed on the top and one full bed on the bottom. The twin loft comes with one twin bed on the top and space for a desk and storage or other necessity on the bottom.

So, whichever style you choose, make sure it can deliver the comfort you need.


It is great to have a stylish bunk bed in your kid’s room. Choosing a bunk bed with a unique style makes your kid’s room attractive and pleasant.

You can choose a style that is suitable and great for your kid. Whenever you want to purchase the best bunk bed make sure your kid has a calm feeling whenever he sees it or wants to sleep on it.


Some bunk beds come with storage options like drawers, desks, and chests. This storage option is great for your kids as they can keep their books, clothing items, and toys conveniently. The storage option allows your kid to also keep other important necessities.


Do all Bunk Beds come with a shelf or a drawer?

Bunk beds are designed in a variety of ways. Some bunk beds come with a shelf and a drawer, while some only have either of the two. Some bunk beds are also built without any shelf or drawer.

Can an adult sleep on the bunk bed?

Most bunk beds are designed primarily for kids. But there are bunk beds with bed sizes that are suitable for adults.

Does it have a protective side to prevent my kids from falling?

Bunk beds are designed to deliver optimal comfort and convenience. They come with a solid structure that ensures your kid has a restful sleep.

Most bunk beds come with a protective side that will prevent your kid from falling while sleeping, but not all.

Can I assemble the bed?

Some bunk beds come with structures that allow you to assemble without any issue. But not all bunk beds can be assembled easily; some will require a carpenter for assistance.


The bunk bed for kids is designed with high-quality material, and it comes in sizes that are convenient for your kids. It is durable, sturdy, and made free of toxins or harmful chemicals.

The bunk bed gives a classic look and offers optimal comfort and protection when your kid sleeps on it. Some bunk beds include a shelf that delivers a functional workspace and a comfortable sleeping area.

Are you still wondering which bunk bed to buy? Though the best 5 bunk beds mentioned above are all favourable, our recommendation goes to Royal Interiors Twin Metal Bunk and Malina Bunk Bed for Kids with Storage.