Best Childproof Cover Outlets

Kids love to explore their environment and tend to play with dangerous items. In the long run, they get hurt or injured in the process. Safety for kids should be the priority of every parent.

Most electrical appliances were not designed to possess the qualities of protecting our kids. Ranging from laptops, chargers, USB, TV sockets, and so on.

You can protect your young children from danger and shock by purchasing outlet covers. These covers are essential in homes with little kids and protect them at all times. We have analyzed a few products to help you make a choice amongst the top 5 baby cover outlets.

We have also created a buying guide and FAQs to help you make a perfect purchase decision.

1. LifeKraft Baby Safety Cover

Enjoy this multi-purpose outlet cover which comes with many benefits, including protecting your babies, not harmful, and with no repugnant smell for healthy living. Designed for the comfort of your home, office, hotels, and many other places.

It is made of ABS plastic which causes no danger to children, thus creating a safe environment. The cover outlet has a smooth body surface which prevents children from getting shock or pulling it out.

It covers the entire socket and prevents kids from inserting objects into idle sockets.

Included in the package are extra sockets for easy mobility to ensure the safety of your children always. It comes in packs of 5, 10, 15, and 20, depending on your choice.

These outlets also serve as protection against short circuit fires, keep your pets safe, stop the entry of moisture, and install the outlet is straightforward. This childproof outlet is triangular with three holes.

It is safe, has a good stretch, easy to use and serves its purpose effectively. The con is that it is easily removed.

2. KidCo Electrical Outlet Caps

You will love this product as it ensures that your child’s safety is paramount and includes multiple caps for your use. This electrical outlet comes in the form of a cap.

It is easy to hold, remove, use, and each package comes with 36 caps for utilization within your home. Unused sockets are protected from handling by your babies. Installation is easy; plug it in.

They are designed with a pinch grip feature to aid you in removing the cap. Children don’t choke when they have access to the outlet caps because of their large size.

They are exclusively constructed with a see-through material that easily blends with your home decoration. These are safe, easy to use and large enough to prevent choking hazards.

The drawback, which may also be an advantage, requires taking it off when you want to.

3. ABH Electrical Socket Cover

Specially designed for use in India. The ABH was the first company to introduce the use of cover outlets in India. This product was manufactured specifically for Indians.

It is constructed with ABH of superior quality. It works by preventing babies from getting shocked. Excellently designed to accommodate all switchboards in India and takes up 440 volts of electricity.

The entire package includes one key used to unlock the socket guard and 6 outlet covers when purchased. Best suited for all sockets in India. It becomes difficult for children to remove or insert objects into the outlets.

Installation and removal are easy. The key is always required for its removal from the socket. It is easy to use, durable and safe. The drawback is that it is made from ABS, which may not be a safe material.

4. RKPM Outlet Plugs

With this electrical outlet plug, your kid is safe from the dangers of electrocution. It is ideal for sockets and wall outlets.

It is made with superior quality ABS, which boosts durability and lasts for a long time. Aside from protecting your children from electrical accidents, it also reduces air leakage and prevents fires.

It easily conforms to your home decoration due to its neutral colour. The presence of holes on the outlets is specifically for the parent keys.

With surfaces that are smooth and with round edges, children are unable to play with them or insert different objects into them. Included in the package are 12 outlet plugs.

The holes found on the outlet are exclusively for keys and are safe when kids touch them. It fits perfectly into all sockets in India. Remember always to reinsert the plugs back after use, otherwise it would defeat the aim.

It is durable, easy to use and prevents electrical shocks. The con is that it is made from ABS, which may not be a safe material.

5. Dreambaby Outlet Plugs

They are designed to prevent the entry of foreign objects into sockets. All households need to get them due to their features. The product also tends to reduce your kids’ possibility of getting shocked or injured from playing with the outlets.

Included in its package are 3 keys and 9 different plugs for the outlets. When the plugs are fixed, kids won’t take them out from the sockets without using the key.

Excellently constructed with tough and durable plastic material makes it last for a long time. It can be used for different standard outlets all around your home.

You can have a relaxed mind at home because this outlet prevents the entry of foreign objects when kids try to force them into sockets. Due to its transparent nature, it becomes unattractive to kids and reduces their playtime close to sockets.

Adults easily handle them both in removal and insertion.

Buyer’s Guide

Many products are available, and it can be difficult to choose one. Here are some important points to keep in mind before buying a childproof outlet cover.

Buy in Bundles

Some outlet covers are sold in bundles so that you can have some extra additional pieces. When you purchase products in bundles, it helps in replacing covers.

With extra covers, you can easily input them in sockets and can travel with them while protecting your kids at the same time.

Type of Material

Go for outlet covers made of the best quality material and are easily affordable. Purchase outlet covers that are eco-friendly, highly durable, and will last for a long time.

Size and Shape of Outlets Covers

Get a childproof outlet cover that would remain firmly in place. If the outlet covers are too big or undersized, they won’t fit perfectly and result in shocking or electrical hazards.

Purchase a suitable size that would fit into your socket completely and be difficult for kids to remove.

Most of these outlet covers are not so expensive. Buy portable covers that are round and come in handy when travelling.

Design and Colour

Sometimes you may want fancy and well-designed things to make our homes beautiful.

In the case of outlet covers, they come in different colours and designs. Do not go for colourful and attractive outlet covers.

This draws the attention of kids to the arena as they always love adventures. It is recommended to go for neutral colours that will suit your home.

Note the Amperage

This refers to the current in amps every device gets to use.

Outlets fall within 15 – 60 amps. Consider the amount of current that would pass through the outlet cover and the location of the socket.

Type of Outlet Covers

Plastic outlets are cheap and easy to get but come with loads of issues. They can easily break off within the socket.

The outlets get loose with time and may not fit perfectly anymore. A big challenge is forgetting to reinsert them back, which can be very dangerous.

Sliding outlets are cool, but over time, kids learn how to remove the slides. They tend to automatically close and prevent hazards due to choking.

Box covers are a great choice as they serve to keep the entire outlet safe for kids.

The best are tamper-resistant covers because they possess shutters used to secure the outlets. These boxes are great for items that remain plugged in for a long time.

Eco-Friendly Childproof Outlets

Purchase cover outlets that are eco-friendly and can keep your baby safe. They are not toxic, BPA-free, latex-free, non-hazardous, and safe for your kids. It is recommended you go for eco-friendly cover outlets.

How Many Cover Outlets are Required

It is extremely important to know the number of outlets to avoid taking multiple trips to the store or purchasing fewer outlets for your home.

Determine the number of outlet covers you need within your home.

Easy to Install 

When purchasing an outlet cover, it is best to go for those that are very easy to install.

Thus, requiring the use of no tools. The outlet covers are easy to install and handle for adults but difficult for babies to remove.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are outlet covers?

They are decorative plates used to hide a switch or socket. These outlet covers possess many benefits for your babies, animals, and the home in general.

2. Why is it necessary to childproof cover outlets?

There are So many benefits from childproofing cover outlets. These outlets keep your babies safe from electrical shock.

Babies love to explore their environment by putting things into these outlets, which is extremely dangerous. Proofing your outlets will save your baby’s life.

3. How can you childproof the sockets in your house?

The best form of childproofing is through the supervision of parents. Childproofing electrical outlets is easy.

Firstly, know the type of receptacles that are present in the outlet cover. Obtaining a tamper-resistant receptacle is a great way to start.

4. What is the importance of outlet covers?

It is extremely important to have outlet covers over your sockets as it can be a huge threat to children. Kids are explorers and tend to move all around the house, looking for what to do next.

Their inquisitive nature can be attracted to uncovered sockets by touching, poking, or inserting objects into the sockets. This gesture can be disastrous and can lead to shock, electrocution, injuries, and death.

5. How can you make your electrical socket childproof?

This is simply by removing the old cover and replacing it with a childproof one. Most of these outlet covers are guarded with spring plastics which helps to prevent the entry of foreign objects.

6. Are tools required for installation?

These outlet covers do not need tools before they are effectively installed. All you need to do is just a snap or a quick insertion into the socket.

7. How can you operate a childproofing outlet?

As long as you are an adult, it is easy to operate. Strength is not required in this case when operating an outlet. Depending on the type of outlet purchased, it becomes easy to operate.

Either by sliding in, putting in a box, or inserting the plug into an outlet.

8. Can you use duct tape over an outlet?

Sure, you can. Duct tape would make it more firm. Sticky residues would be left on the walls and outlets afterwards. It is recommended that the outlet be made firm during installation.

9. How can you change an electrical outlet?

Getting to change an outlet cover is not that difficult. There are basic steps to follow. Unscrew the outlet to expose the wiring without cutting any wires. Then attach the outlet cover to it.

10. What are the effects of not using a childproof outlet?

The major reason for childproofing is for the safety of your kids. As a parent, your eyes cannot be on them all the time, and they would always want to explore different parts of the house.

Without childproofing, electrical shocks can occur, and sometimes this can lead to a child’s death.

11. How safe is it to unscrew an outlet cover?

It becomes extremely dangerous if by accident your screwdriver enters into the outlet. You can easily replace the covers without any issues.

12. Do outlet covers prevent fires?

When the outlets are tightly fitted to the wall, they tend to prevent fire hazards. Loosely fitted outlets are a source of concern because they can lead to shock when kids insert objects into them.

Unused sockets should be covered at all times to prevent electrocution and other electrical injuries.


Electrical outlets are important in every home for daily usage, but they should be used in such a way that kids remain safe. The best possible way to keep an eye on your kids all the time is to ensure they remain safe and well protected.

With outlet covers, babies are in good shape, and no occurrence of electrical shocks or death would be recorded. Take action and get durable, long-lasting cover outlets not just for your kids’ safety but to also prevent electrical fires and moisture uptake.

The reviewed cover outlets are the preferred choice of customers looking for baby cover outlets. However, we recommend LifeKraft Baby Safety Cover and KidCo Electrical Outlet Caps.