Best Digital Hygrometer Thermometers Review

Ever wonder why your baby seems fine while napping, and all of a sudden, he/she wakes up crying?  This might be due to temperature and humidity variations in your baby’s room. These might be in the form of cold drafts entering the room or drops in humidity that disturbs your baby during his/her nap time.  There are a wide variety of electronic devices that will tell you what the temperature and humidity readings are in your baby’s room. To do the job of buying the one that would suit you the best easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top digital hygrometer thermometers as well as provided a buying guide for you.  We hope your new hygrometer thermometer helps you keep your precious baby a little safer!

Top 8 Digital Hygrometer Thermometers

1. BALDR Thermo-Hygrometer Mini Digital Thermometer – White

A high-quality digital hygrometer thermometer from BALDR, this product has a sleek minimalist look.  It has been designed to display the temperature in both Celsius, and Fahrenheit formats, and a single prominent button in the front allows you to switch between the two.  It comes with a handy expandable stand in the back that fits into the product when not in use. It also has an area on the back that has been reserved to be used with a magnet so that it could be attached to your fridge door.

The display in front also shows the humidity and helps tell you whether it’s in an acceptable range with a comfort level emoticon next to the reading.  Both the temperature and humidity displays are large and easy to read at a glance. The product is 5.18cm in height and 4.5cm in width. It has an electronic sensor that checks the temperature every 10 seconds.  This digital hygrometer thermometer is a simple and easy-to-use product that is well worth the expenditure.

2. ORIA Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer

This uniquely designed digital hygrometer thermometer has a lot of information in its display to help you determine what the environmental conditions are.  It is white in color and comes with a simple stand feature that can be retracted into the product itself when not in use, though it can also be hung on a wall.  As it is a round design, its diameter stands at 9.2cm, and it has a thickness of 2.5cm and comes with a C/F switch. The product has been made using ABS plastic.

The manufacturers recommend using this hygrometer thermometer in your baby’s room or in a greenhouse.  The display shows the current temperature and humidity readings in a big font while also having the historical minimum and maximum readings in a smaller font.  It also has a color-coded display at the bottom to tell you whether the humidity is dry, satisfactory, or wet. The unique style and informative display make this a great choice for a quality-conscious buyer.


3. ThermoPro TP53 Digital Indoor Thermometer

This practical digital hygrometer thermometer has a big display area at 3″ in diameter and comes in white.  It displays the current temperature and humidity in large font and the historical high and low figures in a smaller font.  Below the figure is a color-coded indicator to show you whether the humidity level is at a comfortable level. The device’s useful backlight function can be turned on using a touch control on the front of the device.  It has been manufactured to provide an accuracy of +/- 2% for a humidity range of 30% to 80% and an accuracy of +/-1.1 degree Celsius

This hygrometer thermometer is recommended for use for adults as well as children.  It can prevent colds, sore throats, arthritis, pain, and headaches by helping you keep your environment to optimum levels.  It is, however, recommended only for use indoors and is not equipped for outdoor use. This is a great buy for someone that is looking for a reliable digital hygrometer thermometer with a backlight function that can display the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.


4. HTC Instrument 288-ATH Digital Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with Clock

This high-quality product by HTC comes with a sleek white design.  It has been manufactured for use both indoors and outdoors. It has the ability to gauge temperatures accurate to +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius and the humidity to an accuracy of +/- 1%.  Both readings are displayed in large font on display. It also has the handy ability to display the time in 12 and 24 hr formats, which it does below the temperature and humidity readings.

This digital device uses a battery that is 1.5V and is also able to display the minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity levels.  It also displays the comfort level of the environment in a user-friend manner. The sensor range for temperature is given as 3 meters, which is quite large enough to gauge the temperature in the living area of a baby.  The simple buttons in front allow you to display historical temperature/humidity levels and adjust the model.


5. Gadget Hero’s Hygrometer Temperature Thermometer

This rough and tough digital hygrometer thermometer has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use.  It uses a large font to display the humidity while displaying the temperature in a smaller font to the right.  While you can use it for any environment that needs the humidity and temperature gauge, the manufacturers recommend this, especially for hatcheries and incubators.  There is a visual letter display of C and L to warn the user of extreme low and high temperatures.

This hygrometer thermometer has the ability to gauge temperatures accurately from -50 to 70 degrees Celsius and humidity levels from 10% to 99%.  The temperature is assured to be accurate to +/- 1 degree Celsius and the humidity reading should be accurate to +/-5%. The device is powered with two button batteries that you can insert from the back.  This is a versatile digital hygrometer thermometer that has a wide-ranged temperature gauge.


6. ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

A sleek white digital hygrometer thermometer by ThermoPro, this unit has one of the clearest and easy to ready displays in this category.  It displays both the current temperature and the current humidity level in large font in its LCD display. The historical highs and lows of both the temperature and the humidity level are displayed in smaller font.  It is able to quickly switch from a Celsius temperature format to a Fahrenheit format and vice versa.

A comfort indicator is also available in emoticon format on display.  The size of the display is about 2.7,” and the device itself is 7.9cm by 6.7cm.  It has a handy foldaway stand that comes out from the back to allow it to hold itself upright when needed.  It can also be attached to a wall or any space where it’s most convenient to have temperature and humidity readings.  This is an excellent product with a good design for someone that is looking to buy a reliable digital hygrometer thermometer.


7. AcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer

This great product by AcuRite has a unique black design and display.  The display is tilted upwards slightly to allow for easier viewing. The top part of the display gives the current humidity level in large font and the historical high and low figures in smaller font.  Similarly, the current temperature (in either Celsius or Fahrenheit) is displayed in a big font at the bottom with the historical high and low figures in smaller font. A house icon displays whether the humidity is ‘okay’ indoors in a visual format.

The design of the unit is such that it doesn’t need a new stand to help it stand upright, being quite able to do so by itself.  It is also able to be fixed onto a wall or onto a fridge without difficulty as it has a magnetic backing. The AA batteries that need to be purchased separately can be inserted from the back easily by removing the cover of the battery compartment.  It is able to gauge a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius and a humidity range of 20% to 95%.

8. R-tek Digital Thermometer with LCD for Fridges

This digital thermometer comes with a wired probe for accurate readings.  It has a simple display that displays the current temperature in the front.  The device has the ability to gauge a wide temperature range of -50 to 70 degrees Celsius.  The manufacturers say that the device has an accuracy of +/-1 degree Celsius in its temperature readings.

The covering of the device is plastic, and it has been produced using high-quality materials.  It has also been manufactured to resist moisture and has strong anti-interference capabilities.  The display unit measures 4.7cm x 2.8cm x 1.4cm. This unit has been designed to display the temperature levels of cabinets, fridges, display counters, and other closed spaces that need a controlled temperature.  If you are looking for a simple, efficient product to get the job done, this should be your choice.


Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Buying Guide

Assessment Variance

Many digital hygrometer thermometers come with instructions on what the variance might be to the readings that your device gives you.  No meter or assessing device can give you a 100% accurate reading. It’s essential to understand what the manufacturers say are acceptable variances in temperature and humidity readings on the device.  This is so that you don’t get too excited when you see readings that aren’t considered to be ideal. It is natural for temperature readings to be within a variance of +/- 1 Celsius and humidity readings to be off by about 3 or 4 percent.


Try to pick a digital hygrometer thermometer that has a bright display that can be read at a glance.  You also have the option of getting one that has color-coded displays to show whether the room is at the right humidity level.  If you plan on keeping your hygrometer thermometer in a dimly lit room, one with a backlight might come in handy.

Clock/Alarm functions

If you are looking for an all-in-one device also to be the clock in your baby’s room, then you can get a digital hygrometer thermometer with a digital clock.  There are also digital hygrometer thermometers that have an alarm function to help you regulate your baby’s nap and feeding times. Just make sure you can adjust the alarm easily so that you don’t inadvertently wake the baby up when it’s sleeping.  We wouldn’t want that now, would we!?


Most digital hygrometer thermometers can display the temperature both in Celsius as well as in Fahrenheit.  However, some have been manufactured to be marketed at specific region of the world that either uses only Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Choose a digital hygrometer thermometer that displays the temperature in the format that you are used to or can switch between the two temperature formats.

Humidity Range

Generally, digital hygrometer thermometers can assess humidity levels from 20% to 90%.  However, if you are in a region where the humidity levels can be at either of the extreme ends, make sure that your digital hygrometer thermometer is able to gauge the humidity level for your region accurately.

Temperature Range

Generally, digital hygrometer thermometers can gauge a temperature range from -10 Celsius to about 50 Celsius.  There are several places in the world where the temperatures would be below or above that range, though your child should not be exposed to those kinds of temperatures!  In any case, make sure that the temperature range that can be gauged by your digital hygrometer thermometer suits the climate in your region.

Low/High Reading Recordings

A handy function for digital hygrometer thermometers is the ability to record and display the high and low temperatures and humidity levels for a given period.  This function would help to see whether your child is exposed to temperatures or humidity levels that are unsuitable for a child. We recommend that you have this feature on your hygrometer thermometer as you won’t always be able to check the readings when your baby is sleeping.


There are digital hygrometer thermometers that can be placed on a flat surface and others that need to be fixed onto a wall.  Some others have the ability to both stands alone as well as be put on a wall. Since digital hygrometer thermometers are not generally large, it would be easy to misplace one in a busy household.  Try to get one that can both prop itself up as well as be put up on a wall. You might need to use both functions as you juggle your chores with an active baby.

Types of Digital Hygrometer Thermometers

Electrical Hygrometer

These types of hygrometers use either resistance or capacitance to measure humidity.  Ones based on resistance pass electricity over a ceramic material to assess how much condenses on the material, thereby gauging humidity.  Ones based on capacitance assess humidity by seeing how much two metal plates can store static electricity while having air between them.


This type of hygrometer uses a wet bulb and a dry bulb.  The evaporation of the water on the damp bulb causes it to become cooler than the dry bulb.  The difference in temperature between the two bulbs is measured to assess how much humidity is in the air.  This type of hygrometer is used best outdoors or places where dry storage conditions are needed.

Dew Point Hygrometers

This type of hygrometer is the most precise of the three types of hygrometers.  They measure how far saturated a certain type of gas is with moist air. These hygrometers are high for measuring humidity in very dry places.

Safety Tips

Alarm Function

If you are using your digital hygrometer thermometer as an alarm clock as well, you have to remember to turn the alarm function off when you don’t need it.  You don’t need to have a woken crying baby after you spent 2 hours trying to get him/her to sleep just because you forgot to turn the alarm off!

Drops and Spills

A household with a baby can be quite frenzied at times.  When there is so much going on, it is difficult to make sure that your electronic devices are in safe places while life goes on around them.  Make sure that your digital hygrometer thermometer is either put up on a wall or out of the reach of your baby so that it lasts longer. Not keeping it on a table that food/drink might splash about is also a great idea.

Temperature/Humidity Range

Do not expose your digital hygrometer thermometer to temperatures or humidity levels that it has not been designed for.  While your device will most probably keep working after being exposed to environments that are extreme for it, the precision of the temperature or humidity readings might suffer.

Battery Replacement

Most digital hygrometer thermometers work on batteries (generally AAA), but some are designed to be connected to your home’s power grid.  For the devices that depend on batteries, it is important to make sure that the batteries are replaced at regular intervals. This is to ensure that the temperature/humidity readings are as precise as possible and for the display to be bright and clear.


1. Do the devices come with calibration certificates?

Though almost none of the devices come with a calibration certificate, you might be able to get one for your digital hygrometer thermometer if you contact its manufacturer.  However, additional charges and fees might be charged for a certificate.

2. Do the displays display the temperature in Celsius or in Fahrenheit?

This would depend on the type of digital hygrometer thermometer that you purchase.  Most devices allow you to switch between the two with a button at the back or on its side.  Make sure that the product you buy is able to display the temperature in the format that you are used to.

3. Are there digital hygrometer thermometers that store humidity readings?

Most digital hygrometer thermometers are able to store temperature and humidity readings for periods of time.  However, it is more comfortable in some devices to retrieve this information compared to others. If this feature is important to you, get one that lets you easily review humidity readings that are time stamped.

4. Can digital hygrometer thermometers be used outdoors?

Unless specifically stated otherwise, digital hygrometer thermometers can only be used indoors.  However, there are certain devices that can be used in the outdoors safely. There are even ones that can be used in chicken coups and incubators if you are thinking of using your digital hygrometer thermometer while outside, get one that is specifically designed to withstand the elements.

5. Is it possible to calibrate digital hygrometer thermometers?

Generally, these devices are not designed to be calibrated by the user.  They have been pre-calibrated, and generally, the acceptable variances for the readings are given with the instructions for use.  If you want to make sure that the calibration has been done correctly, you can ask for a calibration certificate from the manufacturer.

6. Can the displays of digital hygrometer thermometers be changed?

Some digital hygrometer thermometers allow you to customize their displays, though that is not a function that is common to most of the devices.  If this function is important to you, please get a digital hygrometer thermometer with a customizable display.

7. Do digital hygrometer thermometers have multiple-alarms or just one?

As digital hygrometer thermometers have not been designed to be used as multi-function alarm clocks, it is unlikely that the device you buy has the ability to play multiple alarms.  On most devices that have alarm clocks, you are able to set only one alarm. You might be able to find one with multiple alarms, but we haven’t come across one that does so far.


There is a wide range of digital hygrometer thermometers you can choose from.  As you can see from our product reviews, the high-quality ones also come with alarm clocks and history displays.  If you are trying to figure out why your child is uncomfortable while sleeping, then you should get one that records the temperature/humidity in your baby’s room intermittently.  One that displays the highest and lowest temperatures and humidity levels might also come in handy.

We hope that our buying guide gave you some background into what to look for when you are buying your digital hygrometer thermometer.  Adhering to the safety tips that we’ve compiled for you will ensure that your device functions at a high level for the duration of its lifetime.  Good luck with your purchase, and we hope that it helps make your baby’s naptime much more comfortable!