Best Baby Food Blenders In The Market

A baby is a precious jewel of any parent at any time. They truly are nurtured and taken care of always.

However, nurturing of weaning babies demands more attention to details and extra efforts, as babies at this age are found to be more prone to infections. So, hygiene, strictly not a compromise.

Undoubtedly, breast milk always remains the best food for new-born babies. As they grow a little older, the solid food that is introduced also needs to be equally hygienic and nutritious.

Baby food blenders could lend you a helping hand if you are a parent looking for a hygienic and easy way of making home food for your baby. From breaking down food to steaming and blending, everything could be taken care of by a baby food blender in a very efficient way.

A baby food blender in your kitchen will be your smart assistant in preparing different textures and varieties of food for your baby. Vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish; a baby food blender can handle anything with ease.

Here are the top 5 baby food blenders along with the buying guide to help you make a perfect decision. You will also come across the benefits of baby food blenders and a few FAQs to resolve all your queries you might have with baby food blenders.

1. Philips Avent Steamer and Blender

Philips Avent is an excellent companion for preparing home food for babies as it allows you to both steam the vegetables and blend them into a puree.

This baby food blender has a compact shape and design that prepares food and cleaning very easily. Refilling water for the steamer is also made easy.

Once the vegetables are steamed, the jar can be flipped upside down and blended, making the process extremely simple. The BPA-free materials used in the build of this blender also assures complete safety.

The jar capacity is 800 ml for solid food and 450 ml for the liquid, with options to even blend meat, fish, and pulses.

Now making easily digestible food for your baby is not a problem anymore with Philips Avent Steamer and Blender.

2. Baybee Multipurpose Baby Food Processor

Baybee smart 4 in 1 multipurpose baby food processor is a great helping hand for new parents as one can steam and blend, making nutritious and hygienic food for babies.

This is a smart product as it steams and grinds and defrosts, heat milk and keep it warm. The additional self-sterilize option available ensures safe cleaning and hygienic maintenance of the product.

The appliance is super compact, quiet, and easy to use even single-handed when you are busy with your baby in hand. The prep blades speed up the process; any food preparation can be done in just 15 minutes.

It is a worthwhile investment if you are a busy parent looking for hygienic home food for your baby. The package includes a measuring cup, steaming basket, mixing lid, spatula, warranty card, user manual and a recipe booklet.

3. Kruvad Multipurpose Food Processor

kruvad® Multipurpose Cutter Quatre Food Processor uses 4 powerful blades for blending and grinding. It is an easy-to-use product as the operation, cleaning, and maintenance of this blender is very simple.

It can easily cut vegetables, fruits, frozen fruits, meat, fish, rock ice, etc. Not limiting to cutting, it can also be used for crushing, blending, and powdering food. Perfect for mincing meat and other tough food varieties too.

This multipurpose food processor weighs just 490 grams that makes it easily portable. However, it has a powerful motor with a rotation capacity of 24500 spins per minute which makes it highly efficient. Available in multi-colours for an appealing look.

4. LuvLap Regal Advanced+ Baby Food Processor

LuvLap Regal Advanced+ baby food processor is a new-age user-friendly baby food processor with an advanced touch screen digital display. The inbuilt timer helps in preparing different types of food with different time settings.

Depending on your baby’s requirements, taste preference, and age, you can cut, coarsely grind, and even make food puree using this baby food blender.

Blending meat and fish is possible with this blender giving you more options to prepare different varieties of food for your baby.

Once turned on, it doesn’t require manual monitoring as it comes with a sound indicator, light indicator, and auto-shut off options.

This easy-to-use food processor comes with inbuilt auto cleaning and sterilizing options, leaving you worry-free.

5. Unique Icon Baby Food Processor

Unique Icon 4 in 1 baby food processor comes with four useful functionalities like steaming, blending, heating, and defrosting. Now making home food for your baby will no more be a complicated task as you can handle this processor with a single hand.

Any type of food can be steamed and also blended using the same jar. Cleaning the jar is also made easy with options to disassemble the jar into four parts. Even a very small portion of food, around 1.8 oz, just covering the blades can be blended easily.

Retains the freshness and the nutritional value of the food prepared, thereby providing all the required nutrients for your baby. The product is clubbed with a spatula, measuring cup, baby food recipe book, cleaning tool, and customer service options.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few vital points that need to be considered if you are looking for a baby food blender. Keeping these points in mind will help you in making a wiser purchase. 

Purpose of Purchase

Having a clear picture of the purpose of purchase is vital as that will help you decide better on which type of baby food processor you need. There are different types of baby food blenders available in the market with varying features. 

Depending on whether you would like to prepare food for your baby in the form of a smooth paste or coarsely crushed bites will help you decide what you wish to have. 

Solo Blender or Combo Packs

As baby food blenders are available with varying features, you need to list down the features you would like to have in your baby food blender. 

Along with blending, some of them even incorporate options for you to steam vegetables and fruits along with auto-sterilization options.

Size and Quantity of the Food to be Processed

Your baby food blender’s size is important as that would help you understand what kind of space you need to spare on your kitchen top exclusively for this new product. 

Also, you might have to check the quantity of food that you can prepare for your baby at a time for you to plan the feeding size. Baby food blenders are widely available with small blending jars that will help you make a small fresh serving of food for your baby.

Age of Your Child

Keep in mind your baby’s age and your long-term plan for the baby food processor when you purchase the product. A purchase made in the initial stages of solid food introduction to your baby will call for a baby food blender that has a blender alone. 

However, as the baby grows older, the introduction of other varieties of solid food might need additional features like steaming options. 

BPA Free Material

When you are purchasing a baby food blender, remember to ensure that the material used in the construction of the product is food-grade and safe for your baby. 

See to it that the baby food blender that you choose is made BPA-free to ensure that the food prepared using this product is safe for your baby. 

Features Available

Checking for the features available in different models of baby food blenders beforehand will help you pick the right baby food blender for your baby. 

Depending on your requirement and immediate plans for the product, you can shortlist the features you are looking for in your baby food blender. 

This being a non-perishable product, you can make your purchase, considering the usage of the product in the future. 

Brand Power

Check for the brand power and the brand’s reputation when you decide to buy a baby food blender. Going with a reputed brand might give you a better purchase experience and give you a better after-purchase service facility. 

Contents of the Kit

A baby food blender using comes with multiple accessories and the main operational unit like jars, juicer attachment, storage containers, spatula, etc.

Make a well-informed purchase by noting all those little accessories that you will be receiving as a package when you go for your baby food blender. 

Value for Money

Equally important is to ensure that you get your product at a good price for the features available, making it a worthwhile purchase. Ensure that your decision assures value for the money that you spend on the product. 

Importance of Baby Food Blenders

Hygienic and Safe for Babies

As weaning babies are more prone to infections leading to diarrhoea and vomiting, preparation of baby food demands more attention and hygiene factors.

The preparation of food in a baby food blender is safe and hygienic. This reduces the chances of your baby falling sick due to the food consumed. 

Quick and Easy to Use

It takes very little time preparing nutritious food for your baby instead of the traditional way of cooking using a baby food blender.

The core purpose of a baby food blender is to prepare baby food for babies; the features made available genuinely support parents in all possible ways. 

Spending less time saves you more time with your baby and opens options for preparing fresh food every time you feed your baby. 

Options to Make Different Varieties of Food

A baby food blender can be used to steam vegetables and fruits, blend the food roughly or into a smooth paste, juice, etc., without any mess. This reduces the contact of food with bare hands, further reducing the chances of infection. 

The different texture options possible with a baby food blender will give you more options to introduce different types and varieties of food to your baby at an early age. 

Maintenance is Very Easy

Maintaining a baby food blender is very simple and easy. Depending on the features available in the baby food processor that you choose, you will also be able to sterilize the blending jars and the unit, making it completely safe for your baby.

Compact and Portable

The greatest advantage of using a baby food blender is that they are very compact and easily portable. The portable size and the detachable options that it comes with make it even easy to prepare food for your baby on the go.

You wouldn’t need a kitchen to prepare hygienic and nutritious homemade food for your baby when equipped with a baby food blender. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a baby food blender really necessary?

Yes, if you are looking for a smart companion to make hygienic and nutritious food for your baby with ease. 

2. Is baby food blender dishwasher safe?

The majority of the baby food blenders are made of food-grade materials that are safe to be used in a dishwasher. 

However, it would be highly recommended that it is cleaned separately or auto sterilized, considering the hygiene factors and safety of your baby’s health. 

3. Can I store the blender base in the fridge?

Yes, it should be a problem. However, the preparation of fresh food would be the best way to go when preparing food for babies. 

4. Is sterilization important in blenders?

It would be a value-added feature if it is available as a built-in auto-sterilization option, thus reducing the effort you might have to clean the product otherwise. It would also save time. 

5. Can I use a manual masher?

Yes, you can have that kind of time available amidst your busy schedule with your weaving baby. This would be the least preferred as it involves both time and manual effort. 


A baby food blender would be one of the wisest purchases you make when it comes to your baby’s safety and hygiene, as it is at the top of any parent’s priority list. 

There is no doubt that the best baby food blender will help you prepare hygienic and nutritious food for your baby and spare and save you a lot of quality time with your baby.

You cannot go wrong with the product when you pick based on all the points discussed above. We recommend you to go for Philips Avent Steamer and Blender and Baybee Multipurpose Baby Food Processor.