Formula Milk for the Baby

The baby formula milk has been in existence for more than 85 years, and it continues to nourish millions of infants worldwide.

Every brand has aimed to ensure that each type of formula they manufacture has the standards that are required, and others have even gone the extra mile to ensure that it is provided to all babies even those who are premature.

The brands have also assured that whatever stage your child is, they are covered. Research continues to be carried out as the manufactures make their brand to be the best and with the best nutrients also.

1. Enfamil A+ Stage 1: Infant formula (0-6 months)

The Enfamil A stage 1 infant formula supports your baby’s brain development and the infant’s development, which makes it a trusted formula with parents hence the best infant formula. This baby formula has features such as the presence of docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid (DHA and ARA )and choline and iron.

The formula milk can be easily digested, is good for a child’s growth, and also contains well-balanced diet nutrition, which makes it highly recommended by the doctors. Furthermore, It does not contain fat, promotes healthy brain development, contains less sugar compared to whole milk, and it is easy to use because it comes with a guideline that clearly states the instructions.


2. Enfamil A+stage 2 (6-12 months)

This milk formula helps your baby as they grow and develop reaching new and more complex milestones because of the presence of its nourishing nutrients, which makes a plus for parents as they watch their little one grow.

This formula includes the Presence of  DHA&ARA and choline and iron. It is recommended by doctors as DHA and AA are essential for brain development and Choline, and iron ensures proper development of the infant.

The formula is very convenient to use because it can be easily prepared, comes with value for money, light, and free-flowing hence it does not stick to the bottle, and it comes in tin packaging, which helps to keep the powder fresh even in humid conditions.

It also reduces colic and constipation, it does not have any added sugars, and it does away with the loose motion and vomiting in kids.


3. Nestle Nan Pro 2

This formula milk is spray dried follow-up for infants after six months when there is no more breastfeeding. It contains the right nutrition for the baby to be healthy when they are still young so that as they approach two years, they are well-grounded.

It is a vegetarian product and contains DHA&ARA, vitamin A, C, D, calcium, zinc, and iron. It is very easy to make, does away with colic and gas trouble, dissolves easily unlike other brands, and reduces the chances of constipation.

In most cases, it is recommended by doctors, has value for money as it also promotes child growth and brain development. It is easy to digest, tasty, and contains nutrition value, plus the packaging is just perfect.


4. Similac Advance Infant formula stage 1

This milk formula is a spray-dried stage 1 milk substitute for infants up to 6 months. It has been nourishing thousands of babies in the world hence trusted by the parents for their babies.

This advance formula milk contains neuro-nutrients such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, choline, iron, taurine, iodine, folic acid, and zinc. It also contains calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus, essential fatty acids, and minerals.

This baby formula milk supports the baby’s brain development and healthy growth of the baby’s body, which is evident in weight gain. The flavor is on point; it contains the best baby nutrition pack, the baby can easily digest it, and it does not cause constipation.

The packaging condition is friendly. It does away with loose motion in the baby, and the milk is thick upon preparation.


5. Enfamil A stage 3

This formula milk for the baby is suitable for babies from 12 months up to the age of 2 years. The formula supports your child’s development. It also impacts the building block of the brain hence cognitive improvement.

It contains expert recommended levels DHA&ARA, iron, and choline. This formula milk has excellent taste; it usually boasts a child’s brain development, has a great taste, and it comes with value for money.

It has a very high nutritious content, important vitamins, and minerals. It dissolves easily in a few shakes without any lumps in water, and it does not cause colic problems. The formula is also easily digestible for the baby, and it does not contain added sugars. Also, it is suitable for proper physical growth, and it comes in good packaging.


6. Nestle Nan Pro 1 starter formula milk

This is a spray dried infant formula milk that contains probiotic for the infants from the time of birth even when they are not breastfeeding.

The formula contains B.Lactic, a probiotic culture that helps in increasing the number of bifidobacteria in the gut flora of an infant.

Nan pro one starter guarantees an increase in the baby weight, and it does not cause any health problems. The formula also comes with good packaging, which helps the powder to stay dry. Upon opening the formula, it can last long for a month or even one and a half months. By then you can easily finish it all.


7. Nestle Nan Pro 3 follow up formula milk

It is a dried up formula for older infants of 12months when they are not breastfeeding. It ensures that the baby benefits from it and grows up healthy from childhood throughout adulthood. It comes with the presence of DHA&ARA, vitamin A, C, D, calcium, and also zinc &iron.

This is a perfect supplement for the baby as it boosts the baby’s brain development and also ensures healthy child growth and development. It surely covers its value for money and also comes with proper packaging.


8. Dexolac special care infant formula

This is a vegetarian product. It is specially designed for premature babies who are born before 37 weeks, and for babies, those who have a birth weight of 2.5kg. This formula provides energy levels of 79kcal/100ml, which is for a catch-up growth.

It contains nutrients such as vitamins A, E, C, and D. There is also the presence of zinc, iron, iodine, omega 3&6, calcium, phosphorus, and carbohydrates. More of the nutrients are listed on the tin.

Doctors highly recommend this formula, especially in cases of premature birth, as it greatly increases the baby’s weight. The formula is also easy to digest, contains nutrients that support immunity, and it contains calcium, which is suitable for the development of strong bones.


9. Nestle lactogen  2 follow up formula powder

It is a vegetarian spray dried follow up formula milk for infants after attaining six months. This formula easily dissolves in water and provides value for money

The baby also reduces the chances of spitting up, it has a great taste, and it contains essential nutrients which are necessary for the growth of the baby.

Furthermore, it is easily digestible, and it is of a high standard and good quality.  It also comes with excellent packaging with a very thick box.


10. Farex 1 infant formula

This formula is a vegetarian product. PreciNutrit has nutrients that are suitable for infants. It is for babies up to the age of 6 months.

It contains nutrients such as nucleotides, zinc, omega 3, and 6. The nutrients present supports the immunity of the baby, improves visual function, and also brain development.

The formula is also easily digested, and it helps promote good bacteria and helps the baby to put on weight. It also comes with good packaging, and it contains less sugar.


Different types of formula.

There are different types of formula milk that guide the parent on which best suits their baby. This include:

Cow’s milk-based formula.

Most babies respond well with this because it has the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. The protein is also altered to make it easy to digest.

Partially and extensively hydrolyzed formulas.

For this formula, proteins are broken down into smaller parts(partially) and even smaller parts(extensively) for easier digestion. The extensively hydrolyzed formula is mostly used by babies who have milk protein allergy since it contains hypoallergenic.

In contrast, the partially hydrolyzed formula should be used for babies without milk protein allergy, and if a parent suspects that the baby has milk protein allergy so as to be on the safer side.

Milk protein allergy can be categorized by being seeming fussy after feeding the baby, which shows the baby has issues digesting standard cow’s milk formula.

Soya based formula.

This is a protein plant, and it is modified for easier digestion. It is suitable for vegan families but ensures you consult your doctor on the usage of this formula.

Lactose-free formulas.

This formula is lactose intolerant or an inability to digest lactose. If your baby is lactose intolerant, the doctor recommends soy-based formula or another whose lactose is replaced by another sugar.

Human milk fortifier.

It is used to enrich the nutrition of breastfed babies who have special needs. Usually mixed with breast milk and should not be used alone.

Metabolic formula.

If your baby has a disease that requires certain nutrition, he/she may need the specifically developed formula.

Organic formula

This allows parents to limit the exposure of their baby to herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals.


There are three types:

Ready to use

It is highly recommended for newborns. Very hygienic as you don’t have to worry about the safety of the water to be used to mix.

Liquid concentrate formula.

One is required to equal parts of water and formula concentrate.

Powdered form.

It is the most economical and environment-friendly, and it stays longer after you have opened it.


You should consider the stage at which your baby is at. This includes:




Older toddler(2-3years)


Essential nutrients

Always ensure that before purchasing a formula, you are fully aware of the nutrients present and their importance in the health of a baby. Such nutrients may include iron, which is responsible for mental development and vitamin c, which strengthens the body defenses.


Your baby is likely to have an allergy that has been in the family before, so it is advised that you should use the hydrolyzed formula, which is easy to digest and to avoid any allergic reaction.

Price range

One should choose a baby formula that is within their price range as they all come in different ranges from expensive to low prices.

The weight of the child upon birth

When a baby is born, there is a certain weight they might have, and the parent seeks a formula that will enhance proper growth and especially in a case where there are twins involved


Every formula milk comes with how it should be handled, and this is explained below.

Before preparation

Ensure you check the expiry date.

If your product is coming in a tin, ensure that it is properly sealed.

The bottles, nipples, and caps that you are to use make sure they are sterilized through boiling them.

Place the tins away from sunlight or a hot car and do not put them in the freezer.

During preparation

You should wash and dry the top of the formula can before opening it to remove any dust or liquid that may have spilled on it.

Maintain high standards of hygiene during the preparation of infant milk anything less is not good for health.

Make sure you read on the product guide on how to prepare formula milk.

Ensure you use boiled water when mixing with the formula as water that is not boiled can cause illness for the infant.

One should not use fewer scoops than directed because diluted feeding will not provide adequate nutrients needed by your infant. Also, do not use more scoops than directed because the concentrated feed will not provide the water needed by your infant.

Always check the temperature of the milk before feeding the infant.

Do not add any ingredients to the formula milk unless the doctor has recommended it

After preparation

When the formula gets cold, do not reheat using the microwave; instead, you can place the bottle under running warm tap water for a few minutes, ensuring the water does not enter into the milk.

Once you have refrigerated the formula, make sure you use it within four hours; otherwise dispose it off.

Also, any milk that has been left in the room temperature for more than 2 hours should be disposed off.

During storage

You should ensure that the enclosed scoop is washed and thoroughly dried before use.

In some cases, use the formula after opening within three weeks or the expiry date, whichever is earlier.

Frequently asked questions. (FAQs)

1. The DHA and ARA added in the baby formula how healthy they for my baby are?

Usually, the mother who is breastfeeding their child transfers the DHA and ARA to their baby. It helps with immune function and also brain development during gestation and infancy. Therefore, the various formula brands have come up with an idea of supplementing this in their milk formulas, which makes them close to breast milk hence contributing to the brain development of a baby who might not be breastfeeding.

2. Are vegan formulas available for babies?

Now you can rest because there are formulas that are vegan based and they are as efficient as the cow-based formulas. The only factor you should consider is the weight of your baby. If the baby is below 1800g, it is not recommended you feed your baby with it.

3. How to know if my baby is having allergic reactions to the formula milk?

It is usually normal for a baby to spit up and also have a stinky poop. In a case where the spit may be in large amounts (like vomiting) and isn’t gaining weight, then you might be dealing with an allergic reaction. Other signs to look out for include severe eczema on the face or in the creases behind his elbow and knees or even blood in the stool.  Upon seeing such, you can then consult your doctor.


We hope to have clear all your doubts regarding the milk formula. Here you will find the best baby formula milk along with the important tips and tricks and factors to consider while buying the formula milk.