Best Baby Hand & Foot Casting Set to Preserve Your Precious Memories

Babies grow quickly. Parents want to stop the time and enjoy themselves with their little ones. On the other hand, it is also amazing fun, seeing them grow. To preserve this fun, you can capture the memories of your babies forever through a casting kit.

Photographs have great importance, but a baby casting kit facilitates you to touch and hold a happy memento. Parents can capture the tiny hands/feet impression of their little kids.

They can preserve the replica of these hands and feet for the coming years. These enjoyable memories bring happiness to their children in later life.

It’s an amazing gift for special occasions like anniversary, birthday, engagements, and baby shower. It is an attractive decoration piece. You can decorate your drawing room with it.

This article tells you the top 8 best baby hands and feet casting sets, along with a buying guide. It will help you in purchasing the product. You will know about the best baby casting kits after reading this article. In the end, you will find a section of FAQs and a conclusion.

1. Mold Your Memories Baby Casting Kit

Old memories make the children happy. If you want to cherish your children with their memories then choose the Mold Your Memories casting kit without any reluctance.

It is a 3D baby casting kit, allowing you to print out the exact impression of hands and feet. You can use it for your babies, children and adults.

It’s a fun making product. Parents can cast toddler hands or feet quickly and easily at home. Best choice for gifts to your friends.

This product is made with newly improved material. That’s why it is non-toxic and safe for the skin. Its superior quality allows you to use it on new-born babies. Mould is biodegradable and environment friendly.

The use of this product is very easy. First of all, mix the moulding powder in cold water, put your hand or feet in that moulding mixture. Secondly, after 1-2 minutes take out the hand.

Thirdly, put the mixture of casting powder into moulding material and finally tear the moulding material.

2. Snygg Baby Hand & Foot Casting Kit

Memories are the way to cherish themselves. Babies grow day by day and one day you will wonder how your babies become adults with their hands and feet.

If you have preserved the replica of your babies’ hand or feet. Then this wonder turns into amazing excitement for you and your children.

Snygg Casting kit facilitates you to complete the task of preserving memories of your babies’ small cute hands or feet. This product is a DIY (do-it-yourself) kit. In other words, you can preserve the moments on your own with ease.

It allows the parents to capture the impression of cute hands or feet for the future. Its improved and super quality material captures every line with the exact fingerprint of your babies’ hands/feet.

Material is non-toxic, environment-friendly, safe to skin and long shelf life. This kit includes one pack of moulding powder. One pack of casting powder and one golden colour. It also has a painting brush and instruction manual.

You can mix it easily and process further steps according to the provided instruction manual. Our super quality is our trust. So, don’t waste your time, buy it without hesitation for your use and gifts.

3. Bawy Baby Casting kit

Another amazing casting kit provides you with a chance to save your babies tiny hands or feet impressions forever. Avail of this chance and preserve your memories to treasure, later years.

Its newly improved material enhanced the quality of the product. Moulding powder has superb quality. It helps to pick up minute details in a quick setting. You can use this easily.

This product has a pack of moulding powder and casting powder. You can use it for new-born babies to 24 months old babies. Its quantity is recommended for up to 2 casts, it may be one hand and one foot or two hand or two feet or one adult hand.

Its use is very easy, first of all, you have to measure out then place the moulding powder in a dry bowl with the required ratio. Add water and mix it vigorously.

Put your hand or foot for 1-2 minutes. Take out your hand or foot from the moulding material. Now pure the mixture of casting powder into moulding material. Finally, Remove the soft mould and preserve your memories.

4. Perfect Pricee Hand and Foot 3D Casting Kit

Perfect Pricee is a perfect 3D casting kit for your new-born babies. The unique feature of this product is improved material. It is environment friendly and biodegradable. Parents can use this product for new-born babies.

It is easily usable in better ways due to its improved material. This is not harmful to the skin because of its non-toxic colour. The changing of colour shows the mixing has completed. It’s fine working and quick setting times are also improved.

This kit is very easy to use. You can create a wonderful baby casting in just a few minutes. Only four steps are required to complete the process.

It is a marvellous gift for birthdays. Parents can preserve the everlasting memories of their children. So, don’t waste your time and hurriedly capture the small hands and feet of their toddler forever.

5. Dream Gifts Baby Hand or Foot 3D Casting Kit

The best casting kit to save your babies’ everlasting memories. It is an ideal kit for the age of 0-24 months. You can use it for smaller hands of 4 inches long.

This kit helps the parents to treasure the accurate detail of their babies’ hands or feet. The use of this kit is very easy.

The kit has three items, the first one is Moulding Powder which is non-toxic, colour changing and skin safe. Casting Powder is another included life-lasting item. It isn’t made with Plaster of Paris.

The last one is a Manual with detailed instruction in English and Hindi. You can easily process through this manual.

6. WowwBaby 3D Family Casting Kit

Wooobaby is a very attractive 3D family casting kit. It is a beautiful gift for Birthday, Christmas, and Anniversaries or many other ceremonies. Your beloved can preserve the everlasting memories.

This product captures an elegant casting print of your babies as well as adults’ hands and feet. It includes impression powder 2 x 450g that is non-toxic and safe for skin. The Casting Powder quantity is 2 x 500g.

Mixing spatula and Bucket is also included. A sandpaper and instruction manual is packed with this kit. You can use it easily with an instructional manual.

In step 1, you have to empty the bag of impression powder into the moulding container. After measuring the exactly cold water, pour it into a container. Mix it for 1 minute. Now insert your hand or feet into the container.

After 1-2 minutes, take out your hand one by one. In step 2, mix the casting powder in 400ml water. Now pour the mixture into the mould obtained.

In step 3, tear the sides of mould obtained. It is a time to save your replica as long life memories.

7. Cherishing Moments Hand or Foot 3D Baby Casting Kit

Cherishing Moments casting kit is the best choice for you to bring happiness and memories to children. Parents understand the importance of entertainment and excitement. So, this product has great fun and excitement for your children.

Cherishing Moments casting kit facilitates the parents to make a replica of their babies’ hands and feet. It helps you to print the exact parts of your toddlers’ hands and feet.

The perfect way to capture the moments forever. You can decorate this handcraft as a showcase in your drawing room for many years.

The product has standardised material with superior quality that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is safe for the skin.

This kit consists of moulding powder, casting powder, one metallic colour spray and a manual. It is enough for two hands and two-foot below two years old babies.

You can also use this for two hands and two-foot or one hand and one foot for children between two to ten years. Mix it with ease and catch the result within minutes.

It is available at physical stores as well as online channels with the best and extended services. We provide our best services for our honourable customers. You can trust us without any hesitation.

8. Babies Bloom 3D Family Casting Kit

It is another perfect casting kit for holding hands. It is a special gift for different occasions. You can deliver joy and happiness. This family kit is an amazing keepsake for your home. You can keep it anywhere at home for decoration.

What a beautiful way to preserve your deepest emotions. You can create detailed and life-sized hand sculptures with your families. It is also suitable for your babies’ hand/feet and your friends’ paw with any combination.

Casting material has supper quality. It is safe for your skin due to its non-toxic material. The casting bucket is packed with a special moulding powder that is harmless to your skin.

Another item is stone casting powder that is a plaster of paris. It also includes a paintbrush and wooden pick. Its quantity is perfect for four adults’ hands.

It is very easy to use. You can complete the process within three to four steps with a longer setting time. It provides all according to your requirements for perfect casting.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some guidelines for buyers.

Safe for Babies Skin

As you know, babies are sensitive and have very soft skin. Their immunity system is not fully developed. Safety is a priority and important. You must choose the non-toxic and hypo-allergenic casting kit.

It can be used directly with the skin. You also take a glance at the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).

Material Quality

Parents need to check the material quality before purchasing the casting kit. They must carefully read the ingredients that should be suitable for babies’ health. Improved and standardised material has a long life and is not harmful to babies.


You have to make sure all ingredients are non-toxic. Toxic material is dangerous for kids as well as adults. It creates different diseases.

Certified Products

Always use certified products. Clinically tested and approved products are the best choice for your little ones.


Biodegradable products are environment friendly. They are best for both babies and the environment.


Sometimes fragrance is used to make a perfume productIt can suffer allergy complications. So, don’t use allergic products.

Wiggle Formula

Babies are not sitting still. They are moving continuously. So, you have to select a wiggle-proof formula product. This kind of product takes less than two minutes. It is helpful for the wiggly and fussy kid.

Easily and Quickly Useable

Buy those products which work quickly and easily. Life is much busier; parents want a quick process. So, it is important to select those casting kits which complete the process in a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the moulding process?

All of these casting kits have step-by-step manual instruction.

First, mix the moulding powder with water for approximately 1-2 minutes. When the colour turns bright pink, insert the foot or hand into the moulding material. Within 1-3 minutes the mould sets.

Then, take out slowly the foot or hand from the moulding material and mix the casting powder with water. Pour the casting into obtained mould material and leave it to harden. Finally, tear the mould and pick out the replica.

What do I do when the baby wiggles during the moulding process?

You don’t worry when the foot or hand remains in moulding material during the process. It can be permitted to wiggle. It can’t affect the final shape.

Are the products safe for the infant?

Yes, of course, the material of products is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and hypo-allergenic. It is specially prepared for direct use. Although, it is difficult to say against reactions but the majority of the products are safe to use.

What is the drying time of casting?

When you pour the casting powder into moulding material, it takes one hour for small kids to cast. It takes up to four hours for adult casting. It takes 4-6 hours for large casting.

How do I take out my hand from mould material?

The mould is indeed very solid. But it is flexible and slimy inside. You can take out your hand with a slight wiggle and pull.

Is the mould of the casting kit reusable?

No, it is not reusable.


Baby casting kits provide you with a chance to preserve everlasting memories of your little ones. So, you should avail yourself of this chance without wasting time. It helps you to create a 3D impression of your toddlers’ hands and feet.

You can paint the hands or feet replica and decorate them into frames to treasure forever. When your babies grow up, they can get more excitement and fun to see their tiny hands or feet.

Our recommendations include Mold Your Memories Baby Casting KitSnygg Baby Hand & Foot Casting Kit, and Bawy Baby Casting kit.

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