10 Best Kids Board Games

With a wide range of electronic devices in the market, board games are continuously being forgotten by most parents. But this remains one of the best ways to teach and grow your kid’s mind while having fun. These games also allow parents to interact with their children while teaching them about fairness and following the rules carefully.

Child psychologists have recommended that families consider these games, especially if there is a group of young kids. However, there are a lot of options when it comes to these games, and not all of them are ideal for your kid’s growth. So which is the best board game for your child? Read through this article to find out more as we have compiled a comprehensive list on the same.

10 Best Kids Board Games

1. Funskool Monopoly Deluxe

Let your child develop his skills and prepare for life in school with this board game by Funskool. It is designed for kids aged eight years and above. Therefore, if you have a child in this age bracket and you are wondering what to get them for their holiday, then here is your answer. The game will not only keep your kids busy, but it will also enhance various skills.

Amazingly, this is a game that has been around for centuries, and it is still as exciting as ever. It is suitable for the whole family, from the youngest kid (at least eight years) to the oldest in the household. Spend time with your child and keep track of their mental and social development. Playing with them also gives both of you a chance to strengthen the parent-child bond.


2. JLG Wooden Board Ludo Snakes & Ladders

Are you planning to go for a picnic with your family? Why not carry a game board with you to make the experience even better? JLG Ludo Snakes & Ladders is a perfect fit for this occasion. It features a dice shaker cum roller aimed at preventing cheating during the game. Keep your kid busy with this super cool and creative game by JLG.

A player rolls the dice, races four boxes around the drawn board, and then the opponent takes their turn. The opponent also does the same, and the cycle continues. However, if, for any reason, the movement you make lands you on an already occupied space, you’ll need to take back the piece and start over the race again.


3. Word Puzzle by Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd.

Let your kids develop a creative and more imaginative mind with the help of this board game from Creative Education. In this game, the users learn how to build four or five-letter words. These words are with reference to the graphics included in the book. The art in the book is based on the pictures of objects that your children see every day like a house or a pet.

The kid is tasked with bringing several pieces together to complete a picture, which in turn leads to a well-spelled word. In the process, they strengthen their vocabulary as they come across new words. However, building the child’s vocabulary is not the only target as they can also develop other skills like concentration. They also create a better understanding of various visual appearances, and their minds begin to distinguish between various images easily.


4. Skillmatics Brain Games

Still not sure what to get your kid for their birthday? Try something that will not only entertain them but also educate them. Skillmatics Brain Games has all those features and comes at a very affordable price. In fact, considering the benefits that your child will gain, we can confidently say it is one of the best board games in the market.

So, what does this game entail? Well, its primary objective is to develop a child’s core skills like strategizing, critical thinking, observation, logical thinking, and problem-solving, among others. The rules of the game are easy to understand, but it is still designed to work your kid’s brain cells.

Some of the features are that it is packed with a set of reusable activity mats, a Squik, duster, and a pen. The complexity of the game is appropriate for children between the age of three and nine years.


5. Skillmatics World Cities Educational Game

How many cities do you know in the world? Well, they are many, and you probably will not have time to spell them out to your kid. For that reason, Skillmatics came up with an entertaining game that will your child learn these cities quite easily. The game is based on guessing the name of a given city in a particular game card.

The board game kit comes with 52 game cards, which include a set of questions regarding cities. There are also six clue cards in case your kid is not able to answer a question. For instance, a game card may ask you to mention the name of the city, its continent, and the dominant economic activity. The key skills being nurtured here include communication skills since the users interact throughout the match. Your kid will also learn how to solve certain problems and have a creative mind.


6. Hasbro Sorry Game

The test in this game is to see how far one can move their pawn on the board. Slide your pawns and reach a collision course then score. If you follow all the rules perfectly and reach the Promised Land, then you win this Sorry game. You can think of it as a kids’ draught game since the rules are not far off.

Here is what happens; let’s say you land on a slide. At this point, you will have powers over any opponent’s pawn that is on the same line as yours. As such, you can blow all of them to the end of that line. You can also be a victim, and you can avoid that by going to a safe zone.

The beauty of this game is that you cannot stop; you’ll need to keep moving and bumping to other pawns until three of your subjects are out of your color. It is quite interesting and builds your kid’s creative mind while making him a strategist.


7. Mattel Scrabble Board Game

How many times have you played scramble? Well, I bet everyone has at least tried this game out and found it fun. Let your child enjoy this entertaining board game from Mattel, too, and see how first their brain will develop. This particular scramble is a product of high-quality materials properly checked and controlled to withstand severe conditions.

Perhaps its unique feature is that it does not have a maximum age. Provided you understand the rules, you can enjoy it with those around you. However, we recommend that you invite only children aged above ten years.

It accommodates between two and four players and is not gender-selective. The board also comes with plastic cards and several tiles meant to enhance your experience. Finally, another thing we love about this game is the affordable price tag placed on it. Hurry up and get yours today.


8. Funskool World Map Puzzle

Another fun game that we would recommend for your kid is this map puzzle by Funskool. This highly-rated game paces up the cognitive development of your child. It is one of the best puzzle games given the benefits that your little learner has in store. It is designed with thick cardboard covered in colors that every kid will like.

According to psychologists, a child who engages in regular puzzles has significantly higher mental development than the one who doesn’t. So, let yours be one of those who become fast learners in a class by jogging their mind at this early stage. Among the things that your child will learn are setting small goals, shape recognition, and eye-hand coordination.

9. Fun with Sums by Creative Educational Aids

We’ve already seen one impressive game from Creative Educational Aids, and here is another one. Fun with sums is a mathematics-based game where the child learns to count, add, and subtract different quantities. It also comes at a very affordable price; therefore, you won’t have to break the bank to make your kid happy.

Many people say math is a tough subject to learn, but it one of the most entertaining ones. Let your kid enjoy the basics of counting and develop a positive mindset towards arithmetic by engaging in this game.

10. Play Panda Fun Magnetic Shapes Board Game

Let your kids come up with colorful creations by using magnetic shapes that come with this amazing kit. One can make a colorful bird, fruit, animal, or a vehicle while learning new tricks. The game is geared towards improving your kid’s imagination and the skill of problem-solving.

It is a unisex game; therefore, both your daughter and son can use it to entertain themselves. Play Panda is recommended for children between the age of five and nine years. It can also be played in groups to improve the spirit of teamwork among children. Get yours today at an affordable price and see the fruits.

Buying Guide

If you are a first-time mom, here are some of the factors to consider while choosing the best board game in the market.

Ease of learning

How first can your kid learn the game? This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind before purchasing a board game. The best one should be quite easy for your child to learn and understand the rules. Remember, kids are not too patient; therefore, the faster they learn, the better.

If a game is somewhat complicated, the child might lose interest even before you finish showing them how to play. However, that doesn’t mean all games should be easy because the goal is to develop young minds. Start with the easier ones as you slowly move towards the complex sets when the age is appropriate.

The process of setting up

The best board game to buy for your child is one that is easy to set up. It shouldn’t be a lot of time for everything to be ready; otherwise, it will be discouraging for the kids. You actually might end up storing the board game away, and no one will ever bother to play it. Ensure that the game is also exciting to keep your kids on toes. As such, they will always be willing to forego other games to play their new board game.

Easy to clean up

A board game should not come with a lot of props because that can make the cleaning up process a bit frustrating. This will also make it easier to store and maintain the set because you can keep track of every part that’s essential for the game. If you buy one with many parts, you might render it useless after one of the pieces disappears, and that’s quite inevitable considering it’s a child using them.

Number of players

How many children do you have in your household? To make it more interesting, ensure all the kids engage in the game. Most board games are designed to accommodate between two and six players every round. We recommend that you get one that will get the whole family involved. If you want to build an everlasting bond with your children, ensure you engage with them in such games on a regular basis. Through such occasions, kids will learn the importance of teamwork, and that’s part of what we would like to instill in our children at an early age.


Another very important thing to consider is the age of those who will be using the kit. Every game is appropriate for a certain age group and might too complex or extremely easy for other children. The toy industry is even urged to label their board games to specify the relevant age levels.

One thing that determines this age difference is child safety. Some games come with very small parts, and a young child may end up putting them in the mouth. As such, these board games pose a choking hazard to these innocent souls. Another factor is the complexity of the game, and your child can only handle what their mind can process. Therefore, do not put your child under unnecessary pressure of learning rules beyond their comprehension level.

Safety Tips

According to reports, more than 400 kids aged five and below fall victim to toy-related injuries every day. Well, these are some shocking statistics, and it is probably the reason why some parents are skeptical about some of these toys. However, you can still keep an eye on your child and let them enjoy their board games safely. Here are some of the safety tips to keep in mind to avoid such accidents.

Age appropriateness

Every age group has its relevant board games, and this should be considered every time you purchase a new product. Young children are always tempted to put something in their mouth, and that can be disastrous if the parts of the board game are too small. It is not uncommon for children to get choked by such toys, but it is something that you can easily avoid. Ensure you buy them board games with big-sized parts. Also, remember to read all the instructions attached to the kits.

Moving parts

Some board games have some moving parts either in the game itself or their storage containers. These parts can catch the fingers of your child and cause injuries. Therefore, as you unpack the kit, look out for these factors, and take appropriate actions. Also, when storing the tools ensure you store them out of your children’s reach.

Sharp points

Some games may contain sharp parts, and this needs serious supervision to keep you, child, safe. A broken part can also pose a threat to the kid as they enjoy their favorite game. If you are not going to be around them throughout their learning phase, we recommend purchasing a board game without any sharp points. Also, replace the broken parts or the entire game is you sense any danger.


Does the board game produce a loud noise? Well, you probably won’t know the difference between a loud and moderate noise for your child unless you go through the game’s guidelines. Your child’s hearing is still developing and can easily be damaged by such tools. If there is a warning on the game, then make a wise decision on it. Luckily, there aren’t many board games out there with such features, but remember to keep this in mind in case you come across them.


1. Why are board games important for a kid’s development?

Unlike video games and other electronic toys, a board game keeps your child’s brain engaged while building the spirit of teamwork. As such, the kid will not only be developing their mental strength but also their social awareness of whatever is around them. The beauty of it is that it cannot be played by one player, unlike most video games where one can battle against the computer.

2. Should I let the kid win every time?

No, the whole point of introducing your kid to a board game is to help them learn how to cope with different situations. Therefore, letting them win every time will create an inappropriate falsehood. The child has to know that sometimes you win while other times you lose, and both scenarios are normal. As such, they will know how to control their frustrations and excitement. In addition, you will also get to understand how your kid reacts to different outcomes.

3. What are the best board games for pre-school kids?

Every board game is tailored to strengthen the bond between your family members. They are also meant to improve one’s cognitive and social skills. Therefore, the best option for preschoolers is one that gives the child an opportunity to learn the aforementioned factors. You should also look for a game that makes these children quite creative in various situations.

4. Should I play with my child or let him play with his friends?

We recommend that you take part in the board games played by your children. For one, you will be providing guidance whenever the rules seem a little complex for the kids to comprehend. Your presence will also make sure that all the rules are followed without the older kid bullying the younger ones. It is also important to play with these kids as it strengthens your relationship with them. However, sometimes you need to let them play on their own so that you can assess their level of understanding and teach them to work under no supervision.

5. Are there any differences between the 1st and 2nd generation games?

The two are essentially two versions of the same rules, but there is very little difference. The little change can, however, be very significant in how the game is played. Manufacturers usually update the rules of the game to make it easier to comprehend by the kids within a certain age group. Therefore, getting the second generation is more advantageous.


A kid board game is an essential part of your child’s growth, both mentally and socially. Their brain capacity starts to grow at an early age, which is a good thing and will make their future learning process a lot easier. However, not every board game is worth an investment as your child’s age is also a determining factor. Once you consider all the factors discussed in this article, we promise you that you’ll have an ideal product for your junior.