Best Learning Toys & Gifts for Your Little One

Research shows kids’ brains perceive things quickly from their birth to eight years. So, this critical period has great importance to parents. This period also identifies as early childhood education (ECE).

Early childhood education provides a strong foundation for kids upcoming development. It develops the learning capabilities with mental and social growth.

Education through fun play is a significant part of a kid’s cognitive development. Children love to spend enough time with toys and learn much more unconsciously. The best toys are equipped with educational activities.

Parents can support their toddlers to nurture and comprehend their surroundings by purchasing them informative funny toys. These toys are a great source of fun with boosting IQ, problem solving, creativity, and sensory development.

After reading this article you will know the benefits of kids’ toys along with the importance of learning with fun. The article is about the best 11 toys for 2 years and above, which can be used as an amazing gift for toddlers.

1. Zest 4 Toyz Musical Dancing Girl

Playing with dolls creates social skills, empathy and compassion. zest 4 musical dancing doll is a primary educational toy. It is helpful for toddlers to develop imagination, creativity, intelligence. The toy has fantastic features of lightning, rotating, and moving.

The Kids enjoy and make fun with its colourful flashing lights. It has a unique set of dances by following the rhythm of the music. Walking flexibility and 360-degree rotating are amazing features.

When this doll moves forward and backwards with 360-degree rotation, children run to catch it with physical exercise. This process makes the muscles strengthen.

The product is prepared with eco-friendly material that is safe for the age of 2+ years old kids. You can operate this doll after the installation of 3AA batteries.

2. CocoMoco Kids Solar System

CocoMoco offers parents a plan to make the house educational institute through their wonderful fun making educational games. CocoMoco solar system is a 2-in-1 puzzle game.

It is a Jigsaw puzzle as well as a colouring activity. This product is suitable for the age of 2-6 years. Children can play it easily in two steps.

In step 1 the kids can complete their fun activity through a jigsaw puzzle with 30 pieces of the solar system.

In step 2 you have a colouring activity; flip over to fill the colour backside. It enhances skills like fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, problem-solving and much more. These skills are essential to the early growth of the brain.

3. Shumee 5-in-1 Wooden Triangle

Shumee Triangle is a multi-activity five-sided learning toy to enhance creativity, sensory and fine motor skills. It is a basic concept learning toy for toddlers and preschool kids. They can learn numbers, alphabets, picture recognition, time concepts, shapes and much more.

This multiple activity product engages the kids with a swivel block, chalkboard, wooden turning gears, moveable clock keys and abacus. A child safety toy made with wood and coloured with water-based paint is non-toxic.

The product is appropriate for the age group of 2-5 years. Children can explore the new world of skills with fun in a natural way of learning.

4. American Tourister Kids Luggage

Travelling can be fun for kids if they travel with their toys using the stylish American kid’s luggage bag. Children can use it for multiple purposes. They can use it for sitting by rolling it as a toy and can drag it although they sit on it.

For a trip, adventure kids can select one from white zebra, yellow bee and orange tiger animal characters. It is easy to grab and converts into shoulder straps. The product is durable and long-lasting due to its standardized material.

5. Blue Tree Cute Kids Backpack

Kids Blue Tree Cute Backpack is a perfect selection to use during travelling, outdoor parties, and going to preschool. Its animal cartoon design and pink colour attract the toddler.

This toddler bag is made with the qualities of easy usable, smooth zipper, lightweight, comfortable and washable. It is specially designed for kids to keep the books, pencils, snacks and toys.

Soft fabric and cuddly filling are non-toxic and not harmful for children. There is no pressure on the kid’s shoulder due to its breathable and adjustable straps. You can choose it as a gift and prize for your little ones.

6. Chocozone Educational Kids Building Block

The STEM educational building blocks give many chances to create new ideas, solve problems, and develop fine motor skills. These are open-ended toys; children can play with them in varied ways.

Parents and teachers use these STEM blocks to develop the basic concepts at the early stage of learning, which are helpful later. The building blocks are colourful and attractive.

Kids can mingle the bricks to build crazy castles, tall towers, skyscrapers, funny animals and whatever they want to build. It is packed with 200 blocks in a zippered pack with a handle.

7. Chocozone Bump Bullet Train

Chocozone Bullet Train entertains the children for hours with its creativity and logical thinking skills. This electric light toy attracts the kids by changing the directions on flat surfaces.

They watch the train fascinatingly by moving backwards and forward and spinning at 360 degrees. After touching the wall or any object, it turns the direction automatically.

The train lights flash different colours with 3D effects and musical sounds. This creates an amazing sight when all the lights of the room turn off.

The toy is manufactured with durable plastic, which provides long-lasting strength. Children use this without breakage fear. It is recommended for 2 years age and above.

8. Shumee Wooden Farm Animals Toy Set

This is yet another fantastic toy for sensory play. This is a twist and turns toy set. Children love to separate and fix together with the heads, tails and different body parts of animals.

The wooden toy set consists of a happy cow, a jumpy rabbit, a mother hen and a cute pig. The ivory wood is used to manufacture with non-toxic ink. The product is suitable for 2 years age and above.

9. Crown Deals Royal Tea Set

Another colourful pretend toy tea set DIY (do it yourself) makes the kids happy with their pretend parties. Kids pretend to play with these sets, which help develop thinking, social, language, and emotional skills.

They can create new designs and unique tea sets by following the given design in the box. This beautiful set consists of four cups and a saucer, two small teapots, one big teapot, four spoons with fork and cake doughnuts replica,

The product is made with ABS material that is non-toxic and safer for children. The edges are smooth without danger. The kids can use it for indoor and outdoor activities.

10. PARV Moon Star Projector Light Toys

Toddlers learn with every bit of a moment through their environment. Parents should provide a learning environment in which they learn more with fun. A PARV moon star lamp projector is a wonderful toy for children’s bedrooms, just like an open night sky sleep.

It projects a spark of light on the walls and ceiling with the night moon sky’s image and colourful galaxy stars. You can enjoy a peaceful sleep with this attractive lamp. The rotation toy is a 3 in 1 galaxy projector. It can rotate in 360-degree.

The 8 changing colour lights and moon star glow projector lamp make it a widespread astronomical science for your kids. You can use it easily with the help of the attached manual guide. This is a beautiful gift for your kids and yourself.

You can use it as a decoration piece for parties, weddings and festivals to create a romantic atmosphere.

11. Genius Kit for Toddler

This is an amazing Genius Kit for the toddler to develop creative educational abilities. This kit nurtures exploration through the pleasure of activities.

The genius kit supports the parent in providing an entertaining and joyful learning experience for their little ones in the early phase of growth. It has 6-in-1 activities with 80 pieces to teach the kids alphabet, shapes, colours and numbers.

Your kids can learn the alphabet’s upper and lower case, 56 nouns, 10 types of colours and shapes. They can familiarise with numbers and animals by using themed posters and flashcards.

It includes a teaching guide, duster tip and marker. It is recommended for 2-3 years old, who can easily hold and play.


Toys are important for enjoyment, but when these come with fun learning, they become more beneficial to teach the basic concept with pleasure. Parents should be passionate to teach the kids at an early stage for future success.

However, all the toys listed above are great for learning with fun. We recommend Zest 4 Toyz Musical Dancing Girl, CocoMoco Kids Solar System, and Shumee 5-in-1 Wooden Triangle.