Best Nail Clippers for Your Baby

When you look at those beautiful delicate little appendages at the ends of your baby’s hands and feet, you don’t want to touch them with any sharp objects, do you?  Well, at some point you are going to have to! So you better be as prepared as possible before you have to clip your precious bundle’s nails for the first time.

The baby industry has been working overtime to ensure that you have the best possible options available for this delicate but necessary procedure for your child.  We have reviewed some of the most popular, efficient, and high-quality nail clippers and related products for you to choose from. We hope that we can make the decision-making process for the purchase of a nail clipper as painless as possible (with no pun intended!)

Best Nail Clippers for Your Baby

1. NIRVA Grinder Set Nail Trimmer Kit for Kids

This high-quality nail trimmer by Nirva is one of the more products in this category as it relies solely on filing the nail to trim it.  It comes with five different heads that can perform a range of actions from filing overgrown nails to polishing the face of the nail.

This versatile machine can also be used by adults, which means that it could be the solution to the whole family’s nail clipping needs.  As the electric filing method used is gradual, none of your baby’s cuticles or nail beds are damaged during the trimming process, unlike when you use more traditional clipping methods.

You can use the polishing head to quickly give your baby’s fingernails and toenails a quick buff after trimming them down to size.

It only uses 2 AA batteries to spring into action though you need to buy them separately.  The machine is only 13cm long and 4cm wide, which allows it to be tucked into any small available spot when you are traveling with your baby.

The main switch on the product has five settings, two speeds for counter-clockwise, two speeds for clockwise, and of course, the offsetting.  There are three grinding heads for babies (0-3 months, 4-11 months, and over 12 months) and one for adults.

The soft polishing head is to buff the nails to glistening perfection.  The cylindrical grinding head is for processing nail tips and cuticles. This is one of the most versatile and simple products available for trimming your baby’s nails, and it can be recommended without reservation.

2. REHTRAD Nail Kit, 4-in-1 Baby Nail Grooming Care Set

This Rehtrad nail care kit is one of our favorites, as it has all four items needed to give your baby’s nails the perfect trim.  The kit includes a nail clipper, nail clipping scissors, a nail file, and tweezers. The products have been made using stainless steel to ensure a prolonged lifespan.  The plastic components are made from BPA-free plastic to ensure non-toxicity.

The storage unit that comes with the product allows all four items to be stored in a dust and liquid-free area.  It is also very handy when you are traveling, as all your child’s nail-care products can be transported in one space-saving case.

The nail clipper has been designed ergonomically, where it will fit right into an adult hand to provide the best possible grip to ensure precision clipping.  The finger rings of the scissors are amply big and equally well-designed. The tips of the scissors are rounded and blunt to prevent any unfortunate nicks and scratches.

The nail file has been designed with a smooth holding area to keep your fingers safe while filing your baby’s nails.  The multi-purpose tweezers can be used to pluck semi-cut nails as well as to pluck your baby’s nose-hairs. They can also be used with cotton balls to clean your baby’s ears, nose, and belly button.  This circumspect nail-care kit can be recommended for any parents that are looking for a comprehensive solution to keep their baby’s nail growth in check.

3. LuvLap baby scissors and nail clipper set

This cute little nail care kit by LuvLap has all the items you need to ensure that your baby’s nails are kept trimmed to perfection.  The kit includes a nail clipper, nail clipping scissors, a set of nail files and tweezers. The metal parts of the products are made using long-lasting stainless steel materials.  The plastic parts are made using durable and non-toxic materials.

The packaging that this product comes in can be reused several times for storing the items, though a proper container will have to be found for them after some time, especially when traveling.  These nail trimming products have been determined safe to use with newborns by the manufacturers.

The nail clipper has been designed to ensure that the adult using it has the right grip so that he/she can make precision clips on the precious baby’s fingernails.  The scissors are made to a cute new design with a short shank and blades, with adequately sized finger rings. The nail filing set has three different nail files, each a different roughness.  They all fold together on a pivot to form a nail filing set that is easy to transport.

The tweezers are very elegantly designed and will be able to take care of hanging nails as well as in tandem with cotton balls to clean your baby’s sensitive parts (nose, ears, and belly button).  The scissors and tweezers come with protecting plastic casings for the steel parts. This beautifully designed and competitively priced nail care kit can be recommended for any parents looking to pamper their baby’s fingers.

4. GOCART WITH G LOGO New Born Baby Safety Nail Scissors

This competitively priced nail clipping kit by Gocart has all the items necessary for fully taking care of your baby’s nail trimming needs.  It has a nail clipper, nail clipping scissors, a set of nail files and tweezers.

The metal parts of the items have been produced using high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of the products.  The plastic parts have been made using non-toxic materials to make sure that your child’s health is not adversely affected.  The packaging that the items come in can be reused a few times, but is not a long-term solution for transport as the cardboard part will disintegrate after a period of time.  The manufacturers of this nail clipping kit have recommended its use with newborns and toddlers.

The ergonomic design of the nail clipper will allow you to get a firm easy grip on it to ensure that you are precise when you are using it with your baby.  The scissors have a cute design, with good-sized finger rings and short shanks. It also has a protective plastic covering on top that is to be replaced after using the item.

Three different nail files are amalgamated into a nail filing unit for easy transport.  The tweezers come with a handy plastic covering to safeguard its tips. They can be used to pluck out pieces of nail clippings as well as to clean sensitive parts of your baby, such as his/her ears, nose, and belly button with cotton balls.  This is a holistic nail care kit that can be recommended for any parent that’s looking to give their baby the best care possible.

5. GOCART WITH G LOGO Magnifier Nail Scissors

This beautifully designed nail clipper by Gocart is perfect for parents that are looking to provide their babies with the safest nail clipping experience possible.  The product has been recommended for use with children that are newborns and older.

The intelligent design of the nail clipper is meant to fit an adult hand perfectly and has an anti-slip grain embedded onto it.  This is to ensure that the operator has the best precision possible when cutting his/her baby’s fingernails. The magnifier that is attached to the clipper increases the target fingertip’s size by several times, making it much easier to see where to direct the clipper.

The clipping head is sleek and has the perfect size for your baby’s small fingernails.  They will remain sharp for years to come due to the quality workmanship. The firm pivot made from high-quality materials ensures that the clipping motion is precise even as the product ages.  The plastic components are made from non-toxic materials that are safe to use with children. The nail clipping lever can be safely folded onto the bottom part for storage or transport.

The magnifier can also be folded downwards to fit onto the bottom part of the clipper.  This item is perfect for parents that are looking to ensure that there are absolutely no mistakes when it comes to clipping their baby’s fingernails.

6. Baybee Baby Nail Clipper with Magnifier for Toddler/Infant

This cute little green nail clipper by Baybee has been designed with your baby’s safety in mind.  The manufacturers have marked it safe to use with babies that are newborn and older. The product’s shape has been made to ensure that it fits your hand perfectly while you are clipping your child’s fingernails.

The anti-slip grip ensures that it can be firmly held even if it is in a wet environment.  The magnifier that is available on the product makes it easy to see exactly where to place the clipping head before making the clip.  The stainless steel components are corrosion-free and will last the lifetime of the product. The plastic components have been made from high-quality ABS plastic that is non-toxic and safe to use.

The clipping head of the clipper has been made with rust-free materials to maintain a sharp edge for a long duration. The pivot of the clippers has been made with extra attention to ensure that there won’t be any extra spaces that develop as the product ages.

Both the clipping lever and the magnifier fold onto the bottom part of the clipper for easy and safe storage and transport.  We can recommend this product to parents that are looking for the perfectly safe nail clipper for use with newborns.

7. Chicco Baby Nail Scissor

This beautifully designed baby nail clipping scissors come in a blue color scheme.  It is highly rated by the uses of the product due to the precision cuts it can achieve.  The blades of the scissors are made from high-quality stainless steel that will preserve their sharpness for a long duration.

The blades have a soft curve to fit the curve of our baby’s fingernails.  The plastic components of the scissors are made from durable, non-toxic materials.  Extra care has been given to the construction of pivot, which will be the key to ensuring that the blades are close together as the product ages.

There is a plastic cover for the blades of the scissors to ensure that the scissors are kept as hygienic as possible.  The finger rings have been perfectly sized to make sure that your grip is perfect when you are angling the scissors to make a precision cut.

The ends of the scissor’s blades have been rounded to ensure that there are no unexpected nicks and cuts on your baby’s skin.  This product is great for parents that are looking for an affordable means of keeping their baby’s nails neat and tidy.

Baby Nail Clippers – Buying Guide

Scissor Tips & Blade

Generally, the tips of a baby’s nail clipping scissor should be rounded to reduce the possibility of an inadvertent prick onto the baby’s sensitive skin.  Babies are prone to making sudden movements, and having pointy tips on your scissors would be a definite health hazard if brought near your child.

When you buy nail clipping scissors for your baby, make sure that you purchase ones with rounded tips to ensure that your baby remains as healthy as possible.

Scissor Finger Rings

Unfortunately, some baby nail clipper scissor manufacturers will make the finger rings of the scissors small just because they are meant for babies!  Well, while it can be quite the annoyance, it also poses a health risk for your child. If your fingers don’t fit in comfortably into the finger rings, then your motions will be jerky, and your precision will suffer.  Make sure that the finger rings of the scissors you buy fit well with your fingers.

Scissor Shank & Weight

Another factor that affects the precision of your movements when you are trying to cut your baby’s nails will be the length of the shank of your scissors.  The shank is part of your scissors that are from the finger rings to the pivot. If the shank is too short, your squeezing actions will result in too much movement at the other end where the edges are.

A moderately long shank will enable you to make natural squeezing motions so that the edges of your scissors will move at a rate that your eyes can follow easily.  The scissors should also have a low weight, allowing you to move them comfortably without having to compensate for the weight of the scissors.


The pin/pivot of your scissors or nail clipper is key to the smooth functioning of both items.  If this part is not made to high standards, the product will stop being precise, and your child’s health will suffer.  It is especially important for scissors as the slightest distance between the edges of the blades will result in the scissors malfunctioning.

For the nail clippers, the extra distance at the pivot position will result in the nails not being cut properly, needing the nails to be pulled loose after the cutting motion is finished.  Make sure that the pivot is fitted properly and that it is done professionally to ensure that your nail cutting device can be used for a prolonged period.

Nail Clipper Lever

The lever of a nail clipper is the top part that is pushed down to create the pinching motion to cut the fingernail.  This has to be fitted securely to the pivot so that there is no jerking motion when it is pressed.

Additionally, the lever has to be a moderate length.  If it is too long, then it will be hard for your hand to grip the clippers, and this will result in imprecise motions against your baby’s fingernails.  If it is too short, the clipping motion will be too quick, taking away some of the control you have of the motion. Make sure that you are comfortable with the motion of the nail clipper’s lever before making a purchase.

Nail Clipper Clip Arms

These are the two (generally metal) parts that are below the lever that press together to create the clipping action.  It’s better to get a clipper with sharp clipping teeth rather than ones that depend on pressure to clip the nails. The two clipping parts should also be pretty close together since that will ensure that you can clip the fingernails before your child can move his/her fingers out of the way.


There are a lot of care products that your child needs (not to mention the ones that you need!)  This means that there might be a lot of clutter when it comes to getting your nail, hair and skin products organized in the space you have available.

To help with organization, make sure that your child’s nail clippers are foldable and that your child’s nail clipping scissors come in a shape that’s easily stored.  You will need to take these important items with you whenever you are traveling with your baby.

Magnifying Glass

These are useful for any parents that want to make sure that there is no chance your precious baby’s fingers are hurt during the nail clipping process.  Generally, nail clippers that come with a magnifying glass allow you to see your baby’s finger-tips and nails at 3 to 5 times the normal size.

This is more than enough for you to make sure that every uneven edge is evened out and that there’s enough nail length left-over so that your baby isn’t uncomfortable.  We recommend that you try to get nail clippers with a magnifying glass if possible.

Electric Nail File

A new addition to the range of products available to clip your baby’s nails is the electric nail file.  These machines allow you to trim your baby’s nails gradually and prevent over-clips and other mishaps that might cause your baby pain.  If you are looking for an all-purpose machine that will take care of your baby’s nail trimming needs, this might be the machine for you.

Types of Baby Nail Clippers

Nail Clipping Scissors

Nail clipping scissors are a must-have when you are trying to maintain your baby’s nails.  They are easy to use and give you a lot of control over which part of the nail you want to cut.  Unlike nail clippers, scissors allow you to get at edges and half-cut pieces that might trouble your baby.  While nail clipping scissors give you a lot more control, it takes a little longer to use scissors than when using a nail clipper.

Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are always a safe bet when you are trying to trim your baby’s nails.  They are easy to use, and they will allow you to see the distance left-over on the nail after the clipping is done before cutting.  The single-action cut also allows you to go through the nail clipping process a little bit quicker than when you use nail clipping scissors.

Nail Clippers with Magnifying Glass

It’s not possible to get magnifying glasses to fit onto nail clippers as the shapes of clippers vary widely.

Fortunately, some nail clippers come with magnifying glasses that are attached.  This type of nail clipper would be the best bet you have for keeping your baby’s finger-tips as safe as possible.

The magnifiers often allow you to view the area from 3 to 5 times larger.  This magnification is ample enough for you to make precision clips on your baby’s fingernails.

Nail Files/Electric Nail Files

Some parents also opt to use nail files to file their baby’s nails down to a more manageable size.  However, this is a much slower process than using nail clipping scissors or nail clippers. There are also nail electric files, making the filing procedure quite a bit faster.

If you are looking to eliminate the risk of clipping your baby’s nails, this might be the option for you.  Nail files can also be used to file down the edges left behind after you use scissors or nail clippers to clip your baby’s nails.

Nail Clipping/Grooming Kits

Grooming kits often have a pair of nail clipping scissors and a nail clipper.  Some nail clipping kits come with a nail file and a set of tweezers in addition to the scissors and clippers.  Some manufacturers choose to group nail cutting items with other baby care products as well. If you are looking for a package that will take care of all your baby’s nail clipping needs, this is the best option for you.

Baby Nail Clippers – Safety Tips

Nail Filings

If you are looking to use a nail file or an electric nail file to take care of your child’s nail trimming needs, make sure that the nail filings are kept away from the child.  Also, make sure that the child does not inhale any of the nail clippings during or after the process.

Firm Positioning

Make sure that your child’s finger is firmly held while going through with the nail clipping process.  Children are prone to sudden movements, and if you are not holding your child’s hand and a finger firmly, it might result in an unfortunate nick on your baby’s skin.  Also, make sure that whatever type of nail clipper you are using, you are holding it steadily in the hand you have the best fine motor skills.


When you are done using your child’s nail file, clipping scissors, or nail clippers, make sure that you clean it before putting it back in storage.  This is because fingernails accumulate a vast amount of bacteria and other dirt that will fester on the utensil by the time you have to use it next, making a nick on your baby’s skin a bigger health risk.

Nail File Positioning

When you are trimming your baby’s nails with a nail file (or electric nail file), make sure that the nail file is positioned in a manner that only the baby’s nail is filed.  A common mistake is allowing the angle to change while trimming, which causes the nail file to make contact with the baby’s skin.


1. What is better to use with a newborn baby, a nail clipper, or a pair of nail clipping scissors?

For a newborn baby, the best bet would be to use a nail clipper with a magnifying glass.  You may also use a pair of nail clipping scissors to cut the edges of the baby’s nails to have a better-finished look.  The use of a nail file is not recommended at this age because the friction might apply undue pressure on the infant’s joints.

2. Can I use an electric nail file for both my baby’s and my nails?

Yes, you can use a nail file for both your baby and yourself.  However, make sure that you clean the electric nail file thoroughly before using it on your baby.  The rough edges of the file tend to accumulate the filings that are then dispensed when you use it next.

3. What’s better, getting a nail clipper and nail clipping scissors individually or as a pack?

You will be able to save some money on packaging and delivery if you buy those two items as a pack.  Additionally, it will look better as they will have the same design. However, if you are looking for a nail clipper with a magnifying glass and scissors with a very short shaft, you might not be able to get the exact ones you want in a pack.  In this case, you will have to go for individual purchases.

4. Are the magnifying glasses detachable from the nail clippers?

Generally, nail clippers that come with magnifying glasses are not designed for detaching the magnifying glasses.  However, in many, you will be able to keep the magnifying glass folded so that it is not in your way while clipping your baby’s nails.  It is recommended that you use the magnifying glass as much as possible so that your baby is as protected as possible.

5. What are tweezers used for, and do they come in a nail care pack?

Tweezers are generally included in high-quality nail care packages.  After using your nail clipping scissors, nail clipper, and nail file, you can then use your tweezers to give your baby a C-curve using the included tweezers.

You can also use the tweezers to carefully pluck semi-separated nail parts from your baby’s finger-tips if your clipping scissors or nail clippers didn’t do such a great job of it.


Taking care of a baby’s nails might not be as simple and clear cut as it might seem at first.  There are a lot of items that can be used to give your baby’s fingernails the perfect trim. You can use nail clippers with or without a magnifying glass to do the main job and then finish it off with nail clipping scissors, a nail file, and tweezers.

If you are extremely deft at using a nail clipper or nail clipping scissors, then you can finish it using just one of these items.  It all depends on how and what you want to use these items.

We hope that our buying guide will give you some of the main points to look for when you are looking to purchase a nail clipper for your baby.  Please take note of the safety tips and go through the FAQ sections to ensure that you give your precious baby’s hands the best care possible.  Good luck, and we hope that you can keep your baby’s fingernails trimmed and looking beautiful with your purchase!