Best Play Mats for Baby

Your baby’s favorite place to play is under the table where it’s dirty and hard for you to reach.  What do you!? Well, a great option to get your child to play on clean flooring where it’s easy for you to keep an eye on him/her is to get a baby play mat.

While any mat would work great for this, but we have reviewed some of the fastest moving items in this category for your convenience. Select from a range of foldable, washable, connectable, and entertaining set of baby play mats to suit your needs.  Follow the buying guide to make sure you know what features to look for when buying your mat!

10 Best Play Mats for Baby

1. Parklon Double Side Living and Baby Play Mat

This baby play mat is colorful and educational, providing an excellent stimulus for your developing child.  Designed for use by babies that are starting to crawl, it is water-resistant and easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe the playmat with a damp cloth, and it’s as good as new!  It has also been made of materials that are non-toxic and devoid of phthalate or BPA.

There are prints on both sides of the mat, so it is reversible.  This allows you to switch the sides of the mat to the other when your child is done learning the material on one side.  The mat can be rolled up for easy storage. This product is great for parents looking for a high-quality tummy time mat.

2. eHomeKart EVA Kid’s Interlocking Play Mat

This inventive baby play mat has a lot of unique features that make it a must-have for parents with babies or toddlers. Going as a quilted play mat, it is designed to grow with your child. These mats can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.  The initial purchase gives you eight interlocking play mats that you can fit in whatever design you please. As your child grows bigger and needs more space, you can get another set of playmats and make the play area larger.

Each playmat is 60cm x 60cm for a total play area of 8 feet with the initial purchase. The playmats are 12 millimeters thick and are quite sufficient to protect your child from nasty falls.  These playmats are also great for use by adults for yoga or other exercises. They have been manufactured to be moisture-resistant, heat-insulating, easily washable, and durable.

3. Vic Kid® Baby Play Mat

A great product by Vic Kids, this playmat comes with a lot of educational and fun activities printed right on it.  One of the great features about this mat is that it can be folded into a very portable rectangular cube from its 6.45 ft x 5.80 ft unfolded play area size.  Coming with two printed sides, one is focused on a ‘squirrel and mouse’ theme, while the other on the ‘ocean world.’

The foam is made from high-quality XPE material that is scratch-resistant and lightweight.  The manufacturers also recommend using this mat for yoga or exercises for adults when not in use by the baby.  The baby mat is water-resistant, and any drops or spills on the surface can be easily wiped off the product.

4. Cable World Kick and Play Musical Mat and Activity Gym

Marketable as an all-in-one entertainment center for your baby, this baby gym comes with a lot of extra bells and whistles.  The playmat is designed to encourage your baby to move and develop him/her arms and legs in order for their muscles to develop. Large piano keys make musical notes when hit and are placed at the bottom of the gym for your baby to kick.

There are also four animal toys and a large mirror on the rack that is designed to stimulate the touch, sight, and hearing senses.  The playmat has padding to ensure that your baby’s soft body is protected from the ground and is colorful enough to encourage your baby to spend a lot of time on it.  Your child will spend many hours happily lying or sitting on this baby gym, developing himself/herself while you do your daily chores.

5. Owme Baby Playmat

This double-sided baby play mat has a pretty big play area, coming in at 6.5ft x 6ft.  It also comes with a handy zip bag to pack and carry it wherever your baby needs to be taken. The EPE foam play mat has a protective film on top of the printed layer that ensures that the print never fades.  It is also non-slip and moisture-proof, giving your child the traction he/she needs while making it easy to clean.

The printing on the baby mat has been done with soft colors to protect your baby’s eyes.  The play activities on the mat are designed to help develop your baby’s muscles as well as to improve his/her coordination.  Your baby will love to spend hours on this colorful and soft play mat.

6. Sampri Waterproof Double Side Baby Play Mat

This tummy-time play mat is double-sided and waterproof.  It can be easily rolled or folded into a size that is handy to store.  The play area of this playmat is 6 ft x 5 ft, making it large enough for an energetic baby to be entertained on for a prolonged period of time.  It has been designed to be easy to clean and can be cleaned using a soft damp cloth.

This product also comes with a zip bag that can be used to transport the playmat to wherever your child is taken.  The product has been manufactured to EN71 European toy standards with non-toxic and child-friend materials. They come in a variety of colors and designs to keep your child engaged for longer.

7. Ozoy Baby Mats Waterproof Playmat

This versatile baby play mat comes with a different print on either side.  The education material that is displayed on the mat is sure to enhance your child’s development.  Made from EPE foam that is non-toxic, this mat has been manufactured to be a non-slip play surface for your child.  The edges of this mat have been sewn using high-quality stitching for extra durability.

The material used is water-resistant, and you can just wipe off any spills using a moist cloth with a bit of detergent.  The playmat is 1cm thick and quite dense, allowing for a much less noisy play-time by your child. The baby play mat is easily foldable for transport and storage.

8. Zofey Double Sided Water Proof Baby Mat

This double-sided baby crawl mat by Zofey is designed to make your baby’s playtime stress-free.  One side of the playmat is printed for entertainment while the other is printed for education. Both sides are colorful and vibrant to ensure that your child remains engaged.  While great for your child’s playtime indoors, it can also be used for the outdoors or picnics.

The material used is waterproof, making cleaning it a breeze. The top layer of the mat is slip-resistant, giving your child loans of loads of friction to prevent him/her from falling. The EPE foam used is hygienic and safe to use with your precious bundle of joy. It also comes with a zip bag so that you can easily take it with you when traveling with your baby.

9. Wazdorf Baby Crawling Mat

This Wazdorft baby play mat is 6ft x 4ft and comes with vibrant prints on both sides of the mat.  The designs are of alphanumeric figures and animal patterns, allowing your child to learn while playing.  The cushioning on the playmat allows for soft landings as your child rolls, tumbles, and falls on it. The playmat can be either rolled or folded for secure storage or transport.

The soft cushioning also allows for a less noisy playtime as your child drops and picks up objects while developing hand-eye coordination.  This product is also made with your financial comfort in mind, giving a lot of bang for the buck compared to other products of the same category.

10. ORPIO Water Play Mat

One of the more unique products in this category, this baby play mat by ORPIO is quite light on the wallet as well.  The vibrant ocean-themed design is sure to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and keep him/her entertained for hours. This tummy-time baby mat is actually inflatable, making it a unique playing experience for your child.  The outer ring should be filled with air and the inner cushion with water. The dual water and air cushioning give the child extra sensory stimulation, which helps improve motor and cognitive skills.

This product is manufactured using high-quality environmentally-friendly PVC and is BPA-free.  This prevents water or air leakage, making it safe for use by children. You can also fill the product with cool water, making it a portable addition to your summer cooling arsenal.  While having great practical use, this product’s unique features make it a good addition to your baby’s toy collection as well.

Baby Play Mat Buying Guide


One of the most important aspects of a baby play mat is the area it covers on the floor.  If your baby is a toddler that is trying out his/her legs, you have to make sure that the playmat you get for your tyke is up for the job.

There are some play mats that are connectable, which means that you can keep adding additional interlocking segments as your baby grows bigger.  Some are foldable in a way that allows you to continue expanding the mat as your baby grows older. Choose one that you think will best suit your child.

Colour Scheme

The print on your child’s play mat will have to suit your child’s age.  Additionally, some play mats can be used for other purposes after your child is done using it.

If your child is a baby, then a playmat that has been designed to keep your baby engaged through colorful print would be a good bet.  If your child is older and you are looking for a play mat to keep your toddler safe during trips and falls, then solid colors will help keep your toddler balanced.

Educational Material

Some play mats can be used to educate your child on basic subjects.  This educational information can come in the form of the print on the playmat as well as add-ons to the play mat.  For example, a baby learning the alphabet would benefit greatly from a playmat that has large blocks allocated for each letter.

Some play mats have add-ons of dangling toys that help with hand-eye coordination. Choose a mat that can serve as an audio-visual aid in an area that will help your child’s development the most.

Level of Padding

Certain play mats are quite thin, while others are much thicker.  Thinner foldable play mats are portable and easy to store. Thicker ones help protect your child against hard knocks and falls while your tyke is improving his/her motor skills.  If your child is calm and not a hell-raiser, a moderate amount of padding would be more than sufficient.

For an active boy that has enough energy to bounce off the walls, you are better off with a mat with a maximum amount of padding.


Your child might be just a baby at the moment. If so, he/she wouldn’t need more than a few square feet of space to move around in.  However, you should plan ahead when buying a play mat for your child. As he grows bigger, he/she will need more and more space to move around in. There are several options that enable you to add-on to the existing mat without having to go for a new one.

Certain play mats come folded, so you can unfold them to provide more space as your child grows bigger.  Other baby play mats allow you to keep adding more mats through an interlocking system as your child grows older.  These mats are designed to stay connected, so they won’t break apart if your toddler starts running around on them.

Material Used

It’s vital to make sure that the baby play mat you buy is non-toxic.  There are certain mats that are manufactured to standards that ensure that they are safe for use with children.  Make sure that your child’s play mat doesn’t have any foam or padding that can turn toxic if ingested. The same goes for the material used for the print on the play mat.


Is your child getting pretty big?  Some play mats have been designed in a way that allows you to use the playmat when your child isn’t using it.  For example, the padding and texture of certain play mats are great for doing yoga or other exercises that require adults to be on the floor as well.  Instead of buying a baby play mat to be thrown away in a year or two, get one that allows you to use it after your child has outgrown play mats.


While play mats come in various qualities, it is essential to choose one that does not have material that breaks off the product.  In addition, any part that breaks of the product or rubs off the product will likely be ingested by your baby. Even if the materials are non-toxic, why take a chance?  Buy a product that allows the child to be energetic and carefree on the product without having to worry about wear and tear.

And let’s be honest, it has to be durable enough for you to be on it too.  There isn’t a play mat in the world that a parent hasn’t been on with their baby!

Types of Baby Play Mats:

Tummy Time Mats

Tummy time mats are designed to help your child exercise his/her arms and legs.  All you have to do is layout your play mat on the floor and place your baby on his/her belly on it.  This type of mat is suitable for infants that are just starting to be able to move through their own propulsion. They generally come with a host of pictures and colors to encourage your baby to explore.

Activity Gyms

Activity gyms are a little more advanced than tummy time mats and come with attached toys to encourage your child to exercise his/her muscles.  They also generally come with a rack that goes above your baby. There might also be toys that hang from the rack to entice your baby into playing and exercising his/her muscles.

Quilted Play Mats

These are soft play mats that have been quilted using a durable cloth. They provide a safe space for children to play in. The quilted material is also generally padded, allowing for soft landings in the case of a tumble.

Baby Play Mat Safety Tips


Playmats are generally designed to be easily washable. They are also usually not made with materials that allow liquids to soak into them.  These features make it easy for you to clean your baby play mat after it is used by your child.  Do this regularly to ensure that your child is safe and away from harmful bacteria. Also, if you are using a reversible play mat, make sure that the side that is facing the floor is thoroughly cleaned before it is flipped over for use.


Each type of baby play mat has a proper method that is to be used for storage.  Foldable play mats have a correct method for folding before storage; otherwise, they might get damaged.  The same goes for interlocking play mats. These first have to be disengaged from each other before being stored.  If they are stored without this being done, the locks have a chance of being broken off.


There is a range of actions that are safe to conduct on each type of baby play mat.  If the padding is thin, then the child using the playmat should be discouraged from banging his/her knees or elbows on the floor as he/she might get hurt.  Children should also be trained to take care not to damage the playmats while they are on them. If spoons, knives or forks are jabbed into the play mat, then there is a chance that the padding might come out, leaving you with an unpadded cloth instead!


1. Are the play mats machine washable?

There are certain baby play mats that have a cloth outer-covering and are machine washable.  Rubber and foam mats are often not machine washable. They should be washed using a sponge and soap/disinfectant as you would a table-top.

2. Is it suitable for use while bathing the baby?

Most of the types of baby play mats can be used when the baby is being showered. However, the ones that have cloth outer coverings and padding are not suitable for this.

3. What is the thickness of the mats?

While there is a wide range of mats with different thicknesses, the general range is from about 0.25” to 0.75” in thickness.  There are special mats that go even above 1” in thickness for children that use them for more tumble-worthy activities.

4. Are the mats suitable for a 1-year-old baby?

The mats are generally designed for babies that are six months and older.  Some of the rubber or foam mats might be more suitable for toddlers above the age of one.

5. What are the benefits of using a playmat?

Playmats allow the baby to play in an area that is clean and dust-free, helping to keep your child safe.  They sometimes have attached toys that give audible confirmation that your child is on the playmat and not getting into trouble elsewhere.  The padding that playmats have keeps your child’s body cushioned from hard falls, scrapes, and bumps.


There are several factors to consider when you are buying a baby play mat.  We hope that our buying guide gives you an idea of what to look for when you are evaluating potential baby play mats for purchase.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you don’t cater to the likes and dislikes of your child, the play mat, no matter how practical you think it is, will be left unused.

While you can keep using a baby play mat with educational material as your baby grows older, your child might benefit more by switching to a different type as he/she grows older.  We recommend that you switch to a more multi-purpose mat as your child grows older so that you can take it on a picnic or use it when exercising.