Best Pretend Toy Tea Sets for Your Kids

Pretend tea toys make great fun with creating educational learning activities. Everybody knows the importance of learning by doing it yourself. These toys keep the children engaged and pleased along with the neural development and solving abilities.

Toys tea sets encourage imaginary plays in a variety of forms. Children can pretend to host a tea party, make tea for friends, afternoon tea and much more with their imaginary ideas. They learn sharing, caring, patience, exploring, and social roles.

In this article, we have described the top 9 toy tea sets. We also have a buyer’s guide that tells you about a perfect purchase.

You will know the benefits of a toy tea set for your kids. Then there is a section of FAQs and a concluding paragraph at the end.

1. Fisher-Price Sweet Manners Toy Tea Set

FP Sweet Manner tea set has an interactive fun that your little ones want. It is an amazing toy pretend tea set with ten pieces. The magical light and musical songs make it unique from other toys.

When kids pour out the tea the streaming light up with sounding songs. This role-play fun makes the children happy all day. If the kids press the tea bag button, it plays more thrilling songs with light-up.

Its five puzzle-play treats, songs, sounds and phrases enhance the skills of advanced shapes, manners, vocabulary and numbers. These can develop the learning process in three stages.

In level one kids explore musical songs and phrases.

The second level engages the kids to find sweet shapes and colours with lights. Level three enhance the imagination skills by holding their own parties.

Playing with friends or working with small groups also promote communication skills. This product is non-toxic and safer for children.

2. Amitasha Kitchen Toy Set

Playing with toys is an important part of childhood development. Being parents, we should encourage imaginary play with pretend toys.

These are helpful to develop social, physical, cognitive, emotional, sensory and communication skills. Amitasha Kitchen offers a colourful pretend utensils food toy set for this purpose.

Beautifully designed set consists of fifty pieces that include a gas stove, one table, one refrigerator, four chairs, one induction gas, cutting board, spoons, saucer, knives, forks, plates and much more.

Kids can introduce their imagery at lunch and dinner to learn manners with their friends. So, the education fun process as kids grow.

It is manufactured with ABS material which is non-toxic and chemical-free. Its material quality makes it durable and strong. Children can use this for indoor as well as outdoor functions.

3. Cable World Toy Tea Set

Toys are a big entertainment source for children and also educational learning tools. Children learn with toys in a better way. Cable World pretend tea set is suitable for any learning activities.

Its multi-color combination is delightful for kids. It keeps your kids thrilled and pleased at all times. It is beautifully designed for your kids. They can take it for indoor and outdoor parties.

It is a pretend kitchen role-play kit for both girls and boys. This product is safe and durable due to its ABS plastic material.

Its pack contains a teapot, cookies donuts model, teacups with saucers and spoons.

This tea set has smooth and soft edges, thus children can play without any danger. This product is a beautiful decoration piece as well as an amazing gift.

4. Giggles Tea Party Set

Here is another beautiful pretend Giggle Tea Set for kids. Children’s toys play an important part to develop their creativity and social skills. It is a perfect pretend tea time party set.

Every kid will love playing with it. Children can explore their imaginations when playing parties.

This tea set consists of 22 pieces with a tea tray, a kettle with a lid, three sugar cubes, three cups with saucers, three spoons, three biscuits, three tea bags, one tong, and a sticker sheet.

Its attractive colour makes it a beautiful decorative piece. All parts are durable and nontoxic. Children can use these for indoor and outdoor picnic parties.


Children have great fun with colourful toys. SSB tea party set is a colourful pretend play tea set.

Its multi-colour combination attracts the children and makes it more realistic. Children learn the recognition of colours by matching different colourful toys their own.

This set is more helpful to learn colour. So, it is perfect for educational learning activities. Parents and teachers can use this for learning purposes.

This product has super-premium quality. It is made with ABS plastic material which is approved and recommended.

It is non-toxic and safe for kids. This product is strong and durable. Children can use it for indoor and outdoor activities.

Don’t worry about its sharpness. Edges of all pieces are smooth and specially designed for kids.

It is an amazing gift for birthday parties and ceremonies. Your drawing-room always waited for this beautiful decoration piece.

This toy tea set is not recommended for the age of under three years.

6. Toyshine Wooden Toy Tea Set

Toyshin tea set is a perfect pretend toy set for those kids who love to play tea parties with friends.

This product contains all that a girl demands for a delightful tea party. It promotes sensory and motor skills.

If parents want to develop the skills of creative thinking, colour recognition and imagination with fun, then they must choose this wooden toy tea set without hesitation. Toyshine is a brand that enriches the smiles of kid’s families.

It is a beautifully designed pink colour wooden tea set. Its package content includes a teapot on the lid, two spoons, one tea bag, two cups, one sugar bowl, two dishes, one serving tray and five pastries.

It is made from hardwood and painted with non-toxic paints. It is BPA free. There is not any lead and naphtholate in these toys.

These are completely chemical-free and tested by approved authorities. The wood is smooth and children can handle it easily.

7. Toy Park Miniatur Kids Tea Set

Playing with toys is helpful to develop the growth of the brain. Kids love to play with toys. Toy Park Miniatur offers a beautiful toy tea set for cute girls. This toy set is not only a recreation activity but also a perfect gift for your beloved.

It is a pretend tea set. Your little ones can design their own custom set by using these toys. They can play tea parties with their friends and have great fun with these pretend toys.

It is a ceramic toy tea set with a grey colour. Beautiful artistic shapes make it attractive.

It consists of five pieces included, one teapot and a lid, four cups and saucers. The size of the teapot is 5.5 cm and the cup with plate is 2 cm. It is a nice playing tea set.

8. AK Store Cute Tea & Coffee Teapot Set

Here is another tea party set for party lovers. Kids can enjoy their parties as well as learn through senses with the AK Store Teapot set.

Children start to learn from birth through their senses. Sensory play helps the children to learn.

These senses motivate the brain to identify, categorize and differentiate objects and information.

This tea & coffee set is ideal for bath time, tea party, picnic party and indoor/outdoor playing activities.

Moms can discover a variety of lessons and informative topics with their kids and boost their thoughts.

This pretend play kit provides a chance for children, share their thoughts and experiences with each other through communication skills.

Its attractive design makes it a real set. This set contains four plates, one pot, one water jug, three spoons, and four cups.

This product is strong, durable and harmless due to standardized material with quality manufacturing. It is an amazing gift for your cute kids.

9. FI – FLICK Tea and Coffee toy set

FI-FLICK gives us a bright and multi-colour tea/coffee toy set. Role-playing is an interesting game for children. It is an amazing pretend play kit. Children can play a role-playing game with this tea/coffee set.

This toy set provides a chance for children to develop their creativity, hand-eye-coordination, thinking ability and hand flexibility by doing practice on their own.

This product has sixteen pieces including a serving tray, one sugar container, a teapot, four cups with saucers, four teaspoons and one milk container. Its colour combination and floral designs are very attractive.

This tea set is made with standardized material. It is dented, durable and strong with excellent quality.

ABS plastic material is used which is safe for children and non-toxic. It is a hand-painted tea set with super quality ceramics.

There is not any danger for children due to its soft edges. It is an educational item for learning with great fun. So, you can select it as a real-life gift for your little ones.

Buyer’s Guide

All pretend toy tea sets are not the same. There is a wide range of toy tea sets available to purchase. Before buying, you have to keep following things in your mind.


Age is the core factor that influences your purchasing decision. Be sure and double-check, is it appropriate for your child’s age?

Toy tea sets that are recommended for older children may be a hazard to little ones. You must read the age limit on the product before buying.


BPA-free material is non-toxic and harmless for little children.

If you are purchasing plastic sets, you will have to ensure this product is manufactured with ABS high-quality standardized material. Otherwise, you can face medical issues.

If you are purchasing a wooden toy tea set, make sure the wooden toy tea sets are smooth and non-splinter.

Safe to use

Some toy tea sets contain parts with sharp edges that are dangerous for kids. Their protection is at risk in the name of enjoyment.

So, beware of these things before purchasing. These products should be with soft and smooth edges.


Durability is another important feature to keep in mind.

Sometimes children throw the pieces with force, or maybe they can chew them. Go for a toy tea set that is strong and durable. It should be manufactured according to children’s nature.


Cleanliness is important. Children also love experimenting with actual liquids to clean their toys, but it can be dangerous.

You should know before buying how these sets are cleaned? Select those toy tea sets which are easy to clean and wash.

Colour Combination

A colourful world attracts children; they love to play with colourful toys. This makes them happy and also helpful for learning. So, keep in mind your kids’ colour choice and buy those colourful toys they like most.

Additional Features

Some toy tea sets have additional functions such as music, lights and sounds. If your children like or dislike the additional function. Then you have to select the kit according to their choice.

So before buying, check whether these features are suitable for you or not.

The Importance of Pretend Toys Tea Sets for Children

Pretend tea set toys have more benefits in developing basic key concepts while they are playing with them. Some of them are following.

Develop Thinking Abilities

When children play some roles or search for the material for making tea, they get into the thinking mode, and their brain works for taking decisions.

They become problem solvers and solve them eagerly. These developed thinking abilities can be helpful for them in life.

Social Role in Life

With small or large group play, children learn collaborative skills. They are actively taking part in social life. These imaginary plays develop the skills of how to take turns and how to help each other.

They can understand the feeling and self-esteem of their companions.

Communication Skills

Imaginary play develops communication skills. Children hear new words and phrases that they have never heard before. They play different roles and try to perform as the selected role, which they are performing.

For example, when they are performing as the host of pretend toy tea sets, they communicate the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are pretend tea sets tested for safety?

Yes, product safety is the most important concern. Every piece of every product is tested to ensure safety before manufacturing. Brands know that your little one wants to use these items. So, keep safety as a priority.

2. Do toy tea sets come in boxes?

Yes, our products come in original boxes. They are sealed and well packed. It is our duty to reach them at your doorstep with safety.

3. Is there any benefit of pretend play?

Pretend play has great importance to the early development of the child. It helps to develop neural growth especially thinking skills, to understand things, to describe the events and problem solving etc.

The children also identify the adult world by playing pretend or imaginative play.

4. What does “DIY’ stand for?

It is the acronym or stand for “Do It Yourself”. It means you have to do the task yourself without any help. When we use this term about children, it means children learn well by doing it their own.

5. How can we know safety concerns when buying kids toys?

It is very simple; you should read the labels and follow the instructions. Check the product at the buying spot and make sure it is non-toxic, it has not any sharp or pointy edges, and it is strong and durable.

6. How can you clean these toys?

You can clean these toys with a wet cloth or with water by using a mild soap, but avoid putting these toys in the dishwasher.

7. How many types of toy tea sets are available in the market?

There are three main types available:

  • Porcelain: These kinds of sets have fragile construction and are easily broken. These are suitable for older kids.
  • Wood: These are made with wood. The best wooden sets are smooth and non-splinter.
  • Plastic: There are a lot of plastic tea sets accessible for buying in the market. These are durable and less costly. Their colour combination attracts the children.


Childhood tea parties have attractive entertainment for girls and boys. Tea toy sets are the big source of that entertainment. These colours full toy tea sets not only make the children happy but also provide opportunities to learn at their early stages.

Children can arrange different pretend play through these toy tea sets and learn various skills with fun and entertainment.

If this kind of toy provides entertainment to your children and helps develop their thinking skills, social skills and communication skills, these certainly deserve a place in your home.

We recommend Fisher-Price Sweet Manners Toy Tea Set, Amitasha Kitchen Toy Set, and Cable World Toy Tea Set.