Best Baby Proofing Locks to Secure Your Toddlers

It is true that millions of children are admitted to the emergency room every year. This happened due to accidentally swallowing harmful substances, drowning, burns, cuts and falls.

When babies start crawling and walking, they need continuous supervision which can be an issue for working parents.

The baby’s safety is of top priority and hence the only solution is the best baby cabinet locks. These facilitate you to save your precious things and the things which are dangerous for your kids.

These cabinet locks are very simple and easily usable. You can install it within minutes.

This article tells you about the 9 top best cabinet locks along with a buying guide and different types of cabinet locks. It will guide you; how will you buy a perfect product?

In the end, you will find a FAQ section and a conclusion paragraph to resolve all your queries you might have regarding the same.

1. HEGZI Child Safety Lock

Kids are big entertainment for parents at home. They enjoy their life with them. But there is a chance of some trouble due to unlocking drawers and cabinets during this happy life.

Children can get access to open home appliances and create big trouble for themselves and their parents. The parents must protect the children from getting into dangerous trouble.

Parents should use the locks for home appliances to avoid some trouble. Certainly, HEGZI Safety locks will fulfil your requirements. There is not any compromise on quality.

ABC material is used to prepare this product. Its material is free from any BPA or other heavy metal.

This product is suitable for a variety of home appliances. It is instantly installable. You can fix it in two minutes. Just remove the adhesive cover and stick it in a dry and clean place by pressing.

2. KitschKitsch Baby Locks

KitschKitsch is a baby proofing product. You can protect your costly things by locking cabinets, drawers and furniture. This is a safety lock specially designed for babies.

It can be used for the oven, fridge, toilet seat and easy opening things. It includes eight baby locks with eight 3M tapes. These flexible strips can be used for flat surfaces as well as around corners.

It is easily installable within seconds. You have to unwrap the backing and then press firmly the 3M Adhesive on a selected clean and dry surface. It is a safe product for your furniture.

You can securely shut or open your cabinets or other furniture. Its nylon material is strong and durable. It is also eco-friendly and recyclable.

Its packing box has eight locks of similar size and specification along with an instruction manual.

3. Amazara Child Safety Locks

When babies start crawling, parents worry about protecting their little ones from cabinets and doors. Naturally, children like to explore everything, irrespective of whether that is friendly or dangerous for them.

Now Amazara safety locks are the best solution for your worry. These are the best proofing locks. Its smart design makes it attractive.

These locks can be used for multi-purpose, for your home appliances, furniture cabinets, dust bin and toilets to keep your toddler away. It has a dual button that you can release instantly with one hand.

But it is impossible to unlock for kids. It is another adhesive-based product. You can easily install it with 3M double-sided tape. It can easily and quickly fix on any clean surface with its strong adhesive.

There is no need for any drilling tool. Moms like this because it provides the best safety without damaging the appearance of furniture. Its white colour creates a beautiful colour blend with appliances.

The material of this product has a superb quality which makes it flexible and unbreakable. You can adjust its strips in any position. It is a sealed box product and ensures you will receive it without damage.

The product has 4 locks and extra adhesive tapes for reusing. Its material is environmentally friendly.

4. KitchKitch 16pcs Baby Lock

Here is another infant safety lock with 16pcs available for moms. This product is baby proofing which means that the little hands of your kids are safe from cabinets and drawers.

Now you have to forget screwdrivers or any other measurement tools. You can install it easily within three minutes. These locks have 3M adhesive tapes.

Through this 3M adhesive, you can paste it instantly on a plan dry surface with any tool. Its material has a standardized quality which is ECO friendly and recycles able.

Its packing box contains 16 pieces of drawer/cabinet locks. This lock is the best option for indoor security.

5. Safe-O-Kid Push Key Lock

When little kids start their steps. They become a speedy toddler and explore the furniture’s cabinets quickly. It becomes dangerous for their protection.

Moms must supervise their activities but as they are busy with other responsibilities as well, it is difficult for them to watch them constantly. Children may open a knife drawer or create a mess with unlocked drawers. So, it is a good idea to lock dangerous appliances.

Safe-O-Kid lock is an adhesive strap lock. These locks are suitable for cabinets to appliances. These products also can be used to lock microwaves’ doors and refrigerators.

This product is multi-functional and works on glass, plastic, ceramic and wood. The flexible strap is suitable for different angles and plain surfaces. You can fix it quickly without installing the tool.

Just take away the adhesive paper of the lock and place it on the clean surface where you want. You have to hold the lock tightly for 45 seconds. Now leave this lock for 24 hours after fixing it.

Its material is not harmful and ECO friendly. Its beautiful green colour makes it attractive.

6. Niheshi Sliding Lock

Another Niheshi Sliding Lock is waiting for your selection. This child safety lock is unique and is specially designed for walking babies. Parents can secure their indoor house applications.

They can reduce the accidents which occur at home by using these cabinet sliding locks. These locks have a long life due to their high standard of quality material.

Niheshi sliding locks are perfect for dual swing doors. You can fix them in the bedroom, pantry room, bathroom and kitchen.

Kids can’t unlock them but the elder can use them with a single hand. Its fixation is very easy without any tool. These sliding locks don’t damage the furniture during the fixation and removal.

7. Safe-O-Kid Drawer/Cabinet Locks

Naturally, kids can’t stay in one place. They are moving everywhere and discovering things. Mostly these things are not harmful but some of them are dangerous for your children. They can hurt themselves from these items.

It includes acids, knives, pesticides and medicine. You must lock up these harmful things as well as your precious things. if you want to figure out the best lock for your cabinets. Then Safe-O-Kid is a perfect choice for the best locks.

This product has a stylish and attractive design. Its blue colour and whale shape make a beautiful look. It is the best gift for your friends and relatives. The product is specially designed for kids’ protection.

Its installation is very simple and you can complete the installation in 4 steps. Firstly, clean the place where you want to stick it. Secondly, peel the adhesive tape. Thirdly, paste it into the desired position.

Finally, press the lock for a few seconds and leave it for 24 hours. It can be unlocked in two steps. You have to slide the switch and then push to open.

8. Sliding Child Safety Locks

Before buying a baby safety lock you have to decide which kind of lock is best for your furniture. There are different kinds of lock available. Some are low-priced but don’t go for cheaper locks because your baby’s safety is of topmost priority.

You must need to think, what qualities you want. No compromise on features is better for you. Another best option is a sliding child safety lock. When your baby starts taking steps, you must use these locks.

This baby lock is made with ABS material. This material is durable and ECO friendly. You can use this for multiple purposes to protect your home appliances from exploring kids. It is easily installable within seconds.

You can adjust the length up to 4.9 inches according to your requirements. These locks are suitable for any cabinets, bathroom, bedroom and other dangerous areas to lock.

It is available in white colour and u shape. Its size is 18.2 x 5.0 cm and its weight is 68 gr. So, use these locks to save your children from danger.

9. INOVERA (Labrel) Baby Safety Locks

It is difficult for parents to stop their babies again and again from reachable drawers, cabinets and other household things. We cannot stop the babies but we can lock our necessary drawers and keep safe precious things.

For this purpose, INOVERA offers its best services to protect your important things for babies and pets. INOVERA lock product has ten pieces in its packaging.

These are smart security locks with the best features. It is designed with adjustable straps. You can use them effectively to lock drawers, trash bin, home appliances, refrigerator and toilet seats.

These are adjustable and flexible. You can adjust the length from 7.67 inches to 4 inches. These locks are also suitable on a plane surface and at different angles.

They have 3M adhesive strong grade tape on both sides. It means you don’t need any tools (drill) to fit it. You have to clean the surface where you want to fix it. There should not be any handle or hinges. Now fix it slowly.

After fixing, leave it for 12 hours for adhesive setting. Its strong strap holds the cabinet lock. When you want to open it, you can press the release button to open it. But it is difficult for a toddler to unlock this. hence, safety concerns are at a high.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some guidelines for buyers.

Perfect Selection

Before buying a baby proofing safety lock, you have to decide what kind of lock you require. Is it suitable for your cabinets, drawers and other home appliances?

There are different locks available in the market. Make sure you want either adhesive taped or sliding locks etc. what is the best according to your requirements?

Multi-Purpose Use

A Multi-purpose lock is better because you can use these locks for different appliances. So, buy those locks which you can use for cabinets, drawers, microwave oven, refrigerators, toilet seats and for stairs to save your babies from dangerous things.

Beautiful & Attractive

Stylish and attractive designs decorate your drawing room. You can give them to your friends and relatives. So, always choose the attractive and colour full locks according to your home designing.


The best quality material increases the durability of the lock and you can use it for a long time. Before buying you should consider the quality standard and don’t compromise on quality.

Safe for Children

Always select those locks which are safe for children. Some locks have hard parts which may be dangerous for children when they touch the lock.


Eco-friendly products are not harmful to the environment. These can be recycled and hence an eco-friendly option is the best selection. It is better for your children and the environment.

Safe for Furniture

Some kinds of locks damage the furniture and other home appliances due to his material or shape. So, beware of these kinds of locks before purchasing.

Approved & Recommended

ABS material is approved and recommended. It is harmless. It is made with safe plastic. It is free from BPA. BPA is harmful plastic. So, make sure, it is prepared with ABS material.

Easily Installable

Nowadays life is busy and you always look to buy a product that is easily and quickly installable without any tool.

Types of Cabinet Locks for Children

There are many types of safety locks. The main types are the following.

Adhesive Strap Lock

These are multipurpose locks with removable adhesive.

Slide Locks

These are for double-doors.

Spring-Action Locks

These are also installed inside the cabinet. It works with a spring.

Magnetic Locks

These are inside cabinet locks with powerful magnets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time to buy safety locks?

When your baby starts crawling, you can buy safety locks. It is time for indoor security.

2. Can I use these locks for animals?

Yes, of course, you can use this for animals. Pets also can reach your drawers, trash can, and toilets. So, you can secure your appliances from these animals by using a safety lock.

3. Can I install a safety lock?

Yes, its installation is very easy. You can install it in minutes.

4. Are these suitable for wooden drawers?

Yes. These locks are suitable for wooden appliances. You can fix them on any wooden drawer and cabinet without any hesitation. It works perfectly.

5. How can I remove it from being used?

It depends on the fixing place. You can easily remove it from a glossy surface. Slowly remove it and clean the adhesive residue. If the surface has holes or is absorbable, then you need to remove it with soap water.

6. Are these locks have a key?

No, these kinds of locks have not any key.

7. Can I use these locks on glass doors?

Yes, you can fix them on glass doors or other glass appliances.


When your babies are growing and start crawling and walking, you must have to create indoor security. This kind of security belongs to stop the little ones from precious and dangerous things.

So, you should use the baby proofing safety locks for your drawers, cabinets and other home appliances. So, keep saving your growing kids by securing your appliances with the best baby cabinet locks.

We have reviewed the best safety locks for your children. However, among the list our recommendation goes to HEGZI Child Safety LockKitschKitsch Baby Locks, and Amazara Child Safety Locks.