Best Scooter Cycles for Kids

Are you looking for a toy for your child that won’t involve many risks but will be hours and hours of entertainment?  A scooter cycle might be the exact product you are looking for! Scooter cycles give all the enjoyment of more risky toys like skateboards or roller-skates but without even a fraction of the risk.  Instead of toys with wheels that might gather speed to the extent that your child loses control, the leg powered scooter cycle is easy to stop and oodles of fun to play with.

We have gone over the most reliable, popular, and sturdy scooter cycles available in the market and reviewed them to make your decision on what scooter cycle to buy just a little bit easier.  We hope that you can choose the perfect scooter cycle for your child so that he/she is kept entertained for years to come!

1. LBLA 2-in-1 Scooter for Kids with Folding Seats

This interestingly designed scooter by LBLA is probably the unique product in the scooter cycle category.  The high-quality design that has gone into the product is visible from the contours of the product to its light blue pastel coloring.

The front two wheels of this three-wheeled scooter cycle have been spaced widely to allow for ample maneuverability while providing a stable ride.  The manufacturers recommend this product for children aged 2 to 5.

The wheels of the product have been produced to glow when the scooter is being ridden at a faster pace.  The lights are powered internally through a dynamo and don’t need an external power source.

The main feature of this product is its ability to convert into a tricycle.  The seat of this tricycle is actually part of the main front pole when it is in its scooter cycle mode.  Your child will still have to kick his legs to propel the machine forward while it is in its tricycle mode.

There are three adjustable height options for the scooter cycle mode so that the product can grow with your child.  The scooter cycle is steered by leaning the body in the direction that the rider wants to move by turning the handles and helps develop your child’s balance.

This scooter cycle cum tricycle is perfect for children that are just learning to balance and can be recommended for younger children.




2. Baybee SPEEDFORCE 3-Wheeled Folding Kick Kids Scooty Scooter

This high-quality scooter cycle by Baybee has been made to the highest standards and is beautifully styled in eye-catching fluorescent colors.  The two front wheels of the scooter cycle have been spaced far apart to provide as much stability as possible for the rider.

This allows this product to be used by children aged three all the way up to one’s aged 12.  The maximum weight of the rider, as recommended by the manufacturer, is 40kg. The scooter cycle has been produced to be steered by shifting the rider’s weight while slightly turning its handles.

Babyee has ensured that your child’s hands are cushioned from the bumps of rough terrain by providing soft non-slip handlebars.

The front pole of the scooter cycle is made from durable aluminum and can be adjusted to suit the height of the rider.  The scooter relies on a rear braking system with an aluminum brake, which allows the scooter to slow down when foot pressure is applied.

The high-quality wheels of the product have been designed to not scratch tiled floors even when used indoors.  The whole unit is foldable so that it can be easily stored out of the way. The scooter needs some slight assembly initially, as shown in the easy-to-follow manual.  This high-quality scooter can be recommended to any parent that is looking for a scooter that will last until his/her child reaches adolescence.




3. Little Olive Munchkin Scooter for Kids

This cute little scooter cycle has been made to be attractive to young girls and has a lot of girly features to it.  Just like in the other high-quality scooter cycles for smaller kids, this one has the two front wheels spaced further apart for maximum stability.

The extra stability allows children from age 3 to start riding this pretty scooter cycle.  Manufacturers recommend this scooter for children up to the age of 14 and a weight of 75 kg.  The production of this scooter cycle has been done using materials that are free of phthalates and harmful chemicals.

They have also been constructed to EN, BIS, and IS 98 standards guaranteeing high quality.  The wheels of the scooter cycle light up with LED lights when reaching higher speeds. The lights of the product are powered through the use of a dynamo within the wheels.

The handles of this safe scooter cycle have been made to be slip-free, and the pole is made of durable aluminum.  The scooter cycle can grow with your child as the front pole has four adjustments that can be adjusted using a turning grip.

It also relies on a back brake that can be easily accessed due to its wide base.  The scooter’s pole can be folded down for easy storage. The handlebars have dazzling trailers to keep your child entertained while riding it.

The deck is made with a good grip for your child’s feet and has an entertaining print on it.  This pretty little scooter cycle can be recommended for any parent that’s looking for a durable, high-quality scooter cycle for his/her daughter.




4. R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter for Kids

This cute little scooter cycle by R for Rabbit has been made to appeal to little boys with its fluorescent blue themed print.  The front wheels of this product have been kept wide to give beginners the stability needed to learn how to ride a scooter.

The product can be steered by turning the handlebars as well as leaning to the side that the user wants to move towards.  Its extra stability allows children as young as three years to be able to ride it while it’s adjustable height makes it sufficient for ages of up to 14 years.

The scooter cycle has been constructed to be sufficient for users weighing up to 75 kg.  The production of this machine has been done to EN 71 specifications guaranteeing high quality.

The durable and pro-traction wheels have been manufactured to be used indoors as well and will not leave marks on tiles when used inside.  The lights of the scooter cycle light up using embedded LED lights that are powered by an internal dynamo system.

They light up more brightly when the scooter is moving faster.  The font pole is made of strong lightweight aluminum and has three height adjustments to suit the height and age of the child.  It can also be folded down for easy storage. The non-slip handles allow for a stable grip while cushioning your child’s hands from rough riding.

The extra-wide brakes at the back allow the scooter to be stopped at any time while being ridden.  This scooter cycle is a fantastic and durable machine that can be recommended for parents with adventurous children.




5. NHR Foldable 2-Wheeled Heavy Duty Scooter for Boys

This interesting scooter cycle by NHR has been modeled after adult scooter cycles and is suitable for older kids.  Both its wheels are made from high-quality PU (polyurethane) material to provide the best traction possible for your child.  The two-wheel system makes this scooter cycle ideal for children aged 10 to 12 years.

The steel-framed machine has been recommended for children below the weight of 45kg by the manufacturers.  The scooter comes with a matching water sipper and holder that will extend the range of your child’s adventures.  Another unique feature this little scooter has is its stand, which allows it to rest independently of walls or poles.

The nifty bell that is included makes this machine suitable for urban and suburban riding where people and animals are common.  The back brake has been positioned to allow quick and nuanced breaking to stop as well as help navigate the path.

The heavy-duty pole in front can be adjusted to 3 levels to suit the height and age of your child.  The footplate has been made from skid-resistant material to ensure stable riding. The handles made from mixed materials have been manufactured to maximize grip while providing some cushioning for the hands.

This unique product is perfect for parents looking to buy their pre-adolescent child a durable scooter cycle that will grow with the child.




6. Zest 4 Toyz Skate Scooter for Kids

This brightly colored scooter cycle by Zest 4 Toyz has been styled to attract adventurous children.  The single front wheel and dual back wheel design allow for stable riding even in uneven surfaces. Its self-balancing structure allows for even children as small as 2 to be introduced to scooter-riding.

The adjustable front pole allows the machine to grow with the child until he/she is eight years old.  The scooter cycle has a carrying capacity of 50 kg. The wheels have LED lights embedded in them that allow them to be lighted up when the scooter is traveling at higher speeds.  The lights are powered through an internal dynamo and don’t need any additional replenishable energy sources.

The deck of the scooter cycle has been designed to be close to the ground and accommodate both feet to provide extra balance.  The machine has been designed to be steered by leaning to the side the rider wants to go to with a small turn of the handles.

This promotes the development of balance in your child as well as hand-eye coordination.  The product can be safely folded and stored as its front pole folds down, and it weighs only about 3 kg.  The durable tyers have been manufactured to provide extra grip on rocky or uneven surfaces.

The braking system used is especially powerful since it engages both the rear wheels to create double the friction.  This interestingly designed scooter cycle can be recommended for parents looking for a durable and hardy product for their child at a mid-range price.




7. NIYAMAT Road Runner Scooter for Kids

This reasonably priced scooter cycle by Niyamat is highly rated by consumers and comes in a red color scheme.  It has a single front wheel and dual back wheel design that is great for riding on uneven surfaces that need extra balance.

The manufacturers recommend that this scooter cycle is used by children between the ages of 3 and 8.  The wheels of the scooter are made with high-quality PU (polyurethane) materials that are able to withstand the rigors of off-road riding.  Then handlebars of the product have been made using durable but soft materials in order to provide a good grip while cushioning your child’s hands.

The deck of the scooter cycle has been made to be extra wide to ensure that your child’s feet never lose grip.  The aircraft-grade aluminum bar in front is adjustable to three settings in order to allow this product to grow with your child.  The back brakes have been designed to provide the maximum friction possible with minimal effort as both back wheels are utilized in the system.

The bar in front shortens and folds so that this machine stores easily within the confines of a closet.  Its lightweight structure also makes it easy to carry for your child. This fantastic machine can be easily recommended for parents that are looking for a stable scooter cycle at a reasonable price for their child.




8. Dash Noddy 3-Wheeled Adjustable Height Kids Scooter

This attractively designed product by dash has all the frills to delight your child that is just starting to learn how to balance.  The overall design, including the bottom part of the footplate, and the wheels have all incorporated transparent materials to provide a flashy look.

The scooter has a single front wheel and dual back wheels that are spaced moderately wide.  The extra stability allows children of 4 to 9 years to use this product safely. The manufacturers recommend children of up to 45 kg to use this scooter cycle.  The metal frame construction makes it hardy and durable. Designed to be ridden in crowded areas, this scooter cycle has a handy bell to notify people of its presence.

The deck of the scooter cycle has been made with skid-resistant materials to ensure that your child keeps his/her footing.  The back brake system uses both back wheels for friction to provide fast and nuanced braking in order to help with steering.

The handlebars are made from foam grips that enhance grip while cushioning your child’s sensitive hands from hard riding.  The product can be folded easily for storage or transportation. The adjustable height of the front pole allows the product to grow with your child.  This affordable scooter cycle can be recommended for any parent that’s trying to gift his/her child an attractive scooter cycle that will last for years.




9. Abhsant 4 Height Adjustable & Foldable Kids Scooter

This unique scooter cycle by Abhsant has several features that make it one of the most stable rides in its category.  This is the only product that has four widely spaced wheels, two in the front and two in the back. This extra stability allows children of ages 3 to 12 to easily use this product and navigate simple paths.

As there are four wheels, the user has to rely more on the turn of the front wheels rather than the incline of the body to steer the scooter.  The EN certified manufacturing process ensures that you are getting the very highest quality of the product. The LED lights that are embedded in the wheels of the scooter cycle will glow brighter as your child rides faster on it.  The lights are powered through an internally fitted dynamo and don’t need additional energy sources.

The unique deck also allows both feet to be placed side-by-side instead of the more traditional one in front of the other.  The brakes are also quite unique in that they are placed on the front and work on both the front wheels. They still need to be activated with the pressure of the child’s foot.

The deck and handles of the product have been made with anti-slip materials to prevent crashes.  The machine can be quickly disassembled for storage or transport. The front aluminum pole’s height can be adjusted to allow the product to grow with the child.  This product has the best stability of all the products that were reviewed and can be recommended for parents that are looking for a scooter cycle to suit a beginner.




10. D Dayons Three Wheeled Metal Folding Skate Scooter

This budget scooter cycle by D Dayons is designed to be attractive to dainty little girls that aren’t going to put it through the wringer.  It has been manufactured with a single front wheel and closely spaced dual back wheels. This design allows enough stability for children of ages 2.5 to 10 to use this product safely.

The scooter cycle has been produced to EN 71 standards, ensuring high quality.  The manufacturers recommend the product to be used with children up to a weight of 45 kg.  The LED lighting on the wheels glows brightly as your child gathers speed on it. The lights have been powered through an internal dynamo and don’t need an additional power source.

The wheels are manufactured using PU (polyurethane), ensuring durability and enhanced grip.  The direction of the scooter cycle can be controlled by turning the steering wheel as well as inclining the body.  The wide deck allows your child to have ample grip on the scooter while riding it.

The handgrips are soft, allowing for prolonged use without bruising.  The product comes to you 100% assembled and can be folded into two to fit snugly into a closet.  The front steel pole can be adjusted to suit the height of your child. The unique braking system uses a lever on the handle just like in bicycles and doesn’t need foot pressure to function.  This product is great for budget-conscious parents that don’t want their child to miss out on any of the frills of an expensive scooter cycle.




Scooter Cycles for Kids – Buying Guide


Most scooter cycles in the market are three-wheeled.  Generally, the dual wheels are in the back for stability, while the single wheel in front allows for extra maneuverability.  Some of the more advanced scooters only have two wheels and are highly maneuverable though requiring more balance to use.

There are a few modern scooter cycles that have two wheels in front with a novel steering system that makes it both stable and maneuverable.


Usually, the brakes of a cycle scooter are present on the back where you place the foot on the brake for the scooter to stop.  Some scooters have bicycle-style brakes with a lever on the handle that can be pressed, but that is a rarer style of brakes.

For a quick stop, you have to use your foot to apply as much friction to the riding terrain as possible to stop the scooter cycle.


A key feature that is needed in a scooter cycle for kids is the ability for the main pole to be extended so that the scooter can grow with your child. It’s also important that the grips on the handles are present so that they don’t slip out of your child’s hands when the scooter cycle is ridden on rougher terrain.  Preferably the grips on the handles are made of rubber so that your child’s hands are cushioned.


Some of the lower-cost models for scooter cycles have load-bearing capacities that are just over 30kg, which means that if they are used on level terrain, they will do fine.

However, children are prone to put their equipment to rough testing, and the weight of your child will increase multiple times if the scooter is being jumped from higher ground to lower.  The sturdier scooter cycles accommodate these behaviors, and some high-quality ones have load-bearing capacities of over 100kg.


Just like in bicycles, some scooter cycles come with bells.  This is especially useful if your child plans on using his/her scooter cycle in populated areas with many pedestrians and animals such as dogs on the road/sidewalk.  And let’s be honest, a bell just adds so much more fun to the scooter cycle!

Water-Bottle Holder

Another feature that some scooter cycles have with bicycles is water-bottle holders.  Some scooters even come with their very own color-coded and styled water bottles that go with the scooter itself.

If your child has friends that are also scooter enthusiasts, this feature will serve them well as they go on adventures around the neighborhood.

Foot Grips

The foot grips that are on the scooter cycle should preferably be rubber so that the foot doesn’t slip off the scooter resulting in a crash.

While some of the lower cost scooters have grips that are made of plastic, this is a little dangerous because bumps on the road could dislodge your child’s foot from the scooter, unbalancing the scooter.  Generally, the softer the rubber, the better the grip, and this is a feature that a conscientious parent will not skimp out on.


Scooters take up space, and especially in the cramped living spaces of a modern home, it’s important that they can be folded and stored without consuming too much time.

Most scooter cycles can be folded up easily and stored vertically to save space in a closet.  Some scooters also allow you to reduce the height of the main handlebar pole so that the pole lowers down to the same length as the bottom part.  If you are especially space-starved, this option might be worth a look.

LED Lights

More adventurous manufacturers have started to add features such as LED lights that flash as the scooter moves.  These LED lights are powered through kinetic energy generated through the motion of the wheels.

Most scooters have these lights on the wheels of the machine, and they are bright enough to be visible even in daylight.  This is definitely a feature that most children will be pleased to have on their scooter cycles.


The cheaper scooter cycles have wheels that are plastic as they are cheaper to manufacture.  However, if you are looking for a machine that will give your child the maximum grip on the road, you should go for wheels that are rubber.

Rubber wheels are also useful when braking as plastic ones slip, and the friction needed to slow the scooter down needs additional foot pressure.


Kids’ scooter cycles are generally built to be suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years. The scooter you purchase for your child must be adjustable so that it grows with your child.

This means that you don’t have to make additional purchases to replace the scooter every few years.

Types of Scooter Cycles for Kids

Two-Wheel Scooter Cycles

These scooter cycles require the highest level of skill in the user.  The two-wheeled format requires the user to balance the scooter cycle at all times, similar to the balance required by a bicycle.  The advantage of these kinds of scooter cycles is that the friction produced on the ground is minimal since there are only two contact points.

Besides, since there are only two wheels, the scooter cycle is highly maneuverable, enabling the user to navigate between obstacles without needing to slow down much.

Three-Wheel Scooter Cycles

These are by far the most popular formats for kids’ scooter cycles.  The reason for this choice by manufacturers is that these formats give a little bit more stability to the scooter.  The scooter cycles with two wheels at either the front or the back allow for more balance.

However, this impedes maneuverability to a certain extent.  Pronounced curves in the path will require the user to tilt the machine to the point that it’s on two wheels.

Four-Wheel Scooter Cycles

These types of scooter cycles are by far the most stable of the lot.  They have four wheels, and at slower speeds, they are almost impossible to tip over.

They are perfect for children that are just learning to ride wheeled vehicles.  However, the risk with these scooter cycles is trying to swerve while going at higher speeds.  This problem is mitigated by buying your child a three-wheeled or two-wheeled scooter when they are ready to go a bit faster.

Multi-Purpose Scooter Cycles

Certain scooter cycles have unique designs that enable them to go from being ridden while standing to adjust to riding it while in a sitting position.  The seat and main pole are interlinked, and they can be assembled in two positions.

In one position, the seat is part of the pole, and the rider can ride the scooter cycle normally.  In the other position, the seat part folds down for the user to use it as a tricycle that is propelled by leg movement.

Scooter Cycles for Kids – Safety Tips

Safety Gear

It’s absolutely essential that your child wears all the safety gear available when riding a scooter cycle as leg propulsion and unwieldy steering causes them to get unbalanced often.

Your child should be wearing a helmet, elbow-guards, knee-guards, shoes with traction, and hopefully, even goggles.

Rear Wheel

Many scooter cycles rely on the pressure exerted on the back wheel to slow down or stop the scooter cycle.  It is important to check whether the traction grooves in the rear wheel are sufficient regularly to ensure that your child is able to stop the scooter cycle as needed.

This also affects whether the scooter cycle has enough traction when he/she is riding the scooter cycle.

Cracks and Stress Fractures

It’s important to check your scooter cycle’s bottom part for cracks and stress fractures to ensure that your child doesn’t have a mishap.

A crack or a stress fracture will result in the bottom half splitting at that point when extra pressure is exerted on it by your child the next time he/she rides the scooter.


As your child will inevitably fall off the scooter cycle at some point in his/her play-time and then proceed to hold the handles again, the handles will get dirty quickly.

Make sure that you regularly clean the scooter cycle so that the surfaces your child comes in contact with stay as clean as possible.


1. What is the best age to get your child a scooter cycle?

If you are looking at a four-wheeled scooter cycle, then you will be fine getting one for your child at 3 or 4 years of age.  However, if you are planning on getting your child a three-wheeled scooter cycle with closely spaced wheels on the side with the dual wheels, then you might postpone it another year or two.

Two-wheeled scooter cycles are suitable for children that are ready to ride bicycles without training wheels.  Of course, these recommended ages will all change if your child is especially prodigious at balance and motor skills.

2. Do the scooter cycles come assembled, or do they need to be assembled?

Generally, scooter cycles do not come with any need for assembly.  There are instructions that are provided with the scooter cycle that tells you how you can unfold and fold the scooter cycle, however.  Please read the instructions carefully so that you are able to unfold the scooter cycle and adjust the settings to suit the height and weight of your child before allowing your child to use it.

There might be some scooter cycles where you have to attach the bottle holder, bell, or other paraphernalia that are not part of the essential scooter cycle parts.  Handle levers for the braking system might also need some adjustment before use.

3. What type of scooter cycles is the safest?

The safety of the scooter cycle depends on the user’s style of riding.  If your child only rides it on paths that have no obstacles at slow speeds, then the four-wheeled scooter cycle will be the safest bet.

If your child rides his/her scooter cycle at variable speeds on uneven terrain that have obstacles, then a four-wheeled scooter cycle won’t provide enough maneuverability, and a three-wheeled scooter cycle will be the best choice for safety.

4. Do the LED lights on scooter cycles need batteries?

No, none of the scooter cycle models that were evaluated by us required the use of a battery for its LED lights to work.  The electricity for the lights is generated by harnessing the power of the rotation of the wheels through a dynamo or an alternator.

This electricity is not stored anywhere on the scooter cycle, which means that the lights only work as the scooter cycle is moving.  LED lights provide a great additional feature for scooter cycles and create a great pull factor for children who need a bit of extra motivation to engage in physical activity.

5. How much do scooter cycles weigh?

There is a wide range of weights for scooter cycles depending on the style that you go for.  However, kids’ scooter cycles are generally between the weights of 2 kg and 8 kg, allowing them to be carried around by children when the terrain isn’t suitable for them to be ridden.

Carbon-fiber casing and high-quality plastic and aluminum parts allow for scooter cycles to be sturdy enough to carry up to 100kg loads while not weighing a lot themselves.


Scooter cycles can provide your children with great means of developing large motor skills and balance.  They are also much safer in certain ways than bicycles, which can result in crashes that do semi-permanent damage to children.

While scooter cycles might result in a few scrapes or bruises, the speeds at which they are ridden make them very safe. Choosing the right scooter cycle for your child’s personality is also key to making sure that your child remains as safe as possible while enjoying his/her new toy.

The buying guide that we have amalgamated has been done so to ensure that you are aware of the key points to look for when you are purchasing a scooter cycle for your child.  Make sure that you browse through the safety tips and the FAQ section to ensure that your new purchase, as well as your child, are kept as safe as possible. We wish you luck and hope that your child enjoys years of fun with his/her new scooter cycle!