Best Sleeping Bags for Kids

How do you make sure your kid has the soundest, safest, and most wonderful nap times possible?  Well, one way to help with that is to make sure that you have the perfect sleeping bag for your kid.  There are many types of bags that are made to suit the full range of kids’ ages.

Some have add-ons that help make sure your child is not disturbed by insects and other creepy crawlers.  Some are designed for portability and re-use. Make sure you go through our buying guide to ensure that you buy the perfect one for your child.  Also, make notes of the safety tips provided so that your child is kept safe, and your product lasts for as long as possible.

10 Best Sleeping Bags for Kids

1. Amardeep and Co Baby Sleeping Bag Cum Baby Carry Bag

This sleeping bag is designed to keep your baby warm and safe while he/she is sleeping.  Colored in soft pastel colors, it has a simple zip-up design to help save your time. The top of the sleeping bag is shaped to securely cover the head of your baby as he/she sleeps.  The two zips on either side of the bag allow the bag to be opened up for you to place your baby inside and then easily zips up to secure him/her.

Amardeep has been known for more than half a decade to produce high-quality children’s products, and this sleeping bag is no exception.  The bottom flap can be kept open if the environment proves to be too hot to have it closed for your baby. The whole sleeping bag can be hand washed to ensure that your baby has the cleanest environment possible while sleeping.

2. Chinmay Kids Velvet Carrying & Bedding Sleeping Bag-Purple

This sleeping bag looks like it came out from a 19th-century royal family carriage.  Its plush velvet-colored cover is 100% cotton and will be soft on your precious baby’s skin.  It is based on a simple design where you place the baby on the full cushioning available inside and then covering him/her up with the flap.

The design allows you to clip the top ends of the sleeping bag together to form a protective covering around your baby’s head after placing him inside.  If the covering would make the baby too warm, just place the sleeping bag in a safe area and open it up so that it can be used as a bed. It has also been manufactured to be lightweight so that it’s highly portable for a busy mom or dad.

3. Worlds Apart Peppa Pig Sleeping Bag

This high-end product is sure to be a favorite with your child as it has bright Peppa Pig branding.  It is also a good visual aid to help keep your child’s mind on learning English with Peppa Pig, serving as an educational tool.  This sleeping bag has been recommended for use with babies from the age of 18 months to 3 years, making it an excellent mid-term investment.

This cute little sleeping bag’s head area is securely covered with cushioning to ensure that your child doesn’t slip out from the top.  The mattress part of it has been made using durable, long-lasting materials, and the cover is machine washable. It will prove to be the ideal camping bed for when your family goes camping or for sleepovers.  It also comes with a handy carry-case into which the sleeping bag can be quickly folded and stored.

4. Toddylon Baby Mattress with Mosquito Net and Sleeping Bag Combo

This type of sleeping bag is probably our favorite so far.  The sleeping bag comes with a built-in mosquito net that protects your baby from mosquitoes and other bugs while he/she is sleeping.  Just like many of the others, it can be opened up to serve as a bed for your baby. The bag also has an additional cushion where the baby’s head is placed to act as a pillow.

The top corners of the sleeping bag can be brought together and clipped so that your baby’s head is fully protected while napping.  The built-in mosquito net can be put up after the sleeping bag is fully opened up. It covers the entirety of the opened-up sleeping bag and there is quite a lot of room inside for your baby to move around.  The net is held up by plastic structures that ensure that it will not close in on your little tyke as he’s sleeping.

5. MOM & SON 3 in 1 Baby’s Cotton Bed Cum Sleeping Bag

This beautiful brown sleeping bag has a lovely bunny design on the outside.  The entire sleeping bag is built from soft fabric to ensure that your baby has a comfortable sleep-time.  After placing the baby inside the sleeping bag, the sleeping bag’s flap can be secured from the bottom up using two zippers.  The top ends of the sleeping bag can be attached together around your baby’s head securely.

As can be done with a lot of other sleeping bags, this one can also be opened up to serve as a bed for your little tyke.  The safety flap on the bottom can be brought up to serve as a blanket for the baby as he/she sleeps. If you are looking for a sleeping bag to keep your baby warm as he/she is securely wrapped up in a comfortable environment, then this is the sleeping bag for you.

6. My NewBorn Ultra Soft Baby’s Faux Fur Blanket Swaddle Sleeping Bag

This polka dots sleeping bag has bright coloring that will lift up your baby’s day as well as your own.  The pictures you take with your baby in it will also look very cute. The design of the sleeping bag is such that your baby’s feet go into two sleeves, and a large sleeve goes around your baby’s head, keeping him/her snug and warm.  There are two flaps that open up in order for you to put your baby inside.

The flaps can be opened for when the weather is colder or fit tightly around your precious tyke for when the weather’s colder. The full sleeping bag measures 73 cm from head to toe and has a wrapped up width of 34cm (76cm horizontally when the flaps are open).  If you are looking for a sleeping bag where your baby looks super cute while being fastened securely, this is the sleeping bag for you!

7. Nagar International Baby’s Cotton Sleeping Bag

This Nagar sleeping bag comes with a fantastic quote in front, saying, “Mama’s boy.  Do not disturb, or nobody sleeps tonight.” The sleeping bag can be fully opened to function as a bed for the baby if needed.  The soft flap can either be extended or placed on top of the inside of the sleeping bag to provide extra cushioning. When the baby is placed inside the sleeping bag, and the flap is secured around him/her, the top corners come together to form a snug covering for your baby’s head.

The fabric used to make this product is kind to your baby’s skin and soft to the touch.  It is easy to keep this interesting sleeping bag clean and hygienic as it is fully washable.  As the product has a lot of cushioning and uses thick material, it is best used during the winter when your baby needs to be kept snug and warm.

8. BRANDONN Sleeping Bag for Babies

One of the cutest sleeping bags in this category, this sleeping bag has a pink theme and cute ears on top.  It has been designed to keep your baby’s feet warm in sleeves, with a large sleeve to cover your baby’s head.  The two flaps that open up to either side of the sleeping bag can be wrapped up around your baby after he/she is placed securely inside.

Made out of flannel, this sleeping bag has been manufactured to ensure that your baby never gets cold as he/she sleeps.  It is 76cm from head to toe and has a width of 36cm when you wrap the flaps around your bundle of joy. The super-soft material used ensures that even a newborn will be safe and happy inside this sleeping bag.  It has been recommended for use with babies that are newborn to babies that are six months old.

9. My NewBorn 3 in 1 Baby Blanket-Safety Bag-Sleeping Bag for Babies

This sleeping bag is also one of the cutest available in this category.  It has pure pink coloring and has a design that calls for smooth contours in all of its appendages.  It also has two fluffy little ears at the top to make your baby look extra cute. The wing-like flaps of the sleeping bag open up so that you can place your baby safely within it.  You can keep the flaps open if the weather is warm, with only your baby’s legs in the sleeves of the sleeping bag.

This sleeping bag can be used as a blanket, a baby wrapper, or a sleeping bag, making it a 3-in-1 product.  The flannel material that is used for the manufacture of this product is fully washable and sure to keep your baby warm and cozy during winters. The soft material and careful design allow this excellent product to be used for newborns and babies of up to 6 months of age.

10. Brim Hugs and Cuddles Premium Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag comes in a variety of colors. The cute animal pictures on top give this plush product a cute feel.  The sleeping bag has been designed to undo the flap using two zippers so that you can safely place your baby inside. After zipping it up, you can hook the two top ends together to fit snugly around your baby’s head.

Like some of the other products in this category, it can be left unzipped and unhooked to serve as a bed for your baby.  This can also be done if the weather is too cold to have your baby all wrapped up. If used as a bed, it has quite a large area measuring 66cm x 41cm. It is perfect for your baby while traveling or going outdoors

Sleeping Bags for Kids – Buying Guide


Your sleeping bag fits tightly around your little bundle of joy and is sure to become dirty quite quickly.  The best way to ensure that you have time to clean your kid’s sleeping bag is to ensure that it’s easy to clean.  Buying one that is machine-washable will make your life much more comfortable. Better yet, get two or three, and you will be able to make sure your baby’s sleep times are as clean as possible.

Comfortable Material

As your baby will spend a lot of time in his/her sleeping bag, make sure that the material is soft on the skin and non-irritating.  There are few things that make a baby cry more like uncomfortable material against his/her skin.


Some sleeping bags are designed for cold climates, while others are for warmer ones.  The ones designed for hot climates should be breathable and thin, allowing your kid’s natural cooling mechanism (sweating) to work.  If you live in a colder climate, make sure that your child’s sleeping bag is designed to keep your child warm, as your child generates much less heat while being non-active.


Not everything in life is about practicality. Let’s be honest; you will be taking a lot of pictures of your child as he/she is sleeping since they are so cute as they doze off.  Get a sleeping bag that fits your baby’s looks so that you will get a lot of reactions when you post pictures of him/her on social media.


While some sleeping bags for kids are designed for bigger children, some are designed for babies. It’s vital to ensure that no matter how your child twists himself/herself inside the sleeping bag, the child gets enough oxygen to keep him/her breathing. It’s always best to steer clear of materials and designs that might cause suffocation.


You sure want to take your child’s sleeping bag when you are taking your child for vacations.  Look for a sleeping bag that will allow you to transport the bag without too much hassle. Many sleeping bags are designed to fold into a size/form that is easy to carry or pack.

Multi-Purpose Sleeping Bags

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your child’s sleeping bag as a blanket for the tyke if the temperature gets nippy all of a sudden?  Some sleeping bags for kids are also able to double as a blanket for your child. There are also sleeping bags that are designed to help carry your child as you are traveling.


Sleeping bags are generally bought to be a tight fit.  However, it is better to measure your child and get a sleeping bag that will at least last the child a couple of years.  Leave enough space in the bag for your child to grow as much as possible and save a bit of money in the long run!

Types of Sleeping Bags for Kids

Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags have been designed to make sure that your child gets a great nap while being protected from the environment.  Many products that fall into this category can also be used to keep your child warm as the air gets colder.

Sleeping Bag cum Carry Bags

These sleeping bags are great for taking your baby as you go about your daily chores.  They have been designed to fit into your carry case or into a sling without any trouble.  There are even some that have their own straps to help you carry your child.

Sleeping Bag with Mosquito Net

This category of sleeping bags has been designed for tropical climates where you have to protect your precious child against bugs and insects. They have add-ons or a built-in feature that function as mosquito nets.  If you live in a tropical climate and you want to ensure that your child is safe while he/she is sleeping, this is the type of sleeping bag for you.

Sleeping Bags for Kids – Safety Tips


Make sure that you clean your child’s sleeping bag as often as possible.  Since there are parts of the child that touch the inside of the sleeping bag, they get as dirty as your child’s clothes do.  As long as you wash the sleeping bag every couple of times your child uses it, you should be okay.

Checking for Bugs/Insects

Bugs and other insects have an unfortunate tendency to crawl their way into every nook and cranny.  Always check to see whether there are insects or other unwanted pests inside your child’s sleeping bag before your child uses it.

Temperature Control

Depending on the material used for the manufacture of your sleeping bag, the temperature inside the bag might spike up as your child is sleeping inside it.  Check the temperature inside your child’s sleeping bag periodically to see whether your child is warm or cool enough.

Proper Storage

It is essential to make sure that your child’s sleeping bag is stored properly to ensure longevity.  For example, if you don’t store your sleeping bag properly, you might find out that the mosquito net add-on has holes in it when you are ready to use it.


1. Can the sleeping bag be used for a newborn?

Yes, most sleeping bags for babies can be used for newborns.  However, make sure that the sleeping bag is the right size and wash it thoroughly first before your baby is exposed to it.

2. Can the sleeping bag be machine washed?

A lot of sleeping bags have been designed to be machine washed.  However, some of the more delicate ones for smaller babies are meant to be hand-washed.  There are also some sleeping bags that need to be dry-cleaned. Please read the instructions for washing on your child’s sleeping bag carefully before washing it.

3. Can the sleeping bags be used in the summer?

If the sleeping bag is polyester or another material that is designed to insulate, then it should not be used during the summer.  However, ones made out of cotton or other breathable material can be used safely for your child to sleep in during the summer.

4. Can I carry the baby in the sleeping bag?

Some sleeping bags are also designed to be used to carry your baby.  Make sure that you buy one that facilitates this activity.

5. Is the mosquito net detachable?

While there are sleeping bags with detachable mosquito nets, most of them are attached.  If it does not say that it can be explicitly detached, make sure that you don’t try to detach it.  This might result in the mosquito net getting ripped.


There are a wide variety of sleeping bags that you can choose from.  If your baby is quite young, then it would be better to go for one that is specifically designed for newborn babies.  As your child gets older, it might be prudent to get a sleeping bag with additional functionality, such as a mosquito net.

This will give you peace of mind as you are doing your daily chores. It would also provide the additional function of keeping your baby within the confines of your baby’s sleeping area.

If your child is older and nearing adolescence, then it might be better to go for a design that would make the sleeping bag attractive to your child.

We hope that our guidelines have helped make it a little easier for you to choose the right sleeping bag for your kid.  Good luck, and make sure you make a note of the safety tips!