Best Baby Swaddles for Newborns

Baby swaddles are soft and light-weighted, and they help to keep your baby safe and secure as the baby tries to adjust to a life outside your womb.

The baby swaddles keep your baby calm and ensure your baby sleeps soundly. They prevent your baby from wailing her arms and legs which can cause her to wake up while sleeping.

These baby swaddles keep your baby warm during the cold weather and ensure your baby stays in a convenient position whenever it is worn.

Here, we have curated a baby swaddle buying guide and a list of top 7 baby swaddles for you to make a thoughtful purchase for your newborn. You can also go through the FAQs to resolve any query you might have.

1. Cottingtonlane Baby Swaddle Blanket

These baby swaddle blankets come with soft cotton material that is durable and easy to use.

It has a big size that is convenient for babies of age up to 9 months. The blankets come with no colour leaks or defects and they’re great to use.

The baby swaddle blankets are safe to the baby’s body and the environment. They’re extremely soft and luxurious to use, getting softer the more you wash them.

These baby swaddle blankets can be used as a stroller cover, sunshade cover, play mat, baby towel, full bib, nursing cover, picnic blanket, and more.

They are breathable and ideal for a baby’s soft skin. The baby swaddle promotes a deep and comfortable sleep while ensuring there is no overheating.

2. LuvLap Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddles

This LuvLap Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddle comes with a trendy and classic unisex design. It can be used as a baby washcloth, changing sheet, stroller cover, burp cloth, and more.

Made of fine quality cotton material, this baby swaddle is soft and comfortable on your baby’s skin and doesn’t cause any irritation and discomfort.

It comes with a high absorbent rate and non-toxic materials.

The material is breathable and safe on your baby’s sensitive skin. This baby swaddle keeps your baby dry and, and it is most ideal for newborn babies.

3. Haus & kinder Chevron Stripes Muslin Swaddle

This baby swaddle is gentle, breathable, and easy to use. It comes with no shrinking ability, while ensuring high colour resistance and absorbency. The baby swaddle is very durable and quick in drying.

It is large, comfortable to use, and machine washable. It guarantees to keep your baby asleep and ensure your baby stays comfortable at the right temperature. It comes with a beautiful design.

The baby swaddle can also be used as towels for babies, washcloths, sleeping bags, bibs for babies, and more. It is an ideal product for gifting your loved ones during special occasions like baby showers or birthday celebrations.

4. Mom’s Home Soft Muslin Cloth Swaddle

This swaddle cloth is lightweight and comes in perfectly made sizes 100cm x 100cm that is perfect for 0 to 12 months. It is ultra-soft, breathable, and perfect to wrap your baby.

The swaddling cloth ensures your baby stays comfortable and warm when it is put on. Made from premium cotton material, this swaddling cloth is free from harmful chemicals.

It is great for babies with sensitive skin and doesn’t cause any irritation. This swaddle cloth is easy to wash and it gets softer with every wash.

5. LazyToddler Muslin Baby Swaddles

These baby swaddles are soft and comfortable to use. They come with fine and smooth open woven material that gives excellent breathability and usability.

The swaddles are light weighted and regulate your baby’s body temperature, ensuring they can be used extensively during the summer to winter.

They are multifunctional swaddles and can be used as a burp cloth, blanket, soft towel, swaddle wrap, sunshade, soft towel, and more. They come in a unique size of 100cm x 100cm, and they’re great for babies up to 18 months old.

These baby swaddles are durable yet stylish, and made with non-toxic chemicals.

6. Dotmom Newborn Baby Swaddle Blankets

This baby swaddle blanket is lightweight and super absorbing. It is breathable and helps to regulate your baby’s body temperature. The baby swaddle prevents heating and keeps your little one in a comfort zone all through the summer.

It comes with improved softness and a durable cotton material. This baby swaddle comes with a cute pattern that compliments anything your baby is wearing. It is suitable for use during winters and summers.

This baby swaddle comes with high-quality stitching and aesthetically superior prints. The swaddling cloth is ideal for multiple usages such as picnic blankets, light blankets, pram covers, light blankets, and baby stroller covers.

7. Haus & kinder Tie Dye Muslin Swaddle

This baby swaddle comes with non-shrinking and colour fade resistance. It is very durable with high absorbency. The baby swaddle has a great tie and dye design.

It comes with a unique drying feature that is safe for newborn skin. This baby swaddle is gentle and allows for better airflow so your baby isn’t overheated.

It has a large size, and it is comfortable to use. It is machine washable and a great gift for special occasions such as birthdays and baby showers.

Buyer’s Guide

So, let’s take a look at the factors to consider when choosing the best baby swaddle.

Ease of Use

Make sure the baby swaddle is great to use. Baby swaddles come in different styles and shapes.

Some of these styles and shapes are easy to use while some will take extra effort to use. So, ensure you check its usability before you acquire it.


The airflow within the baby swaddle will help with temperature regulation. This airflow is great for your baby as it keeps them calm and comfortable.

So, make sure the swaddle is made with natural fibre, cotton muslin, or fleece to ease breathability and conveniences in most weather conditions.

Leg Space

Ensure the baby swaddle comes with enough leg space for their legs to ensure proper hip development.

When babies are born they come with legs burnt upwards and working on the leg so fast can damage the soft cartilage.

So, make sure you acquire the best baby swaddle with adequate leg space for proper leg development.


Baby swaddles are designed with different materials and some of these materials can shrink.

When the baby swaddles shrink it becomes unusable and uncomfortable. So, ensure the baby swaddle comes with a great lifespan to effective usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it take long to swaddle a baby?

Swaddling your little one does not take so much time. It can be done with little or not much effort.

2. How many swaddles do you need for my baby?

Swaddling a baby may depend on how long your laundry is done. Using two blankets is good for your little one but to reduce your laundry time one blanket would be a good choice.

3. How many hours can you swaddle your baby?

Swaddling your baby all day works best for a newborn baby. But as your baby grows and becomes more active, make sure you decrease her swaddling time. At this point swaddling your baby at night will be great to make your baby feel more comfortable.


The baby swaddle is effective and safe to use on your newborn baby. It is made of quality material and delivers long-lasting use if it’s maintained well. It keeps your newborn’s temperature warm without any risk of suffocation.

This is important as babies are vulnerable to temperature changes.

The swaddle keeps your baby posture stable and delivers a comfortable experience when it is worn. It also keeps your baby from being startled and waking up constantly when asleep.

if you planning to buy one for your little one, you can opt to go for Cottingtonlane Baby Swaddle BlanketLuvLap Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddles, and Haus & kinder Chevron Stripes Muslin Swaddle.