Best Toys and Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

Gifts for one-year-old girls come with several benefits that your one-year-old girl would love. Looking for the best gift wouldn’t be an issue.

Kids within these ages are known for putting things together, taking them apart, pushing and pulling things, and moving things in and out of boxes.

Gifts like wooden toy blocks, sorting cubes, stack toys, cars, stuffed animals or dolls, and more are a great gift for one-year girls.

These gift toys keep your baby engaged during their playtime and come with the style and shape your one-year-old girl will love.

1. Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle

This gift toy brings a lot of fun and happiness to your little girl. It is brightly multi-coloured features your little girl will love.

This gift toy keeps your baby girl engaged during playtime. The toy is ideal for babies above nine months and above.

This baby toy changes colour automatically when the spinning wheel rotates. The colour-changing feature enlightens your little one when she plays with it. It comes with non-skid rubber wheels that are safe to play with.

The rubber also offers an excellent grip despite the type of surface floor. It enhances stimulation in your kid and improves your kid’s learning ability.

2. Popsugar Smiley Piano and Keyboard Musical Set

This gift is great when it is used as a toy and also used to play indoor games. It is entertaining and very safe to use. You kid will enjoy playing along with a song and also use the flashing lights to add more fun.

The flashing light also amuses your one-year-old kid when she plays with it. It comes in bright colours and has different modes. The piano features eight keys that can produce songs, modes, and animal sounds.

It has three hand drum keys and three musical instrument keys. This gift toy will require a battery to operate.

3. Einstein Box for 1-Year-Old Boys/Girls

This Einstein Box for One-Year-Old Boys/Girls comes with two fun books that teach your little one many new words.

It also helps to develop good habits or behaviour in your kid. Developing your baby’s imagination, curiosity, memory, and logic is easy with this gift toy.

This gift toy can improve your baby’s thinking skills and develop more love for books.

It includes five educational toys and books. The contents include a high-quality puzzle, art and craft, a memory game, a tear-resistant book that teaches about different animals, and a tear-resistant book for teaching how babies can love their family members.

This gift toy is beautifully designed and safe to use. The books are made of thick laminated pages and non-toxic materials. It delivers hours of fun and keeps your baby engaged when it is played with.

4. Royals Fairy Butterfly Wings Costume for Baby Girl

This Royal Fairy Butterfly Wings Costume for Baby Girl will give your baby girl a stunning look when she poses for a photograph. The costume is suitable for a birthday party and special occasions.

It is lightweight and comes with a hairband and a fairy stick. It is the best gift for your baby girl.

5. TOYMYTOY Unicorn Plush Toy Stuffed Animal

This toy stuffed animal is super soft and comfortable to use. Constructed with premium plush and PP cotton material, this toy comes with a cute and creative unicorn pattern design attractive to kids.

It is a great party favour and play partner for your kids. This toy is a wonderful gift for your children to offer them more fun and surprise. It is ideal for a surface wash only.

6. Galaxy Hi-Tech Musical Learning Table Baby Toys

This baby toy comes with functions that light up the environment and also allows for free play. It offers classic melodies and introduces your baby to unique colours and musical notes like Do Re Mi.

Your little one can tap the drum in the middle of the desk to feel the rhythm. As the rhythm plays, she feels the lighting and enjoys the sound effect. This baby toy can be tied on your baby’s bed for your little kid to play with.

It improves and strengthens your baby’s fine motor skills. The baby toy comes with sturdy and removable legs. It is made from safe and non-toxic ABS plastic material and a great gift for any occasion.

7. Keshav Baby Horse Rider for Kids

This baby toy comes with 2 in 1 functions that will fascinate your kid. It has a comfortable seat and easy handle grip that will offer an enjoyable experience to your kids. This baby toy is a great toy for enhancing your baby’s arm and leg coordination and balancing.

It keeps your baby in full charge of speed and steering while your child masters the stages of learning. The toy improves the gripping of your little one’s hands. The baby toy is known for delivering optimal satisfaction when your kid rides and when you see your kid ride it.

8. Babyzone Toys 3 in 1 Baby Horse Rider

This baby toy comes with an excellent design and colours that will attract your little one. It has a big body with wheels and a rocking tray.

The baby toy also has a durable backrest, anti-slip handlebar, and safety belt. The seat of this baby toy is well-cushioned which makes it very comfortable to use.

9. Ruixiang Activity Cube Baby Toy

This baby toy comes with a 6 in 1 multifunctional activity. These activities include shape and colour sorting, vehicle sorting, alphabet sorting, musical piano play, time learning, and alphabet cognitive.

It is ideal for 6 to 12 months’ babies, and it is made of ABS material that is safe to use. This toy comes with a smooth surface and round edges to keep your baby’s hands and mouth away from hurt when they play with it.

It encourages imagination, fine motor skills, puzzle development and hands-on ability, and improves problem-solving skills. This toy requires three AA batteries, and it comes with three modes of music to produce wonderful sound.

This baby toy is an ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions.

10. TANMAN TOYS 3 in 1 Gift Set Toys

This toy gift comes with a set of three toys for your one-year-old boy or girl. It includes a rolling rattle ball, stacking rings, and star linking building blocks for babies. The toys are made of non-toxic materials and are completely safe and easy to play with.

Ideal for kids between the ages of nine months to eighteen months, this gift set is great for your little one to grow with. It comes with a multi-colour design, and it is an excellent product to introduce your kid to.

This toy gift helps to develop your child’s creative capabilities. It ensures he knows the concept of colours, shapes, and sizes.


Toy gifts for one-year-old girls come with eco-friendly materials that are suitable for babies in that category.

They have a unique and attractive design that your baby will love to play with. The shape of the toy gift is made to prevent your baby from swallowing it.

They are fun to play with and easy to maintain. The toy gifts come with durable and sturdy features to prevent quick damage and deliver long-lasting use.

These toys can also improve your baby’s learning habits, imagination, sensory skills, and motor skills.

They keep your kid fully engaged and offer a fun playing time. We recommend Funskool Twirlly Whirlly Turtle, Popsugar Smiley Piano and Keyboard Musical Set, Einstein Box for 1-Year-Old Boys/Girls, and Royals Fairy Butterfly Wings Costume for Baby Girls.