Best Walkers for Babies in India

Every parent wants their kids to have the best childhood as they learn the most important skills. One of the things that kids teach themselves in the early stages is walking. Of course, you can support your baby as they make their first steps. However, sometimes you might not have enough time to do so, and that’s where baby walkers come in.

Baby learning walkers are very useful for any parent that needs a peaceful moment with the munchkin. As they develop one or two skills to use in the future, babies have a great feeling. They enjoy moving around holding these tools which help strengthen the body muscles.

You should, however, keep in mind that several brands have filled the market at the moment. As such, it is quite difficult to get the best baby learning walker unless someone guides you. Well, fortunately, we have prepared this article to help you get an ideal product. We have also listed ten baby learning walkers that we feel will serve you fine.

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1. Goyal’s My First Step Baby Activity Walker

Let your baby enjoy his first steps with Goyal’s baby activity walker. It is designed to not only help your baby learn how to walk but also to provide entertainment. It comes with a detachable center that enhances the learning process. It gives you the ability to change your baby’s toys and other features. As such, your baby will have all the necessary resources to add more skills to his set. Activities include turning gears, flipping doors, and spinning panels.

Apart from these features, Goyal’s My First Step Baby Activity Walker is also fitted with the necessary safety features. For one, it has textured wheels to increase their friction for better control. The handle is comfortable and fits perfectly in the small hands of your little angel.

2. BAYBEE Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

BayBee is a renowned manufacturer when it comes to baby products. As such, we decided to look for a quality product from this company and we came across the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. It is, with no doubt, one of the best Baybee toy products. Of course, safety is prioritized in any baby toy and this learning walker meets all the standards.

What puts among the best in the market is the fact that it is a smart baby walker. It comes with a removable toy touchpad with a touch-sensitive screen. In addition, your baby will be entertained by the music and auditory features. Upgrade your parenting methods with this futuristic product.

3. Chicco Baby Step Activity Walker

Do you have a five months baby or older starting to make their first steps? Well, this is one of those phases that every baby enjoys and nothing makes them happier than making progress. You can make it time to remember by buying them one of the best activity walkers from Chicco. If you are a fan of this company, the. we’ve got you covered.

Chicco Baby Step Activity Walker gives your baby an opportunity to exercise their limb muscles and learn how to balance their body. It does all this with top safety precautions put in place to make sure that the child completes this stage successfully. It also has a music feature meant to keep your baby entertained.

4. Mee Mee Adjustable Handle Baby Walker

You are not sure about your baby’s height? Don’t worry, there is always a solution waiting for you. In case you are planning to buy a baby walker for your kid, then you should go for one with adjustable heights. During our research, we came across Mee Mee Adjustable Handle Baby Walker which has that exact feature. Well, it is probably one of the best due to the fact that it addresses the needs of most parents with perfection.

The durability of this baby walker is unquestionable since it is designed from durable materials that are also safe for the child and the people around. Its sturdy design gives it enough stability and that, in turn, supports the child as they learn to make their first steps. The manufacturer adhered to all safety regulations, which makes it safe for the children.

5. Fisher-Price Baby Learning Walker

Let your baby laugh as they learn to walk using the Fisher-price baby walker. It comes with a whole set of plateful and melodious songs curated for your munchkin. The best thing is that this walker is not only designed for walking but also learning other new skills. As such, when you purchase this you’ll be killing two birds with one stone ban waiting for the results.

An example of the activities that your baby is going to learn include alphabets and counting numbers. There are also other hands-on activities like flipping pages, rollers, and spinners in which your baby can engage.

6. Luvlap Sunshine Musical Baby Walker

Next in line is Luvlap Sunshine Musical Baby Walker. As the name suggests, it has all the entertainment features packed for your kid to enjoy. Music is one thing that most kids find enjoyable and Luvlap has compiled a number of melodious sounds to keep your baby entertained. Safety is the most important factor when it comes to baby walkers and you can be sure that Luvlap has got you covered in that area.

One of the features employed by the company to ensure that babies are safe on this walker is the press-down vacuum stopper. With this mechanism, you can stop the stopper from moving. The three-level height adjustment is also an important factor that keeps this walker on top of the list. As such, you can be sure that your baby will be able to use this tool regardless of their height. In addition to this, there is a detachable toy tray that allows you to change the type of toys you’d like your kid to use.

7. Toyboy Baby Learning Walker

If you are looking for a baby walker that has a strong and steady design, then Toyboy Baby Learning Walker is your best bet. This type of construction ensures that your baby receives all the support they need as they make their first steps. Like most learning walkers on this list, Toyboy also has a music feature that will keep your baby entertained throughout their learning phase.

It also comes with a number of engaging activities to help develop new skills. Some of these activities include sliding beads, turning gears, flipping doors, and spinning panels. For those who are always on the move, this would be the ideal walker since it folds to the maximum. As such, it won’t take up too much space in your car. It is designed for children between the age of nine and eighteen months.

8. Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker

There is no better way to encourage your baby’s first steps than showing them support. This way, they enjoy the ride and may even learn faster. However, since parents are always busy, it would be prudent to get a helper, and that is where Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker comes in. This product is not only for improving the kid’s walking skills but for keeping them entertained.

The 3-in-1 comes with a set of 70 songs. Yes, that’s right, a playlist that your kid can play for several hours without getting bored. There are also several sounds that your kid could have fun with while engaging in other activities. In total, the walker has three play modes which include words, music, and jungle animal sounds.

9. ODELEE Musical Baby Activity Walker

ODELEE Baby Activity Walker is probably one of the best musical walkers currently in the market. With a wide range of songs coupled up with an amazing lighting system, you can be sure that your baby will have all the fun they need.

But it’s not only about music and entertainment – there’s more! The main purpose of this product is to ensure that your baby makes his or her first steps without any hassle. Get one today and enjoy all the benefits at an affordable price.

10. GoodLuck Baybee Round Baby Walker

Finally, we have an amazing baby walker from GoodLuck Baybee. It is a round-shaped walker with smooth ages and a wide base for maximum support. The wheels are evenly distributed across the base to allow for an easy ride. It is also worth noting that the sturdy and durable plastics used in ita construction are chemical-free and harmless to your child’s health.

Buying Guide

As you shop for a new baby walker, there are a few things to remember before making our final decision. Of course, you could settle for a similar brand as your neighbor, but will it be ideal? Make sure to ask yourself this question because it may be the determining feature of your child’s health and safety.

It is natural for one to consider the price first before anything else. Well, inasmuch as this is a factor, we recommend prioritizing the toy’s functionality. Here is a list of some features that will guide you towards the best and most affordable baby learning walker in the market.


When it comes to baby products, safety is one thing that should never be taken for granted. One way to make sure that your baby is safe on this toy is by considering their age bracket. Younger children (the exact age is subjective) should not use wheeled walkers. Although wheels may seem like an enhancement, they won’t do any favor for a baby who is still learning to control themselves.

Other things to keep in mind are any rough surfaces around the edges of the walker to prevent any injuries. Also, make sure that your baby’s feet are safe as they move in these baby learning walkers.


Do you love moving around with your baby? Why not purchase a walker that is easy to carry around and fits in your car’s trunk? The portability of a baby walker is not only dependent on its overall size but also on the folding mechanism.

Some walkers are not foldable or cannot fold to the maximum making them unsuitable for travelers. Others, however, can be folded and easily fit into a small space in your trunk. Depending on how you want to use this product, make sure to keep these factors in mind.

Broad base

We’ve already talked about safety and one thing that enhances that is the size of the base. Always look for baby walkers with as broad bases as possible. Such products increase the stability of the toy, which in turn ensures that the baby doesn’t fall off when walking. It is also important since it will prevent you, baby, from walking into narrow and dangerous streets within the house.

Entertainment features

A baby walker is not a replacement for your parenting services but it can do a great job when you are busy. To make sure that the baby gets the best out of this product, make sure to look for those walkers with additional features. The main additions to consider are entertainment features like music and other toys. Let your baby enjoy their time to the fullest.


As usual, this is one of the main factors when it comes to baby products. The quality of these products may determine their prices but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, cheaper ones may prove worthy provided you consider all the points above.

Note that not all expensive items are high-quality. Some claim to give you what you are looking for only to end up with disappointments. Therefore, inasmuch as it is one of the main factors, do not use the price as your main determinant.

Safety Tips

Look out for uncomfortable and rough edges

As we always state, the safety of your child should be your priority. The first thing to do before letting your baby enjoy that new baby walker is to confirm that it is safe for them. Some toys come with rough edges due to improper finishes or scratches. If you are not careful, these could end up being a source of injuries to the child.

Therefore, you can simply run your hands around it just to feel how comfortable the edges are. If anything doesn’t feel normal, make sure to address it immediately. It can be as simple as brushing the surface to as serious as returning the product to your retailer. Never hesitate to take action as your child’s well-being could be on the line.

Ensure that the floor is not slippery

Another important factor to keep in mind is the floor. Is it slippery or unsafe for your baby? If the answer is yes, then don’t take any chances because it could prove costly. We do not recommend using baby walkers on a tiled floor or rather surfaces which are too slippery.

Apart from the state of the floor, also make sure to get rid of any barriers on the floor. You’ll want the surface to be as clear as possible in that the baby can walk from one end to the other without hitting a barrier. You can as well prepare one room specifically for this purpose or let your baby use the walker outside the house.

Always keep an eye on your child

It might seem like a cliche but keeping an eye on your child should be on top of your to-do list. As the kid starts to make their first steps, there are high chances that they could mess and injure themselves. As such, you need to be around so as to help them out in case this happens.

Block all stairways

As your baby moves their new walkers, they might be tempted to walk down the staircase like everyone else. Well, the repercussions of this move can be very costly and your baby might end up with critical injuries. Luckily, there is a way of avoiding this scenario without inconveniencing others.

You can set up a staircase gate which will prevent your child from moving down that road. But also remember not to use spring-fitted ones because they could injure the baby.

Avoid dangerous areas

As a parent, it is your duty to decide which places are unsafe for your baby. You should make sure that such areas are avoided especially when using a walker. Some of the places to keep in mind include boreholes, rivers, swimming pools, and even the kitchen. if you are planning to go swimming, let someone else take care of your baby rather than taking him or her with you.


1. When can my baby start using a walker?

The exact time when you can allow your baby to use a walker may vary. Usually, when a child hits between four and 16 months, they are in a perfect position to balance themselves. However, it is not the same for everyone as some will start early while others may have delayed growth. The main thing to consider in this case is the baby’s ability to balance their neck and whether their legs can support them when they stand.

2. How safe are baby walkers?

The safety of baby walkers continues to be a controversial subject in the world of baby products. Well, according to my experience, I would recommend it to any parent. How safe these toys will be is all dependent on how you handle them as a parent. If you follow all the necessary precautions and instructions, then you might not have a problem. In addition, most manufacturers have noted complaints from their customers and are making improvements every day.

3. Is it necessary for my baby to learn walking using a baby walker?

No, it is not necessary to use a baby walker to help your baby learn their first steps. The traditional way of accomplishing this task is by supporting your child. However, this is time-consuming and might be an inconvenience to your daily work. As such, baby walkers were designed to solve this problem and help you free up more time.

4. Can walkers be used on normal roads?

Well, this question is subjective as it depends on the brand and the quality of its wheels. Some can work well on such roads while others could struggle to move on such terrains. However, inasmuch as some walkers can work on tarmac roads, we recommend that you put the safety of your child first. Allowing them to walk in such places could be catastrophic.

5. How much should I invest in a baby walker?

Baby walkers come in different brands, sizes, and qualities. There is no standard price for these items but you can approximate the cost based on the quality. They may cost from a few hundreds to thousands but most of them are quite affordable. Therefore, do not expect to spend a fortune on one baby walker.


Baby walkers will always be one of the most important baby products you can buy as a parent. One advantage of this toy is that it accelerates the learning process of your baby. Within a few weeks, they’ll be able to walk without having to balance themselves.

Another benefit is the fact that you as a parent or guardian will have more free time since you child will be occupied with their new baby walker. If you decide to purchase one, make sure you follow the guidelines we’ve provided above. You can as well choose your best item from our list of the best baby learning walkers.